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Angela--- DRAFT

English 30- Interview + Answers

1. Describe yourself.
I am Maria Angela H. Mariano, a first year college student taking up BS Business Administration
and Accountancy at the University of the Philippines Diliman. (I graduated valedictorian when I
was in elementary, and with 4th honorable mention in Makati Science High School.) I was an
active member of Maksci Mathematics Society and Math and Science Young Adventurers’ Club,
two of the organizations where I got rigorous trainings and seminars, especially in different areas
of Math (to mingle and interact with Math enthusiasts). Moreover, I have participated in various
Mathematics related competitions which made me more exposed with the (____) of numbers and
problem solving. I am taking up BS BAA not only because it is my field of expertise, but also
because it allows me to develop managerial and administering skills which will greatly contribute
to my professionalisms in any job.

2. Why are you interested in this job?

I believe that this job will let me maximize my potentials and gain valuable experience as a Math
tutor. This is not only a fine opportunity for me, but also a challenge that seems tPo tailor my
competencies in the field of Math.

Follow-up: What experiences have you had which you think will make you do your job well?
(I believe) that all of us applying for this job have our own edges when it comes to competency
and experience in this field. As for me, the different achievements and trainings that I had when I
was in high school (and my love for kids) will qualify me to being an effective Math tutor. It does
not matter if I am a beginner and still have no experience, if I can prove to you that I will do my
best and will be dedicated to this job. I assure you of that, and I think that’s what really matters.

3. What do you think should a good (employee/tutor) be?

To be a good tutor, one must behave professionally- that is, learning the job and doing it well.
This may apply well not only to a tutor but to other employees as well. (He/she must be mindful
of the time.) As a tutor, he must also be able to impart his knowledge to his students effectively
and in the simplest way possible, by using student-friendly approaches when it comes to
discussing a particular topic, and amenable with students questioning. Lastly, he should establish
good working relationships with his co-workers and other employees.

5. What can you offer to the company which you think no one else can offer?
My best attribute would be passion. I believe that without passion and dedication to what one is
doing, it is not possible for him to ideally perform his job (at its best) well. I have always learned
that if I am going to engage myself in any endeavor, I see to it that I put my greatest effort to it
(for it to be a success).