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400 Maywood Avenue, Maywood, New Jersey 07607

The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary

August 15, 2010

Served by
Rev. Lawrence J. Fama, Pastor
Rev. Msgr. Peter J. Zaccardo, Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Kevin Schott, Parochial Vicar
Rev. Jonathan Yabiliyok, In Residence
Deacon Anthony A. Balestrieri
Deacon Joseph L. Mantineo
Angela Connelly, Director of Religious Education
Steven H. Taylor, Music Director
Thomas Viola, Youth Minister
Sr. Barbara Takacs, M.P.F. Principal
St. Peter Academy (Co-Sponsored School)

Our Mass Schedule

Saturday - 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM

Sunday - 8:00,10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon
Family Mass (With Children’s Liturgy of the Word)
10:00 AM - 2nd Sunday of the month (Oct. - June)
- Our Mission - Daily - Monday-Friday 8:30 AM
Holy days - See Bulletin for Mass Schedule
We, the Catholic Community of Our Lady Queen of Peace,
under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, are called to live
and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We Praise God
while sharing His Joy and Truth through Word, Worship, Reconciliation
Community Service, and Stewardship.
We share our gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure Saturday - 1:00 PM or by appointment
in a tapestry of diverse cultures as we gather
together to celebrate our Roman Catholic Faith. Social Services Help Line
Serving our Lord God through the Liturgy and 1-800-CCS-7413
Eucharist, our ministries welcome all into our
parish Family. Handicap Facilities Available


Rectory Religious Education Convent St. Peter Academy

201-845-9566 201-845-9545 201-845-9568 201-261-3468
Fax: 201-845-3742
The Assumption of the STEWARDSHIP: Called to be Courageous: Stewardship a
Blessed Virgin Mary Way of Life; Josh. 1:9 “Be strong and of good courage: for the
August 15, 2010 Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Once we truly trust
in God, we will have the courage to take risks. We will have the
Blessed are you among women, courage to turn our lives over to God. We will have the courage to
and blessed is the fruit of your womb. stand up for our beliefs, no matter the opposition or unpopularity
— Luke 1:42 of our stance. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”
“Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, who inspires and perfects our
Monday: Ez 24:15-24; Mt 19:16-22 faith.” Hebrews 12:2
Tuesday: Ez 28:1-10; Mt 19:23-30 The key to balancing the everyday demands made on us with the limited
Wednesday: Ez 34:1-11; Mt 20:1-16 amounts of time, talent and treasure we possess is PRIORITY.
Thursday: Ez 36:23-28; Mt 22:1-14 When we accept Jesus’ priority, we do not squander our gifts.
Friday: Ez 37:1-14; Mt 22:34-40
Saturday: Ez 43:1-7b; Mt 23:1-12 Our Stewardship of Treasure for 8/8/10
Sunday: Is 66:18-21; Ps 117; Heb 12:5-7, 11-13; amounted to $5,988.00 / Our Children’s Collection = $14.00
Lk 13:22-30 Repairs & Maintenance = $2,438.00
UPCOMING EVENTS Please remember to place Our Lady Queen of Peace
Parish in your Will. Those who generously did this in the
Summer Faith Formation: Join us this summer as we past have helped us to stay out of a heavy debt.
explore our Catholic Faith. During the next several
weeks, we will be exploring the Catholic Catechism. AUGUST 2010 OLQP CALENDAR /
Tuesday evenings at 7:15 PM in the lower rectory.
We will be meeting on August 17th and 24th. A - Auditorium / C - Church / LR - Lower Rectory / S - School
SUNDAY 8/15 12:00nBoth Choirs at Noon Mass (C)
Solemn Procession / Super Raffle Drawing: Rosary Procession after Mass
We invite you to join us for our second annual
2:00pm Raffle Drawing (A)
Procession and Rosary in honor of Our Lady on the
Solemnity of the Assumption (This Sunday) MONDAY 8/16 9:30am Bible Study–Deacon Joe (LR)
following the noon Mass. We will close with 7:30pm Bible Study–Deacon Joe (LR)
refreshments in the auditorium and the drawing of
TUESDAY 8/17 9:30am Legion of Mary
the Super Raffle at 2:00 PM. Join us as we honor
7:15pm RCIA / RCIC
our Blessed Mother on this special day.
WEDNESDAY 8/18 7:30pm Alive in the Spirit (LR)
Please make sure to attend the 12 noon THURSDAY 8/19 7:30pm Bingo (A)
Mass this weekend for the solemn FRIDAY 8/20 Summer Hours / Offices Close at noon
There will be reserved seating for all SATURDAY 8/21
members of the Rosary Society. We will join
the procession behind the choir as they SUNDAY 8/22 Soup Kitchen Ministry - Eva’s
leave the church. SOUP KITCHEN MINISTRY
On Sunday, August 22nd, we will be serving hot dogs,
TRICKY TRAY NEWS - Our annual Tricky Tray will take baked beans and iced tea at Eva's Kitchen in Paterson.
place once again this year on Oct. 22, 2010 in OLQP If interested in participating, please call Mary Flanigan at
auditorium. The doors will open at 6:00 pm. Drawings will 973-458-9602.
begin at 7:30 pm. MARK YOU CALENDARS! The
committee is looking for baskets and new items for
donation. Please bring the donated items to the
CAUTION! : New speed bumps
rectory. Thank you for your support in making this fund have been added in the driveways.
raiser a success.

HURRY, NOW ON SALE! - TRICKY TRAY TICKETS Our summer Rectory hours will be
in effect until Friday, Sept. 3rd.
$10.00 per sheet are now available
for Friday, October 22nd event. During the summer season
Please call Monica, Joyce or the Rectory for tickets. our Rectory will close at 12:00 noon on Friday
This has been a sold-out event for the last 2 years. and reopen at 9:00 am on Saturday.
Monica: 201-315-0553 / Joyce: 201-880-5011 Our regular hours will resume after Labor Day.
Rectory: 201-845-9566

August 15, 2010 Mark This Year's Calendar - November 7, 2010

Dear Parish Family, Our 60th Anniversary Gala will begin with Mass at 3 pm
celebrated by Bishop John Flesey, D.D.. Mass will be
Today is the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady. Following the
followed by a reception from 5 - 9 pm at the Hasbrouck
12 noon Mass today, we will have our 2nd annual Rosary
Procession. The procession will go around the grounds of the Heights Hilton. Good food, fun, fellowship, and great
parish (weather permitting, of course) and conclude in the dancing with a fabulous live band.
auditorium, where the final blessing will take place. Ticket orders for the dinner /dance are due by September
Everyone is invited to stay for a while for some coffee, light 15th. There are only 250 tickets available, so be sure to
refreshments, and fellowship. Around 2 PM we will have the get your order in soon.
drawings of our annual mega raffle. The proceeds will help to The order forms for the tickets are available in the church
defray the cost of our new parking lot, which was completed last vestibule, in the Rectory office, and can be downloaded
week. The balance will be paid off over the next 2 ½ years from our website.
through your generosity to our monthly maintenance and repairs
(Click on the word "Gala".)
collection. If you are able to help contribute towards the cost of
the parking lot, please let me know. All donations to the parking The Gala Committee is looking for prizes. If you would like
lot are greatly appreciated. to donate something such as Hotel or condo stays,
I thank all who purchased raffle tickets over the past few months
vacations or trips, spa treatments, sporting event tickets,
and invite those who have yet to do so to please stop in the theater or concert tickets, jewelry (we have a man's watch),
vestibule after Mass or in the auditorium after the procession. restaurant certificates, electronic equipment, etc., please
contact Susan at the parish center 201-845-9566.
A BIG thank you goes out to everyone who helped to sell the
tickets, not only after the Masses, but also to family and friends.
PRAYER FOR PEACE - Mary, Queen of Peace, save us all, who
I thank Justine Garcia and the Hospitality committee of the
have so much trust in you from wars, hatred, and oppression.
Rosary Society for providing the light refreshments that will be
enjoyed by all.
Make us all learn to live in peace, and educate ourselves for peace,
do what is demanded by justice and respect the rights of every
It is when we work together as one family that we can person, so that peace may be firmly established. Amen
accomplish great things for the greater glory of God and His Pope John Paul
Thank you to the Our Lady Queen of Peace Knights of We invite all our Parish Community to write a note / letter to
Columbus Council for generously sponsoring a recent outing to our soldiers overseas. We pray that they may be safe.
the Montclair Jackals game. Your generosity treated our altar Keep Paul Bezak, Matthew DeBonis, Carolyn Rocco and all
servers, their families, and the clergy of the parish to a fun night the soldiers in your prayers.
out. Thank you to Deacon Joe and Ken Mooney for your help in
organizing the event, which was enjoyed by all. To become a LCPO Paul Bezak Cpl. Matthew DeBonis Carolyn Rocco
Knight, please call 201-845-9888 for more information. 2/6 WPNS CO, 81st PLT 3/7 PSD Unit 41570 24 EFIS
UNIT 73170 FPO-AE 09510-3170 FPO AP 96427-1570 APO AF 09309
Thank you for your Stewardship of Time, Talent, and Treasure
and for all that you do for our parish.
Love, Our School News ST. PETER ACADEMY
Fr. Larry
The Catholic School Advantage
The following Christians have been joined to Christ EDUCATION PLUS…
PreK-3 Program - Age 3 by Oct. 1
Isabelle Bonilla and Jayden Joe Kasperzak.
Mon/Wed/Fri Program. 8 – 11AM
We welcome these newest members of our parish.
PreK-4 Program - Age 4 by Oct.1
We congratulate their families! Full Day Program 8-2:30PM
Kdg. Full Day Program - Age 5 by Oct. 1 / Reading,
Language Arts, Math, Computer, Spanish, Phys Ed.,
Please patronize our advertisers, and when you do, let etc.
them know you saw their ads in our parish bulletin!
Grades 1 – 8 / Complete Academic Program
After Care for PreK-4-Gr. 8
For bulletin submission Check the website & call the School Office for an
Please e-mail by Thursday appointment and tour of the school.
for it to be in the following Sunday (a week later).
(201) 261-3468 ...CATCH THE SPIRIT!

MEMORIALS - Parishioners are now invited to memorialize
a candle burning in front of the Blessed Mother and the
candle over the Tabernacle in memory of a loved one. These
Dates August 15th through August 22nd, 2010 are in addition to the present Memorials of the altar bread,
altar wine and the altar candles. Donations for each of these
Sunday - The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be $15.00 per week and the Memorials will be for one
August 15th 8:00 am Roland Laureni (Living) week each.
10:00 am John Fajvan Sr. MONTHLY MEMORIAL MASS - Our next monthly Memorial
Mass will be offered on Saturday, August 28th at 8:30 am.
12:00 pm Joseph Bardzik & As you may remember, we will have a Memorial Mass each
Patricia Pretara (Living)
month. This will be offered in an effort to accommodate
Hope & Mckensie Palazzo anyone who desired a specific date in the month but was
Concelebrated Mass
Hope & Mckensie Palazzo unable to obtain the same. The offering for this
remembrance will be $5.00. All names will be listed in the
Monday - St. Stephen of Hungary Bulletin.
August 16th 8:30 am People of the Parish HOW SHOULD WE DRESS FOR MASS?
Tuesday People generally have no real problem wearing proper
clothing when entering places that demand such attire.
August 17th 8:30 am Thomas Griffith Would you ever consider attending a formal dinner or a
Wednesday wedding dressed in a tee shirt and shorts, or a tank top
and swimming trunks? Each Sunday the Lord invites us to
August 18th 8:30 am Aguilar Family (Living) His House. Are you dressed properly for this important
Thursday - St. John Eudes, Priest Sacred Sacrificial Meal?

August 19th 8:30 am Florrie & Paddy Foy St. Stephen the Great
Feast day: August 16 / Patron of Hungary, 1038
Friday - St. Bernard, Abbot & Doctor of the Church St. Stephen the Great (977-1038), was the son of the Magyar
August 20th 8:30 am Martin-Pete Jelovich chieftain Geza, Stephen succeeded him as leader in 997. Already
raised a Christian, in 996 he wed the daughter of Duke Henry II of
Saturday - St. Pius X, Pope Bavaria and devoted much of his reign to the promotion of the
Christian faith. He gave his patronage to Church leaders, helped
August 21st 8:30 am Istituto S. Giuseppe DiCluny Pomo build churches, and was a proponent of the rights of the Holy See.
5:00 pm Ray Marione Stephen also crushed the pagan counter reaction to Christianity,
forcibly converting the so-called Black Hungarians after their failed
Sunday - Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time rebellion. In recognition of his efforts, Stephen was anointed king of
Hungary in 1000, receiving the cross and crown from Pope
August 22nd 8:00 am Angela Pridmore (Birthday) Sylvester II. The remainder of his reign was taken up with the
10:00 am Ann Morrone consolidation of the Christian hold on the region. His crown and
regalia became beloved symbols of the Hungarian nation, and
12:00 pm Mary K. Disbrow (11th Anniversary) Stephen was venerated as the ideal Christian king. Canonized in
1083 by Pope St. Gregory VII, he became the patron saint of
Altar Bread, Altar Wine, Altar Candles, Sanctuary Lamp, in PLEASE REMEMBER IN YOUR PRAYERS:
Memory of Michael Troop by Mary & Bob Romano
exáà |Ç cxtvx
Blessed Mother Candle in Memory of
Anthony V. Amoruso and Anna M. Grozio.
Gail Gargiulo by Frank Gargiulo
Note: Please remember the Altar Bread, Wine and Candles f|v~ exÄtà|äxá tÇw YÜ|xÇwá
can be memorialized by calling the Rectory. 201-845-9566 Frank Alexander, Lloyd Bartels, William Bergmann, Ruth Bonday,
Cathy Burch, Jackie Byrne, Helen Dunleavy, Gudrun Hagele,
MASS TIMES - Traveling this season? Going away Doris Honkisz, Carmine Inga, Carl Kuehn, Ed LaTourette,
for vacation? No need to miss Sunday Mass! An Marcia Laughery, Tom Loizzi, Jonathan Mechan, Betsy Merz,
electronic ministry offers Catholics, especially Virginia Mary Minihan, Steven Monahan, Marilyn Montemarano,
travelers and those on vacation, information on where Elizabeth Morrell, Christine Napoli, Julius Nemes, Doris Neumann,
to find a parish for Mass or other worship services. Thomas Niemczyk, Thomas O’Neill, Florence Paolella, Lee Parker,
Go online: Kathy Puzziferri, Maria Revilla, Fran Ruffino, Keaton Sarro,
The website offers the address of a parish, contact Lois Schutz, Brenda Schwarz,Bernice Stavola,
information and, if available, a particular parish’s Mariano Terdoslavich, Ralph Troisi, Barbara Tropia,
Domenica Trovini, Linda Underkoffler, Dr. Robert Valgento,
website. See you in church! We would also ask you to Giovanni Alberto Villegas and Theophil Wasielewski.
consider that our operational expenses here at OLQP
go on even while you are on vacation. If you have a family member who is in a nursing home or rehabilitation
Please remember us! center, please notify the Rectory so we can arrange to visit them.
Abortion is not healthcare because killing is not healing.
For more info. go to or
LATE REGISTRATIONS are now being accepted for the
2010-2011 school year. Forms can be found and printed Any woman who is pregnant and in need can get help. She never
out from the parish website at or you can has to feel that abortion is the only option and can find assistance
pick them up at the religious education office located on theat the following numbers:
third floor of the convent. Tuition as of August 15th is: New Jersey law allows a mother who cannot keep a recently born
baby to leave the baby at a hospital or a police station, no
1 child - $100; 2 children - $175; 3 or more children - $200 questions asked.
(with a $25.00 late per family)
For information call 877-839-2339.
Please note that no registrations will be accepted on Post Abortion Healing / 1-877-HOPE 4 ME or
September 12th when classes begin. Should you need any
assistance, please call Angela Connelly, Director of Crisis Pregnancy Helpline/1-888-4-OPTIONS
Religious Education at 201-845-9545. Thank you. Birthright/1-800-550-4900 or 201-845-4646
Use your Stewardship of Time and Talent The Respect Life Committee will be holding its next
meeting on September 9, 2010 at 7pm in the School
Children's Liturgy of the Word Catechists Wanted !
Faculty Room. We have many important things to discuss
We are offering training for adults and high school students and plan to have our Baby Shower in October. Letters of
who have received Confirmation to participate as readers invitation have been sent out to surrounding churches in
and catechists in this wonderful ministry. an effort to combine our talents and energies. There are
Beginning on September 26th, Children's Liturgy of the many different activities to plan-come and join us and add
Word will occur on a weekly basis at the 10AM your time and talents as we work towards an end to
Mass. Volunteers would be part of a rotating schedule and abortion and a respect for life in all stages. We look
probably serve once every four weeks. Please consider forward to seeing you!
this worthwhile ministry especially if you regularly attend
the 10AM Mass. Call Angela Connelly at the Religious Relay for Life - Relay for Life is once again being held in
Education Office (201-845-9545). Maywood September 24, 2010. It would be wonderful to
have a group from Our Lady Queen of Peace participating
in this most worthwhile cause.
Make a donation to help the purchase of our new organ! If you are willing to help out, please fill out the form below,
Adopt individual keys to help out! place in the collection will be contacted by
60 STOPS LEFT @ $100 Each Mike or Patty. Thank you.
174 KEYS LEFT @ $200 Each
Phone #___________________________________
28 PEDALS LEFT @ $300 Each
You can make a donation in your name, make a group FINALLY!
donation, or make it in memory of a loved one! After 60 years, Our Lady Queen of Peace
When we have enough to buy our new organ, those who has its own t-shirt!
donated will have their donation on a plaque that will be
Shirts are navy blue with white print.
hung by the music area. See Steve Taylor on the
They are available in Children’s sizes (S, M, L)
weekends, the rectory during the week, or drop off the
& Adult sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)
below in the collection basket on the weekends.
They are $12 each.
As of 8/15/10 we have $28,081.00 in our Organ Fund
Please detach this form and drop it off at BACK
toward our goal of $60,000.00.
the rectory, see Steve Taylor after Mass,
ADOPT A KEY or drop it in the collection basket during
Part of Organ Price # purchased Total Mass. You must pay when you hand in the
Stop $100 order form.
Key $200 Name: _______________________________________
Pedal $300
Phone: _______________________________________
Volume Pedal $1,000 SOLD OUT!
Write here what you wish to appear on the plaque: Number of shirts: ________ @ $12 each
___________________________________________________ Sizes of shirts: _________________________________
Your Name: ________________________________________
Total: ________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________

We appreciate the support that you have shown in the past
The Youth Group would like to thank all those who at various functions. We hope that you will continue your
supported our car wash! Thanks! support. We play a few different games aside from the
regular BINGO games. One of which is called ......."MEGA
The Youth Group is looking for SPECIAL", and the winner receives 75% of the proceeds
volunteers to help out at the Parish Picnic in September; sold for that game. SMOKE FREE!
please e-mail Tom (Service Hours Available)
If we work together, we can make BINGO the successful
**Please Look for OLQP Youth Ministry Facebook FUND RAISER it could be.
(see website) ** So, PLEASE, come on down and bring a friend
(or two, or three or more!!!)
He is like the light of morning at sunrise on a cloudless morning, We are looking for 20" -
You'll be glad you did! It's a fun night!
like the brightness after rain that brings the grass from the earth. 30" TV sets for Bingo.
If you have one that you
– 2 Samuel 23:4
COMING SEPTEMBER 2ND! would like to donate,
Dear Parish Family, Computerized games please call Joe Jameson
in addition to our paper games. at 201-845-9566.
How do you begin your day? Does it involve waking up
the kids, eating breakfast, driving to school or work? Our Lady Queen of Peace announces the
During these daily events are we rushing to make it to our beginning of electronic Bingo.
destination faster, experiencing much frustration in the Starting Sept. 2nd there will be the usual paper Bingo sales as
interim? well as computerized Bingo. Also available are Pull Tabs for
instant wins and additional wins per the games. Also added are
When I was working full-time and also going to school full- two 50/50 specials. There are the usual games and a full board
time, a friend at work pulled me to the side and said plus a full board progressive. The Bingo hall is smoke free with
“suave,” which is Spanish for “smooth.” When I asked him an intermission for those who do smoke.
what he meant by that, he explained that he would teach There is a friendly atmosphere by the staff and a kitchen selling
members of his Church to practice prayer and the result coffee, soda, food and snacks.
would be “suave,” as God is always listening and there for Bingo is held every Thursday at 7:30 pm.
guidance. The doors open at 5:30 pm. Check it out and bring a friend or
So the next time you begin your day a littler later than The Bingo hall is in the church auditorium which is located
planned or are stuck behind that ‘Sunday Driver’ while you behind the church on 400 Maywood Avenue (between Central
are rushing to work, think ‘suave’ and begin your day with Avenue and Passaic Street).
prayer and remember that through prayer all things are For more Information, please call (201)845-9566.
possible. Thank you.
Live Jesus In Our Hearts Forever. Make money for the parish
by searching the internet!
-Tom Viola, Youth Minister
Just go to and be sure to enter
Our Lady Queen of Peace, Maywood, NJ as the charity
you want to support. And, be sure to spread the word!
Deacon Joe’s Bible Study (Normally on Monday) $175 has been raised thus far!
Meets mornings & evenings. New members are welcome
at any time. For information on days, times and locations PAVING THE WAY -SUPER 50/50
call Deacon Joe at (201) 845-9566.
Our property has had its "face lift" with the newly paved
GOD'S HANDS ARE WORKING THROUGH OUR parking lot. No more floods or ruts, and no more
PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY. If you are adding someone guessing at where you may or may not park. It's
to our Parish sick list, please consider the healing power beautiful!
of these beautiful shawls. They are prayed over by the This is the final weekend for our Super 50/50, whose
Prayer Shawl Ministry and blessed by our Pastor. If you proceeds will go toward the payments on the completed
know of someone you think is in need of a Prayer work.
Stop by the table after Mass and get your tickets before
Shawl, you may write to: The Prayer Shawl Ministry,
the 2PM drawing today in the auditorium.
c/o Janice Marich, 834 Spring Valley Road, Maywood, The three prizes will be 25%, 15%, and 10% of the total
NJ 07607. Tell us about the person and make sure you amount brought in. So far the total in is $18,720 and the
include their name, address, and phone number. I would prize money is up to $9,360.
also like to invite anyone who is interested to join our The cost of the new parking lot is $104,500 and so far, we
group in this prayerful ministry, which is very rewarding. have $37,390.63 toward it.
God Bless! Janice If you prefer not to enter our drawings by buying tickets,
donations to the parking lot fund will be gladly accepted
Our Parish Ministry Book is available on our website.
Please go to & see all the ministries that are offered.
and deeply appreciated!

The office of Vocations has opened a new updated SOCIAL SERVICES HOTLINE
website geared for young men discerning the priesthood. Catholic Community Services offers Social Service Assistance in the areas of: Alcohol and Drug
Rehabilitation, Child Development, Emergency Food/
OTHER EVENTS Housing, Programs for the Elderly, Mental Health, Special
Education, Immigration, Family Counseling and Services
Mother Teresa Denied Honor
for people living with HIV/AIDS. Call 1-800-CCS-7413.
On the evening of Thursday, August 26th,
there will be a protest demonstration outside Catholic Charities / Healthy Children, Healthy Families
the Empire State Building on 34th St. and 5th
IMPORTANT - You may be eligible for free or low cost
Ave. at 6 pm.
health insurance coverage for your children through NJ
The rally is being held to protest the decision of Anthony
Family Care. Call Catholic Charities' Healthy Children,
Malkin, the owner of the building, not to overrule those
Healthy Families Outreach Program today to learn more.
who have chosen to deny a tribute to Mother Teresa. The
A trained, bilingual staff person will review eligibility
Catholic League asked to have the towers shine blue and
requirements, help enroll your family and follow up.
white on the 100th anniversary of her birthday. Their
Please call (201) 294-5134 for more information.
reason was a “policy that prohibits honoring religious
individuals or institutions”. If that were true then they
would not have honored Cardinal O’Connor when he RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
died, Pope John Paul II when he died, the Salvation
RCIA is a process of faith formation for people
Army, and Rev. Martin Luther King.
who may want to become a member of the Catholic
The same person who chose to stiff Mother Teresa Faith Community.
decided to honor the Chinese Communist revolution last
year, even though 77 million innocent men, women and Some people may not belong to any religion and
may not have been baptized. This may be for you!
children were murdered under Mao Zedong.
You may also want to write to Anthony Malkin at: Some people may have been baptized in another religion
but wish to become Catholic. This may be for you!
Malkin Properties
One Grand Central Place 60, E. 42nd St. Some people may already be Catholic through baptism
NY, NY 10165. but have never received the Sacraments of Holy
Eucharist and/or Confirmation and now want to do so.
SOUTHERN ITALY, SICILY & ROME This may be for you!
(Palermo, Monreale, Agrigento, Taormina, Pompeii, For more information, please contact Fr. Kevin or
Montecassino, Rome and Vatican City) fill out below and drop in the mail or collection.
October 17-28, 2011 Name ____________________________________
Spiritual Director: Fr. Larry Fama
Address __________________________________
Brochures are available in the rectory
Why should I register in the parish?
Telephone number _________________________
All members of the parish ought to be formally registered
as members of the parish. However you MUST be E-mail ___________________________________
formally registered if you wish to arrange a Baptism, a
Confirmation or a Wedding in the parish Church. You I am a Catholic but never received Holy Eucharist ____
MUST also be formally registered if you wish to register in I am a Catholic but never received Confirmation ______
the Parish School or the Religious Education (CCD)
Program. You must be a registered member of the I am from another religion but wish to become Catholic ___
parish for at least three months before you can I have never been Baptized ____
obtain a Sponsor Certificate or schedule a Baptism or I wish to receive more information ______
a Wedding.

New Parishioners are requested to register in the Parish as soon as possible. Please notify the Parish office
of any changes in address and phone number.
Name ___________________________________ Check
Address _________________________________ ______ I wish to receive a registration form
Town ___________________________________ ______ I have a change of address
Phone # _________________________________ ______ I am moving out of the parish
Please cut out and return to the Parish Rectory or place in the basket.