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Marion Wise
Al-Munir Hotel and Spa Group

Dear Mr. Wise

I am very pleased to write you this letter, you have been one of the most important customers we
have had, nevertheless you have been also one of the more loyal customers, thus in order to let
you know how happy and how pleased we are having you in our priority group of customers, we
would like to present you an especial offer that you might like, as you know our night tariff rise
between the 400 -100$ obviously depending if suite or presidential suite, thus we are offering you
that you can stay in the presidential suite every time you come on visit and you will pay only for
the 70% of the real tariff, adding of course for all of your familiar to stay in suites for 20% less in
tariff. We hope you like this offer and of course we are so proud to have you at our hotels.

Your Sincerely

Vanessa Schultz

Vanesa Schultz
Al-Munir Hotel
And Spa Group