Some principles from Rwanda
Our commitment - 2017 and beyond
Being rooted and grounded in God’s love we pray:

Lord you have called us to be light in this world.
• light burn brightly through me.
Let your
I love you Lord. Help me to show love to others.
Fill me with love for the world you have made.
We willingly give our time to serve you, by serving our community.
We gladly give our abilities to serve you, by serving where you call us.
We cheerfully release our money and possessions to impact the church, the City and beyond.
We will follow wherever your Spirit leads, whether it be local, national or world-wide.
We gladly seek God’s purpose for our lives through prayer, studying the Bible and friendship
with Christians.

Make us a loving and growing community
filled with God’s life changing presence
Some key numbers for the last year to June 2017

2,601 Acute and complex deliveries.
2,945 Surgical Operations – 2,298 were ‘major’ surgery.
34,140 people received treatment at Outpatients
12,489 people were hospitalised as Inpatients.
Kibogora Polytechnic – two months after start .
Lessons of growth for us: -

1.Spiritual growth comes from being rooted in the love
of God whilst dealing with the weeds of life.

2.Spiritual Growth invariably comes from challenges
and testing

3.Whose big dreams are we seeking in our personal