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Technology Partners:

Welcome Note
Welcome to Inbox Products and Services Portfolio. This
document will take you through major products and services
offered by Inbox Business Technologies. If you have any
queries feel free to drop us an email at or
call 111-551-551

About Inbox
Inbox started off as an entrepreneurial venture in 2001 and
set out to redefine Pakistan’s computing industry with the
first local computer brand – the Inbox PC. Inbox PC bridged
the gap between the branded and the unbranded PC
segment, bringing the customers economical, top-quality
desktops. Although the name Inbox is still synonymous with
affordable and reliable desktops, Inbox Business
Technologies has come a long way since its startup days.

Inbox currently offers Technology Infrastructure Products &

Services, Systems Integration Services and Outsourcing
Solutions with focus on Medium and Large Enterprise,
financial sector, education, government and armed forces. It
has an extensive nationwide support network to provide
services to clients anywhere in Pakistan.

Inbox works with best-in-class technology partners to bring

its customers reliable, innovative technologies. As IBM Tier-I
Business Partner, Intel Premier Provider, Microsoft Gold
Certified Partner, Oracle Solutions Provider, Blue Coat
Partner, and Acer Executive Partner, Inbox is fully geared to
help organizations maximize stakeholder value by bring them
the most reliable technology solutions that best fit their


Acer, Adobe, Blue Coat, IBM, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft,Oracle, and Symantec are
trademarks of their respective owners. Inbox is authorized to sell and service these
products in Pakistan. Inbox does not own, develop or manufacture these products.
Other companies
Making it all work together

Deploying enterprise-wide applications require business process re-

engineering and proper change management. When off-the-shelf
products are unable to cater to your needs, Inbox Business
Technologies specializes in developing software solutions that map
your requirements and infuse industry-specific best practices in your
business processes. Inbox’s resident Systems Integration team
provides ERP implementation services so that you get maximum
return on incestment and get it all to work together seamlessly.
Systems Integration
System integration is the bringing together of the component
subsystems into one system and ensuring that the
subsystems function together as a system. In information
technology, systems integration is the process of linking
together different computing systems and software
applications physically or functionally. The system integrator
brings together discrete systems utilizing a variety of
techniques such as computer networking, enterprise
application integration, business process management or
manual programming.

System integration is also about value-adding to the system,

capabilities that are possible because of interactions between

Enterprise Applications
Enterprise application is any software application hosted on a
server which simultaneously provides services to a large
number of users, typically over a computer network.

It ranges from simple Web shops to complex enterprise

resource planning systems. In the area of enterprise
applications, interesting questions arise with regard to
software development, system performance, stability,
scalability, security, usability, and maintainability however,
Inbox gratifies all.

Inbox excells four main areas of Enterprise Applications:

1. Enterprise Resource Planning

2. Industry Specific Solutions

3. Custom Application Development

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the industry term
used to describe a broad set of activities supported by
multi-module application software that helps a
manufacturer or other business manage important
parts of its business operations. These parts can
include product planning, parts purchasing,
maintaining inventories, interacting with suppliers,
providing customer service, and tracking orders. ERP
can also include application modules for the finance
and human resources aspects of a business.
Diallog Telecomunication
Implementing ERP – the Inbox Way
Here are some of our
ERP Implementations are not just about choosing ERP Implementation
the right application. It is about managing change clients
Bank Al-Habib
and re-engineering business processes. It is about
equipping end-users utilize the system to its
utmost. And more importantly, it is about sound
Central Depository Company
project management so that the project is
completed within budget, on time and as per scale
and scope.
Tameer Microfinance Bank
Some of Inbox’s ERP clients include Nina Textiles,
Dawood Lawrencepur, Tameer Microfinance Bank,
Bank Al-Habib, Central Depository Company,
Nina Textiles
Shakarganj Mills, and Pak American Fertilizers

As an Oracle Certified Solution Provider, Inbox is

Shakarganj Mills
fully geared to provide Oracle E-Business Suite
Solutions (see details in section 1.1.2). Inbox has a
highly skilled team of professionals who
provide their expert services to clients for Oracle E-
Business Suite Implementation. The team Pak American Fertilizers

comprises of functional consultants who help

clients in understanding and mapping oracle E-
Business module to cater to their day to day
business needs. They posses expert skill set in
training users to run Oracle Applications.

Also, the Oracle Technical team has the required

experience and expertise in developing customized
Reports and Interfaces between Oracle E-Business
suite and other legacy applications to cater to the
requirements of various clients in addition to
providing installation, optimizing backup &
recovery services and training.

Dawood Lawrencepur
Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle E-Business Suite is a fully integrated,
scalable and customizable ERP, a comprehensive
suite of business applications for the enterprise.
Whether you implement one module at a time,
multiple modules or the complete suite — Oracle E-
Business Suite provides better business information
for effective decision-making and enables an
adaptive enterprise for optimal responsiveness.

There are more than a hundred deployments of

Oracle E-Business Suite in Pakistan alone, making it
an industry-leader. It is popular, thus continued
support is easily available.


• Complete suite of business applications that

run the world's largest enterprises

• Industry-specific best practices functionality

to meet your industry's unique requirements

Following are some of the main areas of the

business catered by Oracle E-business suite:

• Finance: The finance section encompasses

modules for bookkeeping and keeping of
receivables and payables. It covers General
Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts
Receivable, Fixed Assets, Cost Accounting,
Cash Management, Budgeting, Financial
Reporting, Project Accounting

• Human Resources: The module is

dedicated to human resources management
encompassing all the applications necessary
for handling personnel-related tasks for
corporate managers and individual
employees. Sub-modules include personnel
management, benefit management, payroll
management, employee self-service, data
warehousing, and health and safety.

• Manufacturing Management: For both

discrete and process manufacturing,
manufacturing module encompasses a group
of applications for planning production,
taking orders, and delivering products to the

• Inventory management: Encompasses a

group of applications for maintaining records
of warehoused goods and processes
movement of products to, through and from
warehouses. It covers Inventory
Management On-line Requirements,
Processing Requirements, Data
Requirements, Reporting and Interfacing
Requirements, Locations and Lot Control,
Forecasting, Reservations and Allocations,
Inventory Adjustments.

• Purchasing management: This module

controls purchasing of raw materials needed
to build products and managing inventory
stocks. It also involves creating purchase
orders/contracts, supplier tracking, goods
receipt and payment, and regulatory
compliance analysis and reporting.
• Quality management: Encompasses
applications for operational techniques and
activities used to fulfill requirements for
quality control, such as inspection plan
creation and management, defective item
control and processing, and inspection
procedure collection planning.

• Sales management: This module

automates the data entry process of
customer orders and keeps track of the
status of orders. It involves order entry,
order tracing and status reporting, pricing,
invoicing, etc. It also provides a basic
functionality for lead tracking, customer
information, quote processing, pricing &
rebates, etc.

• Technology : Technology module defines

the technical architecture of the ERP system,
and the technological environment in which
the product can successfully run. Criteria
includes product and application
architecture, software usability and
administration, platform and database
support, application standards support,
communications and protocol support and
integration capabilities.
Inbox Enterprise
Business Partner

Industry Specific Solutions

One size does not fit all. This is why, when generic products
are unable to cater to your needs, Inbox works with best-in-
class partners locally and internationally to bring you
solutions that best fit your requirements. Whether we
develop the solution for you indigeneosly or join hands with
international industry-leading players in the domain; our
Industry Specific
promise is to deliver the best possible solution to you. Solutions Clients

In the past Inbox had joined hands with international players

such as Narus –renowned for its VOIP solutions; for providing
industry specific cutting-edge solutions to Pakistan
Telecommunication Authority.

Form Automation Solutions

For companies that extensively rely on manual input of
paper-based forms, realize that it is error-prone, time-
consuming and cumbersome. Form automation
Solution by Inbox relies on Digital Pen and Paper
Technology that makes accurate information available Form Automation
from front-end to the back-end within a matter of

Digital Pen and Paper By Big’ants simply combines the Powered by:
use of digital pen with digitally printed paper so that
handwritten text, diagrams, or graphics can be

digitally captured, and transmitted wirelessly in real

time. We specialize in linking DPP with enterprise
backend applications, so organizations are able to
completely eliminate the entire time-consuming and
cumbersome process of capturing the data on paper
and manually entering it into the system in batches.
It is best for organizations that wish to a gain
competitive edge in data collection and processing;
with efficient, accurate and faster information flow.

Here are the key benefits of the solution proposed:

 Eliminates the need of data entry and scanning of

forms for backend and archival purposes.

 Digitizes the data and sends it in almost real time

to backend for processing.

Digital Pen and Paper Process

1. Digital pen is used to fill up the digital paper based

form. This form template must be registered with
the DPP server.

2. Upon completion of the form, the digital pen will

tick on the ‘Magic Pidget’ box labeled ‘Send’. This
instructs the digital pen to submit the stored form
data to a paired device, either a mobile device, or a
PC. Both the mobile device and PC should have
installed the PenPusher client and is
internet/intranet ready. Once successfully
submitted to the paired device, the file is deleted
from the digital pen.
Digital Paper based
3. PenPusher will capture the incoming file i.e.
Portfolio Graphics Compressed (PGC) which is form
transmitted via Bluetooth. It will then route the PGC
file to the Mobile Hub and waits for a feedback. If
there is no connection to the Mobile Hub, the PGC
file is stored and put on a queuing system until a
connection is detected.

4. At the Mobile Hub, the header of the PGC file is

submitted to the Application Lookup Server (ALS) to
determine the validity of the PGC file and return the
accompanying IP address of the DPP server to
submit to. This information is passed back to the
MH server. No processing of the PGC file is carried
out by the MH nor the ALS server.

5. Upon verifying the PGC file and receiving the paired ‘Magic Pidget’ box
address, the MH will communicate with the DPP labeled ‘Send’
server via HTTPS and submit the PGC file for

6. The DPP server will process the PGC file and return
a confirmation of receipt to the Mobile Hub
(handshake) which is in turn communicated to the
PenPusher Client.

7. Upon receiving the returned message from the MH,

the PGC file will be deleted from the PenPusher
client and the message session closed.

Custom Solutions Here are some of our

Custom Solutions
Inbox specializes in customized development of software
solutions that cater to a wide range of business portfolios.
Combining expertise in the latest programming
languages, back-end databases and middle-ware
technologies, our team has gained experience and
expertise in developing mission critical customized
business applications and software products.

In the past we have custom developed a Health

Management and Information System for Abbasi Shaheed
Hospital. Work on custom CRM application for Trakker –a
vehicle tracking and insurance company is also underway.
Solution comprises of a CRM application specifically
designed for Trakker customers and completed integrated
with C-track – its vehicle tracking system. Inbox has also
worked on a number of applications for the financial
sector including ABN Amro, Indonesia; Standard Charted
Bank, etc. For Pakistan Telecommunication Authority,
Inbox has provided a unique industry-specific, state-of-
the-art solution pertaining to grey telephony detection
and prevention. This project was carried out in
collaboration with Narus- a US based IP Telephony
Solutions Company.
A team comprising of functional consultants, system
architects, system analyst and experienced software
engineers, the Inbox development force drills down to the
last granule to build up an architecturally strong and cost
feasible solution. Inbox's software delivery model
amalgamates the business process understanding of our
consulting unit with the technical expertise of the
development team in order to provide the best possible
solution to the customers.
So that you stay focused on what you do best

With our Technology Management Services, we ensure that

your IT Infrastructure keeps running, with our field engineers
and help desk management solutions providing you timely
support. Inbox Business Technologies also provides premier
Data Management Services, so that your data is available
24/7. Whether it is your own data centers or ours, rest
assured your data is in safe hands. We can also equip you to
manage your entire IT Infrastructure remotely with our
Remote Management Services reducing the need for
dedicated resource at satellite locations. While you focus on
your core business, we ensure that your mission-critical
processes keep running.
Keeping the IT Infrastructure up and running in order to
support mission-critical operations is a major cause of
concern for organizations. This is why we offer Outsourcing
Services so that while businesses maintain their focus on
core operations, Inbox provides them reliable solutions that
best fit their needs.

Inbox has an entire range of outsourcing services that can be

customized to cater to specific customer needs. This includes
Technology Management Services, Remote Management
Services, and Data Management Services.

Technology Management
Business today relies heavily on the quality of IT services.
Degradations in IT Service delivery can be costly and
damaging to business, that’s why, more and more
organizations are implementing strict Service Level
Agreements to ensure high standards of IT service.

We provide detail-oriented Service Level Agreements that

can be all inclusive, saving you and your staff valuable time.
No need to approve individual parts costs, they can be
included in the contract. We include quarterly Preventative
Maintenance to ensure that your equipment and environment
stay up and running. Our service contracts take the reactive
nature out of IT and bring forth a proactive approach.

We combine deep industry and vertical specific expertise,

powerful research capabilities and innovative thinking to
identify and define our customer’s needs, provide a
framework for understanding, simplify complex issues,
reduce areas of conflict, encourage dialog in the event of
disputes and eliminate unrealistic expectations.

Followings are the most popular services designed and

managed by Certified ITIL and other IT governance
Standards, certified consultants, allowing you to choose
the program best suited to your needs.
• Helpdesk Management Services(with or without
Resident Engineers)
• Standard Maintenance Contract
• Tiered Maintenance Contract / SLA Package

Helpdesk Services Here are some of

Outsouring Solutions
Our offerings include short and long term outsourcing clients
contracts that provide you on-site engineers on a full-
time basis. Quality of service is guaranteed by
monitoring the performance of the engineers through
our state-of-the-art Contact Center.

For maximum efficiency, our engineers are regularly

sent for trainings and knowledge-base courses to
remain updated with regards to your industry and

Standard Maintenance Contract

Our standard maintenance contracts include prompt
response to your calls at all working hours.

Service Level Agreements

A Service Level Agreement or SLA is a customized The standard
suite of services, specifically designed to meet your
organization’s service & support need, while resolution
offering includes:
time denotes the period within which your problem is
resolved or a temporary fix has been given. Monday – Friday: 9:00 am
Personalized SLA packages include: to 6:00 pm.

Saturday: 9:00 am to 2:00

Tier-1 Maintenance pm, with One Business
Coverage/response: 9 x 6. Day response
Response time: 2 business hrs.
Onsite response: 8 business hrs.
Resolution-time guarantee: None.
Onsite spares: None
Tier 2 Maintenance
Coverage/response: 12 X 6.
Response time: 1 business hr.
Onsite response: 4 business hrs.
Fix-time guarantee: Within 24 business hrs
Onsite spares: None

Tier 3 Maintenance
Coverage/response: 24 X 7.
Response Time: 1 hr.
Same-day onsite response: 4 hrs.
Fix-time guarantee: Within 24 hrs
Onsite spares: Yes (based on certain formula)

Tailor-made maintenance
You can choose to avail of a customized
maintenance package, specifically designed to fit
your requirements and budget.

Software Management
Inbox also assists organizations in managing their software
assets. Our software management solutions include full time
deployment of Inbox-trained software engineers at your
premises to help you keep your software assets relevant and
Remote Management Services
Remote Management Services enable our network
administrators to monitor and manage the clients’
network infrastructure effectively from our premises. Our
typical remote management service package includes
day-to-day server management and reporting, routine
backup in addition to security and anti-virus
management. Alternatively, we can empower your IT
team to perform these services in-house from a central
location so that there is no need for dedicated IT
resources at satellite offices.

LANDesk delivers cost-effective systems; security and
process management solutions that help IT
teams automate and simplify the management of
desktops, servers, and mobile devices. LANDesk
provides Systems Lifecycle Management, Endpoint
Security Management, IT Process Automation, Security
Desk, Server and Asset Management
Data Management Services
Inbox Business Technologies also provides premier Data
Management Services, including Data Center Deployment
and Colocation. We ensure that our clients’ data is safe,
secure, backed-up and accessible 24/7. Whether it is in
your own data centers or ours, rest assured your data is in
safe hands.
We’ll take care of all the details,

so you won’t have to

A robust, reliable IT infrastructure is the foundation of any

viable, progressive enterprise. Infrastructure management
solutions from Inbox allows enterprise customers to
understand the availability and performance of their IT
infrastructures, and give control over them. From basic
computational needs such as desktops and laptops to
software, servers and storage, Inbox Business Technologies
is a one-stop Solution for all your computational needs.
Technology Infrastructure
Infrastructure Software

Microsoft System Center System Center

Microsoft System Center helps IT organizations benefit
from self-managing, dynamic systems. System Center
solutions capture and aggregate knowledge about
your infrastructure, policies, processes, and best
practices so your IT staff can build manageable
systems and automate operations in order to reduce
costs, improve application availability, and enhance
service delivery.

System Center solutions are tuned to simplify

management of the systems and applications your
company already has implemented, including
Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, the
Microsoft Office system, and the Microsoft .NET
Framework. In addition, System Center solutions
interoperate with third-party management tools so you
can make the most of your existing investments and
build on the System Center foundation with
confidence. Already used by the majority of Fortune
500 companies, System Center solutions provide the
reliability, scalability, and security required to manage
the most mission-critical IT systems, applications, and

Benefits of System Center:

 Fuel Productivity
 Best Choice for Windows
 Enterprise-Strength Management
 Foundation for Growth
Active Directory
Active Directory is Microsoft's trademarked
directory service, an integral part of the Windows
2000 architecture. It is a centralized and
standardized system that automates network
management of user data, security, and distributed
resources, and enables interoperation with other
directories. Active Directory is designed especially
for distributed networking environments.

Active Directory features include:

 Support for the X.500 standard for global

 The capability for secure extension of
network operations to the Web
 A hierarchical organization that provides
a single point of access for system
administration (management of user
accounts, clients, servers, and applications,
for example) to reduce redundancy and
 An object-oriented storage organization,
which allows easier access to information
 Support for the Lightweight Directory
Access Protocol (LDAP) to enable inter-
directory operability
 Designed to be both backward compatible
and forward compatible

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

For most businesses today, e-mail is the mission-
critical communications tool that allows their
people to produce the best results. This greater
reliance on e-mail has increased the number of
messages sent and received, the variety of work
getting done, and even the speed of business itself.
Amid this change, employee expectations have also
evolved. Today, employees look for rich, efficient
access—to e-mail, calendars, attachments,
contacts, and more—no matter where they are or
what type of device they are using.

Inbox offers Microsoft Exchange Server 2007

specifically to meet these challenges and address
the needs of the different groups who have a stake
in the messaging system.

Features include:

 Provides trusted communications within

the organization automatically and without
added cost or complexity
 Delivers a fast, seamless, and familiar
Microsoft Office Outlook experience across
different devices and clients with no
requirement for extra software or services
outside of an Internet or basic phone
 Improves collaboration and productivity
by making it easier to find and share data,
documents, and schedules from anywhere

Microsoft Office Project Server

Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 is designed to
support collaboration between project managers
who are using Microsoft Office Project Professional
2003 and team members who are using Microsoft
Office Project Web Access 2003. The Microsoft
Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
Solution is an integrated system that includes
Project Professional 2003, Project Web Access
2003, and Project Server 2003.

Project Server 2003 provides timesheets, status

reports, portfolio analysis and modeling, enterprise
resources, and enterprise templates. When
integrated with Microsoft Windows SharePoint
Services, Project Server 2003 provides document
management and issues and risk tracking features.

Users access Project Server 2003 by means of

Project Web Access, a browser-based client that
enables team members, resource managers, and
executives to enter and view timesheet information
and view portfolio reports. Project managers can
create projects or create or modify the Enterprise
Resource Pool by using Project Professional and
save that data to the Project Server database.

Project Server 2003 is flexible and is designed to

enable you to extend your EPM Solution. You can
begin by using a limited number of enterprise
features and then add additional features as

Microsoft Sharepoint Portal

Microsoft® SharePoint® Portal Server offers
institutions the tools they need to retain
knowledge, and put it to use—now, and in the
future. It supports collaboration, by means of
portals that support document sharing and
communication. Research, reports, news, and
announcements can be held in a central point of
access. This can be easily searched, and results
combined with queries across a variety of data

Five reasons to deploy SharePoint Portal


 Create and manage personalised sites,

profiled for search, audience targeting, and
subject-matter expertise.

 Add a layer of discoverability and

manageability over previously disconnected

 Unite the institution and its people with

extended collaboration components.

 Knowledge is power. Give your institution

the edge when it comes to meeting targets
through more effective data sharing.
 Put relevant data at your fingertips and
be more productive by having immediate access
to up-to-date information.

ISA Server
ISA Server 2006 provides value to IT managers,
network administrators, and information security
professionals who are concerned about the
security, performance, manageability, or reduced
cost of network operations. ISA Server 2006 can
help you:

 Securely Publish Content for Remote

Access. ISA Server 2006 helps streamline the
implementation providing security for corporate
applications accessed over the Internet.

 Connect and Secure Branch Offices. ISA

Server 2006 provides a robust way to securely
expand corporate networks reducing network
costs by leveraging existing network

 Defend Against External and Internal

Web-Based Threats. ISA Server 2006 was
engineered to deliver stronger security to
manage and protect your networks

Securely Publishing Your Content for Remote


Businesses need to provide employees and

partners with secure and appropriate remote
access to applications, documents, and data from
any PC or device.

ISA Server 2006 enables organizations to make

their Exchange, SharePoint, and other Web
application servers accessible in a more secure way
to remote users outside the corporate network. By
pre-authenticating users before they gain access to
any published servers, inspecting even encrypted
traffic at the application layer in a stateful manner,
and providing automated publishing tools, ISA
Server 2006 makes it easier to provide security for
corporate applications accessed over the Internet.

Connecting and Securing Your Branch Offices

Businesses need to connect remote-site branch

offices to their corporate headquarters, provide
security-enhanced Internet access from branch
offices and utilize limited bandwidth more

Organizations can use ISA Server 2006 to connect

to and secure their branch offices, while efficiently
utilizing network bandwidth. By providing HTTP
compression, caching of content (including
software updates) and site-to-site virtual private
network (VPN) capabilities integrated with
application-layer filtering, ISA Server 2006 makes it
easier to securely expand corporate networks.

Defending Your Environment Against External

and Internal Internet-Based Threats

Businesses need to eliminate the damaging effects

of malware and attackers through a comprehensive
set of tools for scanning and blocking harmful
content, files, and Web sites.

ISA Server 2006 can help organizations protect

their environments from internally and externally
originating Internet-based threats. With a hybrid
proxy-firewall architecture, deep content
inspection, granular policies, and comprehensive
alerting and monitoring capabilities, ISA Server
2006 makes it easier to manage and protect your
Microsft System Center Opperational Manager
System Center Operations Manager 2007 is the
end-to-end service management solution that is the
best choice for Windows because it works
seamlessly with Microsoft software and applications
helping you increase efficiency while enabling
greater control of your IT environment.

End-to-end Service Management

System Center Operations Manager provides end-

to-end service management that is easy to
customize and extend to help improve service
levels across your IT environment.

Best of Breed for Windows

System Center Operations Manager is best of breed

for Windows because it includes expertise from the
Microsoft server, client, and application teams,
providing you with the knowledge and built-in
capabilities to drive greater efficiency

Increased Efficiency and Control

System Center Operations Manager automates

routine, redundant tasks, and provides intelligent
reporting and monitoring to help increase efficiency
and enable greater control of your IT environment
IBM Softwares

IBM DB2 Content Manager

DB2 Content Manager Enterprise Edition provides
organizations with a common repository for all
types of content. DB2 Content Manager Enterprise
Edition V8.3 helps improve productivity across the
entire organization, ease compliance management
and speeds the delivery of business content, where
and when it is needed.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended
Edition protects data from hardware failures, errors,
and unforeseen disasters by storing backup and
archive copies on offline and offsite storage.
Scaling to protect thousands of computers running
more than a dozen operating systems, ranging
from laptops to mainframes and connected
together via the internet, WANs, LANs or SANs,
Storage Manager Extended Edition's centralized
Web-based management, intelligent-data-move
and store techniques and comprehensive policy-
based automation all work together to minimize
administration costs and the impact to both
computers and networks.

IBM Tivoli® Continuous Data Protection

IBM Tivoli® Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for
Files V3.1 provides data protection by continuously
protecting your most critical files including
documents which you are actively working on. This
reduces or eliminates backup windows and enables
the delivery of effective and efficient data
protection for end points in the enterprise. It helps
you recover from a virus attack, data corruption,
and user errors.

IBM Tivoli® Monitoring

IBM® Tivoli® Monitoring is an enterprise-class
solution that optimizes IT infrastructure
performance and availability. It manages the IT
infrastructure including operating systems,
databases and servers across distributed and host
environments through a single customizable
workspace portal.

 Provides common, flexible and easy-to-

use browser interface and customizable

 Detects bottlenecks and potential

problems in essential system resources and
automatically recovers from critical situations to
ensure that your business critical applications
are up and running

 Offers lightweight and scalable


 Easy to use warehouse with advanced

reporting capability

 When combined with IBM Tivoli’s

composite application, event, network and
service-level management solutions, ensures IT
resources and staff are operating efficiently and

 Operating systems supported: AIX, HP

Unix, i5/OS, Sun Solaris, Windows

Data Networks
Inbox provides data network connectivity through
Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network
(WAN) between different locations irrespective of the
geographical area. You can now stay connected to all
your remote locations by a simple yet effective
wireless network communication link. The server
having applications and data storage that are shared
by multiple computer users can be made easy by us.

Voice Networks
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make
voice calls using a broadband Internet connection
instead of a regular (or analog) phone line for
maintaining Voice Networks. VoIP can allow you to
make a call directly from a computer, a special VoIP
phone, or a traditional phone connected to a special
adapter. Inbox Business Technologies specializes is
delivering VOIP Solutions to its customers.

Here are some of the key benefits of VOIP

 VOIP is Cost Efficient as compared to

traditional communication channels

 Integration With Audio, Data And Video


 Flexibility
 Ability To Choose Your Own Area Codes

Wireless Networks
The use of Wi-Fi has become increasingly popular all
over the world. Inbox specializes in setting up Wi-Fi
networks at universities, colleges, and offices so that
people can use WiFi or 802.11 network, to seamlessly
connect to their mail server, internet, or intranet.
Security and Optimization
Inbox offers customized security solutions based on
unique and specific requirements of Medium and Large

McAfee Security products

One solution gives you comprehensive system
protection and scalable network access control. It

Anti-spyware, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Data Protection,

Command Line Encryption, Messaging and web
security, Mobile Security, Network Access Control,
Network intrusion prevention, Risk and compliance,
System security management, and vulnerability

Symantec Endpoint Security products

Endpoint Security solutions protect your organization
from known and unknown threats and enforce security
policies on laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile
devices that access corporate assets. Advanced
endpoint protection technologies such as antivirus,
anti-spyware, firewall, intrusion prevention, and device
control, combined with network-independent access
control, provide unprecedented security for systems
and networks. Inbox as Symantec Silver Partner is fully
uquipped to deliver Symantec products and services to

Symantec Security products are for two wide

catagories, Host /System and Mobile Devices

Host / System: Protect laptops, desktops, and servers

from attack and malicious code, while simultaneously
ensuring their continual compliance with IT policies.
Following products are available in this category:
AntiVirus (Endpoint Protection), AntiVirus Corporate
Edition, AntiVirus for Microsoft SharePoint, Critical
System Protection, Endpoint Encryption, Endpoint
Protection, Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition,
Endpoint Protection for Windows XP Embedded, Multi-
tier Protection, Network Access Control, Network
Access Control Starter Edition, On-Demand Protection
for Outlook Web Access, On-Demand Protection for
Web Applications.

Blue Coat Systems

Blue Coat provides a family of intelligent appliances

that give IT organizations the ability to effectively
secure Web communications and accelerate delivery
of business applications. Blue Coat Products have been
deployed at 93 of the Fortune 100 Companies. With
visibility and very granular control over security and
performance, policies can set based on who, what,
where, when, and how users and applications
communicate with each other.

All of this functionality is complemented by powerful

management and reporting tools that make it fast and
easy to deploy, configure, and administer Blue Coat
appliances and technology throughout the distributed

Performance – Blue Coat’s patented MACH5

acceleration technology combines five different
capabilities onto one box. Together they optimize
application performance and help ensure delivery of
critical applications. User and application fluent,
MACH5 improves the user experience no matter where
the application is located, internally or externally on
the Internet.

Security – Blue Coat’s industry leading security

architecture addresses a wide range of requirements,
including filtering Web content, preventing spyware
and other malicious mobile code, scanning for viruses,
inspecting encrypted SSL traffic, and controlling IM,
VoIP, P2P, and streaming traffic.

Control – Blue Coat’s patented Policy Processing

Engine empowers IT to make intelligent decisions.
Using a wide range of attributes such as user,
application, content and others, organizations can
effectively align security and performance policies with
corporate priorities.

Blue Coat ProxySG Appliances

Enterprise-class Proxy for Securing &

Accelerating Business Communications

Blue Coat ProxySG appliances establish points of

control that accelerate and secure business
applications for users across the distributed
organization. As the worlds leading proxy
appliance, the Blue Coat ProxySG is a powerful yet
flexible tool for improving both application
performance and security, removing the need for

ProxySG provides defense in depth with URL

filtering, true-file type and container mismatch
detection, active script controls (VBScript,
JavaScript, ActiveX), active content and certificate
validations, plus method level controls to stop zero-
hour attacks and prevent malware from reaching

Blue Coat ProxyAV Appliances

Enterprise Performance Web Gateway

Malware Protection

Blue Coat ProxyAV appliances enable organizations

to detect malware and mobile malicious code
(MMC) at the Web gateway with unmatched
enterprise performance, manageability, and a
choice of leading anti-malware engines. ProxyAV,
integrated with Blue Coat ProxySG accelerates
gateway performance with dual cache intelligence
up to 286 Mbps throughput with less than 9
milliseconds latency.

ProxyAV with ProxySG provides:

 Proven unmatched performance and

scale for enterprise web gateways

 Detection of malware, MMC and viruses in


 Support for Kaspersky, Sophos, McAfee

and Panda anti-malware & virus scanning

 Ability to scan active script payloads for

malware, plus detect malware calling home
to report infection points

 Scan for malware inside encrypted SSL

traffic never exposing content to a live
network or caching content

 Four modes of detection - scan, trickle

first, trickle last and defer scan (long-load
web objects)

 Caches clean objects with timestamps

and fingerprints non-cacheable objects to
optimize performance

 Rescans cached objects after anti-

malware engine updates on future requests

WAN Optimization & Secure Web Gateway

Blue Coat delivers fast, secure network

access across your enterprise
Give your staff a headquarters work experience
anytime, anywhere. With Blue Coat, you can deliver
outstanding application performance and security
to every user across your distributed network. Blue
Coat makes it easy by consolidating WAN
optimization and security features such as Web
filtering, logging, Web anti-virus and P2P blocking
all into one solution.

Optimize performance and business


No matter where your users work, Blue Coat WAN

optimization solutions can accelerate application
performance to LAN speeds - securely and cost-
effectively. In addition, Blue Coat's integrated
security functionality allows you to set specific
access levels for employees, whether they are
using Internet or externally hosted applications.
Servers & Storage

IBM System x®/Intel processor-based

IBM meets Intel. And the result is System x servers -
award-winning systems management. With its built-in
support and broad expandability (one-to 32-way. IBM
x86 servers for Windows and Linux are designed to
deliver exceptional availability, simplified
manageability, outstanding performance and
revolutionary scalability. Discover IBM System x
marketing, selling, technical, training and collaboration
benefits and resources to help you quickly produce
solutions and speed time to market.

1.1.1. IBM System p / AIX

Designed to adapt to constantly changing business
landscapes, the System p™ family of servers can help
your customers achieve on demand computing without
compromising system affordability. Discover IBM
marketing, selling, technical, training and collaboration
benefits and resources to help you quickly produce
solutions and speed time to market.

IBM Systems i for IBM AIX 5L and Linux are designed to

help in achieving worry-free computing in today’s on-
demand world. These Unix based giants simplify the
infrastructure, safeguard the data and infrastructure,
and reduce the potential risks of platform migration—
all without compromising system affordability or

IBM System i™
The System i™ family delivers an integrated platform,
a security rich environment, and a rapid way to help
you deliver high quality solutions for your clients. For
demanding business computing environments, the IBM
System i offers the flexibility to run all the applications
that business demands — on a single integrated
system. It provides the fastest, most secure way to
move to On-Demand Business. Systems i are designed
and built to help solve the challenges businesses face,
from systems management complexity to insufficient
availability to lagging productivity. Systems i can help
in simplifying an IT environment, enabling investment
in business growth instead of infrastructure

IBM BladeCenter™
All blades are not created equal. IBM brings together
the widest choice of compatible chassis, blade servers,
storage options, networking and solution providers in
the industry, to help you build an open and flexible IT
environment. And regardless of the size of your
business, you want to be up and running 24/7. With
built-in redundancy, innovative power and cooling and
the latest I/O and management tools, IBM
BladeCenter® is easy to own so you can focus on your
business demands and stay ahead of the competition.
It’s simple. IBM BladeCenter is the right choice.

A flexible IBM ™ BladeCenter integrates servers,

storage and networking more seamlessly than a
1U rack-optimized server. Advanced management
features enable a single, modular environment
that can simplify IT, support variable workloads,
help reduce costs and allow you to pay as you

IBM System Storage

Bringing together infrastructure management,
virtualization, and productivity software, IBM System
Storage™ and TotalStorage® System deliver the best
in innovative storage technology and open standards
and provide high-value disk, tape, and storage
networking solutions to address your client needs.
Discover IBM marketing, selling, technical, training and
collaboration benefits and resources to help you
quickly produce solutions and speed time to market.
Inbox is here to help customers, with complete IBM
TotalStorage line of disk storage systems, storage area
networks (SAN), tape backup solutions, network
attached storage (NAS), infrastructure management
and virtualization software. Inbox offers the right mix
of storage products, solutions, and services using new
innovative technology and open standards to help in
infrastructure simplification, information lifecycle
management and business continuity improvement.

Inbox offers the entire range of IBM Tape & Media -
solution to manage open systems media in a
distributed environment on the mainframe.
Software Licensing

Operating System

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Keeping software assets on all the systems in your
organization is a cumbersome task. With Microsoft
Enterprise Agreement all the systems in your
organization have homogenous licesensed windows
operating system deployed making the
maintainance task a whole lot easier. The
Enterprise Agreement is an effective way to create
business flexibility, achieve standardization, ensure
compliancy and simplify license administration
across an enterprise. It is designed to ease the
burden of license administration, budgeting and
support, resulting in a decreased total cost of

Here are some of the benefits of Enterprise


 Simplify administration, usage and

management of software and licenses.
 Track multiple users and locations within a
 Ensure compliancy, especially when there
are multiple people in different departments
across the company ordering and using the
 Increase productivity by ensuring that
various users are running the same versions
of the software.
 Ensure that you will always be equipped with
the latest technology, as Software Assurance
is included with every license for updates for
the term of the agreement.

Here’s how it works:

 3 year agreement
 Minimum of 250 qualified desktops
 Requires enterprise-wide standardization
 Every license includes Software Assurance
 Microsoft sets your pricing and you pay
Microsoft directly. SHI acts as an Enterprise
Software Advisor to provide pre and post-
sales support.
 Spread payments into three equal
installments for standard platform products
purchased at signing.

The Role of the Enterprise Software Advisor


The Enterprise Agreement is an agreement

between you and Microsoft in the sense that
Microsoft sets the pricing and invoices you directly.
Throughout the process, however, you will still
need to engage with an Enterprise Software Advisor
such as Inbox to determine the best solution for
your needs. Inbox can provide you the following

• Compliance Consultation Service (CCS) –

This service will guide you in implementing
effective software license management
strategies for all products across your
• Electronic Software Fulfillment (ESF) –
Utilize Inbox’s ESF services for the electronic
transfer of code for large software
• License Re-Deployment Management
System (LRMS) – Work with Inbox to
customize this on-line inventory
management tool to meet the specific needs
of your enterprise.
• Product and Licensing Information - In
addition to your dedicated account team,
Inbox has several Microsoft product and
licensing experts who can help provide your
organization with the most up-to-date
information via webinars, trainings and
• Enterprise-Wide Standardization and Enterprise

As an Enterprise Agreement customer, you must

license all eligible PCs in your organization. Your Lev # of PCs
discount level depends upon the number of el
desktops you have according to the table below. A 250 - 2,399
B 2,400 – 5,999
C 6,000 - 14,999
The enterprise products are listed below. You may
D 15,000 +
choose one, two or all three.

• Microsoft Office Professional

• Windows Professional desktop operating
system upgrade.
• Microsoft Core Client Access License

Acquisition through Enterprise Agreement:

The EA is an agreement between you and

Microsoft, and Microsoft will invoice you directly
each year for the three-year term of the agreement
for the price that they determine for the initial
order. The initial order determines the price level as
defined above, the enterprise product selection,
additional product selection, and the designated
language group. The initial price and True Up price
will not change during the agreement, even if the
number of qualified desktops changes.

True Up Adjustment:

The True Up prices for subsequent years will also

be established at the time of the initial order fort he
new additional product.

True Up fees for additional desktops added during

the agreement term cover both the L&SA coverage
for the remainder of the three-year enrollment
term. In order to calculate a True Up payment, the
number of desktops that is added to the initial
desktop count throughout the year is multiplied by
the True Up price for the current year.

Enrollment Term and Extension:

At the end of the third year, you may renew the

enrollment for one or three years continuously.
Renewal pricing is based on the SA portion of the
products, which reduces the EA price from that of a
new agreement that included L & SA in one.

Media Fulfillment:

Upon receipt of the Enterprise Agreement,

Microsoft currently sends a CD-ROM kit, which
contains all the products offered to date by
Microsoft, to the contact listed on the enrollment.
Enrolled affiliates will automatically receive an
update kit, which contains only those pools that are
covered under your agreement, once a month until
the end of the agreement. Microsoft will provide
enrolled affiliates with a master CD-ROM kit specific
to the pools and languages selected. You may order
additional kits from SHI.

Software Assurance Benefits

In addition to new version rights, SA offers

Enterprise Agreement Customers the following

 Spread Payments - Provides you greater

flexibility in managing technology
expenditures. SA allows you to make
payments annually instead of one upfront
payment. This makes budgeting easier and
more predictable.
 Windows Vista Enterprise - The latest client
operating system (OS) is available
exclusively as a benefit of Software
Assurance. IT Professionals can build, deploy
and manage a single hard drive image which
can be rolled out worldwide and contain all
languages. Windows Vista Enterprise also
provides Enhanced Data Protection with full
volume encryption of sensitive data and
intellectual property in case a PC or portable
computer gets lost or stolen.
 24 X 7 Problem Resolution Support - Enjoy
phone support 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week, for business-critical outages on all
Microsoft-supported products including all
server editions, Microsoft Windows, and
Microsoft Office applications. Software
Assurance customers also receive unlimited
Web support for Microsoft servers covered
under a Software Assurance agreement.
 Cold Back Up for Disaster Recovery - Be
prepared with complimentary “cold backup”
server licenses for the purpose of disaster
recovery. If a disaster arises, “cold” servers
can be moved into production mode so that
users can continue to access critical data
and applications.
 eLearning - Provide your employees desktop
training for employees on Microsoft software.
Offers self-paced instructional modules to
your employees that can be conveniently
accessed at their own PC, even offline.
Update your employee’s skills and save
money on training costs.
 Home Use Program - Provide your employees
the opportunity to order a licensed copy of
select Microsoft Office desktop programs
used at work to install and use on their home
computer for both personal and business
 Extended Hot Fix Support - Annual contract
fee is now included as part of the Software
Assurance program. (A Premier or Essential
Support agreement is a pre-requisite for
 TechNet Plus - Provide your IT department
access to web-based support with Online
Concierge, premium content, plus Managed
Newsgroup Support and TechNet Plus
Subscription Media. Have access to
extensive up-to-date IT information, service
packs, hot-fixes and more.
 Desktop Deployment Planning - These
services will be delivered either on-site or
remotely by Microsoft Consulting Services or
experts from Microsoft Certified Partners who
have demonstrated their proficiency with
deployment solutions. These engagements,
ranging from one to fifteen days, will not
only improve your organization’s
understanding of the business value of
upgrading and the cost of migrating your
environment, but provide you with a
deployment roadmap specifically designed
for your organization.
 Windows Pre-Installation Environment (Win
PE) - IT Professionals can build custom
solutions that speed deployment through
automation, so they spend less time and
effort keeping desktops updated.
 Extended Training Vouchers - Access the
instructor-led training and resources you
need to prepare your IT staff to successfully
deploy or migrate to Microsoft Office and
Windows in your organization. Use the
expanded number of training vouchers to
train more staff members across your IT
organization without additional cost.
 Employee Purchase Program - Increase
employee satisfaction by offering discounts
on Microsoft’s most popular productivity and
consumer titles for home management and
personal entertainment.

 Enterprise Source Licensing Program -

Access the Microsoft Windows source code
for internal development and support for
those customers with 1,500 or more licensed
 Corporate Error Reporting - Provide a clear
and easy way to monitor and review error
information. CER enables IT administrators
to manage error reports and messages
created by the error-reporting clients
included in Microsoft Windows and other
Microsoft programs.
 Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PC's - A
Windows-based operating system designed
for customers with legacy PCs who are
running legacy operating systems but are
not in a position to purchase new hardware.
Windows Fundamentals provides the same
security and manageability as Microsoft
Windows XP SP2 while providing a smooth
migration path to the latest hardware and
operating system.

Microsoft Open License

There are several types of Open License program

options — Open Business, Open Volume, Academic
Open License, and Government Open License.

 Open License programs map to the needs of

corporate, small, and medium-sized
 The Open License programs share many of
the same features but provide organizations
with additional options.
 Software Assurance (SA) is optional in all
flavors of the Open License program.
Customers who wish to obtain SA are in
many cases better off choosing Open Value
(discussed below).

Open Business

 Offers savings on estimated retail prices of

full packaged products.
 Can be opened with any combination of five
licenses or one server processor license; a
license with SA counts as two licenses.
 Additional orders against the Open Business
may be for as few as one license.

Open Volume
 Offers additional savings to organizations
that can meet the initial license order
quantities in one or more product pools
(applications, systems, servers).
 Uses product pools and points to establish
the entry minimum of 500 points.

Software Assurance is available for licenses at the

time of order. All Software Assurance begins at the
time of order and ends when the Open License
agreement term ends.

Government Open License

 Available to eligible small and medium-sized

government entities.
 Ideal for government entities that need to
order in smaller quantities and need a simple
and flexible model.

Government Open License has the same features

and benefits as Open Business, plus:

 No initial order size required, that is, a

governmental organization could initially
order as few as one license
 Pricing that is similar to Select License level
D, the most attractive Select License price
 Language-independent licenses

Academic License Programs

 Provide simpler, yet flexible volume-based

pricing for academic customers.
 Include three types of academic license
programs. Campus and School Agreements
and Academic Open Licenses are available
through Authorized
Open Value

Open Value is the most cost-effective way for small

and medium-sized organizations to purchase
Microsoft software. The Open Value program is
available with three options:

 Open Value Non-Companywide

 Open Value Companywide
 Open Value Subscription

Open Value Non-Companywide

Open Value Non-Companywide provides a

simplified license update process that enables
customers to:

 Place an initial purchase order for at least

five Licenses with Software Assurance
(L&SA) or
 SA-only if the customer wishes to renew SA
or enhance OEM licenses or FPP as discussed
in the next two paragraphs.
 Renew SA through Open Value until 90 days
after the previous SA coverage ends.
 Add SA to an OEM license or to a Full
Packaged Product (FPP — desktop operating
systems and server products only) that was
bought fewer than 90 days ago.
 Perform a monthly count of installed copies
and then order additional licenses if needed.
 Pay the initial installment upon ordering the
licenses, and pay subsequent installments
once per annum on the anniversary of the
three-year agreement (“spread payments”).
 Benefit from Software Assurance, which
helps customers keep their costs low and can
provide additional business opportunities.

Open Value Companywide

Open Value Companywide enhances Open Value in
several ways because it allows customers who have
at least five PCs to:

Standardize software across their qualified PCs.

 Choose from the Small Business Platform

(Windows Vista Business Upgrade with the
right to install Windows Vista Enterprise,
Office Small Business 2007, Windows Small
Business Server 2003 Client Access License–
CAL) and/or from the Professional Desktop
Platform (Windows Vista Business Upgrade
with the right to install Windows Vista
Enterprise, Office Professional Plus 2007,
Core CAL, which combines the Windows CAL,
Exchange CAL, Office SharePoint® Server
CAL and Systems Management Server CML).
 Receive savings for platform components on
which they want to standardize.
 Receive additional platform savings if they
choose the entire Small Business or
Professional Desktop Platform.
 If they choose Office Small Business 2007:
Step up any number of Office licenses to
Office Professional Plus.
 If they choose Office Professional Plus 2007:
Step up any number of Office licenses to
Office Enterprise.
 Receive additional Software Assurance
 Receive complimentary media kits for all
products ordered through the Open Value

Open Value Subscription

Open Value Subscription is similar to Open Value

Companywide. For many customers, though, Open
Value Subscription can be more cost-effective and
easier to manage because it:
 Provides a non-perpetual license valid for the
three-year agreement term (rented licenses)
and hence offers substantially lower license
costs throughout the duration of the
 Offers customers platform savings, if they
choose the entire Small Business or
Professional Desktop Platform.
 Includes a license buy-out option at the end
of the agreement term allowing customers to
turn non-perpetual licenses into perpetual
 Requires annual instead of monthly ordering
for the Small Business or Professional
Desktop platform products.
 Provides the ability to not only increase but
also decrease the number of licenses if the
number of PCs diminishes (licenses must be
ordered for at least five PCs).
 Includes a significant Up-to-Date Discount
(UTD) for the first year invoice for any license
for the current (N) or previous (N-1) version
of the selected Small Business or
Professional Desktop platform product.

Windows XP/ Vista Starter Edition

Windows Vista Starter is designed for the beginner

computer user. It was designed specifically to help
more men, women, and children in developing
technology markets, learn valuable computer skills
and reach new opportunities.

Windows Vista Starter provides everything you

need to:

 Easily browse the Internet

 Communicate with friends and family around
the world
 Listen to music and watch videos
 Store, print, and share photos online with
easy-to-use tools
 Limit a child's access to specific web sites,
games, and other mature content with
parental controls
 Use educational, productivity, small
business, and other software designed for
 Connect cameras, printers, speakers, and
other hardware devices designed for
 Access updates and enhancements from
Microsoft online

Windows XP/ Vista Home Basic

Windows Vista Home Basic is the edition of

Windows for basic home computing needs. If you
only want to use your PC for tasks like browsing the
Internet, using e-mail, or viewing photos, then
Windows Vista Home Basic may be the right edition
for you.

The instant desktop search feature looks across all

of your documents, e-mails, photos, and other files,
organizing the results in the way that you want to
view them. When coupled with the built-in web
search of Windows Internet Explorer 7 in Windows
Vista, you'll spend less time looking for the things
that you need and more time on the activities that
you care about.

With automatic defenses against malicious

software and fraudulent websites, Windows Vista
Home Basic enables you and your family to use
your computer with greater confidence. Plus,
parents can use built-in controls to help ensure
their children's computer use is protected and

Windows Vista Home Basic makes it easier than

ever to set up your new PC, with features that
easily transfer all of your data and settings from
your old PC to your new one.

Windows Vista Business

Windows Vista Business is the first Windows

operating system designed specifically to meet the
needs of small businesses. You'll empower your
entire business to work more efficiently with a
stunning and improved, simple-to-use interface
that makes it easier to search and find the
information you need quickly and easily, both on
your PCs and on the web. With powerful new safety
features, you're in control and can better protect
the key information that is the life of your business
and that builds the trust of your customers.

Windows Vista Business makes all of this work for

you while helping you spend less time on
technology support-related issues—so you can
spend more time making your business successful.

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 provides software essentials for
new personal computers, so both homes and
businesses can get tasks done more quickly and easily
It keeps everything at your fingertips, from stunning
graphics to powerful collaboration tools, Micosoft
Office helps you create better work, faster.

Office Basic 2007 is the software suite that helps you

create great-looking documents and spreadsheets,
and manage your e-mail, calendar, and contacts
efficiently. With the Microsoft Office Fluent user
interface, enhanced graphics and formatting
capabilities, new time management tools, and greater

Provides: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS

Outlook, MS Access, MS Visio, MS InforPath, MS
OneNote, MS Project, MS Publisher, MS Sharepoint

Adobe Products
Inbox has licence to sell complete range of Adobe
products including Creative Suite 3 Design Premium,
Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional, Adobe Illustrator CS3,
Adobe® Flash® CS3 Professional, Adobe® After
Effects® CS3 Professional, Adobe Photoshop
Lightroom, Adobe® Creative Suite® 3 Master
Collection, Adobe® Photoshop® CS3, Adobe®
Dreamweaver® CS3Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS3:
Adobe® InDesign® CS3, and Adobe Photoshop
Elements 6.
PCs and Peripherals


Acer Aspire Series

Acer’s new Aspire Gemstone notebooks present
stunning style complemented by super-easy
usability and integrated Dolby Surround sound for
multimedia enjoyment to truly treasure. Acer Aspire
series has various designes with different

m for further details.

Acer Travel mate series

Built to be your on-the-road business partner. Acer
TravelMate notebooks offer a wealth of reliability,
security, and communication features integrated in
a sleek, professional design.

m for further details.

Acer Extensa Series

The Extensa series is a combination of excellent
value, stylish good looks and all-round great
features. The Extensa 2300 series is ideal at home
or in the office.

m for further details.
Acer Ferrari series
Ferrari Series is an outcome of partnership between
Acer and Scuderia Ferrari with latest technology,
inspired by passion. Acer Ferrari has 3 models
Ferrari 1000, Ferarri 1100 and Ferarri 5000.

m for further details.


Inbox Expedition 3000

Inbox Expedition 3000 series has Pentium Dual
Core E2160 (1.8Ghz, 1MB, 800Mhz) processor
based on Intel 945GC series (Intel D945GCPE)
platform. It has 1GB DDR2 (PC-667) RAM, 80GB
SATAII (7200RPM, 8MB) Hard Disk Drive, 10/100
LAN and Inbox uATX / ATX (300 watts with Active
PFC) chaisis.

Upgrades available:

Processor: Pentium Dual Core E2180 (2.0Ghz, 1MB,

800Mhz) or Celeron 420 (1.6Ghz, 512K, 800Mhz)

Platform: Intel 945GC chipset based (Intel

D945GCNL with 10/100/1000) or Intel 945GC
chipset based (ASUS P5GC-MX with 10/100/1000)

Inbox Expedition 4000

Inbox Expedition 4000 is based on double
processors Core 2 Duo E4500 (2.2Ghz, 2MB,
800Mhz) with Intel G31 series (Intel DG31PR)
platform. It carries 1GB DDR2 (PC-667) RAM, 80GB
SATAII (7200RPM, 8MB) HDD and 10/100/1000 LAN
and Inbox uATX / ATX (300 watts with Active PFC)

Upgrades available:
Processor: C2D E4600 (2.4Ghz, 2MB, 800Mhz)

Platform: Intel 945GC chipset based (Intel

D945GCPE with 10/100) or Intel 945GC chipset
based (Intel D945GCNL with 10/100/1000) or Intel
945GC chipset based (ASUS P5GC-MX with

Inbox Expedition 5000

Inbox Expedition 5000 is based on Core 2 Duo
E8200 (2.66Ghz, 6MB, 1333Mhz) processor with
Intel G33 series (Intel DG33BUC) platform. It has
1GB DDR2 (PC-667) RAM, 80GB SATAII (7200RPM,
8MB) HDD, 10/100/1000 LAN and Inbox uATX / ATX
(300 watts with Active PFC) Chaisis.

Upgrades Available:

Processor: C2D E8400 (3Ghz, 6MB, 1333Mhz), C2Q

Q6600 (2.4Ghz, 8MB, 1066Mhz), C2Q Q9300
(2.5Ghz, 6MB, 1333Mhz) or C2Q Q9450 (2.66Ghz,
12MB, 1333Mhz)

Platform: Intel G31 series (DG31PR)

Inbox Expedition 6000

Inbox Expedition 6000 series has Core 2 Duo E8200
(2.66Ghz, 6MB, 1333Mhz) processor and based on
Intel Q35 series (Intel DQ35JOE) platform. It has
1GB DDR2 (PC-667) RAM, 80GB SATAII (7200RPM,
8MB) HDD and Inbox uATX / ATX (300 watts with
Active PFC) Chaisis.

Upgrades available:
Processor: C2D E8400 (3Ghz, 6MB, 1333Mhz), C2Q
Q6600 (2.4Ghz, 8MB, 1066Mhz), C2Q Q9300
(2.5Ghz, 6MB, 1333Mhz) or C2Q Q9450 (2.66Ghz,
12MB, 1333Mhz)

Platform: Intel Q35 series (Intel DQ35JOE)

Acer Veriton and Power Series

Get ahead and stay ahead with Acer's
discriminating and dependable line of Veriton and
Power desktop PCs. The Veriton is your perfect
partner to reach high productivity goals with
unrivaled style, while the AcerPower is the clear
choice for value-minded multitaskers who work
hard and play hard too.

Acer Aspire Series

Make Acer's wide selection of Aspire desktop PCs
the centerpiece of your digital home. Equipped with
the latest multimedia technologies, communication
essentials, and performance innovations, the Acer
Aspire brings you to new heights of sensory as well
as computing enjoyment.
Inbox sells a wide range of printers based on various
Laser Jet models of HP, and Dot Matrix printers of
Panasonic and Apson.

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Inbox deals with a number of HP scanners which
provide best quality results for scanned images and

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No need to worry when power failure occurs, Inbox has
the best range of UPS tp help your organization work
effectively despite the power outrage.

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Inbox Platinum Portal (Beta)
With Inbox Platinum Portal you can now easily track your
deliveries, check your complaint log status, and maintain
your purchase history by simply logging in. And more
importantly, Service Level Reports are sent to you
proactively every month so that you can better monitor our
service level to your satisfaction. Inbox Platinum Portal gives
you real-time access to information for more informed

Among other functionalities Platinum Portal enables you to:

• Log service requests

• View service request status

• View account History

• View delivery status

Furthermore, monthly service level reports are delivered
proactively to your desk at month, so that you can see for
yourself the quality of service which we provide.

Inbox Contact Center

Inbox Contact Center is an important element of our offering.
This commitment is reflected in our growing strength and
leadership in services enabled by technology. In order to
provide quality and timely service, we have assigned a
dedicated team of professionals at our Contact Center. A fully
automated call logging system powered by Avaya Systems
integrated with MS CRM gives you awareness of your query
For logging a request:
status anytime and from anywhere.
Call: 0800-INBOX
Call Management
A call management system is the complete process in
which customers can submit information (either verbally,
by e-mail, as Internet data, or SMS), various departments
deals with that information, and the response is sent
back. It also encompasses all the intermediary processes
in between those steps, such as additional communication
with the customer and dispatching engineers.

The system logs all activity, and escalates calls which

have not been closed within a set period of time. As a rule
the management gets escalation messages so that they
are informed of

Toll free Number (0800-INBOX)

In this day in age where costs for doing business is
skyrocketing, it is imperative that our customers be able
to contact us in the most cost-effective manner possible.
Inbox ensures that it Contact Center operates 24x7 in
order to take your calls using or toll free number. The
advantages are twofold. First, you do not have to pay
every time you need to call. Just dial in 0800-INBOX.
Secondly, Inbox is here 24x7 so you can contact us any
time of the day or night.