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Volume 51 - Issue 2

September 13, 2017
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When keeping faith
means giving up
your budget P6
2 Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

Welcome back!
It has been wonderful meeting so many of you over the past few
weeks at orientation events and celebrations to mark the start of
the new year. The energy and excitement on campus are incredible,
because of you. Thank you for choosing Ryerson and making it
such a wonderful and warm community.
Recent events around the world are reminders that respect for the
well-being and dignity of all our community members is a precious
attribute that requires constant care and attention. Now more than
ever our shared commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion
stands as one of our great strengths. Your support makes it possible.
I wish you the very best for a great year.
Mohamed Lachemi
President and Vice-Chancellor
Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017 NEWS 3

RSU has conflict of interest issues News
Legality of Claire Davis’ position on the RSU and Obaid Ullah’s vote on athletics are potential conflicts, members say Bites
By Annie Arnone tial conflict of interest with respect CityNews just two days before the limited to having material interest Ontario’s marijuana
to a matter before the membership meeting identifying himself as the in any business that has dealing with legislation
Conflicts of interest regarding em- shall [immediately] disclose it to the “president” of the cricket team. Ul- the Ryerson Students’ Union.”
ployment and voting rights have membership and shall refrain from lah is no longer the president, but According to Nyaga, upon em- The province has announced that
become a hot topic among the Ry- participating in the discussion of the remains a member of the team. ployment, Davis was informed by they are going to launch cannabis
erson Students’ Union (RSU) Board matter other than to answer ques- “As board members, we are elect- executive members of the RSU that stores, as a subsidary of the Liquor
of Directors, according to various tions from other members of the ed to represent students on campus, there will be terms to her involve- Control Board of Ontario.
board members. corporation, and shall refrain from so I’m going to vote for the students ment as a board member. This in- An estimated 40 stores will open
On Aug. 28, the RSU met for an voting on the manor.” on campus” said Ullah, calling board cludes the inability to vote on eq- by July 2018 and a total of 150 sepa-
emergency board meeting, where A board member told the room members’ allegations of his conflict uitable motions, due to a potential rate locations accross the province
they voted and approved their 2017- if anyone had a potential conflict of of interest “absurd.” conflict of interest, as well as a re- by 2020.
2018 budget. During the meeting. a interest, that it should be disclosed. On June 14 board member Claire convening in October during the Current pot dispensaries will be
motion was moved by board member But it was not until the motion was Davis unsuccessfully ran for the RSU by-elections where she’d be re- shut down.
Salman Faruqi to pull $15,000 from voted on and approved that some- position of sustainability commis- quired to choose whether she’d stay The legal age for pot possession
legal fees to athletic groups funding. one asked Ullah about his involve- sioner and was called into question on the board or with the GFC. in Ontario will be 19.
The motion was approved in a roll ment with athletics, Nyaga said. because of a “potential conflict of “[I’ve] been really careful around But, like, that tax though?
call vote, putting athletics funding interest”, since she is a staff member it,” said Davis. “I wouldn’t vote
for the year at a total of $25,000. at the Good Food Centre (GFC)—a around equity ... I upheld my part of Brampton approved
Former RSU president and board “There’s no base level service funded by the RSU. that, but looking at this and finding expansion funding
member Obaid Ullah was one of of who’s being called According to Ullah, Davis’ posi- out other people involved in sports
several to vote on the allocation of tion on the RSU is “illegal.” Howev- are still going to those meetings vot- Funding for Ryerson’s Brampton
athletic groups funding which, ac- out anymore” er, Nyaga said this is untrue, under ing on funds … it’s like there’s no expansion was approved by city
cording to RSU bylaws, poses as a the circumstances. base level of who’s being called out council, estimated at $150 million.
potential conflict of interest given The RSU policy manual states anymore.” The timeline of the construction
that Ullah is a member of the Ryer- Logistics surrounding Ullah’s in- that “board members shall not en- The RSU by-elections will take and sources of funding have not
son cricket team. He is also a mem- volvement with the team boiled gage in any business or transaction place in October 2017. been determined, as the proposal
ber of the RSU’s bylaw committee. down to his recent injury—a broken or have a financial or other personal The RSU has yet to comment on plans have not been approved.
Under the bylaw subsection re- ankle—which he claims affected his interest that may improperly impact whether or not Ullah’s conflict of Ryerson is expected to submit its
garding conflicts of interest, “A ability to remain on the team. upon the performance of their offi- interest will be addressed in the up- final proposal for the expansion in
member having an actual or poten- However, he was seen on cial duties. This includes, but is not coming board meeting. the fall.

Ryerson releases new sexual assault stats
By Alanna Rizza saults to security are connected with the complaints in the article because
support services. they’re anonymous and were not
When students returned to school Khan and interim vice-provost submitted formally.
last week, it marked the first year students John Austin, who is also “It is not helpful for us to receive
where all Ontario colleges and uni- the OSVSE supervisor, said they’ve anonymized complaints that can-
versities had a mandatory sexual vio- been discussing the best way to pre- not be substantiated and followed
lence policy as required by the pro- pare their data for when it’s required up on. It’s helpful for us to hear
vincial government—and Ryerson is by the province. those things so we can continue
already taking steps forward with its This school year the OSVSE has to shape our practice and the way
own policy and services. two new specialists and a new space that we do our outreach and edu-
Ryerson’s policy was implemented in Kerr Hall West. One specialist cation, but it’s not helpful for us in
in June 2015 and was updated after Rye may be asked to provide stats to the province. started last week and the second will responding to the individual com-
a review in late 2016 to clearly out- start in November. plaints by individual people.”
line each step of how a sexual assault province to make the statistics pub- sexual assault policy and 24 colleges “They are both tremendous ad- Austin said he encourages anyone
investigation is conducted and what lic or provide data on the number of surveyed in Ontario had not created vocates and they worked and are a who may have complaints to bring it
the resolutions and possible disci- people accessing Ryerson’s sexual vi- a policy. part of racialized and queer and trans forward formally, which can be done
plinary actions are. Another review olence services. But Ryerson may be Ryerson’s HRS director Tanya communities themselves,” said Khan. with the Ombudsperson where their
is scheduled to take place in late 2018. asked to provide data on the number De Mello said the number of people She said the office has also been identity will be confidential.
According to data obtained by The of reported sexual assaults made to who reported sexual assaults where looking to provide different types of “There’s lots of stories that can
Eye, 21 Ryerson community mem- the university, specifically to Human a respondent is a Ryerson commu- services, especially for trans and non- come out of the OSVSE of people who
bers affected by sexual violence ac- Rights Services (HRS). nity member is included in the data binary people, which includes refer- have happily and successfully used
cessed support from Ryerson’s Of- “What we’re looking at now is stats from OSVSE, but the number of rals for counsellors and programs the service,” said Austin. “For those
fice of Sexual Violence Support and coming out of the [HRS] office, which reported sexual assaults to HRS is specifically for their community. people who were willing to come for-
Education (OSVSE) from May 2017 is people reporting sexual violence, lower because if the respondent is ward with critique for whatever rea-
to Sept. 7, 2017. In the 2016-2017 not disclosing,” said OSVSE coordina- not a community member HRS can- son should seek out the appropriate
school year, 80 new community tor Farrah Khan. not do an investigation. Rye community members resources to make their complaints
members accessed support from If someone is reporting an incident According to numbers provided reported 12 instances of official so they don’t have to be ano-
the office and in the year before 30 they’ll go through a process and there by Integrated Risk Management sexual assault on campus nymized in a student newspaper.”
community members accessed the may be an investigation with HRS. (IRM), the university’s security ser- in 2016 The anonymous sources from the
services. People affected by sexual This is not the case for disclosing. vices, Ryerson community mem- article cited fears of backlash or be-
violence includes survivors, their Ontario colleges and universities bers reported 12 incidents of sexual ing identified if they made formal
partners, family, friends and neigh- had until January 1, 2017 to imple- assault on campus and eight off In March, The Eye reported that complaints.
bours. Community members are ment sexual assault policies after Bill campus in 2016. From January 2017 several Ryerson community mem- Khan said the most important as-
Ryerson students, faculty and staff. 132, the Sexual Violence and Harass- to Sept. 7 there have been seven re- bers had experienced “judgmental pect is ensuring survivors are being
Ryerson’s policy states that the ment Action Plan Act, was passed in ported sexual assaults on Ryerson and non-inclusive language” being “seen, heard, and believed” and that
OSVSE collects statistics for the March 2016. Before the deadline to campus and six off campus. used, survivors being re-triggered they get the service they need.
purpose of “community education implement the mandatory policy, a The numbers are only from re- and inadequate support for students “We always want to listen and
and any legislated reporting that Toronto Star investigation from No- ports made to IRM and they’re sepa- who are gender non-binary. take it seriously and reflect on any
may be required.” vember 2014 found that nine out of rate from the data from OSVSE or Austin said the university cannot feedback even if there are tough
The university isn’t required by the 78 Canadian universities created a HRS. People who report sexual as- “responsibly and legally respond” to comments.”
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

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convening the laws of common sense.
Ask the CRA how they feel about
“co-mingling funds” it’s frowned upon.
By Sierra Bein But with the new class sched- Online Whee, what fun–after two years of
ule you have saved somewhere on Karoun “Cut out Queen” Chahinian Contributors treating the student union as their own
I don’t have much space, so I’ll try your phone, don’t forget to include Alanna “Screamo” Rizza Stephanie “Welcome back” Phillips practice piggy bank the whole damn
to be convincing in as few words as some time for the gym, time for Lee “Guess who’s back” Richardson Swikar “Drop-in” Oli gang is back. This time without any
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our ways, before it’s too late in the goddamn sleep. Features Denise “Give us the Dog” Pa- to fuck it all up again. So we’ll keep
year to turn back on our promises. Kick the bad habits early, so they Skyler “Starfish” Ash glinawan watching and demanding some respon-
You now have a chance with these don’t seem so daunting to get rid Koslan “Obnoxious ladder” Kathi- sibility from the sorriest lot the RSU
first weeks of school to get yourself of once you’re set in your dirty, old Arts and Life ramalanathan and TRSM ever did produce.
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Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017 NEWS 5

RSU budget recap 2017-18 Other budget
points raised
The $20,000 of funds from legal A major point of contention Thesis Grants
fees were moved to materials and during the last BoD meeting was A total of $20,000 has been approved
resources for educational campaigns whether or not a portion of the ath- by the RSU for thesis grants, an ini-
and student groups funding—with letic groups funding should go to- tiative introduced by Yousaf, to help
half of it going to athletic groups wards funding equity issues. eliminate the financial barrier that
funding, Lis added. “I think it’s no shock that it’s strik- students face when working on final
RSU president Susanne Nyaga ingly low and the budget’s been sig- year thesis projects.
said that proposing $90,000 for the nificantly underfunded. I think it’s Students can apply for thesis
legal fees budget was already “low- going to be tricky to get done some grants through the RSU, to assist
balling it,” and that $70,000 is an of the campaigns with the budget that them in financing their final year
unrealistic number, which is setting students want us to get done,” vice- thesis projects.
the students’ union up for going president equity Camryn Harlick said. Internship Grants
Legal fees, athletic groups funding, equity funding oh my! PHOTO: ALANNAH ASTORQUIZA over their proposed budget. “But unfortunately, I think we’re The RSU approved $35,000 for in-
Legal fees include the costs paid going to have to be creative with ternship grants funds.
By Noushin Ziafati Legal Fees towards lawyers involved in law- the actions that we take so our Internsip grants, an initiative
The RSU’s legal fees budget was suits, internal grievances with staff money can go the long distance introduced by Lis, are meant to fi-
The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) originally proposed to be $90,000 and settlement fees. ... and it’s probably not going to nancially support students who are
has approved their proposed budget for the year. However, at the previ- Athletic Groups Funding be big panels and guest speakers. taking on unpaid internships. Like
for the 2017-2018 school year. ous Board of Directors (BoD) meet- The RSU’s athletic groups funding We’ll probably have to resort to thesis grants, students can apply for
Here are some key changes made ing, the proposed total for legal fees amount has been set at $25,000. more on the ground type actions.” internship grants through the RSU.
to the RSU annual budget, includ- was dropped to $70,000. According to Yousaf, the high The equity service groups money The RSU approved their budget at
ing expenses for legal fees, athletic The RSU has already spent number of funding requests and (not to be confused with equity is- their last board meeting on Aug. 28.
groups funding, equity issues and roughly $10,000 of the proposed le- applications that the RSU receives sues funding) goes towards the Sex- Events
equity service groups funding. gal fees budget. every year for athletic groups is ual Assault Support Line as well as The RSU has lowered its budget
Here is what you need to know: Vice-president operations Ali “absolutely insane.” the six Equity Service Centres. for total events and programming
Yousaf said that the reason why le- Lis said that the RSU’s athletic Health and Dental Plan expenses from last year by 91 per
Why does this matter? gal feels are being decreased is be- groups funding is meant to ensure Last year’s RSU counted Health and cent—from $279,530 to $25,800.
The RSU represents about 35,000 cause the RSU does not have any that underfunded athletic groups Dental Plan payments from students The RSU budget for social events
students. Every full-time student outstanding legal issues, whereas in receive funding. as general revenue. Therefore, it ap- was slashed drastically, too. Last
pays an annual fee of $76.92 to the the previous two years, they had to Equity Issues and Service Groups peared as though the RSU had extra year, the social events budget was
RSU, which then goes towards oth- make settlements. The approved RSU equity issues funding in their operation budget — $1.1 million—and this year it was cut
er organizations and their proposed “We found that we had a little expense for the year is $5,500. approximately $628,500 — which in down to $123,800. That’s about an
expenses for the year. A part of each bit of wiggle room there and so we This goes towards equity issues fact, they did not. 89 per cent decrease.
full-time student’s tuition money is wanted to transfer the funds to a campaigns, anti-oppression and di- In other words, they dipped into To access a copy of the budget
going towards this budget. couple other places,” vice-president versity education, Indigenous issues the Health and Dental Plan reserve for yourself, the RSU typically posts
education Daniel Lis said. and an equity conference. for operational expenses. them online on their website.


20 Polson St. | FRI, SEPT 22 | 4-11 PM

Joey Bada$$ The Skins
Sean Leon
The Sorority
More to be announced
6 FEATURES Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

When restuarants and food courts offer everything you can’t have, what do you do?
Brie Davis finds the students who are going the extra mile just to get their lunch

H eading out the doors of the Rogers Communication Centre (RCC), third-year RTA
School of Media student Tamar Lyons is on the hunt for lunch before her next class.
Today is a long day, with classes running from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. With few breaks, she needs to
of keeping kosher, for Lyons, it’s become a fact of life.
Much like Lyons, there are a lot of students on campus who have to go out of their way to
find Kosher food on campus due to the lack of accessibility. Hillel Ryerson, a campus group
ensure she has a healthy meal to keep her going. for Jewish students, have helped close that gap by providing food on specific occasions, but
For Lyons, keeping kosher on campus is harder than it may seem. Walking down Gould that doesn’t help students with day-to-day eating. However, with the lack of visible activism
Street in the dead of winter, this short 15-minute walk feels like a lifetime. She watches as on campus, Ryerson Eats—the University’s food services—doesn’t feel the pressure to include
people in their heated cars whiz by, stirring the grey slush around on top of the curb as she more kosher options on their menus, leaving some students to fend for themselves.
walks along. The cold nips at her nose, her fingers numbing inside the thin pockets of her
winter jacket. She wishes she could have just gone to any of the local restaurants around cam-
pus, or even the Metro just across the street from the RCC.
T he lack of availability has caught the attention of Hillel members, who hope to work
alongside Ryerson to ensure Jewish students feel equally included in the menus on cam-
pus. Geoffrey Handelman, a second-year student and the student president of Hillel Ryerson,
Instead, here she is, walking down Elm Street, hungry for some of the only kosher food says that the group would be more than willing to reach out and help Ryerson’s food services
available in the downtown core: King David Pizza, located in the food court of Mount Sinai with the logistics of bringing in kosher food.

All this for a slice of pizza.
The restaurant is in the middle of a bustling hospital. Lyons is surrounded by doctors and
I don’t expect people to
nurses trying to grab a quick bite between patients. It’s not a usual location for those looking
for food downtown, most people eat there only because they can’t leave the hospital. Usually
Lyons is joined by other kosher-eating friends or non-religious Jews who understand the
specifics of a kosher diet, and the lengths she has to go to to get suitable food. As for her non-
Jewish friends, she doesn’t want to bring them out of their way to a hospital for food when
go out of their way to
accomodate me

they are able to eat at closer and cheaper places. But today, she’s alone.
Lyons is an Orthodox Jew, meaning she has to stick to eating only kosher food. While at
school, this requires her to either stay up late or wake up early before class to prepare her “[We] wish that more kosher food would be accessible at Ryerson,” Handelman says. “[We]
meal for the day. She can go out and grab food from places like King David Pizza, but when could probably help with budget and other convenience issues.”
she is out with friends who aren’t Jewish, she usually forgoes eating altogether. Instead, she Personally, Handelman is also affected by the kosher access on campus. He knows first hand
waits until she gets home to eat. It’s uncomfortable for Lyons to make her friends go to a how students feel about their diets not being included on campus.
restaurant that can accommodate her diet, and it’s complicated to explain kosher to non- “I feel saddened that Jewish students that keep kosher are at a disadvantage on campus,”

kosher restaurants. Handelman says. “It would be so special if this wasn’t the case, and I’m positive Ryerson is tak-
ing the necessary steps towards this reality.”

The real difficult part
is the day-to-day life
“ Of the three major dining halls on campus (the Hub Café, Pitman Dining Hall and Inter-
national Living & Learning Centre Dining Hall), none of them have specific kosher meals for
Jewish students. They do, however, have specific allergy and dietary menus for students who
need vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal meals. All chicken on the menu is halal, without
special request, as it was a very close price to regular chicken from the vendor to order, so
Ryerson Eats made the decision to always order halal.

When grabbing something to eat on campus, the only fully kosher options readily avail-
able—including the university cafeterias and the Metro on Gould Street—are chips and small
N ot having anything kosher available to eat isn’t a surprise to Lyons. Growing up Jewish,
she knows how hard and expensive kosher meals are to come by in the city.
“I don’t expect people to go out of their way to accommodate me. And I think that a lot of
snacks, as well as fruits and vegetables, depending on if they are prepared properly. people in my community understand that themselves,” Lyons says. “Kosher is a really big and
King David Pizza is one of the only kosher restaurants in the downtown core. It costs complicated thing.”
around $5 for a single slice of pizza, or upwards of $10 for anything more substantial, such as With support from Hillel, Lyons was also in contact last year with both the Ryerson Stu-
a salad or a sandwich. While these high prices may bother those who don’t know the struggles dents’ Union (RSU) and the Good Food Centre to try and increase internal support for their
Wednesday, Sept. 13, 20167 FEATURES 7
cause. Unfortunately, because exams rolled around, and Passover, a major Jewish holiday
was coming up, Lyons was unable to set up a meeting. She intends on scheduling more meet-
ings to address the issue and try to find a plan to implement more kosher food availability
for the future.

The only way for the school to recognize the issue with the lack of kosher food on campus
is if those who require it speak out about their concerns. However, there currently is not a lot
of student activism to bring the issue to light.
“I wouldn’t say the University is specifically not supporting us,” Lyons says. “I just don’t
think that they’ve heard enough from us.”

T he month before starting university, Lyons wasn’t sure how she was supposed to fol-
low her kosher diet during her RTA orientation, and had to figure out alternate plans.
The year ahead already seemed stressful enough, but it felt even more daunting knowing the
arrangments she had to make. She fired off an email to her program coordinator to see if IT’S ONLY KOSHER IF...
anything could be done so she wouldn’t go without food the whole day. She could carry along
a lunch bag full of things to eat, but that’s not ideal on a hot summer day. She didn’t expect
much, if anything, to happen, especially anything positive. Being one of about 300 people in
her program, why would they go out of their way to bring something in for her?

“ Each individual meal
can cost approximately
“ The animal(s) chew cud or have
a split hoof (no pork!)

The fruits and vegetables
have been cleaned or prepared
a certain way
When the response to Lyons’ email landed back into her inbox, she wasn’t holding her
breath for accomodations, since it usually isn’t possible. Rather, she was pleasantly surprised
and relieved, when she read there would definitely be something for her to eat. She was even Meat and dairy aren’t served
more surprised when she showed up—usually, when people say they can accomodate a kosher
diet, they have a salad or some kind of vegetarian dish to eat. But this time, they ordered in an
in the same meal
entire box of kosher pizza specifically for Lyons.
This type of accommodation is common when it comes to larger parties and events. In cases
such as the RSU general meetings and mandatory student union meetings, they bring in
It has this symbol on
kosher food. Normally, however, this is only when attendees go out of their way
to make sure they will be accommodated.
the package U
“The real part that is difficult is the day-to-day life, not being able
to find kosher, prepared food on campus the same way you can find
halal prepared food,” Lyons says.
The fish has both
According to Walter Da Silva, General Manager at Ryerson scales and fins
Eats, the only way to accommodate kosher meals is by catering
orders as individual meals, which have a high price point. Each
individual meal can cost approximately $60, due to the extensive
preparation requirements. They cannot prepare kosher meals
in-house because of the space requirements for an entirely ko-
sher kitchen, as well as the need to have a mashgiach, someone
who supervises the kitchen to ensure all cooking methods are
properly kosher.
Da Silva recommends making an appointment to speak to
both a manager and chef at food services to go over the menu
and see what they are able to eat. After going through the menu, YOU CAN’T...
they will work one-on-one with the student to accommodate them.
“The good news is that we have been working with an offsite
kitchen to provide more kosher meals at reasonable prices and hope
to incorporate more kosher meals into Ryerson Eats by late fall,” Da Silva Use the same utensils, pots
said via email.
Although they intend to implement these items soon, it is not specified what or pans to cook meat if it’s
food it is or how it will be prepared.
come in contact with dairy
J ust like having their dietary needs recognized, having a space where Jewish students can sit
and mingle amongst their community is important, especially on a campus where there is only
about 1,000 Jewish students, according to Hillel. The presence of the group gives Jewish students
an opportunity to connect with other students in their culture. The loft space, Hillel’s “headquar- Use the same space to clean dishes
ters,” gives students an open space to meet other Jewish students on Ryerson’s campus. that have come in contact with meat
“These Hillel lunches are the best thing ever,” says Lyons. “It’s really convenient.”
Every week at 21 Dundas Square, Hillel holds a lunch for all students to enjoy. Students both and dairy—you need to separate them to
Jewish and not, move throughout the large, open space. Between the white walls is a wel-
coming and positive environment for everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed amongst the
clean them
crowd. Blue and yellow accents throughout the room show off Ryerson pride. Students are
lounging on the couches, enjoying the usual menu of bagels with cream cheese, lox and veg-
gies. Others are using the time to chat with newcomers, including the shy first-years who are via Badatz Igud Rabbonim KIR and jewfFAQ
excited to find their crowd in Hillel. Laughter erupts as students swing back and forth on the
newly installed swings that are hanging from the ceiling. Between snacking, other students
illustrations by Karoun Chahinian and Premila D’Sa
are also shooting hoops at the small basketball nets at the other side of the room.
This type of friendly environment helps make up for it being the only real option for kosher
on campus. There is hope that this will change, but for now, what these students have created
will have to do.
8 ARTS Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

Rye does TIFF 2017: Film Reviews

The Cage himself. See more TIFF coverage at PHOTO: PREMILA D’SA

Mom and Dad
By Jacob Dubé
known) and just plays it up to a
whole new level in Mom and Dad.
After a chaotic screening of the He’s both funny and scary, espe-
short film Great Choice, a seven- cially with his great rendition of
minute descent into hell by way of the Hokey Pokey while destroying
a never-ending Red Lobster com- a pool table with a sledgehammer.
mercial, Mom and Dad managed to And with the help of his co-star
maintain an exciting pace of sus- Blair, they manage to ground this
pense, horror and comedy. movie, filled with violence and a mes-
Directed by Brian Taylor, starring sage that hits close to home: It’s all
Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair, the about the stress of settling down and
movie centres around a typical nucle- what happens when you grow up and
ar family—mom, dad, angsty teenage your dreams haven’t come true.
daughter and young son—in a world Cage’s character loses his fearless-
where parents suddenly begin hunt- ness from when he was younger,
ing down and killing their kids. and Blair’s loses her ambition. The
Cage is fully aware of what people they used to be died when
people love about his acting (his they had children, so they figure,
meme-making history is well- why not return the favour?

The Cured
By Alanna Rizza
single mother who takes in broth-
er-in-law Senan after his release
I’m not really into the whole zombie from quarantine. Page’s acting is
thing, and I don’t usually get scared genuine and heart-wrenching as
watching horror films, but The Cured she struggles with accepting that
gave me goosebumps and had me the infected had no control over
transfixed for its entire 95 minute- their monstrous actions.
run—even when the fire alarm went The zombies themselves gave
off during the climax of the film. me major whitewalker vibes from
The horror/thriller is Irish direc- Game of Thrones. The makeup was
tor David Freyne’s feature debut, incredible and whenever they at-
and it gives a refreshing perspective tacked I jumped in my seat.
on a zombie apocalypse, specifically The Cured is a stimulating film
regarding what life is like after in- that offers a look at how people can
fected flesh-eating people are cured be naive in their sympathy as well as
and reintegrated back into society. in their fear and selfishness. Zom-
Starring Ellen Page as Abbie, a bies can’t be that bad after all.

Unicorn Store
By Izabella Balcerzak
she gets her unicorn (and can finally
name it Steve).
“We’re all just looking for happiness The humour feels like it’s glitter
and maybe we can buy it in the store.” bombed throughout the script. It’s re-
Brie Larson’s feature directorial de- plete with awkward pauses, unwant-
but, Unicorn Store, is a comedic, heart- ed office sexual advances, sarcastic
felt, magical journey filled with glit- remarks and an applause-worthy
ter, rainbows and mystical creatures. vacuum presentation.
Larson’s witty and colourful Kit’s nerdy do-gooder parents—
character Kit struggles with adapting played by the hilarious duo Joan
into the adult world of office work Cusack and Bradley Whitford—offer
and paperclips when her unicorn- moments of comic relief with their
obsession-turned art career goes intrusive yet quirky parenting style.
underappreciated; that is, until a Floating along the whimsical
pop-up Unicorn Store, managed by and dazzling soundtrack, Unicorn Store
eccentric unicorn salesman Samuel explores the meaning of growing
L. Jackson appears and sends Kit on up and accepting who you are, star-
a quest. If she completes the tasks, studded PJs and all.
Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017 SPORTS 9

coming to an end, but the sport goes
far beyond wins and losses for the
Rams prodigal father figure.
The once poorly skilled after-

Last Run
thought is now a confident leader
whose shoes cannot be filled by
any one player, Prostran said. In
short, there’s a lot for Stewart to
be satisfied with.
“I’ll miss going to the games and
After a rollercoaster career, the Rams captain watching him play. I’m very proud
of him,” said Orane-Andrade. She’s a
aims high in his final season at Ryerson. “bag of nerves” watching her son play,
Tasala Tahir has the story sometimes covering her eyes with her

hands, watching Stewart through the
yle Stewart was fed up. a time when the gritty, irrepress- cracks between her fingers.
After getting home from ible veteran was ready to walk away “I want my parents to be able to
a soccer practice in his from the game completely. He tried brag about their son and have some-
hometown of Kingston, Jamaica out for the Rams three times and thing of substance to brag about,”
in 2005, everything that had been served as the equipment manager said Stewart. “I’m not searching for
bothering him up until that moment before making the team; in other their approval because I know they
reached a breaking point; he was words, Stewart is far from a quitter. love me and they’re proud, but they
furious. He left his bedroom and ran Four years after doing the Rams’ deserve the best, so I try to give
to the living room where his mother laundry, Stewart earned the honour them the best.”
sat busy on the computer. of representing them by wearing the Time’s winding down on Stew-
“I’m done with this crap,” said the captain’s armband. art’s last shot at Ryerson glory,
then-14-year-old. Early on, Stewart’s soccer IQ, skill and as the clock keeps ticking, it’s
Stewart tried to explain his out- and touch were low, but Ryerson almost inconceivable to picture the
burst, but his mother just wasn’t head coach Filip Prostran recognized heart and soul of the Rams as any-
getting it. He knew he should end his qualities that were less apparent. one other than him.
the argument before he said some- “I guess I have to start planning
Stewart’s Uphill Climb
thing he’d regret, so he stormed without him,” said Prostran. “The
back to his room. All he wanted to 2011: Equipment manager beauty of it is, hopefully Kyle has
do was punch something—hard. 2012: Cut from tryouts instilled enough of himself in other
That season, Stewart felt per- 2013: Made Ryerson debut people where others can now carry
sonally attacked by his high school 2014: OUA second-team all-star his torch and be that leader.”
coach and didn’t feel like an impor- 2015: OUA first-team all-star When he wears the blue, white
tant member of the team. His uncle 2016-17: Team captain and gold for the final time, Stewart
was heavily involved within the will bid farewell to a community he
school, but even so, the coach as- “[His] hard work and heart were loves dearly.
sured Stewart a roster spot was any- definitely there,” said Prostran, who “Ryerson has become my second
thing but guaranteed. Stewart cried, was the assistant coach when he first family and an important chapter
and began not only questioning his met Stewart. of my life,” he said. “Regardless of
return to the team, but to the game “The first time I saw him, I didn’t how the season ends, I know that
of soccer itself. think he was a good soccer player,” I made a difference and did some-
He paced back and forth in his said defender Mohamad Abdallah, thing impactful. I’m just looking to
room when, suddenly, his stepfa- who now views Stewart as one of enjoy this season.”
ther Arsenio Andrade—whom he his most supportive teammates. Not bad for the boy who almost
lovingly refers to as dad—walked in “I remember looking to my right quit.
and told him, “Put on some jeans, and seeing this guy that didn’t look
we’re going out.” like a soccer player,” said defend- “I remember looking to my right and PetsInDanger
Stewart sat in the car in silence er Greg Wise, recalling Stewart’s seeing this guy that didn’t look like a Ryerson Student
beside Andrade, not sure where “huge muscles” when the two met in Club - Attend
they were going. Neither of them their first season with the Rams four soccer player”
said a word. years ago.
exciting social
“I remember thinking I was in Abdallah and Wise’s opinions events, develop
big trouble because it was so quiet,” quickly changed and Stewart be- a program-best 14 games in 2016, how he can impact others,” Orane- skills transferable
said Stewart, now 26 and preparing came team captain ahead of the the fifth-year defender is willing Andrade said. into further
for his final season with Ryerson’s Rams’ 2016 season. to take a back seat to the younger Stewart is known to literally give education / job
soccer team. After a career filled with chal- players on the squad. the shirt off his back to ensure a
Finally, the pair sat down at a res- lenges, Stewart is about to face an- “If you make a mistake… there is teammate who has forgotten his can
searching, enhance
taurant, and the seemingly unbreak- other. After the departure of key a good chance Kyle will come to the practice, even if it means wearing a your resume,
able silence was broken. teammates like Adam Hemati, Ja- rescue and save your blushes. If you pinny or his jacket instead. receive a
Stewart explained he didn’t like mie Baker and Luka Lee, the Rams score a goal, he’s the first person to “You can also talk to him about Certificate for
how his coach treated him. He was mainstay will try to lead the team on run over and celebrate with you,” anything,” said Abdallah. “He will community service
ready to quit. Andrade didn’t try to one final championship run before said Wise. always help you.”
convince him to keep playing, he he graduates next spring. In third-year, Wise was stuck
just listened while Stewart vented. “He is very fixed on his goals,” on an economics problem at 11:30 all for a great
“Whether you play or not, [your Stewart’s mother Carole Orane- “If my dad didn’t handle p.m., and gave “the smartest per- cause: to combat
mother and I] don’t want you to Andrade said. it the way that he had, son” he knew a call. “I will look at it pet overpopulation
regret your decision and we don’t After three consecutive losses in I think I would’ve been and get back to you,” replied Stew- and help save the
like the idea of you giving up on the OUA Final Four, which “left a done soccer for good” art, who had never taken the class
something you like,” Andrade said. bitter taste” in the veteran’s mouth, before. Shortly after, he solved the
lives of
Stewart then realized he was Stewart is looking to make it past conundrum and sent Wise the cor- 4.5 million dogs and
taking an easy way out. the OUA semi-finals and deliver His parents had a front-row seat rect answer. cats each year.
“If my dad didn’t handle it the way the Rams their first-ever soccer to witness Stewart’s growth as a “The exact question was on the https://
that he had, I think I would’ve been championship. leader and a mentor. “The confi- midterm the next day and I got the ca.petsindanger.
done soccer for good,” said Stewart, To get there, Stewart is ap- dence that he has built in himself, problem correct all thanks to Kyle,”
12 years older and wiser. proaching this season with a team- finding his focus, and being giving Wise laughs.
It’s hard to believe there was ever first mentality. After the Rams won of himself … makes him aware of Stewart’s soccer career may be
10 FUN AND SATIRE Wednesday, Sept. 13, 2017

It pays to use horrible buzzwords
The Eye news reporters discover Ryerson University staff are paid an extra $50 for every time they say or use the word ‘innovation’

By Penelope Latte The idea came together after a just started, some professors are “My prof said ‘innovation’ at the staff have a limit for how many times
secret meeting in the basement of already expressing how much they end of every sentence. I just want to they can say the word “innovation.”
Ryerson University is stepping up Kerr Hall over the summer. Key like the initiative. go home. I’m scared,” said a Ryerson “Does this mean tuition is going
its self-promotion game this school members of the university came “I love it so much,” said skate- Students’ Union (RSU) board mem- to rise? Do I have to run for RSU
year by giving teaching staff an ex- together to discuss new methods of boarding professor Caroline Coo- ber through tears. president AGAIN?” read a Facebook
tra $50 for every time they say the promoting “how great Ryerson is” per. “I’ve just paid off the mortgage When The Eyeopener sent a list of message from Rajean Hoilett.
word “innovation” in the classroom. according to Ryerson’s communica- on my house and cottage!” questions to Forbes asking how much “Honestly, tuition should totally
“This initiative will bring the tions director Michael Forbes. Cooper added that she says “in- money the initiative is projected to rise. If Ryerson keeps going on and
community together to further Forbes declined to comment if novation” at least 1,000 times a cost the university, all of the weekly on about how great they are, then
shove down people’s throats how the university officials also played class. “At this point I may even get scheduled meetings with Lachemi for doesn’t that mean if tuition increas-
great and innovative this univer- Dungeons and Dragons during the the word tattooed on my bicep.” In- the school year got cancelled. es so does the quality of our educa-
sity is,” said Ryerson President meeting, and whether or not Ryer- novation tattoos help secure tenure, “The Eyeopener news team will no tion? I mean, like, isn’t this a free
Mohamed Lachemi. “Innovation is son president Mohamed Lachemi’s according to Cooper. longer be meeting with Dr. Lachemi speech issue or something?” read a
great. I love the word. Innovation, level 20 wizard knew “Wind Wall.” While profs may be loving the this year,” said Forbes via email. Facebook post from an anonymous
innovation, innovation.” Even though the school year word, some students are not a fan. It is currently unclear if teaching user named only named “Marshal.”

Why Ryerson is fuming Every faculty’s answer to Ryerson University’s
steamy pillars on campus

By Shakir Rimzy engineering students’ tears into us- Management (TRSM) to manage
able energy. the slush fund.
If this week was your first time on The engineering department, Unfortunately, TSRM was unable
campus, you may be asking your- however, has denied these accusa- to comment, having zero idea what
self, “What the fuck were those tions, instead suggesting that its goes on beyond the far, fancy walls
giant metal pillars sitting in the power more likely comes from the of the TRSM building.
middle of the sidewalk on Gould built-up sadness of the students In collaboration with grad stu-
Street?” who spend more than 10 minutes dents, Ryerson’s department of Phi-
The towering cheese graters had in Kerr Hall. losophy believes they are getting
been puffing out a constant barrage The faculty of Science estimates close. They have come to the con-
of steam for over three weeks, leav- that the potential energy from stu- clusion that the pillars are there to
ing students scratching their heads dent’s accumulated sadness would literally vent out the internal pres-
in search of an answer. be enough to power Egerton Ryer- sure that has been building within
Many assumed they were a frosh son turning in his grave for the next the school ever since the results of
exhibit created by the engineering 30 years, and with enough of a sur- the RSU election.
faculty, but those claims appeared plus to afford actual equipment for The urban planning department
increasingly doubtful once students faculty’s building. appears to have the most logical
realized that the pillars weren’t The faculty of Economics also explanation, in agreement with the Faculties are steamingly baffled by the school’s hot commodity.
some gaudy shade of purple. refuted this claim, releasing a state- claim that the pillars are actually
Others saw it as a more practical ment that any profits gained would a shrine to honour all those century. The steam emitting from School of Journalism is unable to
demonstration of the faculty’s skills, be sequestered by wasted overhead students who were fatally struck by its head is thought to be the souls of sort through the mess of different
the pillars acting as the ventila- and management of funds. They motorized vehicles running late to the fallen students. opinions as every theory or claim
tion for a secret reactor that turned ask for the Ted Rogers School of class during the turn of the recent In the meantime, the Ryerson seems to just be made out of hot air.

I know you all enjoyed Rick and
Morty, but now that school is back
in session it’s time to focus. On
mazes. This one in particular.

Get your favourite mocha-
ready because, yes, we’re going to
caffeinate you.

What to do:

Complete the maze and find
your way to the middle. Submit
this with your name, contact info
and your favourite place to order
take-out when you don’t feel like
cooking for your chance to win a

Drop it off at The Eyeopener of-
fice (SCC 207) when you’re done!


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All Day Breakfast
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