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Fourth edition Headway Beginner Student’s Book =< John and Liz Soars | ‘am/are/is, my/your * Thisis... * How re you? * Good morning! What's thisin English? * Numbers 10 * Plurals Hello. 'm Paula. Hello, Um Josef. oom) GER ooo Listen. Say your name. WHAT’S YOUR NAME? am/are/is, my/your 1 GREB Read and listen Pablo Hello. I'm Pablo. Whats your name? Mika My name’ Mika Pablo Hello, Mika, Listen and repeat GRAMMAR SPOT Tm=lam names = name is Whats = What is 2 Stand up and practise. | Hello. 'm = What's your name? My name's ‘i 6 Unit! + Hello! INTRODUCTIONS This is. . Nice to meet you 1 Read and lister 3 Read and listen v4 Judy Hello, My name's Judy Koblenz. Robert Hello. I'm Robert Smith. Nice to meet you p Judy And you — Listen and repeat. § 4 Practise in pairs. Say your first name and surname. A. Hello, My name’s — B Hello. 'm Nice to meet you. A. And you. 5 Listen to the English names. Ben, this is Mika. GF James Bond — Robert Taylor Henry Baker Mika, this is Ben. Hello, Ben. Hello, Mika. susie Walsh Anita Johnson Katherine Smith Choose a name, Stand up and say hello. Listen and repeat. Hello I'm James Bond 2 Practise in groups of three ay e Unit 1 + Hello! 7 HOW ARE YOU? 1 Read and listen. Ana a 1 Pablo. Hi, Ben. How are you? 2 Ben Hello, Mika. How are you? Ben Fine, thanks, Pablo. And you? Mika Very well, thank you. How are you? Pablo I'm OK, thanks. | Ben Fine. Listen and repeat. c s 2 Answer your teacher. How areyou? ——-){_Fime thanks. Fine, thanks. And you? 3 Stand up and practise. ary wall thankyou.) ( 0%, haa GRAMMAR SPOT Write in, is, or are 1__ Sandra, A Max, B Hi, Carla. C Hello, Max. to meet you, A Hi,Eda,__are you? | B Fine, thanks, David. And. 2 A well, thanks, A Hello. My name's Ana. ‘your name? B Mario. GHBB Listen and check. Practise the conversations. 8 Unit! + Hello! EVERYDAY ENGLISH Good morning! 1 Complete the conversations. Goodbye! Good night! Good moming! Good afternoon! ] 2. Put the words in the correct order. 1 A. Good morning! B Good morning! What a lovely day! 1 A Good morning! How are you today B Fine, thanks. 2A B Hello. A cup of tea, please. 2 A Good afternoon! B Good afternoon! fam moo 3 A Goodbye! Home B Thank you. And you. 4A B Good night! 4A. Good night! B Thankyou i= Listen and check, Practise the conversations. Listen and check. Practise the conversations. Unit + Hello! 9 VOCABULARY AND SPEAKING What's ths in English? 1 Write the words. acamera acar a photograph a computer abag a hamburger a television . a phone a sandwich a bus J a house — —_——ae 2 Listen and repeat the words. CRANAAREEES What's this n English? (Whats this in English? > —______ 4 Go to things in the room. Ask your teacher. It’s. photograph. ‘Work with a partner, Point to a picture. Ask and answer questions. Wea 10 Unit + Hello! Numbers 0 and plurals Read and listen. 1 Practise the numbers. 1 one 2 two 3 three 4 four 5 five 6 six 7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten 2 Say the numbers round the class. 3. Write the numbers. cars DE am we aennenea ¢] ___ houses BRR 6Gee (a) cameras foaho Ss, sandwiches Akveeed Listen and check. e photographs computers buses students 4 Askand answer questions. (Whatn he ler? {Nine petgape. ) 5 GAMED Listen and repeat. i [et [fal | books cars | sandwiches | | photographs | computers | houses students | hamburgers | buses cameras televisions bags phones Ge Singular Plurat ‘one book ‘two books cone bus ‘two buses D> Grammar Reference 14 pI23 Unit + Hello! 11 Your world Za Countries © he/she/they, his/her * Where'she from? fantastic/awful/beautiful * Numbers 1-30 > Find your country on the map on page 13. Find these countries on the map. ‘Australia Brazil Egypt China England France Italy Hungary Japan Russia Spain the United States Listen and repeat. SHE’S FROM JAPAN he/she, his/her 1 Read and listen. 3 Read, listen, and repeat Pablo Where are you from, Mika? Mika I'm from Japan. Where are you from? Seg Pablo I'm from Spain. From Barcelona. * » J Her names Mika. She's from Japan. FEED Listen and repeat pe ere are you from? Stand up tise. 2. Where are you from? Stand up and practis ieee eet >> Grammar Reference 21-2. pl23 Where are you trom? (“Ty from taly/Brazil. Where?) TD Unit2 + Your world ® QUESTIONS YHis_name’ Kevin, name’ Lasal. name’ Karima. name’ Tatian Where's he from? He's fromthe United | Hes ‘ | shes state 1 Complete the sentences about the people. ¥ © © name's Rosely. | 8 = name’ Hayley She | She's _ Listen and check. Repeat the 2 Listen and repeat the questions. ERGs Where's = Whereis Complete the questions with sor are. What's his name? Where's he from? e What's her name? Where's che from? 3. Askand answer questions about the people in the photographs. Where she from? i Where he from? (wl ha Nisname? His name's Kevin. Where you from? fot D> Grammar Reference 2.3 p23 Unit2 + Yourworld 1B PRACTICE Cities and countries Where are the cities? Ask and answer. ( Where's Barcelona? {Wns ) Barcelona Sao Paulo Beijing / Sydney Moscow Tokyo Cairo Budapest Daas ue? Los Angeles London Listen and check. Work with a partner. Student A Look at the photos on this page. Student B Look at the photos on p40, Ask questions and write the answers. What's his/her name?) aca Where'she/she rom?) eee Talking about you 3 Ask about the students in the class. What's his name?) —___ Hic name's Marco. ) 5 — Where's he from? He's fom tay From Rome. What's her name? A {Her name's Donatella. — Where's she from? | ~ She's trom Rome, me) M4 Unit2 + Your world | Coo Pes. Questions and answers 4 Listen and complete the conversation. Practise it. Rosely Hello, 'm Rosely. Whats your___ name? Bruno name's Bruno. | R_ Hello, Bruno. Where are you. Lj B from Brazil. Where are you from? R_ Oh, I'm from Brazil, too. from Sao Paulo. B_ Really? 'm from Sao Paulo, too! R ‘Oh, nice to meet you, Bruno, | 5 Listen and write the countries. 1 Claudio: __ Italy. Akemi: 2 Chark Bud: 3. Loretta and Jason: 6 Match the questions and answers. 1 [4] Where are you from? a His name's Bruno, 2.1) What's her name? He’ from Sao Paulo, 3) What's his name? ¢ Itsin Canada eo : She’ from Le 4] Where's he from? dImfrom Brazil. 5 (] What’ this in English? e Fine, thanks. 6 C1] Howare you? Her name's Tatiana, 7 C1 Where's Montreal? Itsa computer. Listen and check, Work with a partner. Take turns to cover the questions or the answers, Practise them. Check it 7. Tick (Y) the correct sentence. 1 CJ] Myname Mika 4 []_ Hes from Spain. 7) My name's Mika. (]_ His from Spain. 2 (1) What’ he’s name? 5 L] Where she from? (J What’ his name? [Where's she from? 3 () ‘What's his name?’ ‘Kevin? 6 L] What’ her name? [1 ‘What's her name?’ ‘Kevin’ [1 What’ she name? Unit2 + Yourworld 15 READING AND SPEAKING Where are they from? 1 Read and lis 2. Complete the sentences. Holly is from 2 She'sa 3 Her 4 5 Hesa_ 6 His hospital is in the 7 They____in New York. 8 They are is in the centre of Montreal ude is from of Montreal 3 Write questions with What ... ?and Where ...? about Claude and Holly. Ask a partner. What ... name? Where ... from? Where ... school? Where ... hospital? cc Write is or ae She__a teacher. He a doctor They from Canada D> Grammar Reference 24 p23 16 Unit2 + Your world This is a photograph of Claude and Holly Duval from Montreal in Canada. They are on holiday in New York City. Holly is from Canada and Claude is from France. They are married. Holly is ateacher. Her school is in the centre of Montreal. Claude is a doctor. His hospital is in the centre of Montreal, too. 4 Listen to Claude and Holly Complete the conversations. 1 fi io C Oh, no! Look at the _weather_! H Ugh! Its ! 2 rE © H_ Wow! Look at my __ ! Its fantastic! My hamburger is C What’ this building _? H Its the Empire State Building! Ws ! , too! at Central Park! EEMIB Listen and check. Practise the conversations. EVERYDAY ENGLISH Numbers 11-30 1. Say the numbers 1-10 round the class. 7 Look at the pictures. How old is he/she? 2 Listen, read, and repeat. (Tthink she’s 1@ months...) 11 12 13 14 15 7 No think she’s about 2. eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen 16 17 18 19 20 sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty Say the numbers 1~20 round the class. 3 Write the numbers your teacher says. Say the numbers your teacher writes. 4 Match the numbers. 21 twenty-five 22 twenty-seven 23 twenty-one 24 twenty-eight 25 twenty-two 26 twenty-four 27 twenty-nine 28 twenty-three 29 thirty 30 twenty-six Listen and repeat. Say the numbers 1-30 round the class. 5 Listen and tick (Y) the 122 1a 10 20 217 15 16 14 321 29 19 9 say vw @ 523 3 13 30 6 Work with a partner. Student A Write five numbers. Say them to your partner, umbers you hear. Student B_ Writethe numbers you hear. 14 24 ... GERD Listen and find out. Unit2 + Your world 17 3 All about you yr Jobs © am/are/is * Negatives and questions * Personal information © Social expressions (I) a HE ISN’T A STUDENT 1 Match the jobs and the pictures. Negatives ~ he isn't adoctor anurse astudent teacher —ashop assistant abusdriver abusinessman apolce officer a builder apie Student? Teacher? Listen and repeat. 2 Read the questions and answers. Listen and repeat. c q z) Ammen ieee is Waste hte @ Tisten anil repeat. What's her job? ‘She's a doctor. bes 2 Look at pictures 1-9 again. Look at the pictures. Ask and answer questions with a partner. Make more negative and positive sentences. He/She isn'ta He/She'sa.. 3. What's your job? Ask and answer. What's your job? Tima student. °Tyabasnesoman,”) Ene - Hesateache sis Sheisn'tanurse. isn't=isnot 18 Unit3 + Allabout you PERSONAL INFORMATION Questions and answers 1 Lookat the photos and read Ellie's profile. PROFILE ‘Surname: First nami Country: Address: Age: Job: Married: Green England 29, Victoria Road, Birmingham Phone number: 07700 955031 Student 2 Complete the questions and answers. 1 What's her_sumame _? Green 2. What's her 2 Ellie 3 Where’ she 2 England 4 What's her. ? 29, Victoria Road, Birmingham 5 Whatsher______? 07700955031 6 How old is she? ‘She's 7 What's She's 8 Isshe No, she isnt. Listen and check. Practise the questions and answers. Read and listen. Then listen and repeat IsEle from America? _X No, she isn't. Isshe from Spain? No, she st. Isshe from England?’ Yes, sheis. Ask and answer questions about Ellie. 1 Isshe from London? Liverpool? Birmin 2. Isshe 162 182 20? 3 Isshea teacher? a nurse? a student? 4 Isshe married? Complete the sentences. 1 Ellie isn't _ from the United States. Shee _ from England. 2. Her phone number ___ 07700 995031 It___07700 955031. 3 She___18.She__20. 4 She _ married. Unit3 + Allabout you 19 METRO 5 ~ THE AUDITION Negatives - /'m not, they aren't 1 Look at the picture. Who are the people? 2 Listen to and read The Audition Interview. Listen again and complete the questions. 3 Answer the questions about the band. 1 What's the band’s name? 2. Are Paul and Donny brothers? 3. Are they from Scotland? 4 Are the other boys from Ireland? 5 Are they all builders? 6 Are they all singers? Listen and check. Practise the questions and answers. Go 1 Negative mot from Scotland. 'm not = 1am not ‘They aren't from ireland, They aren't = They are not. 2. Short answers ‘Are you from Scotland? Yes, lam./No, 'mnot. \sthis your band? Yes, it is/No, it ist. ‘Ae they from Ireland? Yes, they are./No, they aren't. D> Grammar Reference 31 pl24 4 Practise The Audition Interview in groups of three Talking about you 5 Ask and answer the questions about you. ‘Are you from Ireland? Yes, Areyoua student? Arg au anurca? — } No, ..- Are you married? g ie ) {Are the other students from Ireland? v (Are they marred? ¥ 20 Unit3 + All about you NTERVIEW Hil_Ie___thie your band, Metro 5? Yes, itis. Great! And Donny McNab? No, 'm not. 'm Paul McNab. This is Donny. He's my brother. ‘Ah, yes, sorry. Hi, Donny. You're a builder from Scotland, right? Well, yes, |am a builder, but I'm not from Scotland. Oh, where ___from? We're from ireland. Aah! the other boys from Ireland too? No, they aren't. They're all from different countries ‘Oh! Interesting! And___—_all builders? No, they aren't. Paul’s a bus driver and Yeah, I'm a bus driver and Ronan's a nurse and Bo and Edson are students. the singer in the Interesting! And Donny, ___ band? Yes, lam. Well, we're all singers. Oh, right! Nice to meet you. Good luck to you all! Thank you very much. PRACTICE Is he a businessman? 1 Lookat the pictures of Diego and Grace. Where are they? 2 Listen to the conversations. Complete the chart | Firstname | Diego race Surmame Hernandez Chou “country Mexico | City/Town | Phone number | 212.638.4475 | Age” 42 Job Shop assistant Marvied? Listen again and check. 3 Ask and answer the questions with a partner. + Is Diego from Mexico City? + {s Grace from the United States? Yes, he is. + Isshea nurse? + Ishe a businessman? + Isshe33? + Ishea? + Isshe married? + Ishe married? 4 Talk about Diego and Grace. (i fom az. esmanti Talking about you Check it 5 Complete the questions 7 Tick (/) the correct sentence. 1 What's your first name? 1 CO Shes name’ Anna 2, se _, surname? MZ) Her name’s Anna 3 you from? 2 [Her job is teacher 4 phone number? 1 Sheba teacher. 5 Bn ie 3 CJ Hes phone number is 796542, 6____ get (His phone number is 796542. 7 married? 4. C0 Tmnota doctor. In groups, ask and answer the questions. Li tamnta doctor. 5 C0 Theyarentt from Italy. Writing 1 They're no from Italy. 6 Write about another student. Read it aloud 6 O sheteno married, Her name's... She's from Italy... Her phone number is... 1 She isn't married. Unit3 + Allabout you 21 READING AND LISTENING We're in Las Vegas! 1. Read the magazine article about the band, Metro 5. 2 Answer the questions. 1 Are all the boys from Ireland? 2 -Are they all brothers? 3. Where are they? 4 Are they happy? 3. Read about the band again. Correct the information. 1 The band, Metro 5, are in Brazil They aren't in Brazil They're in the United States! They're in New York. 3. Bo’ from Australia 4 Edson’s from Sweden, They're very tired, Listen and check. Practise the lines. 2 Unit3 + All about you ALETRDA = METRO 5 ON TOUR IN LAS VEGAS This is the boy band Metro 5 ~ The Audition winners. They are from different countries. Paul and Donny McNab are from Ireland, they are brothers. Bo Olsso Ronan Wilson is from Austral Melo is from Brazil. Now they are on tour in the United States. Hil We're in Las Vegas. Hi, guys, how are you? We're all fine. It’s fantastic here! Are you tired? No, we aren't. We're very happy and excited. Great! Good luck with tthe tour! UL eueaels Were in Las Vegas. We arent tired. D> Grammar Reference 3.2 p24 wee = we are we aren't = we are not Interview the band 4 Listen. Answer the 1 How old is Ronan? 2 Whois2I? 3. How old are Paul and Donny? 4 Who is married? Who isn't married? stions. Roleplay ea band. + How old are you? + Where are you now? 5. Work in groups of four. You + Whats the name ofthe band? ‘+ What are your names? + Where ae you from? Ask and answer the questions with another group. EVERYDAY ENGLISH Social expressions (1) 1 GERD Listen and look at the pictures. ok sony | Thasks plese Taawe abet onrther | 1 A Imgory. 2 C Acoffee, i 3B me! B That's 2 D Thats €1 Where’ the station? c very much, eee {kind very much | don'tunderstand sorry 4G Thank you 5 1 :Quéhora es? ‘That’ very Where’ the town centre? <=. Jin Vv ery H That’ L Tmsorry.1 2. Complete the conversations with the words in the boxes. 3. Work with a partner, Learn the conversations. Listen again and check. Stand up! Act the conversations Unit3 + Allabout you 23 li Family and friends ‘our/their * Possessive's * Thefamily * has/have * The alphabet 1 Complete the chart ! you he she we they | om | our their 2. Talk about things in the classroom. Ss (isis curciss) TSIM) This is our class. ew ae MY FAMILY (are a : \ Pog ANNIE TAYLOR This is Annie Taylor. She's married, and this is her family. Their house isin London. She's a doctor. Annie's hospital is in the centre of town. —— Jim is Annie’s husband. He's a bank manager. Jim’s ERI office isin the centre of town, too. 1 Read and listen. ‘Our children are Emma and Vince. Emma is 15, she’s at Camden High School. Vince is 19, he's at the University of Westminster. We're all happy in London.’ Who are they? a 3 Listen and repeat. 1 She'smarried. She'sadoctor. ‘sis 9 mother daughter sister wife 2. Thisis her family. This is Annie's family's = the family of Annie GB tether 500 ocr irate 3 his | office her | scoot Jims Emmas fie isan a3 parents children 4 Lookaat the family tree. 2 Answer the questions. 1 Is Annie married? Yes, she is. FAMILY TREE 2. Where’ their house? 2 . i 3 What's Annie's job? a Jim + Annie 4 Wheres her hospital? 5 What's Jim’s job? see 6 Are their children both at school? Vince E a Listen, check, and practise Listen and complete the sentences. Annie is Jim's wife. Jim is Annies Emma is Annie and Jim’s Vince is their 1 2 3 4 5 Annieis Vince's 6 Jim is Emma's 7 Emmais Vince's 8 Vince isEmmas_____. 9 Annie and Jim are Emma and Vi 0. Emma and Vince are Jim and Annie’ Listen again and check. 5 Ask and answer questions with a partner. i 6 Listen to the five people. Who are they? 1 Annie 4 Come on, Emmal Time for school! se Unit 4 + Family and friends 25 PRACTICE ‘An American family 1 Listen to Elena Diaz from Chicago. Complete the information about her family. Elena's brother Elena’s mother Elena’ father 2 Complete the sentences. 1 Oscar is Elena's brother. 2 Her name is Maria. 3 ‘What’s_job?"_ “He's a businessman’ 4 ‘Wheres____ house?” ‘Its in Chicago” 3. Write the names of people in your family. Stefan Danuta Ask and answer questions with a partner. (_ Who's Stetan/Danat ee She my rotor mater How old is he/she? { He's/Sh ae 2% Unit 4 + Family and friends my/our/your 4 Complete the sentences with my, our, your “What’s your name?” “My “What are names?’ me’ Annie? ‘Our names are Emma and Vince, Jean-Paul and André are students. ____ school isin Paris. “My sister's married? “What’s__husband’s name?” “My brother’ office is in New York: “What’s_ job?" Werein___English class. ‘Mum and Dad are in Rome! “What's the name of, hotel?” Listen and check ANNIE’S BROTHER has/have 1 Look at the picture. Who are the people? GEEED Read and listen to Paddy 2 Are the sentences true (7) or false (X)? 1 J) Paddy's hotel is in England. ttisn'tin England. t's in Ireland, 2 V1 His wife has a job in a hospital. 3 [1] Annie is Paddy's wife C1 Their hotel is very big. 5 [ Paddy and Shona have three children. 6 (J Alltheir sons are in Las Vegas. Jim and Annie have a son and a daughter. es Complete the forms ofthe verb hav. | hve We You They _ He has she a >> Grammar Reference 4.4 pI24 3 Listen and complete the sentences Practise them. 1 Lhave asmall hotel in the city of Galway. — in town. 3 three sons. 4 ___ called Metro 5. house in London, 4. Write sentences about your family Tell the class. (Weave a house inthe centre of town. ) Let Ca and his family “We're from Ireland. [have a small hotel in the city of Galway. My wife’ name is Shona, and she has a job asa nurse in a hospital near the town centre. We have three sons, Paul, Donny, and Conor. We have an apartment in the hotel. Our sons Paul and Donny have a band, Metro 5. They're in Las Vegas now. Conor is here with us. My sister, Annie, and her husband, Jim, have a big house in London. 1 a daughter. Annie has a very good job. Jim has a hey have two children, a son and good job, too! PRACTICE has/have 1 Complete the sentences, Use has or have. READING AND WRITING My best friend 1. Read about Antonia. Check the new words in 1 I have ___ two brothers anda sister. 2 My parents ___a house in the country. 3. My wife a Japanese car. 4 My sister and adog 5 You___avvery nice family. 6 Our school fifteen classrooms. 7 We English classes in the evening 2 Talk about your school. (orstsrnett) ‘We have ten students in our class. Questions and answers 3 Match the questions and answers. 1 [d) How is your mother? a Smith, 2 1 Whats your sister’ job? 3 1) How old are your daughters? It’s in the centre of town. 4 Ll Whois Pedro? + She’ very wel, thank you. 5 C1 Where's your office? Theyre ten and thirteen 6 Cl Whats your sumame? F She’ amurse. GEAID Listen, check, and practise Check it 4 Tick (7) the correct sentence. 1 7] Mary’s children are married. (I Mary is children are married. 2 (1) What's your daughter name? (1 What's your daughter’s name? 3) What’ he's job? (1 What's his job? 4 (J They're from Germany. (J Their from Germany. 5 () They're parents have a house in Bonn. (J) Their parents have a house in Bonn, 6 () My brother have a good job. (C1 My brother has a good job. 7 () Wehave a lovely teacher. (1 Wehasa lovely teacher. 28 Unit 4 + Family and friends 2. Match the photos with a part of the text. a My best friend’s name is Antonia - Toni b Hea student from Madrid. your dictionary. ‘Who are the people in the photos? My friend Antonia for short. She’s very beautiful, and she’s really funny. She’ 18, and she’ a student at university in London. She has a lot of friends and a great boyfriend. His name is Vince, hes 19 and he’ also at university. b Toniis from the north of England. Her parents have a house in a village near Manchester. Her father is an accountant, and her mother has a part-time job in a bank. ¢ She hasa brother and a sister. Their names are Mark and Alison. Mark is 16 and Alison is 14. They're both at school. d_ Toni has a lot of music. Her favourite music is rock ‘r’ roll, and her favourite band is Metro 5. She likes dancing. She and Alison like dancing a lot. She also likes football. She and her brother, Mark, are big Manchester United fans. When we're together, we have a really good time. 3 Underline the correct information. 1 Toniis...astudent /a nurse / funny / beautiful / mated 2 Tonihas..._ two ssters/a brother /a husband /aboyfiend / alot of music 3 Vince is... Toni brother /Tonis boyfriend / great / an accountant. 4 Mark is... Ton’s brother / Tonis boyfriend / a Manchester United fan / a school 5 Toni’ parents have ... ahouse/ an apartment / one daughter / three children. 6 Tonilikes ... Metro 5 / dancing / football / Vince. 4 Listen to the people. Who are the} Toni__ A Listen to this band! t's Metro 5! They're fantasti!) 1 2 — 5 6 7 8 5. Work with a partner. Talk about Toni. {Tonia student. She's very... Writi 6 Write about a good friend — his/her family, job, favourite music and sport My friend’s name is... Her/His parents ....She's/He's ... Her /is favourite... She/He has She/He likes Read it toa partner. Unit 4 + Family and friends 29 EVERYDAY ENGLISH The alphabet Aca Bb Cc Dd Ee’ Gg Hh fi JT KKLU Mm lin O06 Pp Rr Ss Tt Ue Viv Way on Vy. 2e 1 Look at the letters of the alphabet. Listen, Practise them, Listen and practise the groups of letters Je abjk foul 0 / bedegpty fu! quw Jel flmnsxz Jas) or Jal iy How do you spell . 3 Listen to people spell their first name (Annie) and their surname (Taylor). Write the names. 1 ANNIE TAYLOR _ 2 3 4 5 4. Practise spelling your name with a partner. 30. Unit 4 + Family and friends 5 Work with a partner. Ask and answer How do you spell. ? with words from the text about Antonia on p28. 6 Put the letters in the correct order. What's the country? NEFACR FRANCE NAPIS SPAIN LARZIB AR — NAPAJ JAPAV LASARUTAL AyciyG YLIAT f GANELDN i 7 Read the letters aloud. What are they? vw UK NYPD BBC us PC www UAE TV Listen and check. On the phone 1 Listen to two phone conversations and look at the business cards. Conversation 1 A. Good morning. Laxcon International J Hello. The Manager, please. A. Certainly. And your name is? J José Gonzalez. A. How do you spell your surname? J G-O-N-Z-A-L-E-Z A. Thank you. I'm connecting you. S Hello, Sam Benting speaking. J Good morning, Mr Benting. My name’s ‘Conversation 2 B_ Good afternoon. The King School of English. M Hello, Can you give me some information about your school, please? B_ Ofcourse. Your name is? M Mayumi Morioka. B_ Mayumi... Sorry, how do you spell your surname? M M-O-R-I-O-K-A. B_ Thank you. What’ your email address? M Its morioka@mmdesign.cojp. B T'llemail you some information today. M Thank you very much. Goodbye. 2 GEMB Listen again and answer the questions. 1 What company is he/she phoning? 2. What does he/she want? 3. How do you spell his/her surname? 4 What’ his/her email address? Practise the conversations. Email addresses 3. Notice how we say email addresses. @at =. dot = com /kom/ co kaw au uk /ju: "kei! (United Kingdom) —¢a /siz et! (Canada) es fr 4 Listen and complete the email addresses. Wanadoo 1 pam, @btinternet. hotmai 2 harjime —_________ tinternet 3. paul____wanadoo 4 glennamiles compuserve What's your email address? ‘Tella partner. yahoo az la ose Gon Export Manager Tel 93-306 785 04 Fax 93-412 23495 Email gonzalez,josé Address 2-21-10 #204 Akasaka Building Sendagaya Shibuya-ku ‘Tokyo 1910051 JAPAN Phone +81-3-5414-6443. Fax +81- 14-6444 Email,jp Intip://tohukudesign.cojp Roleplay 5 Write your business card. Have conversations with a partner. Phone the bank /a hotel /a sports centre ... company name name: address: tel: fax: email: The way | live Sports/Food/Drinks + Present Simple-I/you/we/they * a/an Languages and nationalities * Numbers and prices Pa THINGS | LIKE 1 Match the words and pictures. Present Simple [ football hamburger skiing wine Chinese food tennis pia =| = am coffee tallanfood beer Listen and repeat. oranges Coke tea swimming ice ‘SPORTS 2 Say three things you like from pictures 1-15. Listen and repeat. 2 Tick () the things you like. © Cross (X) the things you don't like. @ Ss) 32. Unit + The way live Negatives 3 Listen and repeat. f | 4 Say three things you dontt like from pictures 1-15 on p32. {don't like oranges, cottee, or tea. EU Positive Negative {ike ice-cream. [don't like tennis. don’t = donot 5 Listen to Harvey. Complete his sentences. ‘Tike _sports_a lot. I like and but I dortt like and I dont like very much? | FOOD AND DRINK ‘Tlike hamburgers and____. And I like _ food a lot. But I don't like food and I don't like Like and Love _ : Questions |, you, we, they ‘as Do you like football? Do you like tennis? isten and repeat. Yes, Ido, Qe No, I don't. 7 Work with a partner. Ask and answer about sports, food, and drinks. Do youtike football? Do youlike tennis?) Yes, Ido. 77 No, Idon't, but Ike swimming. NY ne 8 Harvey has a twin sister, Eva, Listen to them. What do they like? (7) What dont they like? (X) What do they say? Write the adjectives. exciting delicious great fantastic awful HARVEY EVA 1 pia YO ¥ 2 ice-cream __ 3 tea | 4 skiing = 5 football 9 Talk about Harvey and Eva with a partner. What do they like? They lke pizza and... Gunn W/You/We/They like football. ‘What do you/they like? Do you/they like...” Yes, /we/they do. No, Y/we/they dont D> Grammar Reference 51 pS Short answers Unit 5 + The way Ilive 33 PRACTICE Reading and speaking 1 Look at the pictures. What's Colin's job? Read and listen to the text COLIN BRODIE FROM DUNDEE “Hello! My name's Colin Brodie. I come from Dundee in Scotland, but now I live and work in London. I have a very small flat near the centre. I live there with two friends. I'm a waiter and Tm also a drama student. I work part-time in an Italian restaurant. | eat Italian food and I drink Italian and French wine. I don't drink beer. I dont like it. I speak two languages ~ Spanish and French, but I dor’t speak Italian. And I don't play sports. I want to be an actor? ten to the conversation with Colin. Complete his answers. Questions Coins answers 1 Where do you come from? 4 | come _ from Scotland, from Dundee. 2 DoyoutiveinDundee? 6) No,t_ dont _.1_and in London 3 Doyoulive with friends?“ Yes1_do with two fiends. 4 Wheredoyouwork? =A inanttalan restaurant 5 Doyoulike tian food? Yes,t 1 it alot. 6 Do you drink italian wine?‘ Yes, \ wine but_ dik beer. 1 tke 7 Doyoulikeyourjob? —“No)I I want to be 8 Do youspeak tain? No, 1 Spanish and French but speak ain | Listen again and check. Practise the questions Vocabulary 3 Ask and answer the questions with a partner y Give true answers about you 4 Match a verb in A witha line in B. EU a . | aoran? bee italian food ; ive sports small flat avaiter _an{talian restaurant ra ae Wiite a oran two brothers _— ice-cream ___ orange ___ student ___ American car ___ computer i mn apan D> Grammar Reference 52 p125 einen beer Spanish 34 Unit S + The way Ilive Listening and speaking 5 Listen to four conversations. Whereis Colin? Who says these lines? 1 Bye, Colin. See you later. Twork late on Fridays. Do you want to order? Do you have a-wine list? 5 Colin, come here! 6 Iwant you to read it again, 7 like your food the best. 8 Do you want to speak to your brother? Look at (EIB on p14. Practise the conversations in groups of three. Talking about you 6 Work with a partner, Complete the questions, then ask and answer them about you. 1 Where___you come from? 2 Doyou _ inahouse or aflat? 3 Where you work? 4 ____youlike your work? 5) How many languages yu? 6 Doyou__ Chinese food? 7 What do you play? 8 you___tobeamilionaire? Check it 7 Tick (V) the correct sentence. Live you in Berlin? [ (1 Do you live in Berlin? 2 1) Where do you come from? (1 Where you come from? 3 CJ Doyou speak Portuguese? (Are you speak Portuguese? 4 [1 Idont speak Chinese. (Ino speak Chinese. 5 LJ ‘Do youlike football?” “Yes, I like’ (1 ‘Do you like football?” “Yes, I do! 6 O Hesaactor Hes an actor, Units + The wayllive 35 VOCABULARY AND PRONUNCIATION Languages and nationalities 1. Match the countries and nationalities, {England Japanese Germany French | Italy English | Mexico ‘American Brazil Chinese Japan tralian Portugal | Brazilian China | Mexican France | German the United States Portuguese Spain Spanish GERD Listen and repeat. 2. What nationality are the people in the pictures, do you think? (ane t ———— think they're talian. ("wi think they're Spanish. — x 3. Match the countries and the languages to make true sentences. In Brazil they speak Portuguese. Brazil German Gaiada italian France ji nese Germany - | Italy Portuguese | Japan Spanish Mexico siglsh t a French Spain Switzerland Arabic Listen and check 4 Ask and answer questions with a partner. What language do they = peak in Brazil? pzeee. 36. Unit + The way live Adjective + noun 5. What is it? Where's it from? Itsan_ _ dictionary. Listen and check, Practise the sentences. 6 Write sentences about you. Use the verbs have, eat, and drink. | drink French wine, but | don't drink German beer. Adjectives come before the noun. Japanese camera 7 Write questions. Ask and answer with a partner, Do you have an American car? Do you drink German beer? French wine NoT wine-French y = We don't add -s to the adjective Yes. lao. No, I don't. Ihave Yes, Ido. No, | don't Spanish oranges NOT Spanishg oranges eS German car. don't drink beer. ‘blue jeans NOT bluey jeans don't it. >> Grammar Reference 5:3 p25 Unit + Theway live 37 LISTENING AND SPEAKING Ata party 1 Flavia and Terry are at a party in London. Listen to the conversation. Tick (¥) what Terry says. 1 LJ Iwork in London. (1 Tdon't work in London. Tlive in London I don't live in London. C1 Pma doctor. CJ Pm an actor. 4 (1) You speak English very well. (1 You don't speak English very well. 5 C0 Mike ttaly. (C1 Love italy, 6 [| Iknow Naples very well. (C1 Idon't know Naples. 7 (1 Ilike Rome very much. ] like Naples very much, too. 8 (J) I speak French and Italian. (1 Idont speak Italian. 2 Look at (EHEB on p15. Practise the conversation with a partner, Roleplay James Bond wee In Kio, Beijing, and London Three very big apartments... A spy... Alll over the world. Six — French,.. - Skiiag.- 3 You are at a party. Work with a partner. What are the questions? + Hello! What’. .? + Where... live? +... youhave a house ora flat? + What. .. job? + Where... work? + How many languages... speak? + What sports... you like? 4 Think of a new identity. Make notes to answer the questions in exercise 3. 5. Stand up! Find out about other people at the party 38 Unit5 * The way live EVERYDAY ENGLISH How much is it? 1 Count from 1-30 round the class. n and repeat. 20 twenty 30 thirty 40 forty 50 fifty 60 sixty 70 seventy S8Oeighty Q90ninety 100 one hundred sant to 100 in tens round the class, with a partner, Student B iii Miete tia Write the numbers you hear. fem toyourpariner. \—7 7 32 45... Read and listen to the prices. Practise them. om pi:/ —50p fiftyp — 75p seventy-ivep £1 onepound — £20 twenty pounds EPS seventy-five pounds £1.60 onepoundsixty £3.45 three pounds forty-five £22.80 twenty-two pounds eighty prices. 60 97p £17 £70 £25 £150 £16.80 £40.75 £26.99 €20 €50 $100 GEE Listen and check. Listen and tick (V) the prices you hear. Hh 2x 0 29 4 Red 501) #7500 ad answer questions about the pictures with a partner. (“iow much is the cheese candwick? (£2 Unit + Thewayllive 39 e500) 850 | The time * Present Simple—he/she * always/sometimes/never Words that go together * Days ofthe week a 1 (ERB Listen and repeat. Write the times. Tllitssnine ottock iesnine thirty. | (° #7) 2 Listen to the conversation. ‘A What time iit, please? B Itsnine odlock, A Thank you very much. ‘Work witha partner. Ask and answer ‘questions about the time. 40 Unit 6 + Every day WHAT TIME DO YOU GET UP? Present Simple -I/you 1 Listen to Kim talking about her schooldays. ‘ircle)the times. 15 Ileave school at 3.30 / 4.15 Listen again, Practise the sentences. 2 Work with a partner. Talk about your day. { getup at 7.30. Ihave breakfast at 3 Listen and repeat the questions. What time do you get up? 4 Work with another partner. Ask and answer questions about your day. Unité + Everyday 41 ELLIOT’S DAY Pa Sb A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ELLIOT MADDOX 1 Read about Elliot Maddox and look at the j ¢ < pictures, Are his days busy? 2 Read the sentences about his day. Write the times. 1 Hegets up at_sixo’ lock and he has a shower. 2. He has breakfast at 3 Heleaveshomeat____and he goes to work by tai 4 He has lunch fa Coca-Cola and a sandwich) in his office at 5) He always works late. He leaves work at in the evening, 6 He sometimes buys a pizza and eats it at home. He gets home at 7 He never goes out in the evening. He works at his computer until 8 He always goes to bed at He watches television in bed. Listen and check, 1 Underline the vrbsin sentences 1-8 getsup. bas Whats the las letter? Listen and repet. 2 Lookat the adverbs 100% * Se — a! Find always, sometimes and never in 1-8 Listen and repet. PP Grammar Reference 61-6.3 pS Pronunciation 3 Listen to the pronunciation of -s at the end of the verbs. Practise the verbs. i fel iz] gets up lives leaves | watches works has buys eats goes does 42 Unit 6 + Every day EF ELLIOT lives in New York. He’s 22, and a computer millionaire. He’s the director of, a 24-hour shopping site on the Internet. Thisis a typical day for him. PROFILE | ELLIOT MADDOX I Questions and negatives 4 Read the questions. Complete the answers. | What time does he get up? Heat 600, 2 When does he goto bed? He tobed at 114. 3. Does he go to work by taxi? he does. 4 Does he have lunch in a restaurant? he doesn't. 5 Does he go out in the evening? No, he Listen and check, Practise the questions and answers. eras He gets up at 6.00 He has breakfast at 645, He doesn't have lunch He doesn't go to bed late Positive Negative doesn't = does not What time does he have breakfast? Does he work late? Yes, he does /No, he doesn't. Question >> Grammar Reference 6.4 pl25 5. Work with a partner. Ask and answer questions about Elliot day. 1 When/leave home? 2 Does/go to work by bus? 3. Where/have lunch? 4 Does/usually work late? 5 Does/eat in a restaurant? 6 What/do in the evening? 1 nand check. 6 Write negative sentences 1 live/London He doesn't live in London. 2 drive to work 4 have a lot of friends 3 work in a bank 5 goto bed late 7 Complete the chart in the Present Simple | Positive Negative Question [TT wort Pot work You | — He/She | works Does she work? We dont work They —= nee, Ea | Unit 6 + Everyday 43 PRACTICE Lois day 1 Elliot Maddox has a sister, Lois. Her day is different. 2 Read and complete the text with the verbs, Look at the pictures. What does she do? —— —_ cooks eats. «gets «gets up goes (x2) has invites listens to ves. phones plays works. | BU ea eA) DT ea LORE UC RU om dans Lois Maddox is 25 and she’s an artist. She (2) lies ina small house by the sea in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She always (2) ___late, atten o'clock in the morning, She (3) 2 big breakfast — coffee, eges and toast—and then she (4)__ to the beach with her dog. When she (5)___ home, she (6)__in her studio until seven o'clock in the evening. She never (7)_____lunch but she always : (8) _a big dinner, and she often (9)____ friends. After dinner, she usually (10) or (2) the piano. Sometimes she (a2) her brother, Elliot, in New York. She (a3) to bed very late, at one or two ‘tock in the morning Listen and check. 3 Are these sentences about Lois or Elliot? Write He or She. Practise the sentences. 4 Listen and complete the phone conversation between. Lois and Elliot. Lois Hi Elliot, how are you? Elliot Tm fine __, thanks. Busy as usual. ‘Oh, you're know, but I my work. ove my work, » but I relax ‘Yes, but [stop in the You ‘That's not true. Hey Lois, how's your friend Naney? Nancy? Shes OK. You know, Elliot, Nancy —aboutyou, you. She often _ E Mm, like Nancy,too. L Well, come and for you and Nancy. E Good idea! What about LL Yes, great! 1 E Great. See you _ GERD Listen again and check. Practise the conversation with a partner. Negatives and pronunciation 5 Correct the sentences about Lois and Elliot. 1 She lives in a flat loesn't live in a flat! She lives in a house! 2. He gets up at ten otlock. 3 She's a businesswoman. He goes to work by bus. She watches televis n in the evening. Listen and check. Notice the sentence stress. Practise with a partner. doesn't cook. 1 He ‘sa millionaire. 5 ____ doesnt eat lunch. 2 ___‘san artist. 6 3 lives by the sea. 7 ____cooks for friends. 4 ___gets up veryearly, 8 loves computers busy. You and your computers! i E ik E Huh! I dontt know about that. You paint all day! L E £ _ me soon. I want to cook Talking about you 6 Work with a partner. Write the names of two people in your family. Ask and answer question S057 core Who is.. How old What’...job? Where does... live? ‘+ Where does... work? + What time does she/he... + Does she/he have... aL Check it 7 Complete the questions and answers with do, don't, does, or doesnt. ra you like ice-cream?” ‘Yes,1 z 2 she work in London?’ ‘Yes, she g 3. ‘Where ‘Ina bank? ‘you go to work by bus?” he work?’ ‘No, 5 ‘____ she go to bed early?” ‘No, she, “ they have a dog?” “Yes, they"? Fie he speak German?” ‘No, he Be they live in the US?” ‘No, they____? Unit 6 + Everyday 45 VOCABULARY AND SPEAKING Words that go together 1 Match a verb in A with words in B. A Tw [a = Listen and check. ' 0 | deca mm wean 0 pearly | | arn the piano listen to v eat coffee watch inanoffice have shopping «ook music play athome work tobed late stay ashower 2 Look at the questionnaire. Listen and repeat the questions. lifestyle. snnaire Do you...? always usually sometimes never 1 get up early = Oo O 1 0 2 have a big breakfast 3 walk to school/work 4 go to school/work by bus 5 watch TV in the evening 6 go shopping at the weekend 7 eat in restaurants 8 drink wine 9 goto bed late DOO }OjOj0\o0}o 3. Aska partner the questions and complete the questionnaire. ‘Tick (Y) the correct boxes. 4 Tell the class about you and your partner, 46 Unit 6 + Every day EVERYDAY ENGLISH Days of the week 1 Listen and write the days in the correct order on the calendar. Wednesday Monday Thursday Sunday Satu GERD Listen again and repeat. 2. Work with a partner. Ask and answer the questions. 1 What day is it today? 2. What day is it tomorrow? ‘What days do you go to school/work? ‘What days are the weekend? ‘What days do you like? ‘What days don't you like? 3. Write the correct preposition in the boxes on in at nine o'clock ten thirty twelve fifteen the weekend Sunday Monday Saturday evening Thursday morning Friday afternoon the morning the afternoon the evening 4 Write the correct preposition. Then ask and Talking about you answer the questions with your partner. 5 Complete the questions. Ask and answer them Do you have English lessons... ? with your partner. 1 _at nine otctock Do you...? ‘Do you have English lessons at nine o'clock? sa eget ——— the moring/erening “ - + get upearly Sunday morning =a, © eat in restaurants. the weekend E a S = watch TV. the afternoon 3 ___ the evening 4 ___ Monday morning + stay athome___ Friday evening = ‘the weekend When do you have English lessons? { We have English lessons. Unité + Every day 47 My favourites Question words © me/him/us/them * this/that Adjectives * Cani...? Pome 1 What is your favourite food drink sport.—_song | TV programme day ofthe week townorcity 2. Ask and answer with a partner. (Ware yurteoete tons?) (Pasa) Ss ae V v | LOVE IT! Question words - me/him/us/them 1 Who is Gina Macy? Look at the pictures. 2 Read and listen to Ginais website. What is her favourite + city + day + designer + food 3. Find the question word that completes the questions to Gina. 1 Where do you live? are you married to? does your husband do? are you in Sydney again? 3 4 are the kids in the photos? 6 old are they? do your daughters have Swedish names? Because ... 8 _____shows do you do every year? 9 __ do you work so hard? Because 10 do you do in your free time? 4 Ask and answer the questions with a partner. ———— Where do youve?) (tye mFrance, in Paris.) ee) Listen and compare. 48 Unit7 + My favourites