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World History Name: ________________________________________________

World Religions Info Chart

Concept Hinduism Buddhism Judaism Christianity Islam

The Prophet
Person of Origin Moksha Buddha Yahweh/God Jesus Christ

Place of Origin India India Israel Jerusalem Mecca

Sacred Text(s) Vedas Tripitaka Torah Bible Quron

Never harm a
living thing
Alway stay
Never take what Faith
isnt yours Prayer
Brahman is
Refrain from The Ten The Ten Charity
Rules to live by Truth and
sexual Commandments Commandments Fasting
misconduct Pilgrimage to
Strive for
Refrain from Mecca
Moksha drugs and

Monotheistic or
Polytheistic Polytheistic Monotheistic Monotheistic Monotheistic
You are either You are either
What happens You either go to You either go to
reincarnated or have reincarnated or have Paradise or Hellfire
when you die? Heaven or Hell Heaven or Hell
achieved Moksha achieved Nirvana

Locations in the
Europe, Israel, North
world where India and Asia India and Asia Everywhere The Middle East

Shrines or Temples to
Temples for each a Synagogues and Mosque or the
Place of worship meditate and worship Churches
certain god or deity Temples Kaabah in Mecca

When did it
1500 BCE Sixth century BCE Around 1812 BCE First century ACE Seventh century ACE

How many members

currently? 900 Million 535 Million 13 Million 2.3 Billion 2.2 Billion

Name of followers Hindus Buddhists Jews Christians Muslims

The Sabbath on
Main day of Festivals are held The first full moon Sundays; Hanukkah in Eid Al-Fitr and Eid
worship/importan year round for the day in May is the December; Rosh Easter and Christmas Al-Adha symbolise
t holidays gods Vesak Festival hashanah in the end of Ramadan
Animals must be
Most Hindus do not slaughtered while
Must follow
Any food laws? eat meat, especially Kosher Laws None mentioning the name
from that of a cow. of god and must be
killed by a muslim