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Million Dollar Sports Com- Friend to Open Medical

plex for Nadi. Pg. 4 Centre. Pg. 6

$7K raised in Bushells Fijis Number One Beach
Biggest Morning Tea. Pg. 12 Club Open. Pg. 19


Solo Afghan-American
Pilot Shaesta Waiz . Pg. 18


On 10th July, 1912 Thakur Ti-
karam and his wife Singaribai from
Aligar, India came to Fiji as Girmityas
on board the ship Ganges II.
For the first in three and half years
they were stationed in Viria, Nausori
and later in Wainadoi before finally
settling down in Lami in 1917, buying
the shop of Police Sergeant Chote
Khan where TIKARAM PARK is today.
Their nearest neighbours were
the people of Suvavou on the fore-
shore side facing Suva Harbour,
the people of Lami village on the
banks of Lami River and the Rog-
ers, Chutes, Abu Bakars, Kamalis,
Rodans, Shaws and the Houng Lees Kissun Tikarams family pictured at their home in Lami around the 1960s. Right: Thakur Tikaram and his wife Singaribai with their eldest son Kissun and young-
on the Nukuwatu stretch on the right
hand side of Queens Road going to- est son Bobby Tikaram in the early 1940s. Photos: BOBBY TIKARAM.
wards Nadi. ering at Tikaram Park in Lami for the for their dedication to the country The youngest and only surviving Council, under the able leadership
Tikaram subsequently went into official unveiling of historical fam- by having honours bestowed upon male sibling of the second genera- of Special Administrator, Mr Jasper
transport business starting with ily plaque and lunch on September them, Mr. Tikaram said. tion Tikaram, Bobby Tikaram said it Singh and with financial help from
horse and cart which was the mode 20th and will end with a champagne He said the responsibility now would be an honour and privilege the Government in redeveloping he
of travel in those days. brunch at Waitika Farm in Wairuku, falls on the grand and great grand for him to be attending this historic foreshore for recreational purposes
When motor vehicles began to Rakiraki on September 23rd. children and future generations to family event. with the project cost of almost one
arrive in Fiji, he bought a model T Organising Committee Chair and carry on and build upon the senior Mr. Tikaram has now retired and million dollars, Mr. Tikaram said.
Ford to run as a taxi. Soon a sec- Pro-Chancellor of the University of Tikarams enormous legacy. has made Nadi his home. He had The former Nadi Soccer Associa-
ond car was purchased, a Standard Fiji, Anil Tikaram said it is only fit- Thakur and Singaribai had 11 moved to Nadi in 1964 and joined tion President and Secretary of Fiji
Dodge which he operated from ad- ting that the first day of the celebra- children, Kissum Lal Tikaram, Mad- the Civil Aviation Authority as Air- Football Association said he was
jacent to Burns Philip, the only con- tion begins from the very spot where ho Singh Tikaram, Radhe Harry Na- Radio Communication Cadet. thankful to his nephews organis-
crete taxi garage in Suva then. Thakur and Singaribai started a fam- rayan Tikaram, Justice Sir Moti Ti- The 74 year old said he was very ing the event, Anil son of Sir Moti
There were 17 individual taxi ily that has now spread all over the karam, Shiu Narayan Tikaram, Jerry grateful to his parents for their hard Tikaram, Tarun son of Kissun Lal Ti-
owners; including Tikarams who globe. Tikaram, Kala Wati Maharaj Bhai, work and foresight, without which karam and Lawrence and Chris sons
operated from there, which was Without singling anyone out, Sushila Devi Satyanand, Countess he said the family wouldnt be what of Jerry Tikaram.
then called the Suva Taxi Service our family has played and continues Sumitra Tikaram de Brouchoven de it is today. Mr. Tikaram said his elder sister
later known as Golden Arrow Taxis. to play a significant role in the de- Bergyeck, Sahodra Devi and Bobby The former athlete added he was Sumitra will be travelling from the
This was the beginning of the Ti- velopment of Fiji, particularly in the Tikaram. particularly thankful to his mother United Kingdom to be part of the cel-
karam Legacy in Fiji. spheres of transport, judiciary, tele- Of the second-generation Ti- for thinking of the people especially ebration but unfortunately his other
To commemorate the renowned communication, scouting & leader- karam siblings only three are surviv- the children of Lami by donating elder sister, Sohodra who is based in
familys humble beginning, the Ti- ship, sports, entertainment and hos- ing, Sumitra in the United Kingdom, their piece of land where the Ti- Sydney wont be able to attend due
karams will be hosting a four-day pitality to mention just a few, Sahodra in Sydney and Bobby in Fiji karam Park is today, to the Lami to health reasons.
celebration to mark their family cen- Including grandma Singaris five but Tikarams grandchildren and Town Council. We will miss her and we are very
tenary this month. family members who have been offi- great-grand -children are spread We are also very appreciative fortunate to have Sumitra joining us.
This will commence with a gath- cially recognised by the government around the world. of the hard work by Lami Town

Fiji - the way the world should be

You must be asking yourself as to what makes Fiji so special? Amongst many things, the
Fijian people is mainly what makes this tropical island so special when compared to other
FROM THE DESK places in the world.They are friendly, welcoming and gracious. Fiji has all of the requistes

necessities for the typical tropical paradise, pretty much everything. The golden sun, sandy
beaches, sparkling blue water and tropical rainforest with activities ranging from diving,
snorkelling, jet-skiing and more


In this publication of The Jet newspaper, we feature an
article about a 14 year old girl from Narokorokoyawa Village
in Sabeto, Nadi who has been the sole carer of her 65 year
old maternal grandmother who suffers from stroke.
Children like Sera globally, are called young carers.
2018 Public Holidays
Government has approved the following 2018 public holi-
A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps
days through a Gazette Notice No. 79 dated Friday the 11th of
look after a relative who has a condition, such as a disability,
August 2017:
illness, mental health condition, or a drug or alcohol prob-
1. New Years Day Monday, 1st January
Most young carers look after one of their parents or care
2. Good Friday Friday, 30th March
for a brother or sister.
3. Easter Saturday Saturday, 31st March
Seras story could possibly be one of many other children
4. Easter Monday Monday, 2nd April
facing the same dilemma in the country.
5. National Sports and Wellness Day Friday, 29th June
Its amazing how a child as young as Sera can take on
6. Constitution Day Friday, 7th September
an enormous responsibility in addition to trying to complete
7. Fiji Day Wednesday, 10th October
her primary school education.
8. Diwali Wednesday, 7th November
There are a lot of factors that we need to ask on how be-
9. Prophet Mohammeds Birthday Monday, 19th November
ing a young carer can have a big impact on the things that
10. Christmas Day Tuesday, 25th December
are important to growing up.
11. Boxing Day Wednesday, 26th December
The obvious, is that children like this Year 8 old girl from
Sabeto District School have been forced to grow up much

Say No to Polythene Bags

too quickly due their circumstances.
Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation,
Mereseini Vuniwaqa said she would be sending a team to
see what steps that needs to be taken and other assistance
that could be provided.
I want to find out why only this child is looking after her
grandmother and what could be done, she said. By LUKE NACEI
Ms Vuniwaqa said she would probably also have to seek
the support of non-government organisations or other Gov- Founder, Green Scouts does not dwindle with time.
ernment agencies to provide aid for Sera and her grand- Movement of Fiji Dr. Ajantha All supermarkets should
mother. Perera is urging the public to make alternative reusable
be committed and say no to bags available at the coun-
polythene bags. ters for sale thereby giving
q ANA SOVA Mrs Perera said already the customers the possibility
garbage piles are filled with to make a favorable choice.
THE JET is Fijis first community newspaper published weekly by polythene bags. She adds that the media
YOURSPACE LIMITED from Nadi - the tourism capital of Fiji. Though they come in should continuously en-
all colors, they are a huge courage the usage of cloth
menace to the environ- and other alternative bags
SPORTS : LUKE NACEI Cell: 9516847
NEWS : ANA SOVA Cell: 7378722 ment. They clog waterways, through talk shows, adver-
ADVERTISING : MARGARET NAQIRI Cell: 9360047 drains, they do not decom- tisements and promotion
OFFICE PHONES : 6707075 / 6750443 pose hence make the soil through popular and re-
EMAIL : unfertile, she said. spected personalities.
: They collect rainwater The school children
WEBSITE : hence leading to the spread should be discouraged from
of mosquitoes. When burnt bringing polythene bags
COMPLAINTS: The Jet Newspaper continues to strive for excellence in
they give out dioxins and to school and manufac-
its publications, with this in mind we welcome all complaints and sug-
gestions from our readers. All such comments could be sent to furans, which are carcino- ture and sale of alternative We thank you our readers for your valued genic. bags should be encouraged
support towards The Jet Newspaper. She said the Government through incentives and
of Fiji has taken a great ini- grants.
tiative to put a price on the Those who understand
thin shopping bags encour- the value of our environ-
aging the customers to re- ment will continue to re-
use, reduce and find alter- main faithful by saying NO
natives to plastic bags. to thin shopping bags.
Visit us on our Website for latest Mrs Perera said in order But in every society
Founder, Green Scouts Movement of Fiji Dr. Ajantha Perera with
the reusable bags. Photo: SUPPLIED.
to sustain the initiative tak- there are those who will
Updates!!! en strategies need to be in
argue as to how they are
inconvenienced due to the
are faithful continue in their
commitment to minimize
After all our greatest
commitment is to ensure
She addressed some pos- lack of plastic shopping as the use of polythene, one that the environment of our sible mechanisms to ensure
that the enthusiasm towards
they normally get rid of the
household garbage in these
day the others too will fol-
low them.
motherland is well protect-
ed, she added.
reduction of polythene bags polythene bags. If those who





A $150 million modern sta- the Private Sector at Tanoa include a stadium and indoor and the local community,
dium construction is under- Skylodge in Nadi said that arena which could be profit- supported by Government,
way for Nadi. sports tourism was a huge po- able it is rightly managed. he said.
Nadi Chamber of Com- tential in Nadi. It would be suitable to Mr Mazey said it was suit-
merce President, Dr Ram Raju Mr Mazey who is also the host all international events able for Nadi because it had
has confirmed that initial talks Fiji Sports Council Chairman including rugby, rugby league, the airport and accommoda-
have already been held with said around 50 acres of land football, and cricket and other tion.
Investment Fiji. had been identified close to outdoor events and meetings. He said Suva werent able
The land that has been Denarau in which the sport In order for the project to to secure some international Nadi Chamber of Commerce President, Dr Ram Raju. Photo:
eyed is of 50 acres and is giv- complex was planned to be succeed, Mr Mazey said they sporting events because it MARGARET NAQIRI.
en by the Nakovacake Devel- built. would need support from the didnt have the accommoda- need several thousand beds It was important that Nadi,
opment Trust. He said the 35,000 seat community. tion and other services which for the last events and we he said improved its sporting
Fiji Chamber of Commerce proposed stadium, is a huge International models for were only available in Nadi. need the direct air links pro- complexes if they wanted to
and Industry President, Peter boost in the Pacific Region. funding such avenues shows Currently Suva misses vided by a large international host sporting international
Mazey while speaking at the Mr Mazey said the state of that it needs a commitment out on more events because airport, Mr Mazey said. events.
Western Business Forum and the art sports complex would from landowners, investors of our accommodation, we

Marine Trade Day a Success


The Fiji/New Zealand Ma- periences and best business He said they were also dis- people to sail to New Zealand
rine Trade Day was held at the practices and to make new playing information about the and maybe have a holiday
Denarau Yacht Club in Nadi contacts, Bay of Islands Marina in Opua, there, he added.
last week Friday. Today has been very suc- New Zealand. Meanwhile, Port Denarau
The event which has been cessful. We are delighted that Weve got a brand new Marina General Manager,
held in Fiji for the second time it was so full with around 15 marina there, so were letting Cynthia Rasch said it was a
now was hailed a success by superyachts in the marina people know that when you great opportunity for industry
organizers. at the moment and about 70 approach New Zealand its partners, marine businesses,
New Zealand Marine In- cruising yachts out in the bay, one of the first port of call. The yachts and agents to network
dustry Association Executive Mr. Busfield said. marina has also increased its and discuss one on one the
Director, Peter Busfield said He said a lot of the com- capacity, Mr. Busfield said. latest marine products and
marine exhibitors from New panies brought new products He said it was great to see services with leading marine
Zealand loved coming to Port and have been able to release the Marina industry support- operators under one roof.
Denarau Marina for the event. and show their exhibits to the ing the event. The turnout has been fan-
Port Denarau Marina General Manager, Cynthia Rasch and New Its an opportunity for Fiji cruising yachts. Its pretty much what we tastic, people are excited. We
and businesses involved in Anything from electronics call a soft sell situation and look forward to doing this ev-
Zealand Marine Industry Association Executive Director, Peter the marine industry and busi- to inflatable fenders to new were just letting people know ery year, Ms. Rasch.
Busfield pictured during the Fiji/New Zealand Marine Trade Day nesses from New Zealand sales design, Mr. Busfield whats available in New Zea-
at the Denarau Yacht Club on August 4th. Photo: ANA SOVA. to engage and to share ex- added. land and were encouraging

$15K Refurbishment
for Nadi District
Twenty-five staff from the Sofitel Fiji Resort For three years Sofitel has helped Saint An-
and Spa have volunteered their working time drews School and this is the second year that
to help in the refurbishment of Nadi District they came back to Nadi District School.
School. Its really quite fun to get to hang out with
They are currently under a two week proj- our staffs because we work in different depart-
ect renovating some of the classrooms for the ments, right now four to five departments are
school, an initiative that has been ongoing by all together, she said.
the hotel. We have repainted the inside, all the walls
Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa Director of Rooms are repaired, new fan, new lights and the roofs
Sunny Goo said the work done for the school are painted.
was part of their community outreach. The refurbishment works started on the first
This year continuing with the community week of holidays.
project and it was nice to invite some of the Its wonderful to see everyone coming to-
staffs to volunteer their hours and their kids gether and helping our local community, Ms
are at school and as well for us as a company Goo added.
its always good to get back to community and The money invested in the refurbishment of
also its really good team work initiative, she the project costed to almost $15,000.
said. Staff of Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa at Nadi District School. Photo: LUKE NACEI.

Call for Awareness on Issues

Minister for Women, Chil- The Ministry of Women
dren and Poverty Alleviation, has a huge responsibility in

Against Women and Children

Mereseini Vuniwaqa has addressing social issues af-
encouraged faith-based or- fecting women and children
ganizations to educate their in Fiji, she said.
various groups and family Meanwhile, Minister Vuni-
members to eliminate social waqa has lauded the commit-
ills and discrimination against tee members for organising
women and children. the Conference.
Minister Vuniwaqa issued The conference is aimed
this plea while speaking at at empowering the lives of
the Women on the Frontline women and girls in Fiji.
Conference at the Balawa It is also committed to
Apostles Church in Lautoka empower, equip and mobi-
on Saturday, sharing her con- lize Christian women through
cerns on rising issues against conferences, training events,
women and children. outreach programmes; mis-
The ministry will work sion projects and women
closely with faith-based or- from a variety of streams re-
ganisations in the new finan- ceive encouragement, equip-
cial year to help Government ping and impartation.
in the economic empower- About 200 women from
ment of women, elimination Fiji and guest speakers from
of violence against women, Australia and New Zealand
Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Hon. Mereseini Vuniwaqa with the participants of the Women on the Frontline child abuse and neglect and participated in the confer-
Conference at the Balawa Apostles Church in Lautoka. Photo: DEPTFO. poverty alleviation, ence.


Bula Queens Facelift for Hindu

Temple in Nadi
Support Interhash

Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple.

The legendary Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami TISI, headquartered in Nadi and estab-
Bula Festival Queen Contestants with members of Nadi Hash House Harriers on Denarau Road. Temple in Nadi is reportedly planned to under- lished in 1926; runs various schools, colleges,
Photo: SUPPLIED. go a US$500,000 upgrade and beautification. Temples, farms, nursery; besides undertaking
Upgrading will also include constructing a various sporting and cultural activities and or-
vegetarian eatery. ganizing conventions.
By ANA SOVA The Temple is run by the India Sanmarga Jai Narayan is its Chief Executive Officer.
Ikya Sangam (TISI) Fiji. This Temple, which opens at 6am every day,
TISI Fiji also plans to celebrate its 24th Anni- holds hour-long Trishati Pooja every Tuesday
The 2017 Digicel Nadi Bula Festival Queen Nadi chapter will be hosting the biennial versary with elaborate Maha Kumba Abhishek- evening.
Contestants came out in support of Fiji Inter- event next year from 24th-27th May 2018. am rituals in June next year. Anand Gurukkal is the Head Priest.
hash 2018 event. The girls were keen to know and were de-
The contestants had joined members of lighted to be part of Hash House Harriers and

Committee Helps
Nadi Hash House Harriers for their usual Mon- pledging to join weekly runs once the Bula Fes-
day event this week. tival was over.
They were introduced to the social running They are also keen to be volunteers for the
club known as Hash House Harriers. 2018 event.

Isei Crowned 2017 Community

Priscilla Queen

Isei Cakauniloloma Cavu

aka Isabella could not believe
it when he was announced
winner of the Miss Fiji Gas
Priscilla Night 2017 during the
Nadi Bula Festival last week
The 20 year old said it
was a miracle for him to be
crowned queen because he
had participated for the first
time in the pageant while ma-
jority of the contestants had Recipients of the assistance given out by the Nadi Bula Festival Committee pictured at the Novotel
taken part in previous years. Hotel in Nadi. Photo: ANA SOVA.
I feel excited and I just
thank the Lord, Isei said.
She said she wasnt aiming
to take the crown but wanted It was a happy occasion for the office but weve picked after her own mother had
to use the platform to enter- some members of the Nadi out those that we know are passed away after suffering
tain. community on 18th August as desperately in need, Vuataki from an illness and her elder
I love entertaining and the Nadi Bula Festival Com- said. sister had moved to Suva.
I wanted to participate be- mittee provided them with Merewai Borivosa of Ko- Its unimaginable for an 14
cause of that. I also wanted much needed assistance. royaca Village in Sabeto was year old to be looking after
to do it for the experience, to As part of their post festival assisted with an electric sew- her grandmother but whats
build my confidence and just charity work, the Committee ing machine to help her gen- more unimaginable is that she
have fun, Isei added. assisted five families whose erate income. solely takes care of her grand-
The Ono-i-Lau lass who homes had been destroyed The 61 year old whose legs mother who is suffering from
shares maternal links to Ma- by fire, an elderly lady whose had been amputated for 14 stoke.
tuku in the Lau Group said legs had been amputated, a years now said she was very The year eight student of
she also wanted to take that year eight student who solely grateful. Sabeto District School said
opportunity to advocate on looks after her grandmother I didnt think the assis- they live on the assistance
HIV/AIDS. suffering from stroke, the Nadi tance would be this huge. I provided by the Social Wel-
We hear so much of STIs, Hospital and Border Police of- cant walk around but I crawl fare.
HIV/AIDS especially amongst fice at Nadi Airport. around the house helping out Sometimes we dont have
young people, In participat- Titilia Vuataki, a Trustee with some home chores but I any food to eat and we run
ing I thought it would give the of the Committee said they cant really go out to do some out of laundry detergents to
voice to talk to young people had provided the assistance work to get income so with wash our clothes,
about avoiding contracting through the money that had this I can just sit at home and Today weve been as-
the disease and practicing been raised by the queen con- sew and sell to get earn some sisted with my grandmothers
safe sex, Isei said. testants of this years festival, money, Merewai said. diapers, blanket, carpet and
I just want to tell young totaling at $18,000. Sera Vosailagi of Narokoro- some money to buy some
people out there and adults Today there was about koyawa Village in Sabeto has groceries. Im very thankful
as well to just be smart if you 15 recipients. There are a lot been alone with her 65 year for it, Sera said.
want to be sexually active. of requests that we receive in old grandmother since 2015
Always use protection and Miss Fiji Gas Priscilla Queen 2017 Isei Cakauniloloma Cavu at
be faithful to one partner and Prince Charles park, Nadi. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.
make sure that youre ready. Send us your feedbacks or suggestions to:
Isei thanked all those that
had supported her. Hair Salon, she said. It was great fun being
All my friends, my family Isei added it was a good around them.
especially from my maternal
side and my workmates at My
experience being around her
fellow contestants.


Foundation for Rural Inte- want to take a walk.
grated Enterprises & Develop- As a strong advocate for
ment (FRIEND) Fiji is expect- the fight against Non-Commu-
ed to open its medical centre nicable Diseases, Dr. Hawea
in Tuvu, Lautoka next week. felt there are not many alter-
FRIENDs Associate Direc- native approaches around
tor, Dr. Jone Hawea said the from conventional medicine.
centre will be providing much In addition to that, be-
more than just general outpa- tween the Lautoka and Ba
tient care services. corridor there is no medical
Its not going to be like the facility to assist and improve
usual medical centre in the the services in this commu-
sense that well still provide nity so thats why we want to
doctor services and general build the centre, he said.
outpatient care for the gen- Dr. Hawea said all services
eral public but we will also be will be paid for.
providing services like medi- It will run as a private
tation, cooking and nutrition medical facility as an income
session, sessions with people generation initiative and what-
living with diabetes, tradition- ever profit is generated will go
al Itaukei massage or Bobo back to the programmes that
service, we are running.
We will provide laborato- Dr. Hawea said they will
ry services and we are proud have to see the progress of
to be partnering with VanMed clients coming in to use their
Laboratory, Dr. Hawea said. services and the turnover
He said its a holistic well- rate of their services in order
ness environment with the to determine whether they
facility also proving an exer- can build up to carry out full
cise track in their compound blown operation.
to offer for people who would FRIEND Fijis Associate Director Dr Jone Hawea pictured in front of their organic vegetable garden. Photo: ANA SOVA.

Telling Tales Through Food Refusing to be

Having a disability is defi- out the country. At 27, he hasnt considered
nitely difficult, but its also one Mr. Vatucicila, a former any other work and said after
of the richest classrooms a hu- cane cutter from Rakiraki is being employed with FRIEND
man can experience, too. now a brilliant paper maker for the past six years there is
A true testimony of the with the non-government or- no better place for him to be.
lives of speech and hear- ganisation. I like it here.
ing impaired, Minesh Kumar The 45 year old is skilled in FRIENDs Associate Direc-
and Sekaia Vatucicila who creating paper out of banana tor, Dr. Jone Hawea said be-
are currently employed with stalk, kava residue (kosa) and cause NGOs relied heavily on
Foundation of Rural Integrat- even ginger plant. donors, this was part of their
Staff of FRIEND Fiji at thier newly opened Tukuni Restaurant in Tuvu Lautoka. Photo: ANA SOVA. ed Enterprises and Develop- With a steady income, the initiative helping them be-
ments (FRIEND) Fiji in Tuvu, Mataso villager from Ra is able come self-sufficient.
Lautoka. to support his wife, Kalesi and Dr. Hawea said the Motib-
By ANA SOVA Refusing to be limited by his four children. hai Group is distributing the
their disability, the duos po- Paper made BY Mr. Vatuci- cards to a lot of local outlets,
tential shines through their cila is then used by Mr. Kumar including Morris Hedstrom
In a bid to promote healthy tity, our way of life and our diseases that are affecting our creativity, together they are to make creative greeting (MH) and New World super-
eating and give more expo- ceremonies, our culture, our population, Non-Communi- responsible in the production cards. markets, and Prouds outlets.
sure to the pristineness of relationships rotate around cable Diseases (NCD). This is of artistic greeting cards by Mr. Kumar who lives in
our local food, Foundation for food and we want to share another way of tackling that FRIEND that are sold to select- Lovu, Lautoka said he can
Rural Integrated Enterprises that, Dr. Hawea said. problem. People need to val- ed business outlets through- make about 10 cards in a day.
& Development (FRIEND) Fiji He said theyve also heard ue our local food more, Dr.
has opened a restaurant at its from foreign visitors to FRIEND Hawea said.
headquarters in Tuvu, Lau- about the lack of restaurants He said theyve has some
toka. in which they can really taste assistance from the United
The Tukuni Restaurant is authentic Fijian food. States government.
a local organic restaurant in- Furthermore, Dr. Hawea This is in facilitating the
volving a farm table approach. said the more FRIEND ven- supplier side of things, helping
According to FRIENDs tured out into facilitating farmers with supplies, organic
Associate Director, Dr. Jone people in their livelihood the practices and sustainable
Hawea, serving local tradi- more they realised that a lot of farming practices so that gave
tional food to people is a form it is around our food systems. us courage to fulfill our goal.
of telling a tale about a signifi- He said they worked with a Staffing and sources of
cant part of our traditions. lot of people in the food indus- food are from the local com-
We are about telling a try in the past and have tried munity. The food is cooked
story, thats how Tukuni, the to ask them to show a little bit by women from around the
name came about. Tukuni in more pride in our Fijian cui- community, for generations
the ITaukei language means to sine. Dr. Hawea said have inherited
tell a tale, its not only as sim- Like most other activities the methods of cooking tra-
ple as telling a tale, its about that we engage in, we have to ditional food. This is in both
messaging, in the olden days do it ourselves, traditional iTaukei food and
when there are sensitive mes- We realise we had to try indigenous Fijian food.
sages that the elders wanted and send the message across The interior design and de-
to share with the younger gen- ourselves and we made an cor of the restaurant like that
eration it would come first in a investment decision to set up of some local resorts ooze
form of a tale or Tukuni, this restaurant, he said. with the elegant use of bam-
The message here is that He adds this feeds onto boo, masi (tapa), magimagi
we are proud of the pristine another issue that theyve al- mixed with wooden chairs,
nature of our food. We know ways dreaded. houseplants and herbs.
food is at the heart of our iden- That is the increase in

27 year old, Minesh Kumar with some of his creative gift cards. Photo: ANA SOVA.

Inside the newly opened Tukuni Restaurant. Photo: ANA SOVA. 45 year old Sekaia Vatucicila explains the process of paper making. Photo: ANA SOVA.


$3.6 Million
Water Treatment
Plant for Fiji Pine
The Prime Minister Voreqe morning to also officially open sawmill, kiln, and planner mill
Bainimarama opened a brand a brand new 3.6 Million Dol- and power generation plant
new 3.6 million dollar water lar water treatment plant, he not one cent was borrowed to
treatment plant at Fiji Pine. said. complete this project.
Mr Bainimarama highlight- Speaking to about 3000 It was entirely funded
ed that they now have suc- people the Prime Minister through the Companys re- The Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimara and Executive Chair Faiz Khan at the unveiling of the plaque
cessfully upgraded 85 per cent said not a single cent was bor- serve cash flow saved over at the opening of the water treatment plant in Drasa. Photo: LUKE NACEI.
of Fiji Pines infrastructure as- rowed for the completion of the past few years. So its safe
sets that were in dire need of the project. to say, the days of verging on
repair. As was the case for the bankruptcy are well behind Khan, the Executive Chair mitment to turning this In- fective management, sound
As part of that effort, Im entire upgrade of the Drasa us, he added. and the Board Members of dustry around. Keep up the planning and worthwhile in-
delighted to be here this factory, including the new Thank you again to Faiz the Fiji Pine Group for your great work, and keep showing vestment come together to
energy, dedication and com- us what is possible when ef- work for the Fijian people.

Fiji Water Supports Fred World Marks 70th

Hollows Foundation Anniversary of Duty
-Free Trade!
The Fiji Water Foundation
has donated $50,000 to the
Fred Hollows Foundations
Pacific Eye Institute.
The money will go towards
the purchase of a retinal cam-
era for the Institutes Mobile
Eye Clinic, said FIJI Water
CEO, Mr Rokoseru Nabalarua.
Mr. Nabalarua added that
this is part of the FIJI Water
Foundations policy of seek-
ing meaningful opportunities
to make a difference in health
care for the general public.
Receiving the $50,000 grant
for the Fred Hollows Founda-
tion was Dr Biu Sikivou, who
said that the retina camera
would assist in the early de-
tection of various sight-related
conditions such as eye diseas-
es related to diabetes.
She added that the retina
camera would allow trained
nurses and technicians to
identify and grade diabetic
retinopathy. Those that need
further assessment will be re-
ferred to an ophthalmologist
(eye doctor).
Andrew Bell, Executive
Director of the Fred Hollows Airports Fiji Limited executive chairman Faiz Khan gets in a jovial mood with Prouds Duty-Free Stores
Foundation said that the Fred manager Ashwin Chand when the new look departure store opened in November 2015. Photo: MOTIBHAI
Hollows Foundation is hon- GROUP.
oured to be partnering with From right: Director of the Pacific Eye Institute, Dr Biu Sikivou, re-
the FIJI Water Foundation As the world marks the record to be one of the oldest that is made available at our
and the Ministry of Health to cieves the $50,000. Photo: FIJI WATER.
70th anniversary of duty-free airport duty-free operators. duty-free outlets such as
provide eye care to rural com- this year, Fiji is not far behind More importantly we have Prouds, Mr Khan said.
munities. FIJI WATER with this milestone achieve- always presented our offer- With the Nadi Airport
ment thanks to the Motibhai ings to meet the exacting re- upgrades now complete,
Group which has been the pi- quirements of ever changing our passengers enjoy a walk

Inquiry Finds Current oneer operator at the Nadi In-

ternational Airport since 1971.
Riding on the back of 46
years of unbroken service in
passenger mix. This has been
the hallmark of our success,
as passenger satisfaction is of
paramount importance.
through duty-free shopping
experience. The expansion
and refurbishments mean
our passengers are processed

Office Bearers Lawful the duty-free and travel retail

sector of Fiji, Motibhai Group
are the pioneers of duty-free
Mr Patel said the presence
and gradual development
of Nadi International Airport
with ease allowing them
more time to spend shopping
in our duty-free outlets.
trade in the country. since it was established in the In 1947, the visionary Irish-
We have an unbroken re- 40s has created opportunities man Dr Brendan ORegan had
By ANA SOVA cord of 46 years as far as the for generations of travellers the bold idea to open a shop
duty free and travel retail is and business operators. in Shannon Airport, in the
An inquiry into the Fiji Taxi concerned and this segment I wish to commend the west of Ireland, to sell duty
Association (FTA) has found of our business has literally management of Airports Fiji free goods to the US service-
that current officer bearers evolved with the tourism sec- Limited (AFL) for carrying on men and other travellers pass-
are the lawful office bearers. tor and economic prosperity the good work and keeping ing through the airport.
Ministry of Employment, of our beloved country, Mo- up with the times via its mod- Seventy years on, the in-
Productivity and Industrial tibhai Group chairman Kirit ernization project to enable dustry Dr ORegan helped to
Relations Permanent Secre- Patel says. world class shopping and create is now worth some
tary who is also the Registrar We are an integral part of travelling experience for visi- US$64 billion, and is a vital
of Industrial Associations, the world duty-free scene. In tors to our shores, Mr Patel generator of revenues that
Salaseini Daunabuna said the the intervening years we have said. help improve transport in-
inquiry was conducted inde- brought innovation and world He said the company re frastructure, reinvigorate lo-
pendently by Resident Magis- class operations at Nadi Air- branded its duty-free opera- cal economies and generate
trate, Andrew See under the port duty-free store so much tions at the airport as Prouds employment not to mention
Industrial Associations Act. so that we have received four in 1996 to align the company bring the worlds best brands
In May this year, Daunabu- coveted International Frontier branding together with its to millions of travellers across
na had authorized an Inquiry
into Fiji Taxi Association (FTA) Marketing Awards as follows: town/city and resort stores the world.
to ascertain whether the Asso- * Best New Outlet 1985 which were already trading as The global campaign to
ciation, its office bearers and * Best Marketing Award Prouds since the sixties. recognize this milestone
officials were observing the 1986 Airports Fiji Limited ex- event is being spearheaded
provisions of its Constitution * Downtown Border Re- ecutive chairman Faiz Khan by Tax Free World Association
following a dispute over the tailer of the Year 1988 commended Motibhai Group (TFWA).
lawful office bearers of the * Airport Retailer of the on its long service to the duty- Founded in 1984, TFWA is
Association. Year 1992 free and travel retail industry. the worlds largest duty free
The officer bearers are These international Nadi International Airport and travel retail association
Azeem Khan (Acting Presi- GOOGLE IMAGE awards are significant recog- has transformed itself to meet with a membership of more
dent), Mohammed Aslam nition of our duty-free opera- the modern travellers needs. than 500 companies supply-
Khan (Vice President), Sam- and Balram Naidu (Treasur- the Interim Chairperson. tions, Mr Patel adds. An important part of our air- ing this global market.
my Ali (Acting Vice Presi- er), Daunabuna said. Daunabuna added that the Having won numerous port experience is duty free
dent), Rishi Ram (General She said the inquiry also current officer bearers hold awards and recognitions at an shopping. Our passengers
Secretary), Mohammed Sha- found that Harish Chandra interim positions until elec- international stage, I believe have the luxury of choosing
meem (Assistant Secretary) was not lawfully elected as tions are carried out. we have an unbroken world from world renowned brands MOTIBHAI GROUP


Packaworld International, a New Zealand ally excited. When we inflated the goals, all the
based company, has assisted Fulton Primary kids ran down and took turns carrying them. It
School with portable football goals to help was really cute, he said.
bring the joy of sport to children at a school be- The school also has a crche for children
ing rebuilt after Cyclone Winston. under five. The crche is housed in a large tent
Fulton Primary School has more than 100 while the school is being rebuilt, and this was
students, and is located two hours drive from temporarily turned into an impromptu football
the town of Rakiraki in Fijis Ra province. pitch using the goals during the visit, much to
Following the destruction of the schools the delight of the children.
classrooms by the powerful February 2016 cy- Ms Rea said sport is really important to the
clone, tents were deployed as temporary class- children of the region, many of whom live off
rooms, and the school sports field was affected the central power grid and do not have access
by the need to store materials for construction. to electronic entertainment such as television
The Football Packagoals were transported and gaming systems.
to the school recently by the Gracegate Cen- Theres no power at the village, although
tres Move to Fiji school rebuild initiative. there is a generator thats used for power tools.
The initiative involved a 14-day visit to the So these kids dont have power to play Xbox or
school from 12 New Zealand volunteers to sup- anything, they just stay out and play sport until
port reconstruction, teaching and other school it gets dark.
activities. She said the children had loved the foot-
Gracegate Centre Directions coach Urzalia ball coaching sessions during her visit, and the
Rea said the contribution of the goals by New teachers had loved the fact the goals could be
Zealand sports equipment provider Packa- easily deflated and packed away.
world had been received with great enthusi- Being able to pack them away and keep Students of Fulton PrimarY School enjoying the newly donated portable football goal. Photo: SUP-
asm by teachers and students alike. them in a corner of a classroom tent was per- PLIED.
They love the goals. It was great to see fect. The teachers thought we had just brought for them to keep they got quite emotional. This visit resulted in the completion of three
how the kids reacted. Usually they just put their the goals along to run some activities, so when This was Gracegates second visit to Fulton constructed classrooms that the team started
shoes down to make goals, so they were re- we said the goals were sent over by Packaworld Primary School as part of the rebuild initiative. last year.

USP Opens $9.3 Million 11th UniFiji Students

Travel to Monash
Halls of Residence University

The University of the South

Pacific (USP) has opened its
11th Halls of Residence at
its Laucala Campus in Suva,
costing FJ$9.3million.
The residence was offi-
cially opened by the Minister
for Employment, Productivity
and Industrial Relations, Jone
The 11th Hall was financed
through a loan of F$7.5 million
from the Fiji National Provi- University of Fiji Lautoka campus. Photo: SUPPLIED.
dent Fund and $1.8 million
Two students of the University of Fijis Umanand Prasad
from Australian Pacific Tech-
School of Medicine and Health Sciences (UPSM & HS) will soon
nical College.
be travelling to the Monash University, Melbourne as part of a
The eight buildings have
student initiative.
three floors each, each floor Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations, Jone Usamate at the official open- The Friends4Fiji Initiative in collaboration with the Monash
consisting of an eight bed- ing at the USP Laucala campus. Photo: SUPPLIED. University has offered substantially to the Fijian Medical Students
room multi-share with its
accommodation. recognised programmes thus Fiji and across the region and in the form of material aid; student exchange programmes, staff
own hot water showers, bath-
Professor Chandra added, adding to the Universitys ob- beyond to come to study at development workshops and research- evidence based learn-
rooms, toilets, washing ma-
since 2014, USP has been re- jective of attaining excellence the Laucala Campus. Good ing modules.
chines, kitchen and cooking
cording, on average, a five per throughout, Professor Chan- quality, affordable accommo- Under the student exchange programme, the two students
cent increase in student num- dra said. dation is critical to success at travelling to Monash University are Mr. Kishan Chand, a final
Kitchens are equipped
bers and the new halls now al- Meanwhile, Mr. Usamate University, he said. year MBBS student and Mr. Tui Lasike, Year 5 MBBS student.
with electric hot plates, refrig-
low 192 more students to live said the Fijian Government Mr. Usamate said he was With the knowledge I gain from my visit, I aspire to improve
erators and microwave ovens.
within the Laucala Campus applauded USP for its efforts delighted to see that USP has research, clinical medicine, advocacy and health promotion for
Dining tables, chairs,
community. in ensuring that students have made provisions for student the Fiji Islands in future, said Chand.
couches, TV and wireless fa-
The University believes safe and secure accommoda- accommodation as one of its The students trip is fully-funded by Monash University for
cilities are also provided in
that staying on the campus tion in their pursuit for higher key strategic objectives. two weeks from August 18 to September 10, 2017.
each apartment.
contributes to student success learning. Four years ago, USP built UNIFIJI
The apartments are de-
signed with generous com- and well-being and promotes We also appreciate that the 10th Hall and today we are
mon spaces to foster intellec- our aim of promoting region- regional students from other here to witness the opening of
tual and social interaction for alism, and understanding and member countries of USP will the 11th Hall,
lasting friendships, academic mutual respect for the diverse also benefit from an increased I understand that work
stimulation and fun. Pacific communities, Profes- availability of accommoda- has started for the 12th Hall, Visit us on our Website for latest
Vice-Chancellor and Presi- sor Chandra said. tion, he said. a FJD$20million, 420 bed proj-
He said the provision of Mr. Usamate added there ect. I would like to congratu-
dent of USP, Rajesh Chandra
said the demand for more accommodation is a basic were many factors that bear late the Vice-Chancellor and Updates!!!
student accommodation has student support facility that is on student success rates and President for his leadership in
always been high, given the part and parcel of an excellent a good, safe and clean place making this happen, he said.
increasing number of the re-
gional and international stu-
Such support enhances
to live with adequate educa-
tional facilities is very impor-
Part of the invited guests
that attended the official
dent population, as well as the study environment for tant. opening of the new 11th Halls
Fiji students from outside the students who are pursuing We have students that of Residence at USPs Laucala
Suva area needing on-campus their studies in accredited and travelled from many places in Campus.


Sigatoka Andhra Wins

Schools Chefs Challenge
Sigatoka Andhra Sangam Chefs Association says that things that you need to know with only one school Sigatoka petitors. non-communicable diseases
College has won the Schools as a kitchen team at Outrig- a bit of it. Andhra and organized this We used to run this event (NCDs).
Chef Challenge 2017. ger they have always wanted He said a lot of kids these competition. The following Students of Sigatoka Andhra Sangam College participating in the
The event was hosted at to do something that reflects days go for further studies year, he was approached to Schools Chef Challenge 2017. Photo: SUPPLIED.
the Outrigger Fiji Beach Re- their profession and we ap- to universities or aboard are involve other schools so they
sort last Friday and Saturday preciate Outrigger Fiji execu- cooking their own meals, at had eight schools from the at one of the schools home Winners:
which saw 16 schools partici- tives for giving us this oppor- least with these basic skills province. economics room but with the Egg Dish: Vashist Muni Col-
pating at the annual event. tunity. the parents will be rest as- Last year we had 15 popularity we brought it to lege
The initiative is an Outrig- This is our commitment sured the kids would be eat- schools, 4 from Nadi and 2 Outrigger and set up the resort Salada Creation: Cuvu Col-
ger Kitchen Team community to associate with the commu- ing well. from Lautoka joining in as Ball Room into a flash air con lege
project that has been running nity and give something back These days its a unique well. This year we got the en- kitchen for the kids on cook Chicken Dish: Sigatoka An-
for the past four years, giving to our people. Hence I have touch to cook for friends and tire schools of Nadroga /Navo- up a storm, he added. drha Sangam College
school students from Years put together this program to families and you dont have sa province and schools from Meanwhile, the Minister for Seafood Dish: Sigatoka
9-13 an opportunity to take showcase an element of tour- to be a qualified chef to do Nadi, Lautoka, Ba and possi- Health Rosy Akbar was chief Andhra Sangam College
part and showcase their tal- ism industry, he said. that, its more of your interest bly schools from the Southern quest at the culmination of the Vegetarian Dish: Sigatoka
ents as aspiring chefs which I thank the students for and passion. I am sure theres side joining us this year, total event. She gave away $2000 to Methodist College
is very strongly backed by the showing interest in cooking. I lot of Hubbies and Dads who of 16 schools, he said. the winners. Cake decoration: Cuvu
Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. think its a very important skill take keen interest in cooking. Mr Naidu says there has Minister Akbar thanked College
Outrigger Fiji Executive in life every one need a feed Mr Naidu added: Gone been great interest in the ini- the students for their partici- School of the Year: Siga-
Chef and the Schools Chef and I know students compet- are the days that its only a tiative and it speaks for itself pation and urged them to be toka Andhra College.
Challenge originator, Shailesh ing have different goals in life, mum or wife thing to do, said - increasing from one school ambassadors of healthy liv-
Naidu who also happen to Im not asking all to become Naidu. to 16 fifteen schools in just 5 ing while highlighting to them
be the Past President for Fiji chefs but its one of those In 2012, Mr Naidu worked years with around 180 com- the increasing numbers of

$1.3 Million Hospitality

and complements the effort of collective stake- In establishing this facility Pacific TAFE is
holders in the field of tourism, in preparing for not only supporting on-job training and de-
and addressing the significant tourism growth. velopment among the larger resorts, but also
This Centre is exactly what the market providing career pathways for young Fijians

and Tourism Training

needs a quality facility for training entry level wanting to enter into an exciting and growing
workforce, and one-stop-shop for current industry, Mr Lal emphasised.
industry employees seeking to upskill profes- He added that tourism and mid-range to
sional development and career advancement luxury hotel market is a rapidly growing mar-

Centre Opens opportunities, Ms Tang said.

Ms Tang has encouraged industry partners,
government officials, members of non-govern-
ment organisations and future learners to take
ket in the west of Fiji and one of the key con-
straints identified by Pacific TAFEs industry
partners is trained staff, hence the need to di-
versify skills based hospitality programmes in
advantage of the qualifications offered through the Western division.
By LUKE NACEI the Nadi Hospitality and Tourism Training Cen- THE-ICE is a highly-regarded international
The centre, which is worth FJ$1.3m will tre. quality assurance (QA) agency with 36 leading
Students along the Nadi and Namaka cor- conduct training for Certificates III and IV in Professor Chandra said that the Centre will TH&E institutions comprising of higher educa-
ridor who are interested in pursuing a career in Commercial Cookery, Certificate III in Patis- ensure accessibility of hospitality trainings for tion institutes, research universities, vocational
the specialised fields of hospitality operations, serie and Certificate IV in Hospitality Opera- students and existing workers in the western colleges and private hotel schools from 15
commercial cookery and patisserie can now tions offered through the Pacific Technical and division, which boasts majority of tourism ac- countries.
attend the Nadi Hospitality and Tourism centre Further Education (Pacific TAFE). tivities in Fiji. Pacific TAFE is also planning to offer Di-
thanks to the University of the South Pacific. It is a simulated training centre which has With a full commercial kitchen and training ploma of Culinary Arts and Management and
The Chief Executive Officer of the Inter- a commercial kitchen, a restaurant and bar, restaurant the Nadi Centre will focus on cook- Diploma of Hospitality Management from 2018.
national Centre of Excellence in Tourism and as well as classrooms and staff offices, for the ery and hospitality. Training will be practical, The Nadi Tourism and Hospitality Training
Hospitality Education (THE-ICE), Ms Pauline delivery of Hospitality (Events, Food & Bever- hands on and experience based. Centre is located in Prime Complex, Commer-
Tang officially opened The University of the age, and Front Office), Commercial Cookery & Mr Hasmukh Lal, Executive Director of Pa- cial St, Namaka, Nadi.
South Pacifics (USP) Nadi Hospitality and Culinary and Patisserie (Pastry & Bakery) pro- cific TAFE said that this training facility is one
Tourism Training Centre on August 18. grammes for students in Fiji. that the tourism and hospitality industry in the
She said that the Centre both compliments West deserve.



Do you want to be a highly effective leader? Do you want to develop the self-confidence, vision, wisdom,
Acquire knowledge and skills in identifying hazards, assessing and controlling risk and in contributing motivational impact and delivery skills that the most effective leaders have? And do you want to be the person to
to occupational health and safety management in your organisation. It is mandatory in Fiji under whom, quite naturally, other people turn for direction?
Legal Notice 169 section 7(1) that OHS special training should be provided to Health & Safety This Course Helps You Become Exceptional Leaders
representatives and committee members in every work place. Safety at work is everyones concern Outcomes
Target Group: Understand and apply a framework of Workplace Leadership to guide your personal development, as well as
the development of your teams and organization
This training is open for all interested individuals. It is also available for in-house training delivery.
Determine how to enhance learning process in order to meet day to day operation
Training will also be delivered in other districts of the Western Division on demand. Interested persons Create a persona; agenda for self-improvement and set goals to productivity throughout the organization
are requested to liaise with your networks and collect expressions of interest. You can then contact
New tools and technique and able to foster innovation.
the undersigned for scheduling of training and other logistics.
Capacity building and skills transfer

Learning outcomes: Training content Component 1- Staff Welfare Component 2 Human Component 3 Leadership &
At the successful completion of the training OHS Act 1996 application & Safety Resource Management Skills Management Skills
participants will be able to: Workplace arrangements Understanding Diversity at Work Change Management Skills Coaching: A leadership Skills
Explain the roles & functions of OHS Establishment of OHS reps & committees Workplace Ethics
Conducting Effective Performance
Professional Supervisor
representatives and the committee. Functions of the OHS committee Review
Demonstrate the use of workplace Managing OHS The 6 steps approach Team Building Initiatives in the
Safety at the Workplace Performance Management
arrangements to resolve workplace health & Current OHS regulations
Dealing with Workplace
safety issues. SMART audit HR Training for Non HR Managers Motivating your workforce
Describe methods used to identify workplace Accident investigation & reporting
Dealing with Workplace Violence New Staff Orientation Employee dispute resolution
hazards & assess their risk factors. Hazard identification & risk assessment &
Apply OHS technology & communication controls Fijis Employment Relations Bill to be studied also.
skills Hazardous substances Cross Credit of Leadership & Management Module from Certificate II in Professional Development Programme
Identify the relevant OHS regulations & codes Target Group: Emerging, aspiring and current workplace Leaders.
of practice
Delivery Details

Dates, Days & Time Applications Due Date Venue Fee Venue Dates (Evening classes) Time

Evening Class - September 2017 USP Lautoka $560 pp Lautoka- USP Lautoka Campus (2 evenings per week) To be announced once sufficient number 5 - 8pm
Two Evenings per week Campus of applications are received
5-8pm Ba/Tavua/Rakiraki (Monday and Thursday evening Class 5 - 8pm

Class will be scheduled once sufficient number of applications is received. Fees: $450 per component & $1350 for whole program.
To obtain enrolment form and for further information, contact: Rajendra Singh, tel: 6666800; Payment: Cash, Cheque, Installments and FNPF.
fax: 6667133; email: or Babita Sharma, email: or Class may be re-scheduled if sufficient number of applications is not received in time. To obtain enrolment form
enquire at the USP Lautoka Campus, Western House, corner of Vidilo Street, Lautoka or visit our and for further information, contact: Rajendra Singh Tel: 666 6800/ Fax: 6667133 or Email: rajendra.singh@usp. or Babita Sharma Email: or enquire at the USP Lautoka Campus, Western House,
website: corner of Vidilo Street, Lautoka or visit our website:



Popular features: Popular features:

4.5L Diesel Turbo Automatic 3.0L Diesel Turbo Automatic / Manual
Sun Visor with Mirror Driver & Passenger, Curtain & Side Air Bags
Driver & Passenger, Curtain & Side Air Bags Fabric / Leather Seats Active Traction Control
Leather Seats Chrome Outside Door Handle Tilt & Telescopic Steering Vehicle Stability
Tilt & Telescopic Steering Reverse Camera Control AM/FM CD, USB with Blue Tooth

Popular features: Popular features:

3.0L Diesel Turbo Automatic 2.0L / 2.5L Petrol Automatic
Touch Screen Audio Dual Air Conditioner Controls on Steering Wheels
Driver & Passenger Air Bags Driver & Passenger & Side Air Bags
Leather Seats Rear Arm Rest Fabric / Leather Seats Daylight lights
AM/FM CD, USB, iPod with Blue Tooth Rain Sensors AM/FM CD, USB with Blue Tooth

Trusted Toyota SUVs....durable with the best

Visit an Asco Motors branch nearest you to test drive one of our SUVs today

We invite Trade-Ins against our Demo or New Vehicles

Member of:

Suva 338 4888 * Nadi 672 1777 * Labasa 881 1688


Chambers Triumph Car Art Contest

Opeti Chambers has won the 207 11th Toyota Dream Car Art
Contest. He is the East Asia & Oceania Regional winner.
The nine year old is on cloud nine with his life trip to Japan to
attend the global award ceremony.
I thank the Lord for this opportunity and I thank him for giv-
ing me this talent, he said.
Chambers winning entry was titled Red Mojo Automobile
and his theme behind the concept was a vehicle that had every-
thing in it to rehabilitate communities after a natural disaster.
He drew his inspiration for his concept from the devasta-
tion caused by Tropical Cyclone Winston. So he dreamed up
the Red Mojo Automobile which has a hospital, an evacuation
centre, shops to name a few; that would cater to the needs of
people who may be affected by a natural disaster.
Asco Motors CEO Craig Sims said: We are excited about
Opetis win and showcases the imagination and creative poten-
tial of the future leaders of Fiji. Opetis win should serve as an
encouragement for children from all over Fiji that they can also
participate and win, he said.
The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest is a global art competition
hosted by Toyota Motor Corporation and organized by its global
network of automotive distributors and dealers.
In Fiji, Asco Motors as the official distributor in Fiji has man-
aged the contest. The contest invites children from all over the
country to submit their creative drawing or artwork, in a chance
to win awards and attend an awards ceremony in Japan in 2017.
The contest harnesses artistic interests in young children
through imagining a car of their future. In part, it is intended to
create opportunities for children throughout the world to de-
velop their interest in cars and to inspire creativity for the future
leaders of tomorrow.
The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest was first introduced in
2004 and this year was the 11th year of its running. Some of
the goals of the contest are to: To strengthen Toyotas relation-
ship with national communities and customers; to promote cre-
ativity, imagination and innovation through art and; to increase
Toyota brand awareness in Fiji. Above: Opeti Chambers centre with his school
The contest was held in the following age categories: Cate- mates today. Photo: LUKE NACEI.
gory 1- Under 8 years old, Category 2- 8 11 years old, Category Left: Opetis winning entry. Photo: SUPPLIED.
3-12 15 years old.
In Fiji, the contest ran from 1st September 2016 to mid-Feb-
ruary 2017.
East Asia & Oceania Regional Winner
Opeti Chambers was announced the Winner for the Catego-
ry 2 8 to 11 years for the East Asia and Oceania Region. Send us your feedbacks or
This is a milestone achievement for the country, as it is the suggestions to:
first time a participant from Fiji has entered the global award
ceremony as a winner in the region.
Fiji Art Camp
Asco Motors hosted its first Art Camp in January this year at
its Regional Training Centre. The camp was attended by 50 chil-
dren, with ages from 3 to 15years and was conducted by well-
known cartoonist Tui.


Tel + 679 670 5443

or + 679 670 7075 6 Queens Rd, Martintar Nadi, Fiji


$7k Raised in Bushells

Biggest Morning Tea
The Motibhai Group successfully raised work being carried out by the Fiji Cancer So-
$7,000 from its Bushells Fijis Biggest Morning ciety, thousands of survivors would not have
Tea that was held yesterday their headquarters been around with us today, Prasad said.
in Nadi. He adds apart from their initial sponsorship
The fund was raised from donations for the of the event, in 2014 Motibhai Group made a
Fiji Cancer Society. further commitment of $15,000 for the next five
This will be put towards other morning years.
tea events and fundraisers in a bid to collect The arrangement ends in 2018 with a total
$100,000 this year for the Fiji Cancer Society. of $75,000 in donation from the Group.
Motibhais Manager Public Relations and To further strengthen the efforts of the Fiji Fiji Cancer Society Board Member Margaret Rounds delivering her speech at the Bushells Fijis Morning
Corporate Marketing, Shalendra Prasad said Cancer Society, our Group this year launched Tea while the Motibhai Executives look on at the Motibhai Head Quarters in Nadi. Photo: MARGARET
while Motibhai Group has been actively in- an additional campaign in May. Known as the NAQIRI.
volved in various philanthropic works around Bushells Five Cents Campaign, we will be do-
the country, the Bushells Fijis Morning Tea nating five cents from every packet of Bushells Fiji Cancer Society board member, Margaret the Motibhai Group host the first Morning Tea
campaign which is in its 11th year always holds tea sold from May until September end towards Round thanked Motibhai Group for coming up every year, and would then be followed by
a special place in their company. the Fiji Cancer Society, Prasad said. with the initiative 11 years ago, and for being other Organizations, Round said.
Since 2006 when the campaign was first He said they were expecting funds raised their major partner for this event, in its 11th We thank you for showing your staunch
launched, thousands of dollars have been from this new campaign to be in excess of successive year since. commitment to the cause.
raised and thousands of lives have been saved $30,000 which should be good enough to take Thank you very much indeed for your kind
as well, the entire funds raised from this campaign to and generous support. Ever since this initiative
If it was not for this campaign and the good reach around $100,000 this year. began 11 years ago, it is always customary, that

Reapis Battle with Cancer

Reapi Nayacakalou felt like in her at work and at home. enough which calmed them,
own words, a sledgehammer had hit her It got to a stage I was getting less Inside I felt broken knowing that in
when a doctor at the Nadi Hospital in- stress from the office and more stress a surgery anything can happen, Reapi
formed her she had endometrial cancer. from bleeding. When I stand up at home said.
As she left the doctors room she my husband is mopping after me, in the The Nawaka villager said she was
headed for her nieces office, she sat office when I stand up to go to the ladies worried about the future of her children.
there in pin drop silence in what she de- room, the girls are mopping after me, I even got to a stage where I asked a
scribed as the longest two hours of my Reapi said. very close friend that if anything happens
life. She said the doctors couldnt perform to me, if she can look after my children.
She had been bleeding most days for an endometrial biopsy because she was I was always organised and I wanted
six months straight since January 2015 always bleeding on her visits. things to be arranged if something ever
and knew that something was wrong. So in May I told them listen you just happened to me. It also kept my mind of
Reapi had convinced herself she was tell me the date and Ill take the tablets the surgery.
ready to accept whatever the doctor was on that day when Im dry Ill come for the She said she was lucky two weeks af-
to reveal to her following her endome- test, and thats what we did. ter her diagnosis; the doctors had slotted
trial biopsy but to hear that she had been On the recommended date, the moth- her in on their surgery list.
diagnosed with cancer shocked her be- er of two got tested and was told to return I was lucky they slotted me in two
yond words. to the hospital for her results on the 15th weeks after that, two ladies that I had
All I could think of was my children, of July. the operation with had been waiting for
twin boys who are only seven year olds On the 2nd of July I was surprised a year to get the space,
and still too young. I think thats what all they had called me to come to the hos- The surgery lasted five hours; during
parents diagnosed with cancer think of, pital that afternoon because my results the surgery they removed everything, my
she said. were back, uterus, and my ovaries, Reapi said.
The 52 year old is now living a cancer- When I went in the doctor asked if I Following the surgery she said the
free life since her surgery in July, 2015 wanted the good news or the bad news doctors did a swab test to find out if the
that resulted in the removal of her uterus first, I said hit me with the bad. She said surgery had been successful. Thankfully
and ovaries. there were two choices, chemotherapy when I went back for my follow-up, the
Reapi attended the Motibhai Groups or surgery and I just told her I wanted my doctors said they had contained it.
Bushells Biggest Morning Tea held at uterus removed because I wont be hav- Reapi is pleading with women to at-
the companys headquarters in Naisoso, ing children anymore, Reapi said. tend regular Pap smear test and screen-
Nadi where she shared her experience to She didnt want her children to suf- ing.
warn other women of the deadly disease. fer from any psychological impact from After my shocking diagnosis I won-
After my 50th birthday I didnt have watching her suffer undergoing proce- dered if I couldve discovered the on-
any menses, I was excited thinking dures of chemotherapy treatment. set of disease earlier. Im pleading to all
menopause, no more pads but in Janu- For six months my children have women to visit the gynecologist often and
ary 2015 I started bleeding, watched me suffer, if I have chemo my always go to the doctors if you sense that
I do know when you have meno- hair is going to fall out and they are go- something is wrong,
pause after that first period when you ing to freak out and I will not put them Dont be embarrassed or hesitant, it
dont have your menses, you can bleed through that, Reapi said. can help save your life, she urged.
again and it goes on gradually until it fin- She said fear overwhelmed her as she
ishes, this one didnt finish, Reapi said. made her way home. Top- An emotional Reapi Nayacakalou at
She suffered severe bleeding and clot- I was thinking of how I will I tell Motibhai Group Headquarters in Nadi.
ting associated with pain. them? It wasnt the fear of dying; it
I went to the Nadi Hospital they re- was dying while my boys were still too From L-R- Cancer survivor Reapi Naya-
ferred me to the doctor, they cleaned me young, Reapi said. cakalou, Motibhai Group Public Relations
up and said life should be fine but I kept She said telling her husband about Manager Shalendra Prasad and another
bleeding. I was going through six packs the bad news was easier then facing her cancer survivor, Vikatoria Fong-Toy. Photos:
of pad a day, twins. MARGARET NAQIRI.
I only stopped bleeding when they After a short devotion one evening, I
gave me tablets to stop the bleeding that told them I was going to have a surgery
was for 10 days, basically in the last six and that I may not live. They asked me
months I enjoyed 60 days of not bleeding why would God allow me to get sick and
otherwise I was, Reapi said. I assured them that God would only let
Her condition started affecting her life me go through it if he knew I was strong


Bushells Fijis Motibhai Makes Substantial

Biggest Contribution
Motibhai Group makes substantial

in Pics contribution towards noble causes

The Motibhai Group has contributed
a total of $65,000 to support two local
NGOs via the Hibiscus Festival charity
chest this year.
Group marketing manager Abraham
Gomes said the funds were raised via var-
ious charity drives by queen contestants
Miss Fiji Times Charlene Lanyon and Miss
Dove Alisi Vucago respectively.
Both the contestants who work for
The Fiji Times have worked really hard
to make a difference in the community
and we are very proud of their achieve-
ments, Mr Gomes said.
He said funds raised by Miss Fiji Times
will be directed towards the Foundation
for the Education of Needy Children in
Fiji (FENC Fiji) while the charity drive
from Miss Dove will go towards Homes of
Hope via the Hibiscus charity chest.
FENC Fiji has been doing a wonder-
ful job in supporting children who are
classed as poorest of the poor with their
educational needs and is an initiative
which was launched by Prime Minister
Voreqe Bainimarama in November 2009
while Homes of Hope is a sanctuary for
women and children who have been
abused or are vulnerable to abuse in
their own homes and communities, Mr
Gomes added.
We hope the funds raised through
the efforts of all our staff members makes
a difference in the lives of hundreds of
women and children in a positive man-
Mr Gomes said the Motibhai Group
had entered the Hibiscus Festival with
queen contestants for the first time and
thanked the entire management, staff
and members of the public who have Miss Fiji Times Charlene Lanyon, left, with Miss Dove Alisi Vucago during their west tour at
supported the two young and hardwork- Sheraton Fiji Resort recently. The duo have collectively raised $65,000 for noble causes.
ing contestants during the week-long fes-
tival last month.
Sharing her own personal experience, company, we are a group of passionate because helping an individual would help
Miss Fiji Times Charlene Lanyon said she and talented individuals that are here to the world.
is truly grateful and appreciative of every- make a difference in the life and lifestyle These women are willing to give
one who have contributed towards her of every Fijian. back to the societies that displaced and
charity chest. Echoing similar sentiments, Miss judged them and that for me is the kind
My charity of choice for the festival Dove Alisi Vucago said being the young- of characteristic that would change the
was the Foundation for the Education of est news reporter at The Fiji Times and world for the better.
Needy Children in Fiji (FENC Fiji) and the representing the Motibhai Group as Miss Ms Vucago said even though the coun-
money collected will now assist an addi- Dove to the Hibiscus Festival was an ex- try had its own battles fighting major is-
tional 340 primary and secondary school perience she would cherish for a lifetime. sues such as climate change, crime and
students for the 2018 academic year in It has expanded my horizon to under- unemployment, being part of a worthy
the form of uniforms, shoes, stationery standing the effort people put into ensur- cause for her proved that the love for
and school bags, Ms Lanyon who is a ing no one has to fight any battle alone. humanity prevailed and issues could be
sub-editor at The Fiji Times said. Visiting the various sites of the Motibhai easily combatted through teamwork, love
I would also like to acknowledge the Group around Fiji, I have come to un- and compassion.
support and loyalty of The Fiji Times read- derstand that hard work, determination, The Hibiscus journey had also in
ers who bought the newspaper daily dur- passion and love for their communities is some way, shaped and developed my
ing the month of July, as five-cents from what pushed the company to be the re- character, giving me the platform to
each newspaper bought was donated to- nowned business house it is today, she speak out to the hearts of the people of
wards my Hibiscus charity chest. said. Fiji. My advocacy on real beauty has got-
As a young woman, I am now ap- The 21-year-old said the experience ten responses from various women who
preciative of the value of education that has taught her that victory is about win- struggle on their self-image and I must
was instilled in me as a child as it has ning the hearts of people and giving back say I have accomplished the goal I had
contributed to my successes in life so far, to society as she referenced from her fa- set out to achieve. The charity work, the
therefore I am honoured to know that vorite bible verse, Matthew 6:2-3. performances and the advocacy mes-
The Fiji Times and all its supporters have It is overwhelming that my charity sage would not have been possible with-
made these children one step closer to is going towards Homes of Hope. This out the support of a strong team from the
their dreams and ambitions, Ms Lanyon would ensure that young single mothers Motibhai Group and the Fiji Times Lim-
added. are given the necessary skills to be inde- ited who have gone beyond the call of
She said the Vodafone Fiji Hibiscus pendent and give back to their communi- duty to ensure the weeklong festival was
Festival 2017 was a once-in-a-lifetime ex- ties, and ensuring their children are given successful, she said.
perience that she will cherish as she was the right social support and nurture that I have also made long life friends
deeply overwhelmed with the amount of every child is entitled to, she said. of contestants who have the same pas-
support received from family and friends, The charity would ensure young sion as I do to make a positive change in
workplace at the Fiji Times Ltd and from single mothers received skills like bak- the world and the Hibiscus festival has
the parent company Motibhai Group. ing, sewing, farming and opportunities to brought us together to give back to our
All that I achieved during the festi- work for the tourism industry. It is through communities.
val would not have been possible with- the experience, that I believe lending a
out their support. I value this because helping hand has a trickling down effect
it shows that we are much more than a






Carpenters Finance Gives

back to Community
Carpenters Finance, a Division of Carpenters Fiji Limited
proudly sponsored the Snooker Open held in Nadi from 14th -
16th July, 2017.
We are pleased to sponsor this years Snooker Open in Nadi
and will continue to support this tournament and other sport
events in the future. said Mr Alok Mishra, Director WR Carpen-
ters (SP) Group and General Manager Carpenters Finance.
Corporate responsibility has always been Carpenters Fi-
nance main priority, and they have become more involved in
the community this year such as sponsoring of Lautokas Farm-
ers Carnival and the Snooker Open in Nadi, with plans in place
for more sponsored events in the Western Division.
Carpenters Finance will become more prominent with their
involvement in these charitable activities, sponsoring of events
and sports tournaments as a way of giving back to the commu-
nity, mentioned Mr Mishra.
With the moto financing your dreams Carpenters Finance
provides a wide range of financial products covering nearly all
aspects of financial assistance such as Hire Purchase, Personal Carpenters Finance GM Alok Mishra presents winner with prize. Carpenters Finance GM Alok Mishra with winner Pene Erenio.
Loan, Auto Finance, Home Improvement Loans, Travel Finance
and SME Loan. Carpenters Finance also has in-store credit card;
MoneyLink, that makes shopping more convenient with readily
available credit.
Emphasis to getting closer to people of the Western Divi-
sion and providing them the lucrative and quality financial ser-
vices which best suits to their needs, Carpenters Finance have
recently opened Business Centres in Nadi, Sigatoka, Ba and
Rakiraki. With extended trading hours, the company has made
it more easy and convenient for its customers to lodge credit
applications. Their quick and hassle free approval process gives
more comfort to customers.

Front row: Third from left- Director WR Carpenters (SP) Group and General Manager Carpenters Finance Alok Mishra pictured with manage-
Carpenters Finance GM Alok Mishra presents winner with prize. ment staff . Photos: CARPENTERS FINANCE.

Sofitel Celebrates
Completion of
Peopleology Programme

Staff of Sofitel Fiji pictured with their certificates following their Peopleology Programme Graduation at
Sofitel Fiji Resort on Denarau. Photo:SOFITEL FIJI.
53 Peopleologiest were declared through to signify the accomplishment and recongition.
the Graduation Ceremony Hosted by the Tal- The event was well represented by the Ex-
ent & Culture Department on Friday, the 25th ecutive Committee & Managers to make every-
day of August, 2017. one feel special.
To celebrate this sucess, Honorable Minis- The Culinary Team got the opportunity to
ter for Employment, Productivity and Industrial showcase Novelty by creating a Special cake
Relations, Mr Jone Usamate, was invited to be with the Peopleology Principles inscribed over
the Chief Guest on this auspicious event. a Heart shape cake
Mr Jone, strongly stressed on the essence This cake was cut to celebrate the success
of practicing what has been learned to all the and make toast with bubbles whilst being de-
graduates. clared Peopleology Officially.
The dressing was themed as Red Bula to Not only was it a moment to celebrate but
represent both the uniqueness of Fiji and align- an ideal opportunity for all the colleagues to
ing Red with the Heart, hence the connection. engage with each other thus team spirit and
After receiving the Peopleology Certificates, collaboration
Alan Burrows, General Manager of the Resort
Handed the Bernache Pins to each graduates SOFITEL FIJI




The Pacific Airlines have forged strong alli- close relationship Fiji Airways continues to codesharing and interlining, Feesago said. was driven mainly by the critical need to look
ance. enjoy with the Government of Samoa in terms Viljoen said they were very pleased the beyond New Zealand and Australia and open
Samoas new international airline, Samoa of promoting improved air access into Samoa
Airways and Fiji Airways signed a Memoran- from other markets outside of New Zealand Management staff of Fiji Airways and Samoa Airways pictured during the MOU signing. Photo: SUP-
dum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly pursue and Australia. PLIED
a range of commercial opportunities and part- The Chairman of the Board of Polynesian
nerships on Monday this week. Airlines, Mr. Feesago Siaosi Fepuleai con- MOU has now been signed so both airlines can Samoa up to the world through Fiji Airways
Under the proposed partnership, Fiji Air- firmed that with the signing of the MOU, sepa- progress and conclude negotiations on the Pa- long-haul network which includes direct flights
ways will provide initial support to Samoa rate commercial and operations agreements cific Partnership Alliance as soon as possible. from Los Angeles, San
Airways to help launch its international ser- were now being negotiated between the two Fiji Airways has been the leading airline of Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore into Nadi
vices to and from Apia to Auckland and Sydney airlines which will form part of the overall Pa- the South Pacific for decades, and were more and potential connectivity opportunities pre-
through the use of its established infrastructure cific Partnership Alliance Agreement between than happy to help Samoa Airways efforts to sented through its larger network with its other
in sales, commercial, operations and mainte- Samoa Airways and Fiji Airways. re-launch international flights,Viljoenadded. airline partners, Dr. Malielegaoi said.
nance. The MOU we signed today gives both air- The Prime Minister of Samoa, Dr. Sailele He added the proposed partnership be-
We are happy to play a support role to help lines a broad and strategic framework of how Malielegaoi congratulated both Fiji Airways tween Fijis National Airline and their own
reboot Samoas international airline, said Fiji the Pacific Partnership will be negotiated and and Samoa Airways on the signing of their national airline was a testament to the strong
Airways Managing Director and Chief Execu- finalised, Feesago stated. Under the MOU, MOU signifying the first step they have jointly bonds that is shared as island nations in the
tive Officer, Andre Viljoen. there will be specific routes like Samoa to taken to cement their union in the form of a Pacific Region and embraces the Pacific Way
Viljoen adds the proposed commercial New Zealand and Australia that will be solely Pacific Partnership Alliance. of doing things.
partnership between Samoa Airways and Fiji managed by Samoa Airways and other routes The decision by our Government to pur-
Airways is another extension of the already where both Airlines will jointly manage through sue a commercial partnership with Fiji Airways

Early Sales Fantastic for

The early sales report for Prouds stores. The main thing
New Zealands Whittakers is to get consumers to try the
chocolates in Fiji has been product, he said.

Whittakers Choc
fantastic. Established in New Zea-
Distributed by the Motib- land over 120-years-ago,
hai Group, Whittakers Choc- Whittakers is a family-owned
olate will be sold throughout company that has been voted
their chain of Prouds stores, New Zealands most trusted
major supermarkets and se- brand for the past six-years-in-
lected fuel stations around the a-row.
country. It is run by brothers, An-
Whittakers full range of drew and Brian Whittaker,
chocolate will be available for and the next generation of
discerning chocolate lovers Whittakers, brother and sis-
in Fiji to enjoy. This includes ter, Matt and Holly, also work
Whittakers Fairtrade-certified in the business. As a family
5-Roll Refined Creamy Milk and as a company, they are
Block and steadfastly committed to pro-
72% Dark Ghana Block, ducing only
and a wide range of other chocolateof the highest
unique flavours and sizes. quality. Whittakers ensures
Whittakers Head of Inter- quality by controlling the
national Markets, Matt Whit- whole manufacturing pro-
taker said the sales were bet- cess from bean to bar from
ter than expected and future its one factory in Wellington,
forecasting was very strong. New Zealand.
Mr. Whittaker is on a two- As well as our absolute
day market familiarization trip commitment to quality, we
in the country. are also constantly innovating
He said theyve been trad- to create few products for our
ing with Fiji for about four loyal Whittakers Chocolate
years now and have been lovers to enjoy.
looking for a good partner in In the past couple of
the market. yearsthis has included the de-
Mr. Whittaker adds they velopment of our Artisan Col-
were finally able to strike up lection, which is something
a partnership with the Mo- extraspecial for people seek-
tibhai Group through Allan ing a little bit of luxury, said
Mathews hard work, Director Mr Whittaker.
of JA Marketing Services. Whittakers is also known
L-R: Director of JA Marketing Services, Allan Mathews, Whittakers Head of International Markets, Matt Whittaker and Prouds Director, Tajesh Were already on track for its high level of engage-
Patel pictured at Prouds Downtown Nadi. Photo: ANA SOVA. but quadrupling ourselves in ment with Whittakers Choco-
the first year, we are very ex- late lovers on social media,
cited, He said. which enables Whittakers to
Prouds Director, Tajesh share its passion for choco-
Patel said it was exciting for late and stay connected with
them to have another premi- what consumers think.
um brand in their store. Were proud to be an
There are good times exporter of premium New
ahead, results have been very Zealand produce, and to be
strong and weve got a lot of expanding our community of
promotions coming up, Mr. Whittakers Chocolate lovers
Patel said. around the world.
Mr. Mathews said theyve In New Zealand, our
got a lot of activity taking Fairtrade 5-Roll Refined
place in the next three months Creamy Milk is Whittakers
for Diwali, Christmas and Val- top-selling block, but we look
entines Day. forward to finding out which
Weve got a lot of plans in of our products is the favourite
place. Everyone is very keen of Whittakers Chocolate lov-
about it, to join Whittakers ers in Fiji, said Mr Whittaker.
chocolate in Fiji. We are doing
a lot of sampling through the

Send us your feedbacks or

suggestions to:
A customer goes through the Whittakers range at Prouds in Nadi. The iconic brand has
been named New Zealands most favourite for the sixth consecutive year. Photo: MOTIBHAI


Former Afgan Refugee Flies Solo

to Empower Young Women

When she left Daytona Beach Florida, Unit- making you do this? I assured him it was on
ed States on May 13th taking off in her beach my own free will.
craft bonanza to fly around the world solo, Captain Waiz, the youngest certified civil-
Captain Shaesta Waiz attempted to fly across ian female pilot from Afghanistan is flying
the Atlantic Ocean twice. to 30 different stops, 24 countries across five
On her first attempt, the High Frequency continents to land and help inspire, empower
(HF) antenna of her plane which is used to young girls and together, share and promote
make radio calls with different radio stations the importance of STEM (Science, Technology,
around the world while transitioning from be- Engineering, and Mathematics) education.
ing over land to over water, sheared off when She arrived in Fiji last week Thursday al-
she was about 300 miles across the ocean. ready covering 18 stops and will be covering 11
This dangerous encounter forced the 29 more before she flies home to Daytona Beach
year old Afghan-American pilot to turn the from Mobile City in Alabama.
plane around and take an emergency landing Captain Waiz said as she sat there at Saint
at the first airport available, Saint Pierre Airport Pierre Airport she pondered on whether she
in Canada. should give up on her journey.
The Atlantic Ocean, is one of the danger- I sat there and I thought you know if I want
ous oceans out there because the weather to give up, now is the time to give up then I
changes instantly, the temperatures are cold, dont have to cross the Atlantic Ocean again
its mother nature you never whats going to and Im still on the side of the United States. If
happen. When I was about 300 miles into the this is too much for me to handle, now is the
ocean, this antenna shears off hitting the air- time to say something,
plane and I cant communicate with anyone, Then I said no, I have to be brave, there are
my only form of communication was now so many girls out there that have heard about
gone, what Im going to do and theyre waiting for
I looked down and I see waves crashing someone to show them that women can be
below me and Im at 7000 feet, its a big real- courageous and do things like getting on an
ity and I looked out, I didnt see anyone, not a airplane and flying it around the world, she
single boat nor land, nothing, just me and the said.
ocean. It was about a two hour flight when I Captain Waiz was born in a refugee camp
turned around doing all of my procedures pre- and moved to the United States in 1987 when
paring the airplane I finally get hold of air traffic she was barely a year old to escape the Soviet-
control and informed them I was landing at the Afghan war.
airport requesting for a mechanic when I get Her grandparents and her father Fahim and
there, Waiz said. uncles Hasib and Mustafa and her aunt, Sophia Captain Shaesta Waiz with customs officials at the Nadi International Airport in Nadi. Photo: ANA
Even as she was wondering about the cus- escaped to Pakistan shortly after the war broke SOVA.
toms clearance and other hurdles that the un- out in Afghanistan in 1979.
scheduled landing would bring about, the cus- I grew up with my parents and five sisters of six girls trying to start a life in America after and go for it and understand that there are go-
toms agent at the airport, on seeing her alone, in Richmond, California. We lived in an un- escaping her war-torn homeland. ing to be days where you will want to give up,
quipped: Hello, where is the pilot? derprivileged school district where substitute I really thought this life had nothing to offer it means you will have to keep going, she said.
Im like hi Im the pilot and he was like no teachers, sharing textbooks with classmates, me, Im not even going to try. When I found Captain Waiz said this is the message she
really wheres the pilot? And I said I promise and watching friends drop out of high school aviation it just pushed me every single day and has been passing on to young women she has
you Im the pilot and explained to him what was the norm. I want to show people that you dont have to met along her solo flight journey around the
I was doing. He then asked: do your parents Captain Waiz who is the first in her family to be from any background, you dont have to world.
know that youre doing this? I said of course earn a bachelors and masters degree said her come from high society or have wealth to pur-
they know and he again asked: is someone family was really poor growing up in a family sue your dreams, you just have to believe in it

Fiji Link Unveils $65 Fares

Between Labasa and Suva

Fiji Link ATR 72-600 F-WWEK (DQ-FJZ)(13)(Grd) TLS (ASC)(46)-L. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Travel between Labasa more Fijians in Labasa and Mr. Athil Narayan explained:
and Suva has been made the Capital to visit each other The low fares came about
even more affordable, with more frequently. Labasa stu- as a result of regular feed-
Fiji Link releasing its lowest dents will find it easier to get back and engagement with
ever fare of just $65 one-way to and from their tertiary insti- community here. We have
last Saturday. tutions in the Central Division. upgraded the ATR fleet which
A third of seats on all flights A lot more people, includ- operates between Labasa,
between Labasa and Suva ing tourists, will now fly from Suva and Nadi with modern,
will be available at $65. Suva to Labasa and also travel comfortable and extremely
Fares will increase to high- onward to other destinations reliable aircraft. The time is
er fare buckets once the $65 like Savusavu. now right to introduce lower
seats are sold out on that re- The Honourable Minister fares between two of our big-
spective flight. thanked Fiji Link for introduc- gest domestic ports, making it
The announcement was ing lower fares on its flights, easier for Fijians to get around
made in Labasa by Fijian At- adding: The multiplier effect and stay connected.
torney General, Minister for of this announcement is quite Fiji Link flies its ATR air-
Economy and Minister re- significant and complements craft three times daily from
sponsible for Civil Aviation, the Fijian Governments ef- Labasa to Suva. Fiji Airways
Honourable Aiyaz Sayed- forts to further spur economic and Fiji Link are the only air-
Khaiyum at the Vodafone Fes- development and growth in lines in Fiji with the IATA Op-
tival of the Friendly Norths Fiji the North. These low fares, erational Safety Audit (IOSA)
Link Night. coupled with the upcoming accreditation, demonstrating
These fares are on sale upgrade of Waiqele airports their commitment to safety.
now and will be available un- terminal and installation of To get the lower fares, cus-
til Fiji Link completes a review night lights on the runway, tomers are advised to book
to add more capacity into La- will improve commercial ac- early through the Fiji Airways
basa. tivity and improve business Reservations Centre, Sales Of-
The Honourable Attorney opportunities. Everyone in the fices in Nadi and Suva, on the
General said The release of North stands to benefit direct- Fiji Airways website www.fiji-
these $65 fares is excellent ly through more affordable, or through their
news for the people of Labasa travel options and investment travel agents.
and Vanua Levu as a whole. in public infrastructure.
These low fares will allow Fiji Link General Manager FIJI AIRWAYS


Fiji Named Hottest Destination 2017

Fiji scooped up a top the award for Hottest Destina- gional General Manager for
award at the 29th Annual tion of the Year from Virtuoso, North America, Fiji Airways.
Virtuoso Travel Week confer- and see this as a testament to In the past year, Fiji Air-
ence, being named the Hot- the hard work we have dedi- ways has shown its commit-
test Destination for 2017. cated to the North American ment to growing the North
This was announced by market over the past several American market by adding
International luxury travel net- years, said Ruth Daly, Region- year-round service from San
work Virtuoso. al Manager of North America Francisco to Fiji, in addition
The award recognises Fiji for Tourism Fiji. to our existing daily non-stop
as the destination with the Were anticipating much service from Los Angeles and
highest year over year growth more success in the market 3-time weekly service from
within the Virtuoso Network. as Fiji continues to build new Honolulu, making the destina-
Tourism Fiji received the resorts and create offerings tion ever more accessible to
award on August 13th, 2017 to accommodate the record- more American travelers.
at The Bellagio Resort in Las breaking number of guests Fiji Airways and Tourism
Vegas. visiting the islands from the Fiji will continue to work to-
The accolade is a true hon- North America. gether to offer guests the best
or, given that only a very small Fiji Airways is delighted South Pacific vacation experi-
fraction of the networks 1,700 that an organization as pres- ence.
partners were recognized at tigious as Virtuoso would rec-
Virtuoso Travel Week. ognize Fiji with this award,
We are thrilled to accept stated Stroebel Bekker, Re- TOURISM FIJI

Fijis Number One

Beach Club Open

Malamala Beach Club in would add something new to America mixologist, Tommy
the Mamanucas would add their portfolio. Quimby.
more hotness to Fiji being It consisted of a local He said for many years
named as the Hottest Des- membership scheme with they have worked on bring-
tination for 2017 at the 29th close to one thousand mem- ing to Fiji a concept similar to
Annual Virtuoso Travel Week bers. the successful beach clubs of
From left: Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism Faiyaz Koya, South Seas Chief Executive Officer conference says Minister for Mr Rutherford added it Asia and Europe but with its
Brad Rutherford, land owners of Malamala Island with Fijian Holdings Group Chief Executive Officer Industry, Trade and Tourism would be easily accessed for own Fijian identity.
Nouzab Fareed at the official opening of Malamala Beach Club. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI. Faiyaz Koya. the important domestic mar- Fijian Holdings Limited
Mr Koya echoed these ket as a great place to spend Group Chief Executive Officer,
sentiments while officially time. Nouzab Fareed said plans to
opening the $6.5 million The island beach club build the island beach club
beach club. menu inspired from local in- were initiated in 2012.
He said it would be the gredients was designed by He added it took them
hottest beach club in the executive chef, Lance Seeto. five years to make the island
world and it was great part- Mr Seeto said he wanted beach club a reality.
nership that existed with the to offer something different Surrounded by Fijis fa-
land owning unit. for tourists from around the mous crystal clear waters,
The beach club would be world who would come to Malamala Beach Club is just
South Seas Cruisers six brand spend their leisure time at the 25 minutes from Port De-
amongst other famous brands island beach club. narau.
such as, Awesome Adven- Mr Rutherford said the Mr Fareed said the island
tures Fiji, Blue Lagoon Cruis- cocktail list and beverage beach club was $7.5 million
es, Yasawa Island Holidays to menu couldnt be found any- of Fiji Holdings Limited hard
name a few. where else in Fiji with recipes earned money which would
Melania serves food during the South Seas Cruises Chief specifically designed, tested also benefit 1,400 of its share-
opening of Malamala Beach A view of Malamala Beach Club at sunset. Photo: MARGARET Executive Officer, Brad Ruth- and implemented by award holders.
Club. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI. NAQIRI. erford said the beach club winning United States of

Sweet Tweets: What do you think of climate change and our current changing weather conditions?

Litia Vulaidausiga Tui Tuitavua Nicolette Chambers Priya Sharma Merelita Tale Justin Rahul Naidu

We can only hope for a It all depends on the Climate change is and As climate change takes I think that climate change To cope with the increas-
more, globally unified stand development in Fiji. Which always will be a threat to place, our daily weather and is a contributing factor ing population and increase
on decreasing carbon di- is the contributing factor of our nation especially to us normal temperatures will to our current changes in in demands, developed
oxide emissions to combat changes. as Pacific Islanders. I think change, the homes of plants weather pattern. countries have built more
global warming. that the current changes in and animals will be affected factories and exploited our
the weather patterns has all over the world. The effect natural resources. This has
affected me personally be- on people will depend on had an advers effect on our
cause being from a country how well we can adapt to climate. The weather now
that is always humid and the changes and how much is so extreme that the hot
suddenly trying to adapt we can do to reduce climate days are hotter and the cold
to this cold weather is not change in the world. days colder. Sea levels too
easy at all. have increased.


The Port Denarau Marina Its been hard, there have senger terminal expected to ate.
is Fijis premier marina facil- been some sleepless nights commence soon. Cynthia said she was de-
ity and one of the best in the but I know if Im determined I This she adds, will have a lighted with the opportunity
South Pacific. can do it, Cynthia said. tensile canopy design which and faith put in by her Chief
Imagine being appointed She adds the marina indus- is unique and has been in- Executive Officer and Board
as the general manager of this try is highly male dominated spired by the theme of rig- of Directors to appoint her as
fast developing marina com- so its really exciting for her ging and sails of large sailing General Manager.
plex. to be part of it and to be ac- yachts. Being in the marina since
Despite juggling commit- cepted within the industry. We have a very presti- the past six years has taught
ments between being a wife, Cynthia joined the marina gious marina, weve got one me a lot and I am ready for the
tending to two young children in 2011 as the Business Man- of the best in the South Pa- challenge ahead to improve
and studying her Post Gradu- ager after spending many cific and to see it grow from and grow in this position, to
ate Certificate in Business years in the telecommunica- strength to strength and to move the business forward
Management at the Univer- tions industry in sales, cor- take it to the next level, Im and to see our team improve
sity of Fiji, this was a new role porate care and as a regional just excited about it, she said. in the process. As the saying
Cynthia Rasch accepted with manager for Digicel Fiji. She The support from her staff goes A rising tide raises all
ease. has also worked for Vodafone has been tremendous she re- the ships in the harbour, she
She was officially ap- Fiji. vealed. said. Port Denarau Marina General Manager, Cynthia Rasch. Photo:
pointed to the role on the 1st She has completed Inter- The transition has been Skeggs said he has full con- ANA SOVA.
of June this year, taking over mediate and Advanced Ma- easy for them because Ive fidence in his successor.
from the Managing Director, rina Management Courses in already been part of the team After nine years as the companys future that she will should never think about
Nigel Skeggs who has re- Australia as well as Fijis Lead- all this while and have been Managing Director of Port bring, he said. their limitations instead
signed. Skeggs remains as an ership Development Program. working in management Denarau Marina the time Cynthia shared an advice should think of what they can
advisor and director of Port The former Indian College and operations as it was, the has come for me to pursue for all young girls and women. achieve.
Denarau Marina Limited. (now Jai Narayan College) Board of Directors has been some new endeavors. I have Do whatever your heart Be the best version of you.
Although she is neither the and St. Joseph Secondary very phenomenal. My for- thoroughly enjoyed my time wants you to do. You can You may not be the top level
first female nor the first local School student said over the mer Managing Director, Nigel with the company and am achieve anything, I come from person but if you are best at
to take up the position, the 38 past six years working at the Skeggs has been very help- extremely proud of all the a very simple background and what you do and you know
year old says its an exciting marina, she has learnt a lot ful and accommodating and accomplishments we have I never thought Id be here but it in your heart that you can
challenge. across the board. have been a mentor to me as made over the years; both Ive worked hard for it and I achieve it then the sky is your
Its a very challenging Cynthia speaks with obvi- well, Cynthia said. in terms of development but know with perseverance and limit, Cynthia said.
time but with my familys sup- ous pride about the marina She said the transition has also best practice, endurance and with that pas-
port and the support from my as she gave me a tour around also been very smooth for I leave with full confi- sion to be the best version of
Board of Directors and my the complex. She delightedly their tenants and customers dence in Cynthia and look for- myself, I can be anything,
team, Ive been able to come revealed there would be an also, because they know me ward to witnessing the many she said.
through, extension of the marinas pas- and they know how I oper- great contributions to the Cynthia adds women

Port Denarau Earns Two By ANA SOVA

It was a proud moment yet
again for Port Denarau Marina
Denarau Marina, Rasch said.
Nigel Skeggs as Board
Skeggs as President Sea
Mercy Fiji said to be recog-

Major MIA Awards earning both the International

Marina of the Year and the
Community Support Initia-
tive awards through Marina
Director congratulated the
team, What a proud night it
was for me, our staff, the ma-
rina and Fiji.
nised for our work with Sea
Mercy is also a great honour.
When the people of Fiji
needed our help after Win-
Industries Association (MIA) Being honoured in such ston, our customers, friends
for 2017. a way by our industry peers and staff stepped it up and
Port Denarau Marina was really vindicates the huge made a huge difference to
also runners up for Innovation amount of work and the strug- many peoples lives. The re-
by a Marina. gles we have had, and are still sults on the field were praise
No stranger to the MIA going through, to get to where enough but I hope this award
Awards, Port Denarau Marina we are today, Skeggs said. will assist in highlighting
was in the spotlight bringing He added they have shown Sea Mercys fantastic ongo-
home the most awards and the industry and the interna- ing work as the organisation
putting Fiji on the map once tional yachting community ramps up to the next stage of
again, retaining our title for that Fiji can do it just as well, our growth, expanding our as-
International Marina for four if not better. sistance projects throughout
years in a row. I am proud of our teams the Pacific,
These awards were pre- huge effort over the years to We are very proud of our
sented at the Marine17 Con- develop not only world class strategic partnership with
ference in Sydney earlier this infrastructure, but best in Sea Mercy and encourage all
month and Fiji was the buzz practice services and tech- to find out more and get in-
around this internationally at- niques focused around mini- volved, he said.
tended event. mising our impact on the en- As the premier marina fa-
Port Denarau Marina Gen- vironment, cility in Fiji, Port Denarau con-
eral Manager, Cynthia Rasch We have a great team tinues to raise its standards
It was gratifying to be recog- who go above and beyond internationally, as well as add
nized amongst their industry to ensure exceptional levels to its list new and exciting
peers. of customer service and this products.
The awards are a testa- award against such fierce The latest addition to Port
ment to the dedication and competition, for the second Denarau Marina has been the
hard work put in by our team awards in a row, is a real extension of its private jetty,
to continue to excel in cus- credit to their commitment extension of its hardstand fa-
tomer service and to be able and hard work, Skeggs said. cility and soon to commence
to give back to the communi- Four years as Best Inter- with the addition of check-in
MIA Chairman Andrew Chapman, General Manager Port Denarau Marina Cynthia Rasch and Club ty. We feel it is a reflection of national Marina is huge for counters for its commercial
Marine CEO Simon McLean at the Marine17 Conference inSydney. Photo: PORT DENARAU MARINA. the values we uphold at Port us all. operations.

Fiji Link Grows Fleet

Fiji Airways, Fijis National Airline, an- Arriving in October 2017 and early 2018,
nounced plans to expand and upgrade Fiji the three new Twin Otter aircraft will have
Links Twin Otter fleet ON 24TH August. air-conditioned cabins for increased cus-
This allows increased frequencies to tomer comfort.
key domestic routes like Savusavu and Their state of the art digital avionics
Taveuni. systems and operating features will great-
The airline will purchase three brand ly enhance operational reliability and an
new latest model DHC-6 Series 400 Twin easier transition for Fiji Link pilots to prog-
Otters from manufacturer Viking Air Ltd, ress onto the ATR fleet.
to replace two of its existing three Series The impending fleet expansion has al-
300 aircraft. ready initiated the recruitment and train-
This will increase the Twin Otter fleet ing of additional local pilots, resulting in
to four aircraft. more employment opportunities for Fiji- DHC-6 Series 400 Twin Otter. Photo: FIJI AIRWAYS.
Fiji Airways Group Managing Director ans.
and CEO, Andre Viljoen said the invest- Mr. Viljoen added the fleet expansion Aviation, the Honourable Aiyaz Sayed- with short airstrips, and where airport and
ment was in line with the overall mod- will also allow Fiji Link to increase fre- Khaiyum said this investment by Fiji Link runway infrastructure is limited. It has the
ernisation of the entire Group fleet. quency on other domestic routes. to expand its domestic fleet and increase ability to land on most runway surfaces
With more aircraft, we can increase Flights between Nadi and Suva will capacity will be welcome news for our given its size, weight, and take-off and
daily flights to key local destinations. Our increase to seven a day. Our team is also Northern residents and tourism stake- landing requirements.
capacity to Savusavu and Taveuni will considering converting one of our current holders alike. It has proven especially reliable in the
grow by 30%, which will be welcome Twin Otter aircraft into a multi-use vehicle This will also mean increased choices Fijian domestic operating environment,
news to tourism operators in these re- to cater not only for additional scheduled for ordinary Fijians, and is in line with the with Fiji Link having over ten years of ex-
gions, Vilijoen said. flying, but to provide opportunities for modernisation programme and agenda of perience operating this aircraft type.
He said it was a reflection of their com- new charter business, medical evacua- the Fijian Government, while growing the Fiji Link also has the option to purchase
mitment to the Fijian tourism industry and tion services and carriage of freight, he economy, Mr. Sayed-Khaiyum said. a fourth brand new Series 400 Twin Otter
Fiji Airways will work closely with its part- said. The ever-versatile Twin Otter remains aircraft. A decision on exercising this op-
ners in the North to increase visitor arriv- Fijian Attorney General, Minister for the aircraft of choice for Fiji Links do- tion will be made in 2018.
als and connectivity. Economy and Minister responsible for mestic operations into smaller airports

Sera, a Young
Carer at only 14
Imagine at only 14 years her 65 year old grandmother, is hung to make a makeshift
old, you have the enormous whose severe post stroke con- bedroom for the two of them.
responsibility of caring for dition has altered her ability to In another, stand an old cup-
your ailing grandmother who speak and her muscle move- board and their kerosene
suffers from stroke, alone. ments, she cant stand up nor stove with little else.
Yes, you could only think move around unaided. Life has forced Sera to
how unbelievable for a child This means her grand- grow up too quickly, evident
that young. daughter has to clean the in the way she talks, speaking
For Sera Vosailagi this was house, do their laundry, cook, wisely for someone her age.
the reality destiny forced her bathe, clothe her and take Her childhood has been in-
to shoulder, looking after her care of her hygiene, etc. apart evitably compromised by the
maternal grandmother, Sala- from trying her best to contin- caring activity she undertakes.
seini Tivi, after her mother, ue attending school. She said she envies the
Ivamere Vosailagi passed This has been Seras life freedom and social life other
away in 2015 from heart dis- for the last three years, her children her age enjoy but
ease. grandmother being her prior- she wouldnt trade looking
Her only sister, 19 year old, ity above everything else. after her grandmother for the
Sala, has since moved to Suva They live in a lean to corru- world. 14 year old Sera Vosailagi with her 65 year old grandmother at their home in Narokorokoyawa vil-
for tertiary studies and her fa- gated iron shed in Narokoro- I wish my life was normal
ther residing in their village in koyawa Village and Sera does like other children, they have lage in Sabeto, Nadi. Photo: ANA SOVA.
Dravo, Tailevu. her best to keep the modest it easy but I love my grand-
Seras maternal grandfa- place neat, with plastic car- mother and would never walk of her fellow students would a couple from the Bahai Faith, gone through a hard time in
ther, Isaia Nadule had passed pet mats covering most of the away to abandon her, Sera sometimes tease her. a religion that her parents had her life and marriage, a path
away some years ago. floor and a single straw mat said. I would take it despite been a part of. she was determined not to
She is only in Year Eight spread out in the middle of Her normal routine she how painful. I asked her if her father take.
at Sabeto District School in the room. said would start with waking Sera shared there are a lot contacted them, Seras only The whole time we spent
Nadi and is the young carer of In one corner, a curtain up at 6 oclock in the morning of challenges they would of- reply was, vakavudua which talking, Seras beautiful smile
to clean the house, prepare ten face. meant hardly. In contrast, she rarely left her face, one would
both their breakfast and lunch Our only source of money said her sister would often never have guessed the hard-
before bathing and dress- is the monthly assistance from visit. ship she goes through.
ing her grandmother. Then the Ministry of Social Welfare, Struggling to speak and Meanwhile, Minister for
she would get ready herself a $50 food voucher and $50 in through her tears, her grand- Women, Children and Poverty
then have breakfast with her cash, she said. mother said Sera was the best Alleviation, Mereseini Vuni-
grandmother before leaving Sera said the assistance is granddaughter. waqa said she would be send-
for school. not enough to sustain them She is the only one willing ing a team to see what steps
In the afternoon as she ar- for a month. to look after me, she added. that needs to be taken and
rives back from school, she We run out of food and Mrs. Tivi revealed after get- other assistance that could be
washes their dirty dishes and laundry detergents to wash ting married to her husband provided.
laundry, cooks dinner, bathe our clothes. Other villagers they were not able to con- I want to find out why
her grandmother again before would sometimes bring us ceive. Pointing to a photo of only this child is looking after
she enjoys a little playtime food or I would have to go Seras mother on the wall, she her grandmother and what
with the children in the village around and ask for certain said we then adopted her could be done, she said.
then hurries back home to things but often I just get too and another baby boy. Ms Vuniwaqa said she
prepare their dinner. After din- embarrassed to ask, she said. She said like Seras mother, would probably also have
ner she makes sure to study Sera added the worst for her adopted son had unfortu- to seek the support of non-
before she goes to bed. her is when her grandmother nately also passed away. government organisations or
If Im late to school, the runs out of diaper. Sera said shes ambitious other Government agencies
teachers theyre not hard on She cries and that hurts about becoming a doctor, I to provide aid for Sera and her
Sera preparina a meal. Photo: ANA SOVA. me because they understand me. want to care for and help sick grandmother. For donations
my situation, Sera said. Her school supplies she people. contact Sera on 9630005.
Although, she said some said are provided annually by She adds her mother had

PUNJAS BISCUITS Bebe Spa Sanctuary

Secures Another Award
OBTAINS BRC A+ for Outrigger Fijis
With only two years and
six months of operation,
Punjas Biscuits has attained
yet another mile stone
Adding on to their huge
success since its establish-
ment in December 2014,
the company is amongst
the few biscuits manufac-
turers in the Asia Pacific to
be awarded the prestigious
British Retail Consortium Staff of Bebe Spa at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. Photo: OUTRIGGER FIJI.
(BRC) A+ accreditation.
BRC is the leading trade
association for UK retailing Bebe Spa Sanctuary at Outrig- traditional Fijian Bobo Massage,
which develops its Global ger Fiji Beach Resort has won the Signature Bebe Vakaviti Massage
Standard for Food Safety in Pevonia International Spa Design and the couples Romantic Dis-
order to help the food in- of the Year award for the fourth covery package.
dustry meet legislative re- year in succession. Many of our guests are return
quirements of the EU Gen- Spa Manager Praveena Dewan visitors as a treatment at Bebe
eral Product Safety Directive said the spas ongoing success Spa has become one of the high-
and the UK Food Safety Act. was a testament to the energy lights of their holiday at Outrigger
The BRCs ability to re- and dedication of the Bebe team. Fiji Beach Resort and we regu-
act to changing food safety We have a team of 24 thera- larly receive unsolicited testimo-
concerns, meet consumers pists which delivers more than nials.
requirements and yet pro- (L-R) Jeremaia (Quality Control Officer) Ariff Mohammed (Operations Manager) Alini (Quality Con- 900 treatments every month and It is heartwarming to me to
vide a simple, easy to flow trol Supervisor). Photo: SUPPLIED. we are acknowledged as one of see that the recurring theme in
process for manufacturers, the leading spas in the South Pa- these testimonials is the profes-
lems should there ever be a also passed a full Fonterra edge the contribution our cific. sionalism, warmth and friendli-
has resulted in the standard challenge against a product. New Zealand Food Safety staffs have made to both
becoming one of the most This success has also been ness of our staff, she said.
Managing Director, Pun- and Quality Audit and has these achievements. With- mirrored in the number of The spas design concept is
popular GFSI Standards. jas Biscuit Mr Nitin Punja been appointed as one of out their attention to detail
If a supplier gains the awards with which we have been based on a traditional Fijian vil-
said the achievement is their approved packing sites and pride in what they do honored, she said. lage and features thatched bure-
BRC Global Standard for an auspicious milestone for export markets. we would not be aware we
Food Safety certification, These include being named style rooftops typical of a village
achievement for the com- On the same note Pun- are today, he said. the Winner for Excellence in the setting.
it assures the customers pany reaching that level jas Diary too has certified About Fonterra:
that they are dealing with a TripAdvisor annual survey of spas Situated on a hilltop, it com-
of growth in the Southern by Fonterra, as a result the Fonterra has grown to be in the Australasia Pacific region in mands panoramic coastal and
company that reaches high Hemisphere. company has been con- a major player in the glob-
levels of competence in all 2015 and 2016. ocean views.
We are very proud of tracted to pack Anchor Milk al dairy nutrition market Bebe Spa was also a finalist The Bebe Spa Sanctuary lay-
critical areas. this achievement, Mr Punja Powder in sachets for their and active in 140 countries
They will know that their for Fiji Experience at the Tour- out includes a pre and post treat-
said. export customers. worldwide. A cooperative ism Fiji AON Awards in 2013, ment relaxation room positioned
supplier is monitoring and Like any other building Mr Punja thanked all his owned by 10,500 farming
continually improving their 2014 and 2015 and winner of the to take maximum advantage of
process however, you must hardworking staffs for their families in New Zealand Australasian Spa Association Best the views, couples rooms, pri-
product quality, safety and do the hard yards to place commitment towards the and processing more than
legality and that they have Destination Spa (Resort) in 2011 vate open-air balconies and sunk-
the building blocks properly company. 22 billion litres of milk, 95 and 2013. en balcony baths.
taken every possible pre- along the way. Id like to use this plat- percent of which is export-
caution to prevent prob- Praveena named the three
Punjas Biscuits Ltd has form to publicly acknowl- ed. most popular treatments as the OUTRIGGER FIJI


Nadi took advantage the Pools until the finals. The
of their fast mid-field- team gave their best to win
ers from the flankers. the tournament, he said.
Former Lautoka goal We thank our sponsors
keeper Ilaitia Vueti of Nadi Jitendra Kumar (JK) for sup-
saved a penalty in the first porting us. Its the mission of
By LUKE NACEI half to keep Nadi in the every coach and team to win.
game before Niulevu scored Lautoka captain Lisala
JK Builders Nadis Sairusi the winner minutes be- Bonatoba said: We will work
Niulevu saved the day for his fore the last whistle blow. to improve our weakness
side when he kicked the lone Bolstering the Nadi side from this years tournament.
goal in the last remaining min- were Watisoni Vuli (captain), The tournament so far was
utes of play to seal their glory Mohammed Shamim, Ti- good for the team in the form
against Lautoka Masters in the moci Matanitu, Tawake Da- of keeping us fit, he said.
culmination of the RC Manub- kunibubului and Ilaitia Vueti. Nadi walked away $4000
hai/Apco Veteran Internation- Meanwhile, the Jetsetters richer while Lautoka was
al tournament at the Prince will be the lone team from Fiji awarded $1000 for runner up.
Charles Park in Nadi last week. that will participate in the An- Awards: Golden
The former Nasinu and nual Pacific Cup that is sched- glove: Ilaitia Vueti (Nadi)
Nadi player managed the ule to take place in Auckland, Golden boot: Ivina-
goal through the assistance New Zealand in November. le Nabalarua (Lautoka)
of Salesami Bula who crossed Fiji Football Association Golden ball award:
the ball from the right flank president, Rajesh Patel con- Shalesh Sami Bula
with Davendra Raju laying the gratulated both teams for Results: Semi- finals: JK
ball for Sairusi to score the their brilliant performances. Builders Nadi veterans 3-0
winner in that second half. Nadi coach, Lambert Nadroga Stallions; Lautoka
Both teams were equal- Sarju said: The boys played Masters 2-0 Suva Sydney.
ly matched with the equal according to the structure Final: JK Builders Nadi vet-
The Nadi veterans side after securing their victory against Lautoka. Photo: LUKE NACEI. chances to either end. which followed throughout erans 1-0 Lautoka Masters.

$25k for Primary School IDC

The 2017 Vodafone Fiji Pri- Schools IDC in a much profes- that through our financial
mary Schools Football Cham- sional manner where young boost and training we will
pionship received a timely and developing players will help mold the young blood to
boost of $25,000 sponsorship be given chance to showcase into stars of tomorrow.
during the official launch at their talents in a standard A total of 28 teams take
the Fiji Football Association pitch, Chand said. part in the boys Under 14 and
headquarters in Suva. And of course when the 12 divisions and yet again this
Vodafone Fiji sponsor- students will enter the field in year there will be four girls
ship manager AdriuVakarau their new attire, they will also team in the championship.
handed the cheque and an- give in their best. The tournament is sched-
nounced the participating We are once again includ- uled from August 22-24 at the
teams. ing female U14 footballers and Prince Charles Park in Nadi.
To boost the morale of they will also be given chance Pools:
our youngsters, Vodafone will to showcase their skills during U14: Pool A Northwest
be providing jerseys for all the the primary IDC. Nadroga, Nadi, Nadogom-
teams partaking in the Voda- Vakarau said the true re- Dreketi
fone Primary Schools Foot- flection of their passion and Pool B Rewa, La-
ball Championship this year, commitment for the sport can basa, Navosa, Nadroga, Tai-
he said. be seen in their bid to firm-up levu
Fiji Primary Schools Foot- the foundation of football by Pool C Ba, Navua,
ball Association president supporting the grass-root level Levuka, Nalawa
Ami Chand thanked Vodafone of football in the country. Pool D Lautoka,
and Fiji Football Association The Primary Schools Foot- Rakiraki, Tavua, Suva, Seaqa-
for their support and assured ball Championship has grown qa
that Fiji Primary School foot- in stature since its inception
ball competition will make in 1975 with the many district U12: Pool A - Lautoka,
the maximum use of the grant schools entering the competi- Labasa,Nalawa,Tailevu
received. tion, Prasad said. Pool B Ba, Rewa,
With this sponsorship, Fiji This is the 2nd year that Navosa, Seaqaqa
Primary will put in every effort we have come on board as
to see that we organize the sponsors for Primary Schools
42nd Vodafone Fiji Primary Football and we are confident

Roosters Help Home

As part of their community
work the Sabeto Roosters rug-
by league team this morning
donated food items and gro-
ceries to the Loloma Home
and Care Centre in Sabeto.
This was made possible
through the assistance from
Vodafone Fiji Limited the
major sponsors of the Fiji Na-
tional Rugby League (FNRL)
Vodafone Cup competition.
Sabeto Roosters assistant
coach Waisake Tavotavo said
they were grateful to have
started their community out-
reach with a neighbouring
home as such.
Toadys visit was a plan
for the team from the starting
of this season. We thought of
helping the community and
especially the children in the The Sabeto Roosters Rugby League Team during the donation at the
community and as well the Loloma Home and Care Centre in Sabeto. Photo: LUKE NACEI.
elders, he said.
Tavotavo also said it was
vital to help those in need es-
pecially the less fortunate. Fiji and the team for their kind for single mothers and their
He thanks Vodafone for donation. children who have been
their continuous support to- About the home abandoned by their families
wards the team and for mak- Loloma home & Care Cen- and society. These mothers
ing the event a success. tre is located in Waimalika are integral part of our soci-
We thank the sponsors Sabeto. Loloma Home & Care ety and they deserve love and
from Fiji National Rugby Centre was set up in 2009 by recognition. Most of these
League competition the Voda- Founder Adi Laite Nawawa- women end up here because
fone for the program that we balava Kubunadakai. The year they have been refused by
have set up and them helping began with some challenges, their own families and com-
us moving around and visiting though despite the battles munities.
places as such has been really and trials, we still managed to
great. meet the needs of our clients
Meanwhile, staffs at Lolo- (mothers & children).
ma Home thanked Vodafone The home is a sanctuary





The Fiji Rugby Union the Fijian Drua as it encap- ISC to come up with a de-
has revealed the 2017 Fiji sulates the history and suc- sign that is both modern
National Rugby Champi- cess of one of Fijis sacred, and contemporary devel-
onship (NRC) team name traditional and historic war oped for competition and
and kit during the official ships that inspired both commitment.
launch at the Grand Pacific fear and awe and was a The 2017 NRC competi-
Hotel. true masterpiece. tion will run for 11 weeks
The team will now offi- We owe it to our fore- with the Fijian Drua kick-
cially be known as the Fi- fathers, our culture and ing off with their season
jian Drua team and is syn- our tradition to honour opener on Saturday, 2
onymous with the Drua, a them for the masterpiece September against Bris-
historic Fijian double ca- canoe that was renowned bane City at Ballymore in
noe which was the largest throughout the Pacific as Brisbane at 3pm (AST).
and finest sea-going vessel sacred. It was a triumphant On 9 September, they play
ever designed and built. vessel and we pay hom- against Melbourne Rising
It was also the battleship age to what was widely at the Harlequin Oval in
choice for any central Oce- regarded as the greatest Melbourne.
ania naval commander. battleship of the Pacific by Fans of the Fijian Drua
Their main role was as war calling our team the Fijian will see their heroes in
ships, taking part in naval Drua. action in Round 3 and 4
battles and transporting Also unveiled today was in their first home fixture
warriors during raids. The the new team kit, featuring against NSW Country
speed of Druas became a the team logo which is the Eagles at Lawaqa Park in
legend for western sailors, Drua stylized in a football Sigatoka on September
who sometimes confused symbolizing speed, agil- 16 and then against Perth
Fijian canoes with flying ity and flair which the Fi- Spirit on 23 September at
proas (a type of multihull jian rugby players are well the ANZ Stadium in Suva.
sailboat). known for on the field of Rounds 5 and 6 sees
Being officially called play. The kit features ISCs the team travelling back
the Fijian Drua team re- innovative technology that to Australia for their match
flects the history of the will appeal to both com- against the Canberra Vi-
Drua that links tradition petitive players and rugby kings on 29 September at .
and heritage with a mod- supporters alike. Viking Park in Canberra The Chairman of FRU home ground with tickets the Fiji Sports Commis-
ern style as the team em- Commander Kean and Greater Sydney Rams has urged all the fans to as affordable as $10 for sion for their continuous
barks on a new journey to thanked ISC for their hard on 7 October at TG Millner come down and support adults and $5 for Children support towards the Fijian
battle it out at the Austra- work in designing a kit that Oval, Sydney. the Fijian Drua team at any U12. Drua team. Without their
lian NRC Competition for reflects the history of the Round 7 the team will of their match venues ei- I encourage all fans support and generosity we
the first time, beginning Drua. be on bye, but Rounds 8 ther in Australia or Fiji. throughout the country to would not have been able
September 2 in Brisbane. As a new team in a and 9 sees them hosting Im sure every Fijian get on board with the Fi- to play in this competition
FRU Chairman Com- relatively new competi- QLD Country at Churchill rugby fan will be keen to jian Drua team and show and for that the FRU will
mander Kean said that fol- tion, we wanted to have Park in Lautoka on 21 Oc- watch our team in action your support by attending be forever grateful and in-
lowing extensive research the team playing in a fresh tober and Sydney Rays at against some of the Su- all their home games. debted to them.
and deliberations they had and modern outfit, and we the ANZ Stadium in Suva per Rugby Player not only I would also like to
decided to name the team have worked closely with on 28 October. in Australia but here on thank World Rugby and

Scott Hend Has High Hopes Suva Beats

Scott Hend is hoping
has high hopes at the Fiji
Hend is an Australian By LUKE NACEI
professional golfer, re-
The Shahil Dave captained Goundar said he was disap-
nowned as a long hitter.
Suva side came from behind pointed with his boys perfor-
He turned professional
to thrashing the Rakiraki mance.
in 1997 and joined the PGA
football team 5-1 in the last Discipline was the major
Tour of Australasia.
remaining Vodafone Premier problem for us and a lot of
The Australia has since
League division competition these players were not from
played on most of the ma-
on August 20th in Rakiraki. this district some were from
jor golf tours around the
Rakiraki was very deter- Suva and Ba so there was no
mined in the first half as they sense of team work, he said.
His wins include three
led 1-0 to Suva. We will now try and get
in Australia, and were the
However, disciplined prob- our district players to play for
inaugural winner of the
lems cost the side as they lost the team and try and improve
Von Nida Tour of Order of
focus in the second half of on our weak areas.
Merit in 2003. He has also
play giving the game away to Suva football president
won on the Canadian Tour
the team from the capital city. Ritesh Pratap said patience
at the 2002 Victoria Open.
The Suva team equalized was the key to their win
Hend played on the
the score in the second half against Rakiraki.
United States-based PGA
and managed another four For the last 15 minutes the
Tour in 2004 and 2005
goals to win the match. boys were patient and they
and has also notched the
Australian professional golfer Scott Hend pictured has high hopes at the Fiji International. Pita Rabo, Sairusi Narube, kept the ball onto their side,
Indonesian President In-
Photo: GOOGLE. and Kelvin Naidu managed he said.
vitational in 2008.and the
a goal each while Ravinesh I am happy with the win
Queens Cup in Thailand for a while to see the place golf. I should play a lot bet- points. Karan scored two goals to but we still need to work on
in 2016 by one stroke and and play my game plan ac- ter than what I played. So this week if I can put take the team to victory. the players performances.
was his ninth victory on cordingly. I am here playing this a good performance here Meanwhile, Jale Vota was Pratap said they have one
the Asian Tour. Its been a bit of a fun as week and hopefully that and down to the rest of the the lone goal scorer from Ra- month now to prepare for
For Hend, he had only I havent played as well as I pays off towards the end of years in the next couple of kiraki. the Inter District Competition
seen the Fiji International like to in the majors but is a the year. weeks I play well ill get a Rakiraki president Shaneel (IDC).
on television. bit of a learning curve and I On the Presidents Cup, chance to get back in the
Yeah it is great as al- have been trying to change Hend said it was unfortu- team.
ways and know it was go- my schedule a little bit and nate last week I missed I short 63 on Saturday
ing to be windy as I have play a little bit less and see the cup. and I thought that was a
Send us your feedbacks or
seen the tournament on how it works. Maybe if I had played pretty good run. I have suggestions to:
TV after the last couple of So I am going to back and made the cut and practised earlier in the
years and it had been quite to doing what I have been played well during the week.
windy. doing for the last 20 odd week I would have got
Ill have a look around years in playing a lot of some world ranking



Vijay Singh Glad to be Back Home

Former golf number one, changes to most greens, a lot On the field for this years
Vijay Singh is glad to be back more cutting surfaces and you championship, Singh said he
in Fiji and is focused and know its windy so you can was surprised to see Angel
ready to go out and play. still have four, five or six pin Cabrera here and whom he
Singh was part of the inter- placements instead of what regarded as a very good play-
national line-up at the Fiji In- we had like five greens for just er along with former Master
ternational that is being held one pin placing. champion Mike Weir.
under blistery conditions at I think we achieved that It is good to see them
the Natadola Bay Champion- and widened some of the here. People can really go out
ship Golf Course. landing areas. and see how they play and we
For Singh, this week, out of I hope I just can focus on got some good players from
the four years since the tour- the game. Asia as well.
naments inception was spe- There is couple more I think this is one of the
cial in that he had had a hand holes to go but we did 80 strongest fields weve had and
in re-designing certain part of percent of the work so I am this is going to get bigger and
this picturesque course. always looking at things to im- better.
I walked around yester- prove on. There is a lot of players
day and most of it is done, .On his present form, Singh that want to come and have
Singh said. said he had been playing been asking about it.
But the sad thing is it took some good golf recently in the The timing, especially
so long to finish so the greens United States and that he was like this week iwhich is the
are not what it is supposed to focused and hoped to do well FEDEX qualifying in the states
be but Steve did an unbeliev- this year.. so some guys could not come
able job getting it done. They (Fijians) are all wait- from there.
Most of the job is done ing for me to play some good I have been talking good
and everyones happy and golf here and I have come things about this golf course.
have good reviews and what close. It is a great place to come and
we need is some good weath- Its nice to come here and stay and play golf. I am really happy with the
er. see all the old friends and Singh said he form coming work is done. I just have to
We wanted it to be more meeting most of the guys I into the Fiji International was take my mind off the distrac-
playable for hotel guests and havent seen for a very long good, having come off two tions here you know I am
at the same time it was chal- time. tournaments in the states. home. I think I can do that if
lenging enough for pros to go I am looking forward to Asfor the windy condi- I just focus a little bit harder.
out there and play. this year and they said the tions, Singh reckoned you As for the waiving of the
entry fee, Singh said he was Former Golf Number One Vijay Sigh pictured top is glad to be
I think we did that. Now weather is going to be good just have to go out there, bare
always against charging fees back in Fiji. Photos: SUPPLIED.
you can see the ninth hole and sunny. down and play hard.
and the fourth hole. Hopefully it is not so I am not a great wind to come watch golf here be-
event and it would be nice to watching good golf.
We did it did a lot of windy so I can play well.. player. cause this was a promotional
see people coming out and


Secure France By LUKE NACEI
Every afternoon he would watch the boys play rugby in

Naqere heights in Savusavu.
It was from that time he decided to try out the sport which
he had much interest in.
Meet Ryan Chand a first timer in rugby and is someone who

has brighter plans in this field.
Chand is the first ever Fijian of Indian descent from his
Khemendra Central school that will be taking part in the Kaji
Rugby this year.
Speaking to this newspaper, he said he was obliged to have
By LUKE NACEI been named in the Cakaudrove Under13 side that will be tour-
ing Viti Levu during the two weeks holiday for the Kaji games.
Two former police officers Fiji Police Force have left our Chand defied all odds taking up the one passion he had al-
shores to play professional rugby in France. ways dreamt about.
Special Constables Eremasi Radrodro and Joeli Lutumailagi I had always dreamed of becoming a professional rugby
who have both served the force for two and six years respec- player and taking up this sport at this age is the first step to be- Ryan Chand. Photo: SUPPLIED.
tively in the field of community policing Fiji through the rugby coming an experience rugby player, he said.
concept were farewelled by relatives at the Nadi International I want to be the first Fijian of Indian descent to represent rifices have paid off and I promised him that he will represent
Airport this morning. my school. My parents are super proud of my achievement and Cakaudrove to the Kaji Rugby, he said.
The two players were farewelled by the Commissioner of that is all I need. His fitness is up to par and now he is looking forward to a
Police Brigadier General Sitiveni Qilho who earlier stated the Chand says he would love to continue his education after great competition come the Kaji Ruby fiesta.
support of the entire institution was behind them. primary school in one of the prominent schools in Viti Levu. Qeleni encourages students of Chands age to take up the
The two were grateful for this opportunity. They will both I want to attend Ratu Kadavulevu School because I believe sport they feel they have a passion in.
feature for the Rugby Club Vannes a French rugby union club I can continue with my rugby career there. Nothing beats hard work, he has really paved his way
currently competing in the French league system. His coach and trainer Stanley Qeleni said Chand has all it through this and I believe he is going to go on a long way if
takes to becoming a professional rugby player in the near future. he can do it so the others that are in the same generation as
I am proud of him and what he has achieved so far. His sac- Chand, he said.

Big Shoes to Fill

Sebastian Tikaram answered his countrys Only because it is my first time to partici-
call and flew into the country last month to join pate in the Commonwealth Youth Games, its a
the Fiji Team that participated in the 2017 Com- bit overwhelming, Sebastian said.
monwealth Youth Games in the Bahamas. The former Nadi resident and Nadi Airport
The Fiji born16 year old who now resides School student said he also had big shoes to
in Brisbane, Australia represented Fiji in tennis. fill.
The Grade 11 student of The Gap State High Sebastian is the son of former Fiji Tennis
School said it was an honour for him to repre- champion, Sanjeev Tikaram.
sent Fiji as he was born here. Its a hard step but Im very proud to be tak-
I had played in the qualifying matches here ing the same path as my dad, he said.
which I had won and I was contacted by Fiji Sebastian said the support has been very
Tennis to represent Fiji and Im proud to be good from his family and Fiji Tennis.
given the opportunity to do so, Sebastian said.
Despite having trained well, the youngster
admitted s to feeling nervous about his partici-
pation. Sebastian Tikaram with his uncle Bobby Tikaram in Nadi. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.


Page 22 Page 27
Roosters Help Big Shoes to Fill



Ratu Isireli Masiwini (Front- second from left) with his Nadi Under 14 team after securing their victory against Lautoka 6-0 in the Crest Westkids Rugby Festival at Prince Charles Park in Nadi on August 17th. Insert:
Nadi Under-14 team celebrating their victory. Photos: LUKE NACEI.

Wining the overall under-14 boys Crest stadium she is no more, he said. it wasnt an easy one it was very tough for us ported the team, he added.
Westkids Rugby Festival was an emotional mo- I am always boosted when she is out there but we thank our parents and the teachers for Results:
ment for 14-year-old Ratu Isireli Masiwini. cheering for me because I know that she loves always supporting this young talents, he said. Boys plate:
The Nawaka District student dedicated his me a lot. When we began our training in the first day U9: Ra 1-3 Nadi; U10 Lautoka 2-4 Nadi Two,
achievement to one of his favourite fans who His late mother played both the role of a I reminded the boys on their discipline and to U11 Navosa 3-9 Lautoka One, U12 Nadi 0-5 Ba,
couldnt make it to the games. mom and dad for Masiwini and his elder broth- always be good hearted in every competition U13 Ba 5-0 Navosa, U14 Ra 10 15 Nadroga.
He said his mother Unaisi Masiwini did not er. they play in. Cup:
miss any of his past games. Unfortunately she The Vatutu, Nadi lad sees himself as a pro- We had always pondered on our basic U9 Nadroga 3-0 Nadi; U10 Lautoka 3-2 Nad-
missed out this years meet after she died in fessional rugby player in future. skills and made sure that discipline was in- roga; U11 Ra 2- 3 Nadroga; U12 Nadroga 0-7 Ra,
August. Meanwhile, Masiwini was very instrumental stilled with in them. It really showed in the Indo U12 Nadi 1-0 Nadroga; U13 Lautoka 0-7
Masiwini said his mother was a pillar of in- in their game against Lautoka to having won performance here that they have maintained Nadroga; U 14 Lautoka 0-6 Nadi One; Indo U14
spiration in the past days through her support the under-14 title. their discipline and as well played their utter Nadi One 0 Lautoka.
and words of encouragement. He kicked two penalties for his side to win most best. Girls Cup
He said though the pain and memory of los- the much anticipated match. We had our first pool game against Lau- U10 Naitasiri 0-1 Lautoka; U12 Northland 2-0
ing his best fan would be hard to erase. Ma- Coach Napolini Vatunitu was happy with his toka where we won 31- 0, our second game Naitasiri; Indo U12 Nadi 1-0 Nadroga, U14 Ra
siwini was satisfied that the win would be a superb performance and thanked his boys for was against Navosa we also won that game 10- 10-15 Nadroga, Indo U14 Westcoast 3-2 Nadi
perfect gift to his deceased mother. the job well done. 0, and then we last met Bua where we were Two.
She is always present in every tournament Vatunitu said their hard work had paid off. pressured.
or games I go to but now when I look to the When we started preparing for the games A big vinaka-valevu to all those that sup-


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