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Date Year Name

1231 University of Cambridge

1248 University of Oxford
1272 Saddlers Company
28-May 1284 Peterhouse, Cambridge
10-Mar 1326 Merchant Taylors Company
1-Mar 1327 Skinners Company
6-Mar 1327 Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London
1327 Goldsmiths Company
6-Aug 1348 Dean and Canons of Windsor
1348 Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge
30-Jun 1379 New College, Oxford
1382 Winchester College
13-Jan 1393 Mercers Company
4-Dec 1416 Cutlers Company
16-Feb 1428 Grocers Company
22-Feb 1437 Brewers Company
23-Aug 1437 Vintners Company
26-Apr 1439 Cordwainers Company
1444 Leathersellers Company
8-May 1453 Armourers and Brasiers Company
13-Oct 1457 Magdalen College, Oxford
8-Mar 1462 Tallow Chandlers Company
1462 Barbers Company
20-Mar 1463 Ironmongers Company
16-Feb 1471 Dyers Company
20-Jan 1473 Pewterers Company
1474 Corporation of Blacksmith's of Dublin
16-Aug 1475 St. Catharine's College, Cambridge
7-Jul 1477 Carpenters Company
16-Feb 1484 The Wax Chandlers Company

1496 Jesus College, Cambridge

10-Mar 1501 Plaisterers Company
29-Apr 1501 Coopers Company
23-Feb 1504 Poulters Company
22-Jul 1509 Bakers Company
15-Jan 1512 Brasenose College, Oxford
1517 Corpus Christi College, Oxford
23-Sep 1518 Royal College of Physicians of London
18-Jan 1528 Clothworkers Company
1532 Bristol Grammar School
5-Oct 1536 Corporation of Trinity House - Newcastle upon Tyne
25-Aug 1537 Honourable Artillery Company
1541 Kings School Ely
19-Jan 1542 College of Christ of Brecknock
1542 Magdalene College, Cambridge
23-Jul 1545 King Henry VIII School, Coventry
1545 Warwick School
1547 Trinity College, Cambridge
1547 Norwich School
13-Jan 1547 Bethlem Hospital
13-Jan 1547 Saint Bartholomew's Hospital
1549 Pembroke College, Cambridge
13-May 1550 Sherborne School
1550 French Protestant Church of London Charities
12-Aug 1551 St. Thomas's Hospital
14-May 1552 Sedbergh School
17-Jun 1552 King Edward VI Grammar School, Stourbridge
12-Jul 1552 King Edwards School at Bath
18-Dec 1552 Society of Merchant Venturers of Bristol
1552 Bedford School
1552 King Edwards School, Birmingham
25-Apr 1552 King Edward VI Free Grammar School (King's School),

26-May 1553 Giggleswick School

26-Jun 1553 Bridewell Hospital
26-Jun 1553 Christs Hospital
1553 King Edward VI Grammar School, Southampton
1553 Tonbridge School
1554 Queen Mary's Grammar School, Walsall
15-Jul 1555 College of Arms
1555 Muscovy Company
1555 St. John Baptist College, Oxford
7-Jul 1556 Charity of the Priest and Poor of Ginge Petre in the County of
4-May 1557 Stationers Company

5-Jul 1558 Brentwood School

21-May 1560 The Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in
28-Feb 1561 Governor and Supervisors of the Free School and Almshouses of
the City of Worcester (Charter
perpetuated by Letters Patent of Queen Victoria 27 April 1843)

1561 Kingston Grammar School, Kingston upon Thames

25-Oct 1561 Broderers Company
1562 St. Olave's and St. Saviours Grammar School
15-Jun 1563 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Darlington
1565 Exeter College, Oxford
1565 Highgate School
1567 Queen Elizabeth's Grammer School, Blackburn
3-Aug 1568 Tylers' and Bricklayers' Company
12-Oct 1568 Girdlers Company
14-Apr 1570 Joiners Company
1571 Blacksmith's Company
1571 Harrow School
27-Jun 1571 Jesus College, Oxford
9-Feb 1573 University College, Oxford
1574 Cranbrook School
25-Nov 1574 Queen Elizabeth's College, Greenwich
1576 Sutton Valence School
1577 Spanish Company
19-Jun 1578 Haberdashers Company
1579 Eastland Company
1579 Turkey Company of London
19-Jul 1581 Painter Stainers Company
1584 Uppingham School
1585 Queen's College, Oxford
1591 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield
1594 Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge
3-May 1597 Hospital of St. John the Evangelist and St. Anne in Oakham
29-Nov 1599 Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
22-Mar 1600 Royal Grammar School, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
1600 East India Company
1603 Oriel College, Oxford
1603 Hostmen Company of Freemen of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
30-Aug 1603 The Fishmongers' Company
17-Dec 1603 Bishop Auckland Grammar School
2-Aug 1604 Feltmakers Company
29-Aug 1605 Woodmongers Company
16-Sep 1605 Butchers Company
18-Sep 1605 Gardeners Company
9-Jan 1606 Fruiterers Company
19-Jan 1606 The Drapers' Company

30-Apr 1605 Curriers Company

15-May 1607 Salters Company
1610 Newfoundland Company
12-Apr 1611 Plumbers Company
22-Jun 1611 Sutton's Hospital in Charterhouse
20-Dec 1611 Wadham College, Oxford
1611 French Company
1612 Bermuda Company
13-Sep 1612 Don Baudains (Jersey)
1613 Honourable Irish Society
18-Sep 1614 Founders Company
1615 Wilson's Grammar School
28-Jan 1617 Scriveners Company
6-Dec 1617 Society of Apothecaries of London
21-Jun 1619 Dulwich College
21-Jun 1619 New River Company
9-Jun 1621 Brown Bakers Company
1621 Bowyers Company
13-May 1622 Starch Makers Company
1624 Pembroke College, Oxford
14-Jun 1626 Upholders Company
22-Oct 1628 Playing Card Makers Company
16-May 1629 Spectacle Makers Company
1629 Massachusetts Company
3-Jul 1630 Sion College
8-Jul 1631 Sackville College, East Grinstead
22-Aug 1631 Clockmakers Company
6-Jan 1634 Thomas Parsons' Charity
4-Apr 1636 Comb Makers Company
20-Aug 1636 Pinmakers Company
14-Mar 1637 Gunmakers Company
12-Jan 1638 Horners Company
22-May 1638 Soap Makers Company
9-Aug 1638 Distillers Company
6-Nov 1638 Glaziers Company
10-Sep 1638 Glovers Company
1639 Worshipful Company of Parish Clerks
10-Nov 1656 Needlemakers Company
13-Jun 1657 Frame Work Knitters Company
28-Nov 1661 Glass Sellers Company
20-Jan 1662 Royal African Company
7-Feb 1662 New England Company
15-Jul 1662 Royal Society
1662 Bradford Grammar School
16-Feb 1663 Cooks Company
21-Dec 1663 Innholders Company
17-Mar 1664 Canary Company
30-Jun 1664 Royal Scottish Corporation
1-Dec 1664 Hat-Band Makers Company
18-May 1666 Broadweavers and Clothiers Company of Coventry
3-Feb 1670 Wheelwrights Company
2-May 1670 Hudsons Bay Company
2-Aug 1670 Pattenmakers Company
29-Dec 1670 Tin Plate Workers Company
18-Nov 1672 Trinity House in Kingston-upon-Hull
17-Jan 1674 Master, Wardens, Assistants and Commonalty of the Company of
Farryers of London
31-May 1677 Coachmakers Company
17-Dec 1677 Masons Company
1-Jul 1678 Corporation of the Sons of the Clergy
19-Oct 1681 Company of Merchants of the City of Edinburgh
8-Jul 1685 The Corporation of Trinity House of Deptford Strond
16-Jun 1693 Gold and Silver Wyre Drawer's Company
27-Jul 1694 Bank of England
16-Jun 1701 Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts

15-Jul 1703 Tanners Company of Bermondsey

6-Mar 1704 The Royal Company of Archers
26-Apr 1704 Company of the Mine Adventurers of England
3-Nov 1704 Queen Anne's Bounty
19-Apr 1706 Grey Coat Hospital in Tothill Fields of the Foundation of Queen
27-Jul 1706 Amicable Society for a perpetual Assurance Office
17-Nov 1707 Weavers Company
22-Dec 1707 Charitable Corporation for the relief of the Industrious Poor
19-Apr 1709 Fanmakers Company
25-May 1709 Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
23-May 1711 Blanket Weavers in Witney, Oxfordshire
8-Sep 1711 South Sea Company
3-Dec 1711 Loriners Company
29-Jul 1714 Worcester College, Oxford
1718 Greenwich Hospital

24-Jul 1718 The Governor and Directors of the Hospital for Poor French
27-Jul 1719 Protestants and
Music Society fortheir Descendants
Carrying Residing
on Operas in Great
and other Britain "The
French Protestant Hospital".
22-Jun 1720 London Assurance
22-Jun 1720 Royal Exchange Assurance
8-Mar 1723 Chelsea Waterworks Company
21-Nov 1724 Equivalent Company
31-May 1727 Royal Bank of Scotland Ltd
31-Jul 1729 Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Halifax
23-Oct 1729 Company for working Mines etc. in Scotland
17-Oct 1739 Foundling Hospital

27-Aug 1740 Hertford College, Oxford

28-Apr 1741 Charity for the Relief of the Widows and Children of the Clergy of
Norwich and Norfolk
13-Apr 1742 Charity for the Relief of the Widows and Children of the Clergy of
25-Jun 1742 Orphan Hospital and Workhouse at Edinburgh
5-Jul 1746 British Linen Bank
29-Apr 1747 Governors of the Charity for the relief of the poor Widows and
Orphans of Beneficed Clergymen or having Curacys in the County
of Essex the Deanery of Braughing and Archdeaconry of St.
Albans, County of Hertford and Diocese of London
14-Jul 1748 Excise Incorporation in Scotland
11-Oct 1750 Society of the Free British Fishery
2-Nov 1751 Society of Antiquaries of London
9-Dec 1758 London Hospital
26-Jan 1765 Society of Artists of Great Britain
8-Jun 1765 Bethel Hospital, Norwich
19-Jun 1773 Carron Company
22-Jun 1768 College of Doctors of Law
1773 Royal Medical Society
27-Jan 1774 Society of Advocates in Aberdeen
24-Mar 1781 Governors of the possessions etc. of the Free Chapel of Hindon
within the parish of East Knoyle, Wiltshire
29-Mar 1783 Royal Society of Edinburgh
6-May 1783 Society of Antiquaries of Scotland
9-Jun 1783 Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures
10-Jul 1786 Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures
17-May 1787 Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
26-Aug 1790 Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain
21-Dec 1791 Glasgow Royal Infirmary
9-Jan 1792 Society for the Benefit of Sons and Daughters of the Clergy of the
Church of Scotland
6-Mar 1793 Inverness Royal Academy
23-Aug 1793 Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture and Internal
30-Oct 1794 Christian Faith Society
6-Jun 1796 Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glagow
24-Jan 1797 Society of Solicitors in the Supreme Courts of Scotland
29-Jun 1797 Corporation of the Trinity House of Leith
1798 Commercial Buildings Company of Dublin
20-Jun 1798 Naval Knights of Windsor of the foundation of Samuel Travers

28-Jun 1798 Ayr Academy

13-Jan 1800 Royal Institution of Great Britain
22-Mar 1800 Royal College of Surgeons of England
5-Jul 1800 Sierra Leone Company
22-Sep 1800 Downing College, Cambridge
19-Apr 1801 James Gillespie's Hospital and Free School
26-Mar 1802 Linnean Society of London
12-May 1802 University of King's College, Halifax, Nova Scotia
21-Jan 1807 London Institution for the Advancement of Literature and Diffusion
of Useful Knowledge
7-Apr 1807 Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary
6-Apr 1809 Tain Royal Academy
1808 Commercial Buildings Company of Cork
17-Apr 1809 Royal Horticultural Society
30-Apr 1812 Gaslight and Coke Company

1813 Greenock Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures

23-May 1817 National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the
Principles of the Established Church throughout England and

13-Jan 1818 Royal Edinburgh Public Dispensary

19-May 1818 The Royal Literary Fund
8-May 1819 Dundee Royal Infirmary
1820 Faculty of Procurators and Solicitors in Dundee
3-Feb 1821 Royal Incorporation of Hutchesons' Hospital in the City of Glasgow

31-Mar 1821 McGill University, Montreal

24-Nov 1821 Liverpool Royal Institution
6-Feb 1824 North British Insurance Company
6-Feb 1824 Edinburgh Academy
11-Aug 1824 Royal Asiatic Society
14-Oct 1824 Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society
1-Nov 1824 Australian Agricultural Company
9-Dec 1824 Glasgow Royal Mental Hospital
23-Apr 1825 Geological Society of London
30-Jul 1825 Incorporated British, Irish and Colonial Silk Company
15-Sep 1825 Royal Society of Literature of the United Kingdom
10-Nov 1825 Van Diemen's Land Company
23-Feb 1826 West India Company
28-Jun 1826 University Life Assurance Society
19-Aug 1826 Canada Company
15-Mar 1827 University of Toronto
2-Aug 1827 Society for the management and distribution of the Artists Fund

30-Apr 1827 London Portable Gas Company

6-Feb 1828 Saint David's College

3-Jun 1828 Institution of Civil Engineers

25-Nov 1828 Plymouth Union Bath Compnay
27-Mar 1829 Zoological Society of London
14-Aug 1829 King's College London

16-Jul 1829 Haytor Granite Mining Company

18-Jan 1830 General Lying in Hospital
25-Jan 1830 Schaw Bequest
19-May 1830 Directors of the Dundee Orphanage Trust
23-Jun 1830 Royal Academy of Music
22-Nov 1830 Mauritius Bank
7-Mar 1831 Royal Astronomical Society
2-Mar 1831 United General Gas Company
5-Aug 1831 Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd
16-May 1832 Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
6-Aug 1832 Cambridge Philosophical Society
20-Feb 1834 New Brunswick and Nova Scotia Land Company
20-Mar 1834 British American Land Company
26-Jul 1834 Wearmouth Dock Company
30-Sep 1834 Royal Medical and Chirugical Society of London

13-Oct 1834 Society for the illustration and encouragement of Practical Science

3-May 1836 The Society of Licensed Victuallers

28-Nov 1836 University of London
28-Nov 1836 University College, London
13-Apr 1836 Colonial Bank
11-Jan 1837 The Institute of British Architects

1-Jun 1837 University of Durham

7-Jun 1837 Company of Stationers of Glasgow
11-Nov 1837 Millar and Peadie's School
27-Jan 1838 Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society
26-Apr 1838 Royal Naval Benevolent Society
13-Aug 1838 The Royal Scottish Academy of Painting, Sculpture and

23-Aug 1838 Polytechnic Institution

6-Sep 1839 Royal Botanic Society of London
10-Apr 1839 Insurance Company of Scotland
26-Aug 1839 Mauritius Commercial Bank
26-Aug 1839 Royal Mail Steam Packet Company
26-Mar 1840 Royal Agricultural Society of England
3-Jan 1840 Bank of British North America
29-Jan 1840 Pacific Steam Navigation Company
1-Aug 1840 Society of Solicitors of Banffshire
10-Aug 1840 Bank of Ceylon
11-Sep 1840 Australian Trust Company
11-Sep 1840 West India Bank
10-Nov 1840 The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company
12-Feb 1841 New Zealand Company
16-Mar 1841 Bank of Australasia

26-Apr 1841 Life Association of Scotland

19-Jun 1841 Murdoch's Boys' School
16-Oct 1841 Queens University at Kingston, Ontario
16-Mar 1842 McLachlan's Free School
30-Jun 1842 Artists' General Benevolent Institution
15-Dec 1842 Licensed Victuallers Asylum

11-Aug 1842 British Plate Glass Company( Granted for one year)
18-Feb 1843 Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain

17-Jul 1843 Queens College, Birmingham

18-Jan 1844 Ionian Bank
8-Mar 1844 The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
4-Jun 1844 Irish Reproductive Loan Fund Institution
26-Feb 1845 Law Society
21-Aug 1845 Marlborough College
13-Jan 1845 Trust and Loan Company of Upper Canada

3-Feb 1845 Agricultural College, Cirencester

30-Jun 1845 Metropolitan Association for Improving the Dwellings of the

Industrious Classes
8-Aug 1845 Preston Banking Company
1845 Queen's University, Belfast
20-Nov 1845 Smyrna Bank
18-Mar 1846 Trust Company
6-Apr 1846 British Whale and Seal Fishery Company
19-May 1846 General Mining Association (Nova Scotia and Cape Breton)
30-Oct 1846 Art Union of London
30-Oct 1846 British West India Company
14-Nov 1846 Exchange Bank of Scotland
3-Feb 1847 Royal Society of British Artists
27-Feb 1847 Southern and Western Mining Company of Ireland
20-May 1847 Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and
Commerce. (Royal Society of Arts)
20-May 1847 India and Australia Mail Steam Packet Company
17-Jun 1847 Eastern Archipelago Company
17-Jun 1847 Great Southern and Eastern Steam Packet Company
17-Jun 1847 Valentia Slab Company in Ireland
22-Jul 1847 South Australian Banking Company
22-Jul 1847 General Screw Steam Shipping Company
22-Nov 1847 Association for the Promotion of Fine Arts in Scotland
2-Mar 1848 Royal Irish Fisheries Company
2-Mar 1848 Southern Whale Fishery Company
8-May 1848 Governesses Benevolent Institution

27-Jun 1848 Missionary College of Saint Augustine Canterbury

4-Sep 1848 Chemical Society

31-Oct 1848 Irish Amelioration Society

16-Dec 1848 College of Preceptors
1-Mar 1849 Warneford Lunatic Asylum (Oxford)
1-May 1849 Canterbury Association for Founding a Settlement in New Zealand

30-Jul 1849 Royal British Bank

5-Sep 1849 Banbury Banking Company
8-Jan 1850 Royal Panopticon of Science and Art
14-Aug 1850 Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851
14-Aug 1850 Society for Improving the Condition of the Labouring Classes

12-Dec 1850 Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

7-Mar 1851 British and Irish Peat Company
14-Apr 1851 Submarine Telegraph Company

5-May 1851 Educational Institute of Scotland

25-Jun 1851 Eastern Steam Navigation Company
7-Aug 1851 Oriental Bank Corporation
7-Aug 1851 Great Peat Working Company of Ireland
7-Aug 1851 South American and General Steam Navigation Company
23-Oct 1851 Falkland Islands Company
23-Oct 1851 Leith Chamber of Commerce
16-Jul 1852 University of Trinity College, Toronto, Ontario
8-Dec 1852 Laval University, Quebec
2-Feb 1852 Irish Beet Sugar Company
2-Feb 1852 West of Ireland Land Investment Company
5-Mar 1852 Colonial Gold Company
5-Mar 1852 Australian Royal Mail Steam Navigation Company
5-Mar 1852 Irish Land Company
5-Apr 1852 English and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company
5-Apr 1852 General Theatrical Fund Association

15-May 1852 Irish Submarine Telegraph Company

15-May 1852 English Company for Working Mines in Ireland
15-Jun 1852 Australasian Gold Mining Company
15-Jun 1852 Port Philip and Colonial Gold Mining Company
30-Jun 1852 President and Managers of the Infirmary of Aberdeen
30-Jun 1852 African Steam Ship Company
18-Aug 1852 Liverpool and Australian Navigation Company
18-Aug 1852 Australasian Pacific Mail Steam Packet Company
16-Oct 1852 London Chartered Bank of Australia
10-Nov 1852 Liverpool and African Screw Steam Carrying Company
10-Nov 1852 English, Scottish and Australian Chartered Bank
28-Dec 1852 Crystal Palace Company
28-Jan 1853 Bishops University, Lennoxville, Quebec
13-Dec 1853 Wellington College
4-Jan 1853 Bucks and Oxon Union Bank
13-Jun 1853 Australian Direct Steam Navigation Company via Panana
13-Jun 1853 British Telegraph Company
13-Jun 1853 East Indian Iron Company
13-Jun 1853 Council and Committee of Queen's College

13-Jun 1853 International Telegraph Company

8-Aug 1853 Friend of the Clergy
19-Aug 1853 Chartered Bank of Asia
19-Aug 1853 Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China

7-Apr 1854 Marylebone Association for Improving the Dwellings of the

Industrious Classes
7-Apr 1854 City of Worcester Association for Building Dwellings for the
13-Sep 1854 Labouring Classess
Society of Accountants in Edinburgh

18-Oct 1854 London and Eastern Banking Corporation

8-Feb 1855 Institute of Accountants and Actuaries in Glasgow
8-Feb 1855 Australian Mining Company
21-May 1855 Manchester and Salford Baths and Laundries Company
21-May 1855 Bank of London
6-Jun 1855 Colonial Fibre Company
26-Jun 1855 City Bank
21-Jul 1855 Salopian Society for Improving the Dwellings of the Industrious
21-Nov 1855 The South Australian Company
7-Dec 1855 President and Managers of the Aberdeen Asylum for the Blind
7-Dec 1855 Bank of Egypt
25-Feb 1856 Unity Joint Stoke Mutual Banking Association
4-Apr 1856 Ottoman Bank
28-Apr 1856 Western Bank of London
28-Apr 1856 London and Paris Joint Stock Bank
7-Feb 1857 Society of Procurators and Solicitors in the City and Country of
12-Jul 1857 Hospital for Women
6-May 1857 Agra and United Service Bank
27-Aug 1857 Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London and China
3-Feb 1858 University of Sydney
14-Mar 1859 University of Melborne
11-Jan 1859 Royal Geographical Society
18-Apr 1859 Royal Dramatic College
6-Jul 1859 Benevolent Institution for the Relief of Aged and Infirm
Journeymen Tailors
23-Sep 1859 National Benevolent Institution, founded by the late Peter Herve

22-Oct 1859 High School of Dundee

23-Jan 1860 Royal United Service Institution

7-Mar 1860 Royal National Life Boat Institution for the Preservation of Life
from Shipwreck
26-Oct 1860 London and South African Bank
4-Feb 1861 Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1862
5-Aug 1861 Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
20-Nov 1861 Glasgow Art Union
26-Apr 1862 Bank of British Columbia

19-Jul 1862 Salisbury Infirmary

1-Nov 1862 Asylum for Idiots

1-Nov 1862 Saint Andrew's College, Bradfield

3-Feb 1864 Commercial Bank Corporation of India and the East
3-Feb 1864 Asiatic Banking Corporation
3-Feb 1864 Dundee Chamber of Commerce

3-Feb 1864 Royal Orthopaedic Hospital

3-Feb 1864 Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical Men
7-Apr 1864 Natal Native Trust
7-Apr 1864 Department of Science and Art
9-Jul 1864 Friend of the Clergy
9-Jul 1864 The Albert Middle Class College in Suffolk

Commonly known as "Framlingham College"

28-Jul 1864 Haileybury College

1-Nov 1864 Printers' Pension, Almshouse and Orphan Asylum Corporation

5-Dec 1865 Meteorological Society

24-Mar 1866 Glasgow Magdalene Institution

9-May 1866 Corporation for Middle Class Education in the Metropolis an the
Suburbs thereof
26-Jul 1866 Microscopical Society

28-Dec 1866 Corporation of the Hall of Arts and Sciences (Royal Albert Hall)
26-Feb 1867 Preceptor, Patrons and Directors of Baillie's Institution in Glasgow

4-Mar 1867 Society of Accountants in Aberdeen

17-May 1867 Poor Clergy Relief Society

4-Nov 1867 Association for the Protection of Commercial Interests as respects

Wrecked and Damaged Property

30-Jul 1868 Crossley Orphan Home and School

14-Sep 1868 Faculty of Actuaries in Scotland

4-Jun 1870 Keble College, Oxford

6-Jul 1871 Incorporated Lay Body of the Church of England in Jamaica
17-Mar 1875 Royal Veterinary College
13-May 1875 Dundee Royal Lunatic Asylum
27-Jun 1876 University of New Zealand
23-Oct 1876 North England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers
7-Feb 1877 Clifton College
11-Jul 1877 University of the Cape of Good Hope

18-Mar 1880 Victoria University

24-Mar 1880 Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

2-Mar 1881 University of Adelaide
15-Jul 1881 Surveyors Institution

26-Aug 1881 South Wales Institute of Engineers

26-Aug 1881 University College, Liverpool
26-Aug 1881 British North Borneo Company

18-Aug 1882 Selwyn College, Cambridge

18-Aug 1882 Royal Colonial Institute

20-Apr 1883 Royal College of Music

23-Aug 1883 Charing Cross Hospital
12-Dec 1883 Incorporated Society of Law Agents in Scotland

26-Jun 1884 St. Paul's Hostel, Cambridge

26-Jun 1884 Institute of Actuaries
11-Aug 1884 University College of South Wales and Monmouthshire

29-Nov 1884 Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford

30-Dec 1884 Royal National Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the
Chest on the separate or Cottage principle

26-Mar 1885 University College of North Wales

19-May 1885 Queen Charlotte's Lying in Hospital

19-May 1885 The Institute of Chemistry of Great Britain and Ireland

24-Jun 1885 Entomological Society of London

12-Aug 1885 Colonial and Indian Exhibition Commissioners 1886

8-Mar 1886 Princess Helena College
25-Jun 1886 National African Company
14-Jan 1887 Royal Statistical Society
7-Feb 1888 Trustees of the Buchanan Bequest
7-Feb 1888 Corporation of the Church House
3-May 1888 Imperial Institute of the United Kingdom, the Colonies, and India
and the Isles of the British Seas
3-May 1888 Grand Priory of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem
in England

14-May 1888 Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland

10-Aug 1888 Imperial British East Africa Company
5-Jul 1889 Royal Historical Society
23-Jul 1889 University College of Wales, Aberystwyth

19-Aug 1889 Manchester Whitworth Institute

19-Aug 1889 Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute for Nurses
19-Aug 1889 Imperial Bank of Persia

15-Oct 1889 British South Africa Company

8-Feb 1890 The Institute of Journalists

21-Oct 1890 National Rifle Association

21-Oct 1890 The Corporation of Rossall School
21-Oct 1890 St. Peter's College, Radley
22-Nov 1890 Newspaper Press Fund
22-Nov 1890 Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital
9-May 1891 Royal Provident Fund for Sea Fishermen
30-Jul 1891 Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
28-Jun 1892 Royal Free Hospital
5-Aug 1892 Governors of the Buchanan Retreat
16-May 1893 Royal British Nurses Association
23-Nov 1893 University of Wales
23-Nov 1893 Royal College of Organists
1894 West London Hospital
11-May 1895 National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
26-Nov 1897 Queen Victoria Clergy Fund
3-Feb 1897 Library Association

19-May 1898 Corporation of the Cranleigh and Bramley Schools

19-May 1898 Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada
9-Aug 1898 Royal Blind Ayslum and School, Edinburgh
7-Mar 1899 League of Mercy
7-Mar 1899 St. Andrew's Ambulance Association
14-Jul 1899 Grand Antiquity Society of Glasgow
7-Oct 1899 Iron and Steel Institute
7-Oct 1899 British Home and Hospital for Incurables
3-Mar 1900 University of Birmingham
17-Sep 1900 City and Guilds of London Institute
17-Sep 1900 Great Northern Central Hospital

26-Nov 1900 Governors of the Peabody Donation Fund

11-Jun 1902 Carnegie Trustees for the Universities of Scotland

26-Jul 1902 British Academy for the Promotion of Historical, Philosophical and
Philological Studies
15-Sep 1902 Weavers Society of Anderston
20-Oct 1902 Chartered Institute of Secretaries of Joint Stock Companies and
other Public Bodies

19-Nov 1902 Royal Economic Society

16-Feb 1903 Royal Edinburgh Hospital for Incurables
16-Feb 1903 Royal Society for Home Relief to Incurables, Edinburgh
9-Jul 1903 Victoria University of Manchester

9-Jul 1903 University of Liverpool

9-Jul 1903 Chartered Society of Queen Square

10-Aug 1903 University College of Nottingham

11-Feb 1904 Royal Numismatic Society

21-Apr 1904 University of Leeds
15-Jul 1904 West India Committee
10-Aug 1904 British Cotton Growing Association
24-Oct 1904 Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
29-May 1905 University of Sheffield
11-Jul 1905 Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
7-Aug 1905 Liverpool Royal Infirmary
11-May 1906 British and Foreign School Society
30-Jun 1906 Institute of Directors
1-Dec 1906 Hull Royal Infirmary
11-Feb 1907 Royal Warrant Holders Association
1-Mar 1907 National Museum of Wales
1-Mar 1907 National Library of Wales
1-Jun 1907 Society of Chemical Industry
6-Jul 1907 Imperial College of Science and Technology

2-Nov 1907 Royal Society of South Africa

1-Aug 1908 British Red Cross Society
21-Dec 1908 Bedford College for Women

17-May 1909 University of Bristol

10-Aug 1909 Royal British Colonial Society of Artists
22-Apr 1910 Cancer Hospital (Free)

13-Oct 1910 Association of Deacons of the Fourteen Incorporated Trades of

28-Nov 1910 Institution of Naval Architects

23-Jan 1911 Royal United Kingdom Beneficent Association

25-May 1911 Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers

16-Dec 1911 Boy Scouts Association

17-Jan 1912 Chartered Insurance Institute

14-May 1912 King Edward the Seventh Welsh National Memorial Association

14-Jun 1912 British School at Rome

16-Dec 1912 King Edward VII Sanatorium

11-Feb 1913 Paton Trust

11-Feb 1913 Faculty of Surveyors of Scotland
24-Jun 1913 Zoological Society of Scotland

14-Oct 1913 Royal Asylum of Montrose

14-Oct 1913 Montrose Royal Infirmary
30-Mar 1914 Liverpool Merchants Guild
7-Jan 1915 The Institution of Mining Engineers

7-Jan 1915 The Institution of Mining and Metallurgy

2-Jun 1915 University of Tasmania

23-May 1916 School of Oriental Studies, London Institution

7-Sep 1916 The Society for the Promotion of Nature Reserves

16-Nov 1916 Imperial Trust for the encouragement of Scientific and Industrial
30-Mar 1917 Newnham College, Cambridge
14-Apr 1917 British Trade Corporation
10-May 1917 Imperial War Graves Commission

19-May 1917 Carnegie United Kingdom Trustees

27-Nov 1917 Queen Mary's Hospital for the East End
14-Jan 1919 Carnegie Dunfermline and Hero Fund Trustees
24-Feb 1919 Incorporation of Cordiners in Glasgow
15-Apr 1919 Representative Body of the Church in Wales
30-May 1919 Imperial Mineral Resources Bureau
30-May 1919 Royal Hospital and Home for Incurables, Putney

9-Dec 1919 Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

9-Dec 1919 University College of Swansea

20-Dec 1919 King George's Fund for Sailors

20-Dec 1919 Lord Kitchener National Memorial Fund
11-Mar 1920 Leicester Royal Infirmary
25-Mar 1920 Medical Research Council
25-Mar 1920 Forestry Commissioners
17-May 1920 Chamber of Shipping of the United Kingdom
17-May 1920 Chartered Society of Massage and Medical Gymnastics
28-Jun 1920 Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
13-Oct 1920 St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington
22-Apr 1921 United Services Fund

10-Jun 1921 Officers Association

14-Jul 1921 Medical College of St. Bartholomew's Hospital in the City of
10-Aug 1921 Institution of Electrical Engineers

11-Oct 1921 Empire Forestry Association

11-Oct 1921 Empire Cotton Growing Corporation

7-Nov 1921 Institute of British Foundrymen

13-Dec 1921 Royal Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution

6-Feb 1922 Royal Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
3-Mar 1922 Royal Victoria College, Montreal
3-Mar 1922 Over-Seas League

1-Apr 1922 Royal Naval Benevolent Trust (Grand Fleet and Kindred Funds)
5-May 1922 Incorporation of Architects in Scotland

20-Jun 1922 St. John's Foundation School

10-Jul 1922 The Law Society of Northern Ireland

10-Aug 1922 The College of Estate Management
6-Dec 1922 Toc H (Incorporated)
6-Dec 1922 Girl Guides Association

29-Jan 1923 Institution of Royal Engineers

12-Mar 1923 British Institute of Florence
27-Mar 1923 Royal Manchester College of Music
4-May 1923 Confederation of British Industry
4-May 1923 Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Hospital
26-Jun 1923 Cardiff Royal Infirmary
26-Jun 1923 Royal Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital
11-Oct 1923 Dover College
21-Mar 1924 London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
25-Jun 1924 Royal Life Saving Society
25-Jul 1924 Girton College, Cambridge
6-Feb 1925 Textile Institute
17-Mar 1925 British Legion
12-Oct 1925 League of Nations Union
12-Oct 1925 London Playing Fields Society
12-Oct 1925 Shakespeare Memorial Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon

16-Dec 1925 The Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association

1-Feb 1926 University of Reading

25-Feb 1926 Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

25-Feb 1926 St. Hilda's College, Oxford

25-Feb 1926 Birkbeck College
25-Feb 1926 Royal Medico-Psychological Association

30-Apr 1926 Somerville College, Oxford

1-Jun 1926 Royal Masonic Institution for Boys

1-Jun 1926 The Mothers Union

28-Jun 1926 Royal Institute of International Affairs
28-Jun 1926 St. Hugh's College, Oxford
5-Nov 1926 Institute of Transport

5-Nov 1926 Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture

20-Nov 1926 British Broadcasting Corporation
14-Dec 1926 National Police Fund
6-Feb 1928 National Association of Colliery Managers
22-Mar 1928 British Association for the Advancement of Science
22-Mar 1928 Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia
13-Jul 1928 College of Nursing

14-Aug 1928 Royal Victoria Hospital, Dundee

20-Nov 1928 London Homoeopathic Hospital

20-Nov 1928 National Art-Collection Fund

21-Dec 1928 Malvern College
29-Jan 1929 Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital
1-Mar 1929 Howard Leopold Davis Scholarships Trust
21-Mar 1929 British Engineering Standards Association

7-May 1929 Land Agent's Society

10-May 1929 Indian Church Trustees
10-May 1929 Institution of Gas Engineers
5-Jul 1929 National Radium Trust
5-Jul 1929 Institute of Hygiene

17-Dec 1929 King George Hospital at Ilford

20-Jan 1930 Royal Society for the Relief of Indigent Gentlewomen of Scotland

28-Mar 1930 Institution of Mechanical Engineers

28-Jul 1930 King Edwards VII's Hospital for Officers Sister Agnes Founder

28-Jul 1930 Honourable Company of Master Mariners

28-Jul 1930 Oundle School
28-Jul 1930 East Ham Memorial Hospital
18-Dec 1930 Welsh National School of Medicine

20-Mar 1931 Imperial Service College

27-Mar 1931 National Central Library
29-Jun 1931 Agricultural Research Council

29-Jun 1931 British Postgraduate Medical School

1-Oct 1931 Glasgow Fishmongers Company

7-Oct 1931 Australian Chemical Institute

7-Oct 1931 Royal Seamen's Pension Fund

11-Feb 1932 Universities China Committee in London
15-Dec 1932 National Playing Fields Association
16-Mar 1933 Institute of Marine Engineers
25-May 1933 London Library
26-Jun 1933 The Governors of Westfield College London

(see file range C294 - 2nd August 1989)

26-Jun 1933 Company of Newspaper Makers

22-Mar 1934 Institution of Structural Engineers
9-Nov 1934 Queen Mary College

(see file range C294 - 2nd August 1989)

20-Dec 1934 City of London Maternity Hospital
21-Feb 1935 Cheltenham Ladies College
6-Jun 1935 The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution
13-Aug 1935 Institution of Engineers (India)
20-Dec 1935 Royal Academy of Dancing

27-Oct 1936 Children's Aid Society

13-Apr 1937 Worshipful Company of Basketmakers
29-Jul 1937 General Infirmary at Leeds
24-Feb 1938 Institution of Engineers Australia
15-Mar 1938 Institution of Automobile Engineers
4-Nov 1938 London (Royal Free Hospital) School of Medicine for Women

25-Nov 1938 Roedean School

25-May 1939 National Association of Boy's Clubs

25-Jul 1939 Imperial Cancer Research Fund

19-Sep 1940 British Council
30-May 1941 Australian Red Cross Society
26-Jun 1946 King's School, Canterbury
26-Jun 1946 Worshipful Company of Carmen
10-Jul 1946 The Arts Council of Great Britain

10-Jul 1946 Institute of Fuel

29-Jan 1947 Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

10-Mar 1947 British Postgraduate Medical Federation
28-Oct 1947 Scottish National War Memorial Trustees
28-Oct 1947 Officers Families Fund
13-Nov 1947 Auctioneers' and Estate Agents' Institute
9-Jul 1948 University of Nottingham
13-Sep 1948 Wye College
13-Sep 1948 Institution of Municipal Engineers
25-Oct 1948 British and Foreign Bible Society
22-Dec 1948 Royal Aeronautical Society
22-Dec 1948 University College of the West Indies
4-Mar 1949 Nature Conservancy
4-Mar 1949 The National Institute for the Blind

30-Jun 1949 University College of North Staffordshire

25-Nov 1949 Railway Benevolent Institution
31-Mar 1950 Royal Alfred Merchant Seamen's Society

25-Apr 1950 Women's Royal Naval Service Benevolent Trust

25-Apr 1950 Standards Association of Australia
9-Oct 1950 National Oceanographic Council
9-Oct 1950 University College of Leicester

8-Dec 1950 Worshipful Company of Musicians

21-Dec 1950 Campbell College, Belfast
1-Nov 1951 Ceylon Red Cross Society

14-Nov 1951 Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion

24-Mar 1952 University of Southampton
9-Apr 1952 School of Pharmacy, University of London

29-Apr 1952 St. Anne's College, Oxford

29-Jul 1952 Royal Masonic Institution for Girls

25-Nov 1952 Principal and Governors of Queen Elizabeth College

4-Dec 1952 Royal Air Forces Association

1-Apr 1953 St. Anthony's College, Oxford
30-Apr 1953 Faculty of Radiologists

20-Jan 1954 Australian Academy of Science

13-May 1954 University of Hull
15-Jul 1954 Royal Naval Association
21-Dec 1954 Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford
10-Feb 1955 University College of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
7-Apr 1955 Cuddesdon Theological College

7-Apr 1955 Seafarers Education Service

29-Jul 1955 Manchester College of Science and Technology

29-Jul 1955 Company of Farmers of the City of London

29-Jul 1955 Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
28-Oct 1955 University of Exeter
9-Oct 1956 Royal Ballet
15-Feb 1957 St. Edmund Hall, Oxford
22-Feb 1957 Institution of Chemical Engineers
15-Mar 1957 University of Leicester
17-May 1957 City of London Solicitor's Company
23-Aug 1957 English-Speaking Union of the Commonwealth
19-Feb 1958 British Institute of Radiology
14-Mar 1958 Nuffield College Oxford
7-May 1958 National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science
21-Nov 1958 Institute of Municipal Treasurers and Accountants

19-Dec 1958 Royal Humane Society

15-Jun 1959 Town Planning Institute

21-Dec 1959 Fourah Bay College - The University College of Sierra Leone
8-Apr 1960 National Army Museum
3-Aug 1960 Churchill College, Cambridge
26-Oct 1960 Westcott House, Cambridge
2-Aug 1961 University of Sussex
2-Aug 1961 British Institution of Radio Engineers

24-Oct 1961 Royal Archaeological Institute

24-Oct 1961 St. Peter's College, Oxford
6-Dec 1961 University of Keele
21-Dec 1961 Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters
26-Feb 1962 University of the West Indies
2-Oct 1962 Magistrates Association
28-Nov 1962 Library Association of Australia
26-Mar 1963 Society of Dyers and Colourists
2-May 1963 Royal Society of St. George
30-May 1963 Association of Commonwealth Universities
29-Jul 1963 University of York
29-Jul 1963 St. Catherine's College, Oxford
29-Jul 1963 Animal Health Trust
27-Nov 1963 University of East Anglia
27-Nov 1963 University of Basutoland, the Bechuanaland Protectorate and

26-Mar 1964 Institution of Production Engineers

23-Jun 1964 University of Strathclyde

23-Jun 1964 Liverpool Medical Institution
27-Jul 1964 University of Lancaster
27-Jul 1964 Council for National Academic Awards
20-Nov 1964 University of Kent at Canterbury
20-Nov 1964 University of Essex
29-Jan 1965 University of Warwick
26-Feb 1965 Science Research Council

26-Feb 1965 British Psychological Society

4-May 1965 Natural Environment Research Council
3-Aug 1965 Council of Engineering Institutions
3-Aug 1965 London Mathematical Society
29-Oct 1965 The Social Science Research Council

31-Jan 1966 Heriot-Watt University

24-Feb 1966 Loughborough University of Technology
10-Mar 1966 University of Aston in Birmingham
6-Apr 1966 City University
9-Jun 1966 Brunel University

28-Jul 1966 University of Surrey

28-Jul 1966 Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge
20-Sep 1966 University of Bradford
20-Sep 1966 Bath University of Technology
10-Feb 1967 University of Salford
28-Jun 1967 University of Dundee
28-Jul 1967 Royal College of Art
23-Aug 1967 Australian Boy Scouts Association
10-Oct 1967 Institution of Radio and Electronic Engineers, Australia
13-Nov 1967 University of Stirling
13-Nov 1967 The University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology
22-Mar 1968 The Royal African Society
23-Apr 1969 Open University
25-Jun 1969 The Australian Academy of the Humanities for the Advancement of
Scholarship in Language, Literature, History, Philosophy and the
Fine Arts
31-Jul 1969 The Australian Institute of Building
28-Nov 1969 The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge
28-Nov 1969 The Cranfield Institute of Technology
19-Dec 1969 The Royal College of Pathologists
4-Feb 1970 The Jockey Club (incorporating the National Hunt Committee)
4-Feb 1970 The University of the South Pacific
28-Jul 1970 The New University of Ulster

30-Sep 1970 The Institute of Physics

11-Mar 1971 Heythrop College
22-Dec 1971 Chelsea College, University of London
22-Dec 1971 The Sports Council
22-Dec 1971 The Scottish Sports Council

22-Dec 1971 The Sports Council for Wales

28-Jun 1972 New Hall, Cambridge

23-Oct 1972 The Royal College of General Practitioners

24-Oct 1973 Anglo-German Foundation for the study of Industrial Society

16-Oct 1974 The Association of Certified Accountants

12-Feb 1975 The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants

12-Feb 1975 The Institution of Metallurgists

18-Mar 1975 The Institute of Measurement and Control

12-Nov 1975 The College of Law

17-Mar 1976 The Chartered Institution of Building Services

19-May 1976 The Design Council

19-May 1976 The Society of Industrial Artists and Designers

9-Jun 1976 The Master and Fellows of Darwin College in the University of

(Commonly known as Darwin College, Cambridge)

15-Sep 1976 The Institute of Bankers in Scotland

27-Oct 1976 Wolfson College, Cambridge

15-Nov 1977 University College, London
25-Apr 1978 Carnegie Trustees for the Universities of Scotland
6-Feb 1979 The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators
14-Mar 1979 The Chartered Building Societies Institute

14-Mar 1979 The Institute of Biology

13-Feb 1980 King's College London (University of London)
19-Mar 1980 The Royal Society of Chemistry

28-Jul 1980 The Chartered Institute of Building

18-Feb 1981 The President and Fellows of Wolfson College in the University of

Known as Wolfson College, Oxford

28-Oct 1981 The Engineering Council

10-Feb 1982 The Institute of Chartered Foresters

18-May 1982 Crafts Council
11-Feb 1983 The University of Buckingham
20-Apr 1983 The Fellowship of Engineering

22-Jun 1983 The British Film Institute

11-Apr 1984 The Industrial Society

25-Jun 1984 The Institute of Housing

25-Jun 1984 The Institution of Environmental Health Officers

31-Jul 1984 University of Ulster

31-Jul 1984 The British Computer Society

12-Sep 1984 The President and Fellows of Clare Hall in the University of

Commonly known as Clare Hall, Cambridge

30-Oct 1984 The Warden and Fellows of Robinson College in the University of

Commonly known as Robinson College, in the University of

5-Jun 1986 The Principal and Fellows of Linacre College in the University of

Commonly known as Linacre College, Oxford

8-Jul 1986 London Business School
25-Nov 1986 Museums and Galleries Commission

10-Feb 1987 The Chartered Institute of Bankers

10-Jun 1987 Institute of Education, University of London

23-Mar 1988 The College of Ophthalmologists

27-Apr 1988 Motability

7-Feb 1989 The Chartered Institute of Marketing
2-Aug 1989 Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London

19-Dec 1989 The Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind

1-Nov 1989 Goldsmiths' College

(commonly known as Goldsmiths' College, University of London)

7-Jun 1990 Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

26-Jun 1990 The Royal Star and Garter Homes for Disabled Sailors, Soldiers
and Airmen
21-May 1991 The Henley Management College

11-Feb 1992 Royal College of Anaesthetists

15-Jul 1992 The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply

16-Dec 1993 The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

16-Dec 1993 The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
16-Dec 1993 Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council

8-Feb 1994 The Arts Council of England

8-Feb 1994 The Scottish Arts Council

8-Feb 1994 The Arts Council of Wales

15-Mar 1994 The Institute of Taxation

14-Dec 1994 The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental

14-Dec 1994 Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Council
11-Apr 1995 The Principal and Fellows of Mansfield College in the University of

Known as Mansfield College, Oxford

11-Apr 1995 The President, Fellows and Students of Templeton College in the
University of Oxford

Known as Green Templeton College, Oxford

28-Jun 1995 The College of Optometrists

23-Nov 1995 The Principal and Fellows of The Manchester Academy and Harris
College in the University of Oxford

Known as Manchester College, Oxford

23-Jul 1996 English Sports Council
23-Jul 1996 The United Kingdom Sports Council
23-Jul 1996 College of Paediatrics and Child Health

26-Jun 1997 The Landscape Institute

22-Jul 1997 The President and Fellows of Lucy Cavendish College in the
University of Cambridge

Known as Lucy Cavendish College

11-Feb 1998 Historic Royal Palaces
22-Apr 1998 The Master, Fellows and Scholars of St. Edmund's College in the
University of Cambridge

Commonly known as St Edmund's College, Cambridge

12-Oct 1999 The Prince's Trust
24-Nov 1999 The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
8-Feb 2000 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
12-Jul 2000 The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland
11-Apr 2001 The Institution of Incorporated Engineers

11-Dec 2001 Chartered Institution of Wastes Management

12-Feb 2002 Chartered Management Institute
26-Jun 2002 The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
12-Jun 2003 The Science Council
11-Feb 2004 The Worshipful Company of Engineers
11-Feb 2004 The Worshipful Company of Paviors
8-May 2004 Society for the Environment
27-Jul 2004 The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain
13-Oct 2004 The Association for Science Education
16-Dec 2004 The Arts and Humanities Research Council
9-Feb 2005 The Chartered Institute of Public Relations
7-May 2005 The Worshipful Company of Water Conservators
7-May 2005 Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists
19-Jul 2005 The Chartered Institute of Linguists
14-Dec 2005 The Duke of Edinburgh's Award
14-Dec 2005 The Institution of Engineering and Technology

19-Jul 2006 The Chartered Quality Institute

19-Jul 2006 Elizabeth Phillips Hughes Hall, Cambridge

Commonly known as Hugh's Hall Cambridge

5-Sep 2006 English Association
10-Oct 2006 The Historical Association
14-Nov 2006 The Royal Institute of Navigation
7-Feb 2007 The Technology Strategy Board
7-Feb 2007 The Science and Technology Facilities Council
25-Jul 2007 The Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors
25-Jul 2007 The Worshipful Company of Management Consultants
10-Oct 2007 The Worshipful Company of International Bankers
10-Oct 2007 The Society for Radiological Protection
12-Dec 2007 The College of Emergency Medicine
12-Feb 2008 The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering
12-Feb 2008 The Worshipful Company of Chartered Secretaries and
11-Jun 2008 The Royal Society for Public Health
9-Jul 2008 The King's Fund
18-Mar 2009 Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors
13-May 2009 The Worshipful Company of Actuaries
8-Jul 2009 The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers
8-Jul 2009 Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment
15-Oct 2009 Worshipful Company of Security Professionals
15-Oct 2009 The Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation
17-Nov 2009 The Principal, Fellows and Scholars of Homerton College in the
University of Cambridge

Known as Homerton College

10-Feb 2010 The Worshipful Company of Constructors
10-Feb 2010 The Worshipful Company of Launderers
10-Feb 2010 Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors
10-Feb 2010 Worshipful Company of Information Technologists
17-Mar 2010 The Firefighters Memorial Trust
12-Apr 2010 The Worshipful Company of Marketors
21-Jul 2010 The Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners
10-Nov 2010 The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals
16-Mar 2011 The Worshipful Company of Arbitrators
7-Apr 2011 Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical
8-Jun 2011 Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants in England and
13-Jul 2011 Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies
12-Oct 2011 The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives
12-Oct 2011 Institution of Engineering Designers
30-May 2012 Worshipful Company of Builders' Merchants
30-May 2012 The Worshipful Company of Lightmongers
10-Jul 2012 The Association of Corporate Treasurers

17-Oct 2012 The British Occupational Hygiene Society

7-Nov 2012 The College of Chiropractors

7-Nov 2012 Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management

12-Dec 2012 Marylebone Cricket Club

15-May 2013 The Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

15-May 2013 Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers
15-May 2013 The Worshipful Livery Company of Wales
15-May 2013 Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers
13-Jun 2013 The Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors
10-Jul 2013 The Worshipful Company of World Traders
10-Jul 2013 Chartered Association of Building Engineers
10-Jul 2013 The Chartered Institute of Horticulture
9-Oct 2013 The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences
30-Oct 2013 Recognition Panel
11-Dec 2013 The Worshipful Company of Firefighters
11-Dec 2013 Honourable Company of Air Pilots
11-Feb 2014 The Chartered Institute for Archaeolologists
22-May 2014 Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors
8-Oct 2014 The Worshipful Company of Fuellers
8-Oct 2014 Chartered Trading Standards Institute
5-Nov 2014 Chartered Institute of Credit Management
10-Dec 2014 The Chartered Association of Business Schools
11-Feb 2015 The Worshipful Company of Insurers
10-Jun 2015 The Chartered Institution for Further Education

10-Jun 2015 Learned Society of Wales

9-Dec 2015 The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

12-Apr 2016 The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys

12-Oct 2016 Association for Project Management

Name Changes/Notes Date Sealed Ref.

Commonly known as
"Worshipful Company of
Pewterers" C495(2)

"Master, Wardens and C651

Commonalty of the Art or
Mistery of Wax
Chandlers" commonly
known as "Worshipful
Company of Wax

(1) The Governors of
the Possessions,
Revenues and Goods of
the Free Grammar
School (King's School)

(2) Foundation of Sir

John Percyvale in 1502,
refounded by King
Edward VI in 1552 with
(King Edward VI Free
Grammar School

"Stationers and
Newspapers Makers

1) Royal Grammar C559
School Worcester

2) Queen Elizabeth
Almshouses Worcester


"Worshipful Company of
Annullled 1684

The Governors of the

Lands and
Possessions of the
Poor of Ely (also
known as "Parsons'
Charity") C894
"Worshipful Company of C558


(1) "United Society for C18

the Propagation of the
(2) "The United Society"


Dissolved by Act of
Parliament 22 May 1829
Known as "The French
Hospital" 10 June 2015 C960

"Thomas Coram
Foundation for Children"

Surrendered 25 July


The Company received

a Court Order to wind up
on 26th July 1938
Dissolved by Naval
Knights of Windsor
(Dissolution) Act 1892

The Company was

wound up by Order of
the Court on 26th April
Company dissolved
"Inverclyde Chamber of

(1) "The National Society
(Church of England) for
Promoting Religious
Education" C290
(2) "The National Society
(Church of England and
Church in Wales) for the C187
Promotion of Education"


"St. David's University C175

College Lampeter"

"The University of
Wales, Lampeter"

"University of Wales:
Trinity Saint David"

Annulled by King's C464

College London Act
"Royal Society of


The Royal Institute of

British Architects'

Charter was repealed by

Section 3 of the Scottish C860
Equitable Life Assurance
Society's Act 1902

"The Royal Scottish

Academy of Art and

Charter surrendered
"Licensed Victuallers C255
National Homes"

Surrenderd 30/5/2012

merged with The Society

of Licensed Victuallers

"Royal Pharmaceutical
Society of Great Britain"


"Toronto and London
Investment Company
1880 - Royal Agricultural
College, Cirencester.
2013 - The
Royal Agricultural
"Metropolitan Property
"Schoolmistresses and
Benevolent Institution"
"St Augustine's
Merged with The Royal
Institute of Chemistry to
be called "The Royal
Society of Chemistrry"
19 March 1980

"College of Teachers"

"1830 Housing Society"

"Submarine Telegraph
Company between
Great Britain and the
Continent of Europe"

"The Royal Theatrical

"Queen's College

"Standard Chartered

"Institute of Chartered
Accountants of

Surrendered 8/12/1950
14/12/2011 'National
Benevolent Charity'

"Royal United Services

Institute for Defence"

Since 1961 part of

Canadian Imperial Bank
of Commerce

"Royal Earlswood
Institution for Mental

"Dundee and Tayside

Chamber of Commerce
and Industry"

known as "Albert C831

Memorial College"

"Haileybury and Imperial

Service College"

"Printers' Charitable
14/07/14 The Printing
"Royal Meteorological
"Royal Microscopical

"Poor Clergy Relief

"Salvage Association"


"Crossley and Porter

Orphan Home and
Merged with Institute
and Faculty of Actuaries

Surrendered 21/07/2010

"University of South
"Victoria University of

"Royal Institution of
Chartered Surveyors"

Surrendered 01/03/1954

"Royal Commonwealth

"Scottish Law Agents


Institute and Faculty of


"President and
Governors of the Royal
National Hospital for
Disease of the Chest,
"University of Wales, C5

"University of Bangor"
(July 2007)
"Queen Charlotte
Maternity Hospital"
(1) "The Royal Institute C21
of Chemistry of Great
Britain and Ireland"
(2) "The Royal Institute
of Chemistry"
19 March 1980
Surrendered 21 May

See 19 March 1980 for

"The Royal Society of

"Royal Entomological
Society of London"

"Grand Priory of the

Most Venera Order of
the Hospital of St. John
of Jerusalem"

"Aberystwyth University"

"Queen's Nursing
"British Bank of the
Middle East" C200

"HSBC Bank Middle

"The Chartered Institute C116
of Journalists"

"Chartered Institute of
Library and Information


"Royal Northern

Revoked 30 July 1958 C84

(new Charter granted 25
April 1978)

"Institute of Chartered
Secretaries and

"University of C201

"University of

"Imperial College of
Science, Technology
and Medicine"

Since 1985 called Royal

Holloway and Bedford
New College. Now
governed by Royal
Holloway and Bedford
New College Act 1985

"Royal Marsden

"Royal Institution of
Naval Architects"

"Royal Society of
"The Scout Association"

"King Edward VII

"Royal Zoological
Society of Scotland"

Merged with The C221

Institute of Mining and
Metallurgy (C329) on
Merged with Institute of C329
Materials, Minerals and
Mining (C363) on

"School of Oriental and

African Studies"
"The Society for the C97
Promotion of Nature

"The Royal Society for

Nature Conservation"

"Royal Society of
Wildlife Trusts"

"Commonwealth War
Graves Commission"

"Royal Hospital for


"Swansea University"

"Chartered Society of
Surrendered 24/2/1948

14 December 2005 The C147

Institution of
Incorporated Engineers
and The Institution of
Electrical Engineers
merged to become "The
Institution of Engineering
and Technology" (now

Forestry Association"
"Cotton Research
"Institute of Cast Metals

"Royal Over-Seas

"Royal Incorporation of
Architects in Scotland"
"St John's School C528
"University College of C538
Estate Management" C240
"Toc H"
"The Guide Association"
"Royal British Legion"

"Royal Shakespeare

"Royal Shakespeare

'The Soldiers, Sailors, C141

Airmen and Families
Association - Forces

"Lady Margaret College,


"Royal College of

Surrendered 22/06/1988

"Chartered Institute of
Logistics and Transport"


"Royal College of
Nursing of the United

Royal London
Homoeopathic Hospital

"British Standards
Royal Institute of Public
Health merged with
Royal Society for the
Promotion of Health and
petitioned for a new
charter of incorporation
under the name of The
Royal Society for Public
Health (11/6/2008)

"The Royal Society for

the Support of Women
of Scotland"
(30/03/2015) C653

"King Edward ViII's C54

Hospital (Sister Agnes)"


"University of Wales C447

College of Medicine"

(Merged with University

of Wales, Cardiff under
the University of Wales,
Cardiff Act 2004 (see

"Agricultural & Food

Research Council"
"Royal Postgraduate
Medical School"

"Royal Australian
Chemical Institute"

"Westfield College, C341

University of London"
Surrendered - 2/8/1989
Surrendered - 2/8/1989 C294


"Royal Academy of

"Royal Free Hospital

School of Medicine"
"NABC - Clubs for Young

In 1994 split in three: C159

The Arts Council of
Scottish Arts Council
Arts Council of Wales
(1) Institute of Energy
(6 February 1979)

(2) Institute of Energy

merged with Institute of
Petroleum now called
"Energy Institute"
(8th May 2003)

"University of the West

(1) "Royal National C418
Institute for the Blind"

(2) "Royal National

Institute of the Blind"

(3) "Royal National

Institute of Blind People"

"University of Keele"

"Royal Alfred Seafarers'


"University of Leicester"

"Sri Lanka Red Cross 27/11/1951

Surrendered 17/10/2012 7/5/1952

Surrendered 22/06/1988 25/8/1952

1985 Merged with Kings 12/1/1953

College London
20/1/1953 C102
"Royal College of
Radiologists" C273

"Ripon College

"University of
Manchester Institute of
Science and
Technology" and has
now changed to
"University of
"Chartered Institute of
Public Finance and

"Royal Town Planning


"Institute of Electronic
and Radio Engineers"

"University of Botswana,
Lesotho and Swaziland"

"Institution of

"The University of Kent" 4/10/2010 C388

"Science and
Engineering Research

"The Economic and C73

Social Research

"City, University of
"Brunel University C67

"University of Bath"


7/10/1969 C82
"Cranfield University" C183
Merged with Ulster C204
reincorporated as
University of Ulster on
In 1996 split to become C319
"The United Kingdom
Sports Council" and
"The English Sports
Also known as C339
Murray Edwards 14/6/2011
College, founded as
New Hall, University of
Expired 4th December C382
(1) "Chartered C318
Association of Certified

(2) "Association of
Chartered Certified

"The Chartered Institute C310

of Management
(1) "Institute of Metals" C363

(2) "Institute of

(3) "The Institute of

Materials, Minerals and

See C329 for history of


"The Legal Education C112
"The Chartered C172
Institution of Building
Services Engineers"
"The Chartered Society C446
of Designers"

"The Chartered Institute C409

of Bankers in Scotland"

Original Charter of 11 C84

June 1902 revoked on
30 July 1958
Surrendered C145
11 June 2008
''Society of Biology'' C435
(Amalgamation between C21
Royal Institute of
Chemistry and Chemical

See other references to

C21 for history


(1) "Engineering Council C536

(2) "The Engineering C548
"The Royal Academy of C522
"The Work Foundation" C514
Part of Lancaster
University in October
2010. No longer a
chartered body.

"Chartered Institute of C220

"Chartered Institute of C220
Environmental Health"
see entry at 28/7/1970 C204
(The New University of
Ulster) for further


Surrendered C583
(1) "Chartered Institute C487
of Bankers"

(2) "ifs School of


(3) "ifs University

(4) "The London Institute C401
of Banking
"The Royal &College
of C572
"Queen Mary University C294
of London"


"The Royal Star & Garter C610
Surrendered C617
"The Chartered Institute C393
of Procurement and

29/3/1994 C714
29/4/1994 C715
Surrendered 14/11/2007 C716

Charter revoked by the C723
Public Services Reform
(Scotland) Act 2010 -
30/3/1994 C722
"The Chartered Institute C377
of Taxation"

Surrendered C739

"The Principal, Fellows C674

and Students of Green
Templeton College in the
University of Oxford"


"Royal College of C690
Paediatrics and Child
22/8/1997 C661

6/3/1998 C777
6/7/1998 C753

14 December 2005 The C789
Institution of
Incorporated Engineers
and The Institution of
Electrical Engineers
merged to become "The
Institution of Engineering
and Technology" (C840)

7/1/2005 C850
19/9/2006 C616
31/3/2006 C856
14 December 2005 The C840
Institution of
Incorporated Engineers
and The Institution of
Electrical Engineers
merged to become "The
Institution of Engineering
and Technology" (now

23/11/2006 C475
23/11/2006 C862

1/12/2006 C846
15/12/2006 C863
22/2/2007 C865
27/3/2007 C872
27/3/2007 C901
2/4/2008 C861
4/10/2007 C877
10/12/2007 C866
10/12/2007 C833
"The Royal College of 20/2/2008 C822
Emergency Medicine" 30/6/2008 C864
24/6/2008 C871

23/10/2008 C907
4/11/2008 C881
2/9/2009 C582
4/9/2009 C904
9/10/2009 C880
9/10/2009 C913
15/2/2010 C917
7/12/2009 C124
11/3/2010 C915

27/4/2010 C919
17/6/2010 C923
24/6/2010 C914
16/6/2010 C903
4/10/2010 C920
22/9/2010 C918
18/11/2010 C927
11/3/2011 C926
24/4/2012 C928
5/10/2011 C884

6/9/2012 C496

20/4/2012 C916
30/1/2012 C122
30/1/2012 C707
5/9/2012 C933
4/9/2012 C868
Came into legal effect 1/11/2012 C768
20/12/2012 C749
"The Royal College of 14/3/2013 C809
Came into legal effect 28/3/2013 C752
Came into legal effect 10/6/2013 C947

26/7/2013 C951
19/8/2013 C956
6/9/2013 C731
10/10/2013 C952
2/12/2013 C943
19/5/2014 C946
1/11/2013 C912
21/7/2014 C805
17/1/2014 C758
12/12/2013 C963
31/3/2014 C853
23/5/2014 C970
3/6/2014 C929
22/9/2014 C540
2/16/2015 C969
1/4/2015 C934
Came into legal effect 31/12/2014 C708
1/5/2015 C968
25/8/2015 C973
10/9/2015 C852

11/9/2015 C962

13/4/2016 C876

17/11/2016 C436

25/11/2016 C842