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Data Ethics Canvas

What are your data Who has rights over your Whats your core purpose Who could be negatively Are you communicating
sources? data sources? for using this data? affected? potential risks/issues, if
Name and describe key data sources Where did you get the data from? e.g. is What is your primary use case, your Could the manner in which this data is
used in your project, whether youre it data produced by an organisation or business model? collected, shared, used cause harm? How are limitations and risks being
collecting them yourself or getting access data collected directly from individuals? Are you collecting more data than is be used to target, profile, prejudice communicated to people affected by
from third parties. Do you have permission or another basis needed for your purpose? people your project, and organisations using
on which youre allowed to use this data? unfairly restrict access (eg exclusive data?
What ongoing rights will the data source arrangements) What channels are you using?
have? Could people *perceive* it to be harmful?

Are there any limitations What policies/laws shape Do people understand your How are you minimising When is your next review?
in your data sources? your use of this data? purpose? negative impact? When will this Data Ethics Canvas be
Which might influence the outcomes of Data protection legislation, IP and If this is a project/use that could impact What steps can you take to minimise reviewed?
your project, like: database rights legislation, sector on people or more broadly shape/impact harm? Are there measures you could How will ongoing issues be monitored?
bias in data collection, inclusion, specific data sharing policies/regulation society, do people understand your take to reduce limitations in your data
algorithm (e.g. health, employment, taxation) purpose? sources? Could you monitor potential
gaps, omissions Sector specific ethics legislation? Has this been clearly communicated to negative impact to support mitigating
other sensitivities them? activities? What benefits will these
actions add to your project?

Are you going to be sharing this data with other organisations? Who will be positively How can people engage What are your actions?
If so, who?
affected by this project? with you? What steps are you going to take prior
What individuals, demographics, Can people affected appeal or request to moving forward with this project?
organisations? changes to the service? To what extent?
How will they be positively affected? Are the appeal mechanisms reasonable?
Do they know and understand how they
are positively affected? AUGUST 2017

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