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The main objective of this report is to discuss the PET polymer

product, and to recommend a technology for the production of PET resins. The two
materials discussed in details throughout the report are TPA and PET; these are
respectively the intermediate product and product of the recommended technology
which is Eastman and Eastman IntegRex. This recommendation is the result of an
evaluation that is done based on the weighted score method between the different

At the beginning general information about PET and TPA is displayed.

Then the production technologies which are divided into two parts, the first is
for the production of TPA from its various raw materials, then the production of
PET from TPA which are the polymerization technologies. PET Market studies shows
price and statistics for the international and local market, and the availability
of the raw materials in Egypt, accordingly recommending a working capacity. Finally
the details of the evaluation and the recommendation are discussed with the result
of Eastman and Eastman IntegRex as the
recommended technology.