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 5+ Years of experience as Oracle Applications DBA/Oracle DBA

& Demantra DBA
 Alone managed a large scale implementation of EBS, Siebel,
Demantra, ASCP, JDE & OBIEE together at a single client in a span
of 12 months. A first for any Oracle Customer worldwide!
 Full Life cycle implementation experience as Oracle Apps DBA and
Demantra DBA and consulting exposure. Alone can manage Oracle
Apps front in implementation Project.
 Knowledge of Real Application Clusters(RAC)
 Good in Shell scripting, PL/SQL programming and building &
designing alerts at various levels.
 Knowledge of Oracle10g Application Server and web
 Implemented SingleSignOn (SSO) for Ebiz and ASCP instances,
along with Demantra.


 Working as Oracle Apps DBA for Oracle India Pvt. Ltd.


 Oracle Certified Professional (Oracle Forms& Reports)

 Oracle Certified Associate (9iDBA track)

PROJECTS SUMMARY in Reverse Chronological Order

Client Name: Oracle India Pvt. Ltd..

Roles & Responsibilities:
Supporting more than 800 clients in 24*7 environments.
Responsible for making decisions in key configuration changes ,ranged from
small db parameter change to Apache Stabilization, performance review for
parameter changes.
Building shell scripts and automation tool s for client requirements.
Supporting Service requests of different kinds of customers.
Planning for changes, maintenance, patching and all kinds of outages.
Reducing the downtimes of production instances and preparing new scripts
when ever required.
Estimating downtimes for proper planned outages.
Supprting different client environments including RAC, DMZ, ASCP,
Demantra, SSL, SSO etc.
Client Name: Bajaj Electricals Ltd.
Implementing and integrating Oracle Applications Release12 with
Siebel,ASCP and Demantra.
Roles & Responsibilities:
 Alone, Implemented and Maintained the Oracle Apps DBA needs of
Deloitte India Consulting, Oracle Consulting, Bajaj Electricals Ltd,
Mumbai for Implementation Project for 1.3 Yrs.
 Alone managed a large scale implementation of EBS, Siebel,
Demantra, ASCP, JDE & OBIEE together at client in a span of 12
months. A first for any Oracle Customer worldwide!
 Installation and Configuration of Oracle Applications Release12 on
Sun SPARC Server.
 Responsible for Maintenance of Oracle Apps, Demantra,
ASCP(Planning) instances
 Automated most of the Daily monitoring tasks by writing Scripts.

 Configuring Notification mailers, custom Applications, DBA Alerts

 Responsible for availability of different kinds of services( reports,
forms, apache etc)
 Applied Various Patches for Oracle Applications like Rollup patches,
ReleaseUpdates, OPatches, localization patches etc
 Personalizing SystemAdministartor related forms for easy
maintenance (Form Personalization)
 Improving the Performance of Bulk Data loads. Benchmarking the
standard reports performance.
 Troubleshooting the Integrity problems of Demantra-Advanced
SupplyChain Planning and ASCP-Ebiz flow Integrity.
 Monitoring and improving the Demantra Engine Process.
 Database Upgradation.
 Configuring & Maintaining R12 instance on Sun Clusters.

Support Apps DBA for multiple clients

Versions supported: Oracle Apps 11i,12i:

 Installation & Configuration of Oracle Applications

 Disk Space Monitoring
 Service Monitoring
 Table space Management & Monitoring
 Check for Database Availability
 Monitoring the Database Growth
 Monitoring the Table space Growth
 Check for Chained Rows and take preventive measure
 Monitoring Lock events & Resolve them
 Monitoring Blocking sessions
 Backup & Recovery
 Performing Database Cloning
 Purging the trace files and log files regularly
 Finding Invalid Objects and Compiling them
 Monitor the sessions which are Consuming High Resources
 Patching at Database and Applications level including security
 Cloning Oracle Database & Oracle Applications
 Listener Load Balancing
 I/O Load balancing
 Tuning the Network
 Monitoring the Hit Ratios
 Rebuilding the Indexes when necessary
 Analyzing the Objects when necessary
 Gathering the Statistics when necessary
 Building Shell scripts when necessary
 Generating Reports when necessary
 Pinning the Required Objects for Performance improvement
Oracle Database Administrator – PAS Solutions
Version supported: Oracle9i,Oracle10g,Oracle Apps 11i

Providing Oracle Database Support for Production, development,

Preproduction instances(Oracle 9i and Oracle10g,Oracle Forms6i,Oracle

Brief Details about the activities:

Capacity planning, Analyzing the Performance of Queries, Applications,

Entire Database. Taking snapshots before and after performance
improvements. Resolving user errors, Monitoring the database, writing
procedures and database monitoring alerts

National Informatics Centre: Oracle Developer/DBA

Integrated Online Information Processing

Project title
Language/Tool Forms 6i and forms9i [D2k]
Development of forms & reports for
Description information exchange & integration of MCH
Client Municipal Corporation Of Hyderabad
Team size 6
Duration 12 months[oct 2005- oct 2006]
Responsible for designing & testing the
application including Jr DBA tasks like
installations, Backup & Recovery, Data
Refreshes, code movement (techno DBA )
Technical Skills:

 Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, Windows

 Database: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g,11g
 Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Core JAVA, Adv JAVA, J2EE
 Front End: Oracle Forms Developer, Oracle Reports Developer
 Tools & Utilities: Import/Export, Sqlloader, DBVerify, TkProf,
OEM, Toad, logminer, RMAN,SQL Developer
 Oracle ERP Versions: 11i,12.0.X,12.1.1