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Directions:Make a PEST analysis and SWOT analysis on the case of Mr. Reyes, Sole proprietor of a small computer shop.
Give at least three examples in each.

Mr. Reyes is the sole proprietor of a small computer shop located at the
corner of West Avenue and EDSA in Quezon City. From a current capacity
of 30 computer desktops, he is thinking of expanding his business by
doubling the number of his computer desktops. Presently, he is
maintaining five employees, which include three trained computer
assistants, an administrative assistant who also works as accountant, and a
utility person who makes sure the office is always kept clean and orderly.
The business operates from 8am to 10pm. A security personnel whom he
has a contracted from an agency safeguards the computer shop.
PEST Analysis
Political Factors Economic Factors Sociocultural Factors Technological Factors

1. Mr . Reyes must comply to laws 1. Mr. Reyes must monitor any 1. Young people are more adept in 1. There is an increasing use of
on business permit within the changes in prescribed minimum use of computers. Thus, it is computers for playing online
city or municipality. wage in the region that will strategic for Mr.Reyes to targer games .
affect the compensation of more youth in his market.
workers if he thinking of hiring
additional staff.

2. Mr .Reyes must comply to 2. Mr . Reyes must monitor the 2. More people visit computer 2. There is an increasing use of
copyright law regarding the use wage of apartment he will use if shops during evening. Thus it is computers for academic
of licensed computer software . he expand his computer shop. advisable that Mr.Reyes open learning .
his shop up to 10pm

3. Mr. Reyes must comply sanitary 3. Mr .Reyes should know amount 3. Young people specially young 3. New softwares are develop for
or fire permit within the city or of computer if his thinking on boys who always play computer educational purposes .
municipality having more that 30 units of games. Mr Reyes should know
computer the population of boys who
playing computer games in that
area so all the player can play .
SWOT Analysis
The Internal Environment of a Firm (Mr. Reyess Computer Shop)
Strength Weaknesses

1. Mr.Reyes has 3 trained assistant 1 assistant that also a accountant and 1 utility 1. Mr.Reyes should have more assistant so all the costumer will be
person also he has a security guard. accommodated

2. Mr. Reyes computer shop has 30 units and if ever he will expand the shop to 2. If ever Mr.Reyes expand his computer shop he should avoid to make customers
have more computer to use . wait .

3. Mr.Reyes computer shop has high quality computer for gaming and school 3. If ever Mr.Reyes expand his computer shop he should make sure that the
purposes. source of internet is capable in all computer.

The External Environment of a Firm (Mr. Reyess Computer Shop)

Opportunities Threats

1. Opportunities on getting services that can be offered to he customers by 1. The possible obstacle that Mr.Reyes will face is when his computer shop is
Mr.Reyes shop. popular and he will start receiving death threats in other competitors.

2. Opportunities for services by Mr.Reyes shop such as selling computer parts. 2. The possible obstacle that Mr.Reyes will face is when he dont have enough
fund to continue the business

3. Freebies for all always on Mr.Reyes shop such as having plus hour in using 3. If ever Mr.Reyes computer shop staffs is change how they treat the costumers.