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1. Usually businesses of the same industry converts into franchise.

Owner of the franchise has

almost all control of business aspects such as uniform of a worker, decoration etc. He writes a set
of rules that every individual business working under franchise must follow.

2. If I would about to start a business, I wouldnt buy franchise, because operating costs are too
high and I wouldnt have any impact on some important aspects of my vision how that business
should work.

3. I would buy it from no-name company because by doing that I get impresion of how good or
bad is that food / coffee. On the other hand, if I should buy something more important or more
expensive, I would buy well-known franchise because of its affirmations.

4. Pros / cons of global franchise

Pros. The advantages of such a conversion can be many. You can achieve significant marketing
advantages by being associated with a brand that has regional or national top of mind awareness,
and there is usually a common marketing fund used to drive brand recognition and customer
growth. In addition, you can probably achieve significant purchasing power savings by being
associated with a large system that has much better bargaining power than an independent operator.
Finally, you can take advantage of an operating system tested and proven by many other operators
to produce the highest possible level of success from the business.

Cons. The disadvantages to the operator converting to a franchise usually relate to two factors:
fees and operational flexibility. A franchise system is probably going to require a converting
franchisee to pay both initial and ongoing fees. These fees represent expenses that you do not have
as an independent operator, and you need to be confident that the increased projected revenue, cost
savings or profitability associated with being a franchise will more than offset the fee costs, or this
conversion may not be in your best interests. In addition to fees, a franchise system typically has
many rules in terms of how the franchise business must be run. Since you can conduct your
business in any manner you choose in an independent business, you need to make sure you're
comfortable giving up this total freedom to abide by the operating rules of the franchisor.

5. If I could choose, I would set up Paypal in our country, because by enabling Paypal payments,
our business could sell more services and products and get paid by world-wide affirmed paying

6. On this question it all depands on amount of money needed. If it is a small loan, I would loan
money from my friends. Advantage of borrowing from bank is that you can get bigger amount of
money. Disadvantage is bigger payroll of credit, danger of losing business if you dont pay credit
etc. Advantage of borrowing from friends is that you dont pay any extra rate on that loan, and
they will not take away any of your property, as well as more casual date until you should payoff
friend. Disadvantage is that if you fail and you cant give them back their money it can lead to
breaking friendships in worst-case-scenario.
7. I see my future self working in port customs, considering port of Bar advances and puts itself
on maritime-trading map. It is very hard to find good job in our field because places are mostly
field up, and there is very little room for newcomers.

8. I do really enjoy doing new things because on that way I can see if I am capable of things I
didnt know if I could or coludnt. By getting that experiance, I learn more about myself and my
capabilities. Enterpreneur is a person or individual which independently or in group is doing
entrepreneurship activity. In most cases he / she has an idea which he succeed to convert to
successful business.

9. Most important thing for me is salary, because it defines what you can afford or do in private
life. After that, next on the list is free time that you have for simply living your life and getting
things done.

10. Yes, there is. I think that competition is must-have characteristic because it makes each and
every of us to give best of ourselfes, in order to gain respect and beat the other guy. Thats the
reason why all sports exist and it shows us, why it is good on most simplyfied way possible.