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Our mission is to provide a Christ-

Sept 13, 2017

centered quality education to prepare
Issue 573
students to be life-long servant


As Days
Hello Parents,
School safety is important to us at MVCA and staff training for fire procedures,
emergency protocol and even intruder preparation has been a priority for us. The
entire staff was trained in CPR, using an AED and in First Aid the week before
school began. Because the entire staff is now certified, we are in the process of apply-
ing for grants to fund an AED machine for our school. If you would like to assist in
this process or contribute to this effort, please contact the office for more infor-
mation. Providing qualified safety training, locking our doors and having visitors sign Friday Hot Lunch
in are small but important ways we can provide a safe environment for our students
and staff to learn and grow. Spaghetti & Pumpkin
We are planning for Parent/Teacher conferences in two weeks to connect with each Bars
family about student progress, class expectations and adjust as needed to assure stu-
dent engagement and success in the classroom. We value this time to communicate
well with each family and need you to be involved in this area. See the office to sign
up for a 25 minute meetings with your childs teachers. Some sessions will be with
groups of staff to be efficient with our time and maximize our meeting time. Please
plan to join us on Friday, September 29th for this important day. If you need more
time with a specific teacher, please arrange that individually with them at a convenient
time for both of you.

Could you possibly help MVCA in being intentional about developing lifelong serv-
ant leaders? Do you know of a church or individuals that could use some assistance
this fall? We are looking for opportunities to serve our communities and once a
month, we plan to serve in the Mission Valley in a tangible way. We are reaching out A BIG thank you to
to churches but could use your help in making sure we are serving in the areas where
help is most needed. If so, please contact the office and thanks for considering help- the Shipley/Fisher
ing us be great servant leaders in our community.
family for providing
There are many opportunities to serve your PIP requirements at MVCA. Helping
with Friday's hot lunch, joining PTA or helping clean on weekends are just some of hot lunch! A BIG
the ways to complete your hours needed. Please contact the office if you have other
ways you would like to serve and we will do our best to have you serve in your areas thank you to the
of strength. We deeply appreciate having you involved with our school and when
your children see you serving, it is a great example of modeling the servant leadership Stene family for
we so value. Thanks for investing in a Christ centered quality education developing
lifelong servant leaders. providing dessert!
Christian Bumgarner - MVCA Director
September 2017
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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday PTA Meeting 12:30 Soccer
Mrs. Larivee
Plains @ MVCA 11:00
Mr. B! Board Meeting 5:15
T Falls @ MVCA 2:00

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Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Soccer
Katy Brookman Cody Larivee Summit @ MVCA MVCA vs MT Acad.
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School Pictures are next Monday September 18th.. We will be

transporting the students to the fishing access, just across the
street from the school on the lake side. There is beautiful Milk Cards are available-
foliage to make a nice backdrop! We will start right after
chapel. Please turn in you childs picture order with $10 by $19.50 for eight weeks.
Monday. Thank you!
Training servant
leaders for our
community and our
world, one student at
a time!
We have opportunity for serving here at MVCA.
Please consider a few immediate needs: This year Jodi Windauer is leading our community ser-
vice program. We have scheduled once a month to take
Providing hot lunch: Cleaning the School:
Sept. 22nd our upper school students to area locations ( churches,
Most weekends are open
Oct. 6th elderly folks & people in need). If you know of a local
Nov. 17th need please let Jodi or Mr. B know.
PTA President
Dec. 8th Monday September 18th will be our
Jan. 26th
first community service project of the
Feb 2nd , 9th, 23rd
March 9th year. 7th 12th grade students will be
April 6th,13th, 20th, 27th helping an elderly couple stack fire
May 18th wood and do some yard clean up.
Please have you child bring work
Providing dessert: gloves, work clothes and a water bottle.
Sept. 22nd ,28th The weather forecast is for rain so dress accordingly.
Oct. 13th , 27nd
Nov. 2nd, 10th ,17th Calendar for community service:
Dec 8th Oct 16 Feb 26
Jan 5th,12th, 26th Nov 6 March 19
Feb. 2nd, 9th, 15th, 23rd Dec 11 April 16
March 9th,16th, 22nd Jan 15 May 7
April 27th
May 4th,11th,18th

Please join us for a time of prayer every Tuesday morning

from 8:15-8:45. We meet in Mr. Bs office. This is a time to
cover MVCA, the staff, families and students in prayer.
Consider these quotations on prayer:

Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire? Corrie ten Boom
The greatest tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer.F.B. Meyer

This one puts a smile on my face:

When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I dont, they dont.William Temple
Prayer is the nearest approach to God and the highest enjoyment of Him that we are capable
of in this life. William Law
When the devil sees a man or woman who really believes in prayer, who knows how to pray, and who really does pray, and, above all,
when he sees a whole church on its face before God in prayer, he trembles as much as he ever did, for he knows that his day in that
church or community is at an end. R.A. Torrey
If we substitute the word school for the word church in the last quote, we make it directly and appropriately applicable to our settings.
When the devil sees a whole school on its face before God in prayer, he knows his day of influence at that school is coming to an end.
Excerpt from an ACSI letter written by Debi Miller, Regional Director
The Thrivent Member Network - Northwest and Montana PBS Kids Club welcome
you to attend a special art and fundraising event for children of all ages.
Friday October 13, 7:00 pm @MVCA.
Join us for a Charlie Russell-themed childrens painting activity and
brief lesson on background and foreground that will be approximately
an hour long. Program designed for ages 5 - 12 years but all are wel-
This childrens lesson will include using different Charlie Russell piec-
es to identify the various elements within a painting. The children will start out painting together to create a background
using a wet-on-wet method. While allowing the background to dry, each child will create their own element of the fore-
ground that will then be glued onto the dried background to create a collaborative final piece that will be displayed at
the movie screening night. We will be introducing the MVCAs Envelope Fundraiser! By filling envelopes numbered 1-
200 with the value on the front ($37 in the envelope numbered 37, $152 in the envelope numbered 152, etc.) would
help us raise $20,000! It is amazing to be able to see how every dollar counts.
This is event is free to families but tickets are required:
event-tickets-37286806843?aff=eac2 Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

On the Sunday before school, the MVCA high school girls played hostess to the girls moving up into
ninth grade at a very special event. Actually, it may very well come to be called MVCA's Girls' First
Annual Welcome-to-High-School Tea Party. If you ask any of the girls how the event went for them,
you will hear much the same answers: Claire, Nayeli, Ellie and Devyn all said, "It was fun!" Lexi and
Kinsey said, "I liked being able to talk to my friends that I have not seen all summer!" It was also a
special time of seeing Addi and Destiny. And of course, Bella said it well when she shared, "Dressing
up is my absolute favorite thing to do!", a sentiment shared by several of the girls. If you will note, in
the photo, they all looked quite lovely! And Devyn summed up the day, when
she said, "It was pretty quiet at first, but then people started talking and sharing
fun stories". Jesse enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of the high school girls.
Many delicious delicacies were shared together with such an assortment of fancy
teas! But watch out! There may be more Tea Parties to come! Thank you to all
the families that were supportive and to the girls for enjoying preparing such artis-
tically arranged foods and for creating such lovely decorations! And we praise the
Lord that he answered our prayers: that we could all enjoy one another and get
to know each other in new ways. ----Mrs. Dawson