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Historical Society Incorporated

MayJune 2017
Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor
No. 87

Guest Speakers, and Future Society Auckland Heritage Festival 2017

Meetings for 2017
This will run from September 30 to October 14 this
Contact Alison Turner, 825-0300, if you have any year.
suggestions for our Guest Speakers schedule for next
year. Avondale Library is planning displays on the theme of
Rosebank and the Whau River. Theyve asked me to
Upcoming speakers: give a talk, at 10.30 am 30 September, on the Avon-
June 3 dale Public Halls 150th anniversary.
William Mutchrailways
Aside from that, we will have 7 Octobers Heritage
August 5 Conversations replacing our usual meeting.
Brief meeting, then a visit to Te Toi Uku ceramics
museum in New Lynn. My other talks (just in case anyone wonders why Ill
be a bit out of touch this coming festival!) will be:
October 7
No usual meetingreplaced by a SpeakersAfternoon: 4 October, 10.30Blockhouse Bay Library, a talk on
Lorraine Wilson on Food in World War II, and the Kosy Cinema.
David Wong on Chinese in Auckland (this will hopefully
be a Heritage Festival Event) 6 October, 11 am Pt Chevalier Library, a talk on the
Dixieland Cabaret

Whau Local Board 11 October, 12 middayAuckland Central Library, a

talk on Te Waihorotiu, Queen Streets lost waterway
(aka the Ligar Canal).
Not much to report back to you this time around. I did
an impromptu approach to the board via the Public
Forum spot at their April meeting to advise that, in pre-
paring the text for their area local plan, it would be good A foster home in 19th century
if they didn't refer to the four heritage organisations in Avondale
their area as groups (AWHS, the West Auckland
Historical Society, Blockhouse Bay HS and the New
Lynn Protection Society are all incorporated). The More to come on this, but last month, I was
Board meant no disparagement by using the groups contacted by someone who wanted to know where her
term it was just a generic one. ancestor lived in 19th century Avondale. This is some-
thing that is hard to pin-point, unless the person owned
land and had a title or deed to it, because rates records
The April Cinema Outing arent available before the 920s except in patches of
periods, and the likes of Wises Directories didnt both-
er with our streets until virtually the 1910s.
This was very successful and enjoyed by those who
popped along to Ryders Cinema last month. Well done However, it appears the ancestor, Samuel Albert
to Alison Turner who did the organising! Nelmes, rented a large house somewhere near the rail-
way station (I suspect, at the moment, the future site of
Himikera Avenue) and took in children of unwed
mothers for money to look after them while the
Next meeting of the mothers worked elsewhere. Ill put things together for
Avondale-Waterview Historical Society: an upcoming Journal article, but its amazing what
at St Ninians, St Georges Road, Avondale comes out of seemingly ordinary enquiries from the
SATURDAY, 3 June 2017, 2.00 pm public.

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