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7th Grade Art

Course Description:

7th Grade Art will provide students the opportunity to explore

various visual art forms and techniques in a basic foundations
class through the elements and principles of art and design.
Students will be introduced to a variety of media through two-
dimensional and three- dimensional approaches to creating and
responding to visual arts.

Supply lists
1 ream copy paper (to use for making
1 high polymer white eraser
1 pack #2 pencils
1 poster board (for portfolio)

- all projects may be adjusted or changed as needed
- all projects are scheduled to take up to two weeks to Art Room Donation Suggestions
complete ~*~
Journal making Disinfecting Wipes
Drawing basics Gallon size Ziploc bags
Working with Line Dry Erase markers
Color Theory
Plastic cups 8 oz
Value Study
Figurative Art Paper Plates
Sculpture 18 table-top easels
Expressive Portrait Sharpies (fine, ultrafine, all colors)
8x10 canvas boards
Art of Different Cultures
Perspective Drawing Sculpting or clay tools
Mixed Media 40 tray art drying rack
Living Art Show and Report Any and all art supplies

Olivia Green (Ms.Green)

801-785-9019 ext 242 or 419