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Collaborative Games Lesson # 4 Date: March 10, 2017

Lesson Title:

Emelie Comtois Physical Education 5/6

Name: Subject: Grade(s):

Rationale: (lesson context and reasons why lesson matters)

It is important to budget time each day towards physical activity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Team building games are valuable
as movement and reflection can be integrated and developed.

Curriculum Connections :

Big Ideas
Daily physical activity enables us to practice skillful movement and helps us develop personal fitness.

Curricular Competency
Develop and apply a variety of fundamental movement skills in a variety of physical activities and environments.
Develop and demonstrate safety, fair play, and leadership in physical activities.

Movement concepts and strategies.
How to participate in different types of physical activities including individual and dual activities, rhythmic activities, and games.

Learning Intentions Activity Assessment

I can play together with others, while Play Power Dragon and a game of their Engagement, movement, and
learning collaborative strategies. choice. participation levels.

Prerequisite Concepts and Skill :( for student success)

- Collaborative, listening, thinking, and communication skills
- Ability to partake in discussions

Materials and Resources with References/Sources:

For Teacher For Students

Game rules, questions, adaptations Gym shoes / clothes

Balls if they want to play Last Man Standing

Differentiated Instruction (DI): (accommodations)

- Adjust difficulty based on success rate (simpler or more complex)

- Allow students to sit out for a minute to catch breath or have a break before re-entering activities
- Be prepared to show a demo for greater understanding if needed

Organizational/Management Strategies: (anything special to consider?)

- If you can hear me, touch your ___

- Whistle: 1 blow - stop and listen, 2 blows - stop drop & sit
- [My] back to the wall

Possible Aboriginal Connections / First Peoples Principles of Learning and

Plan for Experiential Learning

- support hands on learning and risk taking
- provide opportunities for reflective thinking
Lesson Activities:
Teacher Activities Student Activities pacing

Introduction (hook/motivation/lesson overview)

Instant Activity
- with partner, gallop to touch all 4 walls, 2 footed Link arms with a partner (gallop, jump, touch elbows 2/3
jump over 3 lines, touch elbows down on another down) mins

Body (lesson flow/ management)

Power Dragon Listen to instructions

- gather around to give instructions Form groups 10 mins
- groups of 4-6 Play a few rounds of Power Dragons (switch roles
- head, knight, tail each time)
- Who do you lean on for support when youre under Think about and talk with a partner about support
pressure? systems question

Come in together and choose another game to play Contribute choices, vote 15 mins

Closure ( connections within lesson or between

lessons, sharing successes, summaries)

Ticket out the door Think about and tell a partner how they will stay 2/3
What is a thing you will do to stay active over March active over the break mins

Reflections: (over)

- Engagement and participation levels

- Question responses
- Instruction and demo techniques and next steps