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The slow-down circuit consists of the top three gates, R3, D1, C2, R4 and C3.
Sw1 is pressed for a brief period.
This charges the 47u and the 1u is charged via the 100k.
The voltage on the 1u rises until it puts a HIGH on input pin 11.
This puts a LOW on pin 2 and the voltage on the 1u drops until the voltage on pin 11 is a LOW.
The voltage fluctuates at about half rail voltage as it puts a HIGH and LOW on Pin 11. It is charged by
the 100k and discharged by the 10 and diode.
The HIGH on pin 2 allows the 1u to charge via the 100k and this gradually reduces the voltage on the
As the voltage on the 47u falls, the time taken to charge the 1u increases and creates the slow-down
effect. Eventually the voltage on the 1u is not enough to put a HIGH on Pin 11 and the circuit freezes.