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Complete Repertory 2017 revision I, June/July 2017

For this release a lot of internal make up has been checked. Some sources of the additions
where re-located, looking as if there were none.
Several translations have been updated, mainly German, Dutch, some Bulgarian, French.

Some statistics:
Rubrics 231294
Rubrics with remedies 204516
Pure cross references 288574
total sources 5654012
total single additions 2600687
# of remedies 2540
# of sources 4260

Some new sources have been added, next to the now finished work on the additions from the
Homeopathic Recorder. Plan is for more contemporary sources in the 2e half of this year.

New literature added:

author id title

Olenev D 1427 Nosodes, Homeopathy and Autism Homeopathy for

2005 partially added Clinical, cured
Lacombe J 1428 A homeopathic approach to autism 2015 partially
added Clinical, cured
Ash Sima 1428 Homeopathic remedies for autism spectrum disorder Natural
Health 365 2013 partially added Clinical, cured
Herscu P 212 Stramonium 2015 partially added Clinical, cured
Sleight B H B 1429 Proving of Parthenium hysterophorus Homoeopathic Recorder
01 73 1886 completely added Provings
Renoux H 1430 Morpho menelaus occidentalis 2009 completely added
Stoschitzky M 1431 Crataegus oxyacantha Bekanntes Arzneimittelbild und Nachprfung
Documenta homoeopathica 1992 completely added Provings
Feltes E & Neuhoefer O 297 Acherontia atropos, Totenkopfschwrmer 2000
completely added Provings
Knig P & Knig D 1432 Arzneiprfung Agaricus phalloides 2005 completely added
Vervarcke A 652 Falco peregrinus: Let me out of room or I will explode! Australian
Journal of Homoeopathic Medicine Dec. 38 2009 completely added Clinical,
Vervarcke A 652 High in sky Homeopathic Heritage 34 2006 partially
added Clinical, cured
author id title

Wichmann J &Bergische Homopathie Schule 1433 Betula alba Arzneimittelprfung

2007 completely added Provings
Wedemeyer T 1434 Bacillus Gaertner (Bach) 2006 completely added Clinical,
Wedemeyer T 1434 Bacillus Morgan (Bach) 2006 completely added Clinical,
Gisevius F 543 ber Prostata-Leiden Berliner homoeopathische Zeitschrift 29
234 1910 partially added Clinical, cured
Blackwood A L 100 Cases from Dr. Blackwood's Clinic Clinique 31 349
1910 partially added Clinical, cured
Kahlke C E 1435 Hypertrophy of prostate Clinique 26 166 1905
partially added Clinical, cured
Renoux H 1430 Proving of Sequoiadendron giganteum 2008 completely added
Kranz-Busch M F 1437 Die Solaneen, eine vergleichende pharmakologische Studie
Allgemeine Homeopatische Zeitung 160 345 1912 partially added Toxicology
Phytotherapy, herbal
Clinical, cured
Mangialavori M 231 Solanaceae and related remedies Homeopathic Links 21
104 2008 partially added Clinical, cured
Rowe T & Desert Institute School of Classical Homeopathy 264 A Proving of Helix tosta
2010 completely added Provings
Melo C L 318 Beryllium nitricum for social fobia http:// 2010 completely
added Clinical, cured
Aralia quinquefolia, Ginseng 1438 University of Michigan Society of Drug Provers
1905 completely added Provings
Dewey W A 78 Resume and therapeutic field of Ginseng 1905 completely added
Clinical, cured
Murphy R 223 Keynote Materia Medica 2015 partially added Clinical,

Roger van Zandvoort, author/editor

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