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Another day is given for us to reap the fruits of the young minds labor

through the 2nd quarter awarding ceremony. Thus, I am extending my warmest

congratulations to the students for their perseverance to achieve their goals of
getting good grades and being able to participate well in classroom and school
activities. Also, the recognition should be rightfully given to the parents and
guardians who continue to be the guiding light and supporters of their children for
without your hardships and love towards your children, they would have not
gained the success they are celebrating today.

Let me also grab this chance to give my gratefulness to the parents and the
PTA officers of NLNCHS with Mr. Winefredo Salazar as the president, for the huge
help, support and time shared to the school especially during the Division Level
YES-O Camp held in our institution. Words are not enough to express how much
we appreciate the hand that you have given us during the said activity. You
willingly helped us and took part in preparing our school as well as in addressing
the needs of the participants. You did not let us down during the time when we
needed you most. You answered our call for help and for these, I can proudly say
that NLNCHS is blessed to have kind and considerate stakeholders. Thank you very

Lastly, I would like to encourage all students to use every learning and
experience in school whether through books and activities or real-life lessons as a
challenge for you in building a bright future. Concepts from books, achievements
and recognitions will just be worthless if they remain written on paper. There true
essence is realized when you apply them in your daily life. Therefore, students,
may you be smart not only because your grades or report cards say so but
because you live up to the things that you have gained in school. To the parents do
not get tired in giving the needs of your children. Whoever they become and
whatever they have are products of what we have done for them. With these, let
me tell you good job and God bless!

Celebrating the 80th birthday of a person means commemorating 8 decades

of experiences, milestones, achievements, challenges and gifts. More than a
celebration, it is also a proof of how God loved such person to allow him to
witness his hair turn to silver from gold, his gentle skin into a testimony of years of
dedication and the occurrence of lines on the face signifying knowledge turned
into wisdom. Certainly, our 80th birthday is bonus, an inexpensive highlight in
ones life.

We are, therefore, fortunate to be given this opportunity to see and join the
merry-making the friends and family of the woman of the hour. Our birthday
celebrator is known to me as a God-fearing and religious woman. She is a
compassionate woman and has a heart for everyone that she empathizes with the
people around her whether they are in joy or in need. She also maintains a
healthy lifestyle which is shown by her beauty that glows so that it is just right to
say that she aged gracefully. She is a very determined soul who also strived hard
to ensure that her family is well-provided and that all of her children are sent to
school. She may have achieved much but she remained humble and for that she is
continued to be blessed not only of material things but by the love, happiness and
contentment that she enjoys these days. Today, as she celebrates her 80 th
birthday, let us all gather around, raise our glasses and whisper our well wishes to
the birthday celebrator as she enters the halls of this room. Ladies and gentlemen,
the ever marvelous and glowing _____________________________!


To have a keep a remembrance of this beautiful memory, the celebrator will

be hopping from one table to another for the photo shoot, we will start with table
no. 1, the supportive and loving __________________

Table 2, next, we have the ever caring and thoughtful


Table 3, the kind-hearted and amiable __________________________

Table 4, the devoted and friendly _____________________

(other adjectives: gracious, generous, happy, fun-loving, humble)


At this moment, we shall have a special number prepared by

_________________. Friends, let us give them a warm round of applause!


It is quite hard to imagine celebrating a birthday without birthday gifts. For

as far as you can remember, gifts are always involved during birthdays. Whether
the celebrant is a family member, a friend or someone you regard dearly, it has
been considered proper etiquette for us to give them birthday gifts on their
special day. We go through great lengths just to get them the best possible
present for their birthday. We try our best to find out what the recipient wants by
knowing his or her current interests and needs. Then we spend hours, or even
days trying to get our hands on the perfect gift by searching one mall after
another or from online gift stores. But today, instead of giving gifts to the
celebrator, she will be the one to share her blessings to you instead, through a
raffle draw.


Words spoken and emotions felt have a long-lasting effect that our hearts
keep them as long as we live. Thus, to ensure that the celebrator will always
cherish her 80th bday, let us remind her of how special she is to us. Let us have the
messages from the family of the Celebrator, starting with her


For sure our celebrator is overwhelmed of how wonderful her 80 th birthday

has been. Let us now give the floor to her for her message. Please give her a big


To express the familys gratefulness for how things turned out today, let us
call on ___________________, the eldest daughter of _______________ for her
words of acknowledgment.