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Our chosen genre is rock, the music video I have cho-

sen to analyse based on Andrew Goodwins theory is

Face Down by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, an
American rock band. The band create songs within
the sub-genres of Post-hard-core rock, Pop Punk and
Alternative Rock.
It is important to highlight the technical codes as often everything
that is done in a music video such as lighting, slow motion and cam-
era movement is done for a reason. In this video, there is a lot of
It is easy to promote a band through their music videos and this is done through mak- camera movement, this may be because the genre is rock and a lot
ing the band the stars of the music video and giving them more screen time, there of movement can come across as being aggressive which is some-
are also many close-ups of the band members individually throughout the video. An- thing commonly associated with the rock genre.
other aim of this is to show off the rock star lifestyle. Also, fans may aspire to be like
the band members and the only way they can see how they act/what they do is
through the way they are shown in their videos.

The whole song is based upon a women in an abusive rela-

tionship with a man. The video for Face Down strongly
portrays the songs narrative. At the beginning a women
There are segments where it has been cut to the beat (thought beats) however this isnt enters her home and reveals bruises on her body. She picks
consistent throughout the whole video. Though beats are thought of as almost seeing the up a shirt that belongs to her abuser and everything around
sounds. Cutting to the beat can help to engage the viewer and create rhythm and pace her begins to shatter and as she walks around her home
when listening to a song and watching the video at the same time. more household items break around her.