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Engine & Compressor

Diagnostic Services
Mechanical Condition & Performance Analysis - Work Scope
Visual Inspection Compressor End Analysis Power End Analysis

Review the operational and If an accurate TDC reference is Ultrasonic and Vibration vs. Crank-
maintenance history of the unit available and indicator valves are angle will be used to determine all
Visually identify instrumentation and installed, the analyst will measure the event angles and identify deficiencies
accessory deficiencies horsepower being consumed in each related to intake, exhaust and fuel
Using infrared equipment, record end of each cylinder, add the valves; pistons, liners, rings, wrist
important temperatures where appropriate parasitic and accessory pins, bushings and bearings.
instrumentation is not available loads and provide the customer with a Deficiencies will be identified related
Using Ultrasonic translator equipment, total BHP load and torque for the unit. to valve timing, cam and actuating
identify all compression leaks around components, valve lash, etc.
spark plugs, head gaskets, fuel valves The suction and discharge volumetric
and pre-combustion cells; fuel leaks; efficiencies, flow rate, theoretical If indicator valves are installed,
air and process leaks including temperatures, clearances and pressure will be measured at each
packing, valve caps, unloaders, horsepower will be measured or degree of crankshaft rotation,
recycle, bypass and blow-down calculated as appropriate. The analyst developed horsepower will be
valves will compare the measured data to measured and the unit balance will be
these calculations and this comparison, measured. The pressure information
The analyst will listen and look for along with measured valve cap is a valuable performance indicator
abnormalities in the normal operation of temperatures, vibration and ultrasonic and can add valuable information to
the unit and use these notes to help vs. crank-angle patterns, will allow the the mechanical condition analysis
focus and direct the analysis process. analyst to pinpoint performance process. Complete statistical
If conditions indicate, the analyst will deficiencies related to design or information will be gathered.
use the spectral vibration capability of mechanical deficiencies.
the analysis equipment to check for Many high speed engines have no
excessive skid, frame and cylinder If indicator valves are installed in the provisions for indicator valves. Little
movement. cylinder suction and discharge cavities, separation between cylinders and a
valve power losses can be measured. high incidence of vibration cross-talk
Ignition System Analysis presents the opportunity to miss real
Vibration and Ultrasonic vs. Crank problems and mistakenly identify a
The analyst will gather statistical data Angle testing will be used to evaluate normal event as a deficiency. To
on the secondary ignition system to the frame components including reduce this problem, we utilize state of
determine accurate timing and crosshead components and bearings. the art digital, real time analysis
ionization voltage information and Pressure, Vibration and Ultrasonic vs. equipment allowing our analysts to
measure the secondary arc duration, Crank Angle will be used to evaluate visually see these cross-talk
arc voltage, rise time, ring-down rings, riders, valves and capacity relationships. In addition, our
voltage, arc slope, no combustion and control devices. Technical Services analysts have over
no arc events. 75 years of combined experience
On those cylinders equipped with testing units in this category.
The analyst will observe and record the indicator valves in both ends, static rod
real time expanded secondary patterns loads will be measured. If detailed
to determine if there are problems with reciprocating weights are available, the
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the spark plug wires, connections, dynamic rod loads will also be
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transformers and primary wiring. measured and graphed with a
calculation of available rod reversal in Web Site:
degrees of crankshaft rotation. E-mail:
Mechanical Condition & Performance Analysis - Work Scope (continued)
Reports Secondary Ignition Peak Voltage Priority coded Deficiency List with
and Timing Report (unshielded recommended corrective action
A complete report will be prepared ignition only) Plots of all data will be maintained in
and left on-site at the completion of Secondary Ignition Critical our database for future comparison.
the analysis visit. This report will Parameters Report (unshielded
include the following: ignition only) If requested, further evaluation and
Compressor Cylinder Performance presentation of the data will be
Power Cylinder Performance Report Report (if indicator valves are provided and invoiced at our normal
(if indicator valves are present) present) on-site hourly rate.
Manual Panel/Temperature Report

Optional Analysis Services

Reciprocating Engine and loose components or insufficient Exhaust Emissions Testing
Compressor Troubleshooting restraint and rigidity. The effect of Services
Analysis the piping and non-reciprocating on
and off-skid components will also Windrock offers a full range of exhaust
All of the analysts resources are be checked and specific emissions-related services. These
brought to bear in a systematic recommendations for repair will services are tailored specifically to the
approach to problem identification and be made. natural gas industry and its unique
rectification. The analysts task is to requirements for testing 2/4-stroke
gather as much factual data as Our standard analysis package spark-ignited engines and gas turbine
possible about the problem and deal includes a 4-channel spectrum drives.
with those facts objectively. Our analyzer capable of performing
simultaneous vibration and pressure Services Include:
analysts are extremely capable
reciprocating engine and compressor FFT calculations. EPA Title V Compliance testing
specialists and can provide the (EPA Methods 3A, 10, 18, 19, 20,
technical expertise necessary to get a Our analysts possess years of 25A, and 320)
unit up and running. reciprocating equipment experience, Pre-assessment Health Testing,
aiding them in separating the normal Diagnostic/Troubleshooting Services
Vibration & Pulsation Analysis reciprocating vibrations from the Consulting Services
abnormal vibrations. This is an Periodic Testing (NOx, CO, VOCs)
This analysis is directed toward attribute found in few rotational Mapping and Development of Control
identifying the causes of unacceptable vibration analysts. An additional report Coefficients (only available for slow
vibration levels in reciprocating engine charge is generally made for this type speed integral units)
and/or compressor packages. Our of testing. RATA Testing
experienced analyst will determine if Catalyst Testing
the unit has excessive engine or Ammonia Slippage Testing
compressor imbalance, coupling CEM Systems (Continuous
misalignment, cylinder stretch, Emissions Monitoring)
mechanical resonance, excessive Horsepower and Mechanical
pressure pulsations, mechanically Condition Testing

Travel Considerations Cost

Mileage and travel time charges will originate and end Let us provide you with a quote to solve your analysis
with either our Knoxville, TN; Tyler, TX; Morgantown, WV; needs. Our prices are very competitive and our analysts
or Indianapolis, IN Service Districts (depending on are among the most experienced in the industry.
Analyst availability).

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