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End Users Come Together to
Pick Winners of 23rd Annual
Readers Choice Awards

Controls readers come together to pick winners of

23rd Annual Readers Choice Awards
by Control staff
very single interaction between customer and supplier is an oppor- In addition, within Safety/Emergency Shutdown, Schneider was
tunity for providing good solutions. After awhile, these positive mo- a new winner in the Chemicals Manufacturing, Electric Power
ments really begin to add up. Generation, Oil & Gas Extraction and Petroleum Refining subcat-
Despite the huge effort and extreme consistency required, the best egories. Also, within the Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
vendors almost reflexively deliver useful products and services, and con- (SCADA) category, Schneider Electric was preferred in the Electric
tinually develop and release new improvements and innovations. Con- Power Generation, Oil & Gas Extraction, Pulp & Paper Manufac-
sequently, over months, years and decades, they methodically build turing and Water & Wastewater Processing subcategories. It seems
reputations for quality, and gain the elusive and precious trust of their that Schneiders acquisition is al-
customers in the process industries. ready paying technical dividends Continuous Regulatory Control
Many of those customers have again voted to determine the winners in the process industries. Emerson Process Management
2. Rockwell Automation
of Controls 2015 Readers Choice Awards. As usual, about 1,000 respon- Finally, within the Batch Pro- 3. Honeywell Process Solutions
dents weighed in on which suppliers provided the best products and cess Automation category, Em- 4. ABB
5. Yokogawa
services in the main process automation disciplines, primary process in- erson Process Management and 6. Schneider Electric
dustries and in nine overall product categories and 78 subcategories. Rockwell Automation switched 7. Siemens Industry
8. GE Intelligent Platforms
The respondents include both U.S.-based and international readers of places from last year in the Pulp
Controls print magazine and its website. Each was & Paper Manufacturing and Elec- Safety/Emergency Shutdown
Schneider Electric
allowed to vote for up to three vendors in each category and discipline, tric Power Generation subcatego- 2. Rockwell Automation
and then their first-, second- and third-place votes were weighted to yield ries, respectively. Also, ABB was a 3. Emerson Process Management
4. ABB
a rank of up to five top suppliers in each category. new winner in Continuous Regu- 5. Siemens Industry
Because of their technical preeminence and unflagging support, latory Controls Pulp & Paper sub- 6. Yokogawa
the suppliers ranked by responses to the Readers Choice Awards sur- category; Rockwell Automation 8. GE Intelligent Platforms
vey remain remarkably consistent year to year, even though changing took over in SCADAs Chemicals Batch Process Automation
groups of readers do the voting. Certainly, theres always some jock- Manufacturing and Metals, Ma- Rockwell Automation
2. Emerson Process Management
eying for position and minor reshuffling among vendors competing terials & Mining subcategories, as 3. ABB
in the categories and subcategories due to differing respondents and well as winning several other slots; 4. Siemens Industry
5. Schneider Electric
their shifting vendor experiences in the past year. However, tectonic and Honeywell was a new winner 6. Honeywell Process Solutions
shifts in the rankings typically only happen when large process auto- in SCADAs Petroleum Refining 7. Yokogawa
8. GE Intelligent Platforms
mation and control suppliers merge with other large players, gain or subcategory.
lose parts of their traditional businesses in spin-offs or acquisitions, Sequential Logic Control
Rockwell Automation
carry out large reorganizations that impact how they go to market, or New Categories, New Insights 2. Siemens Industry
3. Emerson Process Management
expand organically into new technological areas. To give users in some more spe-
4. ABB
Undoubtedly, this years biggest recent change of this kind was cialized, technical areas a chance 5. GE Intelligent Platforms
6. Schneider Electric
Schneider Electrics more than $5-billion acquisition of Invensys to vote for their favorite providers,
7. Honeywell Process Solutions
just one year ago. Because the former Invensys was a such a long- this years Readers Choice Awards 8. Yokogawa
standing pillar of the control and automation community, the pro- includes a few new subcategories, Continuous Sheet/
cess of folding it and its Avantis, Eurotherm, Foxboro, InFusion, which could be added because this Web Monitoring & Control
SimSci, Triconex and Wonderware divisions and brands into its new years survey generated enough re-
2. Honeywell Process Solutions
parent company is causing some seismic waves to ripple though the sponses in these areas for us to de- 3. Rockwell Automation
4. Emerson Process Management
Readers Choice categories, and will likely continue to generate a clare winners and runners-up.
5. Schneider Electric
few aftershocks in the coming months as readers continue to get Two new level-switch subcat- 6. Siemens Industry
7. Yokogawa
used to the name and organizational change. egories were added, including
8. GE Intelligent Platforms
Level Switch, Mechanical and
Supervisory Control &
The Big Boards Level Switch, Ultrasonic. Also, Data Acquisition (SCADA)
For instance, while the Best in Control categories are broken down the Pressure Switch and Tempera- Rockwell Automation
2. Invensys
by six process automation disciplines and 10 industry verticals (Ta- ture Switch categories have been 3. Emerson Process Management
bles 1 and 2), and their results have remained mostly uniform in restored after a brief absence. In 4. Honeywell Process Solutions
5. GE Intelligent Platforms
recent years, the 12-month-old Schneider Electric-Invensys combi- addition, the Contact Radar cat- 6. Siemens Industry
nation appears to have already impacted the rankings. First, Schnei- egory has been renamed Guided- 7. ABB
8. Schneider Electric
der replaced Invensys at the top of the Safety/Emergency Shutdown Wave Radar because that name
category. Second, Schneider took over from Invensys in the Contin- includes more products and is Table I. Best in Control
Readers Choice Awards
uous Regulatory Control, Batch Process Automation and Continu- more recognizable and familiar to by Process Automation
ous Sheet/Web Monitoring & Control categories. most readers. Discipline
Chemicals Electric Power Food & Beverage Metals, Minerals &
Oil & Gas Extraction
Manufacturing Generation Manufacturing Mining
Emerson Process Emerson Process Emerson Process
Continuous Regulatory Control Management Management
Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation
Emerson Process Emerson Process
Batch Process Automation Management
Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation

Continuous Sheet/Web
- - - ABB -
Monitoring & Control
Safety/Emergency Shutdown Schneider Electric Schneider Electric Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Schneider Electric

Supervisory Control & Data

Rockwell Automation Schneider Electric Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Schneider Electric
Sequential Logic Control Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation

Pharmaceuticals & Life Plastics & Rubber Pulp & Paper Water & Wastewater
Petroleum Refining
Sciences Manufacturing Manufacturing Processing
Honeywell Process Emerson Process Emerson Process
Continuous Regulatory Control Solutions Management Management
ABB Rockwell Automation

Emerson Process Emerson Process Emerson Process Emerson Process

Batch Process Automation Management Management
Rockwell Automation
Management Management

Continuous Sheet/Web
- - Schneider Electric ABB -
Monitoring & Control
Emerson Process
Safety/Emergency Shutdown Schneider Electric
Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation

Supervisory Control & Data

Honeywell Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Schneider Electric Schneider Electric
Sequential Logic Control Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation

Table II. Best in Control

Readers Choice Awards by Discipline and Industry
Advanced Process Control Software Loop-Tuning Software
Emerson Process Management ExperTune
2. Honeywell Process Solutions 2. Emerson Process Management
3. Rockwell Automation 3. Rockwell Automation
4. ABB 4. Control Station
5. AspenTech 5. Honeywell Process Solutions

Software Strides Onward Alarm Management Software

Honeywell Process Solutions
Neural Network Software
Emerson Process Management

2. Emerson Process Management 2. Rockwell Automation
hile its not news that software (aided by faster, cheaper 3. ABB
OPC Connectivity
4. Rockwell Automation
and more powerful microprocessors) has been taking 5. PAS MatrikonOPC
over traditional hardware-based tasks for many years, Asset Management Software
2. Kepware Technologies
3. Rockwell Automation
the ways this revolution is shaking out lately is fueling some Emerson Process Management 4. Emerson Process Management
far-reaching innovations, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), 2. ABB
PLC Programming Software
3. Rockwell Automation
virtualized computing, cloud-based servers and other smart 4. Maximo Rockwell Automation
2. Siemens Industry
manufacturing strategies and technologies. Just as in other in- 5. Siemens Industry
3. GE Intelligent Platforms
dustries, these changes are having a profound and growing in- Calibration Management Software 4. Schneider Electric
Emerson Process Management 5. Emerson Process Management
fluence on process control and automation. 2. Fluke
SCADA Software
Similarly, while perennial Software category winners Emer- 3. Beamex
4. CyberMetrics Rockwell Automation
son Process Management won four subcategories and Rockwell 2. Schneider Electric
Design/Documentation Software 3. Siemens Industry
Automation won three, there are several new subcategory win-
Autodesk 4. GE Intelligent Platforms
ners this year: Honeywell won in Alarm Management Software, 2. Intergraph 5. Emerson Process Management
3. Rockwell Automation
and Emerson won in Calibration Management Software. Like- Simulation Software
wise, Schneider Electrics acquisition of Invensys also appeared Mynah Technologies
Human-Machine Interface Software 2. Emerson Process Management
to push it up in the standings in Human-Machine Interface Soft- Rockwell Automation 3. Rockwell Automation
ware and SCADA Software. 2. Schneider Electric 4. Honeywell Process Solutions
3. Emerson Process Management 5. ABB
4. Siemens Industry
5. Pro-face America
Panel Display
Rockwell Automation
Control Rooms Founded on Hardware
2. Rockwell Automation 2. Siemens Industry
3. Ronan Engineering 3. Red Lion Controls hile the wonderfulness of software and its groundbreaking capa-
4. ABB 4. Emerson Process Management bilities are undeniable, it still needs to touch reality at some point,
5. Emerson Process Management 5. Schneider Electric
so there remain many tools that control engineers, system integra-
Industrial Computer Process Loop Controller
Rockwell Automation Rockwell Automation
tors, technicians and operators need to run their process applications safely
2. Advantech 2. Siemens Industry and with optimal performance. However, because these devices dont need
3. Siemens Industry 3. Honeywell Process Solutions
4. Schneider Electric 4. Yokogawa
to evolve and be updated as often as the software and data they display,
5. Emerson Process Management the Readers Choice winners in this category are unfailing experts in their
Operator Interface Terminal
Rockwell Automation Recorder niches and in the eyes of their customers.
2. Siemens Industry Yokogawa As usual, Ametek won in the Annunciator subcategory; Yokogawa won in
3. Pro-face 2. Honeywell Process Solutions
4. ABB 3. Schneider Electric the Recorder subcategory; and Rockwell Automation won in the Industrial
5. Red Lion 4. ABB Computer, Operator Interface Terminal and Panel Display subcategories.
5. Anderson Instrument
The only change was that Rockwell also was a new winner in the Process
Loop Controller subcategory.

Input/Output System
Rockwell Automation

Infrastructure Accelerates Networks

2. Siemens Industry
3. Emerson Process Management
4. ABB

5. Opto 22
eyond the confines of the control room, of course, resides the larger Intrinsic Safety
world of sensors, field instruments, analyzers and countless other Pepperl+Fuchs
2. MTL Instruments
components. All of these require extensive networks of cables, con- 3. Siemens Industry
nectors, power supplies, safety devices and wireless solutions, which form 4. Rockwell Automation
5. R. Stahl
the avenues for them to get their data back to PLCs, DCSs and other ana-
lytical entities to enable optimal decisions. Power Supply
The irony is that sensors and field instruments enabled by software and 2. Phoenix Contact
microprocessors are more affordable and numerous, and so theyre sending 3. Rockwell Automation
4. Siemens Industry
back far more data than ever before via more high-speed, high-capacity net- 5. Acopian
works. Granted, fieldbuses, Ethernet and fiberoptics combine many data Signal Conditioner
paths onto far fewer wires, but there are so many more conversations going Moore Industries
2. Phoenix Contact
on that any initial savings will quickly be eaten up by new and growing data 3. Pepperl + Fuchs
volumes. Truth is, IoT and smart manufacturing is going to need more net- 4. Acromag
5. Emerson Process Management
working than ever.
Fortunately, there are many experienced vendors in this space, who regularly Terminal Block
Phoenix Contact
come out on top in their Readers Choice subcategories, too. For example, three 2. Weidmuller
years running now, Rockwell Automation, has won in Input/Output Systems; 3. Rockwell Automation
4. Wago
Pepperl+Fuchs has won in Intrinsic Safety; Pheonix Contact has won in Ter- 5. AutomationDirect
minal Block; Belden has won in Wire & Cable; and Emerson Process Manage- Wire & Cable
ment has won in Wireless Infrastructure. Belden
2. Lapp
The two new winners in the Infrastructure category were Sola HD for 3. Houston
Power Supply and Moore Industries for Signal Conditioner. Both of these 4. AutomationDirect
5. Anixter
came in second place last year.
Wireless Infrastructure
Emerson Process Management
2. Cisco
3. Honeywell Process Solutions
4. Phoenix Contact
5. Moxa
Coriolis Flowmeter Turbine Flowmeter

Flow Instruments Tame Turbulence

Emerson Process Management Emerson Process Management
2. Endress + Hauser 2. FMC Technologies
3. Krohne 3. Cameron

4. Yokogawa 4. Brooks Instrument
5. Siemens Industry 5. Hoffer Flow Controls low is obviously defined by ever-changing volumes of liquids, gases, slur-
Magnetic Flowmeter Ultrasonic Flowmeter ries and other materials moving through pipelines and vessels, but mea-
Emerson Process Management (Closed Pipe) suring it accurately depends on managing it carefully and consistently.
2. Endress + Hauser Emerson Process Management
3. Yokogawa 2. Endress + Hauser This is as true for the latest ultrasonic and Coriolis flowmeters as it has been
4. ABB 3. Krohne for the earliest vortex and turbine flowmeters.
5. Krohne 4. Siemens Industry
Not surprisingly, the consistency required by flowmeter technologies
Open Channel Flowmeter 5. GE Energy
Emerson Process Management Variable Area Flowmeter translates to the organization and performance of the many companies
2. Siemens Industry Brooks Instrument that develop and supply them. So even though there are many providers,
3. Endress + Hauser 2. ABB
4. ABB the specialists in each flowmeter technology tend to remain at the top of
3. Yokogawa
5. Vega Americas 4. Emerson Process Management their respective heaps for years at a time. Yet again in the Readers Choice
Positive Displacement Flowmeter 5. Krohne
Awards, Emerson Process Management won in six of 10 flowmeter sub-
FMC Technologies Vortex Flowmeter categories, including Coriolis, Magnetic, Open-Channel, Turbine, Ultra-
2. Brooks Instrument Emerson Process Management
3. Emerson Process Management 2. Yokogawa sonic (closed pipe) and Vortex. Likewise, FMC won again in the Positive
4. Badger Meter
5. Brodie International
3. Endress + Hauser Displacement subcategory; FCI won in Thermal Mass and Flow Switch;
4. ABB
and Brooks won in Variable Area.
Thermal Mass Flowmeter 5. Schneider Electric
FCI Flow Switch
2. Endress + Hauser FCI
3. Sierra Instrument 2. Endress + Hauser
4. ABB
5. Brooks Instrument
3. Emerson Process Management L evel Gauge, Capacitance/ Level Gauge,
4. ifm efector
5. Magnetrol
Admittance/Conductance Radiometric (Nuclear)
Endress+Hauser Vega Americas
2. Ametek Drexelbrook 2. Berthold Technologies
3. Magnetrol 3. Endress + Hauser
4. Emerson Process Management 4. Thermo Scientific
5. VEGA Americas 5. Emerson Process Management

Level-Headed Level Instruments Level Gauge, Float/Displacer

Emerson Process Management
Level Gauge, Ultrasonic

2. Magnetrol 2. Emerson Process Management
aturally, once fluids and other materials stop flowing, its crucial 3. GE Energy 3. Siemens Industry
4. Endress + Hauser 4. VEGA Americas
for operators to know how much they have in storage, so level 5. ABB 5. Magnetrol
measurement technologies must provide much of the same con- Level Gauge, Guided Wave Level Switch,
sistency and reliability as their flowmeter counterparts. Emerson Process Management Electrical Property-based
2. Endress + Hauser
Here too, Emerson Process Management dominates the field, and con- 3. VEGA Americas
2. Endress + Hauser
tinued its winning streak in four of nine Level Gauge subcategories, in- 4. Magnetrol 3. Emerson Process Management
5. Krohne
cluding Float/Displacer, Non-Contacting Radar, Inventory Grade and 4. Siemens Industry
5. SOR
the newly renamed Guided Wave. Level Gauge,
Non-Contacting Radar Level Switch, Mechanical
Meanwhile, Endress+Hauser won again in subcategories across the Emerson Process Management Magnetrol
overall Level field, including Level Gauge, Capacitance/Admittance/ 2. VEGA Americas 2. Emerson Process Management
3. Endress + Hauser 3. ABB
Conductance and Level Gauge, Ultrasonic. It also won in Level Switch, 4. Magnetrol 3. Endress + Hauser
Vibration and in the new Level Switch, Ultrasonic, subcategory. 5. Siemens Industry
Level Switch, Ultrasonic
Another perennial all-star, Magnetrol and its Orion Instruments di- Level Gauge, Inventory Grade Endress + Hauser
2. Emerson Process Management
vision, also won again in four subcategories. Magnetrol won in Level Emerson Process Management
2. Endress + Hauser 3. Magnetrol
Switch, Electrical Property-Based and in the new Level Switch, Me- 3. Honeywell Enraf
Level Switch, Vibration
chanical subcategory, while Orion won in Level Gauge, Magneto- 4. Varec
Endress + Hauser
strictive and in Magnetic Level Indicator. Level Gauge, Laser 2. Emerson Process Management
ABB 3. VEGA Americas
2. Sick 4. Magnetrol
5. Siemens Industry
Level Gauge, Magnetostrictive
Orion Instruments Magnetic Level Indicator
2. ABB Orion Instruments
3. Emerson Process Management 2. ABB
4. MTS 3. Emerson Process Management
5. VEGA Americas 4. Vega Americas
5. Endress + Hauser
Pressure Transmitter Temperature Transmitter
Emerson Process Management Emerson Process Management
2. Yokogawa 2. Endress + Hauser

Temperature and Pressure Cook Along

3. Endress + Hauser 3. Yokogawa
4. Honeywell Process Solutions 4. ABB
5. Honeywell Process Solutions
5. ABB

Pressure Switch Infrared Temperature Sensor
Fluke o keep pipelines, vessels and other process equipment running within
2. Emerson Process Management
2. Emerson Process Management optimal ranges, however, requires more than flow and level devices,
3. ABB
Resistance Temperature 4. Omega Engineering and thats where the best pressure and temperature components
Detector Infrared Imaging/ come inand keep on winning end users votes year after year.
Emerson Process Management Thermography One more time, Emerson Process Management won again in four of
2. Pyromation Fluke
3. Endress + Hauser 2. FLIR Systems
the eight subcategories, including Pressure Transmitter, Resistance Tem-
4. Omega
Temperature Switch perature Detector, Thermocouple and Temperature Transmitter.
5. Moore Industries
Ashcroft Likewise, Fluke won again in the Infrared Temperature Sensor and In-
Thermocouple 2. Emerson Process Management
Emerson Process Management 3. United Electric Controls
frared Imaging/Thermography subcategories. In addition, Ashcroft won
2. Pyromation in the new Pressure Switch and Temperature Switch subcategories.
3. Omega
4. Moore Industries
5. ABB

Ambient Gas Detector

2. Emerson Process Management
3. ABB
4. Yokogawa

Analyzers Get Smart and Travel

5. Siemens

Density/Concentration Analyzer
Emerson Process Management

2. Endress + Hauser
ecause process equipment running properly isnt worth much 3. Yokogawa
if the products theyre producing arent within specifications, 4. Thermo Fisher Scientific
5. Anton Paar
control engineers and operators must also keep a close eye
Humidity/Moisture Analyzer
on the quality and characteristics of those products as they prog- Vaisala
ress through their applications. Cue the analyzers, which are them- 2. GE Measurement & Control
3. Emerson Process Management
selves gaining new, intelligence capabilities, and often moving out 4. Honeywell Process Solutions
into the field to more closely monitor their processes and products. 5. Ametek

Perhaps its related to the newfound mobility of their devices, pH/ORP/Conductivity Analyzer
Emerson Process Management
but analyzer suppliers are also experiencing some shifts within
2. ABB
their Readers Choice category. In fact, three second-place win- 3. Endress + Hauser
4. Yokogawa
ners last year took over and won in three of seven Analyzer sub-
5. Schneider Electric
categories this year. These scrappy competitors include: MSA
Process Spectrometer
that won in Ambient Gas Detector; Vaisala that won in Humid- ABB
ity/Moisture Analyzer; and Emerson Process Management that 2. Thermo Fisher Scientific
3. Emerson Process Management
won in Process Chromatograph. 4. Yokogawa
Beyond these upsets, Emerson also won again in three more 5. Hach

subcategories, including Density/Concentration and pH/ORP/ Process Chromatograph

Emerson Process Management
Conductivity analyzers, as well as Process Chromatograph. 2. ABB
3. Yokogawa
4. Siemens Industry

Stack Gas/Emissions Analyzer

Emerson Process Management
2. ABB
3. Ametek
4. Yokogawa
5. Siemens Industry
Control Valve
Emerson Process Management
2. Flowserve
3. Samson Controls
4. GE Energy
5. Metso

Electric Valve Actuator

Final Elements Get the Last Word Rotork Controls
2. Emerson Process Management

3. Flowserve
hile it might seem like controllers are the ultimate authority in most 4. Auma Actuators
5. Metso
process applications, to get their orders carried out, they depend almost
entirely on the valves, actuators and motors in the Final Element cate- Pneumatic Valve Actuator
Emerson Process Management
gory. Consequently, end users in this sector dont appreciate surprises, and they 2. Metso
rely on and vote for suppliers who are always on top of their game. 3. Flowserve
4. Rotork
As a result, Emerson Process Management won again in the Control Valve and 5. Samson
Pneumatic Valve Actuator subcategories, while Emerson Electric (which includes On/Off Valve
ASCO) won again in the On/Off Valve subcategory. Emerson Electric*
2. Metso
Other repeat winners include Rotork Controls for Electric Valve Actuator, Rock- 3. Flowserve
well Automation for Electric Motor Drive, and Baldor Electric for Electric Motor. * Includes Emerson Industrial
Automation (ASCO) and Emerson
Process Management brands

Electric Motor Drive

Rockwell Automation
2. ABB
3. Siemens Industry
4. Schneider Electric
5. Yaskawa

Electric Motor
Baldor Electric
2. Siemens Industry
3. ABB

Outstanding in the Field

4. US Motors
5. Toshiba

nce all the analyzers, smart devices, software and IoT connections move
or reach out into the field, theyre going to find it as hot, cold, wet, dusty, Data Acquisition System Remote Terminal Unit
oily, electrically noisy and potentially explosive as does every other com- Schneider Electric Emerson Process Management
2. Rockwell Automation 2. Siemens Industry
ponent thats ventured beyond its climate-controlled, IT-enabled cocoon. 3. National Instruments 3. Schneider Electric
Luckily, there are more than a few products and vendors with long experi- 4. OSI Software 4. Rockwell Automation
5. Emerson Process Management 5. ABB
ence in making harsh environments more survivable and friendly. Though
these stalwarts come from different technical disciplines and manufacture a Enclosure Instrument Fittings
Pentair Technical Products Swagelok
variety of solutions, theyre all concentrated on protecting components and 2. Rittal 2. Parker Hannifin
the applications theyre running. 3. Hubbel Wiegmann 3. Hy-Lok
4. Saginaw Control & Engineering 4. Hoke
Possibly due to new devices coming out into the field and needing new 5. Emerson Process Management
Vibration Instrumentation
types of protection, there were a couple of upsets in this years Field Instru- Purge System GE Energy
ment category. First, Schneider Electric was the new winner in the Data Ac- Pepperl + Fuchs 2. Emerson Process Management
2. Pentair Technical Products 3. ifm
quisition System subcategory, which may be less surprising because its re- 4. SKF
Portable Calibrator
cently acquired Invensys division placed third last year. Second, Emerson 5. Metrix Instrument
Process Management was a new winner in the Remote Terminal Unit subcat- 2. Beamex Weighing System/Load Cell
3. Yokogawa Mettler Toledo
egory after placing second a year earlier.
4. Emerson Process Management 2. Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Repeat winners included Pentair Technical Products in the Enclosure 5. Extech Instruments 3. Siemens Industry
4. Hardy Process Solutions
subcategory, while Pepperl+Fuchs won in Purge System; Fluke won in
5. Avery Weigh-Tronix
Portable Calibrator; Swagelok won in Instrument Fittings; GE Energy
won in Vibration Instrumentation; and Mettler Toldeo won in Weighing
System/Load Cell.