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Gazette - page 4
Operation Mabone the name given to

the municipality wide project to supply
electricity to a large number of villages.
Since last year the Fetakgomo
Greater Tubatse Local Municipality and
its service provider responsible for doing
the work, Mphaphuli Consulting are at
loggerheads with each other regarding
alleged late payment by the Municipality

- is it
and the fact that the service provider
did not complete the work as fast as the
municipality wanted it to.
Now the municipality says the service
provider is guilty of breach of contract
and it plans to appoint another contractor
to complete the work, which should have
been completed by September last year

The municipality also says that Mpha-
phuli Consulting abandoned the project
and sites around June last year without
informing the municipality.
The contractor denied that it has
breached the agreement with regards to
the Operation Mabone project, saying
that delayed payments by the municipali-
ty had a substantial impact on the speed
of performance by Mphaphuli Consulting,
while the municipality also allegedly did
not react to proposals by the contractor
for completion of uncompleted projects.
The contractors response was
forwarded to the Municipality by the end
of last week, reportedly via an attorney,
while the termination of contract letter to
the contractor was send directly from the
municipality to the contractor by the end
of last month.
In the meantime the date on which
your villages electrcity will be switched
on remains an open question ...

Fetakgomo Greater Tubatse Tel 0832719151 (Editorial) 0835431676 (Advertisements) email:
Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Apel 15 September 2017 Fax 0865549031

Casual day celebrated at SAPS

On 1 September the SAPS celebrated
Casual Day at the Cluster boardroom.
Mr Magakwa from the Greater Tubat-
se was the guest speaker. The event
was led by Major General MJ Maepa
as the Cluster Commander, Brigadier
MA Malahlela as the Deputy Cluster
Commander and the employee health
and wellness office. During the event
the focus fell on respecting cluster
members living with disabilities. (Photographs & Information: Constable M.V. Maluleka).

Learners visit Various schools learners visited the Burgersfort Police Station
during a special crime prevention campaign. Learners from
Calvin College and Lekubashai Primary School were told about Murder during robbery
police station the consequences of committing a crime. Constable V. Maluleka
talked to them and did an induction in the cells.
The Burgersfort SAPs is
investigating a case of murder
to lay down on the floor. One
allegedly started shooting
after a woman died during a randomly. One bullet hit a 40-
business robbery. year old woman who died on
According to the report the the scene and another woman
incident took place on 3 Sep- was hit in the leg. She was
tember 2017 at the Burgersfort taken to hospital.
G-Satar internet cafe next to The men fled the scene with
Obaro. cell phones, a laptop, DVCR
When the SAPS arrived at the recorder and R23 000 cash.
scene they found a woman in a The SAPS is appealing for
pool of blood on her stomach. tip-offs from the public about
According to witnesses three illegal firearms.
men entered the place at about (Information: Constable M.V.
19:40 and gave instructions Maluleka, Burgersfort SAPS).

(Photographs & Information: Constable M.V. Maluleka). Taking diesel from trucks
On 5 September the Burgersfort SAPS K9 Unit followed up informa-
tion received from the public.
Weekend successes In Steelpoort behind the Sasol Garage they arrested a 33-year old
man in possession
The Burgersfort SAPS hosted weekend opera- of suspected stolen
tions in Burgersfort town, Steelpoort R555 and diesel. He was
Burgersfort Ext 10. allegedly dumping
They arrested 6 men aged between 34 and 40 diesel out of trucks
for drunken driving. Six men were also arrested into containers.
for public drinking. They are between 25 and 36 The SAPS is warn-
years old. ing the public not
Two women and one man was arrested for selling to buy suspected
liquor without a license. They are aged 55 30 and stolen goods as
36 years. Two of these were arrested at the farms that would make
and one at Ext. 10. them accomplic-
The SAPS is warning liquor outlets to follow the es and they too
Liquor Act regulations indicating their closing time can get arrested.
and not to sell liquor to people under the age of (Photographs & In-
18. formation: Consta-
(Photographs & Information: Constable M.V. Ma- ble M.V. Maluleka,
luleka, Burgersfort SAPS). Burgersfort SAPS).

Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin 26

The Lord said, If I find fifty righteous peo- found there?
Genesis 18:16 - 33 so grievous 21 that I will go down and see if ple in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole He answered, I will not do it if I find thirty
When the men got up to leave, they looked what they have done is as bad as the outcry that place for their sake. there.
down toward Sodom, and Abraham walked has reached me. If not, I will know. 27
Then Abraham spoke up again: Now that 31
Abraham said, Now that I have been so
along with them to see them on their way. 22
The men turned away and went toward I have been so bold as to speak to the Lord, bold as to speak to the Lord, what if only
Then the Lord said, Shall I hide from Sodom, but Abraham remained standing be- though I am nothing but dust and ashes, 28 what twenty can be found there?
Abraham what I am about to do? 18 Abra- fore the Lord.[d] 23 Then Abraham approached if the number of the righteous is five less than He said, For the sake of twenty, I will not
ham will surely become a great and power- him and said: Will you sweep away the right- fifty? Will you destroy the whole city for lack destroy it.
ful nation, and all nations on earth will be eous with the wicked? 24 What if there are fifty of five people? 32
Then he said, May the Lord not be an-
blessed through him.[c] 19 For I have chosen righteous people in the city? Will you really If I find forty-five there, he said, I will not gry, but let me speak just once more. What
him, so that he will direct his children and sweep it away and not spare[e] the place for the destroy it. if only ten can be found there?
his household after him to keep the way of sake of the fifty righteous people in it? 25 Far 29
Once again he spoke to him, What if only He answered, For the sake of ten, I will not
the Lord by doing what is right and just, so be it from you to do such a thingto kill the forty are found there? destroy it.
that the Lord will bring about for Abraham righteous with the wicked, treating the right- He said, For the sake of forty, I will not do it. 33
When the Lord had finished speaking
what he has promised him. eous and the wicked alike. Far be it from you! 30
Then he said, May the Lord not be angry, with Abraham, he left, and Abraham re-
Then the Lord said, The outcry against Will not the Judge of all the earth do right? but let me speak. What if only thirty can be turned home.

Looking at ourselves... In a world plagued by sin, would

the Lord find as many truly righteous people in this area?
Yes and we pray even more, for the Lord knows his own.
Photograph of Burgersfort from reservoir viewpoint.

It is all about the road to Ga Riba Last week Friday saw a mob breaking down the gates at the office building of the Fetakgomo
- Greater Tubatse Local Municipality in Burgersfort. The Police were also there and dispersed
the crowd with rubber bullets.
According to documents received this week the mob was from Ga Riba near Burgersfort.
A large part of the Riba community (excluding the community around Riba Cross adjacent
to the R37 road) lives on the mountain. You cannot see it from Riba Cross, but on top of the
mountain there are lots of houses, schools, a clinic etc.
In 2011 the editor of Platinum Gazette only owned a low sedan vehicle and he attempted
to travel to Ga Riba via the only road up the mountain. He couldnt. That road is horrendous.
That year the government promised (an MEC called Pinky) a tarred road.
Today no tarred road. RAL Roads Agency Limpopo, says planning is in an advanced
stage. The community members say they are fed-up and want a road. They say they wanted
to march and hand over a memorandum to everybody concerned (Premier, RAL, MEC etc.)
via the local municipality.
The municipality invited two representatives to attend a pre-march meeting on 08 Sep-
tember. They say the two invitees did not arrive for the meeting on time and minuted their
absence without apology after 45 minutes. They say another meeting is a no-go.
Four community members were arrested during the fracas at the municipality. They ap-
pear in court today. The community says they are innocent. Everybody is going to pitch up at
the court. And they still want their road.

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Your opinion on the ANC

presidential race
Media headlines have been dominated by the
topic of possible candidates for the position
of ANC president at this years elective con-
ference in December. President Jacob Zu-
mas term will then come to an end, although
he may remain on as the president of the
country until the 2019 elections. Nominations
officially opened in six provinces last week Mr Frans Malesa said: Corrup-
and although some provinces are still in the tion is a big problem in the ANC.
process of finalizing their nominations and Die mense in die ANC moet met
audits, there seems to be eight candidates in Mr Excellent Mohlala said: I am die polisie daaroor praat. They
the running to date. not an ANC member. I belong to must rethink their nominations.
Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, the PAC but I know that whoever There must be a white man as
Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Lindiwe Sisulu, is chosen as ANC president will ANC president after Zuma. Die
Mnr Abraham Mokwoena s: Mr Samuel Mahlatji said: The
Baleka Mbete, Mathews Phosa, Jeff Radebe play a major role in our coun- swart mense is te korrup.
Cyril Ramaphosa sal n beter ANC as the ruling party is cur-
and Zweli Mkhize had already made head- ANC president wees. Hy sal rently destabilizing the country. trys future. I hope they choose
lines before the official opening for allegedly beslis baie beter as Zuma Investors dont have confidence in Cyril Ramaphosa. You cannot
quietly campaigning to try and secure that wees. us. Whoever win in December will cry about Zuma and then take
top job. have trouble repairing the dam- Zumas ex-wife. Perhaps Cyril
ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe age, but they can make investors Ramaphosa will be good. He was
this week encouraged branches to choose a trust us again. The ANC is now part of NUM and he knows about
leader who will reinstate the ANC and its val- turning around on corruption and the mines and the working people
ues. If in December we choose a leader who if they can fight it, they can still do of this country. He can make our
will send a message that looting continues, if well. We must fight corruption as if country like America.
we choose that line up, we should know that we are the opposition.
were cutting our life short. He emphasized
the importance of branches consulting with
members and delegates in choosing their
preferred leader.
Platinum Gazette asked readers what they
think about this issue. Some people asked Mr Ronny Errol said: People
for an opinion were careful about not possibly need to choose someone who
jeopardizing their standing within the local they can relate to and who will
structures with a personal opinion. No white root out corruption. I would love it
readers were willing to answer, some claim- Mr Mohube Masha said: I trust if someone from Limpopo can be
ing they are not involved in the ANC while that whoever is elected will be the next ANC president. I dont
others were scared of being victimized for someone who can firmly guide think Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
their opinion. South Africa away from corrup- as the ex-wife of President Jacob
tion and help us create jobs and Zuma will be a good choice. It
Left: Mr Mr John Ntlhokoe said: They would seems like the ANC is a
Karabo a better country for all. I know Ms Mologadi Mamogale said: The
that despite all our differences must put the people first. People sort of family party. I dont mind
Malapane ANC saw how Zuma treated us
we will from the bottom up make struggle while they dont have having a woman as the next
and Ms as the people. We will follow in
the right decision for the new jobs. There are also too many ANC president, but think you
Pumzile the footsteps of Zimbabwe. I hope
ANC president. teenage pregnancies and corrup- cannot make noise about Zuma
Maphanga Cyril Ramaphosa can make a dif-
tion is too much. They must pick and then just get is ex-wife. She
said: We ference
someone with a good plan to stop is only human and should she
want Cyril for us.
all those things. I hope they elect ever make a mistake while in
Ramaphosa I hope
Ramaphosa. There is no way we that position shell have to carry
to replace they
can stop corruption if we elect a the Zuma burden.
Zuma. He will be good for our economy. elect
Zuma again.
Right: Mr Juda Shaku said: We Mr Advocate Mbuyane, Ms Agre-
are looking for someone who cius Mbuyane and Ms Alventia
can lead. Who is capable and Mbuyane said: We want Cyril
dont have any scandals around Ramaphosa. He has the potential
them. We need someone with to be a president. If he can be
vision. Someone who will fight Ms Alucia Tlanya and Ms Tebogo Ngwana said: They
ANC president he will bring the
corruption. He or she must be must bring someone who will bring jobs. We dont like
investors back and we will have
100% anti-corruption. It must politics, but we want someone who can do the job.
many jobs in South Africa. We
be someone who will not loot We are living in a rural area and want someone who
dont need that Zuma surname
state assets. I believe that at the will actually take care of the people and bring service
again. We dont know, but they
December conference they will delivery. We wish they will stop acting like parliament is
may just have the same type of
elect the right person who will a shebeen. They perform like young kids in there. They
character. With them is Bonolo.
lead this country. make us shy to say we are South African.

Focus on
careers in
mining, marine
and aviation
Many learners in this area dream of one day
working at one of the local mines.
In a special career motivational show hosted
by Kedramag Health and Safety (Pty) Ltd
learners from St. Thomas College, Calvin
College and Angels Park Academy could
learn more about careers working under-
ground in the mines, aviation jobs, marine
focussed jobs and many more.
The event took place on 1 September 2017
at the Mary Matthews Memoral Hall at St.
Thomas College in Burgersfort. The event
focussed on matric learners from the different
The presentation was shown on LED
Screens - the same equipment used to assist
mines with Health and Safety Promotions or
Campaigns and Behaviour Based Safety in
Mining Overseer Ms R Nhleko and Ms
Dombo were part of the days presenters and
encouraged the learners to make use of the
opportunities they are getting. They reflected
that they themselves were never exposed to
the careers discussed during the event.
Especially the girls were motivated to believe
in themselves and girl power.
Kedramag Health and Safety would like to
thank the following people: Nedbank (Mr M
Masete), Burgersfort SAPS, Angels Park
Academy, Calvin College and volunteers
from the following: Ms R Nhleko from Dwars-
rivier Mine, Mr P Kaunda from Samancor
ECM, Ms Hazel Dombo a social welfare
officer, Mr S Phiri from Atlas Copco Engineer-
ing. A special thank you the the Business
Associates TR Safety Consultants, Seltech
Advertising and Marketing and Khuseleka
Enviro Services.
(Information and photographs: Sam Chanza,
Kedramag Occupational Health & Safety
(Pty) Ltd)
6 Platinum Gazette 15 SEPTEMBER 2017
LOCAL AUTHORITY notice in terms of Sec- Particulars of the days from the date of BRUIKS EN Dorpe 1986 (Ordon- vanaf Diensstasie vanaf 15 September
NOTICE tion 56(1)(b)(i) of the application will lie for first publication of this BESTUURSKEMA nansie 15 van 1986), na Institusioneel met 2017 skriftelik by of
GREATER TUBAT- Town Planning and inspection during of- notice (15 September 2006, IN TERME VAN gelees saam met die standard regte. tot die Waarnemende
SE AMENDMENT Townships Ordinance, fice hours at the office 2017). AFDELING 56(1)(B) Ruimtelike Beplanning Besonderhede van Bestuurder Onwikke-
SCHEME NO 131 1986 (Ordinance No of the Town Planner, Address of Agent: (i) VAN DIE DORPS- and Grondgebruik die aansoek sal vir lingsbeplanning by
NOTICE OF AP- 15 of 1986), read to- Office 15, Ground 4 TSAR Development BEPLANNINGS Bestuurwet 2013 (Wet inspeksie beskikbaar bovermelde adres of
PLICATION FOR gether with the Spatial Floor, Civic Centre, Consulting, ORDONANSIE, 1996 16 van 2013) kennis wees gedurende Posbus 206, Burg-
THE AMENDMENT Planning and Land No. 1 Kastania Street Suite 144 (ORDONANSIE NO dat ons by die LIM476 gewone kantoorure by ersfort 1150 en/of die
OF THE GREATER Use Management Act, Extension, Burgersfort Private Bag x9307 15 VAN 1986) Plaaslike Munisipal- die kantoor die Stads- aansoeker ingedien of
TUBATSE LAND 16 of 2013 (SPLU- for a period of 28 days Polokwane 4 TSAR Development iteit aansoek gedoen beplaner, kantoor nr. gerig word.
USE MANAGEMENT MA), that we have from 15th September 0700 Consulting, synde die het om die wysiging 15, civic centre, nr. 1 Adres Van Aansoek-
SCHEME, 2006, IN applied to the LIM 2017. Tel: 0732287519 gemagtigde agent van die dorpsb- Kastaniastraat, Burg- er/ Agent:
TERMS OF SECTION 476 Local Municipality Objections to or Email: admin@4tsar. van die eienaar van eplanningskema ersfort vir n tydperk 4 TSAR Development
56(1)(B)(i) OF THE for the amendment representations in ondergenoemde bekend as die Groter van 28 dae vanaf 15 Consulting, Suite 144
TOWN PLANNING of the Town Planning respect of the appli- eiendom gee hiermee Tubatse Grondgebruik September 2017. Privaatsak x9307
AND TOWNSHIPS Scheme known as cation must be lodged PLAASLIKE OW- ingevolge Artikel Bestuurskema, 2006 Besware en/of verto Polokwane
ORDINANCE, 1986 the Greater Tubatse with or made in writing ERHEID KENNIS- 56 1 (b) (i) van die deur die hersonering ten opsigte van die 0700
(ORDINANCE NO 15 Land Use Manage- to the Acting Man- GEWING Ordonnansie op van erf 2204 Burg- aansoek moet binne Tel: 0732287519
OF 1986) ment Scheme, 2006 ager: Development GROTER TUBATSE Dorpsbeplanning en ersfort Uitbreiding 21, n tydperk van 28 dae E-pos: admin@4tsar.
4 TSAR Development to rezone Erf 2204 Planning Services at WYSIGINGSKEMA
Consulting, being Burgersfort Extension the abovementioned 131
the authorised agent 21 Township from address or at P.O. Box KENNISGEWING Notice in respect of a license application in terms of the Petroleum
of the owner of the Service Station to 206, Burgersfort, 1150 VAN AANSOEK VIR Products Act, 1977 (Act No 120 of 1977)
property mentioned Institutional with and/or the applicant DIE GROTER TU- This notice serves to inform parties that may be interested or affected that HYDRO RESOURCES
below, hereby give standard rights. within a period of 28 BATSE GRONDGE- (PTY) LTD, hereinafter referred to as the applicant, has submitted an application for a WHOLE-
SALE license, application number F/2017/07/20/0001.
The purpose of the application is for the applicant to be granted a license to undertake petroleum
wholesale activities as detailed in the application. Arrangements for viewing the application documen-
tation can be made by contacting the Controller of Petroleum Products by:
-Telephone: (015) 230 3600; or
- Fax:
Any objections to the issuing of a license in respect of this application, which must clearly quote the
application number above, must be loged with the Controller of Petroleum Products within a period of
twenty (20) working days from the date of publication of this notice. Such objection must be
lodged at the following physical or postal address:
Physical address:
The Controller of Petroleum Products
Department of Energy
18A Landros Mare Street
Postal address:
The Controller of Petroleum Products
Department of Energy
Private Bag X 9712, Polokwane, 0700

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of the
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* Bronrich Slaghuis
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Tubatse Masters vs Frazer

New management
Alexander at new Segorong
at Tubatse On Sat-
urday 9

SUPERSPAR the Tubat-

se Masters
FC played
Tubatse SUPERSPAR has wel-
a friendly
comed new blood into their manage-
ment. Len Maistry recently joined the
SPAR group and specifically Tubatse
against a
SUPERSPAR as the new Store
team from
Maistry has extensive experience in
the retail industry and moved from
der. They
East London to join the team in
at the
Filling the position of Assistant Store
Manager is Sonnyboy Khumalo.
soccer field
Khumalo has been with the Tubatse
in Prakti-
SUPERSPAR team for a few years
and will be a familiar face to custom-
ers frequenting the store.
(Photographs: Judas Motswiane; Information: Jerial Mvundlela) Masters
Between these two capable men and
scored four
their very efficient team at Tubatse
goals by
SUPERSPAR customers can look Above:
forward to their shopping experi- Len Mais-
ence at the store. They will uphold try is the
(2), Malose
the commitment to provide friendly new Store
service with great prices and value Manager
and Seun
for money products that has made and (left)
Tubatse SUPERSPAR a shopping Sonnyboy
destination of choice. The store Khumalo is
remains committed to serving the the new As-
community and value their custom- sistant Store
with only
ers loyalty and support. Manager.
one goal
The public is welcome to visit the They look
to make
store to meet the new faces, but forward to
the final
most of all, to experience shopping, taking the
score 4-1
service and convenience from a store to new
in favour
store that is always there for you. heights.
of Tubatse

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Chilli and other
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Esm on 079 100
in framing.
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8 15 SEPTEMBER 2017

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SAPS soccer teams

in friendly clash
On Wednesday 13 September the SAPS played against SAPS Burgersfort/Se-
Capricorn district hosted two friendly matches khukhune/Leboeng. The Provincial Office/
at the University of Limpopo in Mankweng. Seshego/Matlala/Mashashane managed
In the first match the SAPS Tubatse/Meck- to score three goals by Constable Legodi,
lenburg/Ohrigstad team played against the Intern Raphala and Intern Thema, The Burg-
SAPS Mankweng/Sebayeng team. The final ersfort/Sekhukhune/Leboeng team replied
score for this match was 2-2. Constable Kgo- with only one goal by Secretary Nkadimeng
le scored two goals for the Tubatse/Mecklen- to make the final score 3-1 in favour of
burg/Ohrigstad team and the two goals for the Provincial office/Seshego/Matlala/Ma-
the Mankweng/Sebayeng team were scored shashane team.
by Constable Mogashoa and Constable The matches were preparations for the
Mamaregane. Capricorn district soccer league play-offs
In the second match the SAPS Provincial to be held on Wednesday 20 September in
office/Seshego/Matlala/Mashashane team Mankweng.

The SAPS Burgersfort/Sekhukhune/Leboeng team.

The SAPS Mankweng/Sebayeng team.

The SAPS Provincial office/Seshego/Matlala/Mashashane team.

The SAPS Tubatse/Mecklenburg/Ohrigstad team.

(All photogrpahs and information: Sergeant Mvundlela S.J)