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Volume 135 Issue 26 Friday, September 15, 2017 90 cents plus tax

this week
The Big Hearts Ride Again

New Doctor
In Town

Weekend On
the Farm

9 By HILLARY MILLER fairly certain they would increase in riders is the multiple years now. “The
Photo by Hillary Miller

online donations, and
not only reach their goal increased social media Heart and Stroke founda- thanks to the people who

If your label reads T he Big Bike is back!
Or at least it was back,
of $3,000 this year, but sur-
pass it. This goal was ac-
presence that they had this
year. Additionally, she said
tion has really done a great
job of research and getting
actually came to ride the
bike, because that’s what

17 /09 /30 on Tuesday, September
12th. The Heart and Stroke
compolished as this year’s
ride raised $3,720! There
that personally reaching
out to people who have rid-
equipment out there, like
AED’s, and I just hope to
it’s all about.”
Next year, she hopes
It’s time to renew Big Bike rolled through were close to 29 riders this den the bike in the past, or create more survivors,” she to have even more people
Minnedosa again, and this year, and each one was en- who are touched by Heart said. come out to support the
your subscription! year, Minnedosa almost thusiastic, and had their and Stroke also helped to She extends her grati- Big Bike Ride. “If we need
filled it! This means that own reason for riding the attract riders. tude to “everyone who to do a second ride, we
204-867-3816 we had a few more riders bike. Haywood feels that came out, and everyone will,” she said.
than we did last year. Haywood said that this is an important event, who donated and pledged
Annette Haywood was the likely reason for the and has organized it for one of our riders, and did

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