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Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

August 9, 2017

Members Present: Marie Black, Chairman

Dr. Imogene Mixson
Marian Jenkins

Also Present: Sandra Holmes, Library Director

Joni Wood, Assistant Director

Absent: Beverly Raley

Marie called the meeting to order at 9:03am.

Remarks by Chairman. Sandra and I met with Ron Steensland, consultant, and Charles Waid,
architect, yesterday and received further instructions on our next steps in the building process.
The immediate next step is accomplishing a list of tasks necessary for Ron to apply for the
Wiregrass Foundation grant on our behalf.

Minutes. Imogene moved to have the June minutes approved and Marian seconded. All were in
favor and the motion passed.

Circulation/Financial Reports. Per the Directors reports, circulation is on the rise thanks to
our summer reading program in which our childrens librarian did a phenomenal job.
Financially, the general fund is down to $36,000 for payroll; however, we have 2 more pay
periods before the end of the fiscal year August and September. From the treasurer, Imogene,
we need to keep an eye on our income and continue being mindful of the major donations
received from the state, city, county, and the minor donors. We did get the LSTA $10,000 grant
for new computers; the grant year begins October 1st.

Old Business.
A. Library Update: The United Way letters will be mailed today. Previous donors are
receiving a personal letter thanking them for their prior donation and asking to donate
once more. Additionally, our Friends of the Library members are receiving a letter
asking for donations. Budget letters were mailed to the City and County Officials and
we are waiting for further news. A follow-up call will be made, if necessary, after
next weeks city council meeting. We are not making any building repairs, unless it is
an emergency.

New Business.
A. Auburn University Dialogues on WWII. We will be offering another Dialogues on War
series with a focus on WWII in partnership with Auburn University. Earl Hyers and Lou
Hennis, who did a great job last year, have been contacted as facilitators for the
discussions. Lou has committed and is willing to lead it alone if Earl is unable. The
discussion may start in February or March, depending on the facilitators schedules.
B. City/County Elections: Elections is next Tuesday for U.S. Senate. Sandra is not working
the polls; however, Marian is working.
C. State Reports: Several upcoming state aid reports and plans are being worked on,
including the Statement of Fiscal Responsibility, long range plan, and technology long
range plan.

Tasks Required for Foundation Funding.

The following are a few tasks that required immediate attention by the Board.

A. Resolution from Board regarding new library. The Board reviewed and corrected the
proposed resolution. The resolution will be updated and members will be notified when it
is ready to be signed.

Marian moved to adopt the resolution and Imogene seconded. All were in favor and the
motion passed.
B. Board decision on size of new library. After a discussion of the key points portrayed in
the Consultants Report and the realities of funding for the library, Marie proposed
capping the new library at 20,000 square feet.

Imogene moved to cap at 20,000 square feet and Marian seconded. All were in favor and
the motion passed.

In reference to funding, Imogene suggested that an inspiration to donate would be a

compilation of testimonials and stories of the wonderful ways the Library has impacted
our community. Marian suggested working with Mariah Self (producer/report, WTVY) to
create a newscast that we could then ask for permission to reuse and share online. She
also suggested working with Michelle Mann for a print piece.

Marian outlined a few benefits of using GoFundMe as an ace in the hole for any
possible budget shortfalls. It is a safe online option for anyone nationwide to donate
money and offers options for one time payments or recurring payments. Additionally,
people are known to search for worthy and viable GoFundMe projects and this could
attract donations from anyone in the country, not just our community. As a result, we
could potentially see a substantial amount of money donated for our new building
through GoFundMe. The Friends would be responsible for managing the account and can
provide updates on funds raised.
C. Determine architects and consultants fees. Ron is contacting Charles for his fees.
D. Director to provide library organization chart. Sandra is working on it and will have
Imogene review it.
E. Director & Board Chairman will provide a one page list of Board members and
their occupations and any known business or family relationships with Foundation
board or staff. A discussion of possible relationships ensued, which resulted in everyone
agreeing to double checking online for possible conflicts of interests.
F. Most recent audited financial statement. Sandra is working on it.
G. Budget form and budget detail (architect, consultant, and director). This consists of
the librarys current operating budget, and fees for the architect and consultant. Sandra
will meet with the architect and consultant for further discussion.

Ron suggested making Earl Hyers an emeritus board member to honor his contributions and hard
work for the Library. No one had an issue with doing so.

Marian moved to adjourn the meeting and Imogene seconded. The meeting was
adjourned at 10:25am and the next meeting will be held on September 13th.

Respectfully submitted by _________________

Approved by Secretary ___________________