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Answer on a separate sheet of paper. Then check your answers. Follow the examples.

Framework Self-Check Unit Tests Richmond Publishing

JUST (5 points)
ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY (10 points) 3 Add just in the correct place in
the sentences.
1 Make sentences from the
prompts using the adverbs in Shes just gone out to the shops.
brackets. 1 Sorry but hes jogging.
I / get / work / 7 (usually) = 2 No idea! Ive arrived today.
I usually get to work at 7. 3 Shes the right person for the job.
4 I dont mind what he does.
1 He / tidy / room / Friday (always)
5 Dont listen to her. Shes trying to be funny.
2 I / not have / time / wash up (generally)
3 You / go / food shopping? (often) 4 Match the sentences in exercise 3
4 My brother / put / rubbish out (twice a with the meanings of just.
5 She / have to / cook? (every day) Example - a
6 We / clean / bathroom (once a week) a) a short time ago
7 My father / do / the ironing (hardly ever) b) only
8 I / make / bed (now and then) c) right now / at the moment
9 He / sweep / floor (sometimes) d) really
10 My husband / do / any housework (never) e) exactly



2 Put the verbs in the right tense.

David Beckham
David Becham was born in 1975 in London,
England and 1 start to play football when he was
a child. During his professional career, he 2 play
for Manchester United and also for the British
National Team. He currently 3 play for Real
Madrid in Spain. He 4 marry ex-Spice Girl
Victoria Adams in 1999. They 5 have two
children, a boy and a girl. Paparazzi, bodyguards
and fans always 6 follow them everywhere they
go. Beckham 7 be famous for several years in
many countries and continents. He usually 8 wear
very smart and expensive clothes. However, his
naturalness and kindness
represent a reversal of the typical attitudes
generally associated with very rich and popular
people. Although a perfect product of marketing
and advertising, Beckham 10 score some of the
best and most amazing goals in the last few

Framework Self-Check Unit Tests Richmond Publishing

JOBS (2.5 points)

THE GENDER GAP (10 points) 2 Match the jobs and

the definitions.
1 Complete the sentences with the
right word. nurse / hairdresser / lecturer / lawyer /
chairperson / air cabin crew
discriminate / earn / shortage of / timetable / shift
/ spare time / sexist / politically correct / The person that helps doctors = nurse
outnumber / apply / male-dominated 1 People that work in a
plane but arent pilots.
I think a lot of men discriminate women in 2 A university teacher.
our society. 3 The person who directs
1 Many teaching jobs in the USA are done the work of a committee or organization.
by foreigners since there is a tremendous 4 A person that can
teachers. legally represent you.
2 We live in a society. Women hardly 5 This is the person that
ever work in high paid professions cuts your hair.
3 Id like to have a job with a flexible
4 Hes very tired today. He had to do the CHARACTER ADJECTIVES (5 points)
night yesterday.
5 In my I like reading, travelling and 3 Match the
climbing. adjectives and the opposites.
6 Men still more money than women for 1-a
the same job. 1 good.....................a) bad
7 Women usually men in sectors like 2 rude.............b) unselfish
teaching and nursing. 3 aggressive.....c) insecure
8 Once I finish my business studies, Id like 4 emotional.........d) polite
to for a job as a bank manager. 5 introvert...........e) happy
9 My boss is very He never employs 6 natural...............f) weak
women. 7 selfish..........g) artificial
10 Mankind is not a expression. You 8 passive.........h) peaceful
should use humanity instead. 9 confident...........i) active
10 sad j) extrovert
11 strong.......k) insensitive

4 Choose the right


Speak / speak up! I cant hear you.

1 I want to give / give up
2 Relax! Dont bottle /
bottle up so much stress.
3 Turn off / turn up the
TV. You arent watching it.
4 Why did you use / use
up my toothpaste? Now theres none left.
5 His father was shot /
shot up during the war.

Framework Self-Check Unit Tests Richmond Publishing

Find and correct the mistakes. 4 Johns a very sensible
I am playing play football every day. man. He cries easily.
1 Im studying a 5 Men dominate the
wonderful career at university. political profession for generations.
2 I love doing photos
when I travel.
3 He is very happy since TOTAL POINTS: ________ / 50
he married.

Framework Self-Check Unit Tests Richmond Publishing

1 1 He always tidies his room on Friday.
2 I dont generally have time to wash up.
3 Do you often go food shopping?
4 My brother puts the rubbish out twice a week. / Twice a week my brother
5 Does she have to cook every day?
6 We clean the bathroom once a week. / Once a week we clean
7 My father hardly ever does the ironing.
8 I make my bed now and then. / Now and then I make
9 He sometimes sweeps the floor. / Sometimes he sweeps
10 My husband never does any housework.
2 1started 2 has played 3 plays / is playing 4 married 5 have 6 follow / are always following 7 has been 8
wears 9 represent 10 has scored
3 1 Sorry but hes just jogging.
2 No idea! Ive just arrived today.
3 Shes just the right person for the job.
4 I just dont mind what he does.
5 Dont listen to her. Shes just trying to be funny.
4 1-c, 2-a, 3-e, 4-d, 5-b
1 1shortage of 2 male-dominated 3 timetable 4 shift 5 spare time 6 earn 7 outnumber 8 apply 9 sexist
10 politically correct
2 1 air cabin crew 2 lecturer 3 chairperson 4 lawyer 5 hairdresser
3 2-d, 3-h, 4-k, 5-j, 6-g, 7-b, 8-i, 9-c, 10-e, 11-f
4 1 give up 2 bottle up 3 turn off 4 use up 5 shot
1 Im studying a wonderful degree at university.
2 I love taking photos when I travel.
3 He has been very happy since he married.
4 Johns a very sensitive / emotional man. He cries easily.
5 Men have dominated the political profession for generations.