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12 EMILY BLUNT THE GIRL ON Lillian Too gives her brilliant review on the new FOR MILLIONS!
THE TRAIN  Good feng shui often means strong money luck! We
Paula Hawkins bestseller book gains a cinematic massive technology paradigm of our times. admire the majestic imperial teapot that sold for
audience with talented actress Emily Blunt as US$3.5 million!
the leading lady! Big things are coming for this 40 MELINDA LOOI QUEEN OF

scintillating Boar actress!
16 FENG SHUI FEATURES Dato Kee Hua Chee throws the limelight on
Lillian Too unviels her latest collection of the 21
ADORN TRUMPS MANY Taras, in full colour and powerful implements!
Malaysias top designer Melinda Looi whose
DOWNTOWN CIT Y TOWERS looks and distinct style is making headlines 36 HALEY BENNETT NEW STAR!
Lillian Too visits Trump Tower in New York and across Asias fashion world! Move over Jennifer Lawrence! There may be a hot
points out all its awesome feng shui features! new starlet in town! Lillian Too adds Haley Bennett
78 COMBINATIONS OF 5 to her watch-list of fame and tells us to do the same!
Lillian Too shares the soulful energy of singing CAN BRING BAD LUCK! ANGELS AND CHIANG MAI:
front row with the glorious Adele in New York! Phillip Lim reveals yet another foreboding THE ROSE OF THE NORTH
star that can either bring grave misfortune or Helen Oon sojourns to Thailand and brings us on a
FEATURES glorious good luck! Find out if you have this star
in your chart!
journey to some of the citys most iconic buildings
and tourist spots in Bangkok and Chiang Mai!
Wealth creation peaks during the Autumn LIFE & LIVING DRAGON
China builds the worlds longest double-headed
 21 LUCK MAGNETS: DONT dragon sea-bridge to connect three of the countrys
from the vibrations of prosperity! LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM wealthiest cities! Find out how this transforms the
28 TEENAGERS LUCK GOES Four lucky 2017 hangings you wont want to luck and economic situation for Hong Kong!
DOWNHILL AFTER MOVING miss! They usher in good luck and protect you
from bad energies! Just clip them on your bags 52 ALBERT TEO: THE GREEN
INTO NEW APARTMENT and youre on your way to brighter days! MAN OF BORNEO
Hanni Lim shares a case story of how this Helen Oon meets environmentalist champion
teenagers life went sideways after his parents 31 TODS NOD TO CHINESE Albert Teo, CEO of Sukau Rainforest Lodge, who
moved into a new apartment. Heres what MYTHOLOGY DRAGON boldly takes on the mission to introduce sustainable
to watch out for, and how to remedy such a Fashion powerhouse borrows the energy of the tourism in Sabah!
problem. Dragon in its newest collection!
Lillian Too & Jennifer Too

2 017
your astrology updates for the



Helen Oon discovers the completely revitalised House of 137
pillars nestled in the upscale neighbourhood by the Ping River at
Northern Thailand. PUBLISHER
64 Sdn Bhd
powerful tips on using the tapping method to release anger and Lillian Too
negative emotions in everyday situations!

accessing our inner Dragon Chi to plan and take action for
success to enter our lives! DESIGN DIRECTOR Chris Yeo
Dato Halimah shares golden advice on making life meaningful
Lim Han Jin reveals the secret behind Zhuyu Leaves and Chong SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Calvin Liew, Yew Siau Hooi
Feng shui architectural designer Chris Yeo shares his tips on
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of the space.
As we enter the autumn season, surround yourself with Gold!
spring and summer! Bring gold into your life this season!


 As we enter into the darker
HAIR months of the year, we
84 FLYING STAR UPDATES FOR OCTOBER counter this with the
uplifting image of the
 of Happiness! Invite this
  cheerful sage into your
home and keep the spirit of
86 ASTROLOGY READINGS FOR OCTOBER gleefulness alive and well!
What do the astrological forces hold in store for you? Check our
The Laughing Buddha

not only removes all
88 SIGNIFICANT SPIRITUAL DAYS FOR your worries, be bestows
OCTOBER prosperity and goodwill.


Aunt Agga answers questions about reading signs in clouds,
where to put your garbage bin, dealing with gossipy friends and

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Lillian Too Lillian Too


and online at and
letter from the editor
omniscience not being the purview just of the Gods. Lillian
Too shares her thoughts on all this within.

Lillian also touches on Taoist Feng Shui, which has not been
given enough credence in modern feng shui literature. When
learning feng shui, one can get caught up in the formulas,
the countless charts and the numerological sequences,
but it is always vitally important to go back to basics and
notice also the simple stuff. She addresses this in her article
on Capturing the Chi of Prosperity, encouraging her
readers to develop the feng shui eye and to sometimes allow
intuition and instinct to play a part in feng shui analysis.

Some call this developing psychic ability, a skill that lays

latent in all of us. How psychic one can be depends on how
much practice you focus on this ability, but like any other
ability, with the will and the effort, it can be acquired and

From Hollywood, we await the next bestselling book

adaptation, THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula
Hawkins. Emily Blunt stars as the movies lead, and from
the trailer, it looks good stuff indeed. Opening on October
7th, it features a stellar supporting cast including Luke
Evans, Justin Theroux and newcomer Haley Bennett. But
after reading the book, the movie has a lot to live up to! We

s we move into the last quarter of the year, our also look at Emily Blunts Paht Chee and discover a chart
October issue marks a major milestone for us full of DOUBLES.
here at FENG SHUI WORLD. It is our 100th
issue! We first launched this magazine as an Hanni Lim, from her trip last year points out some
additional tool for feng shui practitioners to modern-day Dragons rising up from the South China
stay updated with the changing energies because in feng Sea, connecting Hong Kong to Macau to Zhuhai. These
shui, as in life, the only constant is change. When one has mammoth steel structures that can count as modern day
learnt to master and manouever the changes, and to stay wonders of the world truly look like Dragons frolicking in
in sync with the energies that permeate our living spaces, the oceans, designed in a deliberately meandering fashion
that is when one can enjoy true happiness and harmony. perfect feng shui for a country that is increasingly embracing
its luck-bringing heritage. Phillip Lims Paht
Feng shui is not a static science pre-written in a pre- Chee column talks about the 5 Ghosts Star,
historic book. Indeed not; it is a dynamic practice which can bring either 5 types of good fortune
that needs to evolve and adapt to our modern and or 5 types of misfortune. If your chart
fast-advancing way of living. A hundred years happens to have this
ago, there were no skyscrapers to contend with; feature, do be
just twenty years ago, there was sure you know
no Internet. Today, everything how to bring
happens at lightning pace, and out the positive
increasingly, there are science- aspects of this
based discoveries that hint at star, and how to
everything being interconnected. suppress its flip
Of course we do not yet know
all the interconnections, or even Dato Halimah
what they mean, but fabulously Mohd Said
entertaining TV shows like contributes a piece
SCORPION and TOUCH, that gives much food
Get our new 2017
which tap into the minds of Fortune & Feng Shui for thought, on how to
pure geniuses, point towards books, Diary and age gracefully and how
137 Pillars


This beautiful wish-granting tree
scarf heralded by six glorious birds in
elements needed for 2017 to usher
wealth and prosperity into your life!

letter from the editor

32 Lillian Too in
New York

to ensure life after retirement holds even more meaning promotion is Albert Teo, who is championing the cause
than life before that. She is a living breathing example of of Eco Tourism i.e. responsible tourism that does not
someone who has grown even more since formally quitting deplete the land of its resources; instead, he approaches
the job market, now championing causes close to her tourism as a means to educating and employing the local
heart and saving quality time to spend with those nearest tribes and peoples, while as far as possible, preserving their
and dearest to her. rich culture and heritage.

Our Tapping guru Shahreen Kamaluddin highlights all Lastly, but most definitely not least, we are super thrilled
the ways you can use this technique to ensure that each and to announce our Fortune and Feng Shui 2017 books are
every day turns out to be a satisfying and happy one, and now out! We have produced these books annually for over
demonstrates in a series of photographs the exact meridian ten years now, and year after year have happily had such
points to tap on. Katherine Kuan asks What kind of great feedback on how accurate and helpful they are for
Dragon Chi do you have? because the kind you choose forecasting and preparing for the new year. We have worked
will have much bearing on how quickly feng shui can work at making updating your feng shui as easy as possible,
for you, and by what means. and hope you continue to enjoy the books. They are also
deliberately priced economically (the price of a Starbucks
Dato Kee Hua Chee this month interviews Malaysias coffee!) to make them accessible for everyone, so do get
very own celebrity fashion designer Melinda Looi, whose them as Christmas and New Year gifts for all your friends
personality is as big as her designs. This unique lady has and loved ones as well!
developed a distinct signature style, and like the fashion
greats of the international stage, she embodies her art in And dont forget to book your tickets to Lillian Toos Feng
every breath of her being, from her big hair to her boho chic. Shui Extravaganza to be held Sunday Nov 20th in Suntec
Singapore and Sunday Dec 11th at Hotel Istana Kuala
Helen Oon our travel correspondent takes us to Thailand, Lumpur ( If there is one event this year you
land of splendid Buddhas and dazzling temples, eventually MUST NOT miss, it is this. Invest one day with Lillian to
finding herself in 137 Pillars House, a historic homestead lay the groundwork for a most fabulous year ahead!
turned boutique hotel hideaway with links to Louis
Leonowens, the son of Anna Leonowens, made famous Happy reading!
in THE KING & I. Another personality who deserves
Day-To-Day Information!

use this Diary to make an

exciting record of your 2017 days!
Create a journal, then look back at all you have written.
Observe the quality of your days and watch patterns
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start recording all the good things that happen to you,
there is nothing that brings better feng shui.
Make this your indispensable personalized
Book of Days!

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o stranger to the silver
screen, Emily Blunt
has been making
major movies for
well over a decade
now, but her latest starring role in
one of the most anticipated murder
mystery movies of the year promises to
catapult her into a whole new league.
bestselling novel by Paula Hawkins
became a sensational success when it
was released in early 2015, debuting
on the New York Times Fiction
Bestseller list on the Number 1
spot, and remaining there for 13
consecutive weeks. The movie rights
were almost immediately snapped up
by DreamWorks Pictures, but then
came the challenging task of finding
the right heroine for the lead.
To date, the novel has sold well
over 11 million copies. Coming
hot on the heels of Gillian Flynns
GONE GIRL, Paula Hawkins tale
covers a similar topic - of a girl gone
missing but with a totally different
and entirely original approach. In
Girl on the Train, the reader follows
Rachel Watson as she boards her
commuter train from the suburbs
to the city each day, watching the
world go by from the window of the
train. Rachel is unemployed, newly-
divorced and an alcoholic, in short, a

Emiily Blunt plays the
role of Rachel Watson,
in Paula Hawkins
bestseller The Girl on
the Train

even murder. She

is a girl not fully
in control of her
actions, although
she wants to be.
Another big factor
when it comes to
whether a movie
can become a
blockbuster or not,
is how good the lead
looks and here was
another challenge.
character on the edge of falling apart. not overshadow the character. Emily Rachel Watson is a drunk, disheveled
The reader is made to empathize with Blunt could well turn out to be the and overweight. How do you put
her through her everyday challenges perfect casting choice, and if she can together a lead that embodies all that
of coping with depression, gaining pull it off, this role could well snag her yet remain appealing?
weight through comfort eating, and movie Awards and other accolades, Emily Blunt has that kind of look;
having to tell friends and family white but more than that, properly stamp she can be beautiful, but not in the
lies to hide the fact she is slowly but her on the worlds consciousness not conventional sense. Not by a long
surely slipping away to somewhere just as an actress who acts in A-list shot. She is no glamour puss. Her
possibly very dangerous. movies, but one who opens these beauty comes from the charisma and
A dream tale to make into a movie, movies. the characterization. Think Meryl
but characterization in a book is Says producer Marc Platt, Emily Streep, Susan Sarandon, Isabella
very different from characterization possesses tremendous craft, but at the Rossellini all great beauties whose
on the screen. And the movie will same time she feels like somebody you looks grow on you as you watch
open to audiences, of whom many know. Rachel Watson needs to be them. Emily Blunt made her debut
who have read the book will already played by someone the audience can more than ten years ago in THE
know the outcome. While there relate to because she is not a superstar. DEVIL WEARS PRADA, playing a
will still be plenty of mystery and She is a nobody, or compelling herself supporting role to Anne Hathaway,
intrigue, the challenge to live up to through her actions to becoming a where at moments she steals the scene
a page-turner and one-sitting read is nobody. And yet at the same time, from her much bigger co-star; this
enormous. The lead would have to go she needs to convince you that won her a BAFTA and Golden Globe
to an actress whose celebrity would she is capable of terrible things, nomination for Best Supporting | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 13

Actress. And in the last three years,
Emily has been slowly edging her way
into bigger and bigger roles.
She played the female lead
opposite Tom Cruise in EDGE OF
TOMORROW (2014) as the Angel
of Verdun, poster-child for victory
for the war against aliens hell-bent
on taking over Earth. Tom Cruise
never stars against leads who are
bigger names than himself, but she
more than held her own, and most
certainly got the world watching her.
In the Stephen Sondheim musical
INTO THE WOODS (2014) which
also starred Meryl Streep, Anna
Kendrick and Johnny Depp, she plays
the Bakers wife, which earned her
another Golden Globe nomination,
this time for Best Actress in a leading
role; there, she proved she could not Unique Paht Chee birth chart where the PILLARS are
just act, she can sing as well! element-aligned. (MATCHING ELEMENTS)

DOUBLE WATER HS + EB of each pillar match each other.

Analysis into Emily Blunts Paht Chee Except DAY PILLAR - which decribes the self = this has
reveals an interesting find. She was CLASHING ELEMENTS of FIRE + WATER but combines in some
born in the year of the Water Boar, instances to make steam.
which makes 2016 very lucky for her.
2016 is a year that is sorely lacking in TEN LUCK PILLARS
Water, so her DOUBLE WATER in 3 13 23 33 43 53 63 73
her Year Pillar - the pillar that holds
most weight in astrological analysis
- puts her at a great advantage. 2017 Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang
Wood Fire Fire Earth Earth Metal Meta l Water
also promises to be very good for her;
Water continues to be in short supply,
so her Year Pillar continues to help Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin Yang Yin

Wood Earth Fire Fire Earth Metal Metal Earth
her. She will also enjoy the Star of Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog
Golden Deity, which brings Qui Ren
luck - people in powerful positions
willing and wanting to help. In the Element Areas of Life
movie industry, this can be almost Metal RESOURCES
more important than even talent.
Looking at the other pillars in Earth RECOGNITION, FAME
her chart, her Month Pillar features Wood INTELLIGENCE, CREATIVITY
Pillar features DOUBLE FIRE. She
has 3 pillars where the elements are
aligned and doubled, which can be
good or bad depending on external
factors and alignments, but in her
case, it is all now coming together.
Her Day Pillar, which features her
self-element of WATER, is the only mix of Water, Fire and Wood, she is the fourth decade of her Ten Year Luck
pillar that is clashing, but in this missing Earth and Metal in her chart. Pillars, which indicates she has only just
case, the clash is between FIRE and Based on a self element of Water, entered her big fame period. The next
WATER, which in the right amounts this indicates that Metal brings her five years predict more success coming
results in STEAM, i.e. POWER. resources, and Earth brings her fame. her way, so astrologically, The Girl of
While she has an evenly distributed She is 33 years old, putting her in the Train could well be her big break.


Flower Power

Just outside
Trump Tower
on 5th Avenue.
Han Jin, Wan
Jin, Lillian, Lily
and Ed Noon.

On Trump Tower glass wall is this image of

a pineapple, which means great luck has
arrived. Just above that, aliens bringing
diamonds. The graffiti art has been here
since Trump became a US Presidential
candidate. Good feng shui or what?



Many Downtown City Towers

Donald Trump is the biggest

international newsmaker today.
Everything he says, tweets
and talks about makes instant
headlines, not just because he
is a potential President of the
United States, but also because
the Trump name has become
synonymous with luxurious
rump Tower New York City has a most
unique and auspicious frontage. It has
apartment living, not just in New obviously benefitted from excellent feng
York City but also in other cities shui advice. That it is set back into the building
of the Americas. FSW takes and the entrance rising some three levels high not
a look at the different TRUMP only protects the frontage and thus the whole building from the negative
TOWERS in some of major cities energy produced by the busy traffic, it also allows Chi to gather gently
before entering the building. The Towers subdued golden coloured glassy
of America and we are excited exterior reflects surrounding skies and effectively absorbs all the negative
to look at some of the iconic energy caused by surrounding winds causing the building to sway.
feng shui features that have Next note the unique metal clock, which features four faces. This is a
been so brilliantly placed that it clever feng shui feature to attract good chi from the four directions and
throughout the 24 hours of the day! It is placed to the right side of the
is obvious that Trump real estate building (looking out). Then there are the row of planted potted shrubs
developments have benefited that line the frontage pavement in such a way as to deflect away all bad
from excellent feng shui energy, while generating excellent growth Chi. These plants breathe
advice. Here is a sampling of wonderful yang Chi energy into the Tower for residents, and for the Trump
some of these features, which Tower name to spread far beyond the city.
Finally, observe how strongly the name itself is placed on a golden
have obviously made Trump a beam across the entrance, and etched subtly into the facade is the icon of
powerful international brand for a tree. This is a powerful symbol of growth so lacking in all the cities of
wealthy auspicious living. the world. | SEPTEMBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 17

T his is TRUMP TOWER at Fifth Avenue at the corner
of 56th Street also in New York City. Such a clever way
to design a building to absorb all the good chi generated by
the crossroads. And once again, the use of Wood element
energy is cleverly generated by the healthy growing plants
amidst dark coloured reflective glass that not only absorb the
winds that blow around the building, it also symbolizes Water
element energy to ensure healthy growth is forever present.
Once again note the use of dark reflective glass covering the
facade of the Tower. This is so beneficial for deflecting all
bad energy away. The step effect is another clever feng shui
touch much favoured by the landscape feng shui masters of
Hong Kong.

B efore Donald Trump started his

foray into politics and signed up
for the race to become President of

H ere is the famous metallic globe of the world strategically placed at the
front of Trumps most posh address, 1 Central Park West. The building
absorbs all the bright hall Chi from the park. Its many celebrity residents have
the USA, he had signed his name to
all the buildings he built. And there
are lots of buildings that carry the
made the Tower an icon of the city itself but in recent years, its grandeur has TRUMP name. No other Presidential
been overtaken by more recent and newer TRUMP buildings. candidate has such an amazing
real estate empire and many have
described his buildings as gilded
phallic structures built to reflect
his big ego. No question about it.
Trump thinks BIG, so his name gets
emblazoned across the streets and
avenues of major cities. Actually,
there are Trump Palaces, Trump
Residences, Trump City Centres,
Trump National Golf Courses, and
Trump Parks in New York City
alone. Indeed, the name has become
so big that many buildings that now
carry the TRUMP name are not even
owned by him, but they do create
the illusion that his TRUMP Empire
sure is large.


T rump International Tower and Hotel in downtown Chicago benefits from amazing landscape feng shui, as can be seen
in this perspective picture showing how the building has so wondrously captured the Chi of the river. It is built at
exactly where the river curves gently so that the water embraces the building like a jade belt, bringing the best kind of
Chi energy for prosperity and growth. Once again we see the fullest use of reflective glass to absorb the winds of this windy
city and also the architectural treatment of the step effect capturing the Chi of steady growth.

T his golden coloured building is TRUMP TOWER in

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps. Here we see another
treatment of the basic feng shui features so beloved of Donald
Trump the use of reflective glass, except here it is golden to
absorb the energy of the environment of the Nevada desert
amidst clear blue skies, with the strong branding of the name
high above the building, and the presence of trees surrounding
the front of the building. Revolving doors are used at the
entrance of this Casino Hotel to keep the Chi turning. | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 19

T he signature look of all TRUMP
properties is the lavish use of glass,
reflective facades and chrome gold.
Inside, there is a feeling of space, while
T he TRUMP International Hotel and Tower in Toronto
has a less flamboyant faade, although in Canada, the feng
shui features seem to be less evident. Since his Presidential
chandeliers create the ambience of luxury
and wealth amidst wide brightly-lit halls.
It has been reported that Trump uses the
rhetoric however, the TRUMP name seems to have become very magic ratio when designing the size and
unpopular, and some have described the name as an eyesore with dimensions of all the lobby areas of his
a couple of key downtown buildings bearing his name. Canada hotels.
is a multicultural city and Donald Trumps comments do not
sit well with this proud city. Inside, the Toronto Trump Towers
dcor is also not as ornate nor as luxurious as his American Trump
properties. Shown here is the penthouse suite of the TRUMP
TOWER TORONTO done in subdued colours of grey and
black not surprising, as this is a franchised TRUMP property,
as the Donald does not own this hotel.


Each year, Lillian Too and the team get to work to
design brand new keychains and bag tags that embody the
symbols and elements needed to sync seamlessly with the
energies of the new year. The 2017 hangings are now here, and
more beautiful than ever! But more important, they promise to
enhance your good luck and shield you from mishaps...

TAI SUI 2017

For the student from
College to prep school VICTORIOUS
WEALTH & age, this amulet features UMBRELLA
SUCCESS the Carp that becomes
AMULET EDUCATION a Dragon. As well as
bringing scholastic
The new wealth and
& SCHOLASTIC and examination luck,
This hanging protects
you from all forms of
success amulet features AMULET it is also very good for catastrophes, diseases,
the Victory Banner and fresh graduates just spirit harm and
the Success Syllable, For the student from College entering the job market. misfortune. It shields you
together with a Chi Lin to prep school age, this The artwork features from anything that can
carrying lots of golden amulet features the Carp a Dragon Horse with 4 disturb your peace of
ingots bringing you that becomes a Dragon. As Scholastic Objects for mind, and keeps you
prosperity and good well as bringing scholastic all-round skills. Perfect safe from being at the
fortune luck. It also has and examination luck, it for children and young wrong place at the
the Ru Yi, the scepter of is also very good for fresh adults looking to make wrong time.
authority, to boost your graduates just entering the a success of themselves
power and influence luck job market. The artwork in this world.
in the year 2017. Great features a Dragon Horse
for the go-getters and with 4 Scholastic Objects
achievement-oriented for all-round skills. Perfect for
among you! children and young adults
looking to make a success of
themselves in this world.
LILLIAN TOO brings a power-packed exciting exclusive
to this issue of FENG SHUI WORLD magazine that opens 2BALANCED
up mystical wish-actualizing Taoist feng This is a fundamental aspect of
shui to readers. Here are some good feng shui. Always ensure there is
simplified ways to actualising good balance of these two primordial
incredible good fortune Chi forces within your environment. For
instance, always make sure there is a
lamp lighting any dark corner of the
room, have a yang energy growing
Look for a lively active Dragon that captures
plant where there is too much
yin of stone and flooring. And
your fancy, a three dimensional Dragon to always have light yang
remind you that the coming year 2017 is when colours blend
the Dragon gets activated as it is the year of the with darker yin
Rooster, for the Dragon is the Roosters secret colours when
friend. Next, take a Chinese paint brush and have decorating,
some black ink or paint nearby. Recite 21 times the to offer a
syllable mantra of Om Mani Padme Hum and with nice balance
a clear motivation in your heart, dot the eyes of the in your
Dragon, visualising the eyes opening and bringing your interior decor.
Dragon to life. This is now your wish-fulfilling Dragon!

This is truly the most
Taoist feng shui always stresses the incredible
good feng shui of like with like. So when
you are born on the 2nd day of the month,
basic of Taoist thought,
then the number 2 brings you luck. The
and indeed, the circle that
number that reflects your birth day when
signifies the cycles of time
repeated in your home address or telephone
reminds us that for every
number will bring you good fortune. I was
beginning there must be an
born on the 11th day of the month and all
ending, for every start there
my life, the number 11 has brought me
must be completion. Thus
great good fortune, even to the extent of
respect the changing of the
striking it all the time at the roulette
seasons, the pulsating cyclical nature of energy, and be assured that life is
table. Whenever I place my bet
always a series of highs and lows, ups and downs. Through it all, stay calm
on #11, it is sure to come up
and the transformations of the seasons must surely bring you only goodness.
within the first 11 rolls! Plus
Just as the elements of the Universe have a cyclical overriding aspect to
of course, for the past 40 years,
their influence. To actualise the power of the circle, display at least six
I have lived in a house with the
items that are circular in your living space, such as mirrors or crystal balls.
number 11 in my address.
This is one of my absolute
favourite aspects of mystical
Feng Shui and I have used it,
recommended it and written about
it many times before. It is from the
magic ratio that I have derived my
own personal lucky number. The
ratio is 1:1.618 . The size of rooms,
halls, foyers, windows, tables, rugs,
carpets, book covers, calling cards,
even logos and so forth that follow
the dimensions of this ratio can
lead to a shape that is certain to
create absolute good fortune.


It is a good idea to consciously create a moving flow of Chi inside the
home, allowing it to travel along a winding trajectory. Using a combination
of light and heavy furniture, create natural pathways that everyone usesTry to
change the flow of Chi each year, as this will awaken hidden stagnant energy.
This will allow the Dragons cosmic breath to flow naturally within the home.

Everyone has a number that is unique to themselves, and this can be
a single number or a two-digit number. This number can be related to
your birth date or to the numerology patterns derived from the alphabets
of your name. Whatever it is, once you know the number that brings you
luck, consciously use the number so that it constantly gets activated e.g.
for your car, as your phone number, or as your password. You can activate
lucky numbers in many ways. This will also reaffirm the luck associated
with the number.

This means activating all the things
around you. Your home must always
enjoy Chi that is alive. Thus every
year, clean out the stagnant Chi that
has settled in dark corners, behind
cabinets, or withered away in the
gardens. It is impossible to list out all
the instances when Chi can stagnate
or die. You have to set about going
through the rooms of your home and
the different sectors of your garden
and re-awaken energy that has gone
to sleep. Awaken the cosmic Chi and
you will feel a revitalising in your
energy. You should also wake up Chi
energy in your home when someone
gets suddenly seriously ill!
There is plenty of weight given
This is different from
smelling the wind. Sensing
to the feng shui implications of the the Chi is your awareness
seasons. In the China of the old days, the luck of good and bad energies
of mankind is related to when one gets born, in the environment. All of
so that everything associated with the season us are sensitive to energies.
of ones birth strongly influences the path of Just go into a sad house and
destiny one treads through in life. Knowing then enter a happy home,
how to unlock the secrets of the seasons brings and you can immediately
absolute good fortune always. sense the difference. The
energy of environments
Those born at the height of winter will always is influenced by the Chi
benefit from warmth and from the colour red exuded by residents. This
which signifies fire. But if you are born in is because the environment
winter, the colour associated with you is black, comprises the energies of
so wearing black with a dash of red benefits Tien Ti Ren, i.e. the energies
you even more, because you reflect your season of heaven, mankind and
of birth while still staying warm. Those born earth, with mankind at the
in Spring will benefit from being surrounded centre of the whole. It stands
by the colour of Spring, which is light green; to logic then that you are
those born in summer always benefit from able to sense your own Chi,
all shades of red, while those born in the Fall and when this needs fixing,
should wear the purifying colour of white! you must attend to it as soon
as you can.


I am such a believer of life
force stones that over the years I have
collected many such stones, or rocks
that have directly spoken to me. These
have come from many different holy
pilgrimage places that I have been to.
I never pick these from mountains,
rivers or beaches, because I do not
like taking rocks from Nature. It is
not a good habit, as all such places
have Guardian entities that act as
Protectors, and they never like it
when people take their rocks. So I
prefer to purchase my rocks, usually
from local vendors, and then I go
through elaborate purifying rituals
before displaying them in my garden
shrines and ponds. These rocks exude 12THE SOIL OF YOUR EARTH
Looking below, observe the quality of your soil and you can see
instantly if it is fertile soil or arid soil. Naturally, it is the soil on which
wonderful life force Chi and they also
channel the different kinds of Chi plants can grow in that is the best kind of soil. But observe also the
from the soil and air of colours, composition and amount of water the soil contains. Also,
my own space. This look to see if the soil is tight like clay or light like sand.
aspect of spiritual The soil of our lands can contain much treasure or it
feng shui is very can be barren. It is always beneficial to be able to feel
beneficial, and the earth beneath your feet at least once a day, so
helps you when you live in high-rise buildings, make it a
without habit to connect with the earth on the ground
you even in the surrounding gardens as often as
realising! you can. This maintains the trinity
of tien ti ren in your life and within
your living space.
Remember that clouds always mean good luck. Skies without clouds
are unlucky skies! Looking above and seeing the patterns of the clouds is
incredibly useful in measuring the feng shui of your part of the Universe.
Often, looking up, you can sense the Lord of the heavens trying to tell you
something, because cloud formations often reveal symbols that hold meaning
for you and you alone. These are the signs from heaven.

See if you can make out some of these good fortune signs, such as deities,
gods and goddesses, celestial creatures like Dragons and Chi Lins, chariots,
horses, carriages, and auspicious symbols of the Gods implements and tools
such as tridents and vajras. These all portend good things. Cloud images never
last very long, and when you ask someone else to see them, usually the winds
come and disperse them. Be observant!
This is a skill that gets better
with practice and doing it with
awareness on a daily basis will heighten
your psychic abilities. When you
start to smell the winds you will soon
begin to catch the subtlest of scents
that come with strong winds and
likewise with gentle breezes. Soon
you will become sensitive to the winds
that blow from different directions.
Smelling the winds is a practice that
awakens your deepest senses. Good
feng shui homes always smell good!

In all the spiritual traditions of
the world, trees have always been
honoured as the life-giving source
of the most amazing growth Chi.
When you surround yourself with
nine varieties of trees, they bring
the completion of every kind of
aspiration luck. Taoist Feng Shui
Masters have always been very fond
of Wealth Trees and Life Trees, to
the extent that trees have become
immortalised in feng shui lore.

Every part of the tree from the

The Chi of WATER always brings prosperity and wealth
accumulation. Hence air and soil that is laden with water is always
root, to the bark, to their branches
to the tips of their leaves, even their
auspicious. When it rains, collect some of seeds all these can make powerful
the rain and bring the rain water into feng shui talismans and cures. I
your abode. Pour the rain water into would write an entire book on the
your indoor ponds and potted plants. feng shui of trees, but for now,
This brings the air of abundance into let me recommend that you
the home. Likewise, bring some of the first invite into your homes
rain soaked soil into the home and share my Trees of Wealth energized
it with your plants, as this brings the soil of by the presence of six birds these
abundance into the home. I do this at least once a will create the cause for you to start
week during the current rainy season. These water rituals a powerful connection with the
unite the trinity of Tien Ti Ren most effectively. growth energy of trees.
Since ancient times, the wise men and sages of China have
known that the quality of our lives , our good fortune and our
Almost all destinies are ruled by the mystical codes of the Universe. They
aspects of also know that there is a red string connecting all the people
Taoist Feng of the world and that these codes affect the actions and fate
Shui are of every living being on the planet, including the animals
bound by and the plants. Everything on earth is connected by these
the trinity mystical codes.
of Heaven,
Earth and There is a mathematical equation that pulls these codes
Mankind. together, and I am not surprised that the software geniuses of
This trinity is our generation are building larger and more powerful computers
the underlying than ever before. Indeed, coding is the method of working
philosophy that through the algorithms of all of todays
emphasizes the idea of the technological breakthroughs. In
energies above blending with the Taoist Spiritual practices that
energies below, that of heaven impact on our fortunes,
uniting with earth. Indeed, t h e re a re b re a t h i n g
according to Taoism, clouds in techniques, exercises,
the skies reveal what lies beneath postures, visualisations
the earth so that soil that is rich and meditations that
in some particular mineral will enable us to
reflect their colours upwards into access these
the skies. The Chi of heaven wafts codes, and
downwards through the air and over time,
is carried by the winds. The Chi to apply their
of earth rises from the ground usage even
channelled by the trees and plants though we may
that bring the goodness of the earth not understand how
to the surface. Good feng shui must they work.
thus be channelled upwards from
the ground, and downwards from This is the key to unlocking a great deal of wish-granting actualisation that
the heavens. Meditate on this and seem to offer results like magic. Perhaps we are at the edge of discovering
use your mind to visualize the flow how this Taoist magic actually works, but for now, what we have are
of cosmic Chi into your body and methods of capturing the Chi energies that unlock the mystical codes that
into your home. So beneficial! can nevertheless benefit us.


The Taoist Masters work with both the Chi of Sunlight and Moonlight.
For soft magic that is gentle and all-embracing, we work first with the power
of moonlight, which is in actual fact reflected sunlight. Moonlight is yin,
feminine and pacifying. And it is extremely powerful. It is also subtle and
can be channelled into our bodies through strong visualisation on a quiet moonlit
night. The best time to do this is during the Hours of the Rat between 11pm and
1am, the time when the old day gives way to the new day.

Stand with feet about one foot apart in the Chi Kung stance, hands hanging relaxed
by your side. Then look up at the moon and visualize the light of moon shining
down and entering the centre of your body directly into the spot that is just
above the navel, about three inches below the breast. You need to capture a good
amount of moonlight Chi to empower your ability to create wish-granting magic.

In the old days, disciples would do this every month during the nights of the
waxing moon until the moon reaches full moon. This is the start to practising
Taoist magic!
Place him in the centre of your home to enjoy happiness and
victory throughout the year! The Laughing Buddha removes
all your worries and brings joy into your life!

brothers and sisters are now living so far
away. Then he met this girl whom we
didnt like (her expat father was deported

back to Europe for some offence but her
mother lives here) and since then, his
grades started going downhill. Marcus
has become very rebellious and these


days we hardly even see him at home.
Mrs Liew sounded so helpless
about it all. But nevertheless, she

brought out her floor plan and we
took some directions at her main door.
Immediately, it became obvious why
her sons luck had gone downhill since
by Hanni Lim moving here. The feng shui of this

f e w ye a r s a g o , w h i l e the following week to take a look at apartment was so bad for Marcus, it
attending a wedding dinner the feng shui of her apartment. She was as if the entire layout was designed
with my husband, I was explained that three years before this, to completely destroy his personal luck!
seated next to a lady and she and her husband moved into this
throughout our 8-course
Chinese dinner, we chatted about all the
horoscope forecasts of everyone in her
upmarket apartment unit in the heart
of KL. As all her children (except
for her youngest son) had already
Take a look at the floor plan of this
family. Finally, when the final course settled down nicely overseas, Mr and apartment and youll see that it has a
was being served, she lowered her voice Mrs Liew wanted to scale down to big missing corner. This missing location
to a whisper, Actually I have a personal a smaller and newer space, with less happens to be the Northeast location of
problem I want to ask you. My youngest maintenance. But since moving into her apartment! The Northeast represents
son is giving me some headaches... but the new place, theyve noticed a big Education Luck, but not only that, it
I dont know if feng shui can solve this change in their son Marcus behavior is also the palace of the Youngest Son.
kind of problem. and performance at school. Thus in this apartment, it would be very
I asked what her problem was, and At first we thought he was adjusting difficult for anyone to excel in school,
she heaved a big sigh and said Well all to being in a new neighborhood, and and especially the Youngest son of the
my children are doing really well except perhaps a little depressed that his family. Poor Marcus!
my youngest boy. My eldest girl is already
married; she is a dentist in Australia. My MRS LIEWS APARTMENT
eldest boy is working as an engineer for a
German firm - hes about to get married
end of the year. My other daughter lives SE South SW
in the USA and works for a technology
company; shes doing really well and
getting a high salary. But my youngest
son aiyoh for some reason, he is just bedroom
not like his siblings. 710 x 10 bedroom
102 x 102
Mrs Liews son Marcus* was now bedroom
94 x 13 closet
already 17 years old, and she continued closet
to explain, I dont know what happened,
he wasnt always like this. He was a very closet West
bright student until a few years ago East West location
when he started losing interest in his (Palace of
living and Descendants)
studies. He became involved with a girl dining has a
114 x 17 bathroom
at school and since then has gotten very
distracted. They have broken up but
now I suspect he might even be dabbling kitchen
with drugs, but I dont have proof. Hes Northeast location
always coming home late and always (Palace of Education &
Youngest Son) is missing.
asking us for money. One time when
we didnt give him the money, he stole NE NW
money from our wallets. So Im not sure North Northwest has a kitchen. This is
destroying Marcus luck as he
if this is something feng shui can solve? is born in the year of the Boar.
Mrs Liew invited me to her place


Its easy to gain blessings when you have a prayer wheel!
Turning the prayer wheel just once generates the blessings
of chanting a mantra millions of times!

Note how the West location is SE
South SW
occupied by a bathroom! The West is
the Palace of Descendants, and having Place
a bathroom here afflicts the luck of crystals
here in the
all the children living in this house. Northeast
corner of bedroom
The Palace of Descendants ensures Marcuss 710 x 10 bedroom
one has many future generations and bedroom 102 x 102
that they bring good fortune to the 94 x 13 closet
parents. When this location is afflicted,
newly wed couples will have trouble closet
conceiving, and those with children
will have difficulty controlling their
East West location
(Palace of
living and Descendants)
children. Since Mrs Liews other Hang windchimes dining has a
here in the Northwest 114 x 17
children are already living overseas, corner of his bedroom.
they are less affected by this problem,
but for Marcus, the bathroom here
impairs his luck and causes him to
bring disgrace to his family. It is no
surprise that he would be mixing with
the wrong kind of people and making NE NW
poor choices in selecting partners and Place lots of crystal balls here
to activate the Northeast
best friends. corner. It would also Hang lots of windchimes
be useful to place here in the Northwest
a light here to corner of the living room.

As if the two problems above werent
increase the
effectiveness of
the crystals.

bad enough, Marcus, who was born in

1995, is a Boar. Note how the Kitchen I advised her to: Recently I bumped into Mrs Liew at
in the Northwest of this apartment the supermarket and asked about her
is burning away his personal luck, son, and she told me that he is now
as the zodiac location of the Boar is studying in Manchester University (in
Northwest to strengthen
Northwest 3! When I noticed this feng the UK) and doing well.
the luck of the Boar and
shui affliction, I explained that the After implementing the feng
the Patriarch. The element
kitchen here was also likely to cause shui remedies, things improved over
of the Northwest is Metal,
her husbands health and personal the years, and in the beginning, we
so this location benefits
luck to diminish. Mrs Liew confirmed noticed that Marcus came home more
from having strong Metal
that since moving into this place, her often and made a new set of friends
energy. She should do this
husband has developed a strange skin from College. But we also thought
in the NW of the living
problem, and experiences regular chest it was too great a risk to stay in that
room and also the NW of
infections. One time it was so bad he apartment, so we bought another
Marcus bedroom.
had to be hospitalised for a week! apartment. This time we made sure
t 1MBDF DSZTUBM CBMMT JO UIF it did not have all these problems!
A DIFFICULT CASE Northeast. The Northeast Marcus finished his A-levels last year
TO FIX is an Earth location, which with good enough results to get into
Unfortunately for this family, all benefits from strong crystal a good Uni and is now in his first
the feng shui flaws of this property energy. To enhance this year at Manchester!
were quite difficult to fix through further, she should place For those of you having difficulties
renovation. Living in an apartment a light shining onto the with your childrens performance
means there is no way one can renovate crystal balls so that luck here at school, do check the locations
or move the bathroom or kitchen. I is magnified. This is crucial in your home that represent your
advised Mrs Liew to move out of this to activate Education Luck childs position in the family unit,
place, or move back to her old house if and also to strengthen the and also their animal location. If you
it was still available. In the meantime, luck of the Youngest Son. cannot renovate or move out, you
her only choice was to use the small tai Again, best to do this in can still improve the luck of your
chi method to activate the luck of these the living room and also in home considerably by placing suitable
afflicted sectors in her sons bedroom Marcus room. feng shui enhancers in all the correct
and in the living room. sectors of the house.



he fashion industry is constantly looking for ways
to reinvent their brands and collections, each season
trying to outdo the last, and to capture the imagination
of shoppers and fashionistas who are becoming more
discerning than ever. With online shopping allowing
anybody to become a retailer, the walls of competition have
come down, putting more pressure on the big houses to come
up with items that one can really covet. Tod this year turned with a lions head and a Dragons body; but the lion head is
to celebrated tattoo artist Saira Hunjan for inspiration, more akin to the Chinese lion or Si Chi than the African
commissioning her to design a tattooed art piece of the ones we see in real life, and the Dragon body is that of the
Chinese Dragon, which was artfully inked onto Tods Double auspicious Chinese Dragon. To the Chinese, the lion always
T messenger bag. signifies protection, useful to embody in a bag in which you
 8IJMF 4BJSB )VOKBO JT NPSF BDDVTUPNFE UP JOLJOH keep your valuables. And the Dragon always symbolizes
celebrities like Kate Moss and Sadie Frost, she has always good fortune. Something to save up for this season!
wanted to break into the world of fashion. She counts among  4BJSB )VOKBO JT OPUFE POF PG UIF XPSMET CFTU UBUUPP
IFS JOTQJSBUJPO +FBO 1BVM (BVMUJFST UBUUPPFE DMPUIJOH )FS artists, and isabout to become a whole lot more famous
collaboration with Tods features what she calls a mystical beast with her Tods collaboration.

t is always heart-warming to read about a perfectly preserved piece of royal
heirloom surfacing and selling for some incredible sum of money. Last month,
a particularly stunning teapot from the Qing Period belonging to the Qianlong
Emperor was sold to an Asian buyer for the incredible sum of US$3.5 million
at Sothebys Auction in New York, demonstrating once again how rarely a piece
like this comes on the market, and also how highly-prized these kinds of pieces are,
The teapot was coveted by over 10 bidders, and is one of only two known to be an ode to
Emperor Qianlongs adoration of tea.
The teapot has an Imperial poem inscribed on one side and a restful idyllic outdoor scene in the style of classical
Chinese scholar paintings on the other side. There is a partially hidden pavilion, an overhanging pine tree, a
meandering pathway, a view of water, rocks signifying mountain, a wall with a moon gate, a scholar - very likely
the Emperor himself - admiring an open handscroll with writing implements nearby. An attendant serves him tea
brewed by a second assistant some distance away.
The whole painting is reminiscent of excellent feng shui, where an Imperial scholar can sit in silent contemplation.
It is a happy scene and for sure, the beautiful light green teapot is likely to bring good fortune royal energy to
whoever displays it for daily viewing. The poem memorialises the Qianlong Emperors visit to the Hui Mountain
Temple, a popular place frequently visited by scholars. It can be interpreted that the teapot symbolizes here a life
of easy leisure and demonstrates the Emperors desire to live a simple life of occasional reclusive retreat, a state-of-
mind pursued by all those seeking wisdom. | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 31

lifewithLillian sing 28 of all my most popular songs.
We went with Lily, Ed and Jose, who
flew in from San Francisco to chill out
Jin. Adele sang non-stop for over two
hours. 28 songs to a capacity crowd of
20,000 people. I am awed by her huge
talent and was very taken with how
sweet and sensitive she was to what her
audience wanted. She is endearingly
down to Earth and also very chatty.
Confiding to the audience how
she used to swear like anything in the
early days, she says she is working on
cleaning up her act, and apologized in
advance for any lapse in her resolve not
to swear. But throughout the show, she

kept faithfully to her word!
Adele has a powerful voice and I
can see she needs to get water and rest

awhile. Somewhere through the show,
she talked about the announcement
that came out that morning, and she
feels sad about the forthcoming divorce
of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, saying
I dont know them... but I feel sad for

She shared her love of Angelo, her
son of three years. She said, I never
realized I could love another human
being the way I love my son, before
proceeding to sing the song she wrote

efinitely the highlight where she opened the Concert with about him.
of my short holiday )FMMP*UXBTBTFMMPVUTIPXMMFEUP Adele has declared she will stop
to the city that never capacity. Adele is appealing and very touring as soon as she finishes this tour.
sleeps was watching entertaining. She sang all her hits, as She has six shows scheduled for New
Adele live at Madison she has famously said in the past that York, but could consider a residency at
Square Garden. We it really irks her when she watches a Las Vegas in the future. We were mighty
were SO lucky to get six tickets show and the singer or band dont lucky to catch her, and oh wow, her
to Adeles show in New York. We play any of their hit songs, and insist performance was amazing and utterly
had seats on the floor right next to on playing only their new stuff. Yes, mesmerizing. Really loved her. One of
she tells her adoring audience, I will todays greatest talents for sure!



o you can imagine how thrilled I
am that I successfully found the

manufacturer who could make
all 21 of the Tara Goddesses,

with each of the Goddesses
carrying her own implement above the
blue utpala flower in her left hand.
It is not easy looking for a Supplier
prepared to make these statues exactly
how I want them to be, with each
Tara Goddess holding her own special
implement, which has to look exquisite.
There is something very beautiful about Goddess energy. These are the magical tools of Tara and
The Buddhists of the countries bordering the mighty JODMVEF UIF DPODI  NJSSPS  KFXFMT  WBTF 
Himalayas from snow-capped Tibet to tiny Sikkim, Nepal, trident and so forth. I also wanted the
India and into the kingdom of Bhutan... and these days different colours of each of the Taras to
also Vietnam, Cambodia and China have embraced the be painted in highly brilliant colours,
and I wanted the crown of the Taras
Goddess energy of TARA, the beautiful green Buddha. UP CF TUVEEFE XJUI iKFXFMTw "OE BMM
From her emanates twenty other forms of Tara, in these requirements the manufacturer
colours of red, yellow, golden, white and black each successfully created! It is as if some hidden
carrying a different implement with which to sprinkle the hand is helping us.
The 21 Taras are now available for
specific blessing that each Tara manifests. everyone to invite into their homes. The
Many thousands - including I - who have prayed to statues are made of metal and gilded in
the 21 Taras regularly invoking her blessings can attest chrome gold, and the bodies have been
painted in enamel paint. They are about
to the wondrous compassion of the TARA Goddesses. 2.5 to 3 inches high and they are so
We recite the 21 Tara Praises and make seven kinds of exquisite even their expressions can be
offerings on the 8th day of every lunar month, and Tara clearly discerned. Each of the 21 Taras,
which we follow in the Jigme Lingpa
always bestows the blessings we seek. lineage, has one pair of hands and each


is sitting in the same posture. This I was strongly inspired to make the I truly prayed I could make
makes it easy for you to visualize the 21 Tara images available to everyone a set that would be far, far more
Taras in your daily meditations should after I found the most amazingly affordable, so they can be accessible to
you wish to do so. beautiful set of 21 Taras in a tiny whoever wishes to forge a wonderful
The Taras come with a small altar Buddha shop at the Bhoudanath bond with the 21 Taras. Everything
base so they can be set up instantly Stupa in Kathmandu. That was went smoothly for me that day at
on a special prayer table as soon as KVTU CFGPSF UIF FBSUIRVBLF TUSVDL Bhoudanath; even the packing and the
you invite them into your home. The Kathmandu valley, and I have not KPVSOFZ UISPVHI /FQBMFTF $VTUPNT
body of each Tara can be filled with been back since, although I plan to was hassle free. These were really good
Tara mantras and you can request go again soon. That was the only set I signs and all the way back I had no
for them to be consecrated by your could find after searching all the shops trouble at all.
Lama before you set them up in a around the Stupa and in Thamel. I interpreted the signs to mean that
sacred meditation space, which can The statues are made of metal, Goddess Tara would help me make
be a room, or a special cabinet in a and every single Tara is extremely these 21 Taras available for my readers
quiet corner. Make sure you leave exquisitely painted. I truly could FBTJMZBOEFPSUMFTTMZ)FODFIFSFUIFZ
space where you can make water not resist and I did not resist! I went are for the first time anywhere in the
bowl and other offerings including with the flow but wondered if I could world - a set of 21 Taras in chrome
lights, food and incense. As soon as successfully invite the Taras home. I gold metal all ready to be filled and
this is done, you can start connecting say this because the statues of Tara consecrated.
directly with the Taras by chanting the were very expensive and I was afraid Get these online or make a trip
main mantra OM TARE TUTTARE I would not have sufficient cash with to our Flagship Store at Midvalley
TURE SOHA and eventually proceed me, as not all the shops accept credit Megamall. We do not have many
to read the Praises and then chant the cards. The set of 21 Taras with each sets, so if you dont want to be
individual mantras of each of the 21 statue being 5 inches high cost nearly disappointed, do make the effort to
Taras. 10K in US dollars! get them! SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2011 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 35



n the next couple of months, the
 ) P X  D B O  T I F
suddenly end up with
to be on everyones lips if it isnt
so many movies coming
out one after the other
leading lady yet, and she is barely
in this magical season
famous enough to open a movie,
but in the coming year she has five films
are BIG movies with
coming out that have her in an almost
BIG stars like Denzel Washington, next year in 2017, the RABBIT born
starring role, and in every new film, she
appears with big name stars and leading
Blunt, Justin Theroux et al as her an amazing year for this Rabbit lady
co-stars! They are films with big indeed, so there could be kudos in store
is quite blown away by it all. VOGUE
promotion budgets and whether or come Awards season and Oscar time.
describes her as the next biggest star on the
OPUUIFZCFDPNFIJUT )BMFZ#FOOFU I plan to watch her in at least one
horizon, while VANITY FAIR declares
is going to stand out magnificent and of the five movies in which she appears
enticing. at least get to see if I like her and
Comet! And we know that comets streak
She has the looks and the talent, how good she is, and get a glimpse of
bright and fast in the evening skies!
and she has the luck! how auspicious fortune actualizes, as it
She has got to be mega-talented, and
I have never watched her, but I seems to be doing brilliantly for her!
have a super-agent, and be incredibly
hard working although mostly, she
She has a very lucky face, well- to acting with the big names. She has
has got to be very, very lucky indeed. Yes,
proportioned, her eyes wide set and appeared in some notable movies not
she is all of these things, yet few have yet
clear, her nose straight and high necessarily big hits but films that have
heard of her. She is the ultimate unknown
and her lips full without looking not done badly at all - films like The
actor having fame and fortune suddenly
ridiculous. Not for her the trout pout Equalizer, Marley and Me and Music
thrust upon her.
look. Indeed, the shape of her face with Lyrics. This fall she stars in Rules
is full and wide and very auspicious. %POU "QQMZ  B GJMN BCPVU )PXBSE
indeed, she is a Capricorn born in The Girl on the Train based on the New
the first week of January in 1988, York Times #1 bestseller. She will also
nearly a Dragon but born too early, so be in the remake of the great western,
she comes under the sign of the Fire the Magnificent 7.
Rabbit. I looked at her Four Pillars and  )FSFTUIFJDJOHPOUIFDBLFoUIJT
she is in her very lucky Luck Pillar and leading lady also sings and will be
appearing in Terrence Malicks musical
The Girl on drama movie Weightless with the
the Train
delightfully handsome Christian Bale.
Can life get any better for a 28-year-
old, we wonder. But if her birth chart
is accurate, it seems life can and will!
Look out over the next twelve months
and watch as she becomes even more
famous. Additional Recognition luck
is coming!



he plot is enticing and very

original. It is challenging
to maintain the storylines
at a level that can keep the

average audience riveted,
a good level of interest too. The show
features 11-year-old Jake, a seemingly
autistic uncommunicative boy who
has the ability to decipher meanings in
sequences of numbers. These reveal the
interconnectivity of peoples actions
The Internet Age is definitely enhancing the BDSPTTUIFXPSME*UJTBCJHTVCKFDUUP
make authentic and believable on the
interconnectivity of peoples across the planet and screen, but they succeed at making
one TV show I caught on NETFLIX recently brought every episode very watchable. In fact, it
is quite a thriller, made so probably by
this to my attention in a big way. The show TOUCH, the superb acting of Kiefer Sutherland
starring the brilliant Kiefer Sutherland is making me whom we all recall from the mega hit
series 24.
take another look at what sequences of numbers The bonus is that it will make you
reveal! I was quite hooked from the first episode. look at your young son or grandson
with new eyes, because we really do
I later found out that when the show first aired in OPULOPXKVTUXIBUUIFZBSFUIJOLJOH
2012, the strength of the stars name harnessed a or what is being processed inside their
young brains, especially when they stay
whopping 13 million viewers. silent most of the time.


I am intrigued because we are hurtling In the end, those of you watching
will be left wondering about the
into the future at such an incredible speed. synchronicity of coincidences, the
I observe with increasingly fractured random dynamics of events that are
in truth not random at all. That there
nerves that I, a grandmother well past my is indeed a vast masterplan known to
generation, might well get left behind in a Universal Force we can label God??!
We can become convinced that
this new Age of quantum computers everyone we have met so far, and
and internet magic. will meet in the future, is somehow
connected to us by the red string
of fate. Our lives intersect and the
repercussions of our meeting can be
I am intrigued because we are interconnectivity of events happening mildly meaningful or they can have
hurtling into the future at such an in the world through a series of NBKPSDPOTFRVFODFT
incredible speed. I observe with seemingly random numbers. And To think of the infinite possibilities
increasingly fractured nerves that I, a although he does not speak, he of chance meetings sets the bar of
grandmother well past my generation, can communicate with his father expectations so high that it simply
might well get left behind in this through numbers and this sets into becomes too difficult an exercise to
new Age of quantum computers and motion a series of actions that lead follow.
internet magic. to outwardly unrelated actions by If you are into the science of
Technology continues to make strangers that ultimately change the spirituality, you will surely find
leaps that are so dramatic that it often fate of someone in need of help. That watching this series very beneficial
HFUTKVTUUPPNVDIGPSNFUPBCTPSC someone may be living on the other indeed. But it can be complex and the
The speed at which technology is side of the world, but through Jakes connectivity theory can tax the limits
advancing confronts my understanding intervention, engineered through of credibility.
of even the smart phone, which these his dad, it somehow leads to happy  506$)DPNFTUPBOFOEBGUFSUIF
days has become so smart I am feeling endings! second season, but the series is worth
very challenged indeed. Jake apparently feels the pain of watching if only to get us thinking. I
Actually, I believe the quantum the Universe and can cause potential am glad NETFLIX revived it for a new
computer has already been built, most suffering of these people to somehow audience, for in showing the visual
probably somewhere in Canada, and get averted. As the TV series continues coincidence of numbers linking people
if so, mankinds ability to process and however, the plot gets increasingly to the outcome of events, we see the
analyze data will surely have us all complicated, as increasingly mind- advent of an original and captivating
careering into the future at speeds that blowing variables get thrown into the line of thought. Gives us a genuinely
are beyond our comprehension. The plot lines. new kind of thriller to watch.
combination of advanced
brain power with a super
computer can well lead to
predictive sequences getting
A television series like
surface of how the power
of algorithms can be used
to forecast weather patterns
around the world, predict
harvests of crops and grains,
connect the dots on stock
market movements and
even create what they refer
to as the God Sequence,
enabling a greedy few to play
God, is simply too scary to
Jakes brain operates like
a quantum computer.
 ) F  D B O  T F F  U I F | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 39

Melinda Looi, possibly
Malaysias best female
designer, is a critically-
acclaimed, award-
winning fashion creator.
Not only are her designs
outstandingly distinctive
and unique to look at, so
is she!

nlike some designers,
Melinda Looi looks and
acts the part of a top- boutique in
notch designer. She is Bangsar
never seen in any other
label but her own avant-garde garments,
which are never designed to blend into is a cheong sam tailor, which requires label Mellooi Creation in 2000.
the background. Like a Chanel matching specific skills as it is very challenging Like most designers, Melinda Looi
jacket and skirt, you can spot a Melinda to make a less than perfect body look cultivates her own distinctive style,
Looi from a hundred paces. great in an unforgiving cheongsam! which has evolved over the decade, but
Then there is the designer herself. She was famous for her impeccably-cut retains its trademark. Most describe it
Melinda is not a 6-ft tall sex goddess, cheongsams back then, but now she is as avant-garde with a hint of retro laced
but you can spot her in any crowd due in her 70s. with Victorian vintage! Sometimes she
to her magnificent mane! Now my brothers and sister-in- is inspired by our local tribal motifs
My hair is my personal signature law run the family garment business, from Sarawak, Sabah and aborigines
and everyone associates me with big, big which manufactures clothes for local as well as traditional textiles like batek
hair, grins Melinda Looi. I am proud corporations and businesses. My father and songket.
to say my hair is all real, no bonding or was among the first to import pleating I personally like to wear what
extensions! machines, and till today, many come to I design. Its my DNA, so these
Her trademark frizzy, frothy, our factory to get their fabrics pleated. are the designs I love and do best,
flamboyant hair-gone-feral is actually As far as I know, they are the only one explains Melinda simply. I think every
straight! Few know this, as Melinda only left in Malaysia to do fabric pleating. designer has a favourite style or theme
tried keeping it straight once. But no I am not a cheongsam specialist, he or she revisits time and again.
one recognised me and I had to poke though I produce a capsule collection Mind you, her catwalk masterpieces
people and say Its me, Melinda Looi, so every Chinese New Year. that take the breath away and make
I went back to bouffant. Its my personal In 1995, Melinda Looi won the jaws drop are seldom purchased in
look and I am comfortable with it. top prize of a full scholarship to study their entirety.
Her crowning glory was already this fashion at the parent school La Salle When Melinda sits with her
buoyant way before 1994 when she in Montreal, Canada. The scholarship bespoke client to discuss requirements,
enrolled in La Salle Institute of Design in was for 3 years, but Melinda proved so the customer becomes the centre of
Kuala Lumpur. She is actually KL-born talented she graduated in 2! design, and the avant garde catwalk
and bred and not from some ulu part Back home I worked with my collection becomes a treasure trove of
of Malaysia. parents for a year, but their fashion inspiration. Melinda will redesign a
I never planned to be a fashion is bulk production and not creative one-off unique piece from the catwalk,
designer, as I wanted to be an artist. But couture. Design and manufacturing but customised and adapted to the
my parents believed artists were destined are two separate entities. clients taste, figure and occasion.
to be poor, so I chose fashion instead, Her brothers work with the family Melinda Looi was awarded Best
as I knew they could not say no to that. firm, while sister Beatrice Looi is also Fashion Designer of the Year not once
To me, fashion is also an art form, just an accomplished designer. but thrice! Twice from MIFA (Malaysia
using a different medium of canvas and My parents wanted me to work for International Fashion Awards) and
brushes, explains Melinda. them, but my vision of fashion design once from Mercedes-Benz STYLO
Ironically, mum Keng Foong is a is one of wearable art pieces, and not Fashion Awards. Plus another dozen
fashion designer of sorts. My mother mass production. So I started my own awards and accolades! Yet she does not | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 41

sit on her laurels but is first to insist she
still has a lot to learn ahead!
She is such a runway Malaysia Boleh
icon that at one stage she had up to 6
labels -Melinda Looi Couture, Melinda
Looi Ready to Wear, Melinda Looi
Ivory, ML by Melinda Looi, Mell Basics
and Emel.
Ironically, there were no Mell
Sports or Mell Casual. As even the
most diehard fans were confused over
these fashion follies, Melinda Looi
has wisely eliminated the froth and is
concentrating on her bread and butter.
I have streamlined the collections to
3 - Melinda Looi Couture, Melinda Looi
RTW and Emel, explains Melinda. The
top of the line is obviously Melinda Looi
Couture of one-off evening and bridal
wear, which take up to 2 months each
and starts from RM5,000. These Haute
Couture, made for you only dresses is
Melinda Looi at her most creative and
passionate. Her wedding gowns are
what every bride dreams of wearing.
Melinda Looi knows not every
customer is rolling in cash, so her
Ready to Wear ranges from RM300 to
RM1,500 and you still get an original
Melinda Looi.
Emel is seasonal for the Raya festive
season and is derived from the Arabic
amal, which in Bahasa Malaysia also
means charitable, good deeds. This Melinda Looi
Muslim wear collection ranges from Autumn/Winter
RM300 to RM600.
All can be seen, admired and
2016 Collection
purchased at Melinda Looi flagship
boutique at 131 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Cruise Collection, which will feature
Kuala Lumpur (03- 2093 2279). The our Christmas and Chinese New Year
RTW are at Parkson Pavilion KL or collections.
Malacca Freeport A Famosa. Or emel. Her success means she can now also
my and soon indulge in her original love of being an
However talented and creative, any artist. She occasionally hand paints her
designer soon becomes frazzled like couture garments, while other artworks
Melindas hair if the solo creator has to run Melinda Loois business so she appear as prints in her ready-to-wear
to draw, pay rent, staff, utilities and could be free to tunnel vision only on collections.
tax, source for fabrics and accessories, the creative aspects and moved to KL She is also the only designer in
keep the books, hire and train workers, in 2005. Malaysia to be manhandled by the then
handle media, participate in shows and Yes, it went very fast, but I knew it Queen of Malaysia, the current Sultanah
produce winning collections season was the right thing to do and the rest is of Terengganu! Melinda was pregnant
after season! history I guess, grins Dirk Luebbert. during her Mercedes-Benz STYLO
For this, we must thank Melindas Melinda and Dirk Luebbert have 4 award presentation onstage and almost
husband Dirk. gorgeous and best dressed kids - Max tripped on her high heels. Her Royal
Dirk Luebbert is a German banker 11, Maya 8, Mika Elias 6 and Myla Highness Sultanah Nur Zahirah of
with Commerzbank when he was Ellen 1.5. Terengganu quickly stepped forward to
despatched to Malaysia where he met China is a big market and both are hold and steady her hand as the audience
Melinda Looi during a work placement in Shanghai in October for Shanghai applauded.
in 2004. He fell madly in love, told his Fashion Week. Our next biggie is Stay tuned and stay fashionably
boss he was quitting his well-paid job the end November launch of our garbed.



A pair of Peacocks opens new doors to greater

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he kingdom of Thailand, usual tourist traps, and embarked on a Chakri Dynasty (the ruling dynasty of
formerly known as Siam, less touristy journey called The Other Thailand today) on an auspicious date.
is one of the most popular Side of Bangkok led by my excellent The sprawling city with a population
holiday destinations in guide Michai, an energetic young man of nearly 10 million nestles on the
the world. Who can resist who is seriously into cycling tours. As banks of the Chao Phraya River,
its magnetic pull of dazzling golden the last time I rode a bike was over revered as River of Kings. It is
temples, idyllic beaches on paradise forty years ago, it was prudent to opt the lifeline of the city purveying the
islands, shopping, bustling markets, for public transport on our tour. In energy of the Water Dragon to the
pulsating cityscape and the palate- Chiang Mai, I ventured on a more metropolis through the river and the
pleasing cuisine? I for one cannot resist spiritual escapade, visiting the many numerous canals. It is a prosperous
the allure of this fabled kingdom, so amazing temples and countryside with city and spiritually protected by
this summer, I made a return visit to my wonderful guide Suphote. more than 400 temples. The river is a
two of my favourite cities: Bangkok busy thoroughfare for pleasure boats,
The City Of Angels and Chiang Mai A ROAD LESS TRAVELLED water taxis and cargo barges, while the
The Rose Of The North. Bangkok was founded in 1782 by riverbanks are a mixed bag of shanty
In Bangkok, I decided to avoid the King Rama I, the first king of the dwellings and desirable real estate for



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The solid gold Buddha Temple of the Gold
Buddha - Wat Traimit

swanky buildings, temples and luxury where Feng Shui masters have designed in concrete, presumably to prevent
hotels. the streets to align with the Dragon theft. The Thai believed that it was
Michai took us to the parts of Path leading to the Ratchawong through divine intervention that the
Bangkok not frequented by tourists, Pier to harness the water energy. The Buddha revealed itself in 1955 when
taking us down narrow streets of thriving Chinese community is the the concrete casing broke as it was
residential area to get an insight of how largest trader in gold in the country, being moved to a temporary building.
the locals live. In the blacksmith and and it is amazing to see so many Today, the divine Gold Buddha
goldsmith neighbourhood, there was a shops glittering with gold jewellery is enshrined in a sacred chapel in the
plethora of shops selling giant Buddha alongside retailers of Chinese herbs, pinnacle of the temple under a golden
and religious statues for temples food and restaurants. pagoda. We had to climb many flights
and private properties. We strolled One of the most iconic temples of steps to reach the top, and joined
through the little India of Bangkok, in Chinatown is Wat Traimit or the throng of devotees to offer prayers.
where the Indian community trade the Temple of the Gold Buddha. The vision of the resplendent Buddha
in shops and market stalls packed It is believed to hark back to the in all its glory was spellbinding.
to the rafters with clothes, textiles, Sokhothai Dynasty in the 13th to Worshippers fell to their knees in awe
spices, electronics and all sorts of retail 14th century. The massive seated and veneration, and made offerings of
paraphernalia. Buddha is 3.3meters tall and weighs food and new robes for the monks to
Chinatown nearby is a more a hefty 5.5tonnes in solid gold! When gain merit.
prosperous area in Yaowarat Road, it was first discovered, it was encased
The lively Amphawa We wanted to get away from the usual
Floating Market
touristy markets in Bangkok, so we
decided to skip town and checked out
the suburbs. Our first port of call was
Mae Klong railway market in Samut
Songkhram Province, locally known
as closing umbrella market. It was
the most insane market I have ever
seen. Stalls selling fresh seafood and
farm produce literally set up shop
inches from the railway track sheltered
by awnings and umbrellas. At the
witching hour, an announcement
bellowed out to the traders, informing
them how many minutes before a train
approached to get ready to pull back
their shelters. As the train approached
sounding its horn, the traders pulled


back their awnings and umbrellas on Siam ( This believed to be the home of the Naga,
cue like choreographed performers. luxury urban retreat in the historic a mythical Dragon-like serpent that
As soon as the train moved on, it was Dusit district is a symphony in guards the city. It is feng shui by
business as usual. The train runs 8 black and white aesthetics of white another name, as the river contributes
times a day serving the small towns marble, neutral tones and an interior to the prosperity of the city as a
in the region. that rocks class and elegance. It is conduit for trade and water supply
Next stop is Amphawa Floating the perfect harmony of avant-garde in historic times. In feng shui speak,
Market, which only operates on and Art Deco, creating a delightful it conveys excellent Water Dragon
weekends from Friday to Sunday from uncluttered vision that encourages energy to the city. It is surrounded
12pm till 8pm. It is predominately sweet yang chi to waltz through the by mountainous landscape that
for the locals who come in hoards building. captures the positive chi from the
to enjoy the street food and carnival In the inner sanctum, a massive dragon lines of the terrain. The city
atmosphere. The place was heaving water feature with rows of travellers itself is renowned for its artistic flair,
when we arrived to a delightful palms form the centrepiece of the as reflected in the beautiful Lanna
cornucopia of street foods, all freshly atrium, emanating positive chi to the architecture and marvellous works of
prepared in front of us. A canal runs property. The garden is a green repose art.
through the market where a fleet of with beautifully landscaped avenues of The highlights of Chiang Mai
sampans anchored by the bank were foliage and shrubs. The food in their are the beautiful temples in the city
merrily grilling, boiling and frying Chon Thai restaurant is an epicurean and in the surrounds. One of the
seafood, meat and noodles in their delight. Our stay was made all the most important temples is Wat Phra
small boats, cooking up a storm. more pleasurable by the excellent and Tat Doi Suthep, perched high up on
Diners ate sitting on the steps by the attentive service. the mountain 15km from the city. It
boats, or on wooden stools in front was founded in 1383 on a site that a
of shops by the canal. We ate our way CHARMING CULTURED white elephant carrying a relic bone
through the market, and it was not CHIANG MAI of Buddha was said to have chosen.
only delicious food, it was truly food Chiang Mai, which means new The Wat is a glittering complex
for the soul! town was the ancient capital of the of golden temples, majestic pagodas
Lanna Kingdom founded by King and Buddha statues, with a viewing
A ROOM WITH A VIEW Mengrai in 1296 to succeed the old platform that commands a stunning
Accommodation along the Chao capital Chiang Rai. It was surrounded view of Chiang Mai. Worshippers
Phraya bag the best spots in the city, by a moat and fortified walls to from all over the world come to
and we were fortunate to stay in two protect against the constant threat pay respect to the sacred relic. We
such fabulous hotels during our visit. from the Burmese. Today, remnants joined the battalion of devotees
The first two nights, we stayed at of the wall still remain, hugging the circumambulating the central chedi
Riva Surya (www.rivasuryabangkok. city limits. It styles itself as a Creative (pagoda), while other worshippers
com) a wonderful little gem of a City, vying for a place in UNESCO. burned incense and made offerings
boutique hotel in close proximity to The city is built around the to the plethora of Buddha statues
the citys main attractions. The plain Ping River, which the Lanna people surrounding the chedi.
architecture belies the charming
interior that has been tastefully The magnificent Wat
designed to accentuate the cosiness Prathat Doi Suthep In
Chiang Mai
and intimacy of the place.
The airy, open-plan lobby leads
to the river with a rear garden and
swimming pool, harnessing the vibrant
chi from the waterway. This riverside
enclave is a wonderful place to enjoy a
sundowner watching the bustling river
activities. Our Premium Riva room is
a delightful haven elegantly designed
with a ringside view of the Chao
Phraya from the balcony. But the icing
on the cake is the impeccable service
and warmth of the staff, an attribute
that tops all the hardware of the hotel.
After our sojourn out of town,
we returned to Bangkok and stayed
at the exquisite temple of style, The | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 47

The splendour of
Lanna architecture
at Wat Phra Singh
Wat Phra Tat Doi Kham - in Chiang Mai
The 7th century colossal
White Buddha

While up in the mountain, we

visited the Doi Inthanon National
Park nicknamed roof of Thailand,
the highest point in the country at
an altitude of 2,565 meters above sea
level. The park was opened in 1972,
covering an area of 483 square km of
cloud forest and deciduous dipterocarp
forest. The habitat is an ideal roost for
many bird species, making the park
an ornithologists paradise. The drive
through the mist-shrouded forest was
enchanting, with the trees sparkling
with dew and the air so fresh and
uplifting, like it was infused with fresh
chi from the heavens.
The park is home to the hill tribes
of the Karens and the Hmongs. We
paid a visit to a Hmong village on
Wat Phra Tat Doi Kham -
the way. They still observe a fairly The amazing Naga steps
primitive lifestyle, living off the land,
planting rice and other crops for
their livelihood. The village was quite that? I bought a bag to take home. scent of jasmine, as the main altar is
deserted when we arrived, with most On the way back to town, we piled high with jasmine garlands as
of the villagers probably out working called on Wat Phra Tat Doi Kham, thanksgiving offerings from devotees
on the farm. The village school was in or Temple of the Golden Mountain, who believe their wishes have come
session with a small classroom of lively away from the tourist trail. Nestled true from praying in the temple.
children listening attentively to their high up on the Doi Kham hill, this Back in town, we paid homage
teacher. ancient temple, built in the 7th to Wat Phra Singh, one of the most
The Karen village was similarly century, houses the sacred relic of revered temples in Thailand. It is a
deserted, except for a few women Buddhas hair. A 17meter high white big complex of glorious chapels, an
chatting outside their home. Suphote Buddha dominates the landscape by ordination hall, library and monastery,
happened to know the best coffee man the gate. reflecting the splendour of the Lanna
in the village, and we called on him to At the rear of the temple, an architecture. Gilded pagodas and
have coffee that could put any of the impressive flight of steps with two ornate gabled roofs guarded by Nagas,
more upscale city cafes in the shade. massive Naga guardians leads down ornamented carvings, stunning mosaic
He grew the coffee and roasted them to the valley. The air of the temple and murals manifest the wealth of the
himself. What could be fresher than intoxicates ones senses with the temple and the immense skill of the


artisans in this region.
Buddhists come here on pilgrimage The Unique Mae Klong
Railway Market
to venerate the sacred Phra Singh or
Lion Buddha in the Wihan Lai Kham,
an embellished chapel with exquisite
Lanna-style design. The walls are
painted in murals depicting historical
events and legends. The temple library,
Ho Trai, is considered one of the most
beautiful in Thailand, and mythical
water creatures and lions guard its
Mythical creatures such as the
Nagas and Garudas play a very
important role in the Thai religious
pantheon. Their strong belief in
symbols is similar to how the Chinese
revere Dragons and Phoenixes, which
denote strength and good fortune. We
stayed at a lovely hotel in Chiang Mai
called De Naga (
built in homage to the Nagas, which
for the locals symbolize longevity and before heading back to London on the For tours and fantastic guides in
power. The hotel is constructed with long journey home. At this exquisite Thailand, contact www.toursbylocals.
elaborate carvings, sweeping staircases sanctuary far from the madding crowd, com, a great source to find reliable
with Naga balustrades and tiered roofs. I reflected on my memorable journey qualified guides worldwide.
Naga statues are everywhere, including in Thailand. It was a most wondrous
a large Naga fountain at the front of adventure we had in Bangkok, with
the hotel. the buzzing markets, the uplifting and Helen Oon is the author of
The last two days in Chiang very spiritual experience in Chiang Globetrotter travel guides
to Malaysia, Singapore
Mai, we moved to137 Pillars House Mai, and particularly the warmth and Hong Kong. Follow
( a tranquil of the people. Most definitely worth her on her travel blog
resort outside the city wall across coming back again. Sawatdee Ka (Myfacesandplaces.
the river to chill out and rejuvenate Thailand!

Element Balancing
This amulet remedies astrological
and Paht Chee afflictions caused
by element imbalances and
conflicts with your zodiac enemy.


Available at all World Of Feng Shui Boutiques

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Chinas Meandering By HANNI LIM

From the country who gave us the five dragons comes the first bridge projects in the world and the
most expensive!The entire structure
of modern dragons - a spectacular new display of engineering, is 50 km long comprising 30 km of
the worlds largest modern day dragon, the Double-Headed above-the-sea bridge and 20 km of
Dragon Bridge that links three of the worlds richest cities an under-water tunnel, making it the
worlds longest sea-bridge.
Currently, the longest sea-bridge

ast year when I brought Macau and Zhuhai and it is over 30 title belongs to another bridge in
my family for a holiday miles long! China that was launched in 2011
to Hong Kong, we took That was in December 2015, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge which
the opportunity to visit when only the foundation pillars that spans 26.4 miles linking Chinas
the Big Buddha in Lantau held up the bridge were visible from eastern port city of Qingdao to the
Island. On the way up the hill in our Lantau Island; then, the highway that offshore island Huangdao. When
cable car, we spotted the construction was to sit on top of the pillars had completed, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-
of very long bridge that seemed not yet been built. This month, only Macau Bridge will be the longest of
to span the waters into a mist of 7 months later, China has announced its kind, and the project is planned
oblivion! that the bridge is to be operational for completion in December 2017
What bridge is this and where very soon; that the project team is barring obstacles.
does this go? I asked my Hong Kong targeting to launch it by Christmas This amazing feat of technological
friend Ray Chan, who was taking us of 2017! architecture and engineering is
sightseeing. Oh, this is the bridge The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau making history in the world of
thats going to really change the economy Bridge, which has so far cost over US$ bridge infrastructure. It is the first
and traffic situation here in Lantau 10.6 billion began construction in tunnel-cum-bridge in the world to
Island! It will connect Hong Kong to 2009. It is one of the most ambitious be linked by two artificial islands


across waters that are so close to the that result from the bridge are likely problems that previous bridge projects
open sea. It is also the first to feature to be reaped by the mainland side of had never encountered before. The
a 6.2 km underwater tunnel that goes the bridge. project was originally targeted to
all the way down to the seabed. This Already, there pundits who point launch this year, but serious structural
entire stretch of tunnel is necessary out that by linking Lantau Island problems have sparked concern that
to enable cargo ships to pass through (where HK airport is located) to the project might not meet its new
the channel and reach the Pearl River Macau and Zhuhai, this is likely to 2017 deadline.
estuary. result in leisure tourists and high- The biggest cause for delay is due
rolling gambling tourists bypassing to a new land reclamation technique
THE DRAGON BREATHES Hong Kong island and heading that is used to create the artificial
LIFE WHEREVER IT LIVES straight to Macau or Zhuhai via the islands. The traditional method of
The new bridge is expected to generate bridge. They argue that this may dredging sea floor and transporting
billions of dollars of additional have a declining effect on Hong it to another location came at high
economic benefit to all three cities Kongs tourism industry, although environmental cost (i.e. destruction
in the Pearl River Delta. this depends significantly on stopover of marine life) and thus a newer
According to the World Bank, visitors. technique was used. Steel circular
Macau is among the worlds richest There are also predictions that the cells were pushed into the mud and
regions, with its purchasing power bridge is likely to bring a huge influx filled with inert material to form a
parity being higher than that of any of mainland workers looking for jobs seawall. This method has resulted in
country in the world. In 2006, it in the already densely populated parts of the artificial islands shifting
became the worlds largest gambling Hong Kong city. Many parts of less- by up to 20kms; which has sparked
centre with the economy heavily developed southern China will gain debate on how stable these islands
dependent on manufacturing, improved access to global markets will eventually be.
gambling and tourism. through Hong Kong. Nevertheless, Nevertheless, engineers of the
Zhuhai is one of Chinas premier detailed projections and cost-benefit project are quick to reassure the
tourist destinations, touted as the analysis show that there are economic public that these land shifts are
Chinese Riviera. Its northern region benefits to be reaped for all three confined to only small parts of the
in Xiangzhou district now forms part cities that far outweigh the socio- islands. Whatever the problem may
of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen locality, economic costs. be, you can count on the Chinese
making it the biggest built-up area in to overcome it in the quickest time
the world with more than 44 million CONSTRUCTION possible. This is truly going to be
citizens. PROBLEMS one of the greatest bridges ever built
Yet the infrastructure linking Being the first bridge project of its in the history of mankind, and there
Hong Kong and the western sectors kind, builders of the HZM Bridge are many who are awaiting its launch
of the Delta have long been regarded have had to deal with unique set of with great anticipation.
as prohibitive. As there are no roads
that directly connect Zhuhai and
Macau with Hong Kong, motorists
have to take a long detour via the
Humen Bridge located further up
north in a journey of 200km that
takes up to four hours. The new
bridge will dramatically reduce this
time down to 40 minutes!
The design of the bridge starts
at Hong Kong Lantau Island,
meandering in a wavy pattern across
the sea, and eventually reaching the
second artificial island where it forks
into a Y configuration to Zhuhai
and Macau. The bridge resembles
the winding body of a partially
submerged Water Dragon that This picture was taken from our cable car on the way up to see the
has two heads. Being that the two Big Buddha. As you can see, the bridge meanders in a S curve and
heads and the larger island are is supported by an artificial island created near the Hong Kong side of
located in Zhuhai and Macau side, we the Bridge, making it look like a Dragon in the sea! When completed
can predict that a significant chunk in 2017, it will be spectacular indeed.
of the power and economic benefits | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 51

BORNEO by Helen Oon


hen Mother Nature
created her bounty on WITH A
earth, Sabah was gifted VISION
a lion share. It is an Teo has been
enchanting land blessed with lofty in the tourism
mountains, miles of shoreline with industry since
sandy beaches, idyllic islands and 1977, initially as
one of the most diverse ecosystems an hotelier, then
in the world. Its pristine rainforests branching into
teem with rare and endangered tour operations
wildlife including orang utans, when he founded Borneo Eco Tours the Kinabatangan are conducted
Bornean pygmy elephants endemic in 1991, a company specialising in in electric boats and eco-friendly
only to Sabah, proboscis monkeys, nature tourism in Sarawak and Sabah, outboard engines.
Sumatran rhinoceros, sun bears and the Malaysian Bornean states. This was I had a first-hand experience
hornbills among other wonderful his stepping-stone into responsible staying at the gorgeous lodge
creatures. tourism, since the mainstay of his built in traditional Malaysian
Its rich tribal heritage adds to the business is nature-based adventure. In architecture in harmony with the
spice of the culture. Such priceless 1995, Teo opened Sukau Rainforest natural environment, with as little
natural treasures attract mass tourism, Lodge, an eco-friendly lodge nestled destruction as possible to the natural
but unfortunately also plunderers of on the banks of the Kinabatangan habitat. Indeed, the forest around
the land for commercial gain, which River, which cradles the largest the lodge attracts quite a number of
gradually depletes the treasure trove. floodplain in Malaysia and is home wildlife, such as many species of birds,
Vast tracts of forest have already been to a diverse ecosystem of vegetation macaques, squirrels and even elephants
cleared for palm oil plantations and and wildlife. and orang utans among others. Its
logging. Sukau Rainforest Lodge has Hornbill Broadwalk, an elevated
Tourism is a double-edged sword. become the beacon of Teos vision wooden walkway for guests to enjoy
While it brings beneficial revenue of sustainable tourism, by harvesting the enchanting rainforest has two
to the state, it can also destroy the natures gift to the earth. The lodge elephant passes for the pachyderms to
environment if uncontrolled and maximises its green energy without travel on their migratory route. Even
not managed properly. But thank compromising the comfort of its the wildlifes welfare has been taken
goodness there are eco-stormtroopers guests. Its water supply is collected into consideration.
around to defend one of the last from the abundance of rainwater, as It is an indication of great Feng
bastions of biodiversity hot spots in nature intended in a tropical country, Shui when plants and animals thrive
the world. One of these knights in and showers are heated by solar energy. in a habitat, not to mention the
green armour is Albert Chin Kion Teo, Oil lamps from recycled cooking oil wonderful water chi from the river.
a man with a mission to champion the supplement lighting from generators. When the land is treated with respect,
cause of saving Sabah. River safaris to observe wildlife along it is bestowed with good fortune from


and to alleviate poverty, particularly
among the rural community. The
foundations mission is To develop
business, human and knowledge
capital in rural communities through
capacity building, skill training,
technical assistance and leadership
development programs, and to develop
small enterprises through social
Teo explains, At this stage of my
life, my mission is to impact more lives
through my social entrepreneurship
projects. Professionally I am working
to develop my leadership pipeline in
my companies. In the community
projects, I am hoping to be a change
agent through our NGO, BEST
SOCIETY, applying solutions to
the Land Dragon energy. Such as its priority long before the word alleviate poverty. I see this as an
outstanding practices have won Sukau ecotourism was fashionable. integrated approach to community
Rainforest Lodge multiple awards, Teo also feels strongly that the transformation using ecotourism as a
and the jewel in the crown is the fruits of the labour should be shared catalyst.
acceptance by National Geographic with the rural people who live on
as a charter member of National the land for mutual benefit. He THE VALLEY IN
Geographic Unique Lodges of the works in collaboration with academia, THE MIST
World, a much-coveted acclaim by institutions, government agencies, I visited Teos latest project at Kiulu
resorts worldwide. NGOs and private sector organisations Farmstay, a village about 60km from
The lodge has also provided to achieve this goal. To this end, he Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, to
employment for the local tribal has organised and chaired numerous see his community-based ecotourism
community. Teos company has ecotourism conferences and forums,
contributed to the welfare of the local and given lectures in Malaysia as
people through medical care and well as in the international arena.
scholarships for training local guides; Among other accolades, he was
clearing the river of suffocating weeds; recently conferred Adjunct Professor
rehabilitation of birds and planting of of University of Malaysia Sabah.
trees as well as many other community As a keen photographer, Teo has
services. trekked over 1000km in Borneo to
capture the magic of nature, and has
SHARE AND published ten books to illustrate the
SHARE ALIKE importance of conservation. Among
Albert Teo does not rest on his laurels the bestsellers are Sabah -Land of the
over the success of Sukau Rainforest Sacred Mountain; Journey Through
Lodge. He is a visionary who can Borneo; Saving Paradise-The Story of
foresee the danger of over-harvesting Sukau Rainforest Lodge co-authored
the natural resources of the land. As with Carol Patterson and his latest, A
a long-standing professional in the Souvenir Of Sabah Malaysian Borneo.
travel industry, Teo is in it for the long
haul. He feels that tour companies SIMPLY THE BEST
and the government have to invest in Teo and his team believe in the famous
protecting the environment in order Chinese proverb, Give a man a fish
to benefit from tourism in perpetuity. and you feed him for a day. Teach a man
Instant gratification may bring big to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.
bucks today, but what about tomorrow He develops social entrepreneurship
when the coffers dry up. He has made through his community foundation
it his mission to be a conservationist called Borneo Ecotourism Solutions
and environmentalist, to champion and Technologies (BEST) Society,
responsible tourism with sustainability with the aim of improving human life


enterprise. Set in a gorgeous valley With a rich cache of attractions harbinger of a rural community
by the cascading Kiulu River, the in the valley, Teo envisioned an ecotourism that will set a trend for
village known as the Valley in the integrated destination where visitors the future.
Mist due to the ethereal veil of can experience an authentic native On a recent trip to Sukau
mist in the morning is an awesome village lifestyle in homestays, living Rainforest Lodge with his family,
vista of emerald green paddy fields, in the homes of the villagers, or in including Teos two toddler grandsons
plantations and forest. The wide green farmstay at the Fig Tree, a rustic chic William and Edward, they spotted
valley enjoys auspicious yang chi chalet for guests who want more some rare pygmy elephants on the
from the surrounding mountains and privacy. They can indulge in outdoor banks of the Kinabatangan. Says
forests, bringing peace and harmony pursuits such as buffalo riding, rubber Teo, I was never that lucky nor that
to the residents. tubing on the rapids and hiking, as privileged when I was their age. I
The warm hospitality of the well as quad biking for whose looking hope to do my part to conserve for
Dusun tribe of the villages of Mantob, for thrilling rides off road to see the their future. And for all children and
Dumpiring and Pinagon Baru make stunning countryside. Training is also grandchildren of today. Hear! Hear!
visitors feel very welcome. The given to the hosts of homestays and For world-class nature tours and
project is to empower the villagers The Fig Tree on how to look after the holidays in Borneo, contact Borneo
to be self-efficient, by improving guests. It provides employment for Eco Tours www.borneoecotours.
their traditional methods of farming the villagers as housekeepers, cooks, com , the people who care for the
through modern technology to reap guides and other operational duties. environment as Mother Nature
better yields. Kiulu Farmstay is poised to be the intended.

Dispells inauspicious energies

brought by bad dates,
bad omens, planetary
afflictions and bad stars in
ones astrological palace.
Display near your entrance
to subdue time-related
afflictions. Read it at the start
of weddings, renovations
and house-blessing rituals.


Available at all World Of Feng Shui Boutiques

or online at | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 55

The intimate pool with a wall of
cascading money plants


n our recent visit
to Chiang Mai, the
ancient capital of the
Lanna kingdom in

northern Thailand,
we stayed at a gem of a resort where
vibrant yang energy dances in the air,
whispering messages to the universe.
Sequestered in an upscale residential

enclave near the Ping River at Thanon
Nawatgate, the House of 137 Pillars
is an oasis of calm, hidden from the
hustle and bustle of the touristy parts
of the city across the river.
On passing through the gate,
we are immediately transported to

The House of
planet Zen, the inner sanctum of
the resort. A calming water feature
with water lilies at the entrance sets
the tone of the sanctuary imbued in
tranquillity and elegance within a

137 Pillars
walled compound.
A shrine in a spirit house stands
sentinel at the end of the water feature,
giving spiritual protection to the
resort. The ultra cool reception area
encased by glass walls is surrounded
BY HELEN OON by water, giving an illusion that the
house is floating. Water is the perfect
conduit for harnessing positive yang
energy, and even more fortuitous
when it is located in the north sector
of the resort, the direction ruled by
the Water element.
From the warm and friendly
welcome we receive when we check
in, we are assured of excellent service
throughout our stay. Nothing is too
much trouble for the staff when we
request for something. But beneath
the gloss of the stylish resort lies an
intriguing history. The house, known
as Baan Borneo or Borneo House,
has a legendary rise from the ashes
story, like the proverbial phoenix
from a yin-laden neglected house
to a fabulous resort. It is the perfect
case study of how to transform a yin
property into a sophisticated temple
of aesthetics infused with yang vibes.

During the Victorian era in the 19th
century when western explorers
discovered the treasure trove of
natural resources and spices to be
exploited from the east, particularly
Southeast Asia, it attracted a wave | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 59

Historian architects Baan Borneo at 137 Pillars House
and conservationists
were on hand to
meticulously conserve
the integrity of the
architecture and style
of the era of 1889.
Baan Borneo in an ruinous
state before renovation
with very yin energy.

The auspicious
entrance with a
lovely water feature
and a shrine.

The attractive "floating" reception

area surrounded by water.

led to the opening of branches in

Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong
and Thailand under East Borneo
Company. The resorts heritage strikes
a chord with me, as it has a historical
link to Sarawak, my home state in
Malaysian Borneo. As a student,
we were schooled in the history of
Sarawak and the Brooke Dynasty of
the White Rajahs.

of fortune hunters from the west. services to the ruling Sultan to quell ANNA AND THE KING
Maverick explorers would sail to troublesome uprisings and piracy with One of the founders of the East
the east on prospecting adventures his well-armed schooner, The Royalist. Borneo Company in Chiang Mai was
in search of prosperity. There were In gratitude, the sultan granted him Louis Leonowens, the son of Anna
tantalising opportunities to get rich the fiefdom of Sarawak and installed Leonowens, the English governess to
and famous. him as the White Rajah of Sarawak in the royal children of King Mongkut
Among the most prominent of 1841. of Thailand in 1862. Her tenure as
this band of men was James Brooke, Brooke initiated the Borneo the royal governess was famously
a young Englishman from Devon. Company Ltd in 1856 to facilitate dramatized in the book and movie
He landed in Sarawak in Borneo trade between Sarawak, Sabah and The King And I and Anna and
(then a sultanate of Brunei) in 1838 Britain, mainly dealing in forestry and the King. Upon his death, King
at an opportune time to offer his mining. The growth of the company Mongkut was succeeded by his son


Elephant of
Great Victory
The Year of the Rooster is a victory year! Capture this
special energy with the Warrior Victory Elephant!

The gorgeous garden with verdant
King Chulalongkorn, who was a tropical plants and flowers
student of Anna and childhood friend
of young Leonowens.
In 1881, when Louis Leonowens
was 27 years old, the king appointed
him as a captain in the Thai Royal
Cavalry. The young king ruled Siam
(the old name of Thailand) with a
modern approach for that time, and
gave permission to foreigners to log
teak from the forest in Chiang Mai.
Leonowens subsequently left the royal
army and joined the East Borneo
Company and opened its branch
in Chiang Mai in 1889. He set up
its northern headquarters in Baan
Borneo, a large homestead constructed
from teak supported by 137 pillars on
the eastern bank of the Ping River in
Wat Gate, an enclave once designated deter the locals from going near the the evening.
to foreigners. Leonowens lived there house. But Wongphanlert, a Harvard Historian architects and
briefly, but it was the resident of the graduate architect, could visualise the conservationists were on hand to
company manager until 1927. potential of the property as a resort. meticulously conserve the integrity of
During World War II in 1941, the the architecture and style of the era of
Japanese invaded Southeast Asia, and THE BIRTH OF 137 1889. The accommodation comes in
Chiang Mai, like the rest of the region, PILLARS HOUSE new-built villas with 30 luxury suites,
was occupied by the Japanese. The Against this enthralling legacy, Baan named after the founders of the East
Japanese Imperial Army garrisoned Borneo was painstakingly restored to Borneo Company, Louis Leonowens,
the house for their own use. After the its former glory, keeping the original William Bain and Rajah Brooke. We
war, it was sold to William Bain, a wood and foundation with the wooden stayed at a Rajah Brooke suite, a well-
Scotsman who was the last managing pillars elevated 3 meters higher to appointed room with a King-sized
director of the company. It belonged protect from floods. Having seen bed and sitting area that opens on to a
to the Bain family until it was sold to a picture of the dilapidated house large verandah overlooking the gardens,
the Wongphanlert Company, a Thai before it was restored, I found the ushering invigorating chi into the
company based in Bangkok. transformation breathtaking. When room. A commodious walk-in closet-
Panida Wongphanlert, a family I was walking through the beautifully cum-dressing room leads to a large
member, was looking for a holiday restored house with its robust teak bathroom with free standing claw-feet
home in Chiang Mai when an estate structure and commodious rooms, I Victorian bath and an indoor shower.
agent showed her the house known could imagine the colonial residents of A glass door opens onto an outdoor
locally as the Black House in view of yore working and living in the grand shower in a mini patio garden to savour
the dark ageing teak. It was in a derelict house and enjoying sundowners of the joy of bathing in the open air and
state with overgrown compound and their favourite tipples, smoking their to enjoy the chi from heaven.
its spooky appearance was said to pipes and cigars on the verandah in The serene garden is a haven of

The sumptuous luxury suites

at 137 Pillars House.


The enchanting
garden at night.

The entrance to
137 Pillars House.

A sumptuous northern
Thai feast Lanna style.

verdant landscape of tropical plants, Thai cuisine; Jack Bain Bar for drinks,
flowers, gorgeous avenues of heliconias light refreshment and a library and
and luxuriant trees. Some of the very afternoon tea at the Parlor. The house
old trees bear witness to the historic enjoys a superb bright hall from the
timeline of the house. Romantic day expansive lawn at the front. Moreover,
beds with silky drapes are nestled in the restaurant is located in the South
cosy nooks for guests to relax and enjoy section of the property, tapping in the and fortune. The spirit of the past still
the garden. An intimate swimming Fire energy for fame and recognition. lingers on in the air with a warm and
pool is tucked away in a quiet corner, We had a sumptuous Lanna-style exciting welcoming energy.
flanked by a splendid 45-meter high dinner prepared by their excellent
green wall of cascading money plants Executive Chef Thiti Thammanatr
137 Pillars House is a member
that makes the perfect enhancement of and his team. The delicate dishes were
of the Small Luxury Hotels Of
wealth luck for the resort, perpetuated presented on a brass tray and each dish
The World and
by the water energy from the pool. It was mouth-watering with layers of
Where life becomes Legendary.
is auspiciously sited on the east of the flavour and taste served with panache
garden, a sector ruled by the element of as only the Thai know how.
Wood that perfectly matches the Water When I wandered through the
element of the pool in the productive house to peruse the memorabilia of
circle of the five elements. its past and cast my eyes on faded Helen Oon is the author of
Globetrotter travel guides
Baan Borneo has exorcised its black and white photographs of its to Malaysia, Singapore
dormant yin spirit into a dynamic yang past denizens, it was like walking and Hong Kong. Follow
chi. The stately homestead now houses back in time to its colourful heydays her on her travel blog
two restaurants, Palette Restaurant and when royal kings offer patronage to (Myfacesandplaces.
The Dining Room serving western and adventurous westerners seeking fame


The 9 Spoked Dorje creates supreme powers of hearing
and speech. It develops the communication prowess of
the Goddess and cultivate the ears of influential mentors!
It also has the power to annihilate any spiritual or feng
shui harm caused by the nasty Five Yellow.

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Shahreen Kamaluddin has
mastered many ways to
benefit from using daily
tapping to enhance, soothe

and revitalise her days, and
she is sharing her skills
with us and advocating
that we would so benefit if
we incorporate this handy
TO A HAPPY DAY... technique into our daily
lives. She says that once


mastered, the tapping way to
relieving stress, increasing
confidence, settling nerves
and a whole lot more can
be used anytime, anywhere
and for any reason! It is an
inbuilt healing tool to see you
through all sorts of situations!

o far, Tapping has been
for me the most valuable
technique I have applied
to clear deep-seated
limiting beliefs, to obtain
relief from upsetting emotions
and even to cure physical pain. I
regard tapping as a really handy
tool available for me to use anytime
during the day when I need to.


If you are a positive person, you
can programme your mind to have
a great day, and 90 per cent of the
time, you will experience what
you believe. However, most people
enter each day not knowing what
to expect. Their day might turn out
to be a roller-coaster ride, with high
and low moments. They have no
control over who or what will upset
them or spoil their day. Should
a crisis occur, they have no idea
how to respond, least of all how to
respond appropriately. This is when
tapping can really help you to be
calm and think straight. Tapping is
not for crisis situations only; it can
be used to clear all kinds of minor
upsets as well.


WHAT YOU CAN TAP ON are so seemingly easy to use for the will take it personally and feel they
Here are some stressful situations you younger generation but not for you! are rejecting you as a person. This will
may well be exposed to each day. In make you more reluctant or afraid to
each of these situations, tapping can t Arriving late for work ask anyone for help, which will hamper
bring relief immediately, allowing Upon arrival, you are told that your your success. Tapping empowers you to
you to proceed with the rest of the boss has called for a meeting and he feel safe to express your needs.
day in a better and more settled frame is upset that you are late. This can
of mind. trigger fear or panic. Here it truly t Feeling hurt
is incredibly helpful to take a deep Overly sensitive people and even
t Getting up late breath and start tapping instantly to normal people can suffer a great
Your alarm did not ring even though calm your nerves. deal when they do not know how to
you had set it to wake you up at a overcome this feeling of having been
certain time. This alone can spoil t Tight deadlines unfairly treated, of having been taken
your whole day if you let it, especially Feeling unable to meet tight deadlines advantage of, or most of all, feeling
if you keep rushing back and forth, can cause you to feel overwhelmed, terribly betrayed; these emotional
resulting in you forgetting things frustrated or panic. Tapping does afflictions can stay lodged within
and overlooking the small chores wonders to calm you down, allowing you for a long time. Tapping will
that need to get done before starting you to focus on your work. In help you reframe each situation and
your day. situations when work gets too much move forward with less anger and
and you feel snowed under, use resentment.
tapping to dissolve your frazzled
nerves. t Feeling disrespected
Being disrespected by your boss,
t Encountering rude people colleague, subordinate, friend, or
This can spark anger in you and can spouse, can cause a host of different
surely destabilise you emotionally. emotions such as anger, disappointment
The anger experience is so harmful and sadness. If these emotions are not
and can go on for days, upsetting cleared with tapping, they fester and
you and distracting your mind. will adversely affect your health and
Each time you recount the nasty your attitudes that are sure to affect
experience, unpleasant memories your work over the long run.
are triggered. Tapping the anger
away immediately will dissipate t Feeling irritated, frustrated
the anger and help you release or angry
the unpleasant memory, making This can happen many times a day, like
sure it does not stick in your your kids screaming or messing up the
t Trafc jams mind. house, your maid not following your
Traffic jams cause daily stress. When instructions or your spouse taking you
you decide to take another route, t Your inability to say no can for granted, friends letting you down
you find that route too is jammed, cause people to take advantage and so forth. These daily negative
frustrating you further. This is of you in many ways emotions can be Tapped away to
probably one of the most common This could happen daily with people provide immediate relief. If they are
things that brings up the stress level, in the office, at home or among your suppressed, they will cause blockages in
especially if you are already running friends. Tapping will release your your meridians and manifest as physical
late. Unfortunately, city traffic jams suppressed anger and resentment, pain or illness over time.
are a way of life in many cities! and empower you to refuse
politely in the future. At a t When you feel helpless
t Getting lost deeper level, resentment You could face difficult situations
Getting lost while trying to reach a held inside can cause when you simply do not
destination can happen to anyone. deeper problems to fester, know what to do or who to
And going around in circles to find so here, tapping away the turn to, such as when you
your way out can be unnerving, plus discontent is just so vital! are confronted with a
waste more time. This can be a truly financial crisis, a child
fearful experience, especially when t Fear of being rejected leaving you in anger,
you are not even driving and you If you find it hard to say no to others, or when you discover
just cannot get your cell phone to you will find it hard to ask someone a family member
help you or your companion/driver for a favour or for help of any kind. has cancer or that
out with any of the traffic Apps that If they are unable to help you, you your kid has just

Under the Eye Eyebrow Side of the Eye Under the Nose

Karate Chop
Under the Chin Collarbone Under the Arm Top of Head

been arrested for drugs or something truly serious. A feeling you are acknowledging the problem/situation causing you
of helplessness can overpower you and if this happens to stress, instead of sweeping it under the carpet.
you, the first thing to do is to take a deep breath and start In Step 2, you can privately and safely give vent
tapping. This will help you feel calmer and in a more level to your suppressed emotions in a no-holes-barred 3
frame of mind. Things become clearer, and solutions start Negative Tapping Rounds session. The words you choose
formulating in your mind. bring up the suppressed emotions, allowing them to
dissipate, thus releasing the blockages in the energy
t When you are mentally and physically exhausted centres in your body.
Tapping does wonders for you at the end of each day, In Step 3, in the 3 Positive Tapping Rounds, you can
especially during very heavy work days when sheer install new positive beliefs and emotions that will rewire
exhaustion descends on you. That is when you will need your brain to respond to stressful situations in a positive
to feel relief from headaches, neck, shoulder pains and and productive way in the future.
muscle aches. Then tapping will work wonders for you.
You can tap while watching TV. Tapping is a much better MAKE TAPPING A POSITIVE DAILY HABIT
option than reaching for some medication. Before I learnt tapping, there was no quick fix to releasing
the emotional upsets that surfaced for me each day.
COMMON RESPONSE TO STRESS Tapping helped me take control of my in-built healing
Th e above list of stressful situations is certainly not power and clear the obstacles that were preventing me
exhaustive. Each of us is aware of what causes us emotional from living a full life.
upsets daily. Most times we will suppress our feelings for You too can flow with life rather than get distracted
various reasons. Surely you will think that it is rude or and struggle each time you encounter an obstacle or an
unsafe to express anger, especially with your boss, or it is upsetting situation.
not the right time to speak up. Bottling up your feelings Now, I use Tapping daily to clear all my emotional
can cause mental and emotional pain to seek release often upsets, however small or big, when it happens. I tap when
in the formation of tumours and disease of some kind. I am worried, sad, afraid, angry, disappointed, stressed
for whatever reason, or when I am tired. As soon as I am
TAPPING IS A WONDERFUL SOLUTION alone, I retreat to my room and tap away the stresses of
Tapping is a most useful technique and it is available that day. I always feel at peace after every Tapping session
anytime anywhere. It is here for us, at our fingertips. It is and gain valuable insights, which point me confidently
a private, safe and effective way to release stress caused by towards my next step.
negative beliefs and emotions. Furthermore, the Tapping
process ensures we clear the blockages in our energy
system that impede our path to success. Shahreen Kamaluddin is a self-empowerment
and public relations consultant. She is also a
In Step 1, when you compose the right Set-up Statement,
LILLIAN TOOS Lillian teaches
every course
herself. You will
MASTER have plenty of
opportunity to
PRACTITIONERS get up close &
personal and in
feng shui
the process learn
plenty of feng
shui! Many people
have been inspired
Be your own Feng Shui Consultant! by her success.
Your most complete course in feng shui !!! You can be too!
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YOU HAVE? by Katherine Kuan

herever you are headed, not turn out how you expect. Life is you have protected
remember that the way exciting and full of surprises! If you yourself from worst
to your destination is plan well, you will quickly be able case scenario
always forward. I once to respond to numerous situations. (here is feng
knew a bubbly pair of Aussie twin Speedy response is important, shui cure in
sisters who both lived to a ripe old age especially if there is a lot at stake. action), and
of past 98. They told me their secret to Life will invariably throw you a you also want to take
a happy and long life was to live well curveball. It does not matter if you heart that your plans
today, and always think what exciting need to detour, because having a plan will go smoothly and
thing shall I do tomorrow? will help lead you back to the road to fruition (here is feng
you were headed on. Sometimes there shui enhancer in action).
If you google is a hiccup in your plan, and you are Everyone needs encouragement of
planning, forced to take a walk on the wild side,
but keep heart that all roads will lead
some sort. Remember that you must
believe for it to work!
you will see the you to Rome. Simply alter the plan, Think about how, and when, to
same flowchart but dont lose the idea!
Even if you have a more laid-back
get it. When opportunity presents
itself, you strike! If you are lucky, you
over and over: personality like me, you still need a may get more than one chance in life
Idea > Plan > general plan of where you are headed. to strike. For example, I wanted to
Action Planning is something you do so you
are not caught off-guard. But dont be
put Anthony and myself on a higher
coverage insurance plan, but I know
obsessed with planning. Just running that for insurance plans to work, he
When you plan, you run through through your course of action in would need to pay premiums for many
a process on how to materialise your Scenerio 1 (Best), Scenerio 2 (Likely) years. Its not easy for him being the
idea. Most importantly, you have and Scenerio 3 (Worst) will suffice. I sole breadwinner who has to feed his
signalled to your Dragon Chi that you cant stress to you the importance of parents, my parents, me and our 1,000
are ready to start the job. Your Dragon not getting bogged down by details. pets.
Chi will then be on standby to give you Some people put so much pressure on It is true that if we had bought the
the push you need! Why is planning themselves worrying about this and higher coverage earlier, the premiums
important? that, to the extent they never put their would have been much lower. But it
The only variable you can control idea into action! would have been incredibly stressful
is yourself. Other peoples reactions are This is why feng shui can help. You for him! So I waited till his career has
impossible to gauge, and things may want to be able to tell yourself that stabilised, and he had a few years of


very good bonuses. He She cried and cried, and kept telling job is. They criticise everything about
would be more relaxed us her husband would return to the company and their supervisor,
a b o u t m o n e y, a n d her. In the meantime, her husband and they will blame the university
therefore more likely to cleaned out their bank account and they studied in, the economy and the
say yes to meeting instructed a lawyer to send the divorce hardness of life in Singapore society.
insurance agents. documents to her. He also asked a Nobody in this group will have the
At other times, I property agent to start bringing buyers right mentality to upgrade themselves.
may not have to see the flat. So you see, this is not Then there is the group who stay
a chance to planning per se, but you cant be back and process more forms, in the
d i l l y d a l l y. clueless about what you need to do if hope that they have a more relaxed day
Fo r e x a m p l e , things happen! tomorrow. These people go home, and
I wanted to buy a If you are ambitious like Anthony, burn the midnight oil studying and
second property for Ill teach you a winning trick to get to upgrading their skills.
investment. Again, where he is today. But first you need to The first group of people are telling
a lot of money is accept that working hard and making their Dragon Chi that they want to
involved, and I sacrifices is a basic requirement. There go forward, but they want a short
wanted to buy the best are many people out there who are cut. The second group is telling their
property that was within our able and willing to work harder than Dragon Chi that they want to go
budget. But every potential you, and they will do so even if they forward, but they are not willing to
buyer has the same idea, and are not given a high pay. If you keep do anything. The last group is telling
if I dont get the right window to thinking that your pay is too low for their Dragon Chi that they want to
buy the property I had been eyeing, I you to work hard, then no feng shui go forward, and they will do whatever
may never get the chance again. My will be able to compensate for this it takes! So which group will benefit
dream property would have been mental block that you have. from feng shui? The answer is all 3
snatched from right under my Secondly, you must understand groups!
nose! that there is no such thing as of The first group needs to be patient
There are many course or naturally when it comes as their Dragon Chi figures out where
savvy property investors to getting that promotion or bonus. is the short cut. The second group
here, and it is not every Nobody owes you anything unless needs to wait whilst their Dragon Chi
year that there is a property they are contractually bound to, lies low, waiting for the opportunity
downturn! We are forty because everyone is fodder in the to get closer to the destination. The
years plus, and I dont want working world! Sometimes you can be final group, wow, their Dragon Chi
Anthony to be saddled with a best buddies with your supervisor, but is so lucky! It has gone on ahead
1 million dollar debt when we are he needs to do the politically correct clear mandate given that it is free
60. And this is assuming the thing at work. He will not stick his to explore the many ways to reach the
bank is willing to grant neck out for you, because he too has target, go up, down, left, right, under,
grandpa and granny a a mortgage to pay! over take whatever direction to help
loan! No matter what, you need to me get to my target!
To be honest, I never stay competitive in terms of your Now for the tip I promised you.
thought planning looks, your qualifications and your Whenever Christmas time approaches,
was important for a experience. Help your supervisor to you will find the office especially quiet,
housewife. I assumed help you! If you cannot manage this, because almost everyone has gone
that being at home you are not even in the running! for their year-end holiday. You will
was equivalent to Most entry-level fresh find plenty of time to sit peacefully
being in la-la- graduates start their working life in the office, and think about what
land. But then I doing operational jobs, which are you can do to make you and your
saw how two close voluminous, repetitive and very low- colleagues work easier. Our Singapore
friends of mine reacted when their pay. Ask them what they want to do government likes to use the term
husbands suddenly walked out of in the future and 95% will say they increase productivity.
their marriage. The first wife, though want to do strategic work. A group For example, if you work with
in shock, immediately sprang into of these young people will do the a huge volume of repetitive data,
action. She went to the bank and bare minimum from 9-5, then go you can export to Microsoft Access,
withdrew all the money out of their home and send resumes, hoping to a powerful software for handling
joint account. She called the property land a better paying job with better and managing data. In addition,
agent to find out how the house would prospects. They may or may not study you will be able to do some simple
be split, and she went to the lawyers to upgrade themselves. programming to retrieve data as per
to find out her rights. Another group will gather after your departments requirements. Yes,
The second wife just sat in shock. work, and bitch about how lousy the it sounds like we should, but many | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 69

people I know stick to
Excel simply because
when they first took
over the portfolio,
the predecessor had
already keyed in
Excel, and so they
continue with the old
method. The volume
may have been small
when your predecessor
created a list to hold
information, but
today it has become a
huge database! So do
Anthony does not
need to handle huge
volumes of repetitive
data because he has
a different job nature
now (yay! he made
it through!). He also started out Have foresight! When your Boss looks Hong Kong! Join the Victorias Peak
doing mundane operational work, good, he will promote you, and he daytime city tour, which has a local
so I know its really tough. Good for himself will be promoted by his boss. photographer taking photos of you. Ask
him because Anthony loves to read So, one day you will sit in his chair! him to take a photo of you standing in
programming books, and he also Be patient! What you need to Victoria Peak, with the tallest building
loves to attend computer courses, do now, is to do more than what is in HK in the background. It does not
so he really is an expert at using the required of you in your job scope, count if you go and take a selfie! Dont
advanced functions of Microsoft and make sure you are in the running try to be funny! The tour guide will
Excel (he is so good many of my own for a promotion. Incidentally, if you encourage you to buy that picture of
friends ask him for tuition)! are free to work on improving work you framed on a porcelain souvenir
His most marketable talent is processes during periods other than plate. Please buy it (dont haggle over
that he is a genius at Excel macro Christmas break, then there is really the price please), bring it home and
programming! It was not easy to no need for you to improve work consider the promotion a done deal! I
get to genius level; he has devoted processes, because the work load in put my collection of these lucky plates
many days of his personal leave your department must be very light. in the NW of my living room, which is
hunching over his laptop at home, Haha! excellent because round is metal (NW),
simulating virtual work scenarios, and Jokes aside, what must you do to and white is metal (NW) and porcelain
challenging himself on creating the nail that promotion? First you need is earth (earth produces metal!).
most effective macros! It has become to fix the feng shui of your home and If the NW of the living room is
his passion to work in and familiarise office (your work desk) by taking care missing, you can put it in the NW of
himself on the job, and then use his of the annual and monthly afflictions. your study room. Why do Anthony
talent to simplify work flows! But I know we dont have much choice and I have a collection of these lucky
dont be disheartened if you are a fixing the feng shui in the office, plates? Because the HK landscape
computer nut like me, you can always because HR assigns us our work desk. is constantly changing, so every few
work with your IT department on Just try your best (do something, dont years they construct a new building,
your idea. Let them design and come just surrender without fighting!) and even taller than the previous! To keep
up with a program! do what is possible. You must attend up, Anthony kept improving his office
There are many benefits to coming Lillians annual Extravaganzas to find workflows, and we kept going back to
up with methods to cut short work out the yearly star chart, and you must HK to take a new photo. We learnt
processes. The most important benefit buy FSW magazine, or subscribe to this feng shui lucky trick from a HK
will be: you make your Boss look Lillians free e-zine, to find out what is tour guide, maybe 20 years ago when
good (because his department came the monthly star chart. Lillian makes we were both still working. Be sure
up with an innovative way to get it so easy to enhance the good stars to check the HK weather forecast on
things done faster and better)! Dont and cure all the bad ones! the day of your trip because you want
be dismayed and sour when your Boss You must display Lillians monkey a picture of the tallest building fully
takes the credit for your hard work! on a horse AND you must travel to visible in clear sunny skies!


Powerful spiritual feng shui energizers that
completely suppresses bad energy and channels
cosmic good fortune into your living space!

Vairocana Stupa


Mahabodi Stupa
Medicine Buddha Stupa

The Stupa of 8
Doors to Abundance


must remain stimulated with useful,
constructive thoughts. Just as in our
working years we undertook work,
which brought about results and

outcomes, it is important for senior
citizens to be productive in order to
still have that sense of achievement.
No matter how old we are, we need
to preserve our self esteem and self
respect. Only then can we be a source
of strength and inspiration to our

children and grandchildren.

Cultivating an Interest

AND INSPIRATION Most of us worry about retirement,

not only because we will be deprived

of our main source of income, but
also because we will no longer have a
BY DATO HALIMAH MOHD SAID working environment and colleagues
who are our source of interaction.

An important aspect of workplace
geing gracefully is an point to be neatly groomed in casual communication is the shared goals
adage which many of us or formal clothing. I picked up this and objectives, which motivate us to
affirm to ourselves and habit early from my mother who, achieve the successes for ourselves, for
to our family and friends. even though she was only a housewife, our team and for the department.
It is a wonderful piece of would be dressed and ready to face the When we retire, we have to accept
advice to live the rest of our life with world at nine oclock every morning. the fact that we may have to be our
honour, respect and dignity, as in In grooming herself, she was showing own motivating factor. We may not
doing so, we earn the admiration of the respect to her guests and visitors no be privileged to enjoy the company of
people we associate with. We get along matter who they were. others as much as we did before. We
with others and travel on lifes journey Besides physical grooming, another must therefore cultivate an interest
with ease and, God willing, with much inspirational trait is to develop an that suits our personal needs and
joy and happiness. interest or several interests that will lifestyle.
There are many aspects to ageing be a source of activity in our senior Having been a teacher all my
gracefully. One of the most important years. The saying An idle mind is working life, thirty two years of
is to feel confident and to present the devils workshop rings true, as
ourselves well in our social interactions. nothing is more depressing than
No matter who we are meeting, at having nothing to do.
home or outside, we must make it a To age gracefully, our minds

Writing has Being involved in

always given voluntary community
me great joy work is a calling that I
and a sense of find very fulfiling.


interest and making a success of it.
The first volume of his
When we retire, we have to accept autobiography entitled Memoirs of A
the fact that we may have to be our Menteri Besar: Early Days published
in 1982 was well-received as a historical,
own motivating factor. We may not be socio-cultural documentation of Malay
privileged to enjoy the company of others kampung life in the Bugis enclave of
as much as we did before. We must Linggi in Negeri Sembilan, where he
was born. It was here that he learned
therefore cultivate an interest that suits from his widowed mother and caring
our personal needs and lifestyle. relatives the values and principles of a
strict Islamic upbringing. The second
half of the book documents his English
which were devoted to the teaching column This N That. education in Malay College Kuala
and learning of the English language My writing interest developed Kangsar, the elite residential school for
and literature in secondary schools further when I co-authored a book Malay boys.
and universities, I knew that writing Images of the Jawi Peranakan of To meet requests for the book from
would suit my retirement needs best. Penang (2004) and published several interested readers, I put together the
I knew that writing would sustain my other books including Memories Of revised edition, which was published in
interest in reading, as the two language Our Mothers (2014) and Visions For 2011 under a new title Dr Mohamed
skills go hand in hand. To be a good Peace (2016). Currently, Im writing Said: My Early Life. A re-arrangement
writer, I knew that I would have to read a book on my father. of the chapters, standardization of the
extensively, and most times intensively format and language and a new cover
too. Source of Inspiration design have added value to the book,
while the addition of a Prologue and
Like work, cultivating an interest Like so many things in my life, the
has to be planned if you want to achieve source of inspiration for many of the Epilogue has made the narrative more
successful outcomes. I therefore made choices I make comes from my parents. coherent. The second volume is yet to
plans to write two whole years before With writing, I was greatly inspired be published.
I retired in April 2000, penning my by my father, who started writing in
ideas, thoughts and feelings on the the newspapers even when he was still Voluntary
things which were near and dear. I in public service. He retired in 1969, Community Work
wrote poems and essays on language and at 71 began writing his memoirs, Involvement in voluntary community
and linguistics, on culture and society, which was published two years later. work is a calling that many retirees
and on my personal experiences. The I had watched him working find fulfilling, as it makes us feel
first article to be published by New doggedly on his old typewriter, after that we are giving back to society
Straits Times (NST) in 1998 was a doing considerable research in the without expecting anything in return.
rather long piece I had written on my libraries and archives of Malaysia and It is important that we join the right
father entitled In Memory of a Dear Singapore. I had thought at the time voluntary organization, which offers
Father. I was thrilled to bits to see my that it was so strange for an old man to a range of activities that we can
writing in print and was even more be peering into dictionaries at 3 oclock choose from. For this, we must follow
excited when I received compliments in the morning, and continuing to tap our intuitions to undertake work
from family and friends. away till dusk when the evening light which we will find rewarding. We can
Writing for the newspapers will not was not bright enough for him to edit choose to help nurture children and
make you a millionaire, certainly not his own work. young people, or support a group of
in Malaysia, but it gives you a great How uncanny that as a senior citizens. We can contribute our
sense of fulfillment, as newspaper septuagenarian now, I am doing
readership is quite wide and diverse. the very thing I thought strange
Post-retirement, I continued to write many, many dreams ago. During the
regularly for the NST, sending them months when I suffered from chronic
longer feature articles as well as Letters insomnia, I used to prowl around the
to the Editor, which made me a house reading books and magazines,
popular writer. I also wrote for The and then translating my thoughts
Star and Utusan Malaysia, where my into writing on the word processor
pieces were published in the column under blazingly bright lights. I often
Pendapat. Later, I added The Sun to thought of my dad who did not have
my list of tabloids, and contributed the convenience and efficiency of the
analyses of socio-cultural and political electronic IT Age during his time. That
issues of concern in a fortnightly did not stop him from pursuing his | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 73

expertise to helping disadvantaged productive and fulfilling, as I have maintain our well-being by following
communities, or teaching the disabled developed a great passion for what I a good diet and exercise regime.
new skills. do, and a great team to work with. Regular exercise, such as walking
In PCORE, the citizen movement or swimming, will help to maintain
that was founded in 2010 and which I A Healthy Life the balance in our physical make-up.
now lead as President, we have a variety It is quite obvious that in order to A nutritious diet will stimulate our
of activities to suit the diverse interests enjoy our senior years and to age body and mind. Engaging in positive,
of our members. At the highest level, gracefully and graciously, we need to constructive activities with supportive
there are forums and dialogues on issues have good health. In order to maintain colleagues will soothe our heart and
of concern, which they can participate the enthusiasm for our selected hobby soul. And most of all, being in the
in; cultural and heritage activities; or interest, we have to be fit and company of friends and family who
language and communication camps; relatively strong. This means that as care for you and love you will bring the
health and wellness programmes, we get older, we must continue to greatest joy in the sunset of our years.
as well as neighbourliness and
community networking. Members Dato Halimah Mohd Said is serving her second 3-year term on the Anti-
are encouraged to identify the needs Corruption Advisory Board. She is Founder-President of the Association
of their immediate community and of Voices of Peace, Conscience and Reason (PCORE), besides being a
volunteer their time and effort there citizen journalist and writer. Professionally trained as a linguist, she taught
for 32 years in secondary schools and universities. She also paints in oil and
with PCOREs support. watercolour.
I find this phase of my life most

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The Chong
Yang Festival
~ by Lim Han Jin

he Chinese people have chrysanthemum tea or wine. They teach him the skills he would need to
many festivals and auspicious believe this will help ward off illness destroy this naga.
days marked out through the and disease. Then on the 8th day of the 9th lunar
calendar year, and these have Those who are unable to climb month, the Immortals proclaimed
been celebrated for the past 1000 years. mountains will instead eat the Chong that the naga will make an appearance
One of the festivals is the Chong Yang Yang cake, which represents the on the next day, and sent Huan Jing
festival held in China. This festival climbing mountain. This cake is back to his village with zhuyu leaves
was first practised by the Imperial made of two layers of nuts and jujube and chrysanthemum wine. When
Court but took root with the Chinese between them. As the word cake Huan Jing arrived at his village, he
citizens during the Han Dynasty, in chinese is gao and sounds like distributed the Zhuyu leaves and
and continues to be practised high, it is believed to bring chrysanthemum wine to the villagers
to this day. The current progress in their life, if to ward off the illness energies that the
Chinese government they eat this cake. naga would bring. On the following
has also designated L e g e n d h a s i t day when the naga appeared, it
this day as the Day that in ancient times, became dizzy after smelling the scent
of Senior Citizens, there lived a naga of zhuyu leaves and chrysanthemum
and it is celebrated at the Ruhe River in wine. Huan Jing then took this
throughout China. Chong Yang China noted to bring opportunity to slay the naga. After
The festival is full illnesses and plagues to this, the villagers no longer got ill and
of rituals and legends, the region whenever he the plague disappeared entirely from
and takes place on the 9th appears. One day, there was those living by the Ruhe River.
day of the 9th lunar month, 9th a man called Huan Jing who fell In addition to all this, the number
October 2016, hence it is also widely very ill and almost died of the plague 9 symbolizes never-ending luck and
known as the Double 9 day. This day brought by this naga. His parents had represents longevity. China and
is celebrated as it represents strong recently passed on as well due Taiwan have therefore designated
Yang energy, as the number 9 belongs to the plague. When he this day as the Day for
to the Fire element. However, as it is a recovered, he made a vow Senior Citizens. The day
double 9-day, some Chinese believe it to find a way to rid his is celebrated by making
to be too yang, and some rituals thus homeland of this naga. a wish to ward off illness
need to be done to appease the energies He went in search for the elderly of the
of the day to avoid illness and danger. of the Immortals to population and also to
People who adhere to the festival find a way to rid his Zhuyu bring a long life.
will climb mountains to strengthen homeland of this naga. leaves Festivals like this
their vitality, and in some provinces, He searched all over china are often held to pay respects
they have official races to run up and met up with numerous to special beings. But in addition,
the mountain, with the winners obstacles along the way. When the when celebrated, it is believed to
given a wreath made from zhuyu Immortals heard of the hardships he also bring an improvement to ones
(dogwood) leaves. On this day, they had to endure, they took compassion personal well-being and also to ward
will hang zhuyu leaves out, and drink on him and appeared to him to off bad luck. | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 75

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Paht Chee with Phillip Lim

Can Bring Gold Or They Can Bring Bad Luck!

o often, Paht Chee readings Ghost will be very bad. However, if Bringing Wealth. Thus, you will have
can be so cryptic; stars are your self-element is weak, then the a life that enjoys the 5 kinds of wealth
rarely always good or always effects of the 5 Ghost is weakened, luck money from your career, from
bad. And somewhat similar and furthermore, if you have the windfalls, from good business, from
to the 5 Ghost direction of Rooster in one of your other Pillars, family, and from good investments
the Eight Mansions theory of Feng then the effect of the 5 Ghost is and so forth. Wealth coming from 5
Shui, when you have the 5 Ghosts reversed and becomes the 5 Ghost sources!
in your Paht Chee chart, it is an
indication of 5 kinds of good luck, DETERMINING THE 5 GHOSTS IN YOUR CHART
or 5 kinds of bad luck!
misfortune and obstacles in business, DAY PILLAR MONTH/HOUR PILLAR
in accumulating wealth, having poor
physical health, being disturbed by Rat Dragon
unstable mental health, as well as Ox Snake
general bad luck that affects your rice
bowl or source of living. But the star Tiger Horse
of 5 Ghosts can also bring five kinds Rabbit Sheep
of enormous good fortune. Thus while
5 Ghosts may seem to be a negative Dragon Monkey
star, as with all stars in the Paht Chee,
there are two sides to its effect on your Snake Rooster
life destiny. Horse Dog
The key is hence to read Paht Chee
in a more detailed way! Sheep Boar
When the animal sign in your
Monkey Rat
DAY pillar is the OX, and you have
the SNAKE in any of the other three Rooster Ox
pillars for instance, then you have
the Star of the 5 Ghost. And if your Dog Tiger
self-element is deemed to be strong, Boar Rabbit
then the effects of this star of the 5

SPEAKING by Chris Yeo

whereby the space plays with the

emotion of space, rather than focus
of the details of the space.
There are two types of design

hen we start to to study a design that would not have emphasis to consider. The first is the
look at the design any similar characteristics such as the Visual and the second is the Emotional
of a space, we living room of a house. impact. The visual element focuses on
must always make While there are many different what you capture with your eyes, such
sure that whatever elements of the home that one may as colours and brightness. This part
ideas or suggestions we put forward be attracted to, such as the use of of the design looks at soft furnishings
are relevant to the context of the wall decorations, the type of casual and cladding. The second element
space. The one mistake people always lighting fixtures or even the pattern focuses on how we feel when we
make is to suggest a variety of ideas, and colour of carpet finishes, it is enter a space. Compared to the visual
which may sound ideal in a different important to take note that such appreciation of a space, the emotional
context, but may not be suitable for design details only suit small confined response is one that will stick in our
the space at hand. rooms tailored for the individual. minds the longest.
Take for example, a public space. If When we look at a larger space, So how do we deal with the
we were to design the common foyer such as a common foyer, the key is emotional response to a space? First
of a multi-story residential tower, we to understand that not everyone will we must put aside the small details
need to look at examples of other accept a certain colour, material or and focus on the overview. In the
residential towers, and identity what even lighting level. case of the common foyer, we need
key components add to the aesthetics What is ideal is to provide a space to first understand the context of the
of the space. What we want to avoid is that works with the architecture, space. Most common lobbies tend


The next component is the
sense of Activity. When you
design a public space, you will
encounter scenarios of human
traffic congestion, especially
when it comes to lift lobbies.
Depending on the time of day and
frequency of lift stops, we may
encounter situations whereby
the lift lobbies are packed to a
level where people exiting would
collide with those entering.
This will remain one of the
hardest design problems to tackle,
as it deals with each individual
separately. What we can try to
do is to plan the space by first
Common Lobby
segregating the movement of
entry and exits. Next, we need to
to have a high ceiling which will be
serviced by a bank of lifts, with walls
usually cladded in a stone finish.
Based on this typical description, we
can already identify the three core
components of the architecture of
the space.
These being the sense of Vertical
space, the sense of Activity and the
sense of Materials.
When we look at the treatment of
vertical spaces, there is a balance of
being too high or too narrow. Some
may use the golden rule of 1.618 as
a means of proportion, so if we have
a room 10m long, we can have a
ceiling height of 6.18 m. Other ways
to control the height of a space is with
the use of a sculptural chandelier to
lower the perception of the ceiling
height, so as to prevent the space
from feeling too hollow.
Another technique to treat the
ceiling level is to create a perimeter
light throughout to break the vertical
and horizontal planes, giving a sense
of detachment of the planes.
How we treat the vertical space
will ultimately have a bearing on how
we feel within a space. Too high and
hollow and we will feel small and
insignificant. Too low and tight and
we will experience a claustrophobic
effect. Therefore, the first step in any
common space is always think of the
pedestrian, and then to design the
space in proportion to the human
body. | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 81

look at the speed and waiting times of
people moving in and out. As people
tend to exit faster than people waiting
in line, we will need to provide a
design solution in the foyer whereby
people are able to sit, mingle and
relax in comfort while waiting.
One solution would be to create
a partition between the foyer and the
lift lobby in order to break the two
activities up. By doing so, it allows
the waiting for the lift to take on a
different feeling of relaxation and not
And finally the use of Materials.
The choice of materials will have
a subtle impact on how we appreciate
the space. For example, the use of
stone versus timber flooring will
give a corporate feel versus a homely
feel. The use of stone cladding on When you start to look at the furnishings.
the walls versus a combination of design of a space, always make sure Remember, the key is to design to
glass, paint and metal would give a you are looking at the right precedent how a person will feel and what their
stately atmosphere versus a futuristic and always design in the right thoughts would be once they have left
appeal. What and how we want to context. Dont transpose a design the space.
treat the space would be dependent suited for another environment to
on the design theme you want to sell your situation, as the outcome may For Interior Design services
to the user. And what is ultimately be less than satisfactory. And always and consultancy, contact
displayed will have a subtle conscious look at the architectural element of Chris Yeo at chris@
effect on how each individual feels the space first before dwelling into
when they walk through the space. the small nit-picky details of soft


TO CUT HAIR October 2016
There is a little-known and rare sutra which reveals the consequences
of cutting your hair on the wrong days and the extraordinary benefits
of cutting it on the correct day. The right and wrong days are based on
the Tibetan Calendar and for your benefit, Feng Shui World has transcribed
these good and bad days into the Western dates for you.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

Shortens life Shortens life Health declines.
span. Elderly span. Elderly You could get
people over people over sick or catch a
60 & sickly 60 & sickly disease. Avoid
individuals individuals cutting hair or
should avoid should avoid shaving.
cutting hair cutting hair
today. today.
31 1 2
Health declines. You get Your complex- Possessions You could Inner essence Increases
You could get a sudden ion brightens. increase. You be sued in & vitality life span!
sick or catch a windfall i.e. a Your attractive- will acquire court or get weakens. Good day
disease. Avoid gambling win, ness increases a new asset: in trouble You will feel for elderly
cutting hair or surprise bonus, & people will i.e. a car, with the depressed & above age
shaving. expensive gift gravitate property, authorities. sickly. 60 to cut hair
or opportu- towards you. electronics or today!
nity to make clothes.
3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Friendship! Power & Intelligence Brings danger Good fortune Wealth, Brings auspi-
You may authority & knowledge & violence. comes to you. investments ciousness. Your
meet with an comes to you. increases. You could Luck in all life & possessions life becomes
old friend, You could get Excellent day have an areas improve. increase. You smoother &
ex-boy/ promoted or for students & accident, Small obstacles could aquire blessed with
girlfriend or asked to lead young children get mugged, are overcome new property. good timing
begin a new a new project. to cut hair. be attacked with little effort. on all activities.
romance. or fall into a
10 11 12 hole.
13 14 15 16
You could lose You receive Helpful people. You will lose You will catch A job offer, Enjoyments
something or posessions A mentor, your main a disease promotion increase. You
someone & gifts from friend or source of or fall very or money receive good
precious and others. You relative will income & ill. Young making-op- news & your
miss out on will hear good offer advice, the support children & portunity will life becomes
opportunities. news related support & of someone elderly folk come to you. more
to property & assistance LQXHQWLDO must not cut comfortable.
vehicles. when needed. hair today.
17 18 19 20 21 22 23
Eye infec- You will catch Blessings of Good karma Misunderstand- Your spirit es- You attract
tion & vision a contagious happiness. ZLVKIXIO LQJV FRQLFW sence weakens unpleasant
problems. disease. You Problems will ment increases. with others. considerably. spiritual
You miss could develop have solutions. Others will Relationships You become disturbances
important a skin rash or Heart break will show kindness with your vulnerable to from ghosts,
events & an acute viral dissolve. Good and generosity spouse, rela- spirit harm, wandering
meetings infection. news is coming. towards you. tives and friends depression & spirits & night
in the near deteriorate. mental illnesses. demons.
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 83

Flying Star 6J[VILY
1 3 5
7 9

9th Month of the Bing Shen Fire Monkey Year (8th Oct 2016 - 6th Nov 2016)

In each of the 9 grids, you will nd 2 numbers. The big number 6 8 4

indicates the annual star and the small number indicates the
monthly star. Use a reliable compass to determine your directions
or locations. NE N NW

2 SouthEast 7 South 9 SouthWest

 The illness star here brings
liver problems. Watch
your diet and avoid eating
unhealthy food. Display
a God of Longevity or Medicine Buddha
Plaque to protect against sickness and accidents.
 The excess of metal chi here
indicates the possibility
of violence, robbery and
conflict. Keep sharp objects
away from this area to avoid injuries which can
lead to excessive bleeding. Do not have noisy
 Prosperity luck is good.
The auspicious stars here
bring fortune and good
news to anyone residing
in this sector, creating monetary gain for
them. Enhance with a Crystal Cluster and
Place a Garuda Wu Lou by your bedside for instruments here. Avoid any form of bells or Gold Sailing Ship. Business luck is excellent.
better health. The conflicting elements cause windchimes. Display an Anti-Burglary Plaque Display a God of Wealth or 3-Legged toad in
a setback for career advancement. Display a for protection. Beware of accidents that could your office. Take advantage of the auspicious
Dragon Tortoise with Ru Yi to boost career lead to injury especially young ones. As a energies here by organizing social events.
luck. There is an indication of marital problems remedy, display a Water Feature in this sector. There may however be generation gaps causing
and a danger of loss of child though miscarriage. Those who are elderly should avoid sleeping in misunderstanding between young and old. Try
Pregnant women should avoid this sector. this sector this month. not to be overly argumentative.

1 East 3Centre 5 West

The stars have combined
to form a Sum of Ten,
providing wonderful
support for ambitious
individuals. There is excellect victory luck
for those residing here. Together, the stars
 Beware problems caused
by the clashing of
elements, resulting in
conflict and discord. Legal
entanglements threaten to destabilise the work
place. The argument star joins with the illness
 This misfortune star brings
loss of money and general
bad luck to those residing
h e re . Pl a c e a Golden
Mantra Pillar here to quell the misfortune
star. It is wiser not to disturb this are with
this month create good fortune bringing star wreaking havoc in financial matters. excessive activity. The energy is highly
promotion and opportunities at work, new Remedy with 9 Deity Invocation plaque. unfavourable for young females. Writers and
clients to businessmen and fame luck for Marriages and close relationships suffer from students will find this month difficult in terms
entertainers. Display 9 Dragon Mural behind tension and stress caused by the conflict of of productivity, with lack opportunities to
your work desk to enhance career luck. There energies. Try not to engage in fierce verbal excel. There is danger of injuries to the chest
is danger of falling ill, which could lead to wars as no one will come out winning. Wear area. Avoid rough sports. Teenage girls should
liver pains. It is best no to over-activate this the Double Happiness Symbol to improve wear the HUM pendant to stay safe from
combination of stars, as excessive activation relations with your spouse. Keep bells and harm. Neutralize the bad chi by wearing a
will overwhelm the good fortune it brings. windchimes away from this area this month. Golden Wu Lou.

6 NorthEast 8 North 4 NorthWest

 This could prove to be a
prosperous month for those
who spend lots of time in
this sector. There is good
speculative luck indicated and an unexpected
windfall is possible. Place plenty of Gold
 It is possible to earn more
money if you can prevail
over your competition this
month. Boost victory luck
with a Bejewelled Dragon Baton displayed
here. Place a 6 Tier Water Feature here to
 This is a good month for
those with academic and
literary pursuits. Display a
7 Level Pagoda or Crystal
Globe on your desk for examination luck
as the energies are excellent for studies as
Coins, Ingots and Gold Bars here. However, activate for wealth luck. There is a good well as for artistic creativity. The excessive
there could be danger of mental stress and chance to win money from competitions in wood energy brings serious emotional stress
frustration arising from health problems. the next few weeks. Position a Gold Wealth caused by aggression. There could also be
Display Bejeweled Garuda and the God of Ship filled with wish fulfilling jewels in this serious relationship problems between family
Longevity for protection and good health sector for money luck. Carry Anti-Burglary members. A romantic scandal caused by a
luck. Those residing here can boost personal hanging to protect against bad intentions and third party could befall a family member.
good fortune luck by wearing a 7-Eyed Dzi robbery. Young males and females will find Beware predatory outsiders who use flattery as
Bracelet. Do not stay out late if your bedroom improvement in romance luck. a weapon. Use the Red Tara Lamp to control.
is located here.



A QofuaArgrrumels
The Star ents makes
onth e and
ome anMappearanc
dominates the energies of the mo
nth. Relationship harmony
ed by stress. Focus on FOR WEALTH, HEALTH and HAPPINESS
suffers and the mood is characteris
r home free of clutter. Our new lifestyle planner tells you what to wear, what to do and
relaxing the mind and keeping you
r physical environment and which amulets to carry to make the most out of the energy stars
This is a good month to give you
. A good month to be visiting these two months! The numbers represent the days of the
emotional psyche a good cleanse month just mark them on your calendars and follow our guide!
minimalist in your approach.

15 27
HOLES 1 16 28
Its tempting to keep comfortable
clothes around but you cannot enjoy THROW AWAY CHIPPED
SUN YOUR PILLOWS AND good feng shui if youre sleeping in
tattered clothes! Collect all your old
BLANKETS clothes that are faded or full of holes, Ransack your kitchen pantry and
These are good days to rejuvenate your make a pile of all your chipped/
and bin them in a location at least 2
pillows and blankets with the glorious rays cracked plates, mugs and bowls. They
kms away from your house. Once you
of the sun. Place them in the bright morning are bringing you negative luck and
throw them away, dont look back.
sun and let it sit outside for at least an hour! should be removed from your home!
Drive away as soon as possible. Do
Be sure to turn them over after an hour and Take them away somewhere far away
not give torn clothes to anyone.
let it sit for at least another towards the Northwest direction and
hour. Do this at least dispose it in bin. Replace your kitchen
once a month to pantry with brand new dishes.

3 9 18 30
keep bad dreams
and omens at
2 17 29
We all have the tendency to collect AND CARDS
4 10 19 little scraps of paper in our handbags
and wallets! These can impede our
flow of income and prosperity. These
If youre harbouring negative emotions
about someone in your past or present,
write them an honest letter and put
are good days to clear out rubbish all your feelings in the letter. Then
SAVE SOME ANIMALS TODAY that has piled up in your handbags promptly burn it, imagining all your
These are good days to release captive and wallets. Throw out expired anger and sadness dissipating in the
live animals that are used as feed or food coupons and receipts. Replenish flames. If youre still keeping angry
for others. Visit your local market and your wallet with cash if it is empty. Its letters or messages from someone,
purchase whatever live fish, cockles and always good to carry actual cash as burn them away, or delete them from
crabs and release them into the sea. this is auspicious. your email Inbox and phones. There
You can also purchase small fishes (that is no point in keeping this energy in
are meant to be fed as food to bigger your life. These are good days to free
fishes) and release them into their natural
habitat. 7 13 22 25 yourself from them.

8 14 26 CLEAN OUT YOUR 5 11 20 23

These are good days to give
DONATE SOME MONEY TO your fridge a good clean and
throw out expired food! Be
CHARITY disciplined and refrain from
The risk of losing wealth and possessions on
keeping too much dried food
these days are high. Counter this by making
for too long! Even if its kept in
a generous donation to any charitable
the fridge, old food can be
cause that is dear to your heart! These
detrimental to your health as
are especially good days to donate to
it loses its vital essence over
organisations dedicated towards care
time. Restock your fridge with
for children with special needs i.e. blind,
fresh, new food!
mentally impaired, deformed, etc. | OCTOBER 2016 | F E N G SHUIWORLD 85


Rat Ox Tiger
1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

With excellent star in your chart this You will receive divine blessings this Your luck turns upwards as things are
month, grab every opportunity that month. Things are looking up with looking good in financial matters. There
comes your way. It is a great month to your career or business. There are is good speculative luck indicated and
celebrate life. Take on challenges at helpful people around you to give you an unexpected windfall is possible.
work to impress your superiors. If you assistance and support. But remember to Place plenty of gold coins, ingots
are in sales, this will be a profitable time plan ahead and not be overly impulsive. and gold bars here. Wear the Wealth
for you. Opportunities are aplenty and Your speculative luck is good; so you can and Success Medallion Pendant to
you should not be afraid to expand take risk on the stock market for easy enhance your luck. However, there
your business with the good luck you cash. Your career prospects are bright could be danger of mental stress and
are experiencing. Display a 6 Tier Water but it is important to be determined. Your
frustration arising from health problems.
Fountain with Dragon in the North of chart shows there is possibility of travel for
Display the Medicine Buddha Plaque
your office to harness in opportunity and work or business. Friends will
in beside your bed to activate good
wealth luck. This month love bring opportunities, but do
rules. A good month for consider them carefully. health luck. Those
young couples to start Get yourself a Yellow residing here this
family. Display a Wish Fulfilling Jewel month can boost
family of Elephants Pillar to help realize your personal good
to energize aspirations. Domestic fortune luck buy
descendents duties may be stifling this wearing a 7-eyed
luck. month, but learn to share Dzi Bracelet.
Water Fountain Yellow Wish Fulfilling Medicine
with Dragon Jewel Pillar Buddha Plaque

Horse Sheep Monkey

1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

You must act with caution this month You have entered another auspicious Wealth luck is shining down on you this
for this is a volatile time for you. There is month when your run of good month. You will meet with some notable
promise of success but this depends on luck continues unabated. You find successes at work, in business and in
your attitude to the things you do. There yourself with the resources to see love. Health luck is also good, and you
is also danger of arrogance on your part, any projects you start through to will find yourself more productive and
which could tip your personal fortunes successful completion. There will be energetic than ever. Everything runs
from good to bad. Your luck is very plenty of friends and supporters who smoothly and will succeed beyond
dependent on how well you get along rally around you to help you when you your wildest imagination. If you have
with the people around you, so make an need them. For the entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations, pursue them
effort to one your social skills. Invest in a Sheep, this is a good time to invest. with a vengeance for they have a high
Water Feature to combat the dangers of Trust yourself and you wont go wrong. probability of being fulfilled! Enhance
this months violent star. Place in the south Your awareness instincts are on a high wealth luck by placing a Bejewelled
and carry the Anti-Burglary Hanging. There this month. To enhance your luck, Orgyen Norhla on your work desk. For
is little luck in romantic flings. But if you are get yourself a 7-Eye Dzi. Luck in love is wealth and success, display a Lotus
looking for true love, you can try your luck good. If you are single, go out to meet Flower with Carp in the
by placing a pair more friends. Carry a Rat with you to Southwest. To boost
of Mandarin Duck boost your romance luck. energy and motivation
in the southwest levels, wear an 18k
part of your Gold Dragon Tortoise.
bedroom. This will also ensure
your fabulous luck
continues next month.
Mandarin 7-eyed
Ducks Dzi Bead Bejewelled

Rabbit Dragon Snake

1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

A great month for those who are Take extra care when it comes to Health is the main area of worry this
ambitious in their careers. Professional your health this month. There is risk month as the illness star prevails in your
luck is excellent and you get unwavering of accidents during sport and travel. chart, making you susceptible to illness
support from your boss, colleagues and Ensure you wear an 18K Golden Wu Lou and accidents. So do be extra careful.
subordinates. You find yourself very or place an Medicine Buddha Plaque Display the Wu Lou beside your bed, try
popular this month! Enhance income by your bedside or in the southeast not to visit hospitals or attend funerals.
luck with a Wealth Ship in the east. Wear sector of the bedroom. Avoid staying At work, luck is moderate, but will have
the good business hanging with you. out late or walking alone after dark. some money luck. Watch out for petty
This month is a turning point for you; for You are weak this month. Money politics. Protect yourself with a Jade
the rest of the year, you will enjoy fewer luck is poor; so dont overspend.
Cicada. For those in business,
obstacles and better general luck. But Try not to splurge on unnecessary
watch your expenses
you also become busier as there are extravagances. The good news is that
closely. Wear an Anti-Illness
plenty of new projects to sink your teeth relationship luck is flourishing. If you
into. Energy levels remain high and you are single and looking for more than medallion to keep sickness
remain in good spirits. In your just a one-off date, activate your love at bay. At home, pay
personal life, this is a time luck with a Rooster more attentions to the
of new beginnings. in the southeast to older generation and
It may mean your generate peach also the young children.
relationship takes blossom luck and Invite the Longevity
you to a new level, display the Double Couple into you
or you may face a Happiness with home to guard
change. Magpies for marriage your family. Garuda
luck. Rooster Wu Luo
Wealth Ship

Rooster Dog Boar

1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

This is a month of danger, misfortune Your luck improves this month, but you Your luck gets better and wearing a
and loss for the Rooster so you will may be plagued by small-minded Guru Rinpoche Necklace will help
need to take precautions. Gear scandal and gossip. This negative chi speed up your pursuits of success.
yourself up to be protective in your is caused by too much water in your Relationship luck is strong and relations
business as well as with your loved chart, so refrain from wearing too with your boss and co-workers improve.
ones. Dont expose yourself to any much blue or black this month. Getting If you need to have an important
danger or risk, as your luck is generally support from a trusted friend or mentor conversation, it is best done face-to-
not good this month. Conserve will help you through an emotionally face and not over the telephone. With
your cash for unexpected trying time. At work, things are the lucky stars lighting up your chart
expenses. Keep a Lock Coin smoother and as working relationships this month, be bold in your plans and
under your pillow when you improve; you could find yourself sitting projects. Anything involving your social
sleep and wear the 3 Eyed on a plum project. Dont let yourself skills will go well for you. Attending
Dzi to bring good fortune be fazed by your inexperience. When glamorous parties brings more than
luck. Take the obstacles you thrown in the deep end, you will swim. just a good time. Single Boars find
face this month as part of the Wear your Horoscope Allies and Secret themselves the centre of attention.
learning process. Friends and Friend for ample support. Young Enhance the groovy
allies will be particularly Dogs will have excellent study love vibes by
important to you, so have luck this month, so this is displaying your
your Horoscope Allies and your opportunity to Peach Blossom
Secret Friends nearby. shine! Place the 4 Animal the Rat in the
Activate by keeping Scholastic Objects North to bring you the
amulet of them near with Chi Lin to perfect suitor! This is also
you at all times. brighten your luck. a favorable month to
interact with family.
Lock Coin 4 Scholastic
Objects with Guru Rinpoche
Chi Lin Necklace
This comprehensive spiritual calendar
marks all the signicant and powerful
days to chant mantras, perform pujas

SPIRITUAL DAYS and conduct powerful rituals that will

increase your wealth, success, love and

happiness. Please take note of these
dates and read the explanation on the
facing page.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

31 1 2

3 4 White Tara
5 6 7 8 9
Day Tara
16 Arhats Puja
Buddha Day

10 11 Guru
12 13 14 15 16
Day Thousand
Buddhas Amitabha
Day Amitayus Day

17 18 19 20 21 Avalokiteshvara
22 23

24 25 26 27 28 29 30
Shakyamuni Day


October 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31


































The table here shows the locations of your bodys vitality points on each day of the month. Getting bruised or injured, or performing
surgical operations on the joints or organs located at or near these points weakens your life-span and vitality considerably and can
be fatal if your life-force is already low. Refer to this table when setting dates for medical operations. When going for a deep-tissue
massage, ask your masseuse to avoid pressing deeply on the vitality points of the day.
This is an excellent month to make lots of incense
offerings to the Enlightened Ones and appease local Incense Puja Good days for offering incense to
protectors and deities in your vicinity. As the energies Buddhas, protectors and local deities.
of the world grow darker, prayers and charitable deeds
reap greater karmic merit! Spend this month writing Protector Puja Offering Black Tea to King Gesar and
all protectors on these days brings powerful protection
and reciting sutras and mantras to generate good against obstacles and black magic.
karma for the rest of the year! Be especially mindful on
Buddha Days - avoid negative speech, thoughts and Long Life Sisters Puja Offering Black Tea and Milk to
actions on this days. Remember to take note of all the the Five Long Life sisters on these days brings protection
activities to be avoided (e.g. no funerals, against disasters of the five elements
medical, parties, weddings, prayer ags, Tsog Offering - Reading the Food Offering Prayer before
etc) indicated on these calendar days. all meals multiples your good karma millions of times.

Buddha Days
TARA DAY Chanting Tara Mantras and praises
Auspicious Days
on these days multiplies success and removes
obstacles. Join Lillian Too and her Dharma friends Court Days Harmonious days for resolving disputes and
online in performing Tara Puja on the 8th day of the attending court hearings, mediations and trials.
Spiritual Calendar. Write to Long-Life Rituals - Powerful days for reciting mantras of the
for details on how to participate. Long Life Buddhas Amitayus, White Tara and Namgyalma.
Also excellent for animal liberation rituals

Wealth Rituals Powerful days to offer water to White

White Tara Day Chanting the mantra of White Tara, Dzambhala Wealth deity and chant his mantras. Also very
Buddha of Long life, and making offerings to her on this auspicious for making and consecrating wealth vases and
days purifies negative karma that brings obstacles to long chanting mantras & sutras for attracting prosperity luck.
life. Excellent for those who are ill or elderly. Chant the Sutra of Norbu Sangpo.

Medicine Buddha Day Chanting the 7 Medicine Parties & Weddings Parties and Celebrations performed
Buddha names and mantras on this day purifies 30 eons on these days multiplies and increases happiness luck.
of negative karma and brings swift healing to those who
Success Rituals Powerful days for chanting Noble Stack of
are ill. It also brings BIG success for all activities.
Auspiciousness, Hooking Abundance and making prayers
for success.
Thousand Buddhas Day Reciting the names of the
Thousand Buddhas of our fortunate eon on this day Prayer Flags Raising Wind Horse & mantra flags on these
purifies 200 eons of negative karma and prevents rebirth days bring good fortune and blessings.
into the animal, ghost and hell realms. You remove
obstacles to wish-fulfillment. Start Spiritual Journey Very auspicious days for starting
retreat, pilgrimages or performing new spiritual practice
Amitabha Day Chanting his mantra purifies 200 eons of for the first time.
negative karma and leads you to Amitabhas heaven
House Blessings - Excellent days to conduct space cleansing
land. You develop strong powers of speech.
rituals and to invite a holy man to bless your home.
Avalokiteshvara Day Chanting his mantra purifies
90 eons of negative karma and brings blessings of
happiness, peace and goodwill. You become lucky in
meeting people who will constantly help you. Inauspicious Days
Amitayus Day Chanting his mantra increases longevity
and healing for those suffering from terminal illness like No Court Bad days for dispute resolution, divorce, court
cancer and AIDS. You remove the karma of premature trials, hearings & mediation. Disagreements & disharmony
death. prevails.

Shakyamuni Day Chanting Shakyamuni mantra and No Funeral - Bad days to perform funerals, burials,
praises purifies 1000 eons of negative karma and invite cremations and conduct wakes.
rains of blessings! You reverse the karma of spiraling into
darkness and will be led irreversibly towards happiness
No Medical Bad days for major surgical/medical
procedures. Medical treatment will have obstacles.
and enjoyments in this life and future lives.
No Starting Business Starting or officiating businesses on
Guru Rinpoche Day Making lavish offerings to Guru these days bring un-ending obstacles to the business.
Rinpoche and chanting his mantra on this day invites the
Protection of Guru Rinpoche. You will be led irreversibly No Prayer Flags Hanging Wind Horse or mantra flags
to happiness, comfort and a life filled with powerful on these days bring constant obstacles that will plague
spirituality. Read the Tsog prayer. success.

Dakini Day Making incense and food offerings to all No Weddings/Parties Holding gatherings, parties or getting
the female deities and dakinis brings good fortune and married on such days bring discord and disharmony. Friends
will turn into enemies.
merit. Read the Tsog prayer.
Q My home faces N3 and I have got a flying
star chart generated using your flying star
calculator. But Im not sure how to activate
for better health and wealth for our family. Should we
focus on annual and monthly flying stars or based on
the flying star chart?


A The simple answer is that you activate ALL
the stars for wealth and health the flying star
chart, the annual chart and the monthly chart.
For health luck look for the 1, 6 or 8 mountain stars

and place a large crystal there. For wealth, look for the
number 8 water star and place a water feature there.
Then, always disarm the bad stars of 2 and 5 this

Q If one sees the cloud that looks like the Pi Xiu in must be done for the flying star chart as well as the
the sky when praying...what does this mean? annual and monthly stars. You will end up with multiple
cures and enhancers in all sectors of the homes, each
for a different star flying star, annual and monthly

A Usually when we are concentrating on prayers - but they all know what theyre supposed to be
we may receive messages from the universe. doing. This is how we practice flying star feng shui
This may come in the form of thoughts or things and it has served us well time and again.
we see that make sense to us. The Pixiu is a mythical
creature that removes obstacles. It is also a symbol of
protection. So in this case, the Pixiu here could mean
that whatever your problem you might be facing or
praying for a solution, this will be solved. It is a good WHERE TO PUT
sign . I suggest inviting the image of a Pixiu and placing
it near your entrance so that you can benefit from TRASH CAN AND
this sign.
MOUTHING ME Q The NW of my home has a garage and I
placed all the necessary annual and monthly
flying stars remedies there. I keep it clean.
Only one problem is a big trash and recycle bin is also

Q Im a guy and I have a lady colleague giving in the garage and no place to move it except outside
me trouble by gossiping and bad-mouthing the home. Is this ok and if not, where can I place it?
me. What can I do to counter this?

A First thing you must do is NOT lose your cool!

Carry the Anti-Anger amulet that we make and
wear the Popularity Scarf we make. All this will
A Im really pleased to hear that youve placed
all your cures and enhancers in the NW part of
your house. But unless you or your husband
spends time there, the cures and enhancers wont
do much to help you. Can I suggest
reduce whatever hostility coming from this lady. You
should also install a mirror on your desk, facing her bringing in the cures and enhancers
direction as this will reflect away whatever bad vibes and placing it in your living room?
coming from her. Finally, send her a big Meanwhile, your trash can and
bouquet of yellow or pink flowers recycle bin can remain in the garage
on her desk from you with a note as long as you do not place it in the
to congratulate her on something NW corner of the garage itself. A
she achieved and did well. Trust good solution is to buy a standalone
me, her whole attitude towards you laundry cupboard and lock away
will transform instantly! Focus on the trash bin and recycle bin inside
making peace and do not inflame the cupboard. This way, the bad
the situation with retaliation. energy from the trash wont emanate
to the rest of the garage.


The Wish-fulfilling Cow is one of the four
emblems that bring prosperity and spiritual
abundance! Money cowrie shells symbolize
wealth, abundance and a contented life.

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The King Gesar pin protects you from
situations and blunders that can
jeopardize your career success and
promotion opportunities. Those involved
in professional work can benefit from
King Gesars guidance, knowledge and
skillfulness. Excellent for animal signs who
have the Big Auspicious Star nearby:
Dragon, Snake, Sheep, Monkey, Horse
and Rat.

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Q When placing cures, such as a Rooster in the
west to activate peach blossom luck, must
the rooster be facing a certain direction?
Q How do I make my husband more loving and
affectionate? We have a mirror facing my
bed and I also sleep on a single bed joined
together with another single bed where my husband
sleeps. Could this be the problem?
What about mandarin ducks, must they face a certain

direction even if they are in the sector? Definitely the mirror in the
room and the two single

A Usually for feng shui enhancers that bring good

fortune, you want it to face inwards towards
you, as if coming from a good direction. So for
example, you can place the Rooster facing inwards
coming from the west direction (meaning its faces
beds are the problem!
You must not have a mirror
in the bedroom as this will
encourage a third party to
interfere with your marriage!
East). For cures that are meant to take bad luck away, Also, sleeping on separate
you face it outwards. So for example, if the Rooster beds even though they are
you place there is meant to guard against infidelity joined together means there is
or office politics, face it away from you so that it can a rift between you both. This is
deal with oncoming bad energy and deflect it. very bad for couples. Please invest
in a single Queen sized mattress
that you can both share. Finally, if
you want more loving action in the

bedroom, install red lamps!

Q Im a 65 year old Rabbit and my daughter is
a Snake. We have a kitchen cabinet in the
Southwest and am thinking of renovating in
September. Will this harm us in anyway?

A Better you wait for next year as the Southwest

has the Grand Duke Jupiter this year. Next year
(Rooster year), the Grand Duke moves to the
West, so you can safely renovate. But to be honest,
Q Im a 53 year old lady but Ive been
single for 19 years. Although I attract
men, I cant seem to stay in a stable,
steady, loving relationship. I have tried many feng
shui cures from quartz hearts to double happiness.
the SW is not the best place for the Kitchen as this I even have my bed against a wall with 2 lamps on
is the location of the Matriarch. Also, if it is a minor either side. Everyone I have met is either a player
renovation then OK but if it is a major overhaul it might or emotionally unstable. I am still attractive and get
be a good idea to move out of the house while the compliments from people. I have lost hope of ever
renovation is taking place. SW is a location that affects finding true love. What can I do?
the Matriarch so if you dig and bang there it is sure
to affect your health and wellbeing as the matriarch of
the house. If you have no other choice than to have the
kitchen here,
make sure
your sink and
A Check the NW corner of your house. I suspect
it either missing, has a store room, toilet, laundry
or kitchen. Houses with this feature cannot
seem to keep a Patriarch there for long. I am getting
the feeling that you also have some very deep and
stove are not sad past with men in general perhaps when you
located in the were young something It is a good sign very traumatic
SW corner of happened. You must let go of this past I suggest
the kitchen chanting the mantra of the Compassion Goddess
itself. But OM MANI PADME HUM for 1 mala every night while
wait till next visualising all the hurt from past to dissolve away
year to do all you have to let this all go before something new can
this. take root and blossom in your heart. Take care and
much love from Aunt Agga.


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Autumn is the season where the element of gold reigns
supreme! Surround yourself with the energy of gold
This awesome crystal obelisk is
inscribed with powerful multiplying
mantras to increase whatever kind
looking for more love, place it in the
and let it bring you auspicious good fortune! This is the
Southwest. Looking for inspiration
season to reap the rewards sowed during the spring and new ideas? Place it in the
and summer months! Let the colour of gold empower Northeast. For more income or wealth,
you with prosperity vibrations! 1 place it in the North or Southeast. In
the South, the multiplying obelisk
increases recognition and good name.


The golden ingot adorned with the Dragon and
2 Wave it around your body
clockwise each morning to
of wealth mantras to attract
good fortune in investments
your handbag or pocket as a
talisman of wealth.

Jewel Ornaments
bestows prosperity and rescues
channel the blessings of Golden
They say that honey is the nectar of the Gods, which can Wealth Tara by wearing her magical
we enter into the autumn months, strengthen your inner earrings ensure you only hear good
UHVLOLHQFHZLWKWKH*ROGHQ+RQH\%HH5LQJ1RWRQO\ZLOO news, and her brooch attracts new
you gain greater energy and vitality, the productive honey RSSRUWXQLWLHVLQWR\RXUOLIH
comes effortlessly when youre a member of the honey

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