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Universidad De Guadalajara


Unit 11
Unit 12

Opinion For Unit, 11 y 12

Conversation for Unit 11 y 12

Teacher J. Ventura Chvez Prez

Student: Jos Ramss Hernndez Pimentel
Code: 217316427
Career: Lawyer

JOANA BARRAZA SAMPERIO. Good morning Carlos, how are you doing with the
case of old women?
CARLOS: It's not going well, it looks like the defendant will be released on bail.
JOANA BARRAZA SAMPERIO: I see that it is not going well. But what did they tell
you at the prosecution?
CARLOS: according to the report of the police and the medical part, Mrs. Caroline
asked the Chapo to fulfill a sexual fantasy, about sadomasochism.
JOANA BARRAZA SAMAPERIO. Then there were injuries from the use of bruises.
CARLOS: Sure, Joan, it's hard to know if you asked Chapo for those fetishes, or
maybe it was already planned to avoid suspicion.
JOANA BARRAZA SAMPERIO: you have to see the precedents, they can help you
solve it, although the death is still doubtful, because the judge would be a guilty
CARLOS: Correct, it is difficult to verify this situation, the jury has pronounced in
favor of the accused. I have a jury infiltrated to support Caroline's case, but most
support the defendant. With the argument "Caroline asked for these fantasies, the
chapo is not guilty, there was consent"
JOANA BARRAZA SAMPERIO: Well, I'll leave you, luck in your case.
CARLOS: Thank you, Joan.

The main objective of criminal law is to punish criminals who have committed crimes
that may be misdemeanors and even the most serious as an example to kill
someone, in Mexico the most severe penalties are punished with a system that
generates years of imprisonment, while in Mexico the United States of America, the
punishment would be the death penalty.
Likewise, bonds released on bail that are intended to pay damages to those affected,
most cases the penalty must be served in a penitentiary or punish with community
service in the place of residence of the offender.
HIGINIO. Good afternoon, Mr. Esquer. Sit down please.
ESQUER. Thank you, lawyer.
HIGINIO. It is important that you know what our law firm needs.
ESQUER. is the reason why I am here for the experience I have on the law of tort, I
also have the specialty in civil law.
HIGINIO: reviewing your resume and researching references, I was recommended
as a person with initiative, responsible, honest. I congratulate you and require your
ESQUER. Thank you, I will immediately join the firm.
HIGINIO. Do you have experience in administrative law? I cannot corroborate this
information, It is for the fact that as soon as you sign your contract of adhesion we
present a report that shows your experience.
ESQUER: do not worry, work for Enrique Alfaro, within the government, regulating
good practices for the benefit of citizens.


Civil law is of great importance because it covers many branches of law, payment
for monetary damages can make between individuals in civil matters, for example,
alimony, will, marriage, divorce, where damages are done, for example, a house has
the purpose of the room of the house and convert it after a tavern.
This is where contracts enter into civil matters.

ASSAULT Assault means attacking another person.

BATTERY Battery means hurting another person

CAPITAL Capital Punishment means punishing a person with death.

CIVIL LAW Civil Law is a law which deals with disputes between
individuals and/or organizations
COMMIT A CRIME To commit a crime means to disobey or break the law.

COMPENSATION Compensation is an award to make up for a wrongdoing

that affected you in the past.

DAMAGES Damages are the money a person receives to compensate

for loss or injury.

INJUNCTION An injunction is an official court order that stops a person

or company from doing something or forces them to do it.

JAIL A jail is a large secure building where criminals may go if

they commit a crime.

LIABILITY Liability means legal responsibility

MONETARY If something is monetary, it is in the form of money.

MURDER Murder is the crime of killing another person.

NEGLIGENCE Negligence is failure to do the things that you have a duty

to do.

OFFEND To offend means to break the law

PROBATE Probate is the act of dealing with a dead persons property

and will.

PROBATION Probation is a period of time which a criminal must behave

well, otherwise he will go to jail.

PUNISH To punish someone means to make them suffer for their


PUNITIVE Punitive damages are fees that must be paid in

punishment for a wrongdoing.

SUE To sue someone means to take legal action against

someone because you believe they did somethings

harmful to you.

TORT LAW Tort law is law which is involved in getting compensation

for a civil wrongdoing that caused loss or injury.

TRESPASS To trespass means to go onto private land without

permission from the owner.