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Necromantic Cursing Ritual and Yuza Yuza Oil Recipe

HarryRHM [1] (04-05-2016 07:10 PM)

Yuza Yuza Oil is necromantic in nature, and can be used to attract and conjure the dead. This would make it
useful for mediums. However, it also has another use, it can be used to control the dead. This means, you coud
direct a ghost to haunt another person.

The recipe:
Cypress Wood connects to the spirit realm, the underworld
Myrrh raises spiritual vibrations for easier communication, also protects yourself from harm
Asafoetida spiritual vision
Wormwood calling spirits
Mullein commanding, dark magick
Galangal control

As you can see from the ingredients, it will not only connect you with the world of the dead, but it will give you
the power to see and communicate with the spirits, while having control over them. Allowing you to command
them to do dark work upon an enemy.

That is the recipe for the oil. You could also create an incense with this mixture. However, some herbs can be
physically sedative, or toxic, when inhaled. This can alter your consciousness to 'see' the spirits (or, dangerous
hallucination). I am not advocating this, as it is not healthy or safe, so burn the incense in an open area, if you
choose to go down this route.

To haunt a location:
Place a few drops of the Yuza Yuza Oil in four corners of the room/place. Also, draw an X in the centre. This is
to cross the location. Then, call out to ghosts and dark spirits to come and inhabit this place. The dark oil
compels them to come, and gives you the commanding power to direct them to the location.

Cursing Ritual:
You can cause a specific target to be haunted by a ghost. First, you need to go to the graveyard, to the
particular grave of the deceasaed spirit you wish to use. Anoint a black candle with the oil, and place it on the
grave. Evoke the spirit to come forth. Explain to the spirit what you would like them to do. Take some graveyard
dirt from the grave, and instruct the spirit to follow the dirt.
After issuing the task, thank the spirit. It is customary to leave a silver coin or some other offering on the grave
as thanks.
When you are ready to use it, place a few drops of the oil onto the dirt, and place this dirt at the targets home.
It is best to bury it under something, as to not blow or be swept away.

Tritonel [2] (04-05-2016 09:23 PM)

Nice blend, thanks for sharing it!

I have seen a few versions of this and some others included black hellebore and yew needles as alternatives if I
remember correctly. I like the inclusion of mullein, indeed a powerful plant spirit, especially when it comes to
conjuring the dead. As galangal is related to mars I'd say that apart from granting control for the practitioner it
could also heat up and increase the force directed and the results upon the target, because of the mars/saturn
combination of the blend and the madness that such combination can bring. Good stuff:-)


HarryRHM [1] (04-05-2016 11:26 PM)

Very good observations!!! I agree with the mars and saturn elements.
I contacted a deceased family member using an incense, I can't remember my exact recipe, but I believe it was
something like mullein, wormwood, and my blood. (Originally added just the the DNA link factor), I think the
blood adds a huge force to conjure the dead - but, instead of just bringing my target to me, all sorts of entities
were rushing up towards me. So I believe it's too "alluring", so a lot of control would be needed.


Tritonel [2] (04-05-2016 11:56 PM)

Oh yes, involving your own blood in that context sounds dangerous and it would indeed attract non-wanted
attention. Did you do that in the cemetery? I guess strong cleansing workings were needed afterwards?


ignus_fatuus [9] (04-06-2016 03:00 AM)

I'm new to making oils. What do you use as a base? Olive Oil or something else?


HarryRHM [1] (04-06-2016 05:10 AM)

Tritonel - I was less experienced at the time and did it in my home - my relationship fell apart in the next couple
of days and I was loosing my mind. I did cleansing work after that, on myself and my home, and it's all good
now, with a lesson learnt.

ignus_fatuus - If you check out my site in my signature, I have pages on how to create oils, as well as a free
eBook you can download with detailed instructions on charging etc. Personally, I use olive oil, yes, it is not just
easily available, but the olive has strong, wise properties, and is great at combining the other herbs together
physically and spiritually. Also the shelf-life is good so your oils will last a long time. I mean, if you were doing a
love oil, Almond would be good. But generally, I always use olive oil, can't really go wrong with it.


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