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Your sister who has got a place in a fully residential school is not sure whether to accept the offer

or not.
Write a letter to your sister about your own experiences in a fully residential school.

The letter is based on all the notes below:

life is hard
learn coping skills
find time to study
well-rounded education
Give two relevant examples of:
When writing the letter, you should remember:
to lay the letter out correctly
to use paragraphs
that your letter is to your sister

Model Answer
2 January 2017

Dear Cathy, Situation

I was/were in a situation similar to yours. Remember how I agonized for/of
days about whether to stay at SMK Sri Danga or/but to go to a fully residential
school? Body
I think it is wise to face up to the pros and cons of studying/study at a fully
residential school like Tun Ismail, however prestigious/poor it is. The Point 1 Elaboration
advantages are many/much. For example, you will definitely get/got a well-
rounded education. There are good teachers and facilities. Equal emphasis Point 2 Elaboration
is/are placed on extracurricular activities. After school, sports are a must. In
addition, you will learn coping skills as you have/has to do things on your/our
own. You cant turn/switch to Mom and Dad to solve/figure your daily
problems. You will learn/study to become self-reliant and much/many Point 3 Elaboration
It is undeniable that life is/was hard. You have to do/did your own chores. Point 4 Elaboration
For example, you have to wash your own clothes and clean/wash your
dormitory. There is no maid to look before/after you and you have to
find/search time to study. Study hours and sleep time are fixed/stuck. You
have/had to get used to a very structured life. See/Saw what I mean by being
Moreover, there/their are plenty of tests and projects. Also, you may/can Closing
get homesick. Instead of comforts of home, it can be quite noisy and yet lonely Repeat advice
in the hostel. You will definitely love/miss the home-cooked food.
Make a pro and con list. Fill it in honestly. Then talk it over with Mom and
Dad. I am sure you will make a wise decision.