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Learning activity 2

Evidence: Life from a wheelchair

Fuente: SENA

About 1 in every 100 people is handicapped and uses a wheelchair. Therefore,

there are about 80 million people in wheelchairs in the world. That is twice the
population of Colombia! But what is it like to live in a wheelchair?

Watch the video Perfectly abled life on campus with a disability in the next link:

After you watch the video answer the following questions. Use any voice recording
software to record your answers and send the file as evidence.

Use mixed conditional sentences (at least 4 examples), the idioms, vocabulary and
ideas about flexibility and adaptability studied in this learning activity (at least 8
words from the vocabulary). Remember to use connectors and punctuation.

What does Ashley do for a living?

How does her condition affect her daily activities and how does she deal with
What is her attitude towards life? Does she feel disabled from certain

How would your life be different if you were handicapped and had to use a
wheelchair? What would be different for you? (Use mixed conditionals in the

How do you react when you have to interact with a handicapped person?

How can you contribute to improve the life of handicapped people?


1. She is a Singer at the university where she studies general communication.

2. It affects in being on time for general communication classes because its a little
more difficult for her to drive in her wheelchair so she can drive so fast, however
she tries to be at college fifteen minutes before starting her general
communicatin classes.

3. Her attitude is positive in front of life. SShe feels able to swim and se leaves
people high and dry, beause many people believe she can do it. She feels
able to transfer to her bed. If she didnt have tha positive atitude toward life,
she would have failed in all the situations that come up daily. She feels
incapacitated to do certain activities like running, she doesnt know what
feeling is.

She would want to know what it feels like to walk or run. If she hadnt been
lucky enough to have her parents by her side, she wouldnt have been able to
learn to do many other things.

4. If I were handicapped and had to use a wheelchair my life would be different

in aspects like: there could be an emotional change because it could be
something unexpected so I coud get depressed bvecause it an be something
to what Im not acostumbrated because there would be many different things
like I wouldnt able to walk, jog, work out a the gym, dance and I wouldnt b
able to do my daily activities as I usually do them because I couldnt move so
fast from a place to anothe place
5. When I interact with a handicapped person I react in a way friendly. I try to be
very nice with that person so that it ca have a great time and it can feel very

6. I can contribute to improve te life of handicapped people helping themm feel

happy, have a good time, giving advices so they can feel okay ad bveing very
friendly with them.