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Technical Evaluation Of Pump Performance of DnD 150-500-4XH at Mine

Pumping System in PT Ulima Nitra Job Site Darmo
Scientific Paper in the form of Skripsi, March 2016

Jefry Rizky Jayusman; Supervised by Ir. H. Maulana Yusuf, MS, MT dan Ir. H.
Abuamat HAK, M.Sc.IE

Evaluasi Teknis Kinerja Pompa DnD 150-500-4XH Pada Sistem Pemompaan

Tambang PT Ulima Nitra Job Site Darmo

xvii + 92 pages, 15 tables, 52 pictures, 18 attachments

PT. Manambang Muara Enim is a coal mining company in Indonesia that the
mining activities carried out by the method of surface mining (open pit mine)
which includes the dismantling, loading and transportation.
One of the variables that affect the activity of transporting overburden is the
geometry of the haul roads. Geometry haul road would increase the effectiveness
of conveyance. Transport equipment could not operate optimally if the haul road
conditions and the narrow high grade. High grade results in conveyance can not
be at high speed, this causes circulation conveyance time will be longer.
Conveyance with circulation period of time resulting in reduced productivity tools
and overburden production target is not reached.
Based on the calculations and observations in the field, the actual productivity in
July was 220.605 BCM / month, while in July the production of overburden target
is 250.000 BCM/ month, meaning that production targets overburden the month of
July is not reached. To achieve the production target, one way is to analyze and
optimize the geometry of the haul roads. Transport road is divided into 14
segments, which consists of 10 segments and four straight road segment street
corner. Based on the analysis found that the condition of road geometry haul
overburden there are still some road segments that do not meet the minimum
standards of eligibility street ie, the width of the road is minimal, grade roads (still
above 8%), cross slope is not ideal and superelevation (which has not been formed
in a few twists). After the road improvements such as widening the road on
segment B-C and the K-L. Then lower the grade on the segment E-F, F-G, G-H,
H-I and L-M, obtained by the time distribution of theoretical conveyance 676,04
seconds (fleet AB99), 601,49 seconds (fleet AB100) and 505,47 seconds (fleet
AB95). Obtained theoretical productivity per fleet amounted to 86.160 BCM /
month (fleet 1), 80.699,2 BCM / month (fleet 2) and 96.028 BCM / month (fleet
3), so that production could reach 262.888,2 BCM / month.

Keyword : Geometry haul roads, Overburden, Conveyance

viii Universitas Sriwijaya