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Republic for the United States of America

Secured ID PN064950082RUSA 25 August, 2017

By: President James Buchanan Geiger

Public Notice for Immediate Release

Official Press Notification

Declaration of Sovereign Intent Reaffirmation

During the re-inhabitation process by the Republic for the United States of America (Republic) by
ordinary lay Citizens who have a deep love of God and country, but little or no knowledge of corporate
law, a series of omissions and errors are bound to occur through no malicious intent whatsoever of
those who have committed these errors and omissions. This may be true of many well-intentioned,
though naive, people who are anxiously and often impatiently awaiting the return of our nation to true
Constitutional governance.

As stated in the Declaration of Sovereign Intent (DSI,) our Re-Inhabitation document, let it now be
expressly stated and reaffirmed that the Republic for the United States of America upholds our law form
to be as follows:

Therefore, We the Congress of the Republic for the united States of America, assembled in the presence
of the Almighty Creator, without imposing or endorsing a national religion, do hereby continue the
adoption of the accurate Holy Bible as divine law and the fundamental basis of law form. We ratify and
adopt The Declaration of Independence circa 1776, The Constitution for the united States of America
circa 1789 and The Bill of Rights circa 1791 as the basis and form for our laws. This law form will be
supported by all laws that are passed by Congress and will be upheld and enforced by our Judiciary and
Law Enforcement. All interpretations and application of these laws will be in compliance with the
principles of the aforementioned documents that we hold as sacred in our Republic, so help us God.

We acknowledge that the Joint Resolution to Affirm Unity in an interim government is a lawful
instrument of implementation and directive under the DSI for this process. We acknowledge that One
statute fifty (the Northwest Ordinance, codified) as a foundational document for the re-inhabitation of
the free states. Interactions of Republic Officials with the public, whether Church, ministry, nation or
club shall not be deemed as an endorsement of said Church, ministry, nation or club. Official
Government stances are posted, in writing, on our informational website,, on the following Tabs: FAQS-Press Releases-Public Notices, Government
Info, and Build the States. This website, an informational site, not the Interim government site, provides
an addition layer of separation between the Interim Government and the good people working to
promote the Republic. The remaining TABS, like Republic News Network, Republic Radio 101, Divine
Providence are in place in an effort to reach out to the American people to tell them about their Re-
Inhabited Republic. Participants appearing on Republic News Network, Republic Radio 101, or the Divine
Providence functions are free to express their own opinions, just bear in mind that they are not speaking

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officially for the Republic, whether a Republic Officer or not. Again, Official Government stances are
posted, in writing, as stated above.

The Republic for the United States of America further reaffirms the re-inhabitation process as outlined
in the Declaration of Sovereign Intent, in that the Republic remains parallel to, and is in no way in
competition with, the corporate UNITED STATES government. Before the support of the of the American
people en masse the Republic acknowledges that we are only holding seats for the American people and
that we will have no position of governmental authority over the American people en masse. Any
Republic Officials meeting with the American people, including the tribal Native American Peoples, is
only an attempt by the Republic to extend our message to all.

God Bless the Republic,

James Buchanan Geiger

Republic for the United States of America

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