Will you...

Respect differences in ability, ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation, education
and religion?
Test buildings, street curbs and spaces to make sure they are accessible?
Make transportation options that fit different user’s needs?
Make information on the town or city that is easy to find and understand?
Support people who are different from each other working in your businesses, agencies, cities
and towns?

Will you...
Find ways to end poverty happening in your town or city?
Work to end poverty for persons with disabilities?
Include persons with disabilities in making city and town plans?

Will you...
Make a housing strategy that helps lots of people such as persons with disabilities,
seniors, newcomers, indigenous peoples and people who are homeless?
Make a housing plan that includes people as part of a neighborhood, instead of
excluding people?
Find ways to find out where housing is vacant, affordable and accessible?

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