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Republic of the Philippines Province of Bulacan Municipality of Marilao OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY TO THE SANGGUNIANG BAYAN XCERPTS FROM THE MINUTES OF THE 46" REGULAR SESSION OF THE 8" SANGGUNIANG BAYAN OF MARILAO, PROVINCE OF BULACAN, HELD AT THE, JNICIPAL BUILDING ON 16, 2014 - Municipal Vice Mayor Presiding Officer COUNCILORS Hon, Wilfredo D. Diaz - Majority Floor Leader Hon, Jun Bob J. Dela Cruz - Minority Floor Leader Hon, Allane T. Saye Hon. Irma G. Celones Hon. Amold T. Papa Hon. Marlon O. Villamar ABSENT: Hon. Divina E. Reyes Councilor (Vacation Leave) Hon. Mark Joseph L. Guillermo Councilor Hon. Joselito A. Ventura = +++ Councilor (Ex-Officio, Liga) RESOLUTION NO. 2014-57 ~ Introduced by Councilor Amold T. Papa and unanimously seconded by all members of the Sangguniang Bayan present. RESOLUTIO! GIVING COMMENDATION TO MEMBERS OF THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL. POLICE (PNP) MARILAO POLICE STATION NAMELY THE CHIEF OF POLICE P/SUPT, MARCOS C. RIVERO AND PO3 ARIEL BUENO GACUTAN AND POI LEO CRISPIN DELOS SANTOS FOR BEING GOOD EXAMPLES OF POLICE OFFICERS IN GIVING IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO THE CALL OF MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY IN MAINTAINING PEACE AND ORDER IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF MARILAO, PROVINCE OF BULACAN. WHEREAS, on or about 9:20 in the evening of May 25, 2014, a phone call from a Iclecom service provider was received at the Marilao Police Station that there was an ongoing cable theft incident at Barangay Patubig, Municipality of Marilao province of Bulacan, WHEREAS, upon receiving the phone call and properly noting the incident in the blotter book, immediate dispatch team was deployed to respond and show the effectiveness of being a police officer, WHEREAS, upon reaching the reported area of incident and due to quick response of JUNE 16, 2014, REGULAR SESSION RESOLUTION NO, 2014 ~ 57 WHEREAS, it is just and proper to give commendation to P/Supt. Rivero being the Chief of police of Marilao Police Station for giving the proper motivation to his police officers; WHEREAS, it is just and proper to give commendation to PO3 Ariel Bueno Gacutan and POI Leo Crispin delos Santos for being a good example of police officers on giving immediate response to the call of the members of the community in maintaining peace and order, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, AS IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED, to give ‘commendation to members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) Marilao Police Station Namely The Chief Of Police P/Supt. Marcos C. Rivero and PO3 Ariel Bueno Gacutan and POL Leo Crispin Delos Santos for being good examples of police officers in giving immediate response to the call of members of the community in maintaining peace and order in the ‘Municipality of Marilao, Province of Bulacan. ENACTED, June 16, 2014. a. hari ANDRE FAVIAN D. SANTOS Municipal Vice Mayor Presiding Officer ATTESTED: RAMJREZ Secretar nggufhiang Bayan APPROVED: _)JUN 1 8 2014 A SUANITO H. SANTIAG' Municipal Mayor CERTIFICATION This is to certify that this resolution which was approved on second reading on June 16, 2014, was finally passed by the Sangguniang Bayan on the same dj ei ¥) IREZ Secr feguniang Bayan