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1 A01 B.COP-305 Introduction and Definition of Human resource management
2 A02 B.COP-305 Nature, Scope of Human resource management
3 A03 B.COP-305 Objectives and Needs of Human Resource Management
4 A04 B.COP-305 Significance of Human resource management.
5 A05 B.COP-305 Manpower Planning: Meaning and Definition
6 A06 B.COP-305 Objectives and Significance of Manpower Planning
7 A06 B.COP-305 Process of Manpower Planning
8 A07 B.COP-305 Factors affecting Manpower Planning
9 A08 B.COP-305 Job Analysis: Meaning, Definition
10 A09 B.COP-305 Objectives and Uses of Job Analysis
11 A10 B.COP-305 Process of Job Analysis
12 A11 B.COP-305 Techniques of Job Analysis
13 A12 B.COP-305 Problems of Job Analysis
14 B01 B.COP-305 Meaning and definition of Recruitment
15 B02 B.COP-305 Process of Recruitment
16 B03 B.COP-305 Sources of Recruitment
17 B04 B.COP-305 Methods of Recruitment
18 B05 B.COP-305 Meaning and definition of selection
19 B06 B.COP-305 Importance of selection
20 B07 B.COP-305 Process of Selection
21 B08 B.COP-305 Meaning and definition of Test and Interviews
22 B09 B.COP-305 Characterstics and Classifications of Test and Interviews
23 B10 B.COP-305 Meaning and Definition of Placement and Induction
24 B11 B.COP-305 Objectives and elements of Placement and Induction
25 B12 B.COP-305 Job Changes: Promotions and transfers
26 B13 B.COP-305 Types and purpose of Promotions and Transfers
27 B14 B.COP-305 Transfer Policy
28 C01 B.COP-305 Meaning and definition of Training and development
29 C02 B.COP-305 Concept and importance of Traning and Development
30 C04 B.COP-305 Identifying Training and Development
31 C05 B.COP-305 designing training programmes
32 C06 B.COP-305 evaluating training effectiveness
33 C07 B.COP-305 Career planning and development: Meaning, Objectives
34 C08 B.COP-305 Responsibility, Stages of Career Planning
35 C09 B.COP-305 Steps in effective career planning
36 C11 B.COP-305 Performance appraisal system: nature and objectives
37 C12 B.COP-305 techniques of performance appraisal
38 C13 B.COP-305 Potential appraisal and employee counselling
39 C14 B.COP-305 Concept of Compansation
40 C15 B.COP-305 policies and administration of Compansation
41 C16 B.COP-305 Methods of wage payments and incentive plans-I
42 C17 B.COP-305 Methods of wage payments and incentive plans-II
43 C18 B.COP-305 fringe benefits
44 C19 B.COP-305 performance linked compensation
45 C20 B.COP-305 Job evaluation: Meaning and Definition
46 C21 B.COP-305 Importance of evaluation
47 C22 B.COP-305 methods of evaluation
48 C23 B.COP-305 Maintenance: employee health and safety
49 C24 B.COP-305 employee welfare
50 C25 B.COP-305 social security; grievance
51 C26 B.COP-305 Handling and redressal.