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Assignment Three: Assessment Criteria

Name: Mark 32.5/40

Fail Pass Credit Distinction High Distinction
Introduction There is no introduction. The introduction is very brief The introduction is brief and An interesting introduction A creative/succinct and
Movie and has no clear purpose. gives little indication of the which: professional introduction which:
Written purpose of the portfolio. is succinctly written/spoken engages the viewer
provides a clear purpose provides a clear purpose
introduces the author introduces the author
0-4 marks 4 marks 4.5-5 marks 5.5-6 marks 7-8 marks
Navigation The portfolio is extremely Very few action buttons or Action buttons are used. Links Links for navigation are clearly Links for navigation are clearly
difficult to navigate. hyperlinks are used they do for navigation take the reader labelled, allowing the reader to labelled, consistently placed,
There are no clear not take the reader to the where s/he expects to go, but easily move from a page to allowing the reader to easily
instructions. appropriate slide or they do not some useful links seem to be related pages. Internal links take move from a page to related
work. A user typically feels lost. missing. A user sometimes gets the reader where s/he expects pages. Links to objects and sites
There are no clear instructions. lost. to go. A user rarely becomes lost. take the reader where s/he
expects to go. A user does not
become lost.
0-1.5 marks 2 marks 2.5 marks 3 marks 3.5-4 marks
Design: Very little thought has The design process is emerging. The design process has been well The interface reflects a detailed The author has demonstrated an
Function/Originality/Cr been given to the design Use of font, colour, graphics and planned. The interface makes use inventive design process. The excellent knowledge of the
eativity process. Font size/colour effects exist. However, the of supportive font, colour, author makes good use of font, design process. The interface is
of text, combination of design distracts the viewer and graphics, effects etc. However, colour, graphics, effects, etc. to inventive, clear and purposeful.
colours, graphics do not does not support the content. occasionally the design detracts enhance and support the The choice of font, colour,
appear to have been given . from the presentation content. presentation content. graphics, effects, etc. is original
much thought. and enhances the presentation
0-1.5 marks 2 marks 2.5 marks 3 marks 5-4 marks
Work Samples & Work samples or Work samples are included. Work samples and some Useful work samples and Work samples have been very
Reflections reflections are not reflections are included. thoughtful reflections are carefully selected to reflect
included. included. specific skills and knowledge.
Reflections justify the choice of
work samples.
0-9 marks 10-11 marks 12-13 marks 14-15 marks 17-20 marks
Professional Poorly presented. Presentation (graphics and Well presented in terms of Very well presented in terms of Professionally presented in terms
Presentation Poor grammar & spelling. layout) could be improved upon. graphics and layout. Spelling & graphics and layout. of graphics and layout.
Spelling/Grammar Spelling and grammar contain Grammar contain minor errors. A high standard of editing. A very high standard of
minor errors. editing.
0-1.5 marks 2 marks 2.5 marks 3 marks 3.5-4 marks
Comments: Brigette your e-Portfolio provides relevant evidence to support your position and targets the desired audience. The purpose of your digital story
is clear and supported with appropriate music and text. However, the importance of viewing your digital story is lost with its position on your introduction
slide. Your navigation is clear but linear and could be improved in the Standards section, as there is no way to navigate to a specific focus area. Your slide
backgrounds are creative but there is too much text to read on many of the slides, which gives the feel of a word document. This does not take into
consideration the purpose of PowerPoint and its effective use, which is to provide information in as few words as possible and concisely as possible. You have a
broad range of work samples, which clearly relate to the Standards. Although, your reflections are well thought out they need to be more personal, focus on
your learning and the changes that have resulted from this learning and less summary like. There are some minor spelling errors, which need to be addressed.