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The process of learning largely involves passive absorption and evolving the

ability to detach and think connects you to a reality your otherwise could
not access, speculation is the heart and soul of human rationality, our way
of connecting to reality and seeing the invisible.

we are largely governed by our emotions, which continually color our

perceptions, initial impressions can be misleading, people have trained
themselves to appear a certain way; they have a persona they use in public that
acts like a second skin to protect them.
Restrain yourself from the natural tendency to judge right away, and let the
passing time reveal more and more about who people are, as you get better at
reading them.

Personality is the skin your identity wears to protects itself

Discard the exterior and focus only on their actions

If we feel like we know something, our minds close off to other possibilities.
We see reflections of the truth we have already assumed.

rather than the mind connecting us to reality, we become disconnected and

locked in a narrow chamber of thought.

We do simply react to events out of biological scripting,

The paradox is that the mind is essentially free

Be passive for passivity is a space you give yourself to observe, so observe

and absorb, nothing is too small to notice, observation makes the patterns
emerge, build up a high degree of sensitivity to the subtleties of human
nature, avoid the common tendency to lump people together be sure to
completely integrate this social intelligence into your intellectual labors,
move from observation to analysis, honing your reasoning skills, Be flexible
to adapt, Acknowledge the reality and submit to it, because it transcends
your ego.
sophisticated knowledge gives us heightened knowledge to alter reality.
Be relentless in your pursuit for expansion mind stagnates too, if it lacks

expand off your skill base, the expanding knowledge gives space for more
individuality for it calls for creativity.
Your connection to reality is a degree of your observation of its manifestations,
connection to reality precedes having any sort of relationship with it

And your relationship to time fundamentally alters the human mind itself.
The longer you spend observing something, the deeper your understanding and
connection to reality.

Internalize the essence of the style you admire and transfigure it artfully
into something greater
slowly mold their knowledge into your own shape.
evolve a more interactive dynamic with the material you learn.

speak less than you know, own more than you show, what you do not reveal is
all the more eloquent and powerful.

never let your emotions overpower your intelligence,There is a correlation

between intelligence and attention, the survival of any emotion depends on the
intensity of the attention paid to it. .
Never let what happens to you confuse and demoralize you past the point of