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Webpage: September 15, 2017

Learning Targets Parent Meeting

Learning targets are the specific
Monday, Sept. 18 at 6:30 is our
objectives that we want each
Parent Meeting! This is your time to
student to walk away from for a
understand everything 1st grade and
Dates to Remember particular lesson! Each week you
ask any questions you may have
are receiving a Parent
now that we have gotten started! I
Sept. 18 Parents Meeting, Letter/Refrigerator Copy of our
will go over our schedule a bit; talk
6:30 p.m., Room 127 weekly targets for Language Arts!
about homework; expectations, etc.
Sept. 20 Book Orders Due We are hoping you will find this
Im hoping at least 1 parent per
Sept. 25-29 Spirit Week helpful! I will be speaking each
family can make it and to keep it to
Sept. 29 WZ Fun Run week about our learning math
a half hour or less!
targets as well! If you ever have
questions please do not hesitate to
Whats New: ask! This should be a term that your Math
students are very aware of as well! This weeks math learning targets
On the website: have included:
*This weeks newsletter Beginning Year Testing Results *learning to write our numbers
Our beginning of the year DIBELS without reversals! You will notice
testing is complete and my running that I underline reversals and circle
*Video Poem: That Cat, records are done! I will be notifying wrong answers! (Our goal is to
Gabby Crab you by next Friday if your child did correct reversals by Christmas
not meet Fall benchmark goals. We before they just become a habit!)
Special Notes: meet Thursday to establish *learning addition partners for 5, 6,
intervention groups for those 7, and 8 and to add/subtract within
*Volunteer Profile If you are students needing extra assistance. these numbers. (Daily we use
Planning to volunteer in the Some just need that fall jumpstart manipulatives to help us see
classroom, for a field trip, or even for to get going again and others may partners and number patterns.)
a party, you must complete a need more intensive help. *learning about switch partners or
Volunteer Profile! It must turn arounds (7+1=1+7).
be done every year! Weve been told *learning about 1 more and 1 less.
Reading/Language Arts
they will be checking this better. Dont Our learning targets for reading this
forget grandparents who wish to help week have included: Special notes: You may have
must also complete one! *sounds for the letters c, p, and n. noticed that some students are
*blending 3 letter words.
*sight word recognition (Thursday you
coming home with their homework
*It is important to us that you are getting completed. They are finishing their
received a document highlighting words
all school communication. If you are not
your student learned in Kindergarten and math journal work quickly and
receiving emails and/or the Waukazoo
still struggle to recall quickly.) accurately! AS THINGS get more
school newsletter, please contact
*understanding setting in stories. and request to difficult this will probably not
*learning new vocabulary.
be added to the email list.
*understanding places as nouns in continue to occur! ALSO, you may
sentences. see some are coming home with
*WZ Fun Run Your students are *reading just right books (This will get math journal work to complete in
bringing home their FUN RUN better next week, now that all students are addition to their homework. These
materials today! Our class goal is $950! assessed and we have parent volunteers
students are struggling to complete
Bank Days are Sept. 21 and 28! Money starting to help monitor!)
their daily work. Please know for
should be turned in on those days! Writing learning targets have focused on most it is an issue of pacing! They
writing complete sentences (with a just need to keep working!
capital/period) and utilizing nouns that
include people and places!