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1. Dallas is the city ______________ Kennedy was shot.

2. Bill Clinton was the president ___________________ wife was called
3. Sunday is the day _________________ most countries respect a day
of rest in the week.
4. Rotterdam is the port _________________ is the busiest in Europe.
5. Yasser Arafat was a man ____________________ was the
Palestinian leader.
6. Robinson Crusoe is the fictional character _________________
companion was Man Friday.
7. Smog is the thing _______________ is a combination of fog and
smoke, or pollution.
8. The Euro is the currency _______________________ is used in most
of Europe.
9. Napoleon is the man ______________________ wife was called
10.A metallurgist is a person _____________________ studies metals.
11.Hiroshima is the place _____________________ the first atomic
bomb was dropped.
12.1914 is the year _______________________ the First World War
13.Your mother-in-law is the person ___________________ son or
daughter is married to you.
14.A stapler is a thing ________________________ you use to attach
papers together.

1. I have many friends. Many of my friends are artists.

2. The building is famous for its brickwork. It was completed in 1767.

3. Rembrandt was a painter. His paintings are very expensive these days.

4. The restaurant was rather expensive. We had our dinner there.

5. That man works at Ryanair. He may be able to help you.

6. My British cousin is coming to stay again. You met her last year.

7. The laptop has been broken. She lent me the laptop.

8. On Monday we went to New York. We celebrated my birthday on Monday.

9. This is our friend Paul. His wife was run over by a car.

10. This woman killed Dr Martin. Her fingerprints are on the gun.

11. My bike had disappeared. I had left my bike at the gate.

12. The bag was found outside the bank. The robbers put the money into
the bag.

13. The medicine had no effect at all. The doctor gave it to me.

14. Peter decided to change his seat. He couldn't see the screen.

15. I really liked that tea. You made it to me this morning.


1. We dont visit you very often because you live very far away.
- If __________________________________________________
2. He doesnt speak very clearly thats why people dont understand him.
- If __________________________________________________
3. David was tired, so he couldnt score any goal.
- If __________________________________________________
4. That book was too expensive, so I didnt buy it.
- If __________________________________________________
5. We dont go out very often because we cant afford it.
- If __________________________________________________
6. Its raining, so we cant have lunch in the garden.
- If __________________________________________________
7. I have to work tomorrow morning, so I cant meet you.
- If __________________________________________________
8. I wasnt hungry, so I didnt eat anything.
- If __________________________________________________
9. The accident happened because the driver in front stopped suddenly.
- If __________________________________________________
10. I didnt know that George had to get up early, so I didnt wake him up.
- If __________________________________________________
11. I was able to buy a car only because Jim lent me the money.
- If __________________________________________________
12. Margaret wasnt injured in the crash because she was wearing a seat
- If __________________________________________________
13. You didnt have any breakfast thats why you were hungry.
- If __________________________________________________
14. I didnt get a taxi because I didnt have any money on me.
- If __________________________________________________
15. Do these exercises carefully or youll get bad marks.
- Unless __________________________________________________
16. The teacher couldnt read your composition because you didnt write
your paper more carefully
- If __________________________________________________
17. Behave yourself or everyone will dislike you.
- Unless __________________________________________________
18. I wont help you if you dont try your best.
- Unless __________________________________________________
19. Well come to the meeting if we arent busy.
- Unless __________________________________________________
20. If she doesnt come on time, well go without her.
- Unless __________________________________________________

1. Doctor Brown will give you some advice.

2. A famous designer will redecorate the hotel.

3. Steven Spielberg directed E.T.

4. Why did Helen break the rules?

5. Someone has broken the crystal vase.

6. Fleming discovered penicillin.

7. They will advertise the product on television.

8. Someone is repairing that fence.

9. They speak Italian in Italy.

10. I have finished my assignment.

11. They should send it to us on Monday.

12. They cannot hold the meeting in that room.

13. They may deliver the packet while we are out.

14. Bridget is teaching that class.

15. We must warn them of the danger

16. They couldn't sell the car at that price.

17. The government is debating that question now.

18. He has to finish it today.

19. They are sending the ambassador to Europe on a special mission.

20. You must insure your car.


1. Anna: I'm going to bake a cake for your birthday.

Anna said _______________________________________________

2. Mary: Do you usually eat healthy food?

Mary asked me ___________________________________________

3. A man: Is there a Chinese restaurant near here?

A man asked Peter ________________________________________

4. Tom: I went bungee jumping two weeks ago.

Tom explained ___________________________________________

5. My friend: She doesn't like this film.

My friend told me _________________________________________

6. Ted: My friend will get married next week.

Ted said that ____________________________________________

7. Donald: Where do you usually spend your summer holidays?

Donald asked Paul ________________________________________

8. Dad: Have you watched BMX racing on TV this week?

Dad asked my mum _______________________________________

9. A woman: I'm buying this dress tomorrow.

A woman said ____________________________________________

10.Mum: How often does he dust and vacuum in here?

Mum asked me ___________________________________________

11.Diana: Where have you been?

She asked me ___________________________________________

12.He: Come in !

He said to her ___________________________________________

13.My sister: I have a toothache

My sister said ___________________________________________

14.My brother: Charlie was playing the piano when Peter arrived.

My brother said _________________________________________

15.Martha: Don't smoke!

Martha ordered him ______________________________________

16.My mum: They should go to the police.

My mum said ___________________________________________

17.My friend: Where do you live?

My friend asked him ______________________________________

18.She: I will open the door.

She said _______________________________________________

19.The teacher: Are you French?

The teacher asked us _____________________________________

20.Your sister: You have to do your best.

Your sister told you _______________________________________

1. The food was so good we had to leave a tip. SUCH

It ........................................... we had to leave a tip.

2. The computer was too expensive for me to buy. ENOUGH

I ........................................... money to buy the computer.

3. It's the most beautiful painting I've ever seen. SEEN

I ............................................ beautiful painting.

4. This summer has been much cooler than last year. COOL

Last summer ....................................... this year.

5. I'm not as good at Maths as you. BETTER

You ......................................... me.

6. The course wasn't as easy as I'd expected. MORE

The course ... I'd expected.

7. This car isn't enough safe to drive. DANGEROUS

This car ... drive.

8. This exercise is easier than the last one. HARD

This exercise .... the last one.

9. Dogs are more faithful than any other animals.

No other animal .
10. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world.

No other beverage
11. My grade in the final exam was better than in the mid-term test. GOOD

My grade
12. John cant lift those bags because they are too heavy. ENOUGH

Those bags ..
13. The music became increasingly loud as the party went on. AS

The music got as the party went on.

14. The lecturer spoke very quickly. We couldnt understand what he was
saying. SO

The lecturer ..
15. Sally is more outgoing than her sister. NOT

Sallys sister


1. Although we are a small company, we sell almost a hundred
machines a month.
Despite ___________________________________________
2. In spite of all the difficulties, the project started on time and was a
Although __________________________________________
3. Although we were warned against doing so, we went ahead with the
In spite ___________________________________________
4. Despite his lack of experience, he became a successful businessman.
Although ___________________________________________
5. In spite of being the oldest player, he scored three goals.
Although ___________________________________________
6. Although he's a millionaire, he drives a second-hand car.
Despite ____________________________________________
7. Although it rained a lot, I enjoyed the holiday.
In spite _____________________________________________
8. Despite working for the company for six months now, he never seems
to know what to do.
Although __________________________________________

1. The last time John came to my house was in 1999. SINCE

John ___________________________________________
2. The last time we saw your brother was an hour ago. FOR

We ___________________________________________
3. I haven't swum for a year. AGO

The last time ___________________________________

4. I havent spoken to Marge for a month. SINCE

I havent spoken ________________________________

5. Jane dyed her hair orange two months ago. FOR

Jane ____________________________________


1. The story was so fascinating that the children didn't make a sound.

It was ____________________________________________
2. They were such kind people that we invited them to come with us.

The people were ___________________________________

3. The weather was so good that we decided to have a picnic outside.

It was ________________________________________________
4. The sweater was so big that it touched her knees.

It was ________________________________________________
5. It was such a lovely day that they decided to go swimming.

The day ____________________________________________

6. The boy was so intelligent that he was put into the advanced level.

He was ____________________________________________
7. The rain was so heavy that he could hardly see the road.

There was __________________________________________

8. They had never seen so many people at the beach.

They had never seen __________________________________

9. The contestants were so clever that they didnt have any problem to
win the contest.

They were __________________________________________

10. She is so brilliant that she has been given the prize.

She is _____________________________________________