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Thanks for showing an interest after getting huge success into our previous
Projects we have arrived here with the projections of new project which has
been added into our business cart and now its a hot selling cake in the
market due to effective payouts.

Now get the agreement signed with direct client for Domestic E-Commerce

Inbound and Chat Support Project.

Process Info
Inbound + Backend (Chat Support)
Nature of Job
Answering the calls regarding the product info, billing info, delivery info,
new product info etc. and Chat support for same info and some outbound
calls also.
Project Name and Work Type
E-commerce (Inbound + Chat Support)
Seats Breakup
25 Seats (Inbound)+5 Seats (Outbound) +5 Seats (Chat Support) +10 Seats
(Online Data Cataloging Entry)
Company, Private and Public Limited
Contract Period
11 months
Billing Per Slot
Approx16 Lakhs Monthly
Billing Cycle
Invoice can be raised on monthly basis and payment will be after 15 days
Inbound: INR 31,500+ ST (Per Seat/Per Month)
Chat Support: INR 24,500+ ST (Per Seat/Per Month)
Outbound: INR 14,500+ ST (Per Seat/Per Month) + 4% of Total Up sale
Online Data Cataloging Entry: INR 27,500+ ST (Per Seat/Per Month)
TL & QA: INR 35,000 (Per TL) & 32,000 (Per QA)
Shift Timing
Primary Window 10:00 Am to 7:00 PM (IST)
Agents Ration
Male: Female 4:6 (Inbound and Outbound) , No such for Chat Support
Advance Billing
No however only Exp. Center can ask for the Bank Guarantee or LC from
the client end.
Signup Place & Company
SLA with Direct Company.

Vendor/Company Information:

The Company must ensure

Providing quality output & time consciousness at all times.
Having necessary infrastructure and man power to executive orders
in precision.
Should be in position to start the project immediately after the sign
Company profile must include
Promoters and Company
Your core activity
Infrastructure, staff and clientele
Man Power => No of staff engaged for Inbound Calls, Outbound
Calls, Chat
Support, Email Support, Technical Support, data entry/ for data
conversion /data
processing, Scanning, Coding, Tagging-Full details with
Space => Location, Full Address of Organization, area / in sq fit.
Working Hours / Shifts.
Source of Communication, Internet Connectivity.
Experience => Previous experience in similar field of voice calling
if any
Training Facility => whether having its own Training Facility with
Class Room and other amenities.
Business Development
Proposed Infrastructure
Projects Undertaken
Company Profile
Proof of Existence of the company
Scanned copy of LOI duly signed (On company letterhead)
ID proof of Partner, Owner or Director
Proof of Office Address
Originals of above mentioned documents
2(Two) Rs. 50/- Stamp Papers
OSP/DOT License
Hard Copy of Company Profile
Bank Details
Bank Name
Branch Name & Address
Bank Account No.
Account Name/Type