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Men Especial


MON TO FRI 12.00PM TO 6.30PM. SUN 12.00PM TO 10.00PM ANY 3 TAPAS & DESSERT FROM 16.95 PP

Tapas de Vegetales
Vegetable Dishes
Platos Para Compartir Tortilla Espaola (v)
Sharing Plates A mainstay of Spanish tapas, tortilla is a thick omelette traditionally
Tabla De Ibricos (gf) 11 filled with sliced potato and onion. We serve ours with Pixto salsa
A mixed platter of Serrano ham, aged Iberico Chorizo, Lomo
and Manchego cheese Patatas Bravas (v)
Skin-on halved new potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce and alioli
Tabla De Serrano (gf) 9
Pimientos De Padrn (v) (gf)
A platter of sliced Serrano ham
Padron peppers are a strong flavoured small green pepper. We serve them
the traditional way, seared in a pan and sprinkled with coarse sea salt
Plato Combinado Espaol 14
A mixed platter of Spanish treats made up of Spanish Tortilla with Ensalada Marroqu (v) (gf)
Pixto salsa, Tostada di Sobrassada, Ensalada Andaluza, Serrano ham Roasted sweet potato, parsnip and chickpeas mixed with chopped
and Manchego cheese parsley and coriander, topped with a sunblush tomato dressing

Esprragos A La Parrilla (gf)

Grilled asparagus topped with grated Manchego* cheese, lemon Hollandaise
and crushed black pepper

Tapas de Carne Ensalada De Piones (v)

A salad of pearl couscous with olive oil, cherry tomatoes, Spanish olives,
Meat Dishes fresh basil and toasted pine nuts

Albndigas Patatas Gratinadas (v) (gf)

Spiced pork and beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce Layers of sliced potato baked with garlic cream and mozzarella cheese

Chorizo Al Vino (gf) Ensalada Andaluza (v)

Sliced chorizo sausage sauted in red wine A salad of asparagus tips, artichokes and sunblush tomatoes with a sweet
hinamin dressing
Croquetas De Jamn Y Queso
Crisp croquettes stuffed with Serrano ham and mozzarella cheese Berenjenas Rellenas De Pimientos (v)
An aubergine shell filled with couscous, peppers, sultanas and a tomato and
Solomillo Con Setas (gf) basil sauce topped off with grated mozzarella cheese
Tender strips of beef marinated in garlic and paprika, sauted with
mushrooms and finished off with cream (2 Supplement) Queso De Cabra Al Horno (gf)
Grilled goats cheese topped with orange and chilli marmalade
Paella Tapa (gf)
A delicious combination of slow cooked Calasparra rice with chicken,
pork, morcilla and chickpeas Tapas de Mariscos Y Pescados
Fish & Shellfish Dishes
Butifarra Negra
Traditional thick cut grilled black pudding topped with home-made Calamares
apple and onion chutney Classic calamari rings served with fresh lemon and smoked
paprika mayonnaise
Tajine De Cordero (gf)
Tagine of lamb shoulder slow-cooked with paprika, cumin, Gambas Pil Pil (gf)
Hot roast king prawns with olive oil, fresh chilli, paprika and garlic
cinnamon, honey, sultanas and apricots (2 Supplement)
Salmn Con Chorizo (gf)
Carrillada De Cerdo (gf) A rich tomato and chickpea cassoulet with roasted salmon topped with
Pork cheeks braised a rich red wine sauce with roasted shallots, mint yoghurt and crispy leeks
thyme and garlic
Pescado Adobado
Pinchitos Morunos (gf) Lightly dusted cod fillet pieces marinated with lemon, paprika and garlic,
Moorish pork kebabs with a Mojo Picon dipping sauce served with garlic mayonnaise

Vieiras Con Serrano (gf)

Pollo Rebozado Con Miel Seared Scottish king scallops served on basil creamed leeks and garnished
Chicken fillets in a light crispy batter drizzled with a honey and with crisp Serrano ham (2.50 Supplement)
grain mustard dressing
Mejillones A La Marinera (gf)
Chorizo Y Butifarra Negra Fresh Shetland mussels cooked in white wine, shallots and garlic, finished off
Sauted chorizo sausage and black pudding in a spicy tomato sauce with fresh cream

Gambas Rebozadas
Carne De Res Picante (gf) Tail-on king prawns in a light batter seasoned with coriander, served with
Spicy strips of beef on a bed of rocket with Manchego cheese garlic mayonnaise dip (2 Supplement)
and chorizo oil
Pollo Marinado (gf) Crisp fried baby squid served with fresh lemon and garlic mayonnaise
Pan fried, sliced chicken breast marinated in paprika, lemon and
coriander, served with chilli yoghurt Boquerones En Vinagre (gf)
Freshly marinated anchovies

Gambas A La Plancha (gf)

An allergens guide for all our dishes is available on request. Large king prawns in garlic, pan-fried with coriander, chilli and tomato
(gf) GLUTEN FREE (v) VEGETARIAN * Manchego is made using veal rennet
concasse (2 Supplement)