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Thls 1s the fourth edition of the Anarchist

Yearbaak" (If yor.r don't know what anarchlsm 1s
about then see the statement of anarchlsm on the
followlng page,) The Yearbook 1s an lntroduction
to the anarchlst movement in Britain today. There
are 11sts, supposedly comprehensive but no doubt
there are omlsstons, of periociicals, publishers,
organtsatlons, and tltIes brought out since the
last Yearbaok (If you spot any omlssions or other
mistakes wrlte 1n so they can be put right for
next year's edltlon, ) Because the Yearbook ls try-
tn6 to glve an overvlew of the movernent, rather
than promote one of the differln6 viewpolnts with-
1n 1t, the lntentlon 1s to let people speak for
thenselves and, as far as posslble, not comment on
then. Thls means the Yearbook 1s pretty well un-
able to comnent on current events or debates with-
1n the anarchlst movement. Too bad. For the
partlcular vlewpolnt of any groupin6, see their
publlcatlons. In the same w6|, havin6 reJected a
narrou, definltion of anarchism, the Yearboox gives
space to Brouplngs perhaps more accurately des-
crl bed as Ilbertartan rather than anarcl:ist. It
seems better to include too much than too little.

Most of Brltatn's anarchlst novement is lncluded

ln the following pages. If you don't like the art-
lcles that appear ln the anarchlst press, write
better ones and send them 1n, 1t you don't Iike
the tltles brought out, then write better ot-res and
ask the publlshers to brln6 then out. If the
perlodlcals don't print your articles and the
publlshers don't prlnt yoLlr books, publish thern
yourselves. If, rather than act as an indlvidual,
you want to comblne your efforts with those of
others, detalls of the various anarchist organls-
atlons are included 1n the fol]owing pages,
Anarchlsm 1s revolutlonary antl-state soclallsm.
rn practlcal terms, anarchlsts alm for the de-
structlon of the po!{er of the ru1ln6 class and of
all relatlonshlps based on dornlnatlon and subrnlss- There are three national grouplngs of anarchists
lon. Thls means taklng over our lndustries and and/or llbertarians 1n Br1ta1n. They have srl6htly
comnunltles and chan8lng then to meet the needs of
all, as well as the ecologlcar needs of the dlf'ferent vlews on thlngs, see the llst of Aims
envlronnent. [,Ilthout thls takeover we can struggle and Prlnclples or equlvalent that each of them has
wlthln capltallsm but never replace 1t. ln thelr paper. The address glven is that of the
group's national secretary or equlvalent.
Anarchlsm wllr be created by mtlrlone of ANARCHIST COMMUNIST FEDERATION
peopre, not a dlctatorlal ellte (we are not Marx-
1st Lenlnlsts) and all wlrl have thelr part to c/o 84 Whitechapel High Street
pray ln shapln8 lt. Power wlrl I1e wlth the orEan- London
lsatlons thrown up by and for the revolutlon, not El 7qX
wlth the polltlcal partles Publlsh the quarterly magazine ORGANISE!
who wlrr try to donln-
ate and destroy then.
The new soclety w111 not be born through ab-
stract ldeas, but wlrr come out of the rearltles 52 Call Lane
of struggle and the need for worklng class people Leeds LS1
to unlte. such stru8gle doesn't Just lnvolve i"- The paper 1s CLASS WAR.

slstance to rul1n6 class power (str1kes, maBS pro-

tests and other forms ot' dlrect actlon), but it"o DIRECT ACTION MOVEMENT
PO Box 29
constructlon the building of the nehr, rocalry SW PDO
based federal organlsatlons (examples of whlch go
fron grass roots antt-porl tax groups to the Manchest er
mlners' support groups of the 1gb4-ss strlke), M15 sHN
plus the forglng of solldarlty and the wllrlngness (see the entry Direct Action in the perlodicals
to Bo further, 11st . )

There ls no truce in the class hrar. The only rn addltlon to the natlonal groups there are var-
answer to rullng class povrer ls contlnual and lous organlsatlonsr plus ar1 the perlodlcals and
wldenlng struggle for soclal revolutlon and for publlshers l1sted elsewhere 1n the yearbook. The
anarchl sm.
Anarchlst BIack Cross, (a prlsoners, support
Broup, see the entry Anarchist Black cross Bul-
letin in the perlodlcals' 11st), were written up
1n detail ln last yearrs yearbook rhelr national
contact address 1s: - PO Box SZLL, Saltley,
Blrnlngham, 88 3DP. 'l'he Kate Sharpley Llbrary is
see the anarchlst press for detal1s, nearer the
an archlve of anarchlst materlal. See thelr entry, t 1me.
also ln the perlodlcals' 11st.
The Anarchlst Dtetributlon Servlce sends out free
There are several shops 1n London whlch should be materlal to class struggle SrouPS around the
mentloned because they have reasonalble stocks of country once a month or so. llllth a blt of luck
anarchlst books. Freedom Press Bookshop are cov- thls f1IIs ln Bome of the SaPS between the three
ered tn the Ilst of publlehers. 121 _9ookghgP ls at natlonal groups. Send them a hundred coples ot the
121 Rallton Road, Brlxton, London SE24 (TeI 07t leaflet you want sent out, plus a flver for the
trT4 6655) and ls open I - 5 Wednesday and postage. class struggle stuff only. Thelr address
Thursday, 2 5 Frlday, 1 - 5 Saturday and 3 - 5 ls PO Box 446, Sheffteld, St 1NY
Sunday. The ss"e - Ig{-o*9Jr".op ls at 5-Q *qrcIP*t_91 F! le,Ft , -a-L'*l

Elep-[gnt. and,*Q*e"!-Le.*-Lp-nd-eq*[e*l/_ ana ls open Mon- Movlng outslde the anarchlst ghetto there are the
da1l, Thursday and Frl day f rom 3 7. tlglp"*]ls Antl-Nuclear Network, a direct actlon SrouP whose
Qgg.L_9*be"p- ls at I_ _c_*_g9eg!gl _*Eg"eC-,-._[{9gn- c_qsss, address 1s c/o a65. Seven Slsters Road, Flnsbury ls
s at 2.1+ , cg99"q Hish t-, r
!_9$gl ll l"*9!I Fnd 9gnp_:*9198 1 year's r
Park, London N4 zDE. Another direct actlon Eroup
Streef , London NW! ,QQS. Next Yearbook w111 1s Antl-Fasclst Actlon whose address ls BM Box
fiG; cotrrpr ehensf ve l f st of shops out slde London 1734, London WClN 3XX, Would any other Sroups
that have decent anarchlst sectlons. whose alms are ProSresslve and who Practlce direct
actlon get 1n touch wlth the Yearbaok to 6ee if
There are severaL nall order services for those of we'11 lnclude then next Year'
you who can't get to the few shops that sell an-
archlst naterlal. AK Press are ltsted under pub-
llehers, 6s are Freedom Press and DS4A. Counter-
productlons are llsted under Aporla Press ln the
publlshers sectlon. All of these mal1 order ser-
vlces do a catalogue. Send then an SAE or a couple
of IRCs or your 11fe savlngs or whatever.
London Greenpeace can be wrltten to at 5 Caledon-
lan Road, Klngs Cross, London Nl 9DX and thelr
phone number ls O7L 837 7557, They are a anarchlst
ecological collectlve, two of whose members are
belng sued for l1be1 by MacDonalds, the mult1-
natlonal corporatlon behlnd the plastlc snile of
Ronald McDonald.. They have a Fayre 1n Central
London every autumn and are no relatlon to
Greenpeace UK. Another annual event held in
Central London ln the autumn 1s the Anarchlst Book
Falr. Thls 1s a maJor event ln anarchlst clrcles
but the publlcatlon date of the Yearbook means it
can't glve the date of the current year's Falr.
308 Camberwell New Road
The entrles that fo1Iow are wrltten by Tel O71 274 9009
publlshers themselves. rf you have dlfflcuity 1n
the Aporla publlshes the serles of 17th century
"Tracts & Rants", the bedrock of most 1lbertarlan
6ettlng any tltles you're lnterested ln from local and progresslve po11tlcal thought. Works by
shops then try golng dlrect to the pubrlsher ln Wlnst anI ey, Coppe, t he Dlggers and more ext rerae
questlon or wrlte to AK pRESs, detalls in the sectarlans are conplemented by contemporary
sectlon on NEW BOOKS and also below. anarchlc essays by John Moore and others. A1I
tltles dlstrlbuted by counter-productlons, po Box
556, London sES ORL (send sAE for free descrlptlve
ma11-order'catalogue of home-8rown and imported
c/o B4b Whitechapel Hi6h Street publlcatlons).
Publlshed by the Anarchlst conmunist Federatlon. ATTACK INTERNATIONAL
The panphlets cover speclflc areas and contlnue a No tnformatlon recelved.
long Britlsh tradltlon of presentlng popular and
1n depth arguments 1n a cheap format. Each H. SERViCES
C. G.
parnphlet dlscusses and extends anarchlst-communlst Ceased operatlons, BI1 tltles out of prlnt.
ldeas whlch wl1l help bring about the anarchist Feel
revorut 1on. Tl t les: Mani f est o of Lt bert arl an corn-
free to reprint any titles you 1lke!
munlsm, The Myth of Labour's soclallsm, Marxlsm B.M. CLAUDIA
and rts Fallures, The Rore of the Revoluttonary no lnformatlon recelved
Organlsatlon, Baslc Bakunln.
22 Lutton PIace
no lnformatlon recelved
031 667 t507
no lnformatlon recelved
AK Press publlshes books. And pamphlets. on a wlde DS4A
varlety of anarchlst, situatlonlst, llbertarlan Box 8, Greenleaf Bookshop
and related themes. Everythlng from poetry to 82 Colston Street
parapolltlcs. other actlve servlce units of the AK Brlstol BSl 5BB
ernpire lnclude AK press nall order for lrle started publ tshlng punk f anzines (Read rE) of a
lndivlduals. our current catalo6ue has around class strug8le nature, and have started to press
4,000 books, magazlnes, pol1tlcal tapes and sexy parnphlet s. our f lrst eras a represslng (tast of the
sportswear. Ask us for a copy of the cataloEue. ffippres), but we lntend publlshlng ner^, tltles thls
year 1n conJunctlon with class lrIar. hle have also
started releasing records lCDs (B1ag6ers ITA).
84b Uihl t echapel H16h St reet PO Box 824
E1 7QX Nl gDL
07 L 247 9249 Bored hrlth unreallstlc talk about the revolutton
Publlsher of Freedom, The Raven, and some flfty happenlng next week? Phoenlx is. What hre need te a
anarchi st books and paruphl et s. Bookshop open new (and realtstlc) anarchlst manlfesto, plus
Monday to Frlday 10.30 to 6.00, Satur-day 10.30 to practtcal help on what to do now, rather than
5.00, closed Sundays and Bank Ho1ldays. Send for after the (supposed) revolutlon, Exlstlng tltles
free book 11st. Durlng 1993 wrecked by Conbat 18 lnclude Valerle Solanas' Scum Manlfesto, the most
and later subJected to an arson attack, whlch brllltant thlng ever wrltten. See the last page of
closed the bookshop for a few weeks, but publlca- the Yearbook for detalls of Pheonlx's loan systern
tlon and mall order kept golng. by whlch you can slmultaneously help anarchlst
publtshlng and bankrupt yourself.
address not yet sorted out PIRATE PRESS
Important works produced cheap, open to su6- PO Box 446
gestlons partlcularly antl-Stallnlst. Not single SHEFFI ELD
lssues, more lnto class strug6le than anarchlsm. 51 lMY
Produces anarchlst pamphlets cheaply. Mlxture of
Kate Sharpley Llbrary (KSL) class struggle serlous stuff and more sltuatlon-
BM Hurrtcane l st , but lre pr i nt what ever t akes our f anc y, D 1 dn' t
London publlsh anythlng ln 93 but should be back ln full
tljc IN 3XX flow ln 94,
The Kate sharpley Llbrary exlsts as an archlval
centre coverlng anarchist publicatlons from the REBEL PRESS
19th century on, We reprlnt volces from our Box R
movement that are rarely heard as well as pro- 84b Whltechapel Hlgh Street
vidlng a source of lnformatlon, dlscussion and LONDON
contentlon. 1t holds thousands and thousands of El 7QX
papers, books and Journals, magazlnes and 08 1 558 7732
pamphlets, as well as prtvate letters and Publlshers of a number of key sltuatlonlst texts
memorles. Our bulletln is SOp, f2. b0 for a year's (eE RevoJutton of Everyday Llfe) as well as other
subscrlptlon, Use us and support us wlth tttles around the anarchlst / fenlnlst/lndivlduallst
donatlons of archlve materlal. t hene.


See the L1b ED entry in the magazlnes list. no lnformatlon recelved
No lnformatlon recelved. Box 99
B4b Whltechapel Hlgh Street
El 7QX
Pocketbooks wlth a sltuatlonlst-lnsplred crltlque
of the 20th century. Slnce the death of Larry Law,
author/cornpller of the serles, these tttleE have
been brought out by A Dlstrlbutlon. It ls lntended The following descrlpttons are wrltten by the
to Eet all the tltles back lnto prlnt (13 are cur- perlodlcars themselves. where no informatlon has
rently avallable). been sent, thls 1s recorded. I f $re thlnk that a
magazlne no 1on6er exlsts we don, t J ust put ,,no
UNPOPULAR BOOKS lnformatlon recelvedt', w delete the entry.
Box 15
LONDON E8 zNS t21 Bookshop
Purveyors of proletarian llterature slnce 1983, tZt Rallton Road
Pecullarly pertlnent portrayals of proletarlan London SE24 OLR
presaure to usher 1n outernatlonal notlonE that o71 274 6655
negate normal ldeologlcal ldentlflcatlons 1n a no- ls publlshed roughly quarterly, costs 25p and sub-
nonsense hray. In partlcular, publlshers of London scriptlons are as fol1ohr6;
Psychogeographlcal Assoclatlon materlal along wlth E5/f3 lndlvlduals, waged/unwaged
such Eem6 as Bl ack Mask and Asper Tom, s Open f.lo/t5 organlsatlons, targe/smal1
CreatTon and Its Enenlea. The ABC Bulletln covers the cases of worklng class
prlsoners, whether lnprlsoned for reslstance to
year minus one pre66 capltallsm, framed by the pollce or fightlng the
PO Box 7t prlson systern. rt arso covers prlson reslstance,
Hast 1n6s nehrs' vlews and wrltlngs by prlsoners, and attacks
E Sussex prlsons from a class perspectlve. The ABC 1s an
Publtshes occaslonal pamphlets,leafIets, posters actlve prlsoner solldarlty network.
etc lncludlng a day ln the ltfe of the car - 21
dannlng facts Correspondence welcome. BAD ATTITUDE
121 Rallton Road
Brl xt on
London SE24 OLR
o7t 978 9057
Bad Attltude. Got 1t? Be positlve about negativity
glrlz! From sone of the peopre who urou8rrt you
shocklng Ptnk and Feninaxe, here ts the only ,uo-
lcal1y natlonal womens neh,spaper rashing bick at
the backlash do1n6 other things, Blmonthly,
subscrlptlon f5?nd(f10 boys). The unacceptable face
of femlnlsrn.

10 t1
BLACK CHIP antsatlon, collectlve dlrect actlon, and the Een-
Ceased publlcatlon. If anyone wants to revLve 1t' erallsatlon of reslstance, Ieadlng to the revolu-
feel free to do so! AIso, people can reprlnt oId tlonary over-throw of all oppresslon and explolt-
lssues, artlcles etc. atlon. SAE brin6s sample. Bundles ava1lable for
free dlstrlbutlon (12,000 prlnted! ) Donatlons,
CLASS WAR newr, exchanges welcone.
PO Box 772
BS99 lEG PO Box 574
0850 393975 Brockley
The aSltatlonal paper of the nost wldespread London
anarchlst/communlst current tn Brltatn, wlth SE4 lDL
groups ln nost towns and cltles. On the ball new6 Hasn't appeared for some tlme a6 the energles of
ind vlews coverage of events ln Brltaln and the Dlrect Actlon Movernent are going lnto thelr
abroad. Thls ls more than Just comment, thls ls a three lndustrtal networks, educatlon, pub1lc
campalgnlng paPer and movenent to change the aector and transport. However, Direct Actlon
worl d. should reappear ln 94.
c/o 56a Infoshop BM Box 91
56 Crarnpton Street London
London SE17 hic lN 3xx
Contraflow 1s the free ma6azine of the London A network of comrades and groups exchan6lng 1n-
offlce of the European Counter Network, 6D fornatlons and dlscusslons on class stru661e, try-
evolvlng network based on the exchange of lnE to escape the tradltlonal sectarlan opposltlon
lnformatlon vla conputer6. Flrmly based ln the of ready-nade theorles, Iearnlng fron class ac-
antl-authorltarlan carlpr we cover aS much as sre tlons agalnst capltal. Quarterly bulletln 1n Eng-
can from the lndustrlal to the sexual. We ltsh and French, and panphlets. Presentation text
dlstrlbute to bookshoPs, centres, ErouPE and and publlcatlons from above address or from BP
indlvlduals (ln and out of the anarchlst nl}1eu)' 241, 75866 Parls, Cedex 18.
exchange Contraflow for other publtcatlons and
offer coples on a one stamp = one lssue basls. We EDUCATION ITORKER
are not cornputer bof f lns and sre dont t blte. no lnformatlon recelved
Plgeon Hole CI Box A, Ralnbow Centre
c/o 11 Forth Street 180 Ittansfleld Road
Edlnburgh EH1 Not t ln6han
CI newsheet reports soctal strugSles world-wide, Alnlng to questlon old dogna and ldeas ln a con-
workerst, communlty, woment s, prlsoners' stru6- structlve and non-sectarlan way. Covers a range of
61es, reslstance to raclsm, envlronmental de- lssues relevant to llbertarlan soclallsm today.
st ruct 1 on. and moret We encourage self-org- Past edltlons have lncluded debates on antl-fasc-
t2 13
tsm, pornography, New SoclaI Movements, the Jud- HERE AND NOW
lc 1 aI syst ern, veganl sm, and 1ot s more, Quart er 1 y, No lnformatton recetved.
nearly. Always looklng for people to Eet involved.
FREEDOM No lnformatlon recelved.
(ln Angel Alley)
84b Uihltechapel Hlgh Street L1b ED
London E 1 7QX t7O Wells Road
Tel 07 1 247 9249 Brl st o1
Fortnlghtly, I page6 A3, bOp. For subscrlptlon BS4 zAG
rates, send for a free speclmen copy. Comments on slnce the nld-s1xties, Llbertarlan Educatlon has
world new6 from an anarchlst vlewpolnt. Anarchlst been actlvely pronotlng freedom tn educatlon by
movement news. Expositlons and dlscusslons of publlshlng books, pamphlets and maEazines and or8-
anarchlst 1deas. Revlews. anlslng meetlngs, conferences and other events.
For fulI lnfornatlon and a free copy of Llb ED
GREEN ANARCHIST magazlne, send a lar6e (A4) stamped, addressed
Box ZZ envelope.
111 Magdalen Road
ox4 lRJ c/o 84b hJhltechapel Hlgh Street
UK's quarterly prlmltlvlst pBper, ZO A3 pages, London
75p, Forurn f or lnt ernat l onal net work of Eart h El 7QX
Flrst I anlmal llberatlonlst, antt-fasclst and Revlew of anarchlst tltles currentry in prlnt and
other autonomous groups. Chaallenglng range of avallab1e ln the UK. Z to + lssues a year, De-
publlcatlons vla GA mal1 order c/o lbrb London llvered free. Avallabre to lndlvlduars for a small
Road, camberley GU15 3rY lncIudlng Green Anarch- subscrlptlon. rts pubrlshers run the annual
ism: Its Orlgins and Inf-Iuences, Clty Death, A Lle Anarchlst Bookfalr ln London 1n October.
Toa Far
THE HEAVY STUFF Anarchlst Communlst Federatton
PO Box 467 c/o 84b Ulhltechapel Hlgh Street
London London
E8 3QX E1 7QX
0850 393975 50p. Every three months, oRGANrsE., ls the natlonal
New look and emphasls have been 6iven to the magazlne of the Anarchlst communlst Federatlon. rt
thoughts of class war act 1v1sts. Every editlon ls a quarterly theoretlcar and dlscusslon rragazlne
w111 put our ldeas to the front of struggles and whlch ls publlshed ln order to develop anarchlst-
help create a rear revolutlonary rnovernent that 1s comnunlst ldeas. As well a6 dlscussing contemp-
not afraid to muck ln, rather than snlpe from the orary lssues, 1t lnltlates debate on areas not
rear. Our day wl11 come. nornally covered by agltatlonal Journals,

L+ 15
OUR DAY WILL COME subverslon ls a snall revolutionary group baeed tn
PO Box 467 the north of England but wlth an tnternattonarlst
London EB 3QX perspective! hle publlsh a regurar free bulletln
Republlcan, class struggle, anarchlst football wlth anarysls of the class struggle and porltlcal
fanzlne wlth neat ldeas, nuslc/magazlne revlews, comnent, plus occaelonal paruphlets the last two
letterg, enashlng fasclsts, free adverts column, on rreland and the Labour party. Membershlp open
and lssue 1 I carrled a page on the crass war I to all agreeln8 wlth our baslc prlnclpres and
Federatlon. rt's listed ln iyihen saturday cones, cornmtted to collectlve work.
reachlng the parts others dream of. . . .


PO Box 73, Norwlch NR1 ZEB Norwtch NRl ?,EB
PO Box 29, Manchester MlS bHW Launched two years ago by bus, rail and road
PO Box 1681, London NB ZLE haula6e workere. Produce regular bulletlns, plus
Free publlcatlon of mlltant publ1c servlce workers leafrets etc, on aII that affects workers ln our
pronotlng workers' serf-management and revolutlon- lndustry. Propose anarcho-syndlcallst organlsatlon
ary change ln soclety. Atm to network wldely wtth as alternatlve to present tneffectlve trade
Ilke-mlnded workers, regardless of, union affilta- unlons. Also work to make RMf, TGWU, etc, stand by
tton, ln pub11c servlces, whether state, voluntary workers and f lght at t acks by empl oyers. TtrN
or prlvate sector. Wonf t waste tlme trylng to members retain trade unlon nembershlp l{hllst rt{N
reform existlng unlons. Donatlons, subscrlptions, presently conslsts of numerous lndlvtduars, and
bulk orders welcorned. Broup6 1n aome clt 1es. Tl,N 1s f or act 1ve
solldarlty, workplace control and real partlclpa-
THE RAVEN tlve denocracy.
84b tdhltechapel Hlgh Street
El 7QX c/o Box I{DF
Tel 07 1 247 9249 72 Radford Road
Quarterly, 96 paEes (sornetlmes more), Ab, f3.00, Hyson Green
post free. Each lssue conslsts of artlcres related Nottlnghan NG7 5FT
to a partlcular topic of anarchlst lnterest. 1gg3 very occaslonal anti-refty Journar, anaryslng the
lssues <22 to 2D are on femlnlsm, crlne, Spaln, antlcs, ldeology and anti-proretarlan prlctlce of
sclence. AII back numbers aval1abIe. the supposedly rrevoluttonary' Brltlsh reft: fron
the rump of the Bennlte labourlet left to the
SPANNER hardcore lenlnlst partylst fundamentalists. carry
no lnformatlon recelved on recrultlngt, a panphlet rength study of the
sociallst wolkers Party (swp), will be Jotntly
SUBVERSI ON publlshed wlth AK Prees ln the autumn. Trotwatch
Dept 10 lssue two should appear ln the wlnter of g3/g4,
1 Newton Street

lHW Workers Solldarlty Movenent

16 L7
PO Box 1528 NEg TITLES
Dublln I
Ireland It's dlfflcult getttng hold of llbertarlan llter-
75p, sample copy free. Quarterly A4 ZO page ature ln Britaln. If there lsn't a bookshop near
magazlne packed wlth anarchlst nehr6, vlews, an- you that sells the sort of stuff llsted below then
alysls and reviews fron freland. The WSM also pub- 1t's avallab1e by ma1l order from AK Press, Zz
11sh parnphlets lncludlng Parllanent or Denacracy Lutton P1ace, Edlnbur6h EHB gPE. Add LO% for p&p,
(50p), The Spanish Ctvll War: AnarchLsn tn Actlon mlnlmum 50p. Wlth every order they'11 send you
(f1.50) , and Ireland and Brittsh InperlaJJsq thelr catalogue wlth about 4,000 tltles ln 1t.
v*rlch deals wlth the partltlon of Ireland, sec- They also se11 all the magazlnes and books 1lsted
tarlanlsm, the clvll rl6hts movement, loyaltsm and ln the Yearbook.
republlcanlsm (f 1. 50).
What follows ls a falrly comprehenslve ltst of the
ltbertarlan tltles that h,ere publlshed, reprlnted,
or otherwlse brought out 1n Brltaln ln 1993, If
you know of any tttles that should have been
lncluded and haven't been then wrlte and let us
know. That vray lre can try and not nlss anyone out
next year.
Isabel Meredlth
Universlty of Nebraska Press
0 Bo32 8190 0
f8. 50
Orlglnally prlnted 1n 1903, a flctlonallsed ac-
count of how two upper mlddle class glrls, Helen
and O1lvla Rossettl, got lnvolved wtth, and then
1eft, the London anarchlst movement of the late
1890s. Sometlmes sympathetlc, sometlmes patron-
lslng, fasclnatln6 for what 1t reveals about the
authors' class preJudlces.
Larry O'Hara
Mlna Enterprlses
f1. 80
An examlnatlon of the strange world inhablted by
Gerry Gable and hls (supposedly) anti-fasclst
magazlne SearchJ Lght, whlch has made a habtt over
the years of slanderln6 libertartans, Is
searchllght real1y run by Mrb? rrnpossrble to prove
18 t9
but I wouldn't trust Searchltght any further than "Uncompronlslng tn lts reJectlon of technology,
I could throw Century Hou6e. clvlllsat1on, Ctty-Death 6lorles ln thelr
collapse, and polnts towards the future, a world
of self-sufflclent vtllage communltles.
Industrlal Syndlcaltet Educatton League DEEP ECOLOGY AND ANARCHISM
Abraham Gul 11en
I 873605 01 3
varlous authors
Freedom Press
f 1.00 0 900384 67 0
A brlef account of the lndustrlal and agrlcultural 2. 50
collectlves formed ln Spaln after the people ln S1x dlfferent authors, all but one puttlng forward
arms had, over nuch of Spaln, stopped the ntlltary
rebelllon of Franco. The llbertarlan ldeas of the vlewpolnts on anarchlsm, ecology, and deep
CNT ln practlce.
ecology. Murray Bookchln advocates soclal ecology,
Graham Purchase t hlnks Bookchln has abandoned
class analysls, and rnore.
The autobtography of Janes Carr
AK Press
I 873176 21 X Max Stlrner
f5. 95 Rebel Press
Hard1y-known autoblo6raphy of the black US 0 94606 1 00 9

crlnlnal who hraa a prlson mate and comrade of the f8. 50

Soledad brother George fackson (murdered by the "The ca6e of the indlvldual agalnst authorlty. "
prlson authorltles ln San Quentln ln l97l)). Carr The blble (so to speak) of anarchlst-lndlvldual-
hlrnself hras shot and kl1led outslde prlson ln lsm, flrat publlshed ln Germany ln 1845.
197 2,
varlous authors Ren6 V16net
Unpopular Books/Sabotage Edltlons Rebel Press
t 873176 70 I 0 94606 I 05 X
fl5. 95
"The lncornplete works of Ron Hahne, Ben Morea and
An lnslder's account of the events referred to ln
the Black Mask Group. " Artlcles that appeared 1n the tltIe. Flrst Engllsh edltlon 1n book fornat,
the US ln the late 1960s on Black Power, the antl- lncludes all the docuraents from the orlglnal
Vletnarn hrar stru6g1e, revolut lonary polltlcs and French edltlon, now translated for the ftrst tlne.
Harold Sculthorpe
Stephen Booth Freedon Press
Green Anarchlst 0 900384 68 9
0 9521226 0 X f3. 50
f4. 95 Collectlon of short artlcles on the subJect of

20 2t
rambllng and the attenpts of the authorltles, POOR LENIN
lncludlng the ml1ltaFf, big randottrners, factory I

\ Bob Darke
farners, the newly prlvatlsed water companles, and \ Irate Press
the Natlonal Trust, to restrlct our f reedorn, ln f1
thls lnstance to roam the countryslde. Extracts from The conmunlst rechnlque rn Britaln,
the L952 book by a worklng c1ass, East End
Connunlst of how and why he left the party. A
Noan Chomsky scathlng attack on the hray the cp treated (that
AK Press ls, manipulated) both those tnslde and outelde lts
t 873t76 06 6 ranke. The authorltarlan left expoeed.
f7, 95
Arttcles by the fanous llngulstlc phlloeopher and T}IE RED PRUSSIAN
llbertarlan thlnker that appeared ln Lles of our Leopold Schwarzschlld
Times, the US Journal of nedla crltlque, between f7. 95
1990 amd 1993. Exposlng the rore of the nedla ln rgnore the author's 11beral llluslons concernlng
backlng up the US lnperlallst system. the ao-calred free market and parrlamentary
democracyr and also hls someltmes qualnt wrltln6
NO PITY sty1e, thls 1947 blography of Karl Marx demorlshei
Stewart Home both the man and hls ldeas.
AK Press
t 873176 46 5 SCUM MANIFESTO
f5. 95 Valerte Solanas
short storles, wrltten ln a parody of the writlng Phoenlx Press
etyle of Rlchard A1Ien, the best-sel1lng pulp 0 948984 03 I
flctlon wrlter of the early 70s, and pretty well f 1.50
lncomprehenslble to those who don't reallse thls.
rf you take tt at face value you've nlssed the "Llfe ln thls soclety belng, at bestr 6n utter
polnt, whatever that mlght be. bore and no aspect of soclety betng at alI
relevant to hromen, there renalns to clvlc-mlnded,
responslble, thrl1l-seeklng females only to
Dave Douglase
overthrow the Eovernment, ellmlnate the money
systen, lnstltute complete automatlon and destroy
Phoenlx Press the male sex, "
0 948984 26 0
rmportant document from the mlnersr strlke of Brlan Martln
84/85, showlng how the ptcketln6 was or8anlsed, A Freedom Press
worklng class, lnslder, s account, not the usual 0 900384 69 7
mlddle class outslder's one. Attacks the left for f4.95
thelr lgnorance and lrrelevance. 'r. . . . abollshlng rnllttary forces and relylng in
thelr stead on nonvlolent struggres by the 8enLral
populatlon. . . . the connectlon between nonvlolent
actlon and soclal change. r,
22 23
SOCIETY OF THE SPECTACLE AND OTHER FILMS out t hat there 1s no 'f New hlorld Order,, only a
Guy Debord contlnuatlon of the old one. A hlstory of , European
Rebel Press and US lmperlal1sm, raclsn, the lies of the
0 94606 I 06 I West's 1nteI11gentsla, an account of today's
f5. 50 oppresslve globa1 system.
The texts of Debord's flrst flve flkns (the slxth
and last 1s avallable separately), wlth a brlef
lntroductlon saylng when the f1lns cane out and
whether they rdere Lettrlst, early Sltuattonlst, oF
post -St t uat I onl st.
varlous authors
Freedom Press
0 900384 70 0
Paclftsn ver6u6 anarchlsm, mostly as appeared ln
the page6 of Freedom ln 1960 followlng the
SharpevllIe massacre and the subsequent atterapt to
k111 the South Afrlcan Prenler by a whlte land
ovrner, Davld Prat t. The orlglnal artlcle was
headed, Too Bad He Mlssed. Plus a short hlstory of
polltlcal vlolence ln Brltaln.
Ernst Frledrlch
f7, 95
The 1924 clasElc of antl-nlIttarlsm, 6een by an
antl-nat1onallEt who happened to be on the German
slde of the battle llne. Dreadful photos fron the
Flrst hlorld Uar of those killed ln battle, those
mained and nutllated, those executed, by hanglng,
behlnd German 11nes, and nore. Text ln EngIlsh,
Gernan, French and Dutch,
Noan Chomsky
0 8609 1 680 +
Flve hundred years after Columbus began Europe's
Benoctdal lnvaslon of the Amerlcas, Chomsky polnts
TIIE }!ONI'}IENT concluslons. Indeed, the early Labour readers
Hardie, the webbs and the rest knew and tarked
The SoclaI1st Party of Great Brltaln (as was) ls about soclallsm, but were conpromlsed ln pol1c1es
of somelnterest to anarchists. Part of thelr alms deslgned to wln nass support on varred grounds.
and prlncl ples hre agree wlth, part hre regard as There was, and ls, nothlng of thls to be seen nohr,
nonsense. These days theyr ve spllt lnto two groups When I an among Labour people I ftnd chlefly
but untll a fera years ago there sras only one SPGB. smart-alec, well-heeled men concerned only wlth
Back tn 1975 long-tlme SPGB member Robert Barltrop management and vlablllty, anon8 wtron any talk of a
wrote a hlstory of the Eroup called The Manument, new soclety ls dlsrnlseed as utoplan.
It's out of prlnt and very dlfflcult to flnd ao
you wllI reJoice to see some extracts here. They Thus, I spent nearly three years ln the
deal wlth the perlod ln the slxtles when the heterogenoua '11bertarlan' movement of the mld-
author was out of the SPGB and looklng around at nlneteen-slxttes. The rlse to popurarlty of dlrect
other po11t1cal grouplngs. Hls vlews on leftlsts, actlon hras not unconnected hrlth what r have been
the Labour Party, dlrect actlon, and the sort of saylng about the Labour Party. There hra6 a conrmon
tossers who passed for anarchlsts back in the sent lment that parllament could no longer be
slxtles are lnterestlng even when you dlsagree consldered aE a means to radlcal chan6e. polltlca1
wlth then. rebels were eaten whole by party machlnery: the
workers must be told to selze whatever erse came
nf found myeelf slttlng llstenlng to men whose to hand. For the same reasons the general
thlnklng wa6 donlnated by the concept of the determlnatlon ura6 to steer clear of structured
collar1ess, downtrodden-but-deflant proletarlan. I 'bureaucratlc' organlzatlon. Many of the
was told that subJects 11ke Trotsky,s permanent I attended had no formal nembership, andEroups
revolutlon theoryr Stallnlsn, and the rate of activlties were spur-of-the-monent arrangements by
surplus-vaIue were what 'the chap at the factory twos and threes.
benchf talked about. People who say thls klnd of
thtng have never been ln factorles ln thelr llves, Thls 'do-lt-yourself' assoclatlon appeared
of coursel on one or two occaslons I sald so. flexlble 1n contrast wlth the procedures of the
SPGB, where mernbers could be frustrated because
. I slnply dld not agree wlth the Labour party. thelr sug8estlons vtere not adopted or because
In government lt acted llke the Conservatlves, and delays In actlon seemed almoat to outllve the need
out of government paraded alms whlch vrere only too for lt. In fact, 1t usually meant there belng a
clearly elther futlle or apeclous. There was a caucus of cl0se assoclates who arranged and
school of thought ln the left whlch acknowledged executed thlngs wlth very 11ttre particlpatton by
thls but Baw permanent hope ln the Labour rank- the rest. rn two good-slzed actlvlst group' r
and-f11e who, however mtsled, sustalned a convlc- attended the prlnclpals contlnually complalned of
tlon for soclallsm. all they had to do, but offers of help caused only
I dld not belleve that elther. Among people embarrassment: the dlfflcurtles of adnlttlng
of ny o\^,n generatlon and o1der, there nlght have somebody else were actually greater than those of
been somethlng to be sald for 1t. I had Labour belng short-handed. Most of the spllts and
frlends who were not unl1ke the mernbers of the quarrels were over caucus-maklng and resentnent at
SPGB except that they stopped ahort of loglcal not knowlng what was belng arranged.

26 27
Paradoxlcally, the lnfornallty made lntegratlon tn about 1t ln a talk to an anarchlst groupr and the
llbertarlan Eroups hard to achleve. The turnover responses hrere blank; f lnal1y a man sald he hras
of people who carne and drlfted Eway waa very h16h. not lnterested 1n soclety and enbraced anarchlsm
The baslc feellng was an unsoclable one - too buey as a damn-them-al1 phllosophy. The vlew of the
wlth lnportant proJects to nottce lndlviduals; lndustrlal mllltants h,aa not 60 very different.
lndeed, I often heard converaatlons lnterrupted Talklng to a man well-known ln the factory-ferment
wtth 'Thls lsnf t a soclal club' . The only Broup I ctrcles, I referred to the mass of ordlnary people
came across that showed cordlallt y hras the ln everyday Jobs. He sald: 'I'm not lnterested ln
Syndlcaltst Workers'Federatlon (tt held cheery ordlnary people, or everyday Jobs. I'm only lnter-
soclals above a pub at Kin6rs Cross), and tt hlas ested ln tndustrlal worker6. I
also the only one whlch resenbled the SPGB ln
havln6 a declared programme and structure. The Feellngs of afftntty or even synpathy for nost of
non-soclal Eroups harangued a great deal about what I saw and heard were hard to ftnd. I spoke
allenatlon, how people hrere estranged from occaslonally at meetlngs and wrote a few artlcles,
themselves and one another by the system, and dld but both were hard golng; I was lacklng convlc-
not 6eem to thlnk there hras anythlng odd. tlon. I wrote to several of the people I had met
ln the llbertarian novement, puttlng ny vlew-polnt
Thle hras t he heyday of the ant 1-Vletnam hrar to them. The anssrera (I st1lI have them) urere not
demonstratlon6. Besldes them I wltnessed, knew the wlthout lnterest. The anarchlsts replled mostly
partlclpants 1n and heard the talk about the t hat lf I hrere thlnklng of co-operat lon, conslst-
dlrect-actlon explolts of the tlme: the occupatlon ency and soclal or personal re6ponsib1l1ty, I ob-
of the Greek Enbassy ln 1967, and the squatter vlously had no ldea what anarchlsm hras about. The
novenent. They roused excltement, of coursel they others, the nore purposeful polltlcos, sald they
were skllfully but arbltrarlly planned, wlth no found my crltlclsms absolutely correct: the
antlctpatlon of and wholesale confuslon over ln act I vl t y t o
t rouble wE6, t hey hrere t oo et eeped
the outcomes. In whatever venture, the fundamental stop and put anythlng rlght. "
Justlftcatlon was unrest for lts own sake: 'People
are changed by struggle.' It ls not true ln most
cases. Peop1e brought lnto sltuatlons franed by
somebody else are 6olng to be slnply followers,
conprehendlng and even knowlng Ilttle of what the
lssues are. When lt 1s true, ls the directton of
the change predlctable?
But I heard nothlng frora the demonstrators and
actlon Broups of the suprenely lnportant thlngr
the vlslon of a soclety where all fhlngs for men
should be, 1n Morrls's words, I better than well'.
The phrase 'alternatlve soclety' was to be found
1n the hfppy papers, Internatlonal Tlnes and Oz
and the rest, and for them lt meant creatin6 one's
own cocoon wlthln capltallsn. In t967 I spoke 29


After the revolutlon money wl1I elther be abol-

lshed or wl11 grow on trees, I forget whlch. In
these decadent, pre-revolutlonary tlmes, however,
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State by Dave Dou6lass. This 1e an inportant
worklng class document glvlng an lnslder,s account
of mllitant worklng class actlvlty (the mlnersl
plcketlng ln 84/85), not the usual rulddle class
outslderrs one. Attacks the leftles who crltlclsed
fron the outslde wlthout knowlng what was golng
on! Sounds 6ood? Please he1p.