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We will begin by applying the EA paradigm step by step as developed by my father JWG in the book Pluto

vol 1. The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. My suggestion is to review the chapter Pluto through the
house and signs as to reference the material that we will apply in this practice thread.
The first step of the EA paradigm is Pluto by house and sign locality in the natal chart. Pluto, from an
astrological point of view, correlates to the Soul. The Soul contains within it two co-equal yet antithetical
desires: one to return to Source and one to separate from Source. Evolution occurs through the
progressive exhaustion of all separating desires. This occurs over a great period of time through
successive incantations on Earth. it is important to note that the Soul is typically unconscious in the vast
majority of people. We become aware of the unconscious desires within the Soul over a period of
evolutionary time. It is exactly the interaction of the two desires within the Soul that determines what we
feel we need and the choices we then make at any moment in time. The core point within this is that
desire is the determinant of evolution.
In order to understand the nature of the current moment in time and present life circumstances we
must first understand the nature of the past and why that past has been experienced from an
evolutionary point of view. The Soul creates the specific life circumstances that are necessary to facilitate
its ongoing evolution. Pluto symbolizes the why of past, and is thus the starting point of interpreting
the birth chart using the EA paradigm.
Pluto correlates to the desires of the evolutionary past, and a natural point of gravitation in the
current life. In other words, it symbolizes where the Soul has left off prior to the current life and will
naturally pick up in current life. Pluto symbolizes the deepest sense of unconscious emotional security
that any of us can have. Why is this? For most of us, security is linked with the past, and the known and
familiar ways of being. Emotional security is based on the need to be self-constant, which again, is rooted
in the past. Pluto represents pre-existing patterns of habitual behavior that are associated with the past
and constitute emotional security. These patterns can become obsessions and compulsions, and reflect
areas of limitation and stagnation in the context of further evolution.
Plutos polarity point (opposite house and sign) symbolizes the current evolutionary intentions and
desires. The polarity point reflects the opposite psychology and orientation of the evolutionary past as
indicated by Plutos natal position. It is through embracing the necessary evolutionary changes reflected
by Plutos polarity point that limitations, stagnation, and blocks towards further evolution are transmuted.
The natal position of Pluto is then automatically re-expressed at a higher level. In other words, through
cooperation with the current evolutionary intentions for the life (Plutos polarity point) the natal position
of Pluto then manifests at its maximum level of expression.
Lets apply these core principles of Pluto and its polarity point through a simple example. Well start
with analyzing Pluto in a specific house. Lets put Pluto in the 10th house. The core evolutionary desires
of the past are to understand the impact of cultural conditioning. The 10th house/Saturn/Capricorn
archetype correlates to societal norms, rules, customs, etc. Examples of conditioning factors are gender,
cultural/ religious conditioning, and economic status.
Any culture or society has prevailing norms, customs, taboos, etc that the Soul to which the Soul is
then expected to conform. These norms then serve to condition the Soul. The 10th house/Capricorn/
Saturn archetype correlates to the structure of consciousness. The socially accepted behavior within any
mainstream society then creates man made rights and wrongs. These man made rights and wrongs then
become internalized, and become the basis for projected judgment. The core point within this is that
these man made rights and wrongs do not reflect what is intrinsically right and wrong as reflected by
natural law. The example JWG often used to illustrate this point is putting a baby on the freeway. We all
agree that this is naturally wrong, and we do not religion to tell us that this true.
Another core correlation of Pluto in the 10th house is to a accentuated sense of guilt. There are two
types of guilt: one is learned guilt, and the second is natural guilt. Learned guilt is guilt that is
internalized via man made laws and norms. This guilt should be purged from the Soul as it does not serve
to help the Soul to continue to evolve. Natural guilt is guilt that is linked with behavior that is intrinsically
wrong and violates natural law. Natural guilt is a natural teacher for us all in the sense that we can learn
not to repeat the behavior that is the source if the natural guilt.
For example, misuse of ones social position or authority is one potential source of natural guilt linked
with Pluto in the 10th house. In addition, another source of natural guilt is that of judgment. A core
evolutionary lesson of Pluto in the 10th house to to learn that whatever standard of conduct that is
considered correct and has thus become the basis for judgments is subjective. It is not uncommon that
Pluto in the 10th house individuals have become heavily judgmental of themselves and others. Again, the
core point within this is the standard of conduct that is used to make these judgment.
Pluto in the 10th house reflects the past evolutionary intention to establish its own personal voice of
authority within society. The specific career or societal role can become a vehicle through which the Souls
expresses its voice of authority within society. In order to do so, the Soul must adhere to the socially
established means such as acquiring the necessary credentials, etc. The Soul must also become self-
determined in order to actualize these capacities.
In addition, Pluto in the 10th house reflects past evolutionary lessons of emotional maturity and
responsibility. The Soul has been learning to accept the responsibility in its own actions, and in so doing
emotionally mature. Emotional repression and/or suppression has often occurred in the evolutionary past.
It is not uncommon that the Soul picks circumstances in which their parents imposed strict and rigid
standards of conduct. In essence, they are expected to be miniature adults and potentially become de-
facto parents. This evolutionary lesson may also occur through intense confrontations with others in
which they must accept the responsibility in their own actions instead of blaming society or others in
positions of authority in a general sense. Examples of such justification are the ends justifies the
means, or blaming a corrupt system.

If there are any questions about the core points discussed so far please ask now so we are the same
page! Otherwise, please review Pluto in the 10th house in the chapter Pluto through the house/signs in
the book Pluto vol. 1 book. Please review the whole section which includes the 4th house polarity point.
The next step is to then write in your own words the core evolutionary intentions/desires of the
evolutionary past symbolized by Pluto in the 10th house in the natal chart. After we review Pluto in the
10th house and are on the same page, we will review the 4th house polarity point.
1.Pluto in the 1oth House:

Unconscious security and desires emanating from the Soul would revolve around the need to identify the
self through a social position in society. There would be strong desires in the past life and coming into the
current life with linking ones identity to its career function and position in society. There could be deep
feelings connected to social structures and laws defining the culture one is born into as well as strong
identification with Family structures as dictated by society or the current Family structures one was born
into. The person may overly identify with the society of birth or feel aligned with it or the parental
conditioning adopting these as their own source of internal security. Pluto stands for the past that is
carrying over into the current life and with this positon of Pluto in the 10th the person may have become
crystalized into the surrounding traditions they found themselves born into. They may come into this life
desiring to align with those social structures and therefore boost their identity in some way as there may
be a deep need to feel powerful and respected. Possible feelings of powerlessness may be experienced or
felt and are linked to deep inner security needs revolving around parental functions past and present
involving one or both the parents. Due to the polarity between the 10th and 4th houses revolving around
responsibility and security the families of birth will be an important platform for a Soul with a 10th house
Pluto and how they actually handle their responsibilities in life will revolve around much of this. A Soul
with this positon will feel very defined by "responsibility" "tradition" with a deep sense of moral values but
understanding those things with in society is where a 10th house Pluto can become tricky as the lessons
revolving around "judgement" will be inevitable. When to judge who to judge, why you are judging
because of this strong sense of Moral conduct and Judgement that is inherent to there core personality.
These desires will be in the end to teach them about themselves and their own conduct based on society,
family conditioning and patriarchal conditioning. They may have strong desires to get ahead in some way
with there security linked with this identity but learning ways to link themselves to society in a way that
they are not brought down is the key. Their desires to get ahead so to speak may leave there emotional
relationships with in the family lacking and possibly avoided or ignored there emotional relationships and
internal emotional life. Security being defined as who they are seen as in there social and work functions
Pluto in the 10th house. an over identification with the career and social position is s potential
source of natural guilt which leads to reflection. Reflection correlates to the 10th house
archetype and is necessary because reflection can, in a positive expression, lead to the
awareness of the unconscious dynamics described above. A a result, positive change and
evolution can occur.
#reflection inherent to the archetype of Capricorn Saturn and the 10th house is to throw the Soul back
on itself for contemplating there inner emotional world which would happen the more they are identified
with an external position in society or getting ahead in some way with social status?
Would this also include any person living too externally in anyway not just in regards to social status or
career but when one in general is not exploring their inner emotional world the Capricorn and 10th house
function will induce nessasary situations where the emotional life has to be evaluated?
---reflection occurs in order to induce the awareness of why current life situations are being experienced.
In other words, reflection is natural to consciousness. Yes, it does throw the Soul inward. Whenever
existing dynamics have become crystallized and outdated a necessary reflection then occurs within the
Soul. Positively, such reflection can then lead to, or induce, the awareness of the structural dynamics
within the Soul which have become outdated and sre preventing further growth. Your example of
neglecting existing family responsibilities due to an over identification with a social position or career is
an example of a dynamic within the Soul that could potentially lead to confrontations. These
confrontations would serve to induce the necessary reflection after the fact. In the end, such reflection
guides the Soul to accept the responsibility for It's own actions. Pluto in the 10th house reflects that this
process is intensified within the Soul and has come under the evolutionary impulse of Pluto.
2.Pluto in the 10th House/Capricorn.
Like all Cardinal archetypes, Pluto in the 10th House or Capricorn signifies that a soul has entered a new
evolutionary cycle in the recent past. It is a continuation of the socialization of a soul relative to the
nation, tribe or family in which they are born. In connection with the other two Earth archetypes of
Taurus and Virgo, evolutionary necessity requires that each and every soul with this placement learns to
identify and establish their role and work function as a mature adult within the context of the nation/
society they are born into. Every person has a part to play in society, and the identification of what it is
they can contribute regarding career or work will require setting goals and having the self-determination
to pursue those goals. Since this evolutionary cycle is fairly new, not all people with a 10th House Pluto/
Capricorn will have fully integrated and realized this lesson, and so will continue to work on these issues
in the current life. Part of these lessons will be learning how, from society's point of view, to integrate
and use their skills and gifts by following rules set down by the society. As an example, a person might
have learned everything there is to know about the laws of a particular country, but they cannot just set
up shop and start giving out legal advice, they have to actually get a law degree at an accredited
university before doing this.

Every society, country, tribe or collective of people living together has rules and regulations that govern
how that group of people will live and interact with each other and with other groups of people/nations.
This is necessary in order to guarantee the consistent and predictable ways of conducting the practical,
everyday functions of life within a nation. If we did not have rules, we would have chaos, and organized
function would break down. Thanks to agreed-upon rules of conduct, well-functioning societies and
civilizations have been built. It is also thanks to the very same thing that societies and civilizations have
collapsed because those very same rules became rigid and crystallized in the face of evolutionary forces.
All structures within society will become outmoded and outlive their usefulness at some point, and if they
cannot make adjustments to accommodate new ways working, they will collapse.

People with Pluto in the 10th House/Capricorn are often able to understand how societal rules work and
be able to use and integrate that knowledge for the betterment of a society. Sometimes a person with
that knowledge will use the insight for the betterment of themselves and manipulate people and
situations to benefit themselves, ultimately resulting in the subconscious guilt that inhabits the souls of
many people with Pluto 10th/Capricorn. (At this moment on earth Pluto is moving through Capricorn,
and we in the United States are witnessing abuses of power in our administration unlike anything we
have ever seen before. All kinds of underhanded means and justifications are being used in order to
fulfill the ambitions of the man in the white house with help from his henchmen and corporate overlords,
playing upon people's fears and ginning up nationalistic tendencies in those whose sense of identity is
defined by the color of their skin and national borders). It can also indicate that a soul who has so
thoroughly identified themselves with the power and status of a prominent career may have done just
about anything to hold onto that career since their very sense of identity is so closely woven into it. This
could include using deceptive means, rationalizations and justifications of actions taken to ensure their
hold on power is guaranteed. If a soul has, in fact, abused power or social position in prior lives, they
may well have had those positions forcibly removed in order to ensure the ongoing evolutionary
intentions (as indicated by the opposite house/sign). This kind of removal could also happen in the
current life if necessary lessons have not been thoroughly learned and applied in a prior life. Relative to
loss of career and/or social status through power abuse in a prior life, the soul will come into this life with
feelings of guilt that they cannot identify the origin of. These feelings of guilt will be directly related to
those abuses of power. The guilty feelings and the need for atonement within the soul can lead to being
born into family circumstances that reinforce those feelings, the intention of which (among others) will be
to induce a state of reflection (Capricorn) wherein the soul can get to the bottom of why their life is the
way it is, why they feel the way they do and how their own actions have created their life situation.
Learning to take responsibility for their own actions is a primary lesson within Capricorn/10th House.
Until the Pluto 10th House/Capricorn lessons are thoroughly learned, the person may be unable to
identify what it is they are on earth to do regarding career. Or maybe no matter how much they try, and
despite having all the right skills and talents, all meaningful career doors remain closed. Again, through
reflection, the understanding of why it is happening can result, and the necessary adjustments leading to
personal growth in the right direction can lead to those doors finally opening. Sometimes the person will
have to wait for the second Saturn return to discover their true career path or place in society. In some
cases, it doesn't happen at all for karmic reasons. If a person cannot find out what their true path is as
regards their role in society, they can become depressed and a sense of futility can permeate their
consciousness as they wonder about the very point of being on earth if they don't know why they are
here. Depression and a sense of futility can become so severe that they don't know which direction to go
in next.

Difficult family circumstances that Pluto 10th/Capricorn people can be born into include material poverty
where they may not receive the nurturing they need from parent(s) because the parent(s) are always
working just to make ends meet, or maybe one or both parents has a demanding career which takes up
most of their time. Sometimes, a parent may not feel very loving towards the child and deprive the child
of touch and eye contact, and surround themselves with a frosty energy field in order to discourage the
child from touching them or to silently let the child know they have displeased them by not living up to
their standard of conduct (whatever that may be). In all of this, the child will be forced in upon
themselves in order to find inner security, and thereby minimizing external dependency. Of course, any
child who does not receive the love they need from a parent runs the risk of remaining a child inside and
at some point in the future be forced to mature (Capricorn) through confrontation with others if they
project these needs outwards. In other cases, a child might be required, through necessity, to become
the adult in the family if one or both parents are not there, maybe taking care of other siblings. In yet
other cases, the parent(s) may be very supportive of the needs of the child and offer loving guidance in
the career goals and desires of the child. The circumstances will be different in each case, but the
underlying lessons will be the same - to learn inner security. Difficulties and the necessary evolutionary
or karmic lessons within family circumstances can also come through the Pluto 10th/Capricorn's own
children. Maybe the person has been so wrapped up in their career they have not really given time to
getting to know their own children, or maybe they have difficult children, or children who seem to be
more wise than they are. Reflection on any difficult family dynamics can point to why these situations
are happening so that considered and responsible action can be taken to remedy them.

Regarding the rules of society, countries, or groups of people living together, those rules are based on
belief systems, usually in the form of man-made religions. These man-made religions have all kinds of
rules of their own and have a reward and punishment ethos through which they decide who is good and
who is bad depending on their particular standard of conduct. This kind of judgement becomes part of
the consciousness of the individual, and guilt is the result of a person not living up to the requirements
and expectations of the religious rules (usually made by men). This kind of guilt is different than natural
guilt where the person's own conscience gives guidance on what is right and what is wrong. Natural guilt
stays in the soul so that the same mistakes will not be made again. Man-made guilt should be purged if
possible since it bears little, if any, relation to truth and the way natural law works.

Pluto in the 10th House or Capricorn usually indicates that a soul has switched genders in the most
recent prior lives, having reached an evolutionary limit in the gender they were inhabiting immediately
prior to the current life. Depending on how new this gender-switch is, the soul may experience some
difficulties adjusting to the emotional dynamics of the opposite sex. For others, gender identity becomes
a major issue in their lives and can create difficulties for the soul if they are born into a patriarchal
society where gender roles are rigid, and the person, from their own point of view, does not fit into any
particular category. These circumstances could potentially lead to a person withdrawing from life as they
try to understand why this is happening and how they can fit into society in a truthful and meaningful

People with Pluto 10th/Capricorn have an innate sense of timing and the natural cycles of life. This
includes the sense of mortality and the realization that they only have so much time in which to
accomplish their goals. This realization can provide positive motivation to take action and do what they
need to do.

Some people with Pluto 10th/Capricorn are fascinated with the structures found in nature. They might be
interested in rock and mineral formations, crystal structures, and be interested in primal patterns such as
the spirals found everywhere in nature, and especially the beauty and efficiency of those structures,
gaining insight from the form and function of these timeless shapes.

In all cases of Pluto 10th/Capricorn, the intent is to remove all outer sources of dependency. Its OK to
want a meaningful career and the recognition that goes with it, but this must come from a place of
security. If that social position is removed, they will be just fine. As the soul evolves, they will have an
increased desire to align their egocentric identity with the Divine and move into a career that expresses
the Will of the Divine, where their natural leadership ability can make a real difference in a world where
blind ambition and corporate power has become more important than all else.

3.Pluto in 10th house

guilt : learned or natural.
Capricorn, Saturn, 10th House correlates with the archetypes of guilt: both learned and natural. Virgo is
part of the natural trinity with Capricorn and Taurus. Thus, Virgo correlates with these two types of guilt
that is reflected in thisnatural trinity. So, for example, the Virgo archetypes also correlates to
atonement .. the need to atone for whatever the guilt is about: learned or natural.

As the last earth archetype, Pluto in 10th house Souls desire to manifest their inner resources/potentials/
values (Taurus) in a work/career function (Virgo), to find their Vocation within a society, to actualize their
inner authority in a professional field, manifest their soul's role in this material world. Pluto 10th house
Souls has been learning how society works, what are the mainstream values/rules/customs/taboos, how
mainstream defines success, and what's right/wrong within a culture they are born into. To master
anything requires investing time, hard work and effort, Pluto 10th house souls often feel the pressure of
accomplishing something in limited time/lifetime within the restrictions of rules in certain society/culture/
career, even restrictions of law of time/space, when they align their inner value (Taurus), with self-
discipline, like mountain goat climbing cliffs, they are able to set long term goals, truly be Master in a
professional field, being recognized as influential figure, live out their soul's potential in a social role, even
change structure of their reality/collective reality.
Virgo correlates with service to the whole, and Capricorn correlates with the social role or career. In
addition, Virgo reflects the need to discern "right work" verses work that is done just to keep busy.
Capricorn would then reflect the actual social role or career. Yes, it is a possibility that the Pluto in the
10th house Soul reinforces the culturally accepted rights and wrongs of the society of birth. This can then
play out as projected judgments towards those who do not conform to traditional gender assignments in
a general sense
In Pluto 10th house Soul's evolutionary journey, they have been born into or gain power in past lifetimes,
because Pluto correlates to Soul's deepest unconscious security, Pluto 10th house Souls hope to hold on
to that power, they can be over identified with their social position/career/professional skills, need to be
in control all the time, need to make rules, to maintain the crystalized reality. When their power
(security) being threaten, the deep fear of losing control may cause them to manipulate others, abuse
their power. Capricorn/10th house/Saturn correlates to law of cause and effect, in this case, Pluto 10th
house Souls will have fall of grace experiences, being humiliated/exposed in public, also natural guilt
within their Souls, to remind them never make the same mistake, remind them of rights/wrongs in
natural law, compare to man-made law. Another case would be Pluto 10th house Souls has also
incarnated into lower social position to experience the opposite in this duality world, in those lifetimes
they may feel great blockage of the society, being over-powered by others, in a way they feel they have
no control over their life at all, in this case, souls usually have a inner voice: There is no other way, i have
to conform, i can only be myself when i claim to power, then i won't be controlled by others ever again. In
this case, Souls can feel oppression/suppression, in order to "control" their life, they may totally shut
down emotionally, not allowing any personal feeling, not allowing themselves to be vulnerable, this can
leads to mechanized workaholic, or a family role/social role that has nothing to do with their inner self-
image. In this way, they are climbing to success, accomplish one goal after another, but they will always
feel there is something missing, the outside success seems never satisfy them emotionally.

Capricorn archetype correlates to judgment, the problem is whether judgment is based on natural law or
distorted man-made law. When the it is based on man-made law, to secure themselves, Pluto 10th house
Soul can be very critical, assert (Aries) their subjective point of view (Cancer), project in relationships
(Libra), impose (Pluto) authority over others, to control/manipulate others. Pluto 10th house Souls
usually have memories of being judged, publicly humiliated, and many of them will be incarnated into a
very strict family environment which reflect this type of past life dynamics. Also they are usually appear
older than their age, take responsibility early in life, knowing the bitter side of life, and they are always
required to do everything right on a high standard. This could reflect possible past life experiences of
being in critical position, such as government /army....need to make life/death decisions, be responsible
for others, thus not allowed to make any mistakes. We can always see Pluto 10th house souls in
workplace like the tarot card: 10 of wands, being in a constant stressful condition, afraid of letting go of
any task/responsibility, again reflect deep fear of losing control, if they relax, things will collapse.

Like Pluto in 4th house, Pluto in 10th house correlates to gender switch, the gender in this lifetime is
relatively new to Pluto 10th house Souls, because in any society, there is a fixed role of man and woman,
Pluto 10th house Souls can feel their inner gender is suppressed/rejected by mainstream values/others.
Anything suppressed will be distorted, there can be deep suppressed rage within Pluto 10th house souls.
Their lesson is to develop inner authority of who they really are, to naturally express their inner gender,
how they want to be a man or a women, not try to fit in other peoples expectation. This crisis/conflict of
yin/yang energy, leads them to truly integrate yin/yang within, to understand every soul essentially are
regarding the 10th house and its' obvious relation to the very 3-D view of our world, and how we relate
to the physical world, I believe that it can represent an ever-changing rationale of our lives on earth and
the world that surrounds us.

of course, we are not solid beings, we are energetic, and the world around us is in constant flux, but
Capricorn, via the 10th house, gives us a sense of defined physics and physicality, for the moment...

it is also an archetype of virtual power, control, recognition and validation. We give credence to these
concepts in the attempt to fathom our physical existence, but as you stated in your lesson, we are
essentially assigning form and definition to a physical existence that will only need to be undone at some

when I look at Pluto in the 10th I always ask myself, when is this person (or myself) going to take
responsibility and authority for their life and actions? When will they learn to quit giving their power away
to external manipulations and influences and just think for themselves? And when are they going to
awaken to their own, personal, knowledge? One of my teachers taught that there comes a time, in each
of our lives, when we all have to put down the books, tapes and teachers and just lean against a tree and

I think that Bodhi tree is represented by the 4th house.

with the pull of the 4th house, a consideration of letting go of the need to achieve or legitimize oneself,
in a worldly sense, is presented. Our goals shift to the need for inner security, grace, and emotional
balance. We are presented with the option of replacing all of our mundane 'knowledge' with mythological
understanding, and replacing the rituals of society with our own deeply felt creativity and ceremony.
if I understand you correctly, it is in the letting go of the need to be known or recognized (10th house)
that allows oneself to find fulfillment on a deeper level? In this process of letting go of societies' trappings
and machinations, we will naturally draw closer to the spiritualization process and be better able to
perceive the voice of soul.

so, the natural growth from 10th to 4th house Pluto polarity point would be one of progressively
relinquishing reliance on external title and significance, and learning to rely on the deep well of inspiration
from within.
4.Pluto in 10th House

One of the first things that made me curious when reflecting more deeply upon Pluto in the 10th house,
was the fact that here, like in all cardinal houses, we arrive at an archetype that is starting something
and at the same time, if an expression was used to describe a person with pluto in the 10th house, the
natural authority would generally fit the main desire of most souls. (Even in the case of a soul karmically
or by other reasons blocked from having a ruling position/career in the context of its own society, big or
small, we could still be inclined to say that that person would feel this way to the core).
In essence, it is very interesting to have a cardinal house showing a new phase is just beginning, and like
anything we start, an intrinsinc feeling of insecurity because we lack experience, we are not safe; and at
the same time, a sense of security, pluto, that is derived from maturity, authorithy and control, capricorn/
saturn/10th house.

Accepting this could be a reasonable starting point to look a pluto in the 10th house, to understand it, it
is actually trying to understand why there can be a safety feeling allowing the pluto in 10th house soul
to start this new evolutionary phase, and where does it come from.
Not being exactly a paradox, i suspect the full answer comes only when we go further to the polarity
point, but with pluto in the 10th house, unless the same natal pluto is retrograde (would this be
correct?), society, parents, authority figures, rules, regulations and any socially structured reality the soul
is born to, will provide the appropriate container for developing this feeling of safety and security. It will
allow the understanding of how things work, how society functions and by way of the natural trines to
taurus and virgo, apply and develop the inner talents with the right work, responsability and self-

The archetypes of pluto and 10th house together can be then to arrive at a moment, the disseminating
phase feeling, where this understanding is not only made possible but naturally applicable. Even if the
evolution of the soul is not linear, there is down the evolutionary path of the 10th house pluto, the
experience within the soul, developed resources and social maturation, to penetrate deeply into the
structure of the consensus within its own reality and recognize how to best apply its individuality to serve
societys needs with the right work and career, naturally having access to power and socially relevant
This access to power can demonstrate great influence in society, even more so if we take that saturn
correlates to the whole structure of consciousness, possibly representing, given the evolutionary condition
of the soul, the ability to ditacte, to limit, to manipulate how an entire social group or nation structures
its own consciousness, in the worst possible example even becoming tyrannical leaders and dictators.

Looking from this perspective at what consensus society has been since transition from matriarchy to
patriarchy, of what actually constitutes this 'container', the question of power and social status, comes
then in most situations to gender issues, male domination and control, and perversion of the natural
connection from capricorn to the natural laws of nature, time and space.
Since ancient times, all societies and groups of people had natural leaders that obeyed natural law.
Since then to now this archetype became strongly an archetype of distortion and supression. Via the
square to aries, natural yang energy became distorted, controlled, with suppression of natural instincts
and sexual desires not acceptable from the consensus perspective and religious man-made laws,
judgment over rights and wrongs; and the natural square to libra, control and domination in human
relationships, far from being naturally equal and balanced.
One example might be that most pluto in libra generation alive today, given the square to the south
nodes of pluto and saturn in capricorn, have soul memories and are themselves a symbol of this

If we look at history and our current society, for some souls with pluto in the 10th house, this has been
the vehicle to access power, control over others and self-gratification.
For others it has been experienced as inner guilt, pain and depression trying to do what is right
according to man-made law and suppressing natural desire, or natural guilt and shame by actions that
violate natural law. For some it has represented great struggle with parents and authorithy figures about
the right to express its own individuality in order to have the right work or career.
For again others, it has represented the karma and ability to be in a position to do much good for the
wellbeing of society and fellow citizens.
For great others, like Yogananda, it has represented the natural autorithy of god within that reaches far
and far into expanding the cousciousness of many souls.

On a more personal note, it is interesting to watch how very little young souls that are now born with
pluto in capricorn, can somehow already manifest this inner authority from within. What this can
represent for the future of society, will be an interesting question. Hope some great souls can lead in a
very different way from what we've been witnessing..
What you wrote clearly reflects the core evolutionary intentions/desires of
Pluto in the 10th house. Expression of natural authority which is based on
ones inner capacity and actual experience is a core dynamic which you
accurately addressed. Cardinal archetype correlate with the initiation of
change. Yes, this does typically manifest as one step forward two steps back.
This is due to the insecurity that the initiation of change creates. In other
words, one step forwards towards change, then two steps back due to the
insecurity of the step towards change. In my view, the question you are
asking is in regards to the modeling of how to express authority, and what
authority truly means. As you wrote, in natural times gender roles where
based on equality in which both the masculine and feminine roles were equal
and interchangeable. During natural times, the feminine was taught as equal
to the masculine. Thus, there was co-quality which is reflected in the
archetype of Libra. In addition, this also reflects that natural law taught by
JWG that all roles within society, no matter what that role, are equal. In other
words, in natural times, it was taught that every role within a tribe are
equal. This is in sharp contrast to man made law in which those that hold a
higher social rank, or status, are considered to be more important than those
in the lower social strata. This paradigm shift did occur during the transition
from natural times to patriarchal times.

Marty: Thanks for re-posting! What you wrote is all within the possible
expression of Pluto in the 10th house. From my view, the core point which you
are addressing is linked to ones inner orientation (Taurus) to ones social
position and to external authority. It reflects the transmutation of the core
desire within the 10th house Pluto to hold a meaningful social role for the sake
to serve the whole (Virgo), and to use their social position to help those who
are in a lower social strata rather than a focus on social position for the sake
of acquiring social control and power.

Edward: Excellent application of EA! What you have written accurately reflects
the core intentions of Pluto in the 10th house. Yes, it is necessary to learn the
rules and customs of society in order operate successfully in society. However,
the core issue you wrote about in terms of doing so in way that you are not
absorbed by the society itself is a core dynamic within Pluto in the 10th house.
For example, this may manifest as a Soul who desires to establish their own
personal voice within society yet must acquire the necessary credentials/
certification from society. In the end, the Soul can use this certification in
whatever way they desire. In other words, the Soul can use such certification
to become established in personally meaningful way through the career or
social position.

Kerri- Excellent application of EA! Your example of the prevailing mainstream

definition of authority and, in a sense, redefining this term based on its
natural expression of authority coming from the inside out so to speak
clearly reflects a core dynamic of Pluto in the 10th house. Yes, the key to this
is internal security verses external security which is reflected in the 10th
house/4th house axis.

OK- next step is the 4th house polarity point. I will post an example of the
current evolutionary intentions for the life symbolized by Pluto's polarity point
in the 4th house by Friday Feb.10th. I am really appreciative of the time and
effort you all have been putting into this thread!
If I could attempt, again, an interpretation of the core evolutionary intentions/desires of the past
symbolized by Pluto in the 10th house, in the natal chart?:
Id like to speak to this quote, Pluto in the 10th house or Capricorn represents a condition
wherein an entire chapter or cycle of evolutionary development has come to close and another
has just begun within the recent past. Jeff Green, Pluto, vol. 1.

It seems to me that this would represent an individual who has been striving for and/or has been
experiencing social concern and commitment in the past. In any case, they would have had a keen
interest in, or they would have been an integral part of, the social machinery that prescribes a particular
culture at a particular point in time, whether by choice, for karmic reasons, or by evolutionary necessity.

I also think its possible that some people, in the beginning stages of learning to conform to social
involvement, may have arrived there because the old ways of non-conformity were simply not working. It
also seems to me that people who have garnered some degree of social efficiency are the ones who can
best give back to their communities and cultures by inspiring others to step up and get involved in civic
or political matters. but this is conjecture on my part.

Individuals with Pluto in the 10th would have an inclination toward the cultural conditions and
parameters that they are born into, based on their acquired ability to acknowledge and adapt to these
conditions in the past. Their role may have been one of privilege, or mere survival, depending on their
past circumstance, but they would have learned to 'conform', to a certain degree, in order to succeed in
a particular social arena, (or they may have learned to merely 'function' to survive) by playing by the

Those who have achieved mastery in working within the confines of a given societal structure would be
born with an inherent sense of how their structure operates, and, also, the ability to apply this wisdom to
broader cultures and societies, such as an ambassador or emissary.

A degree of social mastery and recognition would naturally reinforce the lessons of self-discipline, self-
determination, and the cooperation with a higher authority in the process. With these tools, these
individuals may develop the capacity to link their individual purpose (whatever that may be, and under
whatever conditions) to a social purpose, which, inevitably, leads to a perception of social autonomy,
security, and/or personal accomplishment, which may have been within the souls desires prior to this

Unless the privilege that comes with a position of authority is misused, these individuals would be
experiencing varying degrees of their souls desire to learn commitment through sustained effort, so that
they can function efficiently within their given society and culture, help foster effective change, and
become a voice for the disenfranchised.

If I understand correctly those, with the natal Pluto in the 10th house, who have had the greatest soul
experience of learning to hold meaningful social positions (trans-culturally, over time, and through many
standards of conduct), have the greatest capacity to give back to their current society. They contain the
character and strength to inspire others to work within the system of their own cultures in order to
strengthen themselves as individuals who can work toward bettering their lives and the lives of others.
This is the power and the vibrationof the individual having a greater voice within the collective. But
these soul experiences are vibrational in nature, and are being constantly, and unconsciously, tested by
the pull of the 4th house polarity.

There are many lessons to be learned by the souls desire to integrate into the particular social
structure of their birth-place and era. One of the lessons is the gaining of the perception of worldly
achievement and success through sustained effort and determination. With gathered wisdom and
experience, these individuals may have become better positioned to help others to help themselves, who
may, in turn, become productive members of society with the ability to inspire others. At the very least,
Pluto in the 10th house individuals have been gaining the perception of the ability to become better
positioned within their respective social structures, and, depending upon their evolutionary state, may
have used their position to either inspire or subject others.
Tenth house Pluto people would have been gaining insight into their objective natures and how to best
handle responsibility, rationality and decision-making to affect or benefit the whole. They may be seeking
accomplishment of their personal ideals, and arrival of their personal goals. I believe that it is natural
to seek a sense of completeness within this signature, due to the cardinal archetype of the tenth house,
but this completeness involves a relinquishing and/or modification of past ideals and personal beliefs in
order to arrive at a new view of reality. I believe this is referred to as one step back, and two steps

This consideration of past ideals and personal beliefs is part of the natural reflective nature of the 10th
house, wherein an individual may come to realize their very realworld ability to affect the rules and
lives of others and, thus, give themselves pause to examine their past motivations and biases that may
have been an unconscious source of natural guilt up to this point . Those with Pluto in the 10th may be in
the process of transforming their world-views and, quite literally, be in the process of restructuring the
nature of their consciousness, due to the need to reflect on the responsibility of their current position in

Its been my observation that certain individuals who have truly developed a sense of personal self-
determination and discipline no longer need the trappings of success in either their personal work or
diplomacy, and would be willing to continue their efforts in virtual anonymity, (which brings us to the 4th
house polarity). A good gauge of how secure they are in these lessons is their willingness to denounce all
worldly title and recognition in order to initialize the formation of new social structures, based on new
levels of their developing consciousness a kind of St. Francis of Assisi effect.

Deva mentioned that: Evolution occurs through the progressive exhaustion of all separating
desires.and, A core evolutionary lesson of Pluto in the 10th house is to learn that whatever
standard of conduct that is considered correct and has thus become the basis for judgments
is subjective.

Id like to express what I refer to as the Pisces paradox, which is part of the spiritualization process. I
believe that once an individual gets to experience getting to the top (in a societal sense), and once they
have learned to express a certain level of self determination, that they can then experience a release of
what they thought they so badly needed. Bodily, earthly experience is the key, and becomes the basis of,
another [chapter] has just begun within the recent past. ( Jeff Green, Pluto, vol. 1). The
past, habituated, desires then become part of a living energetic exchange within an ever-deepening (and
evolving) unconscious desire to allow for new, more spiritual desires to surface (leading to transmutation
within the emotional body, balance, stability, and security). Tenth house standards and concepts of social
correctness can be entrenched and reinforced over lifetimes, but they are subjective and can be released
as our spiritual recognitions evolve. In fact, a position of authority can actually impel an individual to
greater reflection and, thus, the desire or evolutionary necessity to seek communion with Source.

Deva stated that, It is through embracing the necessary evolutionary changes reflected by
Plutos polarity point that limitations, stagnation and blocks toward further evolution are
transmuted. The natal position of Pluto is then automatically re-expressed at a higher level.

This is what I meant when I said that through the desire and willingness to let go of societys trappings
and machinations we will naturally draw closer to the spiritualization process, and be better able to
perceive the voice of soul. The tendency towards spiritualization takes place, naturally, within the pull of
the Pluto polarity point, and back again. (The polarity, in this case, being the 4th house); that when
considered and explored, will inevitably lead to the revelation of a higher authority. And, paradoxically,
it is the very unconscious desires of our souls, through time and existence, to spiritualize and exhaust all
separating desires that compels the desire to let go of societal trappings. This is the transmutation
process of the 10th house that requires, oftentimes, gradual and sustained effort to realize.

Its been my experience with many Pluto, 10th house people (who are progressing to or in the spiritual
state) to hold all manner of rather menial jobs. They may be the nannies, care-takers, janitors,
gardeners, teachers, musicians, healers or artists who are best 'positioned' to help heal, minister to, or
enlighten those in charge.

To sum up the evolutionary intentions of Pluto in the 10th house, I could say that true earthly maturity,
and the desire to take responsibility, summons soul consciousness.

The way I look at the above process of bodily learning is: ourselves giving ourselves permission to
grow, change and evolve, much in the same way that a kind but strict, loving parent (particularly a father
figure) would try to instill in their child.

It is through living the societal limitations, trials and conditions of the 10th house, first-hand, that we
may begin the process of realistically 'parenting' ourselves at the point in life where we are strong
enough to do so. It is through gentle, kind and constructive guidance that the 10th house Pluto lessons
are best cultivated. It is through embracing our past, learning to forgive ourselves, as we practice being
non-judgmental, that we can allow for the foundations of soul strength to continue. (A loving parent
would encourage their child to develop their own self determination so that they will be better able to
perceive the voice of their own soul.)

Worldly renown is ever-shifting and elusive, and this is one of the lessons of the 10th house Pluto -
that once we have gained the perspective to reflect on our responsibilities as mature individuals within
society - we are, simultaneously, gaining the perspective that we may no longer need these
responsibilities. True reflection helps us achieve a plateau state of emotional balance, security, and grace
in which we can see that well be just fine, no matter what. If we have no title or recognition, we are
secure within ourselves, and our role as meaningful individuals. If we have title and recognition, then we
are better advantaged to encourage others to seek the discipline needed to do likewise.

Pluto-in-the-10th individuals have been learning the seriousness of striving to conserve their precious
time, energy and attention, in the corporeal world, as individuals responsible to others, amongst finite
resources, in these very human seasons on earth.

Thank you for your time and teaching, and for the opportunity to be a part of the M. B.

In spirit,

6.Pluto in the 10th house

is going to reflect a direct relationship with authority, and the associated struggles between this authority
and their individuated experience of the world. For this individual, authority is going to be represented
by some outside force, most generally a cumulation of the laws, values, and demands of the cultural
structure that the individual is born into. At the earlier evolutionary stages, the individual is going to feel
emotionally stagnated, and subject to whatever is expected of them by the specific culture. Ultimately, it
is an experience of learning what it means to be properly encultured by their surroundings. An instinct
toward material success propels them toward acting as a vessel for the cultural demands, to the point
where individuality is seemingly non-existent. The individual is essentially a reflection of their cultural
surroundings, most likely fueled through their upbringing, and led toward the light of whatever is entailed
by success in their particular culture. The individual not only has the potential to disregard their own
individual approach to life, but will often do whatever it takes to achieve their cultures idea of material
success, even if that means defying their own innate emotional needs and instincts.

The individual with Pluto in the 10th (or in Capricorn) is beginning a new cycle of evolutionary
development. Houses 7 and 8 allowed the individual to experience a variety of relationships, putting their
sense of self-awareness into practice, and momentarily forgetting their own individuality through
becoming so absorbed through various acts of partnership. As the boundary between individuals
dissolved (8th), one or several lifetimes was dedicated to a cumulative understanding of all that was
experienced before (9th), and a sense of personal philosophy directly tuned into natural law (whether
that be an existing philosophy, religion, or an individuated experience of the world). With the 10th
house, this sense of philosophy is practically applied to the society that the individual is a part of (in
various capacities, depending on the evolutionary stage of the individual).

Continuing the trinity of earth signs (Taurus: sensuality, being, value - Virgo: service, atonement),
Capricorn puts the experience of an individual into action, relating that sense of service to a larger,
societal structure. Again, having explored the philosophical foundations to its life (9th), the Pluto in
Capricorn individual is going to simultaneously draw from their innate understanding of life, as well as the
habits that reflect the environment that they live in. Pluto in the 10th house, through the evolutionary
stages, grows more aware of its own internal resonance, recognizing the importance of applying their
own experience of the world to their lived society, rather than simply being a mirror to the society itself.

The Pluto in the 10th house individual will have had past lives in prominent social positions, as described
by the aspects that Pluto is making to the rest of the chart. From this, we also see the structural reality
of the individual (Saturn), which forms the container for that persons emotional experience (Moon). As
the individual becomes more aware of the rhythms of the outside world, and intuitively connects to
reason itself, success no longer takes on the form of all or nothing. Rather, they recognize their own
ability, to not only lead, but to find purpose and meaning within the guise of the outside world.
The evolutionary desire of the soul with Pluto in the 10th house
is to find their inner authority within the society they live in. Id like to
look a little more closely at the word authority. What is authority? If
you look up the definition you find this: the power or right to give
orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. Power, jurisdiction,
command, control, charge, dominance, rule, sovereignty and
supremacy. The Pluto in 10th house individual is learning about
authority; what authority does he possess or command, how can he
gain authority. Through lifetimes of trying to discover what authority
really is and of trying to find his own authority there is a lot of potential
to misuse authority in some cases or paid a heavy price for authority.
The path to true authority would have many pitfalls and distractions.
These mistakes serve as the impetus to moving towards the polarity
point. Eventually the soul learns that the command, control, charge and
enforcement that he has needed to develop is that of his own inner
nature. The lessons learned would reflect the need to develop the
discipline over his inner nature. He would also discover the need to
develop warmth, the ability to receive and offer support and the
importance of developing an inner security that is not dependent on
outer gain. The individual discovers the residual guilt and in some cases
punishment that he has experience in fumbled efforts of establishing
authority have served to point out that societies ideas of authority are
sometimes very divergent from true authority. So, what is true
authority. We see in the definition of authority the word sovereignty.
What is sovereignty? One of the dictionary definitions is a self-
governing state. The higher the spiritual state the more we would see
the evolutionary desire of the soul to be a self-governing entity in which
the individual recognizes that true freedom means becoming your own
authority. Becoming truly accountable, responsible and disciplined in
alignment with natural principles. The individual would come to a
recognition that alignment with natural principles and the true nature of
your soul is in fact becoming your own inner authority. The declaration
of sovereignty might look something like this:
I accept responsibility and accountability for what I think, say and do.
I will not wave truth down the street on a banner,
nor will I hide it in isolation fearing humiliation.
I will wear the shield of sovereignty the way it was meant to be worn,
inside out, the soft lining of humility exposed.
For confidence lies not in sovereignty but in truth itself.
Certainty lies not in address but in attention.
I am sovereign, as I am meant to be.

For Pluto in the 10th house this level of sovereignty is the encompassing
of both the 10th and 4th house paradox coming together in the blending
of inner security and outer authority, the ability to be of service to
society while at the same time a humble recipient of that society, to
make decisions from a place of authority that has natural principles as
the foundation and to be willing to act on those decisions even though
their authority might be challenged. And like others have said
previously, that authority may look suspiciously un-authoritative. As it
has been said in previous posts, the evolved Pluto in 10th house
individual would become quieter yet hold more inner power, their
service would seem unimportant and yet wield tremendous power and
change for the individuals they encounter. They would exude a quiet
authority with incredible influence in such a humble way that, while
highly effective, could be easily missed.
has been said in previous posts, the evolved Pluto in 10th house
individual would become quieter yet hold more inner power, their
service would seem unimportant and yet wield tremendous power and
change for the individuals they encounter. They would exude a quiet
authority with incredible influence in such a humble way that, while
highly effective, could be easily missed.

Continuing the trinity of earth signs (Taurus: sensuality, being, value - Virgo: service, atonement),
Capricorn puts the experience of an individual into action, relating that sense of service to a larger,
societal structure. Edward

(Considering the earth signs, Capricorn would be the earth archetype that would spur an individual
into actiondue to the transformative belief in the power of self, and the power that this newly cultivated
belief has to motivate others. I think of it as a kind of natural high.)


As it has been said in previous posts, the evolved Pluto in 10th house individual would become quieter
yet hold more inner power, their service would seem unimportant and yet wield tremendous power and
change for the individuals they encounter. They would exude a quiet authority with incredible influence
in such a humble way that, while highly effective, could be easily missed.
- Kerri

Given the cardinal, yin nature of both the 10th and 4th houses, this would not, necessarily, be the
signature of a very public person. It does suggest beginning a new evolutionary phase regarding the
ability to discover ones own inner authority and, to experience the kind of influence or inspiration that
this newly-recognized, inner-sovereignty may have over others a kind of social awakening. Of course,
the type of choices that result from the recognition of ones own inner authority (and the influence that
one could have on a public level) would certainly be modified by the individuals evolutionary state.

Plutos polarity point in the 4th house

The current evolutionary intentions for the life revolve around learning the difference between internal
and external security. In addition, The Soul will progressively develop an awareness of how the self-image
has been conditioned by prevailing societal conditioning, the early childhood environment, and the social
position, or career. In other words, all of external factors mentioned above have created an emotional
security base. Self-reflection is a vehicle through which the Soul can become aware of the internal
dynamics that have created this emotional security base. Active reflection creates a restructuring the self-
image and emotional security base in such a way that the Soul learns to become self-secure without the
trappings the social career or positions. The social role or career no longer defines the Soul as this
evolution takes hold.
These lessons will be learned in the the family environment through the Souls partner, children, or
parents. The Soul will create the necessary life circumstances in which emotional shock can induce the
necessary reflection upon the internal dynamics that are the cause of the emotional shock. The key within
this is that if the Soul can positively respond to these difficult situations via self-responsibility and
emotional maturity true emotional healing can take place. In some situations, the individuals right work
and career is karmically blocked or denied to induce the necessary self-examination.
Guilt often enforces the necessary self-reflection as to become aware of the internal dynamics that
have become outdated and crystallized. For example, the parent may neglect the existing family
responsibilities due to obligations at the work place, and consequently never really get to the know their
child. In a positive expression, the natural guilt that this situation creates can then create a restructuring
of this dynamic as the Soul accepts responsibility in Its own actions. Another expression of the 4th house
polarity point is when the individuals parents could not truly understand the individuality of the child.
One or both of the parents imposed their own standards of conduct, and may have negatively judged the
individual in their early life. Consequently, the individual was thrown back on him or herself to enforce the
necessary lessons of internal security.
As these core evolutionary intentions are embraced, these individuals can become exceptional
parents and spouses who are able to provide true emotional nurturing, and can balance time spent
honoring their social obligations with down-time spent with their family. In addition, the Soul can hold a
meaningful social position without being overly identified by the position, and can encourage others to
assume social positions in a responsible manner via self-determination.
As an example, the Great Paramahansa Yogananda has natal Pluto in the 10th house, and the polarity
point in the 4th house. He lost his mother early in his life which had the effect of inducing a deep level of
self-reflection at an early age. In his book "Autobiography of a Yogi" he describes how this emotional
shock ultimately propelled him to seek the Divine Mother. He often spoke of great love for India which
was his country of birth. As he grow into adult life, it became necessary for him to travel to other
countries to share the wisdom of Self-Realization. Ultimately, he founded an organization called SRF in
L.A, California in the the United States. This required that he bring his homeland with him wherever he
went which symbolizes the internal security required of the 4th house polarity point. In addition, he
founded and personally taught a school for young children in India. He developed a specialized curriculum
which embodied a holistic approach to education and was a far departure from the conventional
educational practices of the time. He designed curriculum which included every day meditation practices,
learning through connection with Nature as well as the necessary academic components. He described
this experience as playing the simultaneous role of mother/father to the children in the school which is
reflected of the 4th house polarity point.
The 4th house is where we first feel the pangs of separation anxiety relative to the square to the
ascendant (Aries) and the hallmark of this square the crisis in action. In order to move forward we must
feel secure. So, the 4th house is where we meet the need to create some kind of support system or
home where we can find security. Its no accident that this falls after the 3rd house experience of
projecting ourselves onto our environments. In the 3rd house we were successful at times and in other
moments we discovered the limitations of our influence on the environment. And this creates some pretty
strong feelings of vulnerability. So now it is necessary to create home. A place of security in which we
can nurture ourselves. Without this place, we continue on with dependency issues, with anxiety that just
wont go away and without a sense of who we are relative to what is happening around us. The crisis is
unresolved and we carry on without any internal barometer of provision. What happens without this
provision? We wind up in the 10th house seeking provision and nurturing through the external trappings
of success. We are the business man who will be crushed by retirement when he no longer has that
identity to sustain him. We will be the aging woman bloated with botox, still trying to dress like shes 25,
frantic inside because she no longer feels her power in a world of younger, more beautiful women. We
will be the power-hungry politician who fears losing his influence because he feels like he is nothing
without it. We end up alone, depressed and guilty. All that Pluto in the 10th house chases when it hasnt
developed the 4th house polarity will eventually leave. It always does. And the guilt over having missed
the point is like pouring salt into an already painful wound; the realization that Pluto in the 10th found
authority in the world without any inner authority, without any real integrity.
The real Capricorn integrity shines through when the 4th house polarity has been developed. When we
reach the 4th house we encounter our feelings, our vulnerability. This is where our truth lies, our
integrity. These feelings that we often wish to avoid; we need to learn to accept them, to provide care,
to take responsibility for them. This in no way suggests indulging them, which is actually the antithesis
of supplying provisions to dealing with them. One way to tell if you are indulging or caring for your
feelings is their lasting effect. Emotions that are indulged in tend to stick around and in many cases,
grow. Provisions in place to deal with emotions will find them useful and passing once they have served
their purpose (which is to keep us honest). The food of the 4th house (acceptance, affection, caring,
responsibility) given freely to our vulnerable feelings will nourish and grow a state of internal security. A
place of constant security and safety through which we can base our choices and our care of external
situations and people is our integrity. This is the place where we are whole and undivided. When we
dont have this cohesive foundation our integrity fractures, we splinter off into pieces looking for sources
of security outside ourselves. And we will never find it there. Any failings of Pluto in the 10th house will
thrust him back into the fourth house until he finally finds the provisions necessary to develop inner
security and cohesion and to finally rest fully in his true home; in his integrity. There is no greater
security than integrity. Functioning from the inner security of integrity the 10th house Pluto can finally
operate through his inner authority and become highly functioning within the society he lives in. His
integrity knows nothing less.
by deva:
Kerri. Yes, it is true that in order to make change we must be inwardly secure first as reflected by the
4th house polarity point. Self-nurturing then becomes essential. A key within the 10th house/4th house
axis which you clearly describe is that strength lies within the vulnerability. In other words, emotional
repression/suppression does not lead to internal security or emotional strength. Once the Soul becomes
secure from within Itself, there is an ability to express vulnerability yet withstand the impact of negative
judgments. In this way, the Soul can then interact within society in an authentic way. The self-image
changes as it is no longer defined by external factors you have mentioned such as status, physical
appearance, and social position. A positive self-image that is founded on self-authenticity, integrity, and
worthiness manifests as this evolution takes place.

Pluto Polarity Point 4th House:

When I think about the 4th house and its core dynamics the things that come to mind are...
The 4th house the Root of your emotional existence your emotional foundation the platforms you build
your world from and around the Ego Lens through which you view your world or your emotional reality.
The substance of emotional security. How these emotional platforms are conditioned through crystalized
patterns of Saturn Capricorn and the 10th Archetype.
Coming from a place of inner emotional security and substance a metamorphoses of crystalized patterns
of tradition and conditions of familial patterns one was born into is the heart of the 4th house. Security
not being found in the Father the external world and the structures one finds themselves born into but
coming from a place of our own inner emotional Mother. Our inner emotional compass that we are all
born with naturally. Emphasis is then taken off the external world and redirected back through the
emotional being.
When a Soul incarnates it starts its journey of being conditioned through the family of birth and through
the external societies traditions rules and structures. In this environment one is learning to become
aligned with the family and traditions of society but what if these patterns and traditions are not in true
alignment with the Soul? What happens when the sources of external emotional security one is being
taught to rely on by society and tradition are non existent? The parental environment is lacking or
damaged in some way and the rules and structures of society don't provide emotional substance? This is
when a Soul feels thrown back upon themselves 4th house to examine and contemplate on where they
are coming from what they can rely on and how their emotional nature and the lens through which they
view their world may have become crystalized in these traditions and even outdated in many ways. This
is the place where one needs to build solid emotional foundations an honest assessment of there true
emotional nature which may not be in alignment with the outside traditions and structures of society and
the family. This is the space where one comes to find how they can stand on their own outside of all
structures and support systems. With Pluto's polarity point being here this is the Metamorphoses of that
"external taught" security and patterns. This will be especially true when one comes to find that these
conditions of familial patterns are preventing a growth or metamorphoses of those inner emotional
spaces. What if these conditions are actually preventing one from understanding who they truly are from
the inside out? The 4th house is the space where the root of these things will be evaluated. One must
come to find a space and place to understand whom they truly are at the deepest level.
In the example given, Yogananda went though many trials and tribulations in these inner spaces. When
he was young his Mother was a source of comfort and emotional and spiritual support a platform for him
and when he lost her these inner spaces came under deep evaluation which ultimately lead him to seek
out the Divine Mother which to me is the deepest archetype of the 4th house, our inner compass to our
Divine internal emotion the original platform of our inherent security. Yogananda learned to walk his own
Path of Truth and Understanding outside of his family and even went through a sort of taunting and
ridicule for the Path he chose from his own brother as well as he did not find the support from his Father
in the way that he desired as well. Yogananda was thrown in upon himself to come to find the Root of his
own emotional substance the foundation from which he built the rest of his life upon. Once he turned to
the Divine love and nurturing inside himself then he let nothing take him from his Path of Truth and he
found total security in himself through the Divine truth inside his own Soul Being.
The 4th house is about walking your own emotional truth outside of conditions of society or the family
structures even if it means that you do this alone with no support from others. This is a hard path to walk
on when all the things society tells you and the family has taught you become unreliable and sometimes
just completely not even true or real. Your going to come from a place where others will not understand
anything about you and the Path you are on, this is where the foundations of your emotional nature must
be all your own where you build your foundation from the ground up. When these inner emotional
structures are damaged or non existent or conditioned by crystalized patterns of society is where you will
find some of the uglier manifestations of a 10th house Pluto. Once one learns to walk there own
Emotional Truth and Understanding and to build solid foundations from these outside of all others is when
the true essence and energy can be directed into the 10th house for the ultimate good of society. This is
where one can truly lean to be responsible social beings and find there place in the external world when
there foundations are built on inner dependence. We can never truly be responsible for anything outside
ourselves if we are not responsible for ourselves first. Karmic patterns must be broken and reshaped
remolded, if they are not then the broken patterns of your upbringing and society and emotional Karmic
past and present can never change and metamorphosis. If these patterns are built upon broken
foundations how can one ever truly be a supportive or loving parent? How can one truly have an external
voice of authority in society based on something inherently good? Broken emotional foundations will only
perpetuate the darker sides of Pluto in the 10th house.
It all comes down to Love and Acceptance of ones Self First. A life lived productively is one looking in not

the 10th House/Capricorn Pluto soul must learn to embrace its polarity, the 4th House/Cancer

The intention within the 4th House/Cancer is to find inner security. As it relates to the 10th House, there
is an implied sense of security relating to career, social image and all manner of external depencies. To
find inner security that is not dependent on that career or social image is the intention in the 4th House
and Cancer. Among other issues, the 4th House/Cancer represents our self-image. Our self-image is
formed by subconscious memories from other lives as well as the family environment and society we are
born into. We are born into environments that best help our evolutionary intentions and karmic
requirements. Often, in order to reinforce the evolutionary intentions implied in the 4th House/Cancer,
the soul will experience difficulties, trauma, and emotional shocks related to family, partnerships and/or
children. The intent in all of this is for the soul to turn inwards and reflect on the circumstances and
reasons why these things are happening so that they can gain awareness and make necessary changes
and adjustments towards a center of gravity that is rooted in themselves. These kinds of difficulties can
also create a situation where the person feels isolated and alone, but paradoxically it is this kind of
aloneness that can support the inner searching that hopefully results in awareness. In fact, during the
life, it will be important for the person to pay attention to times when they should take action to have
some alone time to reflect on what they are feeling, why they are feeling the way they are, and how their
own actions have, and are, contributing to the present moment. As difficult as ever-changing emotions
can be, they represent a pathway to the truth of who a person is as a separate and unique individual
within the family or society. By learning to live and understand their emotions as much as possible, they
will be co-operating with the evolutionary intention of finding inner security.

Feeling insecure is no fun, and taking steps to cooperate with the evolutionary intention of finding inner
security can be difficult. The cardinal archetype of the 4th House/Cancer requires action. A couple of
steps forward then one back is typically the way the evolutionary journey progresses. Within this,
learning to live with insecurity is a valuable lesson, since it helps to develop trust in one's self. Trust in
the self will be a very important vehicle through which dependency on outer structures is transformed
into trust in the self. The more the person identifies with the new-found trust, the self-image will be
transformed. Once the self-image is transformed, relationships of all kinds will grow to reflect the inner
truth of a more secure and confident soul. At this point, if a career is lost or a partner leaves, or
whatever outer structure or person the soul has been identifying with is removed, everything will be OK
since dependency is now on themselves. A complete reformulation of the self-image has taken place.

When this kind of inner maturing takes place, the soul might just choose to leave a social position/career/
family circumstances behind in order to focus exclusively on developing the inner source of security. If
the soul has been co-operating with the evolutionary intentions of the 4th House/Cancer for many
lifetimes and is consciously aware of what is needed in order to grow, they may be born into a family, or
attract a partner who encourages and supports their emotional growth. In these circumstances, the
person can move into social positions and careers that can have the effect of helping society in ways that
correspond to the abilities they possess and can share with others. Instead of becoming emotionally
dependent on success and the trappings associated with positions of power, they maintain a secure, inner
center where they can function efficiently and honestly without feeling the need to manipulate or game
the system. In other words, the career is no longer about them, and what it can do for them and their
own outer security, it's more about what the soul can do for others

Pluto Polarity Point in the 4th House-helena

When i first started to think about the capricorn archetype in order to better understand how pluto
manifests in the 10th house, i mentioned the insecurity we can experience in the cardinal houses, the one
step forward, two steps back, as Deva clarified, and was considering the apparent unbalance (i was to say
paradox here but this seems a more accurate word) of the new phase being linked to a security feeling
from social maturation. Since this still is roaming in my head as something to be addressed i will try to go
from here into the polarity point.

In any polarity point, as we are taught in EA, we are referring to a relationship between the known
feeling of security, the past and were weve been used to work so far to establish an identity, and an
unknown future, the polarity point, the natural way for the past to evolve. Unless this relationship
develops, we stagnate. And it will be this way for any symbol in our natal chart, a dynamic and/or tension
relationship between past and future.

When we have a polarity point in a 4th house, the security we are used to work on comes from external
sources, and that is why i feel this position can become from its very beginning very unstable, looking
otherwise. Because nonetheless, for some or most pluto in the 10th house souls this wont be perceived
as a reality, up until the moment some intense emotional experience occurs that forces one to look
In the 10th we have either visibility or invisibility, but in the 4th house we have only our inner self, the
whole truth of it. In the place of this inner self, we cant dissociate from the ones most close related to
us, and our upbriging, and that is why many pluto in the 10th house can have family relationships that
contest ones true identity and authority since very small age. From here the child might learn that the
only way to be heard and seen is by shutting down all emotion, conceal the real self, and further down
the road apply the same principles to its own life and career, following rules or regulations that are not a
reflection of a true self just to be successful or do it right (but in extreme cases can become actual
delusions concearning personal identification with power), or refusing to have any social participation if
some greater consciousness of this unbalance is present. Would it be right to say that the first would
represent more the consensus state and the last the individuated or retrograde archetype, even if this
dynamics can be seen through all the evolutionary stages at any given moment?

On a broader sense, i tend to see this axis 10th to 4th, impossible do separate from a wider context of
the society weve been living in since the transition to patriarchy. It is part of all of our conscious/
unconscious structure but it is certainly emphasised here. And my point is that apart from the moments
in time were we have experienced relative peace and also more rural contexts even today still more
centred in natural living or the case of a soul with greater spiritual consciousness aligned with natural
law, with social representation and power has inevitably come an invitation for the soul to betray its own
natural self and instead of giving, sharing and including, it has been invited to compete, take advantage
of others and nature for its own profit (the square from aries and libra) because this is how it has learned
the system works, or, refusing this, be on the margins of mainstream society, blocked from applying its
own talents and work capabilities on the right career. This is not an easy world for a soul feeling this way.
And here would come the reason, the why of this natural polarity point - to induce reflection, withdraw in
to the very essence, the very truth of its own reality, actions and forcefully responsibility for this actions.
Responsibility, for the emotional body that feels one a core level all this tension, means in some cases to
move away from a consciousness mostly identified with the external reality and to turn into the inner
world, balancing both in an harmonic way, focusing also its desires in parenting, take care of loved ones
(and also allowing being loved and cared for) respecting and encouraging their freedom and individuality,
instead of controlling and restraining.
This balance point between the aries and libra square relative to capricorn, might also mean that one is
invited to take the courage and responsibility to be itself, not fearing disapproval or wanting approval
from close others and society, and do what feels right with self-determination for the soul to actualise its
own work or career, according to natural talents, capabilities and desires. This way, it can be possible for
the natural authority to shine within for all to see but it will not be the motive, it will be a natural
consequence of the new phase beginning.
deva:Excellent application of EA! What you wrote accurately reflects the core evolutionary intentions of
the 4th house Pluto polarity point. The insecurity you point out, in my view, reflects the over identification
with the external factors we have previously described such as career, social position, cultural standards,
etc. In other words, security is linked with these external factors. The internalization of security
symbolized by the 4th house polarity point does create a inner security base from which we can express
ourselves with authenticity. This does include gender assignment. The natural laws you write about and
the impact of social conditions, e.g, during times giving, sharing, and inclusion was modeled and
encouraged by society is an important aspect of the 10th house/4th house aspect
With an inner security, the actions of the tenth house individual will transform from the need for approval
and correctness, into a desire to manifest the internal, emotional foundations of the self into their
behavior in the outside world. This can majorly transform the types of work that the Capricorn individual
will perform - an example of this is John Lennon, who found immense fame through his work in the
Beatles, yet discovered a more soulful resonance as a householder husband. This wasn't to say that he
let go of his past and his work as a musician, but rather approched the same work from an inner
foundation of authenticity (rather than expectation from the outside).

As written before, the 10th house individual will often experience the shallowness of trying to perfectly
reflect the expectations of their social reality. Games of manipulation and the longing for positions of
power (to satisfy just that) become shallow when they are not connected to the inner function of truth.
With the fourth house, the kernel of safety demonstrated by an awareness of an individual's emotional
reality acts as the foundation for that person's behavior, rather than a striving for personal power. On a
grander scale, this inner seed connects the individual to the greater function of natural law, and at the
later spiritual stages of evolution will reveal that individual as an exemplary of Source in society. It is
with an awareness of the intrinsic security of the Soul that allows an individual to work fluidly and with
pure knowing at the level of social and political action. This demonstrates the polarity of the 10th/4th
house axis, in that working in service to anything outside of that inner sphere of service, is likely to be
manipulated by an individual's unacknowledged emotional needs and very likely with the 10th house
individual, a drive for power.
by deva:Yes, internalized security leads to the ability to interact within society via self-honesty and
integrity. When the Soul is not overly identified with the career or social position the risk of manipulating
the social system for self-gain is transmuted. In addition, the social position will be used to serve others
rather then to acquire social power. The example of John Lennon reflects the 4th house polarity point in
that he no longer identified with his social position from en egocentric point of view. In this way, he was
able to transition into becoming a "house husband" and repair wounds within the family dynamic
specifically with his son. Great job!
With an inner security, the actions of the tenth house individual will transform from the need for approval
and correctness, into a desire to manifest the internal, emotional foundations of the self into their
behavior in the outside world. This can majorly transform the types of work that the Capricorn individual
will perform - an example of this is John Lennon, who found immense fame through his work in the
Beatles, yet discovered a more soulful resonance as a householder husband. This wasn't to say that he
let go of his past and his work as a musician, but rather approched the same work from an inner
foundation of authenticity (rather than expectation from the outside).

As written before, the 10th house individual will often experience the shallowness of trying to perfectly
reflect the expectations of their social reality. Games of manipulation and the longing for positions of
power (to satisfy just that) become shallow when they are not connected to the inner function of truth.
With the fourth house, the kernel of safety demonstrated by an awareness of an individual's emotional
reality acts as the foundation for that person's behavior, rather than a striving for personal power. On a
grander scale, this inner seed connects the individual to the greater function of natural law, and at the
later spiritual stages of evolution will reveal that individual as an exemplary of Source in society. It is
with an awareness of the intrinsic security of the Soul that allows an individual to work fluidly and with
pure knowing at the level of social and political action. This demonstrates the polarity of the 10th/4th
house axis, in that working in service to anything outside of that inner sphere of service, is likely to be
manipulated by an individual's unacknowledged emotional needs and very likely with the 10th house
individual, a drive for power.
deva:Thanks for contributing to the practice thread. If I understand you in the way you intend, the 4th
house polarity reflects that the Soul is moving towards internalizing the need for respect and authority. In
other words, this will not be linked with the external factors of life rather by inner authenticity, self-
respect, and developing inner authority. In this way, the the Soul will discover that it is not one's external
role or life circumstances that determines these core dynamics but rather developing these qualities from
the inside out. Is this correct? Also, just to clarify, the cardinal archetypes typically manifests as two
steps forward, one step back. Again, this is due to the insecurity of the initiated change.
Heather:-----Deva I have been wondering about " emotional repression" and had a couple of questions
regarding that topic...

Repression is a Saturn Capricorn 10th house archetype

Detachment is a Uranus Aquarius 11th house archetype

My question is what archetypes rule over "Emotional Repression" and "Emotional Detachement" and what
is the difference between Emotional Repression and Emotional Detachement?
Is emotional repression different from emotional detachment in that a person with emotional repression
would not clearly see they are emotionally repressed and that repression may cause turmoil with others
but someone who is emotionally detached is observing it from a distance can clearly see this about
themselves and are honoring their true nature but still may observe turmoil from others expectations on
how they should be?

I feel a lot of what I am asking is falling between the 10th/4th house polarity so I'm bringing it up

Thank you,

ans by deva:Heather: Great question! Yes, your correlations are correct. In my view, emotional
repression is a dynamic in which natural emotional expression is "held back" or "blocked." Remember
that whatever becomes repressed becomes distorted. Emotional detachment is a dynamic in which the
Soul attempts to separate itself from an emotion that is being felt. There are a variety of reasons for this:
one being a response a traumatic event. Yes, positively this can lead to objectivity.

wei:Plutos polarity point in the 4th house:

The evolution intent for Pluto 10th house Soul is to find their social position/career/security reflect their
inner self-image, letting go of the compulsive desire of being validated/recognized by mainstream
standards/rules/customs, develop the inner security that is not dependent on social position/career/role/
relationships with powerful others, or need to overpower others, control the environment. Each Soul has
its individuate structure, each life time, Soul create certain Ego structure to facilitate its evolution, PPP in
4th house ask the Soul to learn the definition of success is different for everyone, only when a career/role
is connected with their self-image/emotional needs, Pluto 10th house Soul can truly feel the fulfillment.
Within the water trinity, Cancer correlates to our self-image/emotion/emotional body, Soul (Scorpio)
evolve through emotional body on earth life, by allow themselves to be vulnerable, to have needs, to fully
experiences their emotions/grief, they can gradually tune into their Souls desire (Scorpio), make
adjustments/choices according to their feeling and emotional needs, learn to work and live at their own
pace, to really live at the moment, instead of constantly trying to accomplish goal after goal, in this
process, they will understand they are Co-creator, the vocation come through them from the Source
(Pisces), when they are tuning into their true identity, life will flow naturally, they can let go of control, by
doing their work in this new way, they can develop inner authority and inner security because the role/
career/position reflect how their soul built them to be in this lifetime, thus that security/satisfaction/
authority will not be taken away. By learning nurturing their own emotional needs, as a social figure, they
will be able to nurture the community, create family warmth within their work function.

Because of Past life karmic conditions, Pluto 10th house Soul are usually born into family that their
emotional needs cant be met, or they are not allowed/heavily judged when they express any emotion,
also the judgment reflect mainstream man made law. At certain point in their adulthood, they will need to
re-access their inner child and learn to nurture those unmet emotional needs. Also by forming their own
family especially being a parent, nurturing their childrens need, or recognize their childrens true identity
unrestrained by mainstream standards, in this way they will constantly been pushed to examine their
own emotional needs and why of their emotions/grief, learn to recognize their true identity.

By embracing PPP, they are in a process of going back to feminine law (Cancer) of inclusion, nurturing,
that will adjust their base of judgment, they will understand the true natural power is love, is from within
their Soul which origin is the Source itself, and as a social role they can restructure their environment
even structure of mainstream society.

an excerpt from the book "Structures of the Soul" as it illustrates the core EA principles of the EA
paradigm that we want to practice on this thread. Please read through this material and ask any
questions you may have now. Once you have had a read and ask questions we will move on to the next
step which is the South Node.



From the book Structures of the Soul:

Plutos House, Sign, and Polarity Point

Plutos house and sign placement describe two simultaneous phenomena. On

the one hand, the natal position of Pluto correlates to the generational
vibration that a person comes in with. The natal position of Pluto and
its South Node by house, sign, aspects to it, and the location of its
planetary ruler by house, sign, and aspects to it correlate to the
specific individual Soul dynamics, patterns in identity association,
implied from the evolutionary past: the desires, beliefs, thoughts,
perceptions, values and orientation to reality itself.

On the other hand, the natal position of Pluto points to the

evolutionary desire, intent, or cause of this life as seen in Plutos
opposite house and sign that reflects and is symbolized by the North
Node of Pluto by its house and sign location, aspects to it, and the
location of its planetary ruler by house, sign, and aspects to it.

Whether the individual is conscious of this intent or not does not

matter because the Soul, not the ego or personality, is the ultimate
causal factor, or determining force, behind each life. The lesson will
occur in some way through evolutionary necessity. If we are conscious of
the intent for this life we can foster it through cooperation and
non-resistance. As the life unfolds the inherent patterns of identity
association, seen in the natal position of Pluto and its South Node,
will be reborn to a new level of expression described by Plutos
opposite house and sign that is caused by the North Node of Pluto by its
house, sign, and location of its planetary ruler by its own house, sign,
and aspects to it.

The implied limitations of the past will be experienced in some way so

that the evolutionary point will transmute these limitations into new
levels or horizons of awareness and expression. When we link these
principles to the coexisting desires inherent in the Soul, we will see
that there is an implied tension between the past, present and future.
The potential for internal conflict is enormous. The desire for
separateness can lead to an effort to maintain the past, while the
desire for return to the Source promotes a focusing on the future (the
polarity point of Pluto). The tension or conflict, if there is
subconscious resistance, occurs in each moment of our lives.

Some simple examples will illustrate these principles. The sign that
Pluto is in, e.g. Pluto in Leo, represents the generational vibration
that we come in with. Pluto was in Leo from 1937 to 1958. Obviously,
millions were born with Pluto in Leo. In general, this generation has
natural desires and pre-existing orientations for creative
self-actualization. Pluto in Leo individuals need enough freedom to
actualize, in a creative way, their own unique purpose for living.

This need implies a deep self-orientation, a more or less narcissistic

orientation to life. Pluto in Leo implies a creative generation that
needs to be in charge of their own lives, and able to take destiny by
the hands and create it out of the strength of their own wills. Yet, the
polarity sign for the generation is Aquarius. As a generation then, they
must realize Aquarian lessons that involve developing an awareness of
the whole, of humanity, versus an awareness of just themselves.

By developing this awareness, the generation could then creatively

realize their specific purposes by linking their work or identities to
the socially relevant needs of the whole. This process demands evolving
an attitude of objectivity versus subjectivity, of detachment versus
over-involvement with personal concerns. We are rapidly moving toward
the Aquarian Age. Is it only coincidence that the Pluto in Leo
generation will progressively assume positions of social power in the
next few decades?

In general, all Pluto in Leo people must learn Aquarian lessons. The
specific house placements of Pluto will begin to indicate the specific
and individualized lessons for each person. An example: Pluto in Leo in
the 9th house. Lets say this person, in a prior life, desired to
understand life in a cosmological, metaphysical, or religious context by
intuitively sensing that there was more to reality than meets the
tactile senses. Commonly this individual, from a prior-life point of
view, needed to initiate a wide variety of experiences in order to
discover or realize the knowledge that she or he was seeking. This need
or desire became part of the individuals own creative
self-actualization process from an evolutionary point of view. The
individual would come into this life with not only a highly developed
intuition, but also a rigid organization of reality (beliefs) that
reflected the desire for self-understanding in a cosmological sense.
The polarity point would be the 3rd house and the sign Aquarius. Simply
stated, the general Aquarian lessons mentioned above would be learned
through 3rd house kinds of experiences. Thus, the individual would
necessarily experience internal and external philosophical and
intellectual confrontations in order to realize the limitations of his
or her own organization of reality (beliefs). This does not necessarily
imply that those beliefs are wrong, but that they are limited. The
individual would progressively learn that the paths to truth (9th house)
are relative, and thus learn to communicate in a variety of ways
depending on the people or circumstances encountered.

Keep in mind how the two coexisting desires in the Soul, and the
potential tension or conflict, can impact on this illustrated process.
As an example, it would be very common for this individual, coming into
this life, to defend the personal beliefs and the organization of
reality relative to those beliefs. The individual commonly would attempt
to convince or convert other people to his or her own point of view. The
need to defend reflects the desire to maintain separateness. On the
other hand, the desire to evolve, or grow, leads toward the intellectual
or philosophical confrontation implied in the 3rd house polarity. The
interaction of these dual desires, and the resulting behavior, will be a
primary theme underlying the individuals entire life. The potential for
tension and conflict reflected in these dual desires of the Soul can be
equated with the basic psychological phenomenon of attraction and
repulsion. We can be attracted to the very thing that we are repulsed
by, or we can be repulsed by the very thing that we are attracted to.

In the above example the Soul intends or desires to evolve. This is

demonstrated, again, by the polarity point of the natal position of
Pluto. As this desire reflects itself through the consciousness of the
individual (ego), the individual is attracted to intellectual or
philosophical discussions. Yet this very attraction will guarantee,
because of the implied limitations from the evolutionary past,
intellectual or philosophical confrontations with other people. The
individual will experience his or her own philosophical or intellectual
limitations because of these confrontations which will ignite the
dynamic of repulsion through these experiences.

In terms of behavior, the individual will alternately attempt to

convince or convert others to their personal point of view, or withdraw
altogether from this kind of experience to avoid dealing with this
perceived and experienced conflict. Withdrawal creates an internal
volcano of confrontation that induces intuitive thoughts or ideas that
directly challenge the pre-existing beliefs or philosophical orientation
that the individual brought into this life. Because the Soul (Pluto)
desires to evolve (3rd house) it will lead the individual into
conversations with others in order to effect the necessary challenges
that allow for a transmutation of existing beliefs. In other words, the
individual will subconsciously be attracted to, and thus draw to them,
those kinds of people who will have this effect upon his or her beliefs
and philosophical orientation.

As this process unfolds throughout life, the individual may come to

realize the evolutionary lessons involved and acknowledge the relativity
of his or her own point of view. At this point they could participate in
philosophical and intellectual discussions in a non-defensive way,
learning from as well as teaching others. The individual would learn to
understand and respect individual differences in beliefs, philosophies,
religions and intellectual organization. Conversely, the individual may
succeed in repulsing the evolutionary pressure or intent. In this case,
the behavior would manifest in defensiveness and rejection of anyone who
did not agree with his or her own point of view. This
attraction/repulsion dynamic linked with the dual desires inherent in
the Soul will manifest in any natal house position of Pluto.

Allow yourself to take a few moments to reflect on your own natal

position of Pluto to see this principle operating in your own life. From
an ultimate point of view, repulsion will automatically be a consequence
of any desire and attraction to anything other than to return to the

From a purely psychological point of view, Pluto correlates to the

deepest emotional security patterns in all of us. These security
patterns are unconscious. Most of us automatically gravitate to the path
of least resistance. The patterns in identity association that are
carried over from the evolutionary past are directly linked to the path
of least resistance and, therefore, to our security needs at an
unconscious level. The past represents familiarity and that which is
known. Our lessons, or the evolutionary intent described by Plutos
polarity point are not known. They are the unknown, the uncharted. The
unknown as described by our evolutionary intentions directly challenges
that which is known or familiar, and therefore challenges our security
at the deepest possible level: the Soul, our core.

How many of us are aware of our security needs at an unconscious level?

How many of us are aware of how these patterns and needs control or
dictate our behavior? I think most of us would agree that many of us are
not. If this is true, then how many clients are aware of these patterns?
Again, not many. These deep-seated security needs drive us to approach
certain areas in life in exactly the same way over and over again. These
areas are specifically linked to the natal position of Pluto. If we
remain stuck in the old way (the past) for security reasons, problems
will arise in these areas because the Soul in each of us desires to grow
and evolve.

The natal position of Pluto represents an area of natural gravitation

for security reasons and is thus given tremendous power. Pluto implies a
compelling force to maintain that area (house and sign) in the familiar
ways of operating: the past. This compelling force can be called
compulsion or obsession if the resistance (desire) is strong enough. The
strength of the resistance determines the magnitude of problems or
confrontations experienced in Plutos natal house and sign position.

Because the evolutionary force of the Soul is to grow, the individual

will either experience cataclysmic growth (evolution) because of the
problems experienced through resistance to the evolutionary intent or
slow, yet progressive growth because of the relative non-resistance to
the evolutionary intent. These areas of natural gravitation will be the
stumbling blocks to the individuals development and growth. The intense
degree of power and identification of Pluto (the Soul) is the cause of
the problem. Because Pluto represents an essentially unconscious
process, the individual is basically unaware of the motivational
patterns of the Soul, and may feel stagnated, frustrated, or wonder why
the same lessons, the same mistakes, the same kind of relationships, the
same problems occur over and over again. Eventually the person may ask
the questions, Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing?
and What can I do about these things? These questions are a natural
response to the desire for ultimate identification with the Creator,
although the individual may not recognize it as such.

At this point, the astrologer can indicate ways to help the individual
become freer and more growth-oriented. Once the person becomes aware of
the problems, motivations, needs, desires, attitudes and security issues
dictating his or her experiences, the necessary changes may occur: if
the individual desires to initiate them. Everything begins with desire.
Again, the path to change rests in the polarity point of Pluto by house
and sign. As change begins to occur there will be an automatic
redefinition, evolution, and evolution in the natal house of Pluto. The
individual will approach that area differently and will be reborn at a
new level through death of the old behavioral patterns.

We can take these ideas about Pluto and apply them to anyone. Through
observing and listening to the client, and analyzing the chart, we can
determine the reality of that person as it exists for them. The ways in
which we communicate or express these principles to another person are
determined by the individuals level of understanding. It is extremely
important to understand a persons evolutionary past. In the many years
that I have been doing astrological charts I have observed that 75-80%
of any individuals behavior is directly conditioned by the past. Even
modern psychologists refer to unconscious forces or memories that
influence the thoughts, feelings, moods and desires in our subjective
consciousness. It is important to understand the past because it
explains the here and now, why this kind of life, and for what reasons.
It explains everything from the point of view of evolutionary necessity
and karmic causes. Why this parent, this lover, this experience, why
these conditions in my life, and so forth.

By understanding that we are in charge of that which we have been, are,

and are in the process of becoming, we have choices at every step, and
at every moment, in our lives. The choices are reflected in our desires,
and desire determines everything that occurs, individually and
collectively. By understanding life in this way, we can more thoroughly
understand the lessons that we must learn. We can understand the why
of those lessons, and by so doing, create a willingness to accept, not
resist, these lessons because of the knowledge gained about the past
causes. If you are a student of astrology these ideas can lead to the
objective understanding of these issues in your own life. If you are an
astrological counselor, then you may be able to use these ideas on your
clients behalf.

Why is it a common experience to have a difficult time during the first

Saturn return? The first 28-30 years of life are spent living out the
conditions represented by the evolutionary and karmic past. As the
Saturn return approaches, the individual commonly begins to feel
restricted, frustrated, or depressed by the reality or conditions of his
or her life. The Saturn return is a natural growth period that is a
condensed reflection upon the past and, therefore, accelerated because
of the new evolutionary cycle that is in the process of emerging.

As Saturn comes closer and closer to its natal position, the individual
experiences two simultaneous states: a sense of restriction, frustration
and depression based upon the old conditions (karmic heredity), but also
the emerging instinctive sense of needing to redefine and recreate the
life conditions. In other words, the past and future (the evolutionary
intent of the Soul) begins to collide in each moment of the individuals
life. As the evolutionary forces converge upon the existing reality
(security) that is defined by the past (Pluto), the individual is
presented with extremely important choices that will determine the
experiences of the next 28 years.

Of course there are other planetary cycles that influence this natural
evolutionary process. Saturn has a natural 7 year cycle within the
complete 28 year cycle. Jupiter has a 12 year cycle of growth and
expansion. The nodal axis of the Moon has a natural 18 year cycle,
Uranus forms a square to itself at 21 years of age, an opposition
between 39 and 42, another square at 63, and returns at approximately 84
years. Neptune forms a square to itself at 42 years of age. Depending on
its elliptical path, Pluto can also form a square to itself during the
life of an individual. During these natural cycles the evolutionary
forces relative to the future are accelerated relative to the conditions
represented by the past. Those evolutionary forces represented by the
past define the total reality of the moment both individually and

Creation is in a continual process of birth, death and rebirth. We can

observe this natural evolutionary process all around us: from the
changing seasons to the solar system and universe beyond. So it should
not be so surprising to consider that all of us are part of this
process. To understand the past is to understand the moment. This
understanding allows for positive choices relative to our individual and
collective futures. We can help ourselves, and we can help humanity and
the Earth in doing so. The natural cycles of evolutionary acceleration
allow for maximum growth opportunities. If those opportunities are
resisted because of the cumulative forces of the past, then the
potential for cataclysmic phenomena exists.

Pluto and the Nodal Axis

Most astrologers have learned that the South Node of the Moon represents
a composite of issues, i.e. value systems, beliefs, needs and so forth
from the past that are relied upon or gravitated to in this life. We
have also learned that the North Node of the Moon represents lessons to
be learned in this life. A few professional astrologers insist that this
correlation is wrong, that the North Node is the past and the South Node
the future. Despite the insistence of these few, historical observations
over centuries validate the correlation of the South Node with the past
and the North Node with the future. Based on my own observations over
many years, and reading thousands of charts, history seems to be
correct. Meditate on these symbols in your own chart, and then reflect
on your own life, and I think this correlation will be born out.

The relationship between the North and South Nodes and Pluto is very
important. We have correlated Pluto to desires based on evolutionary
factors. The natal position of Pluto describes the preexisting patterns
in identity association that the individual naturally gravitates to in
this life. The South Node describes, from a prior life point of view,
the mode of operation that allowed the individual to actualize or
fulfill the desires or intentions described in the natal position of

A simple example using the 9th house Pluto discussed earlier will
illustrate this point (see Chart 1). Lets put the South Node in the 7th
house. The individuals desire to understand his or her life in a larger
cosmological context would be the essence of the life. With the South
Node in the 7th house, how would we expect the person to actualize or
fulfill that desire? From a prior life point of view, the mode of
operation would have led to the initiation of many kinds of
relationships through which the individual was seeking the knowledge
implied by the 9th house Pluto.

Relationships would typically be formed with others who could serve as

teachers to the individual. These prior patterns imply a dependency on
that kind of orientation coming into this life. Thus, the person would
tend to draw, through relationships, others to them who would attempt to
convince or convert that person to their points of view. In this way,
the individual would have collected a variety of teachings from a
variety of people. Which one is right, which one wrong? Is one more
right than the other? Are they all wrong? These are questions this
person might now be asking. In this case the North Node, the mode of
operation, would be in the 1st house, and Plutos polarity point in the
3rd house. What are the evolutionary lessons here? Simply stated, the
individual would acknowledge the relativity of varying points of view,
yet by using the mode of operation symbolized by the 1st house North
Node, learn to develop his or her own voice, own identity, own vision,
own knowledge, and would learn to ask and answer questions from within
the self. This transformation would then progressively, yet totally,
change the approach and orientation to relationships. Rather than
depending on teacher-type relationships, they would subconsciously want
to become the teacher. Further down the road the individual would desire
a situation of equality in a relationship.

Both partners would then be simultaneously student and teacher to each

other by encouraging mutual independence in each. Lets take the same
9th house Pluto and put the South Node in the 1st house (Chart 2). The
polarity point of Pluto remains in the 3rd house.

The mode of operation to actualize or fulfill the evolutionary intent of

Pluto is the 7th house North Node. The bottom line is still the 9th
house Pluto and the desire for the individual to understand him/herself
in a larger cosmological context. From a prior-life point of view, the
individual fulfilled that desire by maintaining independence and freedom
from involvement in relationships in order to initiate whatever
experiences that he or she deemed necessary in order to fulfill the
desire for cosmological knowledge. The individual was dependent only
upon the self. They would come into this life with the ability to ask
and answer his or her own questions. It is from exactly this orientation
that the evolutionary limitations and intentions are reflected. Yes, the
individual is learning the lessons of intellectual and philosophical
beliefs symbolized by the 3rd house polarity point of the 9th house
Pluto. Yes, the individual is destined to experience intellectual or
philosophical confrontations with others in order for this lesson to
occur. How will this lesson occur specifically?

Through the 7th house North Node. The Soul of this individual would
desire and need to be in relationships in this life. The individual will
also be required to give to others, and must learn how to listen to
other people in order to understand and identify anothers reality as it
exists for them. In this way they will be giving to another what is
needed from the others point of view (North Node in 7th, polarity point
of Pluto in the 3rd house) versus giving to others from the individuals
own reality (South Node in the 1st, 9th house Pluto). Commonly this
individual, when disposed to be involved with people at all from a
prior-life point of view, would have been the teacher.
They would have needed to be perceived by others as a leader, as
special, because of the knowledge that the individual presents (9th
house Pluto, South Node in the 1st). Because Plutos 3rd house polarity
point will lead to philosophical or intellectual confrontation in order
to expose the limitations of the individuals own belief structure, the
7th house North Node creates a mode of operation through which the
individual will also be taught by other key individuals on a cyclical
basis throughout life.

Gradually, through confrontations, the individual will learn that he or

she can learn from others. In addition, the individual will come to
realize that he or she must learn how to be in relationships as an
equal, that relationships are essential to his or her evolutionary

With this understanding, the individual will also realize, just as the
person with the South Node in the 7th house did, that equality will
occur through encouraging the independent self-actualization of the
partner. The South and North Nodes thus correlate to the modes of
operation that help the individual fulfill the evolutionary necessities
and desires. The 9th house Pluto was used in both examples. Yet the
modes of operation, past and present, needed to fulfill those 9th house
desires were diametrically opposed. This principle can be applied to all
combinations of Pluto and the nodal axis.

Evolutionary Conditions of Soul

Please read Pluto in the 3rd house/Gemini in the Pluto vol as it reviews the third house/Gemini
archetype. Then, write out in your own words how the egocentric structure of the Soul has actualized the
desires of Pluto in the 10th house.

In other words, What type of egocentric structure did the Soul create in order to actualize the core
desires symbolized by natal Pluto in the 10th house? Simply, stated the Soul has created an egocentric
structure that is founded on the need to collect a diversity of facts, information and data from the
external environment. This is reflected by the 3rd house/Gemini/Mercury archetype. The nature of the
information that the Soul will want to collect is relative to the core desire to understand how society is
structured, the prevailing cultural norms, taboos, customs, etc. and to establish a personal voice of
authority within society. In other words, prior to the current life, the Soul has collected a variety of
information from the external environment in order to understand how society functions in order to
establish a personal voice of authority within that society.

The Soul will have an innate ability to communicate this information with others as well. As mentioned
previously, the Evolutionary condition of the Soul will determine how these core themes have been
expressed. Please review the Evolutionary Conditions of Soul using this link: http://

Consensus State: In the Consensus State, the Soul will collect information from those in positions of
social authority in order to progressively advance within the social strata. In other words, information in
used in order to create the necessary knowledge of how to progress to higher levels of social position. For
example, the Soul may learn what is required in order to become a certified in an given field, or progress
to higher position. The Soul will have an innate capacity to communicate this knowledge with others.

Individuated State: In the Individuated State, The Soul will collect information that is alternative, or
outside of the mainstream society. For example, astrology, hypnotherapy, and non-traditional education
are all fields that are concerned alternative by the mainstream. This information serves to promote the
need to individuate and de-condition from the mainstream society. Liberation from the mainstream
society occurs through the collection of alternative information. This information becomes a vehicle
through which the Soul establishes a personal voice of authority within the alternative group or
movement within society. The Soul will naturally desire to bond with others of like mind who hold this
same value and attitude.

Spiritual State: In the Spiritual State, the Soul will collect information that pertains to understanding the
structure, or foundation, of spiritualization and evolution through union with the Source. In other words,
information of a timeless and universal nature becomes the basis of integration within the societal
structure, and the development of a personal voice within society. The Soul will naturally gravitate to
various spiritual writings and teachers which communicate principles that are universally experienced and
will be true regardless of the passing of time. The Soul will have an innate capacity to communicate this
knowledge with others. As an example of a Soul in this evolutionary state, Yogananda has Pluto in the
10th house, and South Node in the third house. He established a spiritual organization called SRF which
spread timeless teachings through various writings and lectures, and also wrote books centered around
Divine communion.
Heather:Pluto in the 10th South Node of the Moon in the 3rd

Information/Knowledge is Power... Endless Possibilities

Regardless of the Evolutionary State we are going to be looking at a Soul who is coming into this life with
past lives revolving around the powerful need to learn, take in information, communicate and share their
information with others. The 3rd house Mercury and the sign Gemini all correlate to the desire to take in
and collect a much information, facts, figures and data as possible through the environment, an endless
curiosity that makes them a mental sponge taking in all stimuli from the outside world. The world of
information and learning can be an endless need with this placement taking in as much information as
the world has to offer but how much information can one truly hold onto? How much of the information
taken in is actually perceptually experienced and understood, can they actually apply the information in
the external environment? When ridged structures are built around this information taken in becomes
limited in some way is probably where you would see a 10th house Pluto Soul learning their biggest
lessons. Where one would be continually challenged to grow.

With Pluto in the 10th and the South Node in the 3rd there will be a desire for the Soul to share their
knowledge and information with others as well as exert authority over others. How this plays out in the
external world really depends on so many other factors but here you could see many with abilities as
writers, data analysts, speakers, politicians, singers, preachers, news spokesperson, military leader the
list is probably endless with the South Node in the 3rd as to the possibilities that could be generated.
How this does play out for any individual can look so different when we do consider the Evolutionary
State of the Soul.
With Pluto in the 10th we are talking about a Soul that has a deep security and attachment to structure
and with the South Node in the 3rd the facts figures and information to back up this structure where the
Soul ultimately feels security. This placement for someone in the Consensus stage of evolution would
probably live in a rather rigid reality one that is heavily conditioned by the structures it was born into
within the family as well as the external country of birth and those rules and social conditions. This could
be the eternal college student with many different degrees or the local librarian where the endless taking
in of information and categorizing creates a feeling of growth and movement in a way as well a security
structures built around knowledge. It reminds me of when I was much younger how my Mother, whom
has Saturn conjunct her midheaven, was always adhering to the local law of the land where that was the
word there was no deviation. When I was younger I would sometimes use words that were seemingly
made up to her, they would just come to me out of nowhere, and she used to ride me about this. One
day she got in quite a tizzy over a word that I was using and she pulled out her pride and joy, a 1960s
Webster Dictionary, and slammed it down on the counter and was like you show me, you show me where
that word is in the dictionary. Well it turns out that the word was used in the early 16th century but had
fallen out of use and the word did in fact mean exactly how I was using it instead of the word she was
trying to force me to use. She in the end was like well it's not in my dictionary as the word used "now".
She couldn't deviate from the Law of her 1960s Webster dictionary and the funniest part is that the
word I was using is Agreeance which means Agreement. You can easily feel how this placement could
lead to the mentality of a dictator who rigidly adhered to the laws of the facts and figures of the land in
the Consensus reality.
In the Individual State you could see how this placement might lead to someone who is quite
argumentative and radical in their mindset. This could be the quintessential protester/anarchist the one
who goes around collecting radical information just to blow up Consensus "reality". They might be quite
advanced in New Age techniques and offer alternative views which they would not be shy in sharing.
Possibly a spokes person for New Age Movements like an animal rights activist or someone who is
developing new technologies for energy conservation.
In the Spiritual State this would be a Soul who has incarnated into this life with an unimaginable
knowledge system already in place. Someone who has long broke with Consensus traditions of facts
figures and rigidly held knowledge information systems. Someone who has also left behind the need to
rebel the Consensus as a radical Individual but rather someone who has taken in and purged all
unnecessary information to come to the Ultimate Understanding. This Understanding and Knowledge base
would be born outside of any ridged structures but actually in alignment with Timeless Knowledge and
Understanding of Natural Law. They would feel deeply the absolute need to share this timeless knowledge
with others to teach to share this Understanding to help others Evolve back to the Source. In this state I
feel you would not see this Soul as projecting themselves into the environment so to speak they would
just become part of it and let it lead them to where they can be of help which in the end might leave
them quite well known.
In all cases the South Node in the 3rd house is going to imply the possibility that information taken in
that rigidly backs up security structures is limited in some way or form and that the Soul is going to be in
a constant state of reformulating their mental structures of reality.

by deva:Excellent application of EA! What you wrote is all accurate in regards to the possible expressions
the South Node in the 3rd house, and Pluto in the 10th house. In the Consensus State, emotional security
is linked with the prevailing culturally accepted information, view points, etc. which creates the
defensiveness towards the view points and facts that does not support the mainstream that you
described. In the Individuated State, emotional security is linked with the specific alternative view points
that the Soul orients towards. This can create intellectual defensiveness and reacting to the
communications with others rather then responding. For example, this can play out as always being the
"devils advocate," or needing to be considered the expert or authority by others. In the spiritual state,
emotional security will be linked with the specific information of a spiritual nature that has been collected
in the evolutionary past. Yes, others will perceive the Soul has possessing a natural wisdom of timeless,
universal laws that can easily be communicated. In the example of Yogananda, he gathered a
tremendous amount of spiritual knowledge from the East, specifically from India where he was born, and
he had an innate capacity to communicate this knowledge with others
ddd:Pluto 10th House/Capricorn, South Node 3rd House/Gemini

In order to accomplish the desires symbolized in the 10th House Pluto (the identification of one's own
inner authority in order to establish a functional role in society), the soul has exposed itself to all manner
of ideas, opinions and thoughts as they relate to that desire. In order to know about, and understand,
how a structure works (be it societal, physical or systemic), the rules and regulations regarding the
functioning and integration of that structure, the soul must be open to learning about it in a sustained
way. The ability of Pluto to zero in on the underlying foundational principles of such structures,
dedication and sustained efforts to learn have helped the soul to feel confident that they have become an
expert in the subject of interest. However, because Gemini/3rd House is a mutable archetype, there is
always another fact to know, an unending source of information to build upon what they have already
learned. There is always the need to know a bit more. At some point, and through evolutionary
necessity, some ideas and thoughts will start to clash with previously held ideas and thoughts, and the
possibility of a mental shutdown can occur where no more information can be taken in because of
overload. After processing and a re-shuffle, the soul will adapt to this new information and start the
process all over again (JWG describes the Gemini/3rd House archetype as an upward moving spiral). We
must keep in mind here the PPP in the 4th/Cancer and the North Node in 9th/Sag - evolution continuing
through the development of inner authority and intuition, the whole versus the bits.

It is easy to see how a soul can become quite an authority on any subject given the determination and
mental power inherent in these archetypes. The subject matter of interest will depend on evolutionary/
karmic necessity and degree of spiritual development. As an example, a soul in the consensus state
would want to expose themselves to all kinds of information/conversations/stories and the like that are in
agreement with current societal beliefs and norms. Their reading, conversations and media consumption
will align with culturally acceptable ideas of how society works. This would include sterotypes of all
kinds. As an example, someone in the consensus state might have an understanding of how fashion
affects, and is a reflection of, the self-image of current-generation teens and could make a career writing
for a magazine specifically for teens, with articles about media platforms and the best use of these things
in finding a suitable career. They would also understand the power of such a position in that they could
contribute to/influence the perception and thinking of a generation through images and writing. Another
career for someone in the consensus state could be working with the hands - a guitar-maker as an
example, by learning everything there is to know about different kinds of wood and how different kinds of
wood affect the sound of musical instruments. They could become a master in such an art, the inherent
power in their hands being used to make beautiful instruments for the listening pleasure of many. They
would know which kind of wood produces which kind of sound.

In the individuated state, the soul would be interested in ideas and ways of thinking that are
unconventional, alternative or challenge prevailing belief systems and methods. As an example, they
might be interested in naturopathic medicine and ways of healing that do not conform to allopathic belief
systems. They might read about everything from acupuncture to homeopathy to massage, take classes
in these disciplines, etc., in order to become an authority in that field. Because these ways will be
regarded by some in society as quackery (although some allopaths could be accused of the same), they
will feel inwardly confident in what they are doing because they have studied everything there is to know
about these healing systems and understand the basis and foundation of such methods. They would
continue to build on the basic foundation of these healing ways by incorporating parts of more than one
system into a whole in order to arrive at a healing system that they feel uniquely qualified to practice. As
evolution proceeds, another person might become interested in ancient languages such as Sacred
Sanskrit, the word-sounds pointing to ever deeper realties.

In the spiritual state, the soul will function in society in a way that is of service to others. At this stage,
the soul will have explored, over time, many spiritual paths, and will know that the foundation of all
traditional belief/thought systems point to One Truth (notwithstanding patriarchal distortion over time).
They will understand the inherent limit of facts, realizing that facts are useful for navigation in the time/
space reality of earth-life and that the human brain can only do so much. The concept of Goddess/
Source cannot be "grasped" by thought, and sometimes allegory and myth do a better job of alluding to
truth in storytelling. As natural communicators, they might write books or have centers where spiritual
concepts/lifestyle can be taught and learned. They will be consciously working on behalf of Source/
Goddess (as their own Inner Authority) at this point. As Deva pointed out, Paramahansa Yogananda had
this signature in his birth chart and is one of the most well-known Spiritual Teachers in the world. He has
written books that are profound yet simple in their presentation. In this way, he has been able to reach
spiritual seekers of all levels. You can read his works over and over again and get ever-deeper truths
from the same words on the same page. Autobiography of a Yogi has sold millions of copies, and George
Harrison used to keep boxes of this book in order to give a copy to just about everyone he met. Also,
Yogananda teaches the Science of Yoga and talks a lot about what is now known as quantum physics. In
reading this material you can see for yourself the how the Source is manifesting at the ultra-micro levels.
Any quantum physicist knows that rational thinking has no business at the quantum level, and the
limitations are obvious.

Souls with this signature can have significant careers in whatever subject they choose. They can become
powerful, hypnotic speakers whose communication skills are unparalleled. With their depth of knowledge,
gained through self-effort, they can make a difference in the lives of others, whether it be in their
immediate environment or globally.
wei:Pluto in 10th house
SN in 3rd house

The Soul has created Ego structure to experience their physical environment/culture/country through
their brain function, they want to understand the reality as it is, they have developed ability to collect
data/fact/information as well as skills to express themselves/communicate their ideas to mainstream
minds. They will establish their career/social position in an intellectual way, which reflect collective
consciousness structure of the society they are born in, or they have ability to change/evolve this
collective consciousness through their vocation. They observe the environment, varieties of ways to
merge their ego structure with society's rules/customs. For them knowledge is power, they need
validation of their intelligence, they have knowledge of varieties fields and can be very opinionated/
argumentative to defend their idea about this world/reality. They constantly exchange thoughts with all
different kinds of people, their ego/self-identity are shaped through communication, new ideas and
feedback, thus they are sensitive about judgment, especially from an authority figure. 3rd house is a
mutable yang archetype, they have ability to adapt different social circumstances, they may even choose
a social environment, its own process of change provide an environment for their individual Soul's to
experience evolutionary blockage/lessons/potential.

Consensus State

Language has tremendous power of controlling peoples mind, as human being, we give things names, we
interpret phenomenon, we create language to communicate our ideas with others, logical mind to adapt
time/space structure of this physical world, but for each mind, we perceive reality differently, 3rd house
correlates to this subjective minds. For souls in consensus state, their local language/official language of
their country/the way of communication in family/school system/media/mainstream society values
defines who they think they are and the reality they live in, what they can achieve, what role they are
playing within or for the society. Because of the patriarchy condition everyone on earth has been going
through, souls with this signature can live in a very distorted reality, for example in Chinese society, as
authority with this signature they can manipulate Language/information to control/restrict peoples mind,
in order to secure their own power/position/status quo, words are planted ideas with either pride to
create attachment, or shame to restrict different voice. As parents, they can project mainstream
judgment onto their children, not able to nurture childrens emotional needs if they are different/not
accepted by social norm, project the desire to be successful according to social standard onto their
children, if children pursue other way of life it would be seen as failure. As individuals within this
environment, knowledge becomes interest oriented, its not out of natural curiosity or desire to expand
their mind, but to secure a spot within society by agreeing with mainstream whatever the value is,
because of their evolutionary state, they project sense of power/security into authority figure, ultimately
their own country, thus they easily play into roles that society/parents expect them to play, to pursue a
career/life which are validated in mainstream value, the standard of success varies through time. They
can be writers/journalist/scientist/scholar/teacher/salesman/musicians/public speaker/government
propaganda reporter, as their soul evolving, they will start to be aware of conflict/duality between how
they feel, what they think, what they want to learn and information they have been imposed by parents/
authority/others, also how this outside standards seem to change fast/unstable that they are not able to
shape themselves to catch up and fit in anymore, this inner split will leading them to ask why deeply
inside, leading to inner conversation and starting transition into the next evolutionary state.

Individuated State
As souls start to doubt the information about their environment/reality, they will become gradually
detached from the mainstream ideas. Souls in this stage, will typically gather information/fact that
resonate with their inner reality/interest/ curiosity, they will start to challenge mainstream ideas/
standards/minds, or rebel against them. They will connect with like-minded souls, develop inner security
to access new area of knowledge which are taboo or despised by mainstream/authorities, and to think for
themselves, interpret reality/phenomenon in their own way. They may learn a foreign language to expand
their knowledge/collect information, or create unique way of expression (music/poem/writing/painting/
symbol) which reflects who they really are, resonate with their minds. I found a really beautiful way 3rd
house ego structure in this state can manifest is that they can use their wit and adaptability (because
they can understand variety and how minds work for both sides, also has leant how society work),
become sort of like bridge, to connect their individuated minds with mainstream minds, they can become
authorities in their own field, and really open up mainstream peoples mind, sometimes maybe trick their
way into a position then do it their own way, to liberate the professional field they choose. As process of
evolution, souls with this signature would learn all different kinds of information to understand this
physical world, explain their environment, finally they will reach the limit of left brain, realize there are
must be something more than scientific explanation, they would let go of they have to understand
everything, and truly accept there is something they cant approach with logical mind, and there are
broader meaning of phenomenon, and they will start the transaction to the next evolutionary state.

Spiritual State

Souls in this state can act as bridge/interpreter of ultimate truth, messenger of God, because they have
already learned different languages/cultures/belief systems, they understand the variety ways to truth,
thus they speak symbolic language, which penetrate every race/culture/belief systems, and every level of
mind, what they teach comes from higher mind, the soul or ultimately the source, their messages are
timeless universal truth, they are direct connection between human consciousness and the source.
3rd house as a Mercury archetype, souls with this signature are able to dissolve time/space restriction,
journey from physical world to different planes, to receive teaching from higher mind, as well as to teach/
communicate truth. Their vocation is transform humans mind/consciousness, perception of this physical
world, and being a leader of human consciousness as how to create our reality, how to embrace natural
law and natural power, how to access natural yang/masculine energy to restructure this world, and also
through teaching the truth, brings healing to humanity, heal the collective trauma of patriarchy condition.
by deva:Yes, the nature of information that the Soul takes in from society will condition the intellectual
development/ mental structure. Language is an important "conditioning" factor, and is emphasized with
Pluto in the 10th house/South Node in the 3rd house. I like the example you used in regards to the
repression of information in China. Another example of this is in the German language there is no word
for emotion. In the Individuated state, the Soul will be highly resistant to absorbing the prevailing cultural
mainstream information, view points, data. In addition, the Soul in this evolutionary state will encourage
others to think for themselves and to express their viewpoints that depart from the culturally accepted
information. In the Spiritual state the Soul will express information that goes beyond time, space,
culture, etc, and will be universally applicable. In other words, the information based on timeless,
universal laws that are experienced by all of us regardless of our culture/society/gender, etc
helena:Pluto in 10th house/ South Node in the 3rd house

With pluto in the 10th house and south node in the 3rd house, the soul has been predominately left brain
oriented as a way to actualise the sense of personal security and authority. Through the gemini/mercury/
3rd house archetype the soul has been developing the intellectual and mental faculties, mostly open to
enter a vast realm of experiences, trying to understand how, meaning facts and intellectual concepts, the
world is put together and from there develop a rational secure foundation to structure personal identity,
from which the soul can say that is the world and this is how i relate to the world.
In essence, with south node in the 3rd house, the soul has to open up and relate. But with pluto in the
10th house, naturally more restrictive or restricted, this may also mean that a natural inconjunct crisis of
duality can arise - to open up, relate and serve or control. Here, the soul is indirectly invited to let itself
be of service to higher law, sharing and opening up but also understanding and accepting limitations as
the road to soul truth (NN in the 9th house).
As Deva first mentioned, the focus is on external environment and collecting information. This is a
process where it becomes vital to gather information about external reality, through identifying and
relating facts, and developing communication skills. With all this data, the soul can put together an inner
understanding of this surrounding universe allowing it to feel secure about what it knows (and also
depending on that inner actualisation).
About Pluto in the 3rd house, JWG teaches that by naming and classifying we have made ourselves
intellectually, and therefore, emotionally secure. So if we take this notion of personal security linked to
intellectual knowledge applied to a role in society, there is a possibility with the south node in the third
house, that excessive mental focus can in some cases accentuate the souls resistance to remain in the
mind and away from the emotional body, and by doing so, making it difficult for itself to naturally
integrate the 4th house pluto polarity point - to develop emotional security within and not through
external dependencies, e.g., being acknowledged intelligent by society.

The south node in the 3rd house can also provide and interesting fast-forward dynamic by which the
natural earth trines can be acted out. Gathering information on the outside world, the soul can
discriminate and work on (virgo), how to best serve society by learning on the ways to develop and
present personal talents (out of the natural 2nd house isolation), in understanding the context of societys
own norms and regulations (capricorn), but probably moving it forward with originality and new thinking.

Generally speaking, throughout all the evolutionary states we might find the person who, by having been
consistently curious about the physical laws of the world and going through many experiences, is coming
to this life where communication, learning and connecting capacities are natural and easy. This person
can be the one always aware of the latest in the areas of interest (if not a bit of all!), have many
acquaintances and/or friends and enjoy communicating/discussing/learning with them, and sometimes
also prove itself right through this interaction. Sexually, there will be a need to experiment with
traditional gender roles within relationships and bisexuality, desires that will tend to be acted upon at
least in the individuated state if not earlier. In the consensus state the soul might repress these desires
altogether or act upon it secretly. In the spiritual state the soul will tend to a natural balance of the inner
male/female and be naturally androgynous.

With more simple consideration, the south node in the 3rd house can also mean that brothers/sisters can
play or have played an important role in the souls life and future social role (either helping or
challenging) and that is, for instance, very present when we think of the early life of Yogananda.

Pluto in 10th house/ South Node in the 3rd house throughout the Evolutionary States

In the consensus state, the soul will be driven to want to learn all there is to know about the way it will
be possible to actualise itself trough the desired career and social role. The reference will be the
consensus of society, and all norms, regulations and traditional ways necessary to achieve it. If we take
the example of someone desiring to be a medical doctor, this person will take the necessary steps, relate
to the right people or possibly even coming to life with one of the parents or siblings already with the
same social role one desires for itself and follow in their footsteps so that it can form a secure and
socially accepted intellectual foundation from where to start from. It will study in medical school, get a
degree and possibly continue to study furthermore in life to keep a sense a permanent actualisation.
Eventually it might become distinguished for relevant studies/publications in this field and able to teach
others about it.
Potential conflicts might happen for example when these studies become contested by pears, and the
intellectual foundation from which one has built a career is shaken, forcing to be honest about oneself,
listening to others and discriminate between the need to prove itself right or know from within that what
one knows is based on the truth.

In the individuated state, if we take the same example, the soul will now try to differentiate itself in the
role of a health practitioner. It can be necessary for self actualisation to differentiate from society, parents
or other traditional role models present in the souls life. This person will search people, friends and
mentors that teach and practice alternative therapies, diagnosis and healing techniques. By maintaining
this desire of constant self actualisation, this person can accumulate many certificates and learning
experiences from various areas of alternative healthcare. Even if it starts adult life studying and obtaining
a degree from university, this degree might be in a completely different area than medicine, for example
physics, and the person might naturally shift to these alternative practices later and obtain a good
reputation by developing a unique combination of many practices and discover they have positive effects
on other people. From here, this person might become a very sought out therapist by some people and
much criticised by others from the consensus of medicine practice, that can even legally contest this
person. Given the connection of mercury/gemini to the hands, it might be possible these therapies
include touch and healing through the hands and the truthfulness of the practice will speak for itself.

In the spiritual state, this soul might earlier in life be aware of its natural ability to heal others. There will
be a desire to serve as vehicle of healing directly from the source.The soul knows it is not he or she doing
the work. All the knowledge and facts that the soul is aware of can be intuitively given or searched for in
an non structured way. In the beginning of this state this might be confusing for the soul and be a way of
feeling very incapable to do the work it is meant to do. This person can doubt about itself, capabilities
and knowledge, constantly searching ideas and information that might appear from nowhere and be
contested by others. If this person tries to explain itself in the consensus of society, people might think
this person is mad or crazy. This soul will then search for the right guru, mentor and teachers that can
validate what the soul is feeling from a timeless philosophical and metaphysical perspective. From here it
will be possible to align with teachings and philosophies that support the souls desire to become a healer,
accordingly to the development of what the soul already knows, to reach many people with natural
security and authority. This person might start a school/center type of organisation where it can share
knowledge with others, and also encourage others to study, learn, advance and develop their own
It is interesting to note that even Yogananda had to go to university to get a traditional degree (even if
with Divine assistance for the more boring parts), for this will be an important requirement to do the
work he was destined to do in the west, from the western man perspective of what consisted an
intellectual requisite.

As weve been discussing, personal and social responsibility are much the central issues and evolutionary
need when pluto is in the 10th house.
Here, in all the evolutionary states, we can ask, how is a person sharing what it knows? Having much
knowledge, how has this knowledge been acquired, developed and applied? Being able to connect with
many people, did the soul made an effort to be of service to this people?
by deva:Great application of EA! What you have written is all accurate in regards to possible expressions
of Pluto in the 10th house/South Node in the 3rd house. As you pointed out, the emotional security base
in founded on searching for the truth via intellectual facts/knowledge in the external environment. The
Soul may hold inner judgements (Pluto in the 10th house) about it's own natural curiosity (South Node in
the 3rd house). In other words, the Soul may restrict/repress it's own innate need to explore a diversity
of view points, trades, fields, etc due to information that have been absorbed from the external
environment that is judgemental in nature. With Pluto in the 10th house and it's polarity point in the 4th
house this can relate to gender assignment/roles, and the need to explore non-traditional roles within
relationships. Yes, the ultimate intention over time is to integrate both the masculine and feminine
equally within the Soul

marty:Pluto in 10th / S. Node in 3rd Finding Your Essential Truth.

Persons with Pluto in the 10th house are experiencing a purging of personal desires associated with the
10th house archetypes of external authority, power and control. They may also be experiencing a purging
of the orientation to being recognized as socially prominent or important.

They are learning the lessons of the emotional body - to open up, express, feel and develop a
willingness to communicate those emotions.

They may experience great shifts between feeling in control, and feeling that they are not regarded by
society. This is part of the purging of the 10th house orientation of external security to a more feeling-
based mode of existence, in which inner authority and personal acceptance become more important.

They are experiencing a new found vulnerability to the socially-accepted arena, and developing the
need to open up to a deeper, unutterable truth. Within this truth is the discovery of the true security that
close friendships and familial ties provide. These deep internal insights will either be discovered by karmic
law (encountering that which has been put into motion from past life experience) or evolutionary
necessity (encountering circumstances that reveal suppressed emotional memory).

Along the road to the development of the emotional body, the individual would, certainly, encounter
opportunities to learn to be willing to address past hurts or emotionally charged events from early
childhood. This willingness to revisit ones childhood can ease the fear involved in having to feel in control
of lifes circumstances.

With the 4th house polarity, oftentimes females are learning to find their strength and expression in a
female body, and males are learning sensitivity and openness. Both female and male are undergoing a
process of emotional healing, as they explore the gender within their gender. The 4th house polarity may
coax a cross-gender expression from those individuals who have been suppressing the gender identity of
their egocentric self. The allowance that this brings can help heal childhood and adolescent wounds, and
help to heal past-life, unconscious desires associated with gender-identity trauma. As the allowance
toward a more natural expression unfolds, the need to hold on to a socially dictated gender role will

Concerns of the individual may slowly gravitate away from material gain and worth (if an individual is
conscious of their souls intent this lifetime). As the individual finds themselves drawn toward emotional
security and well-being, the patterns and identity associations of the past begin to reform and align with
the soul desires of this lifetime. The implied limitations of the past can be transmuted as one surrenders
to their innermost need for emotional security and expression.

10th house Pluto individuals may discover the willingness to dig deeper into their personal past in order
to better understand their present life circumstances. To reflect, and feel (all of the pain along with the
joy) is a 4th house Pluto polarity point (P.P.P.) signature. This reflection may come at the cost of
embarrassment or social impropriety but, it is necessary in order to realize deep emotional release.

With the S. Node in the 3rd house, individuals would certainly be learning to question their intellectual
upbringing and preconceived belief patterns. Anyway we look at it, with the 4th house P.P.P., the need to
grow outside of ones intellectual understanding of their life and purpose, thus far, could be triggered by
an emotional experience or an unconscious desire to have a deeper emotional response to life as opposed
to objective rationalizations.

The deeper, more conceptual intellect would be loosened, this lifetime. Communication and language
would flourish. Silent communication, animal communication, image and symbol-based knowledge would
outweigh the need to order and define ones phenomenal reality. The ability to adapt and adjust to
various mindsets, cultures, and religious beliefs is inherent in the 9th house N. Node. There would be a
need to know more than the linear confines of the 3rd house S. Node, but a basic reluctance to venture
out of their defined territory.

As the need to know more and experience a direct kind of personal knowledge increases, the individual
may come to investigate all manner of spiritual, metaphysical and cosmological concepts. As their
knowledge increases, they may adapt the ability to intuitively synthesize this new information into
personal thought patterns and belief systems. They are evolving the intuitive mind, exponentially, by
embracing the unknown, and by freeing the mind, they free their personal capacity to express a broader
and more meaningful emotional reality

On a soul level, these individuals may be motivated by a subconscious need to unleash their internal
teacher. They may be seeking to validate their subconscious feelings of self and intuition. At the same
time, they may be desiring to parent themselves (10th house transmutation), to feel proud of their
accomplishments and find a deeper well of egocentric strength, definition, and security (personal power)
in which to go forth in the world.

From a Consensus point-of-view, these individuals would be seeking a broader understanding of the
empirical knowledge that they have amassed. They would be curious to compare different mindsets,
customs or beliefs but, possibly, only to dismiss them or find fault with a comparative logic. They may
seek degrees or academic title in order to impress others with their wealth of knowledge, or to try to
influence others to their formulaic way of thinking. The need to convince and convert others to their way
of thinking would remain. They may have the desire to learn more, but still adhere to their personal
opinions and philosophies. The hold of the 3rd house S. Node is strong, as is peer pressure and academic
ridicule. As a result, they may merely examine the intuitive realms of thought process instead of
experience them.

In the Individuated state, individuals would question all preconceived thoughts, data and belief
systems. They would want to explore the limits of their imaginative processes and experience all manner
of meditation, philosophy and alternative ways of receiving insight. They would challenge all structured
forms of learning and historical fact. They want to experience personal truths, first-hand, and experience
direct knowledge of those truths. They will decide what is valid, and worth their precious time and
attention, and what is not. The self-evident truths found in deep communion with Nature, are most
apparent to them, and they have the ability to express these natural truths to the mainstream in a way
that can be absorbed by many over time.

These individuals would have the ability to see, absorb and understand the unseen worlds, fueled by
the desire to develop their intuition. All forms of Nature communication would be accessible to them as
they open to inductive thought processes so much so that they would have a fear of being reabsorbed
into common, deductive, cultural conditioning. They would be learning to leave peer pressure behind, and
the game of gaining knowledge, just for the sake of knowledge. They would be willing to venture into
unfamiliar, invisible, realms to seek direct knowledge from the Creative Source, and in doing so, they
would be developing the strength of character to inspire others to think for themselves.

In the Spiritual state gender expression expands to the point where women feel free to have
meaningful and close relationships with women, and men with men. These individuals are learning to
recognize each other as an egocentric expression of their soul, and they can accept each other as equals
and allow for the dynamic healing that frees up when the expansion of the mind. In this state, the
individual is learning to let down their intellectual defenses and balance the male/female within.

The Spiritual state encourages personal enlightenment, the passion to seek Source, and the
understanding that were all just people united with the animal kingdoms, land, water, air and stars,
and that we are all much more alike than we are different. The discovery and espousal of these inherent
truths is the path of these individuals, and there are many paths to heal the emotional body, through the
development of the intuitive mind which transforms, not only, our belief systems, but our very

In the Spiritual state, these individuals would be seeking a balance between their inner Male and
Female, and their inner student and teacher. Ultimately, they would have the option to gravitate to a
greater acceptance of lifes responsibilities due to their desire to evolve through their emotional truth.
With their willingness to learn, grow and adapt, they contain the seeds of many more generations of
timeless and universally-inspired teachers.

thank you for the opportunity, and I enjoy everyone's response.

edward:Pluto in 10th / S. Node in 3rd

The desire for social recognition of the Pluto in the Tenth House individual is going to be contained within
an egoic structure as described by the Third House. Their inner foundation is going to be one of
perpetual motion, experiencing identity through the ideas and information that they connect themselves
to. Transformation will be encouraged through either slow or cataclysmic change, when information
received from the outside is deemed incompatible or contradictory to the individuals worldview. When
this occurs, the individual will either continue to stubbornly hold onto their own outdated thoughts or
ideas, or adapt their perspectives to accommodate the information coming in. When fluid and open to
change, the mutable centers of these individuals will constantly be in motion, perpetually crafted by the
ideas and information received from the outside, filtered through their analytical minds. These
individuals, however, will transform in accordance to their drive for social power, and their intuitive feeling
of right and wrong will be linked to an authority seemingly outside of themselves. They will experience
the sensation of whether the information received resonates with their philosophical outlook (generally
placed onto them from the culture or society to which they belong).

In the herd state, these individuals will be naturally inclined to associate particular modes of thinking with
success, and even collect information in order to embody these characteristics themselves. For example,
an individual desiring to become a doctor or a lawyer is going to push their analytical mind to its limit, in
the hopes of memorizing the position that they wish to become. There is a weakness of discernment in
these individuals, disregarding their intuitive faculties in favor of simply absorbing information, especially
if it can lead them to places of power in society. When there is a lack of inner authority, these individuals
will always have to be told what to do, receiving direction on how to live their lives by the culture or
society to which they belong. If an idea cannot be described in concrete terms then it is essentially non-
existent to these individuals. There sense of reality is so cemented in accord with empirical fact, that the
only method of impacting their perspectives is through cataclysm directed from the outside. When
individuals are able to recognize the holes of their limited perspectives, comparing and contrasting the
ways in which they experience the world with information received from the outside, these individuals are
ready to transition into a more individuated state of consciousness.

In the individuated state, Pluto in the Tenth House and the South Node in the Third House individuals are
going to be fueled by the desire to detach from all outward systems of authority. However, as they still
seek positions of social power, they will craft information and ideas together to form their own egocentric
philosophies on reality. This could include knowledge of psychology and cosmological law, not to connect
to the natural world, but rather to gain an understanding into the minds of others in order to cultivate
personal power. The simultaneous desire to separate from societal norms, yet also to hold positions of
power, may inspire these individuals to form their own communities in which they serve as the social
authority. These groups could be centered around their own makeshift philosophies which, of course,
they are the most knowledgable about. Therefore, others will be inclined to look toward these individuals
for guidance. These individuals may show up as authors of self-improvement books, cult leaders, or
simply students or teachers of alternative psychology.

In the spiritual state, these individuals are going to connect to an inner authority resonant with natural
law. Their intuitive function (Ninth House) will be awakened, and therefore they will have the ability to
discern which information serves their greater purpose and which can easily be let-go of. The mutable
center of these individuals in earlier states will find a natural sense of grounding in accordance with
natural law and they will not be so easily swayed by every piece of information directed at them from the
outside. Their analytical and intuitive functioning will truly work in tandem - their processing minds
moving as quickly as ever, filtering information through the framework of a philosophy which they are
simply a part of, rather than one of their own egocentric making. Their ability to connect facts into ideas
will be second-to-none and they will have an innate capacity to communicate these thoughts to others in
the form of parables, philosophy, or creative imagery. They may feel that it is their calling to provide a
voice for their particular philosophy, and will learn how to communicate these ideas on a broad scale. As
referenced before, Paramahansa Yogananada, who had this configuration, felt that it was his lifes
purpose to share the ideas and cosmic laws of Mother India with the West.
Deva: planetary ruler the of South Node in the 11th house;pluto in 10th
EA paradigm is to apply the planetary ruler of the South Node. A planetary ruler is the planet that rules
the sign of that planet. For example, Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius. Thus, if the South Node is in the
Sagittarius we can determine that Jupiter is the planetary ruler of the South Node. Astrologically
speaking, the planetary rulers of the nodal axis serve as facilitators to the South and North Nodes. Just
as Pluto uses the nodes of the Moon to actualize itself, so to do the lunar nodes use their respective rulers
to actualize themselves.

To continue with our example, lets put the planetary ruler the of South Node in the 11th house. I
recommend that you review Pluto in the 11th house, and also Uranus for a comprehensive understanding
of the Uranus/Aquarius/11th house archetype.

In terms of our example, the 11th house is the primary archetype that the Soul will use to develop
the egocentric structure of the past symbolized by the South Node in the 3rd house. The planetary ruler
serves as a facilitator to actualize the South Node in the 3rd house.

Simply stated, the planetary ruler in the 11th house symbolizes that the Soul will naturally seek out
those of like mind in order to collected the desired information reflected by the South Node in the 3rd
house. The Soul will take information from various, friends, or peer group that reflect like mindedness.
The information from the like minded group becomes the basis of what information the Soul considers
valid or invalid. In other words, the information gathered from those of like mind then serves to condition
the Souls mental structure and resulting view points. In the context of the natal Pluto in the 10th house,
this information will then be used to establish a personal voice of authority within society.

The 11th house correlates to social groups of all sorts. There are different sub groups within any given
society. JWG taught that there are three distinct social groups or movements which exist within any given
society. The first sub group is the mainstream within society which represent those who conform to the
consensus of that society. The second is the alternative or fringe group within society which exists apart
or outside from the mainstream society. The third type is the social dinosaurs which represent a group
within society that advocate a vision of the cultural past should be the model for current times. An
example of this social group that is occurring presently in the U.S are those that voice a desire to return
to times of racial, gender, and religious segregation of the past. The core point within this is that
whatever social group the Soul identifies with will serve as the determinate of what information is
collected and which is left out. The specific group that reflects like mindedness is determined by
Evolutionary State of the Soul.

Consensus State: In the consensus state, the Soul will gravitate towards groups in the mainstream of
society who are of like mind. The shared group mentality then becomes the basis for establishing a
personal voice of authority within society. For example, if the Soul desires to become a physician the
existing medical community will serve as a group of like mindedness.

Individuated State: In the Individuated State, the Soul will naturally desire to bond with others of like
mind who are seeking to liberate and decondition from the impact of societal conditioning. This occurs
through independent exploration of alternative ideas, fields, etc. The social groupings within this
evolutionary state will consist of those who are alienated from the mainstream society. With this
signature, the Soul will desire to communicate information that centers around embracing individuation
and departure from mainstream ideas and view points. The view points of the specific alternative
group(s) that the Soul orients towards will condition the development of the intellectual structure. The
information collected within an alternative group will serve to help the Soul establish its personal of
authority in an alternative field. The Soul will have an innate capacity to apply the information that is
collected in a truly unique and potentially revolutionary manner.

Spiritual State: In the Spiritual State the Soul may join a spiritual community or center in order to
collect information of a timeless, universal nature. The information that is collected within that
community then becomes basis for the Soul to establish a personal role within society. The specific role
that the Soul aligns with will be founded in serve to others as a reflection of service to the Source. The
Soul may have a unique role or voice within the spiritual community based on an inherent capacity to
apply that information in an individualized and potentially transformative manner.
cameran:planetary ruler the of South Node in the 11th house;pluto in 10th
Although I am quite new to the EA paradigm (less than 4 months) I have noticed the fractal nature of it
and the many ways in which the symbols can animate. I have also seen this outside of the realm of this
paradigm in plant medicine and I have never gotten any feedback from anyone who is an evolutionary
astrologer and do much of what I do based upon intuition. I could be too broad with my way of viewing
things so it would be great to be directed so I grow a true understanding of this paradigm, thanks
everyone for the feedback in advance.

In the consensus state this place could manifest as the soul relative to the Pluto in the 10th house and
having the unconscious desire to establish their own authority within the society/culture the indicates that
the soul gathered information (3rd house south node) in order to change the prior self into something
new (11th house planetary ruler) in order to establish the 10th house Pluto goal.

The fact that this is a consensus state soul, the idea of manipulation came to my mind naturally, in this
space/time (10th house Pluto) things are very distorted and patriarchal, leading many to implementing
their own will onto others. The gathering of information (3rd house south node) made me think of a
Gemini/3rd house energy that I became quite familiar with when I was a youth counselor, the wittiness
many have when they want to establish their own authority can be quite frightening at times. In a more
shadow or unaligned way, this soul could break free from the restrictions (11th house planetary ruler of
the south node) of the laws/conditioning/culture (10th house) by gathering all the data (3rd house) their
is to know about the given system in order to to accomplish the goals and or assert it's own authority
upon "the system."

In the individuated state, to not be so long winded, I will say it how I read the symbols.
This soul comes into this life with the unconscious desire to establish it's own authority (10th house
Pluto), in the past the soul gathered information (3rd house south node) in order to liberate (11th house)
from the conditioning that was placed upon it from external forces.

In the spiritual state, I naturally had these thoughts with this symbolism.
This soul in the past received information (3rd house south node) from the individual unconscious mind
(11th house planetary ruler of south node) in order to be an example for others how to live in this space/
time according to God's will. (10th house Pluto)
heather:Pluto in the 10th South Node 3rd Ruler of the South Node in the 11th

Now with adding the ruler of the South Node being in the 11th house you can start to really feel color and
meaning behind the pasts primal triad. The South Node in the 3rd relative to Pluto being in the 10th
seemed rather open and endless as to the possibility of types of information pulled in and used from the
external environment to actualize the past intentions of Pluto in the 10th house but now with adding the
Aquarius/Uranus/11th house archetype you can now bring down the possibilities to a single vision. One
that may be quite black and white depending on many external factors in the birth chart and evolutionary
condition. Speaking of black and white I have actually been writing these interpretations in a rather black
and white reality to show contrast and to allow for a full understanding of how the opposition or polarity
of any archetype is so pivotal to the whole understanding and intention of the birth chart but one must
understand the contrast to understand the blending of the opposing energies.

With adding the 11th house archetype you can clearly feel and understand that this Soul was coming
from a past orientation of Deconditioning. The 10th house is about security built around structures
relating to the conditions of ones culture/environment/ family/ role in society/ authority or voice in
Society, actualized through the taking in of information facts figures from the external environment,
South Node in the 3rd House. Now adding that the ruler of the South Node is in the 11th is really
interesting to me because Pluto is in the 10th house and the 11th house of course follows the 10th. Every
person on this planet has the archetype of Uranus and Aquarius some where in their chart and an 11th
house so every person has the archetype of deconditioning and individualizing present but this Soul in
particular this is their very deep internal orientation coming into this life. The 11th house that comes after
the 10th is about breaking away from the structures of society and parental conditioning to liberate to
decondition as an Individual. Instead of holding rigidly to structures conditioned by society or parental
conditioning or the constant collecting of information to back up or support those structures one was
coming from a past orientation where they felt they needed to detach from society and structure and
parental conditioning and so the information they where going to be taking in will be directly related to
those needs.
This can play out in so many different ways when you consider one the Evolutionary Condition of the Soul
as well as now adding the types of peer groups the Soul may choose to align with because security will be
linked with groups and aligning with others of like mind yet the intention of the 11th house is to
decondition to stand as an individual as unique on its own. I find it somewhat of a paradox that the
Aquarius archetype is about deconditioning breaking from society/parental conditioning or structures and
with the South Node in the 3rd away from information that would prevent this Soul from evolving yet the
Sign Aquarius is in a Fixed Modality?? I thought about this for some time and what I came up with is that
this Fixed pressure this Fixed energy causes one eventually to be so internally compressed that it causes
a distancing, distancing from the environment, distancing from others, distancing from the information
being taken in as to force detachment and objectivity to effect change and evolution of the Soul. With this
signature what is being deconditioned from exactly? Well the obvious has already been stated but with
the South Node in the 3rd house being how Pluto was actualized in the past we are talking about
deconditioning from ones own Mental Structures, from the constructs of the Mind, why because the past
conditions the future and the Mind can construct any Reality it so chooses but what is most certain is that
the past will color the present and cause a Reality that is very black and white and non evolving based on
the past instead of all the shades of grey that are the actual reality we are faced with, ours and others.
This is why adding the 11th house archetype really adds so much depth to what we have been already
analyzing. This Soul is learning about their own Mental process and how past conditions of the 10th
house Pluto are effecting how the Soul will interpret any given circumstances or information being taken
in this is why a distancing allowing for objectivity is so paramount. This was the past orientation and the
orientation the Soul is coming into this current life with.

In a consensus condition a Soul might be quite rigid in there ability to liberate change or evolve and
would probably seek security through peer groups that were based on tradition of the culture and
parental upbringing one was born into. The ability to liberate or decondition would most likely be so very
limited and slow as security will be deeply ingrained in maintaining the past around these rigid mental
structures. There will be a very strong fear revolving around being seen as different so the Soul will try to
maintain the status Quo. This person most likely would be a mirror image of their environment and
upbringing even though the individual has some sort of unique capacities they may not go the distance
to alter their rigid constructs of reality because they would not want to be seen as different. I would think
in this condition its a great possibility for the person to have issues around depression with a bleak
outlook on life because of the intense inner desire to liberate yet in the consensus condition maintaining
the status quo at all cost. This Soul may gravitate to groups that are socially prevalent and acceptable by
mainstream society as a way to fit in and feel connected to others.

In the Individuated State this would be a Soul who now has the Double signature of Deconditioning and
Liberation. Why because the Individuated State is linked with the planet Uranus and so this Soul is
coming into this life with the deep inner feeling of being different and a desire to actualize and share
some unique inner gift or capacity with others and to align with others of like mind who are considered
outside of the mainstream of society. In this condition its possible that the Soul would try to find security
by aligning with groups that rebel against the mainstream in some way. The Soul in this condition may
still be compensating in a way by trying to fit into these types of groups, compensating for feeling
different for being unique or having some unique capacity to share with others. The intention is to
separate to gain distance for objectivity and decondition and liberate from the mainstream from
Consensus reality and the Rigid mental structures of ones own reality yet compensation may still link a
Soul to the need to find security in the group. If a Soul at this juncture in their evolution can stand
outside of all structures even its own mental structures and detach and objectify their own reality and
others then this is where I would feel you could see the unique genius capacity shine through when one
can stand as a group of one if necessary to develop and share there unique gifts or vision with others.

In the Spiritual State I feel this signature would show someone who has come from a past life
orientation where they have been seriously working on Deconditioning and Liberating already and so
there would be a need to actually join back into society but yet still stand outside of it. This is a Soul who
has learned to stand outside of the conditioning of Society and the parental conditioning to come to the
Ultimate Understanding of Reality being in many shades of grey and not so black and white. This Soul in
the beginning stages of the spiritual state would be learning the relativity of all views and is now able to
understand the whole of anything as well as they would have a keen ability to take in only what
information is now pertinent to their continued evolution and would be able to formulate this information
into a cohesive holistic understanding. As the Soul continues to evolve through the Spiritual State the
Liberation from ones own Mental Structures and Mind will become paramount as this will open up ever
larger concentric circles of understanding. In this state the liberation happens through detachment and
separation from external information that is irrelevant to where the Soul will be ever more seated in their
internal and timeless truths from with in linked with the Universal the Source. This will be accomplished
by transcending the limitations of the Mind and aligning with Natural Law through expanding
consciousness where there is no more questions or information needed to be taken in externally it all
comes from inside. The Ultimate Liberation here would be once one establishes the connection to cosmic
consciousness and realizes there is only ONENESS with everything and everything is ONE that the Reality
of the Consensus or of the Individuated isn't even real but yet a deep understanding that that is
subjective of ones own mental structures of reality and their evolutionary condition.

In all the cases above I feel that Compensation happens due to rejecting the desire to liberate and
decondition because of Trauma. The 11th House Uranus Aquarius archetype rules over trauma and so
past lives revolving around the feeling of being persecuted in some way prevents the Soul from feeling
Safe to Decondition and Liberate. Stepping outside the mainstream of society makes you a target in a
way and so the Soul has a deep unconscious fear to being different to standing as a group of One feeling
that their is safety in numbers. This is especially true when you consider that many Souls are coming
from a past orientation where this persecution was quite literal. The loss of ones life is a high price to pay
for standing as a group of ONE. This terrifying price to pay is imprinted in the Soul memory. Past lives of
persecution for being different or unique or outside of the mainstream society is what causes the
compensation due to compression of past life memories, Uranus is where all these past life memories are
stored. Unfortunately conversely this can also lead to the Soul itself being the persecutor through
judgements that are held in a rigid mental reality and will also have trauma imprinted in the Soul
revolving around guilt for the actions they have taken in past lives revolving around the abuse of power
where they persecuted others. This sets up a whole myriad of issues revolving around the placement of
Pluto in the 10th house with the South Node in the 3rd when past life imprinting that is not exactly
conscious is controlling ones present life. This is exactly what the Soul will be coming into this life trying
to liberate from, the past mental structures so that it doesn't continue to color and predict the future. A
reformulation of the mental reality that allows for liberation and something New to develop a new Soul
orientation and Reality. Evolution of the Soul continues....

ddd:Pluto 10th/South Node 3rd/Ruler 11th House

A soul with the above signature has been learning how to identify
their own voice of authority, and apply and integrate their own unique
ideas and opinions, as an equal, in the context of their peer group or
people they interact with in their career or social position. On the way
to such autonomy and independence of thought, they have had to
sort out which ideas, opinions and thoughts are their own, which are
not, and be confident in claiming those ideas, opinions, etc. as their
own, no matter how outlandish or too future-oriented they may be.
This soul has been, and is, curious about all manner of ideas, opinions
and lifestyles of various groups of people, be they mainstream or out
on the fringes of society (depending on the evolutionary stage and
karmic requirements). By trying on various ideas, thoughts and
opinions, they can see, objectively, which ones fit the idea of how
they see themselves, and which ones do not. As the soul evolves, the
types and sources of information/peer groups/friends they are
attracted to, and who is attracted to them, will reflect that evolution.
This is a soul who, in the end, is learning to think for themselves, find
their own inner voice of authority and apply that voice within the
context of society in a socially relevant way. If applied in the proper
way (i.e., not insisting on imposing their views on others, integrating
the appropriate ideas of others, and not passing off other people's
ideas as their own), this soul will be able to apply innovative and
original ideas and thinking in a chosen career, or just in interacting
with others in their environment. Within all of this, they must be
willing to change where necessary, to take time out to reflect, sort
through and take a rest from all the different opinions, ideas and
types and sources of information/peer groups/friends they are
attracted to, and who is attracted to them, will reflect that evolution.
This is a soul who, in the end, is learning to think for themselves, find
their own inner voice of authority and apply that voice within the
context of society in a socially relevant way. If applied in the proper
way (i.e., not insisting on imposing their views on others, integrating
the appropriate ideas of others, and not passing off other people's
ideas as their own), this soul will be able to apply innovative and
original ideas and thinking in a chosen career, or just in interacting
with others in their environment. Within all of this, they must be
willing to change where necessary, to take time out to reflect, sort
through and take a rest from all the different opinions, ideas and
thoughts that can create mental overload and depression when a
state of unbalance has occurred.


A person in the consensus state will identify and recognize the

mainstream of society as the authority on lifestyle. This includes who
to socialize with, where to get their information, how to present
themselves in public, where they go to church, where they go on
vacation, etc., etc. They would be interested in engaging in
conversations with others where they could see how their ideas were
fitting in with, or different than, others. In interactions with peers and
friends, there would be a sense of detachment which would help the
person to objectively assess what was being talked about and if it
resonated with them. Sometimes, in order to feel secure, they would
adopt the ideas of others even if it did not resonate with them. They
might internally try on these ideas, realize they didn't fit but deny it to
themselves, and stick with those ideas anyway in order to feel
accepted by the group. With the intensity of a 10th House Pluto,
these people will be able to see how groups of people are structured
and how they think together and as individuals. If used with honest
intentions, they could use such insights to help with the evolution of
such groups and their intentions, offering fresh ways of applying new
and unique ideas for the benefit of all. Such insights could also be
used deviously to benefit themselves in the form of social
manipulation (we can see currently how group-think manipulation is
being used by our American reptile-in-chief for his own ends).
Evolution must proceed, and keeping in mind the ever-curious mind of
a Gemini south node combined with the 11th House ruler, a time
would probably arrive where the soul becomes mentally exhausted
and has no idea which ideas are their own and which ideas are
everybody else's. As evolution proceeds, through introspection,
confrontation or both, the soul will have new ideas and thoughts
reflecting potential new directions and growth which better represent
their own deductions and ideas as separate from everyone else's.
Before evolution can proceed, challenges will arise as security needs
clash with the need to move forward. They may lose friends, become
disinterested in certain media, books, conversations that no longer
reflect the inner reality of the soul. If they continue to cling to ideas
and perceptions they really don't resonate with in a stubborn refusal
to embrace the future, they could lose a career or become isolated
through rejection by their peer group. Or, they could lose social
standing by using the ideas of others without giving them due
recognition, or by not initiating action on new ideas of their own
through fear of rejection and insecurity. In this case they need to
learn to take responsibility for their own unique ideas regardless of
whether or not those ideas are accepted by mainstream society.


In the individuated state, the soul will be attracted to, and feel secure
with, ideas that are outside the thoughts, perceptions, consumption
habits, and general lifestyle etc. of consensus society. They will read
books, consume media, talk to, and exchange ideas and thoughts with
people who are also interested in the same things. They may join
groups on a regular basis where they can engage in discussions on
subjects of all kinds that are considered non-mainstream. These
learn to take responsibility for their own unique ideas regardless of
whether or not those ideas are accepted by mainstream society.


In the individuated state, the soul will be attracted to, and feel secure
with, ideas that are outside the thoughts, perceptions, consumption
habits, and general lifestyle etc. of consensus society. They will read
books, consume media, talk to, and exchange ideas and thoughts with
people who are also interested in the same things. They may join
groups on a regular basis where they can engage in discussions on
subjects of all kinds that are considered non-mainstream. These
people will possess all the same qualities as described above, but they
will be more daring in that they will be less afraid of ideas and
opinions that are considered too different for the consensus. With
their ability to detach and review all manner of ideas - their own and
others' - they can choose the ones they resonate with, adopt some,
reject some, cobble some together, and apply them to career paths if
they so choose. As mentioned above, a particular ability to see and
understand the overall emotional/mental/physical structure of groups
of people can help these souls become great leaders (for better or
worse). With an ability to operate and see things uniquely, combined
with an openness to considering new ways of looking at things put
forward by others, they can combine parts of still-useful systems and
structures from the past with new ways and ideas. With these unique
combinations of ideas and concepts from the past and those that are
more future-oriented, these people can help and/or lead society in
new directions with confidence and the ability to communicate
powerfully in such a way that others can understand what is being
said and why it is being said, in a way that does not threaten
mainstream thinking. In some cases, such forward-thinking, future
oriented ideas are too much and too outlandish for those in the
consensus, and they, along with their ideas, will be rejected outright.
The soul must then reflect on what went wrong, how they need to
adjust their ideas and/or how it is presented. Some may be able to
do just that, others may have to shelve their ideas because they are
too far ahead of their time. With their natural leadership ability,
courage and honest motivations, their innovative and creative ideas
can be applied to help move society forward in ways that benefit


To a greater or lesser extent, these souls will be operating outside of

our time/space reality, having completely identified with the Source of
all. Depending on other factors within the birth chart, they may not
be part of any group whatsoever, preferring to be a group of one on
their inner journey, their unique, innovative ideas communicated
directly from God/Goddess, in ways that are not communicable to
others in common language. That which can be communicated will be
done so with objectivity and clarity in ways that resonate with many.
These souls will be able to see how humanity is structured physically
and mentally, and understand time cycles and ages and how humanity
is reflecting those cycles in the individual and collective choices they
make. Some of these souls will open spiritual centers/ashrams
where people of like-mind can gather to share a common desire to
align their ego/sense of self with the Source, practice service to
others, and find their way home. On that path, they will be serving
humanity in their own ways, comfortable and secure in the
uniqueness of their contribution. If these souls do choose to work
with humanity, they will feel at ease with all people. With their souls
firmly established in the Universal they can become powerful conduits
for timely messages that humanity needs at any given time.

In all of the above, objectivity and detachment will be applied in the

thought processes and perceptions of souls with this planetary
signature. If all works well, insecurity and defensiveness will be
replaced with openness, responsibility and courage where people with
unique and fresh ideas can join others with their own unique ideas in
others, and find their way home. On that path, they will be serving
humanity in their own ways, comfortable and secure in the
uniqueness of their contribution. If these souls do choose to work
with humanity, they will feel at ease with all people. With their souls
firmly established in the Universal they can become powerful conduits
for timely messages that humanity needs at any given time.

In all of the above, objectivity and detachment will be applied in the

thought processes and perceptions of souls with this planetary
signature. If all works well, insecurity and defensiveness will be
replaced with openness, responsibility and courage where people with
unique and fresh ideas can join others with their own unique ideas in
science, politics, art, humanities or whatever field they choose. Such
positive collaboration can serve to benefit humanity and move us all
forward on our evolutionary journey. DDD

deva:Great job! What you have written accurately reflects the

different expressions of this natal signature within the evolutionary
conditions. Also, I like that you included that Soul's in the individuated
state can naturally take in information within a group and make it
their own, so to speak. In this way, they have the ability to help
humanity move forwards. Yes, in the spiritual state the Soul does
have the capacity to communicate our unique design as created by
the Source, or spirit. Our understanding of our intrinsic individuality
becomes linked with the understanding that we are reflections of the
Universal Source and all have a unique design.

marty:How a planetary ruler in the 11th house will facilitate the development of the
egocentric structure of the South Node in the 3rd house.

The individuals S. Node is in Sagittarius, the ruler of which is in the 11th house, which would have a
facilitating effect upon their S. Node in the 3rd house.

Starting with Pluto in the 10th, the individual would have a deep, unconscious evolutionary desire to
cultivate the emotional body, and to find their own, inner authority. This would bring them new, and
renewed inner security that would no longer be dependent upon external validation.

With the S. Node in the 3rd house, the individual would be immersed in the world of communication,
whether it be written or spoken, and they would, no doubt, be a student of many different disciplines that
speak to their cultural upbringing, faith, political background, or curious nature in general. The 3rd house
speaks to how we learn to learn, and the parameters within which we develop our intellectual structure,
whether we are aware of them or not.

They would, most likely, be adept at fact-gathering and research that feeds their curiosity, but not too
far out of bounds with their pre-conceived belief patterns. In short, they would be inclined to continue
learning along the lines of what they have already learned, as this is the pull of the S. Node to feel safe
to expound upon the premises that already fit into their current ideologies. These souls may have been
gravitating to those of like mind (comfort zone), peers, and contemporaries (however eccentric) for
many lifetimes, and conformity to groups of like-minded individuals may have formed a pattern of how
they relate to society.

This would bring us to the facilitating effect of Jupiter (the planetary ruler of the S.Node) in the 11th
house. Because the 11th house archetype is one of social orientation, the individual would, most likely,
have been developing a mind-set that embraces the cultural and philosophical conditioning of other like-
minded individuals. This mindset may be either mainstream or alternative in nature, but it would be
influenced and encouraged by others who share the same ideologies.

Its possible that the individual may have been involved in faith-based pursuits, political or social
doctrine, and they may have become comfortably skilled in disseminating such doctrine, as in
propaganda dispersal (Jupiter / Sagittarius being a naturally disseminating archetype). They may have
worked closely with, or have been involved in, the control of printed doctrine, oration, publication, radio
or television news propagation. They may have a firmly based belief system in truths that are shared,
explained and acknowledged, but not necessarily, self-evident. These truths may have been garnered
from the dominant views of the social groups that they have belonged to, as opposed to the result of
meditative consideration.

With the S. Node in the 3rd house, in Sagittarius, the individual may have formed strong opinions
about their immediate circumstances and reality based on the popular views of their peers. These
opinions would create a filter to any new information or thought patterns that dont fit into their world-
view. Although the S. Node in the 3rd house individual would be curious and adept at entertaining new
viewpoints and data of all kinds, they would, sub-consciously, be influenced by the prevailing social group
of choice, as to whether the information was worthy of further study.

the 11th house is the primary archetype that the Soul will use to develop the egocentric
structure of the past symbolized by the South Node in the 3rd house. Deva Green

With the planetary ruler, Jupiter in the 11th house, it is possible that the individual has been aligned
with various cultural points-of-view, to the extent that they have learned to pick and choose those views
that are of interest to them and synthesize them into a personal hybrid point-of view. Of course, these
individuals would be considered fringe thinkers and would seek the company of other like-minded
individuals, who have dared to think outside of the box.

With Jupiter in the 11th, these individuals may have felt the need to break away from polite society and
form their own alternatively-minded social groups, or they may have naturally gravitated to those who
are already functioning outside of mainstream ideology. The evolutionary intent of their past has been to
progressively de-condition and detach (Uranus) from old opinions and thought patterns that keep them
from realizing the possibilities (Jupiter) for new thought patterns, and thus, stimulate new intellectual

In my opinion, the signature, given to us thus far, would describe a person who is intent in keeping the
gates of the mind open, to the extent that they would strive to be conscious of jaded and opinionated
thought patterns, daily, and try to replace them with what if thought patterns. This is an evolutionary
intent to free the mind that can become conscious, with acknowledgment, and teach necessary
objectivity, and the ability to stand back and observe a situation instead of simply reacting to it.

These individuals can gain better control of their personal security by allowing the natural mental
processes to spark and flow instead of constantly questioning them, and, like electricity, 11th house
inspiration can build to emotional, physical, intellectual or spiritual shock if not allowed to flow. As the
individual learns to consider disparate points-of-view, and new information and thought processes (before
automatically dismissing them) they will, simultaneously, be de-conditioning from the mental modes of
the past and allow for the formation of new philosophies and realizations, never before entertained, to
enter into their thoughts, minds, dreams and personal reality.

Because the 11th house deals with all forms of unresolved trauma, Jupiter in the 11th could suggest
past lives in which the individual was ostracized from polite society due to their political, religious, cultural
or philosophical idealism. It could also suggest an individual with subconscious memory of trauma
associated with their personal alliance to groups on the fringe of society. The individual may carry past-
life memory of emotional, spiritual, intellectual or physical trauma. They may experience such trauma in
the current life which would catalyze a deeper need to individuate and stand up for their deepest beliefs
in order to stop repeating past cycles of shock and disapproval.

In other words, the 11th house, being a fixed, air house, can create conditions in which an individual
becomes immersed in their own, unique, rigid way of thinking no matter how radical and revolutionary
- and they need to be confronted and challenged by others so that they may continue to re-address their
personal, out-moded ways of thinking in order to allow for new thought formation and inductive thinking
to flow. Their ideologies and philosophies would, most certainly, form and re-form, and by taking in new
thought patterns, bit by bit, the brain is able to create new dendrites which allows for new electrical
conduits of mental discovery. With Jupiter in the 11th, these individuals may have been on the path of
developing the other 90% of their brain (Uranus / Sagittarius influence), as they learn to heed and
consider the repeated messages they receive during the day or when asleep at night. They are beginning
the mental processes of quieting the mind so that they may better perceive the pure thought forms that
are continuously created and generated from Source.

Consensus state these individuals would still be contained in, and influenced by, external authority
and peer pressure. They would be persuaded by prevailing belief patterns and subscribe to the
postulations of those who are of like mind. No matter how progressive, these individuals would want to
conform to a group that allows them the security of uniform thought. They may be learning to think for
themselves, but not willing to give up the familiarity of what they have striven so hard to study and
define up to this time. Repeated confrontation of their rigid world-views may keep them in defensive fear
mode until they have they find the courage to defend their own out-dated beliefs, which brings us to
the ...

Indivduated state these individuals would be launching toward personal authority and philosophical
autonomy by seeking out alternatively-based, like-minded social groups. They would be most drawn to
the eclectic and esoteric principles that allow for open interpretation of thoughts and ideas. They would
be learning to express themselves in an open, non-threatening atmosphere, and by doing so, allow the
renewing of their personal belief-systems, and WAY of thinking, in general to develop and flow.

They would be learning to liberate from the fear based mainstream, and learning to give themselves
permission to free up from previously ingrained mental processes (due to past fear of being ostracized or
persecuted). They would be experiencing counter-point awareness through the individuation process, and
feel the need to stoically defend their need to be different as they mature intellectually. They are de-
conditioning from all manner of Saturnian conditioning as the 11th house will stir up social and
intellectual trauma stored in long-term memory. They are beginning to wake up to the fact that they are
not alone in the individuation process, and that they have a capacity to encourage others to examine
their most ingrained opinions and biases, which leads us to the ...

Spiritual state the individual will find the opportunity to embrace their inalienable right to be free of
external authority, and grow in understanding and relationship toward the Creative Source as they know
it, as natural as a plant turns its face to the sun.

They will have life experiences of becoming part of something bigger than themselves, realizing that
their lives are not their own, but that they are part of a bigger picture. They will be beginning to have life
experiences in which they begin to believe in themselves even if that intellectual reality is constantly
changing, and even if their committee is a committee of one. Their natural charisma will challenge
others to find their own inner direction, and will encourage others to think for themselves, and to have
the courage to confront jaded belief systems that are barriers to personal growth, and to society as a

These individuals have been working to free their minds of bias and rigidity in order to become socially
responsible and an inspiration to others to follow their own lead.

Footnote: Id like to mention that in studying Pluto in the 11th House in Jeffreys Pluto, volume 1,
at Devas suggestion, I came across David Bowies chart with an 11th house Pluto example! I was
absolutely astounded that Jeffrey had published a private source natal chart for David that had Pluto in
the 11th!

Those who know me, know that Id been, passionately, lecturing on David Bowie for over a year. Id
done my own private research and rectification and came up with a natal chart that was only one
degree different from what Jeffrey had published. This chart is highly controversial, as all other popular
examples give David an Aquarius ascendant, and a 7th house Pluto, which I knew, intuitively, was wrong.

David has been called, "... the most loved man in history ...", which could be attributed to many but,
none-the-less, speaks to the profound effect he has had on others to think for themselves, and not live
their lives in compromise. His contribution to hospice-workers and 'death practitioners' has been
profound, as he has inspired others to face their death, realistically, to talk about it, and to allow for the
natural unfolding of a peaceful, conscious release. He has, anonymously, helped the cause of countless
relief organizations, and created great effective change in the LBTGQ movement with his open comments
of "... confronting the taboos of cross-gender"...

Id like to share a brief quote from the video, The Story of David Bowie by Bill Welychka:

The subject matter that I write about, I feel is fairly consistent, and has been over the
years its always about the same thing its a kind of a separateness, isolation, a sense of
anguish, theres some fear in there, a little bit of misery really, isolation, I guess sums it up
and thats been really consistent for 30, 35 years, its just that my way of approaching it
changes, virtually, from year to year. I just try and approach, probably, the same questions in
a different way each time. David Bowie, 2002

helena:Planetary Ruler of the SN in the 11th House

Before going directly to the application of the planetary ruler of the SN in the 11th House i would first like
to share that the 11th house archetype has been, ever since i started studying EA, one the most
challenging/fascinating archetypes to grasp as a whole. Every time i go through JWGs teachings about it,
Pluto books, i feel myself discovering a little bit more and instead of framing the archetype, it happens
to feel like it is consistently expanding with more meaning and directions. In a way, what uranus is about
- being different, difficult to condition, difficult to define.

With uranus/aquarius/11th house there is a need to break free from any definition we have been made to
fit. This process of freedom consists in stepping aside this centred definition of reality and detach from
any label, conditioning or frame, society is trying to impose. This would be the impulse, the desire and
the evolutionary need. How any soul is going to actually break free can take many forms (even either one
of repressing this need and conforming to the group).
The problem seems to be that self-definition and identity have become a reflection of what society,
parents, friends and associations represent or expect from the individual, and at some point the soul will
naturally feel the need to rebel from that reflection and create/find a unique voice, either standing as
group of one or being the voice for the group.

With Pluto in the 10th house and the south node in the 3rd house, the soul has been desiring to have a
significant role in society. By way of the south node, it has desired to know more, find enough information
and acquire enough knowledge to support that role and authority.
If the ruler of south node is in the 11th house, this role to represent in society will involve a group
association of some kind, but more than that a differentiation either within the group, the group itself in
the context of society, or both. Throughout the different evolutionary states, the ideas and information
that provide for the souls inner sense of security tend to represent a fringe of society, a special privileged
or underprivileged group/ideology. Actually, following and professing an alternative ideology could be a
very accurate definition for this specific archetype combination. Even more if we consider that here we
have a combination of cardinal, mutable and fixed energies. So we have the soul starting insecure about
the steps to take, following with adjustments in ideas and concepts, holding then tightly to what
considers information and ideas that have been chosen to built security. Could we see it that way? If so,
we can have a soul that might be very defensive of its own ideas, ever finding arguments and
explanations, whatever it takes to be heard as rightfully different. Eventually trying to impose ideas on
others and/or fight for what it believes to be right, against all others in society that do not agree. A sense
of identity built on the fundamentals of what one is not.

In the consensus state this can manifest as group association with the ones that have privileges in
mainstream society, that have access to power structures and are in itself congregations of power/
knowledge, be it a church, a political party, university fraternity. The main desire would be to belong to
this differentiated group in society and by belonging to that group, those ideas, gain a renewed sense of
self and personal authorithy.
In the individuated state, this can be a person who belongs to the radical political party, the one that
does not represent the majority by any means, the one that will never win the elections. This party can
be completely future oriented, fighting all that is old a outdated, or completely the opposite, a political
party trying to bring back the old systems of government. Both trying to fight the system. Actually, in
my home country we have now a live example of the first case, where the recently created party of
people, animals and nature have elected just one sole deputy for the whole national parliament.
It is in this state that we can also see the unusual thinkers, artists, writers and voices of the new/old
generations. The ones that try to present ideas and represent groups that are marginalised/outcast and,
through this peoples voices, can have a voice, a place of existence in society. One of Rads posts this
week actually made me think of how these social group dynamics are so present when we hear now of
feminism, where the writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie addresses the issues of feminism becoming a
mainstream slogan trend, being a symbol of social exclusivity and the trouble behind the actual use of
the word and meaning of it, because of its group associations.
In the spiritual state, there would be a desire to absolute detach from anything that prevents the soul to
unite with the Source, and so the desire to be part of communities that share and support the same
spiritual values. This soul could become a great leader and inspire many others with spoken or written
words to also detach and break free from past conditions and embrace paths of true soul alignment.

wei:Pluto in 10th house, SN in 3rd house, SN ruler in 11th house

The planetary ruler in 11th house serves as a facilitator to actualize the South Node in the 3rd house.
With SN's ruler in 11th house, Souls will feel their ideas/way of thinking and communication/information
they are attracted to are inherently different with others in their immediate environment, thus they are
detached from society/social norm/mainstream ideas/trend, even detached from the time (either they are
more identified with old time values or future oriented values). Souls with this signature have tried to
decondition from external information/mental structure doesn't reflect their essential self-identity, being
different/weird/bizarre, or express themselves in this way may have caused trauma/emotional shock in
past lives, they may have been judged/humiliated/rejected/exiled by mainstream society. They desire to
find where to stand in a society, find a place to belong, thus they will naturally look for/attract like mind
friends/groups, where they can feel safe to express different ideas. Because they feel different and
detached, they will observe the society from outside, like watching movies, in this way they will develop
objectivity to see things as they are, to understand who they are and how society works, what the
society/community requires, how their individuality can merge with societys needs, to understand the
essence of being different without feeling being threatened/defensive/pressure to conform, understand
it's their evolutionary condition to be different, to break free from past, shed skin to discover their Soul's
essential identity. They may also experiences sudden change in groups/friendships, when their
consciousness grow out of the group they are in, they may attracted different type of groups/friends,
which reflect variety possibility of future choices, reflect different part of themselves or expose part of
them has been repressed yet yearn to be manifested, to objectively understand the complex of their own
identity, they may attracted individuals who are more advanced/weird/radical than themselves, through
communication/interacting, bring future oriented information/ideas, they will feel the push/pull towards
these ideas, fear it's too unrealistic/radical, resistant to absorb these information, because it will threaten
their familiar security; or they may be attracted to these new ideas/information, perceive as future
possibility/potential for their own growth, to liberate themselves even further. They may also experiences
difficulty/blockage in school system, because the need to reject/rebel from any information doesn't truly
define who they are, or provide growth align with their soul's evolutionary intentions, at the same time,
they can be genius/revolutionary in certain area that align with their unique mental structure. Souls with
this signature have very restless/high frequency minds, and special vibration which can be perceived as
different by others (even they dont know what exactly is different), in some condition, mind is the only
place they can have absolute freedom, and if they listen the voice within, they will have repeat messages
come up in certain period of time, this kind of massage is guidance from their soul, lead them to
information/experiences/like mind souls they needed, by awakening/decondition/break free within their
mind first, they can change their reality.
Consensus State:In consensus state, souls with this signature will feel they need external power/
position to freely express their ideas, they will join/form groups with like mind people to gain social
status, by becoming authority they can express themselves without being judged. They are natural group
leaders, will also try to impose their groups vision/ideas of how individuals/society should be into their
environment or even mainstream society, to create new trend/rules, these people can be very creative in
their own professional field, develop new technology/skills or they can be social reformists, rebels,
revolutionary and a political activist.

As we are getting closer to Aquarian age, in a lot of society, sub-group becomes trend of how people
connecting, especially with internet, more and more websites are serving sub-groups with special
common interest, such as variety of dating websites, alien/UFO study groups, astrology groups and so
on, people who feel different/dissociated in their own immediate environment can find a mind connection/
certain level of freedom/be themselves and feel safe in this detached way, Aquarian archetype also has
ability to travel space/time, with this signature, if souls cant relate to anyone/anything in their
environment, they can also objectively understand themselves, especially the part they feel different, not
accepted by mainstream, by reading books which resonate with their own journey, to feel validated by
someone else, they are not completely alone, in this way to decondition from fear/shame of being
different. Of course this will lead them into next evolutionary state.
Individuated State:

Souls in this state want absolute freedom to access information provide them further growth. They have
natural curiosity about knowledge reflect their unique individuality, also rebel/reject any restrictions or
imposed mainstream value, they desire to grow out of mainstream consciousness, decondition from
social/family/peer group condition, break free from old way of thinking, to align with who they really are.
They may choose a career path different with anyone in their environment, their career may serve certain
groups of people, they may use their knowledge to encourage others to think out of box, help liberating/
healing others. In individuated State, souls are aware of other countries/societies/cultures, extend to
another way of living, another way of interpreting reality, this knowledge will help them to expand their
consciousness, especially when they find a language/knowledge system better resonate their special
identity, better express their ideas, they will find validation within by accessing these new possibilities,
introduce these new ideas to like mind groups/friends, this will help them developing inner authority/
security of being different, they need to express their unique voice, being group of 1 if necessary.

In the process of individuation, souls may experiences extreme mental trauma, different voice/thought
may be accused crazy by mainstream, their idealist/radical idea may threaten consensus, thus being
oppressed/persecuted /shamed, they also need to develop objectivity about these trauma resorted in
long term memory, detach from deep fear/anger of being over-powered/shut up/restrained, to
decondition from past trauma, so they can find their authority voice to express themselves even they are
different. I can see unique writers/rap singers with this signature, who can analysis society/life/trauma/
reality in a very unique/detached/ironic way, in their work itself can attract souls resonate with them, be
a voice to help others find their inner authority about their individuality. Also back to example in China,
government controlling information, people with this signature can be hackers to break free from
restrictions/rules, use their genius mind/skills to provide others a way to access information, or they can
be a voice/journalist to expose contrast information.
Spiritual State:

Souls will naturally connecting with higher mind, act as messenger travel between worlds/realms,
channeling information which can change the way others perceive reality. They may contain seed
thoughts, or act as seed people to help consensus world evolve. They will gradually remember their souls
evolutionary journey/long term memories, and logically understand natural law/karmic laws, the why of
any experiences/trauma/blockage, and they will understand their role in society as doing Gods work, to
deliver enlightening message to help mundane consciousness awakening.

11th house correlates to electric, 3rd house can correlates to hands, I can imagine souls with this
signature within spiritual state, being Reiki master/ hypnotist/Astrologer/Tarot reader healing others
deva:Hi, Wei. Thanks for posting your question! While what you are saying is correct, the reason I
brought up the example of German culture and language is to illustrate the impact of language in regards
to cultural conditioning. Language serves as a conditioning factor in the context of the Pluto in the 10th
house, and the SN in the 3rd house. We all have natural emotions no matter what culture we are born
into. In other words, just because there is no word for emotion in the German culture does not mean that
the German society does not experience emotions just as we all do. In the context of natal signature we
are practicing, the evolutionary intentions are to liberate from the impact of the emotional repression of
the culture as reflected by the language that is taught. Pluto's polarity point in the 4th house reflects the
need to express natural emotions, and to develop an internalized state of security regardless of the social
norms of the society of birth. Please let me know if you have any more questions.
merlyn:Pluto in the 10th/South Node in the 3rd/S.N. Ruler in the 11th

The 11th House is curious, as it can manifest in three different ways - pure rebellion (Uranus), the strict
adherence of outdated ideas (Saturn), or the combination of the two. Like any other aspect, the rest of
the chart is going to provide clues to the way that this positioning reflects itself in the persons life.

The above configuration, with the South Node ruler located in the 11th House, is going to reflect a person
using their sense of communication to continually develop a greater understanding of their role in a
systemic understanding of the world. They will act as an authority on this understanding, convincing
others of their own perspective, most likely using a proof of sorts. In its less confident form, the
individual will attach to answers in all forms, in the attempt to nullify their innate feeling of being
different. Whether a leader or follower, the individual will have strong judgements on the actions of
others, as their hesitant inner security is projected outward into their environment.
Consensus State

This individual is going to have a strict adherence to an understanding of the world developed through
rulebooks of various sorts. In order to fit in, they will have a vision of reality which clearly sets the
boundaries between what is appropriate action and what is not. They will have an active conditioning
into this understanding, learning from the types of communities which they belong to (mainstream), as
well as reading and absorbing information. This obsession with right behavior stems from an innate
feeling of being different, and the attempt to qualm that dis-ease with information. Ultimately, they will
play a role in solidifying the social structure to which they belong, by crafting guidelines (which can
further condition others) that do not acknowledge the varying internal experiences had by people. This
reflects, therefore, a shallowness, as the individual tries to maintain a structure of reality (and outer
security), linking a number of seemingly arbitrary rules together, and calling it a system. This could
present itself in a high school setting (what constitutes as cool) or an outcast group (acting a role,
without a proper understanding of the actual idealisms - a punk or hippie).
Individuated State

This individual is going to have a natural instinct to transform its social surroundings - whether thats in
the direction of rebellion or more traditional values will depend on other chart aspects - ultimately, they
will feel a dissatisfaction, as if the space that they inhabit is not quite up-to-par with their idealized,
systematic understanding of that very thing. They are natural leaders, able to convince others using
well-formed arguments as to how to achieve social progress. However, all change (internal or external) is
rooted in that sense of dissatisfaction with the current structure of reality, which will continue to persist
throughout the Souls passage through the individuated state
Spiritual State

This individual now recognizes themselves as a conduit for natural law, and is able to eloquently
communicate to others a particular means to work more in alignment with God. During the initial stages
of the spiritual state, the individual will most likely still be attached to their mode of thinking, which
although is tuning into natural law, they are still only able to perceive their fraction of the whole.
Regardless, they will consider themselves a leader, and attempt to convince others to their frame-of-
mind, as if, with a large enough following, their systematic understanding becomes increasingly more
legitimate. The difference between the occurrence here and the individuated state, is that this individual
is going to be more receptive to limitations in their process of thinking. Perhaps they will recognize that
nothing seems to satisfy their innate feeling of distance from the actions of others, and that no group can
replace the feeling of following ones inner security and union with God. This individual will be skilled at
synthesizing the ideas of others (older texts, as well contemporaries), into a new system, which ironically
often creates more holes than the ideas that they initially borrowed from. A lesson here, is in the multi-
faceted nature of the human experience, and the impossibility to combine every perspective into one,
past our direct relationship with God. This individual, in their highest potential, will be able to
communicate to others a system of non-exclusivity, grounded in creative freedom and spirituality, and will
act as a direct voice to Spirit in human form.
deva: to add signs to Pluto, the South Node, and the planetary ruler.
The sign conditions the house of any given planet in the natal chart. Many people have Pluto in the
same sign and share the same generalized generational evolutionary lessons. For example, the Pluto in
Virgo generation all share the same general evolutionary intentions of service to the Whole, or society,
self-improvement, and self-analysis. Self-analysis reflects the need to make necessary adjustments in
order for improvement to take place. This generation came into social power during times of great
economic and environmental crisis. However,he specific house that Pluto in Virgo occupies in the natal
chart determines how these generational lessons will be learned by in a unique and individualized
context. In this way, the sign conditions the expression of the house of any given planet within the natal

To continue with our example, lets put Pluto in Virgo in the 10th house, the South Node in Libra in the
3rd house, and the planetary ruler Venus in Scorpio in the 11th house. How do the signs condition the
expression of this natal signature in the context of the specific house placements discussed so far?
Simply stated, the Pluto in the 10th house is conditioned by the Virgo archetype of service to the whole,
or society, self-improvement, and an emphasized focus on self-analysis. In addition, the focus upon right
work is symbolized by this natal Pluto. The need to discern natural guilt from learned, or acquired, guilt is
reflected as well. Crisis may be experienced in order to induce the necessary awareness of the impact of
learned guilt, and to ultimately jettison such guilt from the Soul.

The South Node in Libra symbolizes that the collection of information occurred within relationships. The
Soul initiated a diversity of relationships with others in order to take in a variety view points,
ideas, and information. The planetary ruler is Venus in Scorpio in the 11th house. This symbolizes that
information from others is psychologically based. Within this the Soul will naturally desire to determine
the motivations and/or agendas of others: where they are coming from. In this way, the Soul can
determine those of like mind through which it then forms personal, intimate, and or natural friendships or
allegiances to others.

In addition, the Soul desires to understand the bottom line of the information and view points that are
collected from any given social group. In other words, through listening (South Node in Libra in the 3rd
house) the Soul will develop the ability to identify the psychology of the group. In this way, the Soul can
evaluate through comparison and contrast the differing view points, attitudes, and beliefs of various
social groups.

With Venus in Scorpio, the Soul will resist taking in view points or ideas from groups or others that
conflict with the pre-existing relationship(s) or social group. With this natal signature, the Soul will
naturally gravitate towards information relative to the desire to establish a profession that is service

Consensus State: In the Consensus State this natal signature will manifest as relationships with others
who are perceived as authorities within the mainstream society. For example, relative to the planetary
ruler in Venus in Scorpio in the 11th house, the Soul may gather information from differing established
authorities within psychological community. With the South Node in Libra and Venus in the 11th house,
the Soul may compare and contrast a variety of view points and information from voices of authority
figures within an existing social group. Relative to Venus in Scorpio in the 11th house the Soul will not
take in any information that contradicts the view points points of the socially accepted mainstream group.

Individuated State: In this Evolutionary Condition, the Soul will initiate relationships with like minded
others who desire to liberate and de-condition from mainstream society. With this natal signature, an
alternative social group that shares the same psychological orientation towards individuation will become
the vehicle through which the Soul collects a diversity of information, view points, and data. For example,
hypnotherapy, past life regression, and Jungian psychology are all alternative healing fields. The Soul will
have an innate ability to synthesize a diversity of information into a unique and individualized system.

Spiritual State: In the Spiritual State the Soul will initiate relationships with others who desire to commit
to a service oriented healing path. This natal signature reflects that the Soul will collect information of a
timeless, universal nature from a variety of spiritual communities and voices of authorities. In this
Evolutionary Condition,the individual will have an innate ability to communicate knowledge of a timeless
nature to a diversity of groups and communities. With Venus in Scorpio in the 11th house, the bottom
line is based the idea of universal communities of like mindedness.

If you have any questions please ask now. Otherwise, please write in your own words how the signs
given in the above example will condition the expression of this natal signature.
Heather:to add signs to Pluto, the South Node, and the planetary ruler.
I have to admit now with adding all this new information the task at hand seems rather daunting. For one
my understanding of the depth of each archetype is very limited at this time in my studies as well as I am
finding it really hard to write about a chart that we don't have any information about. There is no story or
context for this Soul to work with and only bits and pieces are available to analyze. The possibilities really
are endless and to write about this in full would be exhaustive as every Soul is unique and uses the
energies inherent to them in there own unique way. So all I can do is write about the bottom line of what
this soul might be coming in with and because I do not have any information or context to add to my
interpretation the only thing I can lean on is balance and polarity points. I know we are talking about the
past orientation that the Soul is coming in with now but for me to understand that I cant help but think
about the polarity points. Pluto in Virgo 10th polarity Pisces 4th south node in the 3rd Libra polarity 9th in
Aries and the ruler of the south Venus in 11th in Scorpio polarity Taurus 5th.

Everything we are looking at here really depends on how evolved and balanced this Soul is. I am having
a hard time seeing the strong balance here unless this Soul is highly evolved. With Pluto in Virgo in the
10th we are examining the whole Virgo Pisces axis as well as the whole Capricorn Cancer axis. This is a
Soul who is coming in with a security and desire linked with having a voice of authority in society a
position a role of substance linked with the Virgo archetype of service to the whole Now we add the south
node in the 3rd in Libra the orientation to that desire is linked with facts information and communications
through a diversity of relationships and with the ruler of the South being Venus in the 11th in Scorpio a
Soul who most likely is highly identified with group mentality and these groups will have a Scorpio flare
so psychologically based.
I thought about this for a while and then went back to my original thoughts that this Soul will be working
on liberating from the constructs of the mind in this life. Now with adding the new information it makes it
even more specific to liberating from relationships that are conditioning the mental constructs of the
mind. Most likely this Soul will be coming in with an over attachment to relationships, south node in Libra
especially when you consider the ruler being Venus in the 11th security linked with others and the group
and this is double with the fact that Venus is in Scorpio being a fixed sign and its natural ruler is Pluto.
Unconscious security linked with relationships based on group mentality. The possibility of unbalance is
likely here when we are talking about Venus with the outer side of Venus being Libra others and how we
relate to others, now with Venus being in Scorpio with Pluto in Virgo we are talking about a highly
analytical and psychological orientation to life. This Soul will be purging to the bottom line of the system
of the social sphere it finds itself in as well as to the bottom line of how it is psychologically geared and
how others are geared as well as how to use these things to actualize that Pluto in the 10th in Virgo. If
there is a lot of unbalance then you could see how this might lead to an inappropriate desire for power
and authority especially if this chart indicates that this Soul if over identified with others and is not
following its own natural instincts. With Venus being in Scorpio in the 11th the ruler of the South node in
Libra in the 3rd I would think this is where the Soul would be working on analyzing how relationships are
effecting or conditioning or even controlling ones own mental structures and in turn how one will go
about actualizing itself in society and with in the family because of this. The Soul will most likely be
coming into this life getting to the bottom line of where it actually feels authentic, getting to and
analyzing who they are what they stand for and how others color and that. The Soul will be coming into
this life evaluating the purging of relationships with others intimately and as well with in groups that are
not in true alignment with the Soul. This evaluation will most likely come through the form Crisis in the
external environment and through work and family functions.

In the Consensus state a Soul would most likely be highly attached to group mentality as well as
relationships with others and will most likely adopt or osmose others into themselves and the group
mentality. Security will be linked with others in some sort of position of authority in society and there
may be a strong desire to lead others or be lead. There may be a highly critical orientation to life and to
others that do not fit into the Souls ideals relations or group mentality. At this level of development the
Soul most likely will only relate and take in information from those that fit the ideals and the Soul could
be very attached to groups and people who do. The work functions and social position seem to be a
strong ideal here as well as the Soul may be completely over identified with its family and upbringing and
anyone who does not fit into this will be in an essence almost obsolete to the Soul. There will be a strong
attachment to finding some sort of positon that allows the soul to feel that it is providing a service to
others and the position desired could be one that is liked with authority and power especially if there is a
lot of unbalance in relating with others.

In the Individual State the Soul will be coming into this life with a two fold orientation one that is linked
with rebelling the system in some way and groups and people that do not fit into the Souls inner
orientation as well as the Soul will still be linked with others and groups of like mind and will have a
strong orientation there. In this state this could be a Soul that is attached to elitist groups in some way
that rebel against society or consensus reality. This could be a Soul that desires to link its identity
through groups that perform unique services to society like the alternative healing field. There will be
strong desires linked with psychologically understanding how to undermine the system and make it
different or better to find a place of authority and service in society linked with some sort of genius
capacity that the Soul has to give back to society.

In the Spiritual state this could be a Soul that is highly psychologically geared and understands the
system as well as the physical and metaphysical world. The relationships formed to others and to the
group through instinct will be of like mind for the greater good of service to society on a whole.

In all cases though we are talking about a Soul who is coming into this life with a strong attachment to
others through relationships and through groups and the Soul will be peering to the bottom line of its
own psychological dynamics and others psychological dynamics the soul forms relationships with to
understand itself and others and how others could be influencing the Soul and the mental constructs in a
positive or negative way. This will be a strong orientation coming into this life and so relationships of all
kinds whether in the group or personally will be the platform that this Soul comes to understand these
things about themselves through. Therefor how one actually links itself to the social role and work role in
society and provides a service to society and how one relates to its functions with in the family and with
others really depends on how balanced and evolved the Soul is. You can see how this can really go in so
many different ways but certainly a Soul that could be a powerhouse for the greater good or greater bad
in society depending on its ability to relate to others in a balanced and healthy way.

by deva:I like that you pointed out that this natal signature reflects an inherent ability to communicate
to a diversity of groups. This is relative to the capacity to truly hear and listen to a variety of groups
based on an understanding of the core psychology, underlying mentality, within any social group. This
then becomes the determinate to who the Soul commits to in an intimate and social context. In other
words, because of the capacity to hear where others are coming from, and identify their "bottom line" so
to speak, the Soul will then choose who to form close personal bonds with, and whom not. Yes, an
emotional attachment to those who the Soul has bonded with on a personal and social level is reflected in
this natal signature. Good job!

deva:Pluto in Virgo in the 10th house, the South Node in Aquarius in the 3rd house, and the
planetary ruler Uranus in Scorpio in the 11th house

As in the previous example, this example is meant to illustrate how the signs condition the house of any
given planet in the natal chart. However, this example has the correct configuration relative to the signs
and house cusp placements. Pluto in Virgo in the 10th house, the South Node in Aquarius in the 3rd
house, and the planetary ruler Uranus in Scorpio in the 11th house. How do the signs condition the
expression of this natal signature in the context of the specific house placements discussed so far?

Simply stated, the Pluto in the 10th house is conditioned by the Virgo archetype of service to the whole,
or society, self-improvement, and an emphasized focus on self-analysis. In addition, the focus upon right
work is symbolized by this natal Pluto. The need to discern natural guilt from learned, or acquired, guilt is
reflected as well. Crisis may be experienced in order to induce the necessary awareness of the impact of
learned guilt, and to ultimately jettison such guilt from the Soul.

The South Node in Aquarius symbolizes that the collection of information occurred within a group context.
In essence, this is a double signature as the planetary ruler, Uranus, is in the 11th house which re-
iterates the 11th house/Aquarius/Uranus archetype. The planetary ruler is Uranus in Scorpio in the 11th
house. This symbolizes that information collected within social groups is psychologically based. The Soul
will want to know the underlying intentions and motivations within any given group and of others with
which a close or intimate relationship is formed.

Additionally,this signature indicates that the Soul will remain fundamentally detached both emotionally
and psychologically from Its interactions with others. This is because the dynamic of observation through
detachment is being used by the Soul in order to understand thewhole picture of society itself, of how
humans organized themselves, the reasons that they do so, and, in this way, understands its own
placement and role within that whole social context: its place in the world which is reflected by the 10th
House Pluto. This is also seen by The planetary ruler of Uranus, Pluto, in Virgo in the 10th house.

In this way, the Soul has kept people at an emotional and psychological distance which serves as a
barrier to protect its own inner/personal/emotional reality. The reason for this, from a prior life point of
view, is that such a Soul typically has experienced projections upon itself such as judgments that were
wrong, hurtful,and caused trauma to the Soul. Thus, a self protection and defense of itself results in this
core detachment.

There is a natural square from the planetary ruler Uranus in Scorpio to the South Node in Aquarius. This
reflects the above dynamic of attracting the projections of others as well as experiences of violations of
trust, abandonment, betrayal, and loss. This occurred within close friendships and intimate relationships
as well.This natal signature reflects that the Soul has become dependant, Uranus in Scorpio, upon
belonging to a social group or to others within those groups in order to collect the necessary information
about overall reality,(10th house Pluto),through which to not only understand that reality, but it's place
within that reality.

Within this the Soul has created all kinds of confrontations within group associations,friends, or others in
generals relative to a difference of opinions or viewpoints. This then can lead to all kinds of relatively
traumatic experiences with others that has lead to karmic scenarios with others: people from other lives
in which there has been a 'sudden' ending of the relationship: thus unfinished/ unresolved. Coming into
the current life the soul will recreate those relationships. Yet, in the same way, the soul has bonded
closely with some others of like mind that can also turn up in the current life for karmic reasons of a
positive nature.

A core point within this is that causative reason for this current life experience described above wherein
the Soul attracts projections and false judgments from others is that in the evolutionary past the Soul has
been creating and projecting judgments onto others. This is in the context of the South Node in the 3rd
house and nature of the information that was gathered within social groups and friendships.

In other words, this natal signature reflects an evolutionary and karmic situation in which the Soul
attracts to itself all sorts of wounding projections and negative judgments within social groups, close
friendships, and intimate relationships in order to learn about the nature of its own judgments and
various opinions which can include the opinions of others, whole groups, and the nature of the society of

It is important to note that facts (South Node in the 3rd house) can be put together in all sorts of ways.
This then generates the opinions of this or that, and the resulting projections and judgments described
above. However, these opinions do not necessarily reflect the truth. This then sets up the evolutionary
lesson to learn the difference between that which is opinion and that which is true. This key lesson is
indicated by the North Node in the 9th house.

Consensus State: In the Consensus State this natal signature will manifest as a Soul that joins social
groups and observes others who are perceived as authorities within the mainstream society. In so doing,
the Soul collects the necessary information as to the nature of the differing opinions, view points, etc.
within the consensus of any given society. For example, relative to the planetary ruler of Uranus in
Scorpio in the 11th house, the Soul may gather information from differing established authorities within
psychological community. With the South Node in Aquarius in the 3rd house the Soul will then generate
Its own opinions and judgments based upon the information that is collected from these psychological
groups or communities. In this evolutionary condition, the Soul will not take in any information from
groups outside the mainstream society.

Individuated State: In the Individuated State the Soul will collect information within social groups like
minded others who desire to liberate and de-condition from mainstream society. With this natal
signature, an alternative social group that shares the same psychological orientation towards
individuation will become the vehicle through which the Soul collects a diversity of information, view
points, and data. The information that is collected from these alternative groups then becomes that basis
for a variety of opinions and view points that are formed in regards to differing social groups:
mainstream, alternative, or otherwise, and society in general. For example, hypnotherapy, past life
regression, and Jungian psychology are all alternative healing fields from which the Soul could objectively
observe and collect information. In this evolutionary condition, the individual will naturally resist
information from groups within the mainstream society. The Soul will have an innate ability to synthesize
a diversity of information into a unique and individualized system.

Spiritual State: In the Spiritual State the Soul will observe and collect information within differing spiritual
groups and with others who are perceived voices of authority within the spiritual community. The Soul will
then use this information to generate view points of opinions in regards to these differing spiritual groups
and communities. In this evolutionary condition, the individual will have an innate ability to objectively
communicate a variety of knowledge of a timeless and universal nature within a diversity of spiritual
groups and communities.

If there are any questions please ask now! Otherwise, please write out in your own words how the signs
given above in this example condition the expression of the natal signature.
heather:Pluto 10th in Virgo South Node 3rd in Aquarius and the Ruler of the South Uranus
11th in Scorpio...

Pluto in the 10th is going to represent a Soul who is coming from a past life orientation where they felt a
deep desire to be of a voice of authority and actualize some sort of work function of importance in
society. In addition Pluto in the 10th shows where the Soul will have a deep security linked with the work
functions and having a voice of authority as well as it symbolize the Souls orientation and relationship to
society and to the family dynamics. Virgo is the archetype that colors that desire and security's and will
be the vehicle through which the Soul actualizes those desires. Pluto in Virgo will have a strong need and
desire to be of service to society on a whole. Pluto in Virgo symbolizes a Soul who is coming from a past
orientation that will be deeply analyzing its environment social structures and family dynamics. Virgo is
about analysis and purification as well as self improvement through purging of old dynamics that are not
conducive to Soul growth. Pluto in Virgo will also be learning the lessons of discernment and
discrimination as well as it will be analyzing learned guilt and natural guilt ultimately to purge or atone
from these so Soul growth can continue.
With the South Node in the 3rd this is how the egocentric structures of Pluto in the 10th in Virgo were
actualized in the past. The Soul was coming from a very mental orientation to life and its work functions
as well as how it actualized itself in society, one where the Soul would be gathering excessive amounts
information, facts and data from the environment as well as desiring to communicate the information
that it was taking in to others. With the South Node in Aquarius the types of information being taken in
could be of an alternative nature or not in alignment with the mainstream and may be ahead of its time.
With South Node in Aquarius the Soul is learning to take in information that is linked with deconditioning
from the mainstream and consensus society. The Soul will be coming from a past orientation of learning
lessons around the difference between facts and opinions.

The Ruler of the South Node Uranus in the 11th shows that this Soul is going to be taking in the
information through group dynamics and structures and may have an over identification and security
linked with others and the group mentality. Being that the South Node ruler is Uranus in the 11th house
this Soul is coming into this life with the double archetype of liberation and deconditioning of the
information being taken in through group dynamics as well as a liberation of its own mental structures.
The Soul will be learning lessons around the difference between facts and opinions and how its mental
structure is conditioned through that orientation possibly through group influence. The South Node is
where the Soul will gravitate to coming into this life and unconscious security will be linked with group
dynamics. With the Ruler of the South Node Uranus being in Scorpio this colors the types of groups and
information the Soul will naturally gravitate to and want to align with and will be based on deep
orientation to psychologically based information. This is a Soul who will naturally be coming from a past
orientation of psychoanalysis of its own internal psychology as well as others. Naturally the Soul will be
analyzing how it functions with in society, groups and intimate relationships based on past life structures
relating to the Scorpio archetype of attachment, obsession, betrayal, abandonment, sex, death,
relationships and so forth. The Soul most likely with the South Node in Aquarius and its ruler being
Uranus in Scorpio in the 1tth will be detached from its emotions and environment and be analyzing its
environment through an objective distance or at least that would be the intentions of this. The Soul will
be coming from a past orientation where it gravitated naturally to psychologically geared healing
professions and depending on its evolutionary condition these professions could have been alternative
or progressive in nature.

This is where things can become tricky and complicated because we can clearly see the positive
implications for these planetary positons but understanding how the Soul went about implementing these
in the past is key. With Pluto in Virgo the intention is to purge and purify and to offer up service to society
as a whole to give back and with the South Node being in Aquarius and its rule Uranus being in the 11th
you can see that the past orientation was to decondition and liberate from an over identification to group
mentality and others as well as from information that is conditioning the Soul and not allowing continued
growth, from information that is not based on truth and facts. The issue here is that Uranus in the 11th in
Scorpio is the ruler of the South Node as well as its squaring the South Node and it is also the Natural
ruler of that Natal Pluto. This to me feels like a relive situation where the Soul may be coming from a past
orientation where these things did not go so well or were left unfinished or unresolved. The past
intentions and how the Soul truly wanted to liberate and decondition and actualize itself in society could
have happened through an orientation that was not in true alignment with the Souls inner being and true
nature due to an over identification and security linked with the groups and others. This Soul may be
peering deeply into dynamics relating to the projection of judgements onto others as well as judgments
towards the Soul itself. There may be traumatic endings and trauma related to having the rug pulled out
from under them that's left unresolved and the Soul could be bringing these past dynamics into the
current life . This will be the area that the Soul will be deeply analyzing and working on deconditioning
from in the current life. The past life traumas either projected onto the Soul or onto others will color the
current life and reality and a purging, purification and metamorphosis of these mental structures is where
the Soul is heading. How one actualized itself in society in the past will be directly linked to the Souls
orientation to the traumas it perceives itself to have endured. There could be very strong themes coming
into this life of feeling persecuted with Uranus in the 11th as well as the possibility of persecuting others
based on an attachment to group mentality where the Soul naturally felt attached to one group in the
exclusion of other groups with differing views or opinions. With Pluto in the 10th in Virgo the Soul is going
to be evaluating and analyzing its position in society and how it actualized its work functions based on a
deep feeling and need to be of service to others and may have a deep inner guilt that is either learned or
necessary that would serve as a vehicle for the Soul to peer deeply into these past patterns of how one
actualized itself based on mental structures that were different original or ahead of its time or that the
Soul could have alternatively conformed to instead. A Deep psychological evaluation linked to how one
actualized themselves in the past and how ones mental structures linked with the group mentality could
have colored their reality in detriment to the Souls actual true internal reality will most likely come
through crisis or confrontations with others who do not conform to how this soul relates to their world in
general or there may be complete alienation from others that don't fit the Souls idea of like mindedness.
This signature suggests that through Pluto in Virgos purification and service to others and Uranus in
Scorpio a liberation from the group mentality a metamorphoses of mental structures that are not in true
alignment with the Souls inner nature could be actualized but this could also go in the opposite direction
if the Soul is not very conscious of itself or if it is compensating for feeling different, then its possible that
with the double signature of guilt linked with the need for atonement Pluto in Virgo in the 10th based on
past life traumas Uranus in 11th in Scorpio could lead to critical analysis of others or even persecution of
others who do not fit the Souls outward orientation linked to an identification to groups.
This can be like a flip flop situation where the Soul may be going back and force with having trauma
inflicted on them so there for in turn inflicting trauma on others through critical judgements based on
information that may be limited or even in fact just not true or real. In all cases the Soul is coming from a
past life orientation of double deconditioning and liberation from security linked with groups and others.
The Soul will be learning about the true nature of others and itself and learning how to stand on its own
outside of security linked with other by psychologically analyzing others and their environment a natural
metamorphosis can happen. They will be learning about their own bottom line through this type of
analysis and learning to discern their own the truth outside of others.

At this point what I have written so far to me feels like the very simple bottom line. Simple because I
don't want to conjure up possibilities as to how this could play out because the possibilities could be
endless and that's when I loose all perspective on chart analysis when my imagination goes off on a
tangent in a 1000 different directions. Also mostly simple because I have a very limited understanding of
the archetypes and how to put them together. I will try to write something linking this analysis to the
evolutionary conditions once I get my mind wrapped around those concepts.

by deva:Hi, Heather. Yes, you are correct in pointing out that this natal signature reflects a
Soul that has inwardly justified and rationalized false judgements and projections made upon
others through the view points and opinions collected within social groups. The North Node in
the 9th house symbolizes the intention for the Soul to open up to the truth of this dynamic. In
addition, the Soul must liberate from a dependency upon a peer group to determine what is
right and what is wrong, true and untrue, etc as you have stated. The NN in the 9th house
reflects the need to develop an intuitive awareness of what is right and wrong from within
instead of within a social group. In this way, an alignment with natural law will take place, as
well as the awareness of what is inherently right and wrong. Remember that while a natal
signature can express itself in a variety of ways relative to EA states, the core, bottom line
archetypes are in basis for interpreting the signature. Great job!! Thanks for your continued
efforts on this thread.

helena:Pluto in Virgo in the 10th House, Sn in the 3rd House in Aquarius, the Sn ruler Uranus
is in Scorpio 11th House

Analysis, facts, thinking, comparisons, going seriously deep into matters, studying all the options, having
constant doubt, needs of improvement, rigid habits, drastic ideas, detachment, deep transformation. All
of this comes to mind with this signature.
Given the seeming impossibility of having someone living now with it, i tried at least to find a time frame
close by with pluto/virgo and uranus/scorpio and found out a very small window around 1725, if im
correct. Kant, one of the most well known philosophers of modern thinking, was born with it. It was him
that said But only he who, himself enlightened, is not afraid of shadows. Such an accurate expression to
illustrate the desire, the courage and transformation of uranus in scorpio to dive deep into the most
ingrained habits. Pluto in Virgo would do this by thinking, penetrating straight into the heart of the
matter, the very issues that are preventing evolution and growth, and reform, improve, change and adopt
new ones. It is this very need of going deep into the shadows of our own souls that can effect change.
In my brief searching for this time frame i found very interesting to come to the fact that in the recent
uranus/pluto cycle, when pluto was in virgo or libra and uranus was in scorpio, the majority of souls will
have pluto in libra and very few years (the time frame mentioned before) with pluto in virgo. It is as if
there is skipping of this planetary combination. It makes me wonder Deva, if you can put a light into it in
a more general way, why would that be, in the context of the pluto/uranus cycle. I'm sorry if it goes a bit
off topic here.

In general, with pluto in the 10th house virgo, the soul would have a deep introspective nature, focused
in improving its own social role. The south node in the 3rd house in aquarius could make one a rather
eccentric thinker according to mainstream society. The improvements the soul is focused on, can belong
to the realm of inventions in communications, transportation and ideas that shape the daily life of the
individuals. in any case, high nervous energy can be present. The mind and the hands can connect to
effect improvement. The fact that the ruler of the south node is in the 11th house and in scorpio only
multiplies the intensity of this energy. With the ruler of the south node reporting back to a double
aquarius signature and pluto itself, gives a feeling of high intensity of desire, focus and energy. I would
see this soul deeply focused in whatever it puts its mind to but in constant stress. This can be a soul that
doubts itself to the core but hides it better than anyone, specially from the community/group it belongs
to. With uranus/pluto/11th/8th/aquarius/scorpio combinations, we are talking about freedom for the soul.
Freedom from what? From plutos attachements. From whatever is there for a long time and is no longer
needed. In this case, friends, groups and community associations have already given enough shock/
trauma to the soul. There might have been already many discussions that question the rigid ideas that
shape the souls identity. So now, there can be a natural detachment from people and groups that diverge
from the souls ideas and general life orientation. With scorpio, there can be sharp penetration into the
motives of others and the weakest points in their own characters and arguments. The fact that pluto is in
virgo would only support this need to look for flaws. The ideal of perfection of society would be
emphasized here as would, i suppose, the desire to contribute to that perfection in the company of right
group of friends.
Virgo as an archetype can represent a natural inclination to think about what we lack rather than what we
have. Aquarius is also sometimes more about what we are not, than what we are, and virgo and aquarius
form a natural inconjunct - the need to trust and take one step at a time would be very crucial in this
evolutionary journey.
In essence, if the soul has the courage to dive deep into its shadows, great transformation/liberation can
occur and the soul can not only improve itself but the society it lives in. If on the contrary, the soul
focuses on others as the cause for its own and society chains and pains, victimisation can be the
archetypal expression of the virgo pluto, and of sadistic/masochistic behaviour towards others/friends/

In the consensus state this can manifest as the idealist philosophy teacher, one that inspires others to
think of themselves by knowing first the great thinkers and what has come before, a teacher that can be
very reticent in adjusting to programs and directions that are not original his own, but also one that does
not shy away from sane (or insane) intelectual confrontation with students. That one teacher you can
remember all your life for being a mentor and intelectual authority.

In the individuated state we could find the sexual therapist. I remember seeing a story once about a
woman, that became, i think, a renown sex therapist working with physically injured men. This woman
would actually have sexual encounters with her patients until they could learn how to recover sexual
functions in their conditions. Couldnt this life fit into this symbology? In any state there would be a
natural desire to help healing with a certain detachment, have some kind of social function to be able to
perform it.

In the spiritual state we could find the wounded healer type of guru in a spiritual community with the
keen ability to go deep into peoples desires and motives and help exactly were it is needed, point where
others are stuck, where they can let go, be a channel for freedom.

by deva:Helena. Excellent application of EA! What you have written accurately reflects the
possible manifestations of this EA signature within the evolutionary conditions. The
evolutionary intention of this signature is to progressively liberate and decondition from the
influence of various social groups, associations, friendships, etc. as you have described. This
is because the Soul has used the information collected within these groups to form
judgements and opinions about the nature of reality and what is right and wrong, etc. As you
pointed out, there is dependency upon these social groups which is creating a block in terms
of further evolution. The emotional detachment from these groups, associations, friendships
reflects the need for objectivity (Uranus/Aquarius/11th house archetype).
In terms of your question about the Pluto/Uranus cycle, from my view, this cycle reflects the
evolutionary intentions/needs of the collective as a whole. As JWG taught, it takes a lot more
than one person to affect the evolutionary needs of the collective. This is why Pluto has both a
generational and individual application. In the same way, the Pluto/Uranus signature reflects
a generational evolutionary/karmic intention as well as any given Soul's unique and
individualized evolutionary/karmic requirements. Great job!
Helena - you asked about the "...pluto/uranus aspects as a generational/collective evolutionary need..." I,
too, am fascinated by that topic and, while researching a lecture on "Generational Nodal Signatures", I
came upon the most unique generational expressions between Pluto, Uranus and the nodes. If you'd like
to discuss further, you could contact me on my website: <>

Here is an excerpt from the video, "JWG Sedona 2005 Q&A pt. 1" regarding Uranus (in Pisces) as
a generational signature:

With Uranus in Pisces, now - because you have to understand that everything has a
collective application, as well as an individual application Uranus correlates, at a certain
level, with the organ that we call the brain. It correlates with the entire electrical mechanism
within the brain, it correlates with synapses, dendrites and, when Uranus is active, whatever
its affecting, it accelerates.

One of the glands within the brain, is called the pineal gland Neptune, Pisces, 12th house
- pineal, which secretes a very specific physiological substance called melatonin. Melatonin,
as a physiological substance within the brain, has many functions, one of which is a
transcendent impulse. Melatonin is that which is responsible for sleeping

Uranus in Pisces (brain), pineal gland (melatonin), theres an acceleration of melatonin

within the individual and the collective brain. Now, for some, thats manifesting as yet, one
more delusion after another (Pisces), as we chase one more elusive dream, after another,
thinking that dream is our ultimate meaning (Pisces). Its a time to be liberated (Uranus) from
delusion, to orientate to actual reality, Virgo.

But to come back to your question, for those who truly desire to know God, with this
acceleration, now, of Uranus in Pisces, relative to pineal, there couldnt be a better time...

Also, I'd like to mention that I think this statement from Merlyn on March 22, 2017, is brilliant,
regarding,"Pluto in the 10th, S. Node in the 3rd, and Planetary Ruler in the 11th": Thanks Merlyn!

Spiritual State

This individual now recognizes themselves as a conduit for natural law, and is able to
eloquently communicate to others a particular means to work more in alignment with God.
During the initial stages of the spiritual state, the individual will most likely still be attached to
their mode of thinking, which although is tuning into natural law, they are still only able to
perceive their fraction of the whole. Regardless, they will consider themselves a leader, and
attempt to convince others to their frame-of-mind, as if, with a large enough following, their
systematic understanding becomes increasingly more legitimate. The difference between the
occurrence here and the individuated state, is that this individual is going to be more receptive
to limitations in their process of thinking. Perhaps they will recognize that nothing seems to
satisfy their innate feeling of distance from the actions of others, and that no group can
replace the feeling of following ones inner security and union with God. This individual will be
skilled at synthesizing the ideas of others (older texts, as well contemporaries), into a new
system, which ironically often creates more holes than the ideas that they initially borrowed
from. A lesson here, is in the multi-faceted nature of the human experience, and the
impossibility to combine every perspective into one, past our direct relationship with God.
This individual, in their highest potential, will be able to communicate to others a system of
non-exclusivity, grounded in creative freedom and spirituality, and will act as a direct voice to
Spirit in human form.