FeelGood Clemson Chapter September 16, 2008 8:00 pm Sirrine 103 I. Introduction Video to world hunger was shown. II.

Slideshow presentation on “What is FeelGood” a. FeelGood exists to raise money for the end of world hunger and

to spread philosophies of gender and socioeconomic equality, sustainability, and justice which are key to unleashing the human spirit and ending world hunger. b. 100% of FeelGood’s profit support The Hunger Project 1. The #1 supported program by the UN. 2. The Hunger Project is a global, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. 3. Invest in the hungry people themselves. BY i. Pioneering low-cost, bottom-up, gender-focused strategies in each region where hunger persists. ii. These strategies mobilize clusters of rural villages to create and run their own programs that achieve lasting progress in health, education, nutrition and family income. iii. In all THP work, the highest priority is the empowerment of women. We will discuss how gender equality is crucial to the end of hunger in the world at later meetings III. How to get involved a. Exec positions that will be available starting the Spring i. Vice President • • Help President Oversee logistics and operations of stand

ii. Fundraising chair • Secure donations for the stand

iii. PR chair • • iv. Secretary • • • • • v. Treasurer • • • • Good with numbers/ accounting Set up bank account Manage money and expenses Manage each member/officer budget Be organized Keep meeting minutes Make meeting agenda Keep file of suppliers Make grilled cheese shift schedules Communicate the FG message to customers and student body Advertise

vi. Campus Liaison • Maintain relationships with FeelGood Friends

vii. Inventory Chair • • Find and acquire equipment Teach everyone how to make a good grilled cheese

b. If you are potentially interested in any of these positions please get in touch with the current position holder (all of the positions are on the facebook group) and ask about being an assistant. We would really LOVE for anyone to get involved. c. Stand Sign Ups: All of the sign ups can be accessed through the facebook group. If you see an availability to work a shift please email dpleach@clemson.edu. All are welcomed to work a shift even if you

haven’t done anything before. They are a lot of fun and great way to get involved with FeelGood! IV. YOUR OPINION MATTERS a. FeelGood supports the ideas and motivations of each and every member. If you have a suggestion please feel free to let us know. We appreciate any and all feedback! b. Also, if you know of a potential bread donor, please let us know or just ask them to help us out! NEXT MEETING: September 30th

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