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Booklet - Nursery Production The GAIA-Movement Booklet 19
Booklet - Nursery Production 1

water can or sprinkler made

from a plastic container or tin
out the pots which contain
seedlings from the empty pots Nursery Production
with small holes in it. where seeds did not germinate
not put -too
much water as or where transplanted What you should know about
it can cause fungal diseases. seedlings died. Re-sow or plant producing tree seedlings in a nursery
Weeding in these pots.
Keep the polythene pots or Root pruning
seedbeds free from weeds at Eliminate small roots
all times. protruding from the poly pots
Transplanting by simply lifting the pots and
Seedlings can be transplanted breaking the roots by turning
from seed beds, when they are the poly pot around or by
3 to 5 cm tall. Transplant them cutting the roots with a knife.
to poly pots or to another Without pruning, the roots will
seedbed for bare root planting grow under the poly pots
(distance 5 cm x 5 cm). Water which can cause difficulties
the seedlings and water the during transplanting, as roots
pots. Lift the seedling and make may be damaged or break.
sure that the root will not be Before and after root pruning
disturbed. Make a planting hole the seedlings must be well
with a finger or a stick. Make irrigated.
sure the hole is bigger than the Give full
root. Press the soil firmly shade to the
around the plant. Irrigate again seedlings for INTRODUCTION
and give full shade to the 2 to 3 days.
seedlings for 3 days.Always sort Where tree seedlings are 2. Produce the seedlings in a
produced use the following nursery using seedbeds
This manual was elaborated by: THE
methods: 3. Produce the seedlings from
1. Produce the seedlings in a sowing the seeds on the
Development Aid from People to tree nursery in polythene site, where the trees are
People (DAPP), TRUST
pots wanted
Child Aid & Environment , LIVING EARTH
Southern Province, Zambia. GREEN WORLD ACTION
2 Booklet - Nursery Production Booklet
Booklet- -Nursery
Production 3

4. Find wildings (small Type of soil to use Sowing the seeds washed, and afterwards be
seedlings under mature The polythene pots or the seed Cover the seeds with soil twice sown fresh or dried in the
trees in the nature) and beds can be filled with good top the size of the actual seed.This shade.
Manual - Fire
plant them soil.The best soil is found under means the bigger the seeds are, Seed treatment
5. Plant cuttings big trees (musangu or acacias) the more soil will be needed It is important that the seeds
or near dams/rivers. If the soil for covering. Sow seeds directly are treated correctly before
GROWING SEED- has a lot of clay (easy to form a in the poly pots and in seed sowing or it will take a long
LINGS ball when wet), you should mix beds. Best to sow at least 3 time to germinate, and
the soil with sand. If the soil is seeds per pot. Seeds can also germination will be very poor.
Site selection not very fertile you should mix be sown in seed beds for later There are
A nursery should be located it with manure. Never mix transplanting to poly pots, or basically
near a water source, on flat more than one part of manure even directly to the field. two diffe-
land. It should also have wind to 10 parts of soil, because the Shading rent treat-
breakers, some shade trees and manure can burn the tree The seedbed or polythene pots ments:
not be waterlogged. seedlings. should be covered with a thin Cold water treatment:
Fencing How to fill the polythene layer of grass after sowing to Leave the seeds in cold water
The nursery must be fenced in pots with soil protect against the sun and overnight before sowing. This
order to protect the tree The bottom layer must be heavy rain storms. Too thick a applies to most fruit tree seeds
seedlings from animals and pressed hard, the middle layer layer of grass is bad for and some other soft seeds.
chicken. Use grass and poles, should be slightly pressed and germination. When the Hot water treatment:
thorny bushes or plant live the top layer quite loose. The seedlings have germinated you Boil water (the volume of the
fences at the start of the rainy soil is pressed hard at the should build a shade at a height water must be twice the
season. bottom in order for the soil not of around 60 cm above the volume of the seeds. Soak the
Nursery Beds to fall out during trans- seedlings. seeds into the hot water and
Make the beds 1 m wide with portation. If you have no Seed collection leave them to soak over night.
60 cm between each bed. as polythene pots you can use any Many seeds can be collected Watering
walkways.A bed 1 m x 5 m can available container, such as tins locally from existing trees. It is While the seeds are
accommodate from 500 to or milk cartons. Remember to best to collect seeds from good germinating and the seedlings
1000 seedlings. perforate the bottom area so and healthy trees. Seeds from are small, they must be watered
So for 5000 seedlings 10m x that excess water can run out. any ripe fruit that you have every day. Afterwards every
10m will be sufficient. bought or collected can be other day is sufficient. Use a