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Bi mu band 8.

0++ cho thi th ti Anh ng ZIM t chc

Topic 1:
Many people believe that university students should pay tuition fees in full themselves,
because they gain education for their own benefit and not for society. To what extent do you
agree or disagree?

Sample 8.0+

There is a common belief that it is students responsibility to take care of their own tuition
fees since they study for themselves, not for the good of society. In my opinion, this idea is
completely absurd from every perspective.

From one standpoint, I believe that undergraduates should not have to pay the full cost of
education. This would be too expensive, especially in the UK or the US, hence deterring
many young people from pursuing tertiary education. It is because many talented students
are the victims of their families financial predicament, which prevents them from furthering
their study. Furthermore, the provision of exemptions and scholarships for high
achievers would motivate competent individuals to work hard during their college time. If
there were no encouragement in terms of finance, they would feel unappreciated and

In addition, I think society does gain benefits from university undergraduates; therefore, it is
reasonable to offer financial aids to those students. Apparently, they dictate the future of a
country since they would become the main workforce after graduation. Without them, the
entire economy would be destabilized owing to the lack of skilled labor. On top of that,
university graduates make tremendous contributions to the prosperity of their
community by paying taxes when they work. Because of this, society could not deny its
obligation to party assist students with their education cost.

In conclusion, I strongly oppose the idea that society gains nothing from college students
and that they should settle their own study fees at university.
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Topic 2:
When international media (including movies, fashion shows, advertisements and other TV
programmes) convey the same messages to the global audience, some people argue that the
expansion of international media has negative impacts on cultural diversity.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 8.0+

It is argued whether cultural diversity is adversely influenced by the recent rapid

development of international media when audiences from all over the world receive the
same messages from it. I suppose this worry of the global assimilation of different
cultures is justifiable.

From one standpoint, the international media today is controlled by a handful of

powerful Western-based corporations and serves their commercial demands. Therefore, it
manipulates the way people in other countries behave and think through movies and
advertisements. Even modern fashion shows make a false impression on global viewers and
eventually change their perspectives of tradition clothes. On top of that, with huge media
coverage, everyone in the world would be affected, risking the diversity of different

Another thing is that overseas movies, fashion shows, advertisements and other TV
programmes have tremendously changed the patterns of indigenous traditional beliefs and
behaviors. As people have shown great preferences for foreign media products,influential
cultures, especially the way of dressing in the US, have become dominating, overshadowing
those of other nations. Unfortunately, the young generation are not aware of the severity of
such cultural intrusion and thoughtlessly imitate some beliefs and lifestyles which are
unacceptable within their own community. For example, it has become increasingly common
to see people kissing their lovers in public places in Vietnam these days, which proves that
the traditional way of expressing emotions across different nations has become similar.

In conclusion, I strongly believe cultural diversity is being put at risk when global audiences
could not reckon the potential harm from the international media which delivers the same

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